Walter E. Williams: Idiot, Tool, Black Conservative

The latest Walter E. Williams article.

A truly insane article by a typical Black conservative nut. This kook points out the logical fact that is known to anyone: What do the Top 10 US cities with the highest crime rates have in common? Guess what? They are chock full of Black people! Duh.

One would draw certain logical conclusions from these obvious facts, but a Black conservative is too much of partisan monkey liar to ever do that. As bad as Black liberals can be (and they can be pretty bad), Black conservatives are by far the worst that the Black race has to offer.

According the Williams, the logical conclusion that we draw here is twofold:

1. These cities are full of Black folks.
2. They are all run by Democrats, for the most part liberal Democrats.

Conclusion: Liberal Democratic administrations cause unbelievable amounts of crime!

I kid you not. Black conservatives really are that stupid. As if Black people would act any better under a hard rightwing administration, not that they would ever elect one.

We have an actual experiment to see if this is true: the South. All Southern states are run by radical rightwing Republicans. Before that, they were run by radical rightwing Democrats. All of those states have been run by Black-hating racist White people for ever and ever. And how do Black people act down South? Perfectly horrible. They act as bad as Black people do anywhere. Why would Black folks suddenly act better if a rightwing Republican racist White massa was in charge, cracking the whip on those niggas? You think is going to stop making them act up? Come on.

The truth is that those cities are full of crime for the precise reason that they are full of Black people. Once you get a city full of Black people, you tend to get a city with lots and lots of crime. Those Black people created all that crime, and they will create about as much crime whether they are under a liberal Democratic administration as when they are under a Republican white racist massa administration.

Williams is truly crazy: a Libertarian Black. Black Libertarians are even more insane than Black conservatives. About 3% of Blacks are Black conservatives. We know this because ~3% of Black voted for Mitt Romney in the last election. However, if you looked at the US news media, you would think that 50% or more of Blacks are conservatives. Black conservatives may be as rare as four leaf clovers, but the “liberal” media loves them, and loves to over-represent them as demonstrative of the politics of US Blacks. If you are a US Black conservative, you are almost guaranteed of getting your own radio or TV show or your own newspaper column.

Does anyone on Earth think that Libertarianism will do anything for US Blacks?

Libertarianism is what exists in the 3rd world. In the 3rd World, the state is almost nonexistent, spends almost no money on the people on social programs, and what money it does have goes solely for police and military to enforce class rule over the lower classes and the workers. If the lower classes and workers get too out of hand, you just call out the cops and army and slaughter them.

Other than that, the government exists solely as an arm of the richest sectors of society and serves to protect their interests. The rich and business classes get to do everything and anything they want to. The state is starved for funds because the businesses and the wealthy pay no taxes, and the elites don’t believe in government spending anyway due to “the threat of a good example.” If the state spends money on pro-people programs, that is socialism, and we oppose socialism. Also the people might come to like this socialism and might want to have a more socialist country. This would interfere with the moneyed interests of the nation’s elites, so we can’t have that.

Libertarianism is what Blacks have in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and a few other places. Probably Haiti is the best example because it is the most Libertarian society ever attempted in a Black country. You can see how well that is working out!

Over in Africa, we can look at Kenya, Nigeria or Zaire as examples of nearly Libertarian Black countries in which elites steal 100% of the money in society leaving the masses with nothing but starvation and disease. As you can see, that is working out just fine!

Most other Black nations are socialist to some degree or another, so it hard to find a Black example of a radical rightwing country, but the above examples are pretty good.

Libertarianism won’t do anything good for Black people. All it will do is turn Black neighborhoods and cities like Detroit and Oakland into Haiti or Nigeria. If you think that is an improvement on the present state of affairs, you are wrong.


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10 responses to “Walter E. Williams: Idiot, Tool, Black Conservative

  1. Occidental Bhakti Yogi

    Its time for black folk to “wake up” and join the Kirtan Revolution like this soul sista! Enjoy the fusion of classical Bengali kirtan with southern gospel.

  2. Tulio

    White conservatives would use the same argument that he is. So what’s remarkable about this?

    And there’s nothing wrong with being black and a conservative or libertarian. People don’t have to vote with their skin color, you know.

  3. amspirnational

    The only ideologies which will bring peace to urban areas are
    national anarchism, white nationalism and/or black nationalism.
    Seperate respectful development of each culture. Might as well tack on Hispanic nationalism.

    This is in the long term of course. Might take a generation to sort out a peaceful seperation.

    • Occidental Bhakti Yogi

      There is no reason nationalists of any race or ethnic background cannot participate in Kirtan. One can strive for ultimate spiritual liberation while pursuing a concomitant material liberation for one’s self and one’s people.

      Kirtan transcends race and it also allows for people to build up their ethnic communities simultaneously.


      Haribol Hip Hop

  4. truevoice

    Let’s take a step back and examine the Black face of the GOP in relation to how the GOP treats other Black faces…in other words let’s deal with current events…

    The GOP is still engaged in their voter suppression drive..

    The GOP , do you know these people..??
    Shaun Winkler , James Russell , Loy Mauch , Harry Berram , John Abarr , Billy Roper , Harriet Paletti , Brian Culpepper , are just a few racist in the GOP that have run for office as openly white supremacist..

    The tea party was used by white supremacist groups as a recruiting tool..

    The GOP has done everything in their power to bring down President Obama…

    The GOP , with the help of some useless Black conservatives , tried to convince MLK was a republican and that we should vote for republican based on that lie…

    The Black unemployment rate is much higher than white unemployment due to the white backlash of Obama being in office…Black unemployment has always been higher but some CEOs have gone on record saying that if Obama is elected they will fire people …wo do you think they will fire first…???

    The racist tea party asked businesses to stop hiring people in an effort to make Obama look bad…who do you think will be the last to be hired in this scenario…??

    Ronald “I suppot Apartheid” Reagan said that MLK ” had it coming to him” after King was assisinated..and of course Reragan and the GOP supported Aparheid..

    Several republicans cheered the demise of the 9th ward during Katrina stating that “God did something that none of us could do”

    You have a party that not only practices intense racism but admits it and is proud of it..Therefore how can anyone expect Black conservatives to continue their blind loyalty to the GOP…

    To think that anybody liberal , independent , conservative or whatever is remotelly concerned about Black conservatives…You idiots have NO POWER..You can’t even get more than two Blacks elected to congress and let’s be real about was because of the election of Obama that inspired a few Black conservative to run for office..Black conservative have resepect in the Black community nor do they have any reoect in the white communities…What do Black conservative stand for ..???..racism and stupidity…??

    It is no accident that the GOP receives less then 30% of the Asian and Hispanic vote…It is also no accident that they receive less than 10% of the Black vote…
    The real question and real paradox is …why do Black conservatives ignore and support the GOP when their racism and stupidity is so obvious..??

    Here’s another question…

    What has the GOP done for the country in the last 13 years….or more to the point what has the GOP done for Black people in the last 30 years..???

    • Jason Y

      QUOTE”Ronald “I suppot Apartheid” Reagan said that MLK ” had it coming to him” after King was assisinated..and of course Reragan and the GOP supported Apartheid..”END-QUOTE

      Do you have evidence of this?

    • GulliverFredrich

      There are Black Republicans b/c they understand that the Black Americans are tied to America and it’s traditions while also being wholly dependent on the culture and ideas of the European-American majority to support itself on 1st world ways and civilization. These Blacks have figured out that their group is completely dependent on the technological prowess and civilization that Whites creates while blacks themselves have no real complex civilization tapestry foundation basis as deep and complex and evolutionary adaptive as mainstream White civilization and it’s historical multitude layers of cultural milieu’s.

      They see no way out of the enslavement and learned helpless state of modern Black America which is symbiotically dependent on European ideas since they have no real cognitive capacity to establish their own ideas that are of equal flexibility and merit as that of European civilizations; while also not having the capacity to formulate an idea of a society as equal to that of the Western European one. They see no way out of the present two party system which takes a lot of it’s strength from the dualism of racialism and the idea of different race groups with their own conflicting self-interests even with the option of independent third party candidates.

      So they see supporting Republicans as the only way to support themselves and their realistic position within Western society based upon their sorry dependence upon White western civilization.

    • Jason Y

      Unfortunately, even left wingers have to admit, Reagan didn’t support Apartheid.

  5. Jason Y

    The idea that blacks are naturally very bad, without taking the environment into account is wrong. Truth is, the present filthy moral environment is light years away from antebellum slavery, and the 1950s. Of course, that effects blacks people, magnifying some of the negative traits they have, and does the same for everybody else.

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