Northern and Southern Mongoloids

It is best to split the Mongoloid race into two branches – Northern and Southern Mongoloids.

Northern Mongoloids include the North Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Xibe, Oroquens, Mongolians and various Siberians.

North Mongoloid - South Korean girl.

North Mongoloid – South Korean girl.

Southern Mongoloids include a large grouping including many of the peoples of South China – Tibetans, Dai, Burmese, Thai, Hmong, Khmer, Lao, Vietnamese, Malay, Filipinos, and most Indonesians.

Southern Chinese - Northern and Southern Mongoloid mix.

Southern Chinese – Northern and Southern Mongoloid mix.

Below is a pure Southern Mongoloid.

Southern Mongoloid - Kinaray-a Filipina.

Southern Mongoloid – Kinaray-a Filipina.

For comparison purposes, see a Japanese (N. Mongoloid) and Filipino (S. Mongoloid) mix below.

Japanese - Filipina mix. A mixture of N. Mongoloid and S. Mongoloid in this case results in a phenotype that is mostly N. Mongoloid.

Japanese – Filipina mix. A mixture of N. Mongoloid and S. Mongoloid in this case results in a phenotype that is mostly N. Mongoloid.

There is a lot of controversy on the boards about this issue. Some say that Southeast Asians are not pure Mongoloids – that instead they are Mongoloid-Australoids. Most of this critique comes from Chinese racists. Many of these Chinese are overseas Chinese who live in the Philippines and Indonesia. Chinese people are unbelievably racist as it is, but the overseas Chinese are some of the most insanely racist of all the Chinese, far more racist than the mainland Chinese.

This is all based on something called Han Supremacism. Han Supremacism is the underlying racist ideology behind almost all Chinese racism. Han Supremacism generally says that Northern Chinese are superior to Southern Chinese. The Southern Chinese were originally the Yue people, but they got conquered by the Han and become Hanized.

According to Han racism, only the Han are Chinese people. All of the other ethnic groups in China – and there are over 80 of them – are all “non-Chinese.” Hence the Taiwan aborigines, the Dai, the Tibetans, the Uighurs, the Mongolians, the Hmong, and some would say even the Cantonese, are all “non-Chinese.”

This is the most vicious Nazi-like ethnic nationalism, whereby only the majority ethnic group is defined as part of the nation and the rest of the residents of the land are said to be “foreigners.” This was precisely the fascist ethnic nationalism that overtook Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s and it is essential to all fascist movements all over the globe. It was also a part of the ideology of the fascist Young Turks of Turkey when they murdered 2.5 million “non-Turks.” This same fascist ideology resurfaced again in the Balkans in the 1990’s.

The Han want to believe that Southeast Asians are inferior to Northeast Asians. This way of thinking is also prevalent among Japanese, but most Japanese don’t even bother to think about Southeast Asians. They are more concerned with Koreans. The reason for the inferiority of Southeast Asians, according to Han racists, is that they are part Australoid. Strictly speaking, this is not really true.

What is true is that the transition from Australoid to Mongoloid took place much later in Southeast Asia than it did in Northeast Asia. The NE Asian transition took place 9,000 years ago, and the SE Asian transition, at least in Vietnam, took place ~2,200 years ago. Nevertheless, actual Australoid genes in SE Asians are few in number. The Malay and the South Vietnamese have a few Papuan genes, but the numbers are very small. Filipinos only have a sprinkling of genes from the Negritos, similar to the Amerindian genes in many White Americans.

Southeast Asians do tend to have darker skin than Northeast Asians. The fact that they have lighter skin is one of the reasons why North Chinese look down on South Chinese so much.

Even Southern Chinese can have fairly dark skin – see the group below.

Southern Chinese. Note that some Southern Chinese can have fairly dark skin.

Southern Chinese. Note that some Southern Chinese can have fairly dark skin.

Some Filipinas have skin that is so dark that they could well be Blasians – Black-Asian mixes. However, the woman below is a pure Filipina.

Some Filipinas look very dark. This Filipina could even be a Blasian, but she is 100% Filipina.

Some Filipinas look very dark. This Filipina could even be a Blasian, but she is 100% Filipina.

While most Filipinos have no observable Negrito blood, in the urban slums, you can sometimes see Filipinos with Negrito elements. The girls below seem to be mostly Southern Mongoloid (Filipino) but they seem to have a small Negrito element.

Slum dwelling children in the Philippines. These kids appear to have some Negrito in them. Some Filipinos have observable Negrito elements, but most do not.

Slum dwelling children in the Philippines. These kids appear to have some Negrito in them. Some Filipinos have observable Negrito elements, but most do not.

Below are Filipino Negritos. They would be regarded as an Australoid people.

Pure Ati from the Philippines. These Negrito people have very low population numbers and may even be going extinct.

Pure Ati from the Philippines. These Negrito people have very low population numbers and may even be going extinct.

The Negrito woman and her child below have quite a bit of Mongoloid genes in them.

Ati mix

The true Australoid-Mongoloid types would be the Eastern Indonesians, the Melanesians, the Micronesians and the Polynesians. The Polynesians are ~50% Austronesian and ~50% Melanesian. Micronesians have more Melanesian in them. Melanesians are a mix primarily of Austronesian and Papuan.

A Timorese woman, a true Mongoloid-Australoid mix. Timorese are about 80% Melanesian and 20% Southern Mongoloid (Austronesian)

A Timorese woman, a true Mongoloid-Australoid mix. Timorese are about 80% Melanesian and 20% Southern Mongoloid (Austronesian)

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  1. coward

    Hey, Robert, do the Yayoi of Japan descend from the Han Chinese?

      • Tay loee ( Aelke Mariska ) Indonesian is not the japanese-filipino mix, this is the result of; … fatal error ” Robert”..If you make something vidio please correction , do not make something that would be the pros and cons, I’m sure if anyone Indonesia saw your article, they will be big furious

        • Filipinos are a mixed-race people with a subtle race/class system-Negrito, Malay, Mixed-Spanish, Chinese Mestizo, Spanish-Mestizo, Chinese recent immigrant, Indo-Filipino in the South.

          Each island in the Philippines was settled by different groups: Indonesians went to Luzon in the North for some reason, Malays to the Central Philippines, Taiwanese to the far North, Polynesians to Sumar in West Philippines.

          Mixed into each region are different degrees of Spanish or Chinese. Cebu is heavily Hispanic with a reason Fuji Chinese immigration.

          Mindanao has Indian and Arabic because it is Muslim. Manila, some Japanese.

      • My name is Miguel.

        But did the Koreans come from China(Yangtse River) or from Siberia?

        • Koreans came from Mongolia about 4-5,000 YBP. That’s why they look so much like Mongolians and it’s also why they speak an Altaic language.

        • My name is Miguel.

          I always thought that Koreans came from south central siberia.

        • My name is Miguel.

          Are japanese, koreans and mongolians phenotypically identical? Do the taiwanese also share the same appearance as the japanese?

      • MariconPower

        Okay I need to interfere such claims

        Thais, Malaysians have South Indians and Negrito DNA admixture. Cambodians for some odd reason only South Indian admixture. Burmese have but North/South Indian admixture

        South Asian mtDNA

        Anyway that means Thailand have 7.8% Negrito mtDNA. However this can range from Northern Thailand 5% to 16% in Southern Thailand. Also the fact is southern Thailand also has 5-10% South Asian mtDNA, Central has 2.5 -5% and Northern 0 – 2.5%. There is also about 3-7% South Asian R1a1 in Thailand but there is no evidence of Negrito Y-DNA.


        Here are Thais. Thai people include both typical paleo-mongoloid and paleo-mongoloids with different degrees of South Indian/Australoid/Negrito DNA

        • Thailand has had considerable Indian and Arabic influence as well as Chinese and Burmese in the North. They are mixed-group and it is easy to distinguish a North Thai from a South Thail

    • Naruto Uzumaki

      by asian standards of skin color, the east asian are white and the south asian are black, in fact i though a few time that the east asian and european skin color were same, at first sight i couldn’t tell difference, i did need to look closely at some asians and europeans together to be able to see difference, by the way where i live many people know that asians are usually yellow, however some few people claimed that “the chinese are white”, because they had same confusion as me, at first sight they are light so u think they are white, in internet i have read comments referring to east asians as white

      • Look at the top of the world and observe how close Korea and Northern Japan are to Finland across Siberia. This would make sense that they would be pale.

        Mongoloid genes are present in the Lapland people of Northern Scandinavia. There is some overlap at the top of Eurasia and Manchurian Chinese are Russian.

  2. Hi Robert

    I am a Southern Chinese staying in Singapore. I am quite dark. I do not feel being look down by Northern Chinese.

    The Japanese and Korean probably felt superior than Chinese. But right now, both Japanese and Korean are adjusting mentally about their superiority.

    The reason is in recent years, there are too many rich Chinese tourist visiting Japan and Korea, throwing monies around nobody business. There are also many Koreans in China. I think China is the number i or 2 destination of Korean students.

    The Shanghainese and Hong Kong people can be quite arrogant. But I do not think it go so far as racism. Just that they are proud of their achievement. The Hong Kong people use to look down on mainland China. But today, Beijing people are looking down on Hong Kong people as Beijing has catch up. I think the superiority of yellow in China is more about who is able to create economic value.

    Singapore is mostly Southern Chinese. Once upon a time, Singaporeans look down on mainland Chinese. These 10 years, mainland Chinese are here buying up all posh real estate by cash alone. We sit by and watch with awe. Today, upper class mainland Chinese feel superior against us.

    As a Han Chinese, I believe there are some discrimination against SE Asians. But generally, the Chinese did not express it overtly. Just that we feel the achievement of SE Asian is lower.

    If SE Asian can be smarter and richer, the discrimination vaporize.

    • Naruto Uzumaki

      u are right, northern chinese can be very light, in high school 1 classmate say to me that he even didn’t look difference between yellow (east asian ) skin and white (european ) skin, but at that time i already tell difference, i said to him that white (europeans ) were just even something lighter than yellow (asians ), another classmate said me that chinese and korean were yellow skin color but japanese were white color, she was wrong, but the point is her confusion went as far as misunderstood japanese skin as white, i feel big skin affinity with light east asians

    • Ken

      “The Japanese and Korean probably felt superior than Chinese. But right now, both Japanese and Korean are adjusting mentally about their superiority.”

      Japan are still way ahead of China in terms of technology and standards of living. I mean look at some of the advancements they’ve been making in the electronic and motor industries:

      Japan is the most creative country in the world at the moment because they have the highest number of patents, and according to statistics it’s been that way for quite some time.­2

    • meis345

      I am Malaysian Chinese, a Southern Chinese. Me and bro are light yellow, we’re quite fair. I’m saying cut the crap talk about Southern Chinese being darker. I’ve seen Northern/Eastern Chinese who are dark. Now blow me. *hmmm* Migration… no rocket science really.

    • Singaporean, Filipino, Malaysian and Indonesian Chinese come from the poor peasant class of Fuji province.

      It is doubtful anyone in Hong Kong or Beijing feels inferior to these folks whose ancestors were rough country immigrants around Amoy. One PARTICULAR AREA has produced all of Southeast Asia’s Chinese immigrant stock who left through the Amoy harbor.

      Mainland China ignores the overtures of Filipino politicians from the Chinese merchant class like Aquino.

      By and large many like Aquino are Mestizos-the product of Chinese immigrant men and native wives.

    • Considering how low-class the peasants from the Fuji province had to migrate to Southeast Asia were from rude villages in that province I’d be surprised if anybody from Beijing felt that they were “superior”.

      Migrants are always the “dregs” and mostly peasants who have reasons to leave any country: English have the same feelings towards Americans and Australians.

  3. The Han supremacy is correct to some extend. But there is certain salient differences from facism. When ancient Han China conquered its peripheral province, no indigenous was made “Dalits” unlike the Hindic people. Instead the assimilation was done by breeding and also the Han Chinese dispatch scholars to spread literacy.

    Fujian and Taiwan were Malay home land. Over the years, it got sinicized, The Southern Chinese do not feel discimination is probably because Southern Chinese produce the most imperial scholars. That shows we have very high IQ than the northern Chinese. And scholars tend to agree that Southern Chinese has better work ethnic

    In fact, the southern province of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu can be quite superior against the northern chinese. The Taiwanese and Hongkonger also have superiority.

    There are minorities issues in China. The most serious one is Uighur and 2nd is Tibet. Uighur is Islam, they are aggressive and many are trained in nearby afghanistan and pakistan talibano-islamist camp.

    The reat of minorities are fine in China. It is obvious in Sino-Japanese war. The Mongol, Xinjiang and Tibet break off at one time or other, temporarily or permanently. The Hui and every Yunnan minorities contributed manpower and resources to fight japanese.

    Today Tibet is not independent. But many do not know that it was the Hui Muslim who sabotage Dalai Lama big time, during the KMT period.

    Uighur could have got their independent state. But unconfirm sources points out that Stalin has deliver Xinjiang to China eventually. Stalin was said to have indicated that either Xinjiang goes to USSR, if not, they must not be given to Islamist, they must be deliver to China. I do not know how true is that, but I have read it in certain book.

    • MALAYS NEVER SETTLED THE FUJI PROVINCE…You can spot a Chinese-Filipino whose parents are Fukkian 60 feet away in Philippines.

      Taiwan was Malay until the Fuji people showed up and exterminated them or chased them into the hills and it is possible that some admixture exists in Taiwanese people.

  4. The separatism of Uighur is highest, Tibetan 2nd, and the rest of Chinese people, its almost non-existence even if we are aware that we speak differently from Northern Chinese’s Mandarin.

    During WW2, the Japan persuaded every different Chinese to break off and declare independent. No one heeded but fight Japanese instead.

    In KMT era, China is fragmented multiple tenth of fief of warlords.

    During the KMT warlord era, declaring independence is a big NO for every warlord even if we are different Chinese. The Mongols, Tibetan and Uighur declare at one point or another, not for the rest, not the Yunnan. The Yunnan and Guangxi are controlled by minorities warlord.

    In China proper, there are some warlords who wanted to declare independent and they got attack by all other war lords because everyone hate separatism. The warlords can stay de facto independent, but not de jure. In WW2, all of these warlord, fought the Japanese instead of declaring independent.

    One of the reason that the Japan attack China is because they think they could enlist the help of warlords, but they are wrong. The warlords fought the Japanese.

    After the communist took over, KMT fled to Taiwan. Then USA wanted KMT to declar independent. But KMT refused. Today, there are some separetism in Taiwan. 10 years ago it is greater, now it is lesser. The reason is the re-integration of Taiwan economically back to China. Also another reason is China threaten to attack.

    Taiwanese do not want to be absorb into China. Taiwanese have now got their own identity.

    Taiwan is Min nan speaker. I am min-nan speaker. I do not prefer Taiwan independence even we speak a total different language from China. I do not want military take over by China also. I would prefer to have a loose federation like Switzerland.

    • Mandarin Chinese and Manchuria are Russian and the people bear little resemblance to a Cantonese whose shorter and darker. Any Caucasian who sees a Manchu province native next to Han Chinese from the South would think they were different races.

      Manchurian Chinese look Siberian, which they are. Uighur people are Turkic and most of them would probably like to be a state belonging to Turkey if they were given some choice in the matter.

  5. Sun Yat Sen is cantonese (Cantonese language), Mao is Hunanese and Chiang Kai Shek is Zhejiangese (Shanghai language). Their mentality is not breaking up China even they do not speak Mandarin as mother tongue. Their mentality is to rule all China.

    Then instead of imposing their dialect on China, they impose an alien dialect, the Mandarin on people.

    Its quite strange behavior and few people other than Chinese will understand why.

    Even when China fragment, no warlord think of secede, everybody is thinking of reconquering the entire China.

  6. The Spanish imported blacks from the Caribbean into the Philippines to work plantations there

  7. I would say the racial discrimination between Han group is quite non existence. The discrimination is more due to economics reason.

    The Fujian and Cantonese all look very different and majority are much darker, but we have higher IQ. The Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu are shouthern Chinese and they are the highest IQ. The prosperity of Southern China is higher than most part of Northern China.

    I do not know whether PRC discriminate Yunnan minorities, but I certainly think they are 100% Chinese. I cannot tell the differences between me and Yunan minorities. They speak good mandarin. I have no discrimination against Tibetan, but I am aware that certain Chinese may say Tibetan do not engage in economics activities as hard as Chinese. The Chinese and Tibetan breed with one another commonly. I do not see any discrimination if we are so mixed.

    Tibetans certainly do not like Chinese in Tibet because of different race and culture. This I am aware

    I have met “mongolian” and “manchurian” in China, I think they are 100% my tribe. I have never met a PRC mongolian or manchurian able to speak mongols or manchu. I cannot even tell the difference between me and them in many cases. Outer Mongolian is a different thing.

    To the Hui and Uighur, I feel some differences. I sense many PRC Chinese feel some difference. I think it is due to islam. When I am backpacking in China, I have heard Han complaining that Hu and Uighur are very aggressive and have tribal mentality. You fight with one Muslim, every Muslim gang up and smash your house into pieces.

    Uighur certainly do not like us.

    The racial discrimination among Chinese and SE Asian exist. But Chinese are quite integrated in Thailand and Philippines. I would say they are like Azerbaijani in Iran.

    Chinese is well integrated in Burma as well. Burmese hates Indians, another alien. The Indians bring their racism against Burmese in British colonization period. Somehow, Burmese can get along well with Chinese, although there are minor riots against Chinese previously. Chinese elites enjoyed over representations among Burma elite class.

    In Malaysia and until recently in Indonesia, there are systemic discriminations against Chinese by Malay people. Malaysia’s bumi policy is the worst racism in the world today. But I can sense my tribe in Malay still somehow disdain the Malay. We feel they do not have work ethnic. But I think its more about work ethnic than skin colors.

    I am very dark. I look quite similar to Burmese or Vietnamese. I do not feel discrimination due to my color even in China. I have been Japan in business trips. They seems ok. 10 years ago, I can feel their supeiority but now is less.

    I think a lot of racism is due to culture, work ethnic rather than skin color. Many colored people think they are discriminated by white, But we know Nazi discriminate the Russian, but the whitest are bluest are centered somewhere around Estonia.

    • anung97

      “Chinese is well integrated in Burma as well. Burmese hates Indians, another alien. The Indians bring their racism against Burmese in British colonization period. Somehow, Burmese can get along well with Chinese, although there are minor riots against Chinese previously. Chinese elites enjoyed over representations among Burma elite class.”

      This is interesting to me. Having follow the news of violence against Indian minority in Burma, I find it strange that the Burmese can get along with the Chinese but cannot get along with the Indians. Maybe it’s because of religion?

      • There are historical perspective also. The Indians and Chinese were brought in by British colonizer. The British favors the Indians. The Indians take advantage make shit on Burmese big time.

        Today their descendant are Rohingyas now hit newspaper because of “persecution” in Burma.

        Their loan sharking bankrupt Burma, and they over-represent all the civil service job big time, despite they themselves are alien. They bring their caste system to Burma making Burma the biggest Dalit land outside India. (Though most Indians imported are muslim, they are Hindic with Islam cover)

        Burma anti-colonialism has great anti-Indian component inside. The father of Aung San Suu Kyii, Bogyoke Aung San make his bones by anti racist Indians.
        Also today, Burma is the frontier state of yellow people. They see yellow in Bangladesh and India north east got rape, and driven out of their land. They feel fucking piss. They got enough of Indians.

        For Chinese, at most critical period, Chinese supported Burmese in fighting colonialism, and Burmese nationalism. Also I feel that Burmese and Chinese has great culture similarity. Just like all yellow has roughly same culture with one another. So no problem with Burmese and Chinese in Burma today.

        • CREADERS Chinese migrants were in Singapore and Burma hundreds of years before the British showed up bringing Indian labor forces.

          Chinese in Singapore accepted English colonialism and Anglo-Saxon government which is why Singapore is far ahead of Malaysia or Burma.

          Chinese in Burma, who were originally Buddhist monks and traders floating around with no sense of government, rejected English colonialism with the result that the country is now a mess.

          Indians in Burma are mostly Bangladeshi Muslims and this is the clash with the Chinese Buddhist community.

      • Indians in Burma are generally Bangladeshi Muslims who were settled there by the British. Chinese Buddhists settled Burma far earlier and it is a religious/racial conflict.

    • Chinese

      It has been genetically proven that people from Shanghai, Northern Zhejiang and Southern Jiangsu are genetically Northerners. The reason they have such high IQs is that many scholars and intellectuals from North China fled to the South during war times.

  8. James Schipper

    Dear Robert
    Fascist aren’t necessarily racial nationalists. The Italian fascists wanted to Italianize their Slavic and German minorities. The Franco regime wanted to Hispanicize the Basques and Catalonians. This indicates that they saw nationality as a product of nurture rather than nature. The Nazis didn’t want Germanize the Jews because they thought that that was as impossible as making a black white.

    Other historical examples of nationalists who wanted to assimilate everybody within their territory are the Hungarians after the Ausgleich in 1867, the Young Turks, the Russians before WWI. The Turks today remain assimilationists because they want to Turkify the Kurds. The Chinese would also like to assimilate all non-Chinese minorities. Such assimilationism is no doubt imperialist, but it isn’t racist. Racists tend to be segregationists, not assimilationists.

    Of course, there can be egalitarian and unegalitarian assimilationism. Egalitarian assimilationism means: you have to become like us and then you will be one of us. Unegalitarian assimilationism means: you have to become like us but you will remain in a subordinate position. Southern segregationists were an example of unegalitarian assimilationists. The test that allows us to distinguish between the two is their position toward intermarriage. Egalitarian assimilationists will encourage intermarriage because it will lead to more unity while unegalitarian assimilationists will oppose intermarriage because they want to maintain separation.

    Regards. James

  9. javen

    LOL you basically talked about what I have been saying in anthro forums

    • Tay loee

      I know a lot about Indonesia from Sumatra, Java, Borneo,;) —- and at the east end there Austronesian-Melanesian like moluccan, Sulawesi, Nusa tenggara … I learn every detail about the history and the people, it turns out that the Filipino is highly correlated with the eastern Indonesian
      ( sulawesi,Molucca,Nusa tenggara, ) . well what it describes” Modern Filipino: Negro, Malay Polynesian, with a blood little of Spanish and south chinese

      • javen

        oh great another idiot…..moluccans and sulawesi would stick out in most provinces in the Philippines….unless you stick them in a slum or jungle village…another butt hurt chinese

  10. Tay loee

    Lol you made ​​a big mistake and put a picture of japanese-Filipina mix, it’s not a picture of you mean, you do not take action to put a picture of excessive others. you do by any means, but what you do that does not correspond to reality. you like making filipina look beautiful but the reality is not, you say .. chinese racist? Lol you a racist is not han china. I would probably say it Pic ” Japanese -Filipina Mix is … “Aelke Mariske” she is an Indonesian from West Java ( bandung ). bored people to read your posts, bulshit…

    • javen

      LOL what a loser….no that is not Aelke Mariske…..he got both pictures of the southern mongoloid filipina and the jap-fil girl from me

      the Jap-fil girl is not indonesian…..her name is Mitch Tamura

      • Tay loee " Han Chinese" the best

        Han Chinese was never close to vietnamese, it is easy to differentiate between the Han Chinese and Vietnamese.
        Vietnam is a small country and very poor, full of dark-skinned people and stupid brain .
        Korea is famous for a very foul body odor.
        Japan is famous for its brutally
        chinese a famous for a very clever brain and the most capable race on earth.
        han chinese is great and honorable nation

        • Daniel

          Are you serious? LOL The Vietnamese are stupid? They defeated and outsmarted the Chinese countless times… in 938AD, the Vietnamese put spears in the river causing the Chinese boats to sink, shot arrows from land and defeated the Chinese before they could even reach land. Most of the soldiers drowned…
          Full of dark-skinned people? Have you even been to Vietnam? The northerners have fair skin and in the South too. The Khmer minorities in the Mekong Delta probably have dark skin. But not the Vietnamese.
          Korea is famous for its foul body odor? Please. Even without deodorant, Koreans don’t even smell – Asians in general are known for being hairless and they have fewer sweat glands meaning less body odor.
          Japan is famous for its brutally? Yes this is true, but that was in the past. China is still cruel – to its own people and its neighbors. Both past and present.

      • Tay loee

        this Picture real “Aelke Mariska” is Indonesian artist, she is very different with michi tamira , you want filipinas look beautiful ? ahaaaaa? very far !!!do not dream

  11. Tay loee ( Aelke Mariska ) Indonesian is not the japanese-filipino mix, this is the result of; … fatal error ” Robert”

  12. Tay loee

    To Robert ,If you make something vidio please correction , do not make something that would be the pros and cons, I’m sure if anyone Indonesian saw your article, they will be big furious

    • Tay loee

      I am not Indonesian, but just often visited there, I know well about the country, they do not have a mixture of Japanese, but I know little of the population that has a mix of European and look more appealing than asians. No. .. Indonesians do not have Melanesian blood, i think east Indonesian ” maybe “.. your check mtDNA and their DNA. Indonesians are mixed Tai Kradaic-austrons , I want tell , comment you are suitable for the given to Filipino because they have a mix of Austronesian – Negrito. the fact that the actual

    • Tay loee

      han chinese no have contact with Austronesian. only very stupid people Han Chinese “they are Considered to be good and honorable people in east asia., And they have a very fragrant odor than other population in east asian.

  13. Tay loee

    to Robert make a lot of blogs and display filipina so aesthetically beautiful and put a picture of negro flipina so aesthetically appealing , bulshit , All Asians know that majority filipina have dark skin, short , hair curly and .less asian looking .

    • Forgotten Mercury

      No, the majority of Filipinos don’t have curly hair only few of them those who are Negrito admixed or Negritos only. Filipinos have a little Negrito blood in them but Negritos have more Filipino blood in them. The Negritos population in the Philippines is very small, they are estimated to number around 30,000 only. Majority of Filipinos are closer to Ami (Taiwanese aborigines) here’s the chart showing Filipinos how closer they are to Ami by visiting this link:

  14. Big G

    I don’t pay much attention to all these features that seem to matter to many who comment on here. But i can say that all those women from china and the phipines are quiet fetching and i would mix breed with them and give then round eyed children. just sayin’ the whole world is a mixin’ and what ever your trying to determine now will be near imposible 20 years from now as the human race will be 99.9 percent the same. Oh wait they are now.

  15. Devil Prince

    Han chinese is supraethnic. This “ethnic” group came with the growth of Chinese civilization beginning in Han Dynasty. Han chinese WAS NEVER A TRIBE thus the differing looks of Han Chinese from North to South. Han Chinese includes sinitics, mongolics & tibeto-burmans. Ex) Many Xiongnu and jurchens became Han Chinese through sinicization. Han Chinese is a ethnic group born out of Chinese civilization. Founders of Chinese civilization were sinitics from Liangzhu culture. The mongolics & tibeto burmans conquered these Shang with the ZHOU DYNASTY giving birth to the Mandate of heaven and the myth of Xia both of which justified mongolic/tibeto burman rule over the Sinitics. Interesting to note that Chinese civilization began in Yangtze yet most Hans claim the yellow river. This is another lie made by mongolic ancestors who claimed sinic civilization was founded by them. Anyways, long story short, all east asians are mixed of the 3 groups. Japanese have austronesian dna mix though. Sinitics were mongoloids. So were tibeto burmans but they’re sub species of mongoloids. Typical sinitic look is found in vietnam. Mongolics look like mongolians and tibeto-burmans were mixed of tibetans & burmese people. Truth of racial identity of China. Many chinese cannot accept that sinic civilization began in the south. Ask yourselves why do asians have the alcohol blush gene that came from south china? This is culturally Chinese. Ancient sinitics were alcoholics. Also the symbol of the asian dragon is a fusion of a snake & a pig. Both originate in the heart of China. There are no snakes in the steppes. Fuxi & Fuwa legend of humanoid snakes are another example of daoism. Men must be one with nature hence the fusion of men and beast. Also note that the yin & yang are 2 snakes circlin each other. ALL FROM THE SOUTH. Chinese civilization were founded by sinitics that came from yangtze river! Mongolics came and sinicize themselves. The chinese language is still sinic in nature because mongolics were benevolet enough and also had self-sinization in mind.

    • Saranyu Donkun

      I’m linguist and support your theories. Northern Chinese in the Yellow river are sinicized Mongolics, not pure Sino-Tibetans. But Southerns are Sino-Tibetan originally. These differences are shown in their eyelide: Northerns have single eyelids but Southerns have double eyelids. Anyway, according to linguistic evidences, Sino-Tibetans from Yangtze River southward are related to Southeast Asians: Tai-Kadai, Hmong-Mien, Austroasiatic and Autronesian. Laurent Sagart, a famous linguist, purpose a linguistic macro-family called “Sino-Austronesian”, linking these languages together. Old Chinese language is not tonal and monosyllabic languages, but contain many affixes in the root as remaining in Tibetan written language. And the homeland of Austronesians, Tai-Kadai, Hmong-Mien and Austroasiatics are Yangtze River also (Hemudu culture), the origin of Rice cultivation culture. The Austronesians seperated from Sino-Tibetan, migrating to the Formasa Island by canoe, becoming Taiwanese aborigins, some of them move northward to Ryukyuan and Honshu becoming Yayois in Japan (Japanese have some southeast Asian elements, linguistically, genetically and culturally: double eyelids etc.). Most of Austronesians moved from Taiwan southward to the Philippine, Malayan archipelago, then eastward to the Pacific Island, mixing with Australoids, becoming Polynesians.

      While Austronesians became “Islanders”, the rest people on the mainland China moved south to Indochina becoming “Austroasiatics”: Mons, Khmers, establishing various Hindu and Buddhist Kingdoms infleunced by Indian culture. Some people in Guangdong, Guangxi (Yue people with the bronze drum culture, descends of Zhuangs, Dongs, Buyis etc.) were sinitized, especially in linguistic (from polysyllabic and non-tonal to monosyllabic and tonal languages) and extended southward to Northern Vietnam mixing with Austroasiatic becoming “Viet Nam” (=southern Yue), then westward to upper Mekong valley in Yunnan encoutering the Tibeto-Burman hilltribes in Nanzhao kingdom, they called themselves as “Tai”, but other tribes called them “Siam” or “Shan” (Burmese accent). Here they splitted into two groups, Tai Long (Great Tai) and Tai Noi (Little Tai). Tai Long settled in nowaday Dehong (Mao Kingdom) and Shan state, some of them moved westward until Assam (Brahmaputra valley) and establish Ahom kingdom there before arrivals of Aryans. Tai Noi moved south to Indochina, mixing with Austroasiatics becoming Thai and Lao. They took over the Khmer kingdom and founded Siam, Lanna and Lanxang (Lao) kingdom.

      The penultimate groups arrive in SE Asia are Tibeto-Burmans from Yunnan: Bamars, Kachins, Karen etc. They settled northen Myanmar and in the Irrawaddy valley. The last groups come after WW2: Hmongs and Miens.

      This is the story of the Southern Mongoloids.

      For evidences in liguistics by Sagart, i.e.:
      Terms “EYE” and “FIRE”

      1. Sino-Tibetan family (I’ll give the tone on the word, just wanna show the similarity):
      -Old Chinese: 目 /*C.muk/ , 火 /qwei/
      -Chinese (Mandarin): /muu/ , /xwo/
      -Cantonese (Yue): /muk/ , /fo/
      -Tibetan: /mik/ , /me/
      -Burmese: /myak/ , /mi/
      -Karen (Sgaw): /maek/ , /mi/

      2. Austroasiatic family
      -Proto-Mon-Khmer: /*mat/ , –
      -Khmer: /mat/ , –
      -Mon: /mòt/ , –
      -Vietnamese: /mắt/ , –

      3.Tai-Kadai family
      -Old Tai: /*m.ta/ , /vei/
      -Sotuhern Zhuang (Debao): /tha/ , /fai/
      -Sui: /nda/ , /vi/
      -Shan: /taa/ , /phai/
      -Thai-Lao: /taa/ , /fai/
      -Hlai or Li (Hainan): /tsha/ , /fei/

      4.Hmong-Mien family
      -Proto-Hmong-Mien: /*mueiH/
      -White Hmong: /mua/
      -Mien (Changping dialect): /mui/

      5.Austronesian (South Islands) family
      -Proto-Austronesian: /*maCa/ , /*sapuy/
      -Amis (Taiwan aborigin): /mata?/ , –
      -Malay-Indonesian: /mata/ , /api/
      -Tagalog (Pilipino): /mata/ , /apoy/
      -Tongan: /mata/ , /afi/
      -Maori: /mata/ , /ahi/
      -Hawaiian: /maka/ , /ahi/

      6.Japonic languages
      -Old Japanese: /me/ , /pwi/
      -Japanese: /me/ , /hi/
      -Okinawa (Shuri-Naha dialect): /mii/ , /hwii/

      There are more cognates but I won’t list here. I just want to show you all Asians are related, both Northern and Southern.

  16. Devil Prince

    Nonsense. Austronesians never made it into mainland asia. And i believe u r either korean or jap nationalist spilling out lies. You’re not an expert on genetics so don’t talk like one armchair scientist.

  17. Tay loee

    Han Chinese was never close to vietnamese, it is easy to differentiate between the Han Chinese and Vietnamese.
    Vietnam is a small country and very poor, full of dark-skinned people and stupid brain .
    Korea is famous for a very foul body odor.
    Japan is famous for its brutally
    chinese a famous for a very clever brain and the most capable race on earth.
    han chinese is great and honorable nation

  18. Tay loee

    han chinese have no haplo D ( Japanese-Tibetan ) , 80-90% han chinese have Haplo O3,
    korean is part Altai nation with Islam peoples, as turkey, kazaktan, persian, arab, uszbeks, Uygur, iraq, iran, bulgar Muslims,
    altai early race came from of turkey or Arabic may be and they were married with Mongolian.
    Altai in European races is considered the most low and insulting because it considers race is a race ” Islamic people”of west asian

  19. manjitrupbikram

    I belong to the Bodo(Boro) group of people belonging to the Tibeto-Burman race which once ruled over almost the entire Indian north-east including the states of assam,tripura,etc. We, I feel are the frontier mongoloid race standing up to the aryan indic cultural,religious,demographic,linguistic and political onslaught. We,I feel, should not be forgotten by our northern and southern mongoloid brothers and sisters who should look upon us with sympathy and as one of their struggling cousins. Thank you.

    • Thank you very much for this, sir.

    • Tenzin

      I certainly have empathy on you. The only reason why your land is part of India now is because of British expansionism when South Asia was part of the British empire. You are what the Indian people referred to as ‘Chinkies’. Mongoloid women are particularly vulnerable when they go to real India and there are a lot of rape incidents of north-east Indians by the Desi people. Read this story by an American woman who spent three months in the shithole.

  20. neo

    This way of thinking is also prevalent among Japanese, but most Japanese don’t even bother to think about Southeast Asians. They are more concerned with Koreans.

    what’s the japanese concern with koreans? competition from samsung? korean men dating japanese women? north korean war?

  21. fyfy

    Hahaha Han supremacy my arse. That is what happens when westerners or westernised counterparts want to apply their concepts of racism on a different culture. It is as supreme as the russians not being liked by the Germans and the polish disliking the germans while the british don’t care for the francophilic gauls.

    The Beijingnese cannot tolerate the Shanghainese, the Shanghainese cannot tolerate every other Chinese provincial groups. The Northerners call the Southerners barbarians, the Southerners call the Northerners barbarians. The hakkas (northern refugees) used to be whacked by Southerners. Some american born chinese think that they are superior to others but cannot speak or write mandarin properly so the other Chinese who can, call them bananas (yellow on the outside, white inside). The cantonese call everyone a ‘demon’ if they are not cantonese while the rest call non chinese ‘outsiders’. Yes, it is one big happy Han dysfunctional family. The taiwanese think mainlanders are nutters, the mainlanders think the taiwanese are stuck up. HOWEVER, screw with Taiwan in a disputed zone i.e. filipino naval ship firing on taiwanese fishermen…..China will just send its navy out there. That is not supremacy, that is protecting your renegade province.

    BTW, the koreans and chinese don’t like the japs, the japanese don’t like the rest. Filipinos, vietnamese, cambodians, indonesians….wise… money no talk in asia. So if you are a filthy rich african with gazillions to spill, every asian will love you.

  22. pukning

    how about north east indians? some can be extremely fair while others can be dark.

  23. Are Amerindians considered Mongoloid?

  24. mike815

    But according to the pan-asian autosomal dna consortium, Filipinos are 40% australoid. Is this accurate? Is this true? This is the spreadsheet:

  25. Mohan

    Kind of mirrors the Nordics in Europe considering Southerner Meds as part Arab/ African theme. Or Northern Italians looking down upon Southern Italians as basically Arabs and not pure Europeans.

  26. Mike815

    Are Native Americans in North America considered Northern Mongoloids although they are Paleomongoloids?

  27. Mike815

    If most Native Americans are Paleomongoloids, how is it possible that some Patagoinan Native Americans are Neomongoloids?

    Is it possible that the southern part of South America also a cradle of Neomongoloids given that there are many glaciers and snowcapped mountains?

  28. Mike815

    What if Northern Paleomongoloid Latinos mix with Southern Neomongoloids(Southern Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.), will the offspring become Northern or Southern Neomongoloids?

    • I do not know. This isn’t really happening anywhere, so we have no idea what the results look like. I have seen some Mexican-Filipino mixes and they look pretty interesting. Not sure what they look like, but they look pretty progressive. They look sort of like Amerasian types.

      Keep in mind that they also have some White in them.

      Latinos are Northern Paleo-European Caucasoid mixes actually.

  29. My name is Miguel.

    Do you think I am phenotypically in between Northern and Southern Neomongoloid or am I just phenotypically Southern Neomongoloid?

  30. My name is Miguel.

    Which is more phenotypically archaic? The Southern or the Northern Neomongoloids?

  31. My name is Miguel.

    If most Koreans are Northern Neomongoloids, do you think these Koreans are phenotypically Southern Neomongoloids?

    I find their phenotype different from average Koreans. Do you think they can pass for Vietnamese or Filipino?

    • popopopo

      oh my goodness…all this internet talk about how koreans and fillipinos look different…yes koreans and filipinos think koreans and fillipinos look totally different from each others….but in real life, filipinos are mistaken as koreans in korea everyday and koreans are mistaken as fillipinos everyday in philipine in my everyday real life experience…

      • No, not at all. 1 million Koreans visit the Philippines every year and they all stick out like a sore thumb. Some Koreans may resemble Chinese-Filipinos, but not regular Filipinos. Koreans who got surgery may also look like Filipinos, but regular, pre-surgery Koreans do not.

      • Debateur

        Why are you trying so hard to glorify filipinos? They don’t look like Koreans at all. And the Youtube video that you linked below (those two friends of yours)…they look exactly like how filipinos should. I don’t want to go into specifics about faces but you should go out more and see what the average filipino looks like, vis-a-vis everyone else.

    • popopopo

      I am korean…I always mistaken as filipino by filipino people…also my two of my filipino friends looks exactly like my friends… watch this

      filipino girl on the left look exactly like my korean friend that I feel like I am seeing twins…

    • Panda@War

      The girl doesn’t look like a typical Korean AT ALL.

      In fact, Panda is struggling to tell where she’s from, as she almost definately doesn’t look at a typical Han Chinese (north or south) , Japanese or Vietnamese. Panda would have guesses that she’s frm Phllipine (with some Spanish blood) or Indonesia.

      Ditto to the guy below. he doesn’t look like an average Korea AT ALL. Even though he’s Korean, almost for sure, IMO, his ancestry had sth to do with northern China or Mongolia or Huns alike. If let Panda guess where’s he’s from in Asia, Malaysia or Indonesia would be the answer.

  32. Monyong

    Indonesian artist mostly looks like this video. Do you think they look like North Asian type or Indonesians (SE Asian type) in general?

  33. My name is Miguel.

    Are Southern Neomongoloids like me halfway between Southern Paleomongoloids and Northern Neomongoloids?

  34. My name is Miguel.

    Are the Viets in North America considered Northern Neomongoloids due to the cold climate?

  35. My name is Miguel.

    Since I am a Southern Neomongoloid, am I automatically a Sundadont Mongoloid or am I a Sinodont?

  36. My name is Miguel.

    Classify singer Nichkhun

    Northern or Southern Neomongoloid?

    • Panda@War

      He looks like a typical artificial Korean after some micro plastic surgery to Panda. LoL.

      Or he could be a Taiwanese with Han ancestry but with a large amount of SE Asian blood.

      He doesn’t look like a Japanese at all. And his lower parts of eyes tell that he’s very unlikely a Han Chinese as well.

      If he were a Han Chinese, to Panda he would be much more a Southern Han, rather from the North.

  37. My name is Miguel.

    Have you heard of other mongoloid categorizing types such as nordsinid, sudsinid, mittlesinid, tungid, satsuma and coshu?

  38. My name is Miguel.

    Are the Gilyaks the truest Neomongoloids? Or is it the Koreans?

  39. My name is Miguel.

    Are the Taiwanese Aborigines Northern or Southern Paleomongoloids based on appearance?

    • MIGUEL Southern. Recent evidence indicates that Malaysians, Polynesians, Samoans and even South American Indians (To a degree) originate in Taiwan.

      Fuji province settlers arrived in 16th and 17th century and more or less killed them off though some live up in the hills.

  40. Snakedude

    Classify Filipino Actress Erich Gonzales

    Paleomongoloid or Neomongoloid?

    • Neo but she is also a Mestiza. She has a Helluva lot of White in her.

      • EPGAH

        For awhile, Spain fucked the Philippines the same way they did Mexico–literally and figuratively. So it makes sense there’s a “Helluva lot of white in her”!

        However, they only rebelled against America. Even back then, American whites had the reputation for putting up with shit that others didn’t! Why is that?

        • Snakedude

          Is it because that Korean singer may be part Australoid despite being predominantly Neomongoloid?

        • Waltraud

          Please, you cannot definitively say that Southern Mongoloid-Australoid shithole the Philippines has significant spanish admixture among its population. I know this may border on ad-hominem, but are you filipino? Because they are the only group of people I’ve met who are self-hating enough so as to enthusiastically identify with their conquerors, instead of rejecting any affinity with them. This is truly what’s remarkable about the pathetic filipino–he will flagrantly declare his pride in being a filipino, but at every opportunity afforded, rave on and on about his/her supposed Spanish ancestry. I am European and I have on many occasions vacationed in Spain–and I can assure you: they look nothing like the frog-faced, cross-eyed Malay that is the filipino.

      • Snakedude

        Is this Korean singer also admixed with Caucasoid?

    • Iberian Mediterranean Mestizo. Heavily Spanish.

  41. Snakedude

    Do Amerindians and Tibetans share a common ancestor since they look alike?

  42. Snakedude

    Are Southern Chinese Southeast Asians?

  43. Snakedude

    Classify these Japanese football players.

  44. Snakedude

    Are Paleomongoloids considered already a progressive race?

  45. Snakedude

    Can you classify these Filipino politicians:

    • The one on the left looks very Caucasian for some reason I cannot figure out. But then when you look at him closely, he looks sort of Chinese. I have no idea what is going on with this guy.

      The man on the right is a lot more archaic. I find him very difficult to place except to say that he is a typical SE Asian Paleomongoloid.


      Most Filipino Spanish politicians derive from minor nobility in the Spanish clergy or military whom the colonial administration of Spain granted considerable land titles that they somehow retained after Philippine Independence.

      Filipino Mestizo political families derive from several different parts of Spain. North and South, particularly Andalusia and Gallegos.

  46. My name is Miguel.

    Classify Filipino Actress Julia Barretto

    Does she look Tungid or is she rather a Neomongoloid type with Caucasoid(Hispanic) admixture

    • Chinese-Filipino males with any kind of business success married lower-tier Spanish Mestiza girls. A mixture of Malay, Spanish and Chinese.

      Higher-tier Spanish Mestizos like the Ayala family will not marry Chinese and there is some racial friction between the Chinese-Filipinos and Spanish Mestizos.

  47. Monyong

    Panda War @ there is a difference between EA & SEA Asian
    chinese in Indonesia more type of the northem with some southern Mongoloid ,example : ( Chinese Indonesia /Tionghoa)

    whereas Indonesians general more “southern mongoloids” more like thai, malay, cambodian, laos ,example : ( Indonesians )

  48. Snakedude

    Classify these 2 Filipinos:

    • Guy on Left looks “Japanese.” Guy on right looks like Caucasian/Asian mix, honestly.

      • Snakedude

        Is the guy on that picture on the left Neomongoloid?

      • ROBERT I lived in Cebu for three years:

        The one on the left is a Chinese-Filipino and probably a “Mestizo” as oppose to a Chink who was born in the Philippines and has citizenship.

        On the right is a Hispanic Mestizo whose ancestry was probably Galleon Mexican and Malay (Mexican Filipinos have that chubby Amerindian look and also diabetes).

        NB Spanish Filipinos are influential but Mexican Filipinos are not.

    • Fat one is a Malay with Mexican partial ancestry and the skinny one with the grey jacket is a Chinese-Mestizo who probably even has a Chinese name.

      These two would be above pure Malay squatters in the class system but far below Spanish Mestizos.

      Note that Chinese full-bloods are not highly regarded by any Filipinos but basically make a lot of money and can buy some power/influence in business or politics. But on the street-level nobody respects them.

  49. Snakedude

    If most Ryukyuans are Paleomongoloids, are Okinawans mostly Neomongoloid?

  50. Snakedude

    Classify these Filipino-Americans.

  51. Snakedude

    Is it justifying to be racist in some circumstances?

  52. Snakedude

    Who is more archaic, Filipinos or Native Americans, Koreans or Siberians?

  53. Snakedude

    Is this what a typical Filipino looks like:

  54. Snakedude

    Are Southern Chinese and Vietnamese phenotypically identical?

  55. Snakedude

    Classify Filipino National Hero Jose Rizal:

  56. Snakedude

    Are Gilyaks and Nivkhs synonymous?

  57. Snakedude

    Classify Japanese singer Daichi Miura from Okinawa

  58. Snakedude

    Are Eskimos considered Tungusics by phenotype?

  59. Snakedude

    Who are more progressive among ethnic groups? Koreans, Eskimos, Gilyaks, Buryats, Mongolians, Evenks, or Manchurians?

  60. Snakedude

    Are the Ainu the most progressive Australoids

  61. Snakedude

    Are Paleomongoloids considered semi-Australoids?

  62. Snakedude

    Are there Paleomongoloids in Siberia and in the Arctic?

  63. Snakedude

    If China becomes a superpower, isn’t Neomongoloids will soon become a dominant race and if China would invade Southeast Asia, the Australoid-Mongoloid transition will continue and the whole of NE Asia and SE Asia will become predominantly Neomongoloids, right?

  64. Snakedude

    Are there Neomongoloids in Europe?

  65. Snakedude

    Who are more archaic? Vietnamese or Thai?

  66. Snakedude

    Classify Filipino politician Jun Jun Binay

  67. Hong

    Classify this vietnamese girl

  68. Hmmmm…East Asian always be superior in everything, especially Japan…white skin, slender, cute eyes and face [woman], nice-sounding language, super-advanced achievement, high standard of living, amazing sanitation, super-clean environment, extremely wonderful and beautiful 4 seasons…

    As an Austronesian [Javanese], I often and always feel inferior to NE Asians in every way – low IQ, low skill, ugly, very dirty sanitation, primitive culture, super stupid laziness, and woman who are fucking machines – they have babies every booming. OMG if you feel free, please kill me…wa ha ha ha ha. I want to stop my ancestors’ blood in my body…he he he.

    Not every East Asians is High IQ. SE Asians have lower IQ…or white is pretty vs dark is ugly…not all East Asians are good looking. Many Northern Chinese, Koreans, Mongolians and also Japanese have ugly looking faces, asymmetry, a flat face with flat topology. And many of them have bizarre and evil cultures.

    But I do not worry wkwkwkwkw. Just believe in God. We can born as anyone from anywhere…Life is all about happiness and should always be thankful…

  69. Truth

    Hmong are Northern Mongoloids not Southern. They only migrated to Southeast Asia in the mid 1800s. Their features are really closely related to Northern Chinese

  70. What do you think of IQ tests and PISA showing central Chinese that live around the Yangtze river (Jiansgsu) to be the smartest in the world?

    Also, you posted that Koreans are from the Mongolia region and that the yayoi of Japan are from Korea. I recently took a trip to Northeast China (mother’s hometown), Korea and Japan. I would say northern Chinese resemble Mongolians just as much as Koreans. They are all simply northern asians. Koreans are too short, and small framed to be mongolian.

    When I went to Japan (right after korea) I found the Japanese to look much more “central chinese” than koreans. Based off looks only, I would geuss japanese heritage to 1/3 korean, 1/3 southern Chinese and 1/3 Jomon/austronesian. I read a study connecting the Japanese anscestry to the Jiangsu area of China. To me this makes sense, as China (Ming Dynsaty) was far ahead of korea in terms of population, development and sea travel.

    In my opinon (from my readings) this is how east asian genetics played out. 1st, early chinese settlers bring rice farming and many chinese men to korean via boats from the shandong penninsula. Modern koreans are original koreans mixed with shandong chinese. 2nd, large influx of koreans and Chinese from the coastal Jiangsu province (the yayoi) migrate to Japan. They kill off most of the original Austronesian Jomon peoples but some mix in. 3rd, China experiences a large genetic flow/migration from north to south. This is caused by the constant invasion from the north and northern chinese seeking new lands. This causes the ancient chinese to be gentically different from the modern chinese. This also explains how China (and Vietnam) are so distant (IQ, skin tone) from their souther neighbors such as Thailand. Look at the huge dip in southern china regarding skin tone.,d.amc&psig=AFQjCNFXAE1d-8yxkBp8VG9cVa3s8DSOEg&ust=1474935355837353

    I have read much supporting evidence but I wanted to hear your opinion.

  71. Mike

    How you would differentiate Northern Paleomongoloids from Southern Paleomongoloids by appearance?

  72. Indonesians

    Indonesian-Norwegian with mongols eyes ( Pretty Her Look )

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