Bigfoot News April 20, 2013

“Hank” to be released along with Shooting Bigfoot on April 30? Hank is the name of the Bigfoot that Rick Dyer shot and killed in Texas last year. Up until now, it has been in storage near Las Vegas. However, the release of Hank’s body is problematic. The typical question is, “Why doesn’t Rick release Hank’s body?” The answer to that question is that it is not Rick’s to release. Apparently that refers to the fact that Rick was an employee of Minnow Films when Hank was killed. Therefore, the release of Hank to the public has to be coordinated with Minnow.

Soon after the Rick Dyer was broken by me, I reported that Hank’s body would be released at the same time as the movie. Now with this very interesting and obscure notice on the Ammoland website (Why there?), we learn that in fact Hank is due to be released to the public on April 30 in Toronto, Canada, at the same time as the film Shooting Bigfoot is premiered.

The site states that Minnow Films will release the body. I have no idea who Ammoland is or how they came up with this scoop, but it is sure a great story. Is Ammoland on the level? I have no idea, but it is interesting that this story lines up perfectly with the release schedule that I postulated originally in first release of this story on Thanksgiving 2012.

I broke the Rick Dyer Bigfoot shooting story. For some reason, this fact keeps getting lost in all of the hoopla over the story. Sooner rather than later, Hank will be released and the world will be a whole new place. Rick will be world famous for the rest of his life or until he implodes, which he may do. The story will be all over the news, magazines, Internet, TV and radio. Unfortunately, I am quite certain that my name will be lost amidst all of the chaos along with the huge role I played journalism-wise in the breaking of the story. This will be right in theme with the rest of my life though, so I will probably be ok with it in the end.

Don Boucher et al Hank Facebook photo release story is fake. Don Boucher, Stefan Beaudoin and the rest of the morons who broke this news to us have informed us that this is all a gigantic hoax supposedly designed to make some idiotic point about gullibility. That is, anything that anyone says to any of us at any time by anyone could very well be a lie.

Well, duh, morons, but the world doesn’t work that way. The world only slightly functions at all when most folks we interact with on a personal level are being more or less truthful to us most of the time (white lies and lies of self-protection excepted). When you have a society where everyone is lying to everyone all the time, you end with India. You get Calcutta writ worldwide. You can see the results of what happens when trust vanishes. Total collapse of society.

Of course the government is lying to us most of the time, as are most of its agencies. Of course corporations are lying almost continuously, as is anyone employed by a corporation. If there’s money involved, someone is probably lying. Business interests will always lie when money is at stake. Politics, especially at a world level, is based on the most savage, vicious, idiotic and criminal lying.

But the lies of the snakes, sharks and monsters at the top of human society have little to do with the day to day affairs of most of us. White lies excepted, most of my friends are telling the truth to me most of the time. As are most of my acquaintances. In fact, once I figure out you are lying to me a lot, you tend to go on one of my “Do not call” lists. My social world only functions when most of those in it are being straight with me most of the time.

It is similar with journalism. We journalists have folks we call sources. If I can’t trust my own sources, I may as well hang it up and call it a day. In fact if all of our sources were lying to us most of the time, investigative reporting would grind to a halt. Most other fields are based on a certain amount of truthfulness. Plagiarism in authorship is pretty big deal. Scientific fraud can ruin a career. People are routinely jailed for perjury. Lying to an officer is a crime for which you can be arrested. If cops don’t tell the truth to each other, all law enforcement breaks down and collapses. Even criminals have a code of conduct that enables them to more or less trust each other at least enough to survive.

So the point of Don Boucher and the other scumbags was no point at all. That these folks are scumbags is nothing new. After all, Bigfootery attracts more dirtballs, lowlifes, trash and human garbage than most other endeavors.

Boucher hoaxed previously. This is not the first time that Mr. Boucher has attempted to hoax the field. Steve Kulls uncovered another instance here where Boucher discusses how and his special effects team created a model of the dead Hank all the way down the bullet wound for a Hollywood special effects studio. It’s nothing but a lie. So Boucher, Beaudoin and the rest of the garbage are hoaxing everyone in the field and why? Because they hate Rick Dyer so much that they are hoaxing us to destroy Rick. Why do they hate Rick so much? Because Rick is a hoaxer. They hate hoaxing so much that they are hoaxing themselves.

Rick Dyer: Is there a place in the world for a man like you? A commenter writes on my blog:

Robert: you might be right on many things about Rick Dyer’s character. But three points:

– Rick Dyer is not an intellectual, not an educated man of great ideas and high ideals. He did not grow up reading all sorts of books on bigfoot or cryptozoology. Bigfoot entered his life only in 2008, when he was already 30 or 31 years old.

His relationship to this “myth” was/ is

1) fun,

2) money

3) narcissism

– not necessarily in this order.

Therefore he lacks – in most cases – the emotions more educated people would expect after having made the greatest discovery in the history of biology.

– Despite point 1: he sometimes show deep emotions. Two examples: the radio shows in which he tells the story of the killing and in which he talks about Musky’s encounter with the body in Las Vegas.

– so many people think education and eloquence are basic needs for investigative skills. Just because Dyer cannot spell his own name does not mean that he is a bonehead in every aspect of life.

Quite the contrary:  his idea not to look for bigfoot in the remote forests of the Northwest, but in the bush forest of Texas and to make contact there with the homeless people and get their support  was a masterstroke. He knew that the chances were greater there, where bigfoot was potentially used to human contact. Do you think any researcher with academic background would do this, establish contact and try to find support from the homeless “white trash”?! Nobody has done that so far, nobody. That’s why Dyer really is a strategic genius…

And one final thing: if he would be totally normal, he would not have managed to (hopefully) bring compelling evidence for the existence of Bigfoot – I am absolutely sure about that. That’s why all the academics and interested laymen with ordinary jobs always fail. It needs a cool, hard-bitten and partially insane maverick like Rick Dyer. And therefore: Love or hate him, good that he is there…

This is a fascinating point. I have discussed at length on my site Rick’s personality and psychological makeup. The reasons for this are because he is so obviously pathological and he infuriates so many folks with his abrasive behavior, annoying at best and antisocial at worst. If Rick were some boring bookkeeper type, there would not be too much to talk about. I don’t wish to rehash Rick’s psychological makeup in this post as it would be redundant. Most folks know full well what sort of a fellow he is, after all, that’s why he has a world full of frothing enemies.

But the commenter’s point is fascinating. Does the world need narcissists? Worse, does the world need antisocials? Do narcissists and antisocials do anything positive in this world in addition to the monumental negativity they generate?

Perhaps they do! And perhaps they get certain things done that would not otherwise be done or would be done later. Pull the pathological narcissism out of the world of great musicians, actors, politicians, authors and artists and what do you have left. Probably not much. You have to be a bit nuts to be an artist in the first place. You have to subscribe to the ludicrous notion that you can act, play guitar, give speeches, write or draw better than anyone else. You have to believe that people would actually pay good money to hang your scribbles on the wall, to read your silly prose ramblings, to watch you cavort about the stage like a monkey or watch you ham it up in front of a camera.

Why would anyone believe such an idiotic thing. The only person who believes this is a narcissist. He really does think that his guitar playing, scribbling, brush strokes, over-dramatization or dishonest, bellicose speechifying BS is so great, so much better than everyone else’s, that people will not only pay good money as nothing more than tribute to this secular God but that he is better than most of the other performers doing their own version of jumping up and down screaming look at me self-indulgence and utter selfishness.

And where does this leave antisocials? The best surgeons are sociopaths. Who else can handle all that blood and barely bat an eye? The finest lawyers are antisocials. They will coldbloodedly massacre the opposition in the dirtiest way possible to win your case and get you the best deal. Law enforcement and the military is not the place for kind hearted folks. Brutal antisocials thrive in this vicious world. Many of our finest products were brought to us by corporations headed by persons who if they were not in a boardroom would likely be incarcerated.

During World War 2, it was found that sociopathic pilots in the Air Force were very good at shooting down other planes. They shot down many more planes than non-sociopaths. The reason was that they were ruthless and absolutely fearless. But the AF kept running into a problem. Sociopathic pilots kept getting shot down and dying in flaming crashes. The reason was the same: they were so fearless that they took too many chances, and this is why they kept getting shot down. Eventually, the AF starting making tests to try to keep the antisocials out of the force.

Which brings us to Rick Dyer. The commenter notes that if Rick was healthy, he would never have tracked down Hank and killed him the way he did. It took a real nut to pull that off. So maybe there is a place in the world for a man like Rick after all.

The commenter also notes that Rick is a strategic genius. I think this is correct. That is exactly what Rick is. He can barely spell his own name, but he has his very own type of street smarts, and in his own way, he’s a genius. An egghead never would have thought to go to San Antonio, hang out with the homeless, and shoot a Bigfoot slumming it up in the homeless camps.

Rick likes to call himself the greatest Bigfoot tracker of all. Despite the repulsive narcissism of that statement, there may be something to it. If Rick Dyer really is the first man to shoot and kill a Bigfoot and present it to science, he truly is the greatest Bigfoot tracker of all, dubious accomplishment though that may be.

Controversy about Dyer charging for Gold and Silver memberships on his site. For these outrageously overpriced memberships, you get a variety of benefits, none of which seem to be worth the $150 you need to cough up to join Rick’s club. Rick at first said that all of the proceeds would go to charity. If it’s all going to charity, why charge such a ripoff price?

Last nite on his show, Rick melted down as usual and exploded, saying it was no one’s business where the membership money was going. Where is the money going? Presumably right into Rick’s swollen pockets. Why would you expect anything else? The memberships are a ripoff, but they are to be expected. After all, this is Rick Dyer we are talking about here. He is not exactly a choirboy, eh?

Bigfoot Forums and the BFRO Forums in a battle to see which Bigfoot forum is more worthless and stupid. The problem with Bigfoot forums is that they are run by Bigfooters. Bigfooters in general are the scum of humanity, and those who lead their organizations are like the green stuff that floats to the top of the pond on a hot summer day. You get the picture.

The BFRO is run by Matt Moneymaker, who, for all he has done for the field, is one of the biggest fools, clowns and idiots in the game. Matt’s idiotic forum is run by some of the worst forum Nazis on the Web. Any subject about any of Mattie-boy’s eeeeeevil competition is completely shut down, and in general, the poster is instantly banned. I am very proud to say that I was banned from the BFRO is only 2 hours. It’s a badge I carry with honor, right over my beating heart!

The BFRO of course has banned all discussion of the Dyer shooting. They have also banned discussion of Dr. Melba Ketchum’s DNA study, Justin Smeja’s Bigfoot shootings in the Sierra Kills, and honestly anything that doesn’t have to do with Matt’s fat head itself! This juvenile mindset of course means that the children over at the BFRO are going to miss out on the greatest Bigfoot story of all time in 10 days, but they won’t bat an eyelash. They will step right out of their own muck smelling like a rose and not missing a beat somehow, just like hucksters always do.

The Bigfoot Forums is quite another story. The Forums is set up in such an odd way that one can hardly have any sensible discussion about just about anything Bigfoot related, unless I guess if you fork over $20 to the boneheads to join their groovy “secret” forum, where they take the dumb rules down so people can actually talk to each other like humans normally do, you know, to communicate stuff?

I am very proud to have been banned from this horrid viper’s nest, but the viciousness with which they hate me makes no sense. All threads mentioning my site and all links to my site are banned and immediately taken down, my IP was given out to any member who wanted it and I am regularly libeled on the site with no penalties being leveled at those doing the libeling. The sheer viciousness of the hatred of bizarre and over the top and makes my think the people running the site are nutcases.

Like complete fools, Bigfoot Forums has not only shut down the finest Rick Dyer thread on the web, but they have also banned any new Dyer threads, and not only that, if you mention Dyer, you will get an immediate ban. That means that these ultra-losers are of course going to get blindsided by the biggest story in Bigfoot history, which these boys and girls were so silly and petty as to decide that they would not discuss  without getting all butthurt. Bigfoot Forums will of course admit to doing nothing wrong and will stride forth from the ashes of their own self-immolation smiling and looking look a million bucks. What a bunch of douchebags.

Bottom line is we could really use a good Bigfoot discussion site. Bigfoot Warz is up now, with a strong focus on Rick Dyer, but there is not a lot of activity. Shawn’s Bigfoot Evidence has a discussion forum, but it could also use some more activity. Hardly anyone is banned from either site, and you can talk about most anything. You know…like…the American…way?


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87 responses to “Bigfoot News April 20, 2013

  1. FIRST!
    Boom! Firsties on two posts in a row, but you, Mr. Lindsay will not be forgotten as the first to break the story of Little Ricky Dyer. ?!? What the…. I just , I just cant even …. I’m just gonna stop right now. No comment on that.

    Which site of Rick’s is offering memberships? I haven’t seen that. Interesting.

  2. Joerg Hensiek

    Hi Robert,
    another great post. Hope you write a book about the Dyer story sometime later in the year.
    However, one piece of information from FBFB about April the 30th.
    :Yesterday they answered to one of my comments on their blog. It seems that NOT EVERYTHING will be disclosed on May 1st – presumably “only” all the details about the last 5 or 3 minutes of the film.
    They wrote:
    „Joerg Hensiek: Actually we are bound by legal docs and CAN’T disclose what we know and actually May 1st is not the magic date.“

  3. J

    Wow! If The “Hank” body is real and presented at the Film Festival that would certainly confirm the truth of the Bigfoot Shooting. I don’t believe it will happen this way though. It is too straight forward. With these people it doesn’t work that way.

  4. Joerg Hensiek

    Dyer just announced that his “Gold Members” will be told the exact date of the body release today (Sunday). All other people will learn this date in the first days of May (first TWO days? could not understand him properly). Therefore it really seems that April 30th will “just” see the film premiere. Time to up-grade my silver membership !!! 😉

  5. You are a fool. Eyewitness testimony is sufficient to sentence someone to death in a court of law. You have now hoaxed two separate times. I am not sure we should believe anything you say anymore. Very shortly, you are about to be humiliated in the worst way.

    • mmg

      Robert can you remember the BS you posted about the Ketchum fiasco?

      If we were on the verge of the biggest scientific discovery of the century the US government would happily allow Dyer to pull the strings? Makes no sense.

      This is why no one gives this the time of day. No cover up. No wall of silence. Just a sense of reality when you mix a serial hoaxer with a production company loving the chaos that the sociopath Dyer and his cohorts bring.

      What about the ‘second’ film?


    • Chenoa

      and he is supposed to be Dyers Agent? LOL I think he wants people to think that.

  6. Joerg Hensiek

    It is hard for me to concede Don Boucher in one point. But: People should indeed use more critical thinking and I have to admit that I believed Boucher for one day (but not any longer ;-)!!). But this should not detract from the main thing: Boucher and Co. should now be so critical about themselves and ask themselves if the tide might have turned in the meantime. It is Ok not to believe the Dyer story to 100% and to question it, but as a “critical thinker” you should at least sit on the fence, as Dyer himself always loves to say. To ignore the fact, and this is just one example, that a serious blog – perhaps the most serious blog totally devoted to this subject – has repeated over and over again that they are “involved”, know more than they can admit, are bound to legal NDAs, support Dyer and are very confident not to shut down after April 30th, should make an intelligent and “critical” person think. Still to keep the “100% No”-attitude as months ago shows as much ignorance and gullibility as the “naive believers” and uncritical Dyer fans show.

  7. Robert, you’re fed info through the Dyer grapevine and used as a mouthpiece for their bullshit. Lets face it… You ran with the “Pearce pics”, you ran with Don’s exercise in gullibility. You have a habit of printing everything you hear with not one shred of evidence. In your attempts to “be somebody” you have set yourself up as the guy to go to for spreading the gossip of the day. You speak of critical thinking, but all you do is spew forth others words… I have applied critical thinking to this. Given Dyer’s past, all the inconsistencies in the story, and the lack of any evidence of the greatest discovery of the Century, and it being verified only by some “skeptic” that has not one iota of credibility and not a single shred of proof as to his stated credentials. I say without a doubt, this is a HOAX!!!!

    • Look, I am banning you.

      I never ran the Pearce photos, nor did I discuss them for one second. That was another hoax the slimeball haters pulled off. The haters are hoaxing us more than Dyer is!

      I have my own reasons for believing that this is a true story, and that is why I continue to say that Dyer shot a Bigfoot.

  8. Mr. E2me

    Hi Don Doucher.

    Fuck you for thinking that we needed to be taught a lesson. The point you are missing is that there needs to be less people like you. Know it all fucktard. Seriously, the world is better place with out righteous losers such as yourself.

    I can only hope karma is in play an that somebody comes to your place of employment and starts messing with the Slurpee machine.


  9. Tim Ballentine

    Didn’t you also claim you were a Bigfoot costume maker that didn’t get paid by Dyer? Your buddy Kulls thinks so.Do you have no shame Donald?

  10. Roger Hill

    Boucher acts as if his hoax was some type of public service. According to him, it was to serve notice that those who believe in the dead bigfoot story need to be more critical and demand evidence. Of course I assume he mean evidence other than someones personal testimony. As R. Lindsay points out, eyewitness testimony is, in fact, considered evidence. No doubt eyewitness testimony is considered one of the least reliable forms of evidence, but it is evidence nonetheless. Furthermore, Boucher and his company really are quite odd in their lesson for the Dyer believers. They concoct a story that only confirms what their target audience already believes (aka Dyer’s dead Bigfoot), then turn clean around and call people gullible for believing their tale confirming what they were already convinced of.
    As an object lesson, it was misguided at best.. probably plain stupid at best.

  11. Roger Hill

    I might add that when it comes to eyewitness testimony, what is considered the most reliable is that which comes from either disinterested third parties who have nothing to lose by either confirming or denying a particular story, or those who are considered hostile to the story. A very strong example is when a loving family member reports a crime committed by their child. Such people have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Thus, their testimony is considered nto be amongst the most relable eyewitness evidence available.
    Yet here we have Boucher and friends, men who have been down right hostile and insulting towards the tale, confirming the tale by way of alleged inside information. The irony is that the want to supposedly teach the gullible a lesson… and they do so by misrepresenting themselves in a way that could very well fool a judge and bench full of otherwise cynical jurors. I’d say their stunt was sophomoric, but that would be insulting to sophomores everywhere.

  12. mitchw

    Ya know RL, ever since the Ketchum release I’ve stepped back from footery. But you’re such a pistol that I keep an ear aimed at you. Thx

  13. J

    Hang in there Robert! You are doing a Great Job and you have a lot of supporters! Though I don’t believe Dyer, I know you are doing your best with the info you are provided. And I certainly know that I may be incorrect and you may very well be right on Dyer. With all the BS going round in the Bigfoot circles, it is very difficult to sort through the crap and find truth. I myself am tired of always having to play “Columbo”….. well almost tired of it as it is at least entertaining.

  14. Guy from Montréal

    Well if this is not a hoax and the supposed body is to be revealed in Toronto I would think they would have a serious problem crossing the Canadian border with a dead body, and I find the story of the facility where the body is being kepted a little fishy, why would a special facility have to be built and set up just to study a mammal when it can be studied at any lab or facility which the government can appropriate, and I think it’s been neglected to mention whether it’s the state or federal government that’s involved with the facility. I guess we’ll know the whole truth on April 30th, hoax or otherwise, though I am leaning toward hoax if I had money to bet on this.

    • Guy from Montréal the facility does not have to be that elaborate. Merely a cold room like in a morgue. Indeed, a cold room that is isolated with a door that can be locked or guarded is all it would take. So building a facility could have been as easy as putting up a partition in an existing facility. I wonder why that was in Las Vegas and not San Antonio and who they got the body 800 or 900 miles to to las Vegas?

      You are right about taking the body across the border. However the reveal might be a video link of some sort

  15. Yes it will be revealed later on.

  16. Cathiee

    Robert, Thank you for pointing out that Don Boucher has lied in several situations during this all. He also goes by the name of Psymon or something on BFF. He has lied several times more in that forum.
    He tried to make people think he has a contact at Minnow films. He continues to lie and Hoax people.
    Everyone who backs him says see he is just being a prankster. We all know he got caught again by Kulls. But Robert if Kulls dislikes Hoaxers and Liers why doesn’t her repost what Don did? he can change it but he should be showing that Don is just as bad as he claims rick to be. Seems like a Double Standard to me.
    Don is a Habitual Lier and fits all the same personality that people place on Rick. But some people are giving him a pass why?

  17. Cathiee

    Yes he did. He also has said to me several times he had contact with Law Enforcement in Texas. Also that he was also going to be in Law Enforcement but now he denies this. I don’t understand his purpose. He seems to be a Habitual Lier is all I can see. It seems people like him since he is on the Rick Bashing. Since your friends with Kulls I would have Kulls look in to this to show he is fair and honest about his dislike for all hoaxers.

    • Chenoa

      I think that just shows that Kulls doesn’t mind hoaxers as long as they are RD bashers. Seems to be a trend these days. All these Bigfoot community groups only have one thing in common and that is to bash Rick, they hoax everyday showing pictures of things they know aren’t bigfoot. Instead of educating the public and showing how they come to the conclusion it is (EX: dog or bear cub) they continue to act like their is a chance it is a bigfoot. but say it’s up to the public to decide. One time I saved one of the pics they had posted but the original (which was bigger and clearer) and told them it was a bear cub they replied with “hmmm..that makes” and never took it down, they left their version and still saying -you decide- type of comment. Then there the bits and peices of RD’s video’s spliced together to make it sound like he is saying something totally different then what he did say..which some people think those are legitimate video’s and it feeds the frenzy to the point there are threats to harm/kill he and his family. I saw the threat of 30 men going to lynching him, humiliating him by urinating in his mouth etc…they only get worse.

      I have to commend you for standing by your words where it come’s to the information you gained that lead you to believe Rick…and not backing out just because a nonbeliever says you shouldn’t. Sad thing is, even when the body is made public in Aug. 15th (he told everyone already this date a couple of video’s I’m sure it is ok to say it)….even when someone refuses to believe that Rick could possibly have a real bigfoot body they will see it and claim it is a suit, or a suraggant like Tim Fisano says…how stupid..he even had the poster from Bruce Willis’ Movie posters showing the advertisements for the Suraggant then below he had a YouTube clip showing what are avaialbe today.. which is nothing like what was in the Bruce Willis and people fell for it. One of the biggest arguments
      for me, is how people claim Rick to be a repeated offender of Hoaxing Bigfoot…one time and he wasn’t the only one involved but the only one that admitted it, he claimed it and is doing more time (5 years) then a rapist, or a child molester, even shootings. They just can’t let it go and those (and you know who they are) want it to continue…they don’t want Rick to out do them. I agree with you on MM…Come on..he goes out and yells, and knocks on tree’s. I believe with other researchers the knocks they let each other know how many intruders are in their domain…1 knock for one person and so on. So why go out and knock..oh wait don’t let me sneak up on one, let me tell them I’m here. or Yelling..(and it’s the yelling type he does) seems more of a alerting type…if they would whoop that seems more of “I’m here …where are you..I need to locate you:” type…they seem to do that to each other and it isn’t threatening in anyway. Maybe MM does want to alert them so they won’t be caught on film..yanno, so the public doesn’t try to go out and find or hunt them. One more thing..everyone has a level of narcissism the problem is, some have more than what is reguarded as normal. I don’t think Rick is to the point of needing to worry that he is going to go out a kill a bunch of people but he does desire positive attention. Honestly who doesn’t want positive attention? I was married the a narcissict man they are driven to be better, out do…always worry that others don’t see them as they want to be seen…can be sad to watch….and…well that can be a good thing…unless it is a unhealthy level. But we all have it..some just not at a healthy level.


      • Joerg Hensiek

        I sadly have no high hopes anymore that this could end as a “success story”. We are now several day after the film premier and Dyer did not came up with any more details (for example on the docu on one of the major TV networks that he announced for the second half of May a couple of weeks back).
        However: it is typical that, like for the many online debates these days, that some (SOME!) of Dyer`s harshest critics are more or less nothing else than Dyer counterparts, just on the other side of the fence. Or even WORSE! People you do not want to meet in real life and of whom you know, that they just take part in this debate to find some distraction and relief from their own litte, poor and failed lives.

        • Just for the record, I continue to hold that Rick Dyer shot and killed a Bigfoot.

        • Joerg Hensiek

          And also just for the record, Robert: I doubt Dyer`s story now very much (well, I do not believe it anmyore), but I hope that my doubts will be proven totally wrong.
          Talking about Ricky: Dyer released his ebook today..”I shot Bigfoot” 😉

        • If Rick is lying, can the people who bought that book sue him or can he go to jail for fraud for selling that book to him?

        • Joerg Hensiek

          I guess this could put him into even more trouble. One thing is for sure: to release this title just 2 days after Kulls promised to sue him, shows that this man knows how to party…:-))

        • Chenoa

          I sat on the fence for quite a while. I watched the very first video’s he had showing the receipts from purchasing different things like the Gun used, I think the truck rental, airline ticket receipt was in there..etc. There are so many things being twisted around…but besides seeing the receipts…hearing him describe it, watching his body lang. and then I listened to the callers call in and ask questions…so many people twisted things…they didn’t mean to, but I think so many are on edge and want to catch him in a lie so bad they don’t realize they make it appear a lie because they haven’t paid attention. Lyers forget their stories and Ricks hasn’t changed anything about what happened. EX: This knew thing trying to say Morgan was there when the body was removed.. Rick was telling the story of that night and he said Morgan had left…well some took it he was saying he left at that point in time in the timeline but I took it and believe this is how it went. They radio Jeff and let them know they are going to start shooting…shooting film not bigfoot…but Jeff wants to make it sound like Rick is lieing…remember Jeff is trying to blame Rick for cutting his dogs throat…(why bandage it after you cut it…really? Not. Everyone can see that collar was way too tight and why would Rick and Morgan make a deal out of it and have it on film if Rick did something cruel?) anyway when Jeff said in the first 2 eps of Dobbs interview there was only 2 shots to begin with. Then Rick said there was several people including homeless people (remember Jeff said no one else was living out there during the filming but him…which is a lie..atleast one was interviewed in the film …yanno the big guy that said he was six foot and the BF was bigger than was in the trailer)…anyway he was the boyfriend of the women that made the 911 call heard at the beginning of the trailer..he was interviewed…he was there so Jeff isn’t a crediable guy). Now..when the BF came back we know Morgan was there, he filmed it…Rick had told us about Morgan being slammed down by the BF before the trailer and the movie fest.. Morgan was seen in the film with a black eye, cuts and Bruises. Morgan left for the hospital to be checked out. He wasn’t there when the body was moved. Morgan did make it back and in the morning he was seen carring his camera out. What is suprising about that? I wouldn’t leave my camera out there, I would go get it and it wouldn’t matter how bad I looked I would walk it out. Besides is Morgan Matthews the only guy that isn’t supposed to receive pain meds? To me some of this is just common sense. Another twisted story is where people are debating if the government official looked at the body at the homeless camp while Morgan was there. No Morgan left that morning, Rick and the investers crew went to LV. Why…I don’t get why so many are trying so hard to make the story more then it was. Also…This thing about Steve Kulls…lol…Today was the first time ever I went to look at his website. The Hoaxes he found…a elderly women that isn’t computer savy is being slammed by him as a hoaxer when she was more than likely sent pictures and told a story to go with the pics & believed it….Posted it..and now he is wearing this as a badge????Really???He states his mission is to find the truth…Here’s the truth..His Wall of Shame.
          Hall Members
          Searching For Bigfoot / Tom Biscardi
          The Bigfoot Ballyhoo / Linda N – Perry
 / Todd Standing
 / Thomas Byers
          No Rick Dyer there and what I found is him concerned that Rick shot at the Bigfoot twice, the second time as it was going for Morgan Matthews and wants to know why it didn’t hit Morgan…duhhhh Morgan isn’t 8 or more feet tall…not sure how tall Morgan is, or Hank but we all know Hank had to be alteast 7ft. I know Morgan isn’t 7ft. and this debate about Musky and Dr. Meldrum…yanno it wouldn’t be the first time someone emailed/messaged someone and it was the wrong email addy…obviously Dr. Meldrum isn’t going to show a email cause that would show he lied..but how does he know someone didn’t make a email addy close to his or if it was on many fake facebooks do you find? Tons! look up anyone that has been on TV and you have more then 5 show up with that do you know for sure if you are getting the real person you are looking for …cause some of them are really good at making it look like they are the real person when they aren’t. Not saying that Musky sent it, I don’t know..I’m not Musky..but I do know the man was a huge skeptic he had no love loss with Rick…and he was blown away by what he saw. It changed him, I think he really did attempt to reach Dr. Meldrum and did honestly receive a respose as he said. It can happen people, it just can’t be everyone is lying here…everything Rick said was going to happen has happened..and when it looked like things were changing he would let people know..he diffently let everyone know his hands are tied when he said “I don’t like everything the way it is being done” and lets go back to Jeff…all the people saying Rick is paying everyone off..Musky, the homeless people, and even Morgan…come on if he was doing that why didn’t he pay “Jeff” off cause I really don’t think he would ask too much. Morgan doesn’t need money like that and wouldn’t dare stake his reputation on being in on a hoax…and Musky…why would he change everything he was over money from Rick..going against every fiber of his being.. It’s time to get a grip on things and stop trying to make a lyer out of Dyer…at least on his account. Plus even Robert Lindsay…Thumbs up man! For sticking to your words…suprised you haven’t been accused of being paid off by Rick. LOL .

        • Thx for this Chenoa. I think everything you say here is correct.

  18. Jon

    What a great article. Thank you for adding some sanity into this topic. I too am dismayed at the acidic tone in many “BF researchers” when something doesn’t flow with their thinking. In that car, you are not a researcher…. You are a cult follower or leader.

  19. southern dandy

    Mr. Lindsay,
    In your opinion, do you think the recognition of this species will harm or help it’s population/society?

    • Help them, but first they will have to be protected.

      • southern dandy

        I worry that there will be an onslaught of people trying to get into the woods to see this species. The woods will no longer be a destination for hikers/campers but a sordid lot who will not respect the peaceful habitat of this species. As Hawking said, (paraphrase) When a technologically advanced people meet more primitive cultures, it historically does’nt go well for the primitive culture. If this species does have heightened avoidence senses etc… they will be put to the test for next few decades. Sadly, I count myself among the curious who want to see one, but that would involve intruding into their domain, along with countless others including those with less innocuous intentions. Good luck to Hanks relatives! If all this is true, the world for you and your progeny is about to change dramatically.

      • southern dandy

        Do you believe they will be protected immediately, or will legislators and assemblymen of different states fumble over the question of “need” for protection? To protect a species, their population needs to be known. Any attempt at assigning the species a population # is mere speculation. To me, it’s been open season on these creatures for decades, and with revelation it will be the same only with exponentially more hunters out there with the same intentions as Dyer. Also, because they are potentially dangerous, self defense exemptions will be written into future laws protecting the species and the species obviously can’t tell it’s side of the story in court. I’m excited by potential revelation as I’m fascinated by the existence of a creature so close to mankind’s anatomy. However, I feel a tinge of guilt about what my and other’s curiosity will potentially do to this species over the long term. I hope I’m wrong!

      • Chenoa

        You don’t think they are already protected? I do…They have been protected since WWII. Their burial mounds are protected under Native American Burial ground laws because some Native American bodies and artifacts were found in the mounds. They were here before the Native Americans and went to war against them. “Adena people” Double rowed teeth, reddish, brown and black hair. It’s amazing how we have buried their history. There are supposed to be 6 bodies in theSmithsonian but only for the selected elet.

        These were shared with me and I believe you will find them very imformative.
        Here you go! This is just a short version. Some of these posts are copied from the NewYorkTimes archives.
        This one says “aboriginal” in Ohio….in other words, brow ridge, and sloping forehead……
        Judicial law in Ohio that prevents excavation unless governmentally supervised.
        federal law.
        Oh yes…..this one is the big one…..
        Can’t dig unless supervised by one of 15 gov’t “special” officals……

        Just hoping to help inform.

  20. Jet Li

    i think they will live happy lives in the West or in East Asia, because in our culture we can sue others for every type of discrimination, unlike India ,a culture where usually discrimination is ok :/ ( because castes) hum!

  21. Press release from Bigfoot Tracker says body to be released to public sometime this summer.

  22. If there is a body it will never see the light of day. It’s easier to manage what doesn’t exist has been their past policy. The government cannot let the disovery of a new species of our possible ancestors come out in this fashion. Discovery of a new hominid and we shoot it dead, is a disaster on many levels for all involved. Its illegal to own a hominid here as well. The legacy of this act It will be remembered in the same light as slavery and small pox in blankets, especially if the DNA on the hominid side is Native American. The government confiscated dinosaur bones, do you really think they would’t confiscate this if it exists. I do. Mike-SIR

    • Fai Mao

      A bit of sarcasm: All the US government has to do is declare that Big Foot are from Guam or Puerto Rico. Then they are not the same as regular Americans and have fewer rights. Alternately the government could claim that all bigfoots have been voting for years in Chicago and Detroit or include them in the immigration bill now before the Senate

      Seriously, I don’t think at this point it would make a difference. If the government confiscated the body Dyer shot because somebody else will shoot another one and not turn it over. They’ll have it certified by a pathologist from Canada or Mexico video the whole procedure and then start doing a traveling road show. I just do not see how a government could keep the information locked up. Governments only engage in coverups when they are guilty of something. The only thing that I can think of that would cause a cover up is if the 411 book guy Paulwwhathisname is right and the government knows that bigfoots are routinely kidnapping and eating people in large numbers or something like that.

      The DNA similarities are perhaps overblown as well. You can say “Look how similar we are” at some level but that does not change how different we are at another level. The analogy I would use is my wife’s expensive Italian sedan (Her job in Hong Kong demands a flashy car because of the class-ism here and we have money so why not?) and a Toyota Yaris. Both have 4 wheels, 4 doors, a steering wheel and are painted black. Indeed, I seriously doubt that there is one part on either vehicle that does not have a nearly identical part on the other. Some of the smaller parts may even be interchangeable or nearly so. If you put them side by side they both look like streamlined 4 door vehicles. They will even run on the same fuel. You could argue that they may even at some point in the not so distant past have had a common ancestor. Yet, nobody in their right mid would argue that a Yaris and the really-pretty-smart-looks-30-years-younger-than-she-is-hardworking-loving Chinese wife’s Quattroporte are the same thing in other than the most course comparison. Certainly the folks that set the tax rates for luxury vehicles in Hong Kong consider them different things. It is the same with the bigfoots. They may be hominids, they may be like us in some ways but at a phenotypical and behavioral level we are different animals. nearly like us doesn’t count.

      Alternately, if bigfoots are found to be humans the bigfoots have a big problem. If they are simply declared a “First Nation” to use the Canadian term then they will have to change their behavior. Suppose you are a Chocktaw and have a reservation that you live on. On that reservation tribal law is applied. But if you step off that reservation it does not. If a bigfoot is declared human and gets caught stealing chickens or pigs or behaving like the ones at Honobia then in many if not most states the farmer or rancher is justified using whatever force is required to retrieve or protect their property. Once again the example of automobiles. Both the Yaris and the Quattroporte have to obey the same speed limit and traffic rules (Unless we are in the PRC where she can speed with impunity) despite the Quattroporte having probably 370 or so more horse power.

      Here are two other fun problems: 1. If Bigfoots are so closely related to humans to be considered human but do not have the gene that we share with Chimps it throws all of evolutionary thinking out the window because it means they did not come from the same place we did but represent either some form of convergent evolution or proof positive that current explanations are just wrong. 2. If bigfoots are human then do I as a Christian need to evangelize them and if so how?

      Just my thoughts

      • Ichigo Kurosaki

        both the Toyota Yaris and that italian car are average looking, not ugly, but the 2 aren’t pretty, so to me the 2 cars have the same value , >____<

      • Chenoa

        Wow Fai Mao you went there and glad you did! I don’t think anyone has really thought about what path is about to be traveled upon. One thing that people really haven’t put a lot of thought into this… the point you made about chimp having that 1 link to us, but yet all the animals are connected in someway…they are also connected in someway to Dinosaurs..we find there is a comparison with the Elephant with a prehistoric/modern Whales, Chickens to raptors … get my meaning. So is this something that shows us without doubt there is 1 True God? So many deny God…so now where will the government stand?… the scientist…will they change? (Scientist did have to admit Moses traveled as the bible says he did..even thou there was a mistake in the translation but figured out once artifacts were found and dated as proof they belonged to Moses people…translation should have been the Reed Sea not Red) or…will they cover it up? If you go by scripture you read chapter 6 in Genesis and it talks about the fallen angels breeding with Adams daughters and corrupting Gods creation…double row teeth etc…sounds like a BF…could it be a BF.? One of the reasons Noah was chosen…he was pure..Gods Creation with no corruption..and why he was brought 2 of each animal that were pure of Gods creation and not corrupted.

        Now Ketchum’s DNA testing say’s Human women with an unknown primate… was her studies true? or did she fish it out of the book of Genesis? If they are true, is the government paying people to start the bashing, ridiculing to try and shut her down. To cover the truth? That would be something wouldn’t it?

        If you are a Christian you believe we are in the 5th Trumpet, 5th vile and 5th seal…and you know that means it is a time of teaching..and being made aware of truth. With this in mind, what is your first concern? If your a Christian, you might be concerned this is a corruption to God and it would be going against what he would want…if you viewed them as humanoids, to teach them his word? When he doesn’t want them to exist…if they are what is described in the 6th chapter of Geneses. I do have a hard time believing they are humanoid simply because of their double rowed teeth…not even sharks keep all their teeth… they shed…so what of God’s creation has double row teeth? Nothing I know of. Looking beyond that, it has the ability to open its mouth large enough to place a man’s head in. Bears run from them, cougars etc. run from them. People have witnessed them to rip a deer apart with purpose. One witness claims it devoured a deer in minutes. The organs are different and according to what Rick Dyer was told ….the DNA comes up Unknown.

        I think this isn’t going to be a simple question of “need to evangelize them and how” I think it becomes more the “Should we?”
        Just my thoughts and concern

  23. Mr E2me

    Titheing sufficiently. Hysterical. Good un Unca Tanc.
    Seriously , the best candidates to convert the Forest People
    to the word of god would prolly be a pederast priest.
    Good on them if they succeed and if they don’t they won’t be missed.

  24. papiojay

    Is there even a remote chance that this whole saga is some sort of twisted hype for the Minnow Film? I keep following this whole story line and one side says hoax and then it goes quiet. All of a sudden it rises from the ashes to be a solid story again. This has happened over and over since January. Are you confident in it being true and your sources are not part of an elaborate setup. The ide of Rick Dyer actually being part of something that actually happened like this is incredibly hard to grasp.

  25. Fai Mao

    An interesting video presentation by Bill Muns, a Hollywood costume maker on why the PGF cannot be a person in a costume.

    I realize this bigfoot group is somewhat of an anathema in some circles but this is a really good presentation with lots of good information

    • Which BF group is anathema in some circles?

      • Phil

        The Texas bigfoot group actively advocates “harvesting” a bigfoot body as a proof specimen for science. Several groups really don’t like them

        • Tim Jones

          Harvesting a bigfoot , if it is an animal, is fine for a scientific type specimen. Laws can be enacted later to protect the animal from Humans.
          If any of the DNA reports are accurate though, shooting a bigfoot would be the same as shooting a homo sapiens sapiens. I think Rick Dyer should be charged with murder if his story is true.

        • Chenoa

          DNA came back unknown

  26. There is problems with this on many levels from an experienced Sasquatch enthusiast. I am around two groups frequently and his does not look like the ones I have seen. Ron’s photo on our website does not look like this either. Look at the juveniles face to the left of the Aspen with two black eyes close together. Thats what ours look like. Now I will say this, there is always a mother and a father. Most people favor one or the other, so variations should be expected and regional variations may occur, so this arguement may be flawed. I admit I only deal in Rocky Mountain Bigfoot’s. Where there is production people there is costume makers. When Vegas is involved anything could be faked for money, its limitless. The government puts up gates some times to keep us out of our areas and they hit our website frequently, which I track with hits from Washington, DC and Arlington, Va, so they are in play. Plus, Forest Service employees are discouraged from talking about them. Finally, the date keeps getting put back. FBFB said March and now its the end of April. Finally, its Rick Dyer. If I am wrong, I will eat crow, but………………then theres the problem of him shooting one. Anyone thats been around them like I have wouldn’t do that in the first place. They do things that are to human. Mike SIR

    • Chenoa

      I think there are different types, check the links I poster above..besides look at us, African Americans, Asians, Native Americans then Whites from all over…Mexican etc… We don’t all look the same…why would they?

  27. Tim Jones

    Hi Robert,
    Thank you for yet another excellent article on the whole Rick Dyer affair. This forum is the best place to go for the latest information AND meaningful discussion.

  28. @Michael Johnson
    See i believe that ever since Teddy Roosevelt said he saw a Bigfoot he decided to create these “Reservations” instead of calling them “Reservations” he called them National Parks. When you look at the majority of Bigfoot sightings are either in State or National Parks. Scott Carpenter just did a new video in it he described the area he is in that it wasn’t always a National Park. He gets a lot of Bigfoot hits in this area.
    I think that is why Park Rangers and such can not speak about it.

    Shooting Bigfoot Reviews are coming out now. Teasers and stuff.
    “but shortly after all three expeditions are arranged and we’ve jumped between each team’s early preparations with Matthews, we cut to the director lying in a hospital bed. Suddenly we have a different movie on our hands…”
    I quoted the line I think is relevant and follows Ricks story of Morgan getting injured by the bigfoot.

    • In the last few years you are not the only one to call or contact someone, anyone, that might illuminate the many big claims we’ve heard. Most seem to know nothing, and then once in a while they know a little. But, in sum, they all know a bit more now after all our calls..haha..a tipping point will be reached on the topic one day ..?!

      • oops..that was meant as a comment to Mr. Philip Lindsay below.

      • People have not been honest with the evidence is the biggest issue in the Bigfoot world. Thats why I started SIR. Frustration in what I saw and read. Crazy notions of a body at all cost and people just trying to cash in has clouded the significance of what some of us really do. How people treat Sasquatches tells me allot about how far along they are with them. Most know little. The emperor has no clothes. If you look at my website, we hold nothing back. we show all and discuss all we have for the most part. Those that hide evidence did it for personal gain and because they blindly signed NDA’s. I quietly studied them for 17 years and got tired of the falsehoods and lies. Thats why I started SIR . I let my evidence do the talking. If you read the entire site from top to bottom you will see the light. There is enough evidence there to put any man away for life for a crime in our court system. Sadly, no one really pays that much attention as we aren’t controversial enough. We are mainly in it for their protection and to help them as much as we can, now that we have a really good idea what and who they are.. Thats just not in vogue. In the US, the radicals always get the attention. Mike-SIR

    • Chenoa

      I agree with you Cathiee on the National Parks and why they came about and how. Scott has some great video’s a couple of others I really enjoy watching are M.K Davis (Tall Paul/altercation video shows different types) then Susanfarns …Mich Waite his latest video was pretty awesome, they are started gifting him in return.


  29. Philip Lindsay

    Hi Robert. Today I contacted Assosciate Professor of Life Sciences, Dr Frank van Breukenel at University of Nevada Las Vegas. He said there is no corpse of a Sasquatch or relic Hominid being stored or studied by the university.
    And he knows nothing about it.
    Philip Lindsay

    • I will say this, I do think Justin Smega shot one. He said the baby barked, which is correct. I am one of probably less than 5 people in the world that knew that and have heard it in freal time. They do not let you near their infants unless they trust you or you trick them. The babys bark is a light reticent bark. They spoke of Jacko having this bark in the 1800’s as well. We have proof of it. You can hear it in recording 7 under my SIR audio and you will hear mother retort in a grunt. I do however beleive his story of how it happened is not true. He was helped in some fashion by Bigfoot people in the know and they staked a family out and then shot the baby first and then the parents responded in force and he shot one of them and fled in fear is my thought on what really went down.
      Mothers are just not that careless with their infants and you don’t just drive up and find a bigfoot baby. Also, look at the babys eyes in Ricks potrayal of the shooting on TV show recently with Derek Randles. Those eyes match the eyes in Rons photo.. They are big, round and black. These are my thoughts based on 22 years of real life experiences. Mike SIR

      • Chenoa

        Ricks potrayal? What TV Show? or did you mean Justin? May I have the link to your SIR Audio, would love to hear the infants bark. Sorry but I don’t believe Justin’s story at all. His orginal interview was so lead, he would start to say one thing and the interviewer would ask, you mean blah blah blah and Justin would change his story. Justin has been on blogs for months and months. I think he may have learned about the infant bark by someone else…sorry …but in his orginal interview he said nothing about a bark. He kept saying it looked like a monkey and sounded like one. But to each his own when it come’s to whom we believe and whom we don’t. I would truly enjoy seeing any video’s or audio’s you have posted or willing to share!


    • Thanks for the share, but I didn’t see a Bigfoot. I guess we will see soon enough. These people have lost their minds in the worst kind of way. Frankly, they are reckless, careless with fire arms, and a menace in the woods. If this is the way we as a people treat a new race of beings, I am ashamed for us all. Now you know the truth as to why the hide. Mike-SIR

      • Greg White

        I could be very wrong, but I’m thinking this film is going to be a commentary on America’s obsession with firearms and violence. As I’ve said before—and it pains me to say it as I am a displaced and proud New Englander, now living in Australia, who served a half decade in the U.S. Navy—but much of the world thinks we’re a bunch of loud, foolish and arrogant buffoons. Please understand that I’m honestly hoping that the existence of Bigfoot is proven during my lifetime, but I don’t think this film is going to herald that zoological milestone. Having said that, I’ll be happily popping a bottle of champagne if I’m wrong.

        • Chenoa

          I agree with you. The film is about the obsession of some of the men that search for wasn’t about really finding a bigfoot. When you read what the film’s about, you will know that it was about the search and how obsessed some become.

  30. Tim Jones

    I watched the trailer that CMR posted. It certainly reinforces everything Robert has commented on Freezer Boy’s personality. Dyer proudly shouts out at one point that he would shoot “Hank” if he knew it was a Human Being in a suit. Dyer is not only a menace to unclassified Hominids, but to H.S.S as well!!

  31. Tim Ballentine

    Shooting Bigfoot

    For some Bigfoot is just a character from Harry And The Hendersons, for others the mythical creature is a lifelong obsession. British director Morgan Matthews decided to fly over to the US to film some particularly passionate Bigfoot hunters and ended up with far more than he bargained for. The sad folks at the center of Matthews’ film either make their living or escape their depressing lives by hunting the great beast and don’t take too kindly to an outsider with a camera coming to their community to suggest the creature might not be so real. For the first hour Shooting Bigfoot alternates between a sad and hilarious portrait of grown men determined to prove the existence of bigfoot to the filmmaker, the audience, and themselves. Then, in the final third, two particularly aggressive hunters promise to introduce the uppity director to bigfoot himself and well…the result is in the title. Maybe it’s real, or more likely it’s an elaborate (and surprisingly violent) prank, but either way Shooting Bigfoot is not a movie to be missed and a rare documentary that demands a midnight screening.
    This is what I found on the Toronto Standard.

  32. To answer Apehumans question, the Sasquatches decide their fate just like you and I decide our fate. Not mankind, who is trying to dictate their fate. At SIR, we are their friend and try to help them best we can. I think when its time for us to know, we will know. Its a better way. Its also why we have way more evidence than everyone else. Its not by accident. We share in a cultural exchange with them, but their trust is very hard to come by and they evidence comes at their pace, which is the pace of the forest. Mike SIR

  33. Thanks for letting me partake in your discussions. Great job conveying your points Robert and the rest.To each his own. I am heading up to the woods next week for a week. I am out to see whats new in the woods. I have friends there waiting. Mike SIR

  34. Chenoa

    Not if you believe they are what is told about in Gensis chapter 6. They will Laws to protect them then!

  35. Joerg Hensiek

    I will buy Dyer`s ebook “I shot Bigfoot” in the next couple of days. Let´s see how he describes events. If he presents the action in a strictly non-fictional style and pretends everything described in there is true, then you can be sure that either a) this man is lost and will get endless legal trouble, b) he has one of the best lawyers in the country and/or excellent connection to local police/FBI or c) no, I do not dare to write this anymore…;-)

    • Chenoa

      Why is there not one option in the positive? If you don’t think there is a chance of any part of it being truthful, why waste your money? OR is that what your looking/hoping for?……. 😉


      • Joerg Hensiek

        @Chenoa: First: it costs just around 5 dollars, that´s worth the fun. Second: I find Dyer, hoax or not, in a certain way a rather entertaining guy and I think this book will be one day, somehow or other, a part of American popular cultural history,Third: as I already mentioned, my head says “No way this could turn out to be true”, but “deep inside” I still want it to be true. But this has nothing to do with Rick Dyer, I just want this great old mystery solved.

    • Can he get into legal trouble if he writes that book and people buy the book on the grounds that he killed Bigfoot when he did not? Can he be sued by book purchasers for fraud?

      • Joerg Hensiek

        I guess so, Robert – hope, someone can give a knowledgeable answer. In Germany at least this would be criminal and I cannot imagine this is not the case in the US.

        • Chenoa

          I’m not a lawyer or associated to any Law department, firm, office or nor do I claim to have any law education…but this is what I found while looking for anything that could do with the recent Bigfoot news/Dyer E-Book. To read it in its full publication go to: Which was found while looking for information on laws to do with “Fraud”.

          Robert Nares defined the word hoax as meaning “to cheat”, dating from Thomas Ady’s 1656

          The term hoax is occasionally used in reference to urban legends and rumors, but the folklorist Jan Harold Brunvand argues that most of them lack evidence of deliberate creations of falsehood and are passed along in good faith by believers or as jokes, so the term should be used for only those with a probable conscious attempt to deceive.[2] As for the closely related terms practical joke and prank, Brunvand states that although there are instances where they overlap, hoax tends to indicate “relatively complex and large-scale fabrications” and includes deceptions that go beyond the merely playful and “cause material loss or harm to the victim”.[8]

          A hoax differs from a magic trick or from fiction (books, movies, theatre, radio, television, etc.) in that the audience is unaware of being deceived, whereas in watching a magician perform an illusion the audience expects to be tricked.

          A hoax is often intended as a practical joke or to cause embarrassment, or to provoke social or political change by raising people’s awareness of something. It can also emerge from a marketing or advertising purpose.

          One thing you must keep in mind when you stake claims that someone has broke the law

          EX: If you believe an employee has made false claims of a injury while at work, or if someone has forged your name on a check…if it isn’t caught on tape you have no chance of any District Attorney of even considering taking your case to court or action of any kind. You also put yourself in the line of fire! This means you staked a claim with no tangible proof and now the District Attorney can take action against you if they wish to..if they feel you are out to harm those you claimed were frauding in someway.

          With the Non-believers in this case…they wouldn’t have a chance of being successful proving this is a fraud/hoax..especially those that have made it public of their lack of belief. Those that have followed and advertise themselves of true believers/followers in (EX: Ricks claims) they would still have a hard time getting any success in proving their case especially when it comes to showing harm/loss while being deceived.
          I also want to point out any disclaimer or simply the way he words statements/claims in his E-book. Any diclaimer he has will play a huge part in if it is considered a fraud or hoax.

          With that said…I welcome logical debate or any statements from a lawyer, firm, department or one with proof of education in these matters. or Non-Lawyer with any additional information they have found to prove otherwise!

          Hope everyone is having a great day!


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