Bigfoot News April 25, 2013

New clues about the photos of Hank (the Bigfoot Rick Dyer killed). Four photos of Hank recently surfaced, not two as I originally reported. One was a photo of Hank being loaded into a box truck by several men. Three were of a group of men standing around Hank’s body, which is lying on an embankment. The scene appears to be early in the morning, probably the morning of September 7, 2012, after Hank was shot at 10:30 PM the previous evening. Dyer can clearly be seen in two of the photos, and the film crew also seems to be present.

In one of the photos, curiously, there are two men wearing sports coats and slacks who are obviously not the local homeless population or part of the film crew. It is uncertain who they are, but they may be some sort of government officials.

Facebook Find Bigfoot appear to have seen Hank on their Las Vegas visit to talk to Rick Dyer. This is what I have gathered from conversations with my sources. They did not come right out and say it, as that would get them into trouble, but with a lot of hints and oblique statements, they very much implied to me without saying so explicitly that FB/FB did indeed view the body on that trip, and I believe that they did also. Their having viewed the body is probably one of the main reasons why they are so certain that the Dyer shooting dead Hank the Bigfoot is true.

First video of dead Hank revealed to the public? The movie trailer for Shooting Bigfoot has finally been released. The movie definitely seems to be everything that believers in the Rick Dyer story said it would be. However, the movie will solve nothing as those who think the movie is a hoax say that the shooting of the Bigfoot at the end of the movie is simply staged.

However, there is some fascinating video at the beginning of the trailer that shows a white pickup truck on a freeway with a green tarp in the back. The tarp is covering a large object. I think the object it is covering is Hank the Bigfoot, who possibly was first loaded into this pickup and then taken somewhere else where he could be stored more properly. The footage may be seen at :18 and again at :26-:33 in the trailer.

Shooting Bigfoot trailer is very interesting. The trailer shows Dyer with a gun, loading it and pointing it. A blond woman asks Rick, “I didn’t know the idea was to kill a Bigfoot?” A man (probably Dyer) nails ribs a tree. Another man (possibly Matthews) asks, “Is that to lure him in?” Later we see Rick at night in his underwear, holding a rifle. Then we hear a British accent saying, “Don’t shoot me!” Next we hear a gunshot. The clip ends with Dyer frantically demanding of the cameraman, “Let me see the tape! Let me see the tape!”

The Dyer naysayers say that all of this is part of an elaborate hoax, but as I reported earlier, a friend of mine is very close to Morgan Matthews, the director, and he said that Matthews would not be a party to any hoax on film in any way, shape or form. Therefore, the naysayers’ argument that this film shows Dyer hoaxing the killing of a Bigfoot appears to be incorrect.

New movie poster for Shooting Bigfoot. A very nice new poster of Shooting Bigfoot has been released by Minnow Films. Check it out below.

Very nice new poster for Shooting Bigfoot shows several Bigfoot hunters with various spotlight and cameras and one with a scoped gun. At the top is an evil looking man in cowboy hat with smoke coming out of both of his breasts.

Very nice new poster for Shooting Bigfoot shows several Bigfoot hunters with various spotlight and cameras and one with a scoped gun. At the top is an evil looking man in cowboy hat with smoke coming out of the gun he is holding.

Who is Dyer’s other investor? I reported earlier than an Australian billionaire was one of Dyer’s investors. Now I have learned that another investor is a Las Vegas casino owner.

Why is the Bigfoot Dyer killed named Hank? He is named Hank after a famous country music singer, apparently Hank Williams Jr. I gather that Dyer is a big fan of this guy. I would opt for Hank’s father myself. Hank Williams Jr. is apparently the other major investor in Dyer’s Bigfoot along with the Vegas casino owner.

Hank’s body will not be released on April 30 at the screening of Shooting Bigfoot. I have just learned that what I reported in my last update is incorrect. In fact, the body will be released by Dyer much later, sometime in the summer, possibly in August.

Review of Shooting Bigfoot in the Toronto Standard. Here is the review which just came out today, April 25, 2013. This review proves what I have long said, that the movie shows the shooting of a Bigfoot, but leaves it up in the air as far as whether it is a real shooting or an elaborate prank. The reviewer himself is not clear whether he has just seen the shooting of an actual Bigfoot or an “elaborate and violent prank” as he puts it. As I have mentioned before, this movie will not clear up the debate at all, as the naysayers are already saying that the movie just shows a faked shooting of a Bigfoot.

Shooting Bigfoot

For some Bigfoot is just a character from Harry And The Hendersons, for others the mythical creature is a lifelong obsession. British director Morgan Matthews decided to fly over to the US to film some particularly passionate Bigfoot hunters and ended up with far more than he bargained for. The sad folks at the center of Matthews’ film either make their living or escape their depressing lives by hunting the great beast and don’t take too kindly to an outsider with a camera coming to their community to suggest the creature might not be so real.

For the first hour, Shooting Bigfoot alternates between a sad and hilarious portrait of grown men determined to prove the existence of bigfoot to the filmmaker, the audience, and themselves. Then, in the final third, two particularly aggressive hunters promise to introduce the uppity director to Bigfoot himself and well…the result is in the title. Maybe it’s real, or more likely it’s an elaborate (and surprisingly violent) prank, but either way Shooting Bigfoot is not a movie to be missed and a rare documentary that demands a midnight screening.

Another review of Shooting Bigfoot, this time by Bob Turnbull (not sure who that is). Review:

Director Morgan Matthews states right up front that he used to be keenly interested in Bigfoot in his younger days. Years later, that interest has now flipped and turned into a deep curiosity of the people that continue to search, track and believe in the hairy Sasquatch. He follows along with three separate teams – the deluded but honest believers, the opportunist business man and the liar – while they go through their paces to gain any evidence of the long-elusive beast.

Early on it looks like the film might be just like any other let’s-go-talk-to-crazy-people doc (filled with energy, but not shedding any interesting light on anything), but shortly after all three expeditions are arranged and we’ve jumped between each team’s early preparations with Matthews, we cut to the director lying in a hospital bed. Suddenly we have a different movie on our hands…

The film becomes more and more engaging as we learn more about these people, their techniques, self-delusions and possible deceptions. It’s all the more intriguing since you know that Matthews is going to face an ordeal of some variety, but with which team?

None of them escape looking silly – Rick tripping in the woods while he wears cowboy boots, Tom’s admission after a particularly stressful moment that he’s had 7 stents in his heart, Dallas calling for Bigfoot using a “shaman language” – but there’s also a more serious tone that slides under the entire film as the teams come across numerous other people living in rather desperate and terribly sad ways.

Guns seem to be easily acquired, the economy hasn’t rebounded for any of these folks, and basic needs are a struggle to acquire. It’s a clever mix of myth debunking, suspense, silly fun and state-of-a-decaying-nation profile. So how does it end? Well, like Bigfoot itself, you’ll just have to see it to believe it.

As you can see, this review also says that the ending is quite a shock. He points out that the film cuts away to a shot of Matthews lying a hospital bed early on in the film. This goes along with what I reported, that Morgan was hurt when the Bigfoot charged him and when he got into a fistfight with Dyer after the shooting.

Comment by Jimmy Conway supposedly proving that Shooting Bigfoot is all about a hoax. Here is his comment:

Jimmy Conway: OK. Enough. Many of you will know that I have said the Dyer Bigfoot story was a hoax (as have many others here) from the moment I found out that a) it was him involved but, more importantly, b) that a British documentary maker i.e. Morgan Matthews and Minnow Films were involved. This latest review pretty much confirms that the doc is a social commentary piece on some of the characters in the Bigfoot community.

Any talk of it confirming there was a Bigfoot shot dead, there is a body and that Morgan Matthews ended up in hospital because of a “real” Sasquatch is an appalling example of why this community is a laughing stock: the lack of objectivity and just plain common sense makes this community a prime target for hoaxers. It’s nothing new. People are so desperate to believe the creature is real that when a story like this come through the door, objective thinking flies out of the window.

Many of you will have read my posts and seen that I have been very vocal about this story, and I have provided information – facts -about the companies involved and the people from the UK. The more astute of you will have realised that this wasn’t guess-work. You will have realised that I’m not a “hater” . I’m here for the truth. I believe Bigfoot is likely real. What it is – I don’t know. But something is out there.

So why am I so sure it’s a hoax? For the last 20 years I have worked in media in the UK. I have worked with pretty much every single major media outlet there is. In national press. Radio. TV. Film. Including the BFI. Including the BBC. On a regular basis. All it took was a couple of phone calls to establish what the documentary was actually about.

You have to understand that Bigfoot is alongside Father Christmas and The Loch Ness Monster in the UK. People interested in it are few and far between. There are not that many who shout from the rooftops that they think it’s real. I certainly don’t. You can imagine the reaction I got when I asked if the story of a Bigfoot body was real.

Morgan Matthews ended up in a hospital bed as a result of an altercation, but it wasn’t with a Sasquatch. That’s all I am prepared to say about the content of the film, aside from telling you previously the premise of the whole thing. I must be clear, I have NOT seen the film.

Rick Dyer is taking full advantage of this film and full advantage of the people in this community who are all too willing to believe. I don’t blame Rick. I don’t hate him at all. I think he is a funny guy but I don’t agree with some of the things he does but so what.

I’m not asking anyone to believe me. There are many people here who made their minds up months ago and they won’t even change it once the truth is revealed. They’ll say “The body was taken”, “It’s s cover-up” etc’. Fine. That happens.

I have absolutely no axe to grind with Rick Dyer or Musky Allen. It just so happens that, in what is a big coincidence, someone in the UK media industry has a genuine interest in Bigfoot and was able to ascertain with relative ease the truth to this whole thing.

If I am wrong on this, I won’t hide. I’ll be here to apologise to every single person and will be prepared to take the verbal beating of my life off anyone who wants a go. If I’m wrong, it will mean that a UK documentary maker and a hoaxer really are the people responsible for the greatest scientific discovery in our lifetime. I won’t be ashamed to come back here to face the music, because we’ve got validation of what we all want.

But when the truth is revealed, there will be casualties here. The biggest one being the Bigfoot community itself. However, there are those with so called reputations that will not recover either.

Conway’s detractors say that he is a long-term troll on Facebook Find Bigfoot, and he has “sources” for every video they make proving that it is actually a fake. He has plenty of sources but no information. The general consensus among his detractors is that Conway is simply lying and he has no “sources” at all. He has never presented any information that he has any good sources, and his information in general has not proven to be correct.

We can assume that in this case, he is lying once again and just making up the part about having sources in the UK media industry who are telling him what Shooting Bigfoot is all about. Just another troll.

A “commission” represents the body of Hank. They appear to have some sort of ownership or retention rights over this corpse. The commission includes those who own the body (whoever they are) along with the US government research facility which is housing it. If you want to see the body, you have to go through this commission and sign NDA’s with them. As this branch of the government is part of the commission, the papers you have to sign are quite complicated.

The US government did not build a separate facility just to house Hank. Instead, they built a makeshift area in an already existing facility. However, most of the workers at the facility do not have access to the makeshift area where Hank is being held. This government research facility is quite complex and it is possible that the scientists/technicians who work there do not even know of the existence of Hank or that he is being stored at the facility. However, there is a US government team that has been tasked with work with, study and guard/protect Hank.


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33 responses to “Bigfoot News April 25, 2013

  1. FIRST!

    Trifecta! Three in a row with the Firsties!

  2. nominay

    Hank will never be released because of the MIB.

  3. J

    Thanks for the update Robert. Why is Dyer and Company waiting so long to show Hank? I suspect that the Summer date will later slip to Fall, them Winter and then maybe never. Or something like this: (The first time I heard that the body was taken to Vegas, Alarms went off) We could find that Steve Wynn foot the big bill to create a perfect Bigfoot Body Simulation complete with skeletal structure, organs muscle and flesh etc. but synthetic immitations. This will at some point later be displayed at one of Wynn’s casino’s. This is just the type of publicity stunt Vegas would be involved in. I may be getting to cynical with all the BS we have been seeing in bigfootery, but I am just not feeling a sense of truth in this Dyer claim. But I may be wrong.

  4. Tim Ballentine

    I’m sure after the movie is shown information will burst forth like the great fountains of the deep, the same way it did at another time.I’ll bet many have been about to bust trying to keep in what they KNOW to be true among the barrage of unbelievers and haters.Just think of the paradigm shift that’s about to take place in the world,we do live in interesting times that’s for sure.

  5. have you seen the leaked photos? can you post a link?

  6. J

    My bets are on Dr. Bryan Sykes and the Bigfootology Group. They are going about their study the right way. And as I understand will be publishing a REAL Scientific Paper later this year.

    • Cathiee

      You mean the Paper that was suppose to be released last December.
      Or the Book Sykes is now writing on Bigfoot because of some experience he had?
      Bigfootology group is run by an unethical man Rhett. A pastor and Psychologist who does counselling for people. Yet has not issues revealing private facebook conversations with People and A Hack Sports Report at BFF. Who then only shares half a conversation. To purposely make Melba look worse. Rhett did this because he had some sour grapes with Melba. Melba’s paper isn’t all great but Rhett is unethical and I have been debating on sending all the stuff to Sykes to show him that Rhett is unethical and so is Bigfootology and he should not support the work of a man who has not ethics.

      • J

        Hmmm….Is that the “Pot” ?

      • J

        Yes I guess…. Dr. Bryan Sykes & Co’s Study. I don’t know that it was intended to be released last December, but I here it is due out this year. I don’t know much about the whole Group, but it seems they have some quite honorable associations and including the Western Bigfoot Association. If Dr. Sykes cannot pull this off, it isn’t happening anytime soon!

        • Cathiee

          I am not a Pastor or a councilor.
          I suggest you read about Rhett and how he talks about trust and stuff, and what a good Christian like he says he is should do. Then you tell me what he did to Melba was ethical and good. I never claimed to be what he is. SO its not the Pot Kettle thing sorry.
          Yes Sykes has already pushed the stuff back. What Sykes is doing has nothing to do with bigfootology website. Rhett is just jumping in on the coat tails because Melba wouldn’t let him in on her research.

        • J

          @ Cathiee, Hmm… I’ll keep watch for signs of these traits you describe. Mainly I was impressed with the members of Western Bigfoot Society and they are apparently connected to Bigfootology. But, I was understanding that Bigfootology is working with Dr. Sykes and he is the one that will get it done….. I hope!

  7. Warren

    I’m with Frank – I would dearly love to interrogate both Smeja and Dyer to get the truth. Some water, lots of stress positions and both clowns will break.

  8. Joerg Hensiek

    Fantastic, Robert! Write THIS book after all had happened!!! 🙂

  9. Scott

    Have you heard if Morgan will make a statement after the film? You would think if Hank is real that a man like Morgan would do whatever is necessary to protect other creatures from people like Rick. If he doesn’t say anything, then it makes me wonder about the veracity of the whole story. I can’t believe he would want to be complicit in the needless deaths of an endangered species.

  10. Joerg Hensiek

    A comment by Morgan Matthews is needed – without any doubt. If there is no official statement by Minnow in the three/four days after the film premiere, this would arouse suspicion even with me, who, as you know, is a firm believer of this story.
    One comment about your description of the film poster: I guess the smoke is not coming out of the breasts of the “cowboy”, but out of the gun he holds! 😉

  11. Philip Lindsay

    I contacted the Science faculty at Uni of Nevada, Las Vegas. Dr Robert Winokur associate Professor of Mamalian Anatomy said he had heard nothing about a bigfoot corpse in the Uni and if one did exist it would attract a lot of attention.Also Dr Frank Breukelen associate Professor said he had not seen nor studied a bigfoot corpse in the uni. Surely a govt institution in Las Vegas storing Hank the bf would have informed these scientists.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      Great research work, Philip! But Dyer himself stated on of the his radio shows in February that no scientist from the Vegas region was involved, but a team of scientists from variuos top colleges acroos the US and Canada. Again: no one from Las Vegas. However: I have to admit that is strange that they did not hear anything, but one, of course, could ask: Did they tell you the truuth? Perhaps they had to sign NDAs? 😉

    • Cathiee

      Who said it is at a the University of Nevada.
      I have heard that it could be stored at a place like a a government run “Agricultural” facility or other place. I also don’t believe it more a contractor place.

      Robert: I was always suspecting Hank Williams Jr to be the 3rd Party Investor. Since we know Rick is friendly with him and he has shown up several times in his radio chat.

  12. Lee

    Great update as ever. I still worry about this though, RD’s track record obviously causes huge doubt as does anything with TB in it. I’m hanging on to the hope its real but its a tough ask at the moment. I can see the film creating more ambiguity than clarity however and we will all continue to wait not knowing the truth.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      I am almost certain, that April 30th and 1st of May will NOT bring a definite answer in the sense that someone important will release an official statement. But if the last 3 minutes indeed show the “battle” against a “manbeast” and the shooting of this “monster”, then I am absolutely sure – in the context of the involvement of one of the UK`s and Europe`s leading and most prestigious documentary makers – that this is NOT a hoax and this is NOT staged. The only scenario to which I will have to admit that the skeptics were right is: the last 3 minutes do not show anything else than just two men – Dyer and Matthews – getting mad (at each other) in the dark forest.

  13. Mr. E2me

    2:18 – 2:20
    Correct me if I’m mistaken , but those ribs are raw. I’m sure it was mentioned somewhere that he barbecued the ribs.
    Did Dyer lie about cooking the ribs ? Or did he cook a few to get the scent in the air, then left some raw ones out for bait ?
    Ahh fuck. Now I won’t be able to sleep . And I’m hungry.
    This could be the biggest breakthrough in Sasquatch baiting since the discovery of zagnut bars or tree knocking.
    Raw ? cooked ? dryrub ? sauce?
    I hope there’s no nda’s regarding the recipe .
    If it’s not revealed in the film I will go absolutely mental.

    • Cathiee

      He put up 2 sets of Ribs,
      1st group may have been cooked.
      2nd group may have been raw.

      Or we all just assumed it was cooked 🙂

      • Samurai chatter

        I’m pretty sure they were cooked, just like the rest of this story seems to be.

        The movie poster looks like one for a comedy.
        No mention of what actually happens in the trailer of what will turn supposedly turn the scientific world on its heels.
        MM may be a great documentary maker but if this film is what it’s supposed to be, he’s the worst film promoter ever. I can’t fall for all the supposed reasons why the truth has yet to be revealed by now.

        Even people who sign NDA’s speak or at least leak. How many times have we heard about secret govt ops, CIA ops, etc. this is bigfoot for crying out loud!
        Additionally, I’ve been to the supposed kill sight. If any law enforcement agent was aware of him shooting a high powered rifle in that area he would have arrested him for public endangerment. It’s a wooded parcel surrounded by homes and businesses. I doubt if officials were called that night. They talk too.

      • Mr. E2me

        We can’t assume. If Rick Dyer has a method of cooking ribs that does for Sasquatch what KFC does for me, It could be revolutionary.
        It will make all this tromping through the woods ,yowling at the top of yur lungs, assaulting poor trees…. obsolete.
        Assuring a relict hominid sighting may be as simple as having a picnic and leaving a slab in easy reach as an offering. Might not even have to leave your chair or table. Just keep yur camera right next to your plate.
        It would make the act of ‘squatchin’ a lot more interesting. IMHO.

      • Guy from Montréal

        Mmmmm ribs, so tasty! Well if I’m right the infamous camper tent video and the footage we see at the end of the trailer where Rick supposedly shoots a bigfoot is supposed to take place at the same time, if that is so then how come the camper tent video looks like it was shot in the daytime(no way that was shot at night) and the rest of the supposed scene filmed in the documentary clearly takes place at night? Please Robert if you can clear this up, is this supposed to be two different events or one, please correct me if my assumption is wrong, thanks.

  14. coward

    Sorry just testing if my posting works.

  15. anonymous

    At the end of the tape, a person says “don’t shoot me,” not “it”…just saying. After viewing the clip, reading the photo descriptions and other info, I am still of the opinion that what Dyer has is a prop not a body. It seems that the fight between himself and Morgan Matthews was about his behavior on site…aka bringing in a suited friend and prop to film while on the Minnow shoot to give the “hoax” an air of credibility. Matthews infuriated that Rick would do that or shall we say “highjack HIS documentary” without his permission, confronted Rick and all heck broke loose…Matthews films his bruises to illustrate how “extreme” some people in the big foot community can be. So why not release the prop? Well just like any job, while your engaged in the activity for which you where hired, anything related to that activity is the property of the employer. Minnow most likely has no use for his prop and will allow him to do whatever with it after the premiere of the movie. So, why would an investor be interested in the shooting or body if it’s all just a hoax. Well, look at the controversy it has stirred up. Strike while the iron is hot. Either show the Minnow film, followed by a viewing of prop/body or make your own film and let others debate “why” the photos, body and actual shooting was left out of the Minnow film. Most importantly…make sure the body is encased so that no one viewing it is able to snag a sample to find out exactly what it’s made of. Again…just saying.

  16. coward

    Just testing for some reason it wont let me post

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