Bigfoot News April 16, 2013

Photos of Hank (the Bigfoot Rick Dyer shot) released on Facebook. Hank is the Bigfoot that Rick Dyer killed in Texas last September. There is a private group on Facebook made up of many folks who have, among other interests, the belief that Dyer is hoaxing his story about the Bigfoot he killed.

Today, April 16, a photo of dead Hank was released by someone in the group to some of the group members. The person who released it has an NDA with Dyer. Everyone who saw the photo also now has an NDA. Either no one saved the photo, or they have all pledged not to release it until after April 30. All of the folks who saw the photo are now convinced that the Dyer story is true.

The person who first posted this story is named Don Boucher, and was one of Dyer’s fiercest critics. Stefan Beaudoin was similarly a ferocious critic of Dyer’s who has now converted. A number of people who formerly thought Dyer was hoaxing are now converting to believers en masse. They are issuing apologies to Dyer, and a number say they are going to see Shooting Bigfoot in Toronto on April 30.

The photo shows Hank dead on the ground with considerable damage to his mouth and jaw from a 30.06 bullet. A number of people are standing around Hank in a circle, including Dyer, Morgan Matthews, director of  Shooting Bigfoot, and members of the Shooting Bigfoot crew.

One problem with this photo is that the damage described in the photo does not line up with the more minimal damage described by Musky Allen when he went to see Dyer’s Bigfoot.

No copies of this photo have been released on the Web, but as you can see if you remember that Musky Allen got two copies of dead Hank photos in his email, copies of dead Hank are definitely starting to float around the Internet. It is perfectly possible that one may turn up before April 30.

Here is the text of Boucher’s message:

Don Boucher
There is a group of us “haters” who have been discussing this thing for quite some time now. Recently, one of our members asked for any proof whatsoever, and someone sent us a pic, one that we have heard mentioned, but didn’t believe existed.

The pic I saw showed the body of a what is undeniably a bigfoot, which definite facial trauma evident from what a 30-06 round to the back of the head would do. Standing around the body is Rick, Morgan Matthews and several of the “Shooting Bigfoot” crew.

I would like to apologize to FB/FB, and Rick Dyer, as well as Dyer’s supporters. I have been mean, vindictive and un fair, but in light of this humbling evidence, I’m going to have to say that I have crossed the fence.

Rick Dyer webpage up. Rick Dyer has a webpage up for Rick Dyer Films, a film company he has started. This is one of the worst webpages I have ever seen. There are horrible grammar and spelling errors all over the place, and design is horrific.

Why Morgan Matthews is not coming forward with information about the killing of a Bigfoot during the shooting of his movie, Shooting Bigfoot. A commenter notes astutely that Matthews is a professional filmmaker, and this would not be a smart thing for him to do:

He is, first and foremost, a professional filmmaker, a successful and experienced one, and he knows that he will not only deflate the impact of his film’s debut by coming forward prior to its release but also look like a nutjob and idiot as well; this should be very simple for most to understand without having to spend too much time thinking about it.

It’s funny how often so many attempt to deal with their own impatience, fear of disappointment and inability to achieve instant gratification by attempting to invalidate who or what they perceive as the source of their self-generated expectations and fear.

In a vacuum bereft of the answers they want and for which they cannot wait, they suddenly become Sherlock Holmes. They must rationalize their impatience rather than simply acknowledge it as such. This has to do with emotional IQ; there is a notably famous study from the 50s involving children and jellybeans, but I digress. It’s the same tendency that causes a guy to leave message after message on a girl’s voicemail when he’s worried he’s about to get dumped or that she’s cheating, and she hasn’t called him back in 15 minutes.

No damage to Hank’s face proves Hank was not shot with a 30.06. Supposedly, a 30.06 causes such extensive damage that if Hank was shot with such a weapon, his face would be badly messed up. Since Hank’s face is not damaged as per Musky Allen’s report when he went to see it, therefore the story is a lie. The rejoinder to this accusation is that Musky did say that there was jaw damage to the Bigfoot, but it was minimal.

Government research facility housing Hank was built specifically to house and study him. One interesting story coming out lately is that the US government agreed to build the storage facility housing Hank if Dyer would let the state store it there and study it while it was there. Dyer apparently convinced the government to build this small facility where Hank is being housed.

The government agreed to build it apparently on the grounds that they would have a chance to study it for several months before it was released. I know it seems odd that the state would build a facility just to house and study Hank on Rick’s request, but that it’s certainly possible, and that is what people are saying was done.

Rick Dyer, sociopath? As Dyer is about to become world famous, it is certainly topical for us to explore Dyer’s past, including his criminal record and repeated hoaxing. We also need to explore the considerably pathological personality of this fellow, which the world will find out about soon enough anyway. The personalities of famous people are always topical, especially if they are as pathological and antisocial as Dyer’s is.

A commenter on my site objects to my calling Dyer a sociopath and provides evidence that Dyer is either not a sociopath or that he is not very sociopathic.

I’m more than a bit confused as to why you continue to maintain that Dyer is an “extreme sociopathic personality”.

To my understanding, sociopaths have little to no concern for the welfare or happiness of others, which is inconsistent with Dyer’s activities in helping the homeless, which he does in his home of Las Vegas, not just with the homeless people who were in the camp in San Antonio. I suppose one could stretch things and claim that he is such a devious sociopath that he does this to mask his tendencies and give the appearance of a “good person”, but that could be, potentially, nothing more than specious conjecture.

He regularly admits to being wrong about previous misstatements and apologizes readily, something sociopaths generally are extremely loathe to do, yes? The few times detractors have the nerve to call into his show, he doesn’t seek to take control by constantly speaking over them, shouting them down or hanging up (not the traits of a control-freak, arguably). In multiple cases, I have witnessed him “become ok” with people whom he was feuding and who apologized and cleared the air with him (sociopaths aren’t usually very forgiving, to my knowledge).

He also frequently expresses admiration for people who “do the right thing”, in his eyes; again, giving praise freely and without clear opportunity for reward is not a very sociopathic tendency (unless, again, we label this as nothing more than cultivated behavior intended to give the appearance of nobility and that is the reward he seeks).

From watching the guy’s shows now for the last several months, as he sits in front of a webcam, unscripted, for hours at a time, I see someone who becomes indignant and snarky towards people who malign him, but that’s not an exclusively sociopathic trait, it’s extremely common behavior which all of us see regularly and most of us have engaged in from time-to-time, I’m certain.

As far as why he hates you, it’s for this reason: he can’t hang with being labeled a sociopath; and if he were to be reasonably diagnosed as one, I don’t think one needs a degree in psychology to conclude that he is far from an “extreme” type; by that definition, I’d have to say that about 50% of everyone I meet is an “extreme” sociopath.

This is a good comment, and in Dyer’s favor, we should present the other side to the argument that he is sociopathic.

In response, I would say that I never called him an “extreme sociopath.”

If he is sociopathic at all, he is a “controlled sociopath,” as I have discussed previously. Controlled sociopaths are “legal criminals” whereas uncontrolled sociopaths are “illegal criminals.” The ranks of law, medicine, politics, business, law enforcement and the military are filled with controlled sociopaths. Crooked lawyers, crooked doctors, crooked cops, crazy/psycho soldiers and officers, crooked businessmen, crooked politicians – you get the picture.

The controlled sociopath has simply controlled his sociopathic tendencies enough to keep himself for the most part out of jail or prison. The motivation is that the controlled sociopath does not want to go to prison, so he controls his behavior and channels it in a legal direction.

Rick is not an extreme sociopath. Mostly what he is is a narcissist. But he does have sociopathic tendencies. This is abundantly clear. There is a Psychopathy Checklist out there, the PCL-R, authored by Robert Hare. Obviously he is going to get an elevated score on that list.

Certain professions such as used car salesman are full of controlled sociopaths. Rick is a used car salesman.

Rick is a con artist. It has been theorized that most con artists are sociopaths.

Some sociopaths do engage in things like helping the homeless, being gurus dedicated to the common good, etc. Although I agree with the commenter that helping the homeless shows a good side to this complicated fellow’s personality.

The viciousness with which he goes after his enemies is totally over the top and makes no sense at all. For instance, he is currently libeling me. He is making up lies about me out of whole cloth. He knows full well that these are lies, but he just makes them up anyway.

One of them is that I served two years in a state prison. I have never incarcerated in any prison, much less a state prison, and I have not spent more than six hours in jail in my entire life. If I had actually served two years in prison, that should be pubic record, and anyone could go and look it up for themselves. But there is nothing there because it never happened.

Dyer has hoaxed many times. He is a serial hoaxer. Hoaxing is antisocial behavior.

He brags that he made $650,000 off of defrauding the American public. Taking pride in defrauding others is antisocial behavior.

At least $50,000 of that was simply stolen money. Rick just stole that money, period. The victim didn’t pretty charges because he was in on the hoax, but Rick did steal that money. Stealing money is antisocial behavior.

In 2010, Rick bragged that on his Bigfoot hunting expeditions, he had a friend run by in a Bigfoot suit to fleece the people he charged $500 a head to go on his expeditions. Rick laughed about what idiots they were as he ripped them off. Defrauding people on your expeditions is antisocial behavior.

Sociopaths think others are morons who deserve to be fleeced. They laugh about their victims and think they deserve to get taken for being stupid. This is Rick’s behavior towards his victims.

Rick recently stole $17,000 from a victim in Canada. The guy ordered two Corvettes from Rick, and Rick just stole the money and never delivered the Corvettes. Rick avoided a conviction by agreeing to deliver the Corvettes. That’s very antisocial behavior – stealing $17,000.

Rick beat up his pregnant wife, Lily Dyer. She called the cops and had him arrested. He avoided conviction by agreeing not to beat her up anymore. Beating up your pregnant wife is antisocial behavior.

However, the commenter makes an interesting case that Dyer is a complicated fellow, and in certain respects he does not display classic sociopathic behavior. Instead, in these regards, Rick is quite normal. And to be fair to Rick, I think my commenter above notes that Rick indeed appears to have a good side. I would certainly agree that Dyer is not a pure sociopath, but I believe he is a pretty antisocial fellow, and he would probably get an elevated PCL-R score.

I am not particularly upset by Dyer’s past if I saw some evidence that he was going to knock it off and turn it all around. But I don’t see that. Rick’s going to keep on being pathological and antisocial into the foreseeable future, even after he becomes world famous. No doubt we will be reading about his misdeeds in the paper.

Chuck Prahl provides evidence for Dyer’s sociopathy. In his interesting article here, Chuck asks (italics mine):

I must admit if Dyer does have a dead Bigfoot on ice, and his name is linked to Bigfoot forever more in every history book and documentary on the big fella, I personally will cry and laugh at the same time.

If you listen to the guy and watch his facial expressions on his adults only Internet/Youtube radio show, he doesn’t act like a man who has made the most important biological discovery in 500 years.

That tells me he is either lying about the whole thing or more likely the guy has no emotions about the subject at all. I have heard him try to be emotional about the circus he has made of his life since this alleged shooting went down last September, and he comes off like a Grade B actor without any heart or soul. He puts more emotion into discussing a car deal he just completed then a man who just made the most important discovery concerning our human ancestors in 500 years.

I have seen how just a fleeting few second encounter with bigfoot as changed men and woman’s entire life and how they become obsessed with getting just one more sighting just so they can say they were not hallucinating the first time. Then you have Rick Dyer who says he shot and killed one and gets more excited talking about the new wrap for his SUV then I ever heard him talk about seeing an 8 foot hairy monster lying on the ground where he just put a bullet through its brain.

On the other hand it might take a narcissist like Dyer to actually kill one of these creatures without having the emotional baggage that might haunt a normal human being having murdered a creature that resembles us in so many ways.

Prahl inadvertently proves an excellent point about Dyer. Dyer shows little or no emotions when discussing the scientific find of the century.

Others have seen Bigfoots for only a few seconds and were changed for life, and Rick put a bullet in one’s head while it was charging him and a filmmaker, then spent the next few months trucking the thing around, having it embalmed and autopsied, having the government build a place to store it, dealing with cops ready to arrest him for homicide on a moment’s notice, having his whole life turned completely upside down with all of the sordid details of his antisocial past revealed for the world to see, on and on, and Rick hardly even bats an eye.

He gets more excited about the newest detail he put on his SUV than he does about the incident that is going to land him in the history books for all time.

The answer to the riddle of this paradox is simple: Rick is a sociopath. Rick lacks any emotional baggage about murdering a fellow hominid because he doesn’t have any emotions to store in his limbic suitcase. You need have some emotions in the first place to get to where you are lugging around emotional baggage, and Rick doesn’t have any. Sociopaths don’t have emotional baggage. They never do.

Chuck says:

If you listen to the guy and watch his facial expressions on his adults only Internet/Youtube radio show, he doesn’t act like a man who has made the most important biological discovery in 500 years. That tells me he is either lying about the whole thing or more likely the guy has no emotions about the subject at all.

Exactly! Rick’s not lying, so the opposite is true. Rick simply lacks any complex emotions at all, as all sociopaths do. The Facebook Find Bigfoot guys described Rick as having “balls of steel” to come out of a tent hoisting a rifle and bead on a Bigfoot only yards away, then chase it as tries to run you down while you pump two bullets into it. Of course he has balls of steel. Rick is fearless. All sociopaths are fearless. It’s a hallmark of the disorder.

Chuck again:

I have heard him try to be emotional about the circus he has made of his life since this alleged shooting went down last September, and he comes off like a Grade B actor without any heart or soul. He puts more emotion into discussing a car deal he just completed then a man who just made the most important discovery concerning our human ancestors in 500 years.

Precisely! Since the sociopath lacks real emotions, he tries to mimic them. What emotions he does display are typically fake emotions, conjured up just for the use of other people. The sociopath figures out what emotions you want him to feel in that situation or what emotions he needs to feel in a situation and then he conjures up fake emotions to show everyone what he thinks they want and need from him. But they aren’t real feelings – they are fakes, acting jobs.

Dyer vows to continue murdering Bigfoots. Dyer recently commented that he is committed to live capturing a Bigfoot, but if he can’t do that, he will shoot and kill another one. This is a depressing comment. Many of us thought that Dyer had a human element in his heart when he appeared to break down and express remorse over the killing of Hank.

However, with this statement, it shows that Dyer has learned nothing. He knows that Bigfoots are human and killing them is murder. But he has no real remorse for killing Hank as he has vowed to kill another Bigfoot. This is classic sociopathic behavior as sociopaths in general do not experience remorse for their antisocial acts.

The Rick Dyer mental trap. People are locked into a trap.

The Dyer skeptics are a classic example of this.

Dyer Skeptic (A). I hate Rick for all sorts of excellent reasons based on observable truths, therefore Rick is lying. Dyer is a scumbag and a repeat hoaxer, therefore, he could not have possibly killed a Bigfoot. But that fails Logic 101. It’s perfectly possible for Dyer to be a scumbag and a repeat hoaxer and also to have killed a Bigfoot. Rather unlikely, but it’s quite possible. Ask any Logic professor.

The other side is locked into an identical trap.

Dyer Believer (B). Rick killed a Bigfoot, and we believe him, therefore we love Rick Dyer, he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, and we hate all of Rick’s evil enemies.

Almost no one seems to take the position that I do:

1. Rick Dyer is lower than whale crap, and that’s at the bottom of the ocean, and he’s also a serial hoaxer and a criminal. I hate him with every fiber of my being.

2. As unlikely as it sounds, despite (1) being true, he did indeed shoot and kill a Bigfoot! That means I believe him.

“I hate Dyer’s guts, but he killed a Bigfoot” seems to be so mentally contorting that almost no one is capable of twisting their brain into the cerebral pretzel that’s needed to think that way.

David Paulides tried to strong-arm habituation site owner into handing over all of his Bigfoot hair samples to Paulides. The man in question owns the Smith River habituation site and may be named Kirk Stewart. This site was written up in the papers. The owner reported that a possible Bigfoot had been coming onto his rural Del Norte County, California property for some time, eating his watermelons and stealing pheasants from his shed.

What was odd when the pheasants were taken is that the gate has a latch on it. The invader would go to the shed, unlock the latch, go inside and steal a pheasant or two, re-latch the shed on its way out, and take off with the pheasants! This convinced the owner that no ordinary animal was stealing his pheasants.

This man is very mad at Paulides, accusing Paulides of trying to strong-arm the man into handing over all of his Bigfoot samples. Paulides tried to cajole, threaten, browbeat, con and strong-arm the guy into handing over all of his Bigfoot hair samples to Paulides. The man did end up handing over most of the samples to Paulides, but he kept two samples for himself which Paulides kept on demanding he hand over to Paulides. The guy then told Paulides to “f– off”.

One of the two retained samples has been given to Dr. Brian Sykes of Oxford, who is running his own Bigfoot DNA study. The man has a sample in to Dr. Melba Ketchum’s Bigfoot DNA, but has zero confidence in Melba and Paulides (who is sort of Melba’s partner in the DNA study) to deliver the goods. Hence he is quite happy that Sykes has the hairs, and the man is hopeful that Sykes can find something usable out of them.

Paulides is now running around all over the place touting the man’s hair samples as his own.

Paulides is a real scumbag, and he’s one of the worst people in Bigfootery. He has a history as a con artist (he was forced to resign from the Palo Alto Police Department for engaging in a fraud using city government stationery). I don’t mind that Paulides has a bad history as long as he changes and knocks it off, but all indications are that Paulides is still as slimy as he was when he was a crooked cop, and he hasn’t changed one bit. He’s just changed professions, from crooked cop to crooked Bigfoot organization leader.

In addition, many have accused Paulides of continuing to con people with his Bigfoot books. The books contain many false statements, lies, incorrect inferences and false sources. The excellent Steven Streufert has done a great job of taking apart Paulides’ books on Steven’s website.

Paulides has authored a number of Missing 411 books that are, granted, interesting. I have copies of them and have looked them over. Paulides is apparently making the case that Bigfoots are running around North America abducting and killing children and adults from wilderness areas and national parks. While this may indeed be true, and Paulides may have uncovered cases of people being hauled off and killed by Bigfoots, unfortunately, his books do prove that, and some of Paulides inferences are just wrong.

For instance, two of the oddities that Paulides addresses are removal of clothing in cold or freezing weather and burrowing into the ground. However, both clothing removal even in very cold weather (paradoxical undressing) along with burrowing are well known responses to hypothermia (a collapse in body temperature due to exposure to cold weather). But clothing removal and burrowing in these cases are probably just related to hypothermia in the woods and no doubt have nothing to do with Bigfoot abductions. So part of Paulides’ theory is simply wrong.

In addition, Paulides has not been forthcoming about the theme of his books.

While his books are obviously meant to imply that Bigfoots are kidnapping and killing people in the woods, in multiple interviews he denies that this is what the books are about; instead he says the books are simply about missing persons in the woods. That there are missing persons in the woods is not particularly interesting, and one wonders why it was necessary to write three whole books about such a mundane topic. So Paulides is misleading us about the purpose of his books.

In addition, all of Paulides’ books were self-published by CreateSpace. CreateSpace is a good self-publishing outfit, but self-publishing itself is a dubious enterprise because the finished product looks so unprofessional. I have now received several self-published books via CreateSpace, and all of them look quite unprofessional, though some have been well-written. They have layout problems, and they all look like they badly needed an editor. The overall effect screams amateurish and unprofessional.

This is also the case with Paulides’ books. Paulides is not a particularly good writer, though he writes better than the average man on the street. There are all sorts of writing errors strewn through his books. The guy needs an editor something awful. The layout is very bad, and the organization of the books is chaotic and makes little sense.

Nevertheless, if Bigfoots are indeed kidnapping and killing folks in the woods, Paulides’ books are a good “pilot study” that will help to stimulate hopefully much better studies of this phenomenon.

Melba Ketchum violating her agreement with Wally Hersom and Derek Randles. The agreement states that the Bigfoot steak tissue from the Sierra Kills that she did not use is the property of Hersom and Randles. She apparently has quite a bit of tissue left after her testing, and she is simply refusing to hand it over to Derek and Wally as per her charming personal style.

Both men have made repeated requests to Melba to sent the rest of the tissue to them, but nothing has been forthcoming, and it’s been three weeks so far. Melba keeps saying that she is going to send the tissue, but nothing ever shows up.

If I know her well, nothing ever will show up. This looks very bad as apparently she is already on record saying that she did not want 3rd party testing of the Sierras tissue, or at least this is how Bart Cutino and Justin Smeja read things.

No Haplotype A in Bigfoot steak. The tissue from the Sierra Kills was sent out by Cutino and others to be tested to see if results matched up with Ketchum’s. The results came back “human” and “Black bear.” Skeptics of these results say that two different human haplotypes were found in the sample – Amerindian or “A” and European. Actually, only a European haplotype was found in the sample, and that haplotpye is assumed to be Justin’s. The haplotype is “Eastern European,” and Justin is Polish.

Evidence that Justin Smeja is telling the truth about the Sierra Kills. Bart Cutino eavesdropped on Justin and the driver talking about the Sierra Kills when they had no idea that he was listening to him. They spoke about it as an actual event that really occurred. If they really faked the whole thing, why would they talk about it as an actual event when they thought no one was listening?

Evidence backing body recovery story for the Sierra Kills. According to Justin, he and the driver went back 1 month later, on November 12, 2010, and found the Bigfoot steak under three feet of snow. Many have questioned this story for a variety of reasons. However, Cutino has seen photos from the body recovery mission of that day. The photos show Justin holding up the Bigfoot steak, and they are time-stamped with November 12, 2010 on them. So it appears that Justin’s body recovery story is true at least in part.


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71 responses to “Bigfoot News April 16, 2013

  1. FIRST!
    Sorry, just had to do that.
    Two words: Publicity Stunt.
    I have stated before that I REALLY hope they have a body even-though I am “no kill”.
    I want to believe in Hank. I really do, but I just can’t right now.

    Rick Dyers website ( is AWESOME!!!
    My grandma can make a better site than that with her crippled arthritis ridden hand and Parkinsons that can heat up the bottom of the mouse from friction. My son made a website in the 4th grade that puts Ricks to shame. I could go on forever about the amazing level of retardation associated with any site of Ricks. …and YES, I can do better, so I am not just running off at the mouth.

    If there was any extensive damage to “Hank”, especially facial, it would have been taken care before any public release/viewing to lessen the “cruelty”, for lack of a better word, of the shooting.

  2. Warren

    Finding Bigfoot or Shooting Bigfoot?

  3. Joerg Hensiek

    wow, Robert, wow!
    Some people still cannot see the forest for the trees, but that`s the way it is. Cannot help them. Congratulations, that you are so objective – because you are a REAL journalist – despite all the childish accusations of Rick Dyer and some of the “skeptical” people here.

    • Thx Jeorg!

      People are locked into a trap.

      I hate Rick, so Rick is lying. Dyer is a scumbag and a repeat hoaxer, therefore, he could not have possibly killed a Bigfoot. But that fails Logic 101. It’s perfectly possible for Dyer to be a scumbag and a repeat hoaxer and also to have killed a Bigfoot. Rather unlikely, but it’s quite possible. Ask any Logic professor.

      I believe Rick, therefore Rick is a really cool guy and I love him. The other side is locked into an identical trap. Rick killed a Bigfoot and we believe him, therefore we love Rick Dyer, he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, and we hate all of Rick’s evil enemies.

      Almost no one seems to take the position that I do:

      1. Rick Dyer is lower than whale crap, and that’s at the bottom of the ocean, and he’s also a serial hoaxer and a criminal.

      2. As unlikely as it sounds, despite (1), he did indeed shoot and kill a Bigfoot!

      • I have taken this position since I heard about ‘Hank’.

        It’s been an interesting journey for me, I found myself pursuing an interest in Sasquatch only last year and about a month or two into my new found hobby this news hit the scene. I could see that Dyer was hated by so many and for good reason, also I found Musky to be quite an arrogant man but I wasn’t about to join the skeptics as it just didn’t add up that this would be a hoax.

        Another reason it add’s up is the general demeanor of Rick Dyer. I don’t think Rick is thinking much about the skeptics or hater’s or the inhumanity of any of his actions, you can see it in his face. He is very confident but more than that he is excited because he know’s fame and fortune await him. That’s why he can be so ‘cold’ and that is why he was Gods choice to murder a Bigfoot. Maybe he is that ugly of character that his actions will discourage others from taking that path? Unlikely in these star struck times we live in where fame and fortune seem to be the only motives for action in many folks.

        We are unfortunately bound to see many more ‘Hanks’ in times to come. I hope that enough humane people as yourself come forward to condemn Dyers actions or at least his lack of remorse or else we could see this creature disappear at a faster rate than it already is. There is also the danger of losing what small interaction that has been documented between them and us as they retreat further away from people to stay safe and more hostile when they are approached.

        What a strange mix of excitement and sadness surrounds this event and the future for this elusive and beautiful creature.

        Thanks for your updates on our site Robert, I have to agree with many of these other comments singing your praises, you deliver the goods every time in a insightful, intelligent and respectful manor. Good on you Sir, and keep up the great work!


    • nominay

      Those of us who doubt the story don’t need to have accusations put on us like “childish”. If you deem it necessary to be that way, then you get a big “fuck you” out of me. Us believers who have salivated over the latest promise going back years that we were on the precipice of having Bigfoot revealed to us have been burned over and over again. We have every right to be skeptical. I was excited over the Smeja shooting, the Melba report, etc, etc, and have been given date after date after date after date when Bigfoot would be proven to exist, but it was all a mirage. If I’m proven wrong, I’ll have earned it, so I won’t care. It’s not like I’m betting money over it.

  4. Warren

    How much damage a 30.06 does or any other calibre of rifle round for that matter, is never entirely consistent. Factors such as range, full metal jacket versus soft nosed rounds, bullet weight all come into play. Even a soft nosed round from a 30.06 can punch a clean hole through a game animal just because it’s moving so fast that nothing is going to stop it or break it up – something which would cause heavy damage to the target.

    • The damage from the bullet would also depend upon whether or not it hit a lot of bone or passed mainly through soft tissue. It is conceivable that the bullet may have basically gone through the neck and severed a carotid artery causing “Hank” (They should have named him Harry) to bleed out rather quickly and then exited the mouth causing some damage to the jaw but mainly ripping open flesh and tissue. So the initial injury could have looked horrific and yet once the skin was put back in place might not look so bad

  5. david w

    There seems to be some uncertainty if the photo was actually seen. Some seen to think it was just a ploy to show how gullible people can be.

    In reference to the damage a 30.06 will do, bullet wounds do not always happen the way people expect. Consider also that the bullet supposedly entered the neck and went through the mouth (an empty cavity), a scenario which would possibly limit bullet expansion and damage. I don’t see why Dyer would lie about this part. He has been seen showing his Remington 740 many times.

    • Warren

      I’ve only seen pictures of Rick Dyer with a cheap bolt action Remington 710 – the 740 is a semi-auto. And if Mr. Dyer got off several quick aimed shots, under stress, with a sub-standard bolt action rifle, against a charging Bigfoot/Sasquatch, or any other large angry mammal, then he is one very calm and collected individual.

  6. Sam

    By next year we will have Bigfoots in zoos.They can clone this so called Hank.

    • Sam

      I hope they are genetically engineering a living tissue or living cell of Hank.

      • Sam

        They are humans?Do they have humanity?From what I have read,they seem to attack you for no apparent reason if you get in their way.What if they turn out to be murderous primates like the cannibals?Do they have enough intelligence to negotiate with human beings?

      • nominay

        Like a Frankenstein X Files episode, the govt will breed “super soldiers” Bigfoot human hybrids to fight wars on the front lines. Bigfoots are more acceptable to be killed than Sapien Sapiens, and to be caged in zoos and experimented on.

        • “From what I have read,they seem to attack you for no apparent reason if you get in their way.”

          When Dyer shot Hank in the back, Hank circled back and either knocked over Morgan Matthews, or attacked him on purpose. The latest account has Dyer firing the kill shot just in time to save Matthews’ life.
          Was MM an innocent bystander or was he a deliberate target?

          Speculation only:
          One of the reasons Hank was so bold that day was he felt unthreatened. He recognised MM as the authoritative figure and trusted him. When Dyer shot him, he went after MM, blaming him for the betrayal.

        • That would just be…sad. I bet there’s going to be a very BIG debate about the bigfoot saga later in 2013. They could be even closer ancestors to us than Gorillas and Chimps that perhaps new rights(not animal ones) are to be introduced. But we need to ‘contact’ them first

        • Fai Mao

          The Chinese already tried to cross breed humans with Chimpanzees for this purpose in 1955. It didn’t work. There are stories from the tribes in Alaska of Bigfoots having their way with village woman and producing children but those offspring do not seem to live. The thing is, the military wants smart and willing soldiers. The strength of a unit is its fire power and ability to react to tactical situation. So simply having an 8 foot solider would not be a benefit in and of its self and might, probably would lower combat effectiveness if the bigfoot private could not grasp the complexities of a tactical situation

          I wonder if they are smart enough to learn how to play basketball? I can see Mark Cuban sending a recruiter into the woods to sign an 8 foot 6 inch 500 pound Power Forward with very long arms. Hey four bigfoot defensive linemen would work well on the Redskin’s defensive line.

      • From what I have read,they seem to attack you for no apparent reason if you get in their way.

        Sometimes they do.


  7. Mr. E2me

    I’m most of the way through the mental gymnastics to believe Dyer shot a bigfoot. I agree it’s possible it could have happened.
    The equally big story should be that Dyer has a rib recipe that will
    lure in a bigfoot.
    How come everybody is missing this fact ? I mean sure, let’s wait to make sure there IS a body…. err on the side of caution.
    But wtf kind of ribs has a ‘squatch coming back for seconds ? I’m a barbecue man myself and have a fine appreciatation for some baby backs.
    I just gots to know. Is it just me ?
    IMHO he can make all the cash he needs with
    ” Dyers Dry Rub and Relict Hominid Inducer”.
    Wonder what they taste like.

    • I KNOW, RIGHT?!?
      I had asked the question (outside this forum), “What did Rick possibly discover about Sasquatch and how to find/lure one? Was it as easy as Pancakes and Ribs all this time? I have not been able to watch an episode of BBQ Pit Masters without daydreaming of a seeing a Squatch in the crowd chewing on some fine Texas barbecue. Texas Squatch love dey baw-Be-Q. I also can’t get outta my head the daydream of a future day when I am watching NatGeo, or the likes, and the calm familiar voice of David Attenborough is educating the viewers on the Squatch preferred dry rub seasonings.”

      Hell, I am only about 3 hours outside of San Antonio.
      Maybe I should just drive on down and nail some ribs to a tree and solve this thing once and for all. I’d ask Rick for the sauce or rub recipe but my posts never see the light of day on his site.

  8. Sam

    So after this movie is released,will the government officially declare that Bigfoots are existing bipedal creatures and no longer cryptids?Will they display Hank’s body in a museum so everybody can see it?

    • I hope so. They probably belong to a group of lost nomads human hyprids. What baffles me is how they managed to exist in only America. Why don’t we have bigfoots in Europe or Asia(excluding Yeti).

      • They are reported in Asia – The Henan Man in China and in Russia and in Australia

      • JustAskin

        Europe has the woodwoles, wildmen, and trolls. All could be considered some version of yeti. If sasquatch is ever proven without out a doubt these myths could be linked. Beowolf, if based on true story, could have been an encounter with a neadertal or yeti.

      • Sam

        There are reported bigfoots in India.They are known as Mande Burung(forest men).Just Google ‘Bigfoots in Meghalaya’ and you’ll notice that the first link is a website dedicated to them.

  9. All things Bigfootery just keep churning along, and this covers most of it!

    Thanks for relaying the work Steven Streufert did with regard to the Missing 411 books. Good information for us all. The books (3 now?!) have had a negative influence for BFers (and UFOers even more so). Random unrelated facts turned into what, implied fiction? A new genre? Not really I guess, it’s just we have so much of that already and I am surprised they sold so well, or I hear they did.

    I really liked Tribal Bigfoot though, I best go read a Streufert review of that!

    Personally, if the Dyer story pans out it will be an interesting end to an ugly decade of Bigfootery, poetic justice/irony…a hard look in the mirror of humanity – ??? On his wanting to kill more? Isn’t there a saying that like attracts like…?


    • I like Chuck’s site, he does keep the posts coming, it’s lively and earnest…

      • Eh. His site is ok.
        I have been thinking about putting one up. I have done large scale ecommerce for years so I was thinking i could do it better than most out there, its just that there are so much info out there and i wouldnt find too much time to do anything other than repost other peoples stuff. I’d want to tie in with apparel sales, sighting reports, and phone apps, etc… I am also unsure of the need/demand

  10. nominay

    “If Rick Dyer goes down in history for solving the biggest zoological mystery of our time,”, then there is no God.

  11. Sam

    Thank you Tancred,I hope all this Rick Dyer stuff isn’t a hoax.

  12. Guess what, sweetheart? You’re banned.

    PS you can even spell tendencies. Go back to school honey!

  13. Dang, what taking them so long to reveal these sorts of information? Rick Dyer has definitely pushed my button this time. This better be actual proof!
    They better be using their time right now to actually validate that these findings are real and not fake. They’re not doing this for money & attention or they’re not failing for a hoax trap themselves.

  14. Darryl Jones

    Robert, I enjoy reading you work, but please edit your own before begin to complain about the work of others. It is sad that I keep finding the questions about the shooting and the Musky viewing of the body. Not that the questions aren’t legitimate. But they have all been answered. It only takes a few minutes of your time to use your computer for looking up the answers that you seek. The very first time I heard the story about the shooting of Hank I heard that Dyer had shot him twice from behind. Once when he was attempting to run away from the campsite. And then again, when he backtracking. Dyer even admitted the other night that he was able to cut off Hank, so Hank had to reverse his course to avoid Dyer. He wasn’t charging Matthews! Matthews was just in his way. Musky’s account was that there was apparently an entry wound on the back of Hank’s neck. If Dyer was behind Hank when he shot Hank in the neck, then the exit wound would most likely be at his mouth. How many people would believe that Hank wound be running, after being shot once in the back, with his mouth closed? Open mouth….big mouth!!!….I’m surprised he even took out one tooth! I’ve consistently said to watch the videos, listen to the interviews. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put these bits of information together to come up with the real story. On a side note, I am embarking on a unique adventure in just over a week that could, if I am successful, overshadow Rick’s story before it is revealed. Wish me luck!

  15. Durr

    Can’t wait until April 30th. Hoax or not, it’s been one hell of a ride. Thanks for being the most entertaining tour guide through the world of Bigfootery!

  16. Question
    There was a Monster Quest episode a year or two ago that obtained a biological sample from a rather cruel spike trap left in front of the door of a Canadian fishing cabin that had been repeatedly ransacked by bigfoots.

    The DNA on that came back as “Unknown Primate” was this a legitimate event or some sort of hoax?

    You can view the episode of Monster Quest on You Tube or read about it here

    The thing is if they had this DNA in Session 1 of Monster Quest – Years ago why the need to get any more samples.

    • Warren

      I have reviewed the Monster Quest episode again and what Curt Nelson found was a DNA sample which differed from human beings by a single nucleotide polymorphism(SNP) – he stated this nucleotide was one which we share with chimpanzees. So first, Melba Ketchum was not the first scientist to get a bigfoot DNA sample coming back as human but with some small differences or variations.

      But as you see in the episode, scientists like Todd Disotell just insist that what they’re seeing is contamination or some long lost tribe of people or the guy down the street, or whatever the hell they decide it is. Anything but Bigfoot. Do anything but real science – like what Curt Nelson did.

      Even if Rick Dyer brings out a body to show the world it will still be called a hoax by the scientific community. In fact, I believe you could bring out one hundred bodies and they will state refuse it’s existence until the US government takes an official line and President Obama declares them to be real. There are just too many careers in science which could be destroyed and too many narrow minded people in science, and too many of them which will look very foolish once it’s proven one hundred per cent.

  17. JustAskin

    I remember seeing this and wondering why this spike trap was left on site in the open. If anybody thought they had some sort of evidence would you leave it outside?

    • Fai Mao

      As to stepping on a spike trap, I can believe it especially if it were dark and the creature were not expecting it. It isn’t about being smart, it is about expectations.

      I can also understand why the creature didn’t come back. A wound like that would stand a good chance of becoming infected. and stand a good chance of causing the creature a lingering, painful death

  18. southern dandy

    can somebody explain to me the reason dyer is not immediately coming forward with irrefutable evidence? He would still benefit financially by doing so. why the NDA’s etc…? If true, it’s huge news, why the delay?

    • It is not his to release. He was an employee of Minnow Films when he shot the Bigfoot.

      • southern dandy

        OK, replace dyer with minnow films in above query. I know they want their film to make money. However, it seems to me that their film profits would be a pittance compared to the financial benefits of being the recognized discoverers of bigfoot. If the discovery profits and opportunities to make money post discovery outweigh potential film profits, which I believe they do, why the delay? Also, they(minnow) are delaying the potential obtaining of knowledge that comes from an undiscovered species. That is a risk they are taking simply to maximize profits. If real, this situation is unprecedented and I wonder why they feel they are benefiting from delay.

  19. Pingback: Man who claims to have seen Dyer’s Bigfoot pictures attempted hoax in February | Squatchdetective's Blog

  20. Joerg Hensiek

    Robert: you might be right on many things about Rick Dyer`s character. But three points:
    – Rick Dyer is not an intellectual, not an educated man of great ideas and high ideals. He did not grow up reading all sorts of books on bigfoot or cryptozoology. Bigfoot entered his life only in 2008, when he was already 30 or 31 years old. His relationship to this “myth” was/ is 1) fun, 2) money 3) narcissm – not necessarily in this order. Therefore he lacks – in most cases – the emotions more educated people would expect after having made the greatest discovery in the history of biology.
    – Despite point 1: he sometimes show deep emotions. Two examples: the radio shows in which he tells the story of the killing and in which he talks about Musky`s encounter with the body in Las Vegas.
    – so many people think education and eloquence are basic needs for investigative skills. Just because Dyer cannot spell his own name, does not mean that he is a bonehead in every aspect of life. Quite the contrary: his idea not to look for bigfoot in the remote forests of the Northwest, but in the bush forest of Texas and to make contact there with the homeless people and get their support was a masterstroke. He knew that the chances were greater there, where bigfoot was potentially used to human contact. Do you think any researcher with academic backgound would do this, establish contact and try to find support from the homeless “white trash”.?! Nobody has done so far, nobody. That`s why Dyer really is a strategic genius…

    And one final thing: if he would be totally normal, he would not have managed to (hopefully) bring compelling evidence for the existence of bigfoot – I am absolutely sure about that. That´s why all the academics and interested laymen with ordinary jobs always fail. It needs a cool, hard-bitten and partially insane maverick like Rick Dyer. And therefore: Love or hate him, good that he is there…

    • Tim Ballentine

      Amen,it’s called L.U.C.K.;Labor Under Correct Knowledge,it doesn’t take a Genius to figure out that the Bigfoot apparently was comfortable hanging out around the homeless who,up until that point,never threatened it.Maybe some of these other “researchers” might let this be a lesson.

    • Ok so, lets say we are tasked with finding a Bigfoot.
      The academic will most likely look at the data for help. They will look for things like the greatest concentration of sightings in conjunction with sustainable environments, blah blah, etc… you get the picture… and the academic will arrive at his area of highest probability for a sighting.

      The tracker or hunter would look for a trail and “track”. My example would be that if you take a map and put five dots in a row on it the academic might draw a circle around the five dots and declare that an area of high probability. They would then sit in the center of the area waiting for action whereas the tracker would say, “Lookie there! It’s heading East” and sit outside and East of the circle.

      Rick’s tactic was one of pure luck. I would have done it after the exhausting all others. I believe his tactic to simply be, “Well, we have looked every where else… there was this spot in TX that got a 911 call a couple of years ago… its a long-shot, but hell, why not?”

      All this makes me want some BBQ ribs all of the sudden.

      • Rick may very well be a great tracker. Why not? He shot and killed a Bigfoot after he said he was going to do just that. You know how many clowns are running aruond in the woods trying to kill a Bigfoot? LOTS. And there have been LOTS for a long time now. Even Grover Krantz did this. Rick succeeded where all others failed. You can’t compromise success.

        I also agree with the commenter above that a normal, healthy, stable person would and could not have killed this Bigfoot the way Rick did. It would take a rather shady, sleazy and somewhat criminal-minded fellow like Rick to actually pull that off. So I guess we can thank God for Rick’s personality. It takes all kinds to fill the freeways and some things just might not get done until an antisocial type takes the reigns.

        • You are correct my good sir. Rick succeeded where many failed and you can’t compromise success. I just can’t help but to feel that Rick is as much of a “Master Tracker” as a lottery winner is a Master Mathematician. Rick is just the narcissistic jack-ass that hits the lottery then brags about his system to pick the winning numbers and how he is suddenly the best lottery player in the world.
          I hope Rick shot Hank. I hope it is all real.
          I hope Rick gets rich from it.
          I hope karma rapes Rick in ways unimaginable.
          Have I told you lately Robert how much I appreciate what you do? No? Well I do. Keep up the awesome job boss. As you must know, many of us depend on you for the most reliable and intellectual BF forum out there.

        • Thank you very much Leisureforce!

  21. Warren

    Not true – one scientist did his work and got a good sample which showed it was almost identical to a human being. Todd Disotell received a sample, didn’t do his work and stated the sample was too degraded. Todd denies the existence of Bigfoot completely so this shouldn’t be a surprise. I will watch the Monster Quest episode again and provide a more complete response as far as the DNA sample which was tested.

  22. J

    I am sorry….. but even after all the supposed explanations we’ve all heard and further descriptions of events supporting Dyer’s claims, I am still Very skeptical. I can see why many of you believe it, but it all just doesn’t ring true for me at all…. But we shall soon find out.

    On another note,
    In response to some of the comments above, If these Dyer and Smeja stories of killing Bigfoot are actually true, These actions are Utterly “BARBARICK!!!!”
    As most of us in these circles know, there are countless accounts where hunters and other armed individuals have had bigfoot in their crosshairs but chose to not pull the trigger because they recognized the Humanity of the being they encountered. There have been and continue to be, so many Researchers that do encounter and experience Sasquatch in a peaceful manner. That is how this Scientific Research MUST continue!!

    • “If these Dyer and Smeja stories of killing Bigfoot are actually true, These actions are Utterly “BARBARICK!!!!””

      Dyer = Yes, Smeja = Kinda yes, but almost excusable.

      IF the accounts are true keep these things in mind:
      Dyer saw the Bigfoot earlier in the day and froze up with fear. He then saw it again and was more mentally prepared to shoot and kill. This is premeditated murder. He went where he went and did what he did with intentions to shoot and kill.

      Smeja, an avid hunter out on a regular hunting trip, and someone who admittedly knew nothing about Bigfoot, pulled the trigger within the first 15-ish seconds of his encounter out of mixed emotions for not understanding what he had encountered. I had my initial opinions on Justin Smeja but they changed the more I learned, and they became even more favorable to Justin after the “Monsters and Mysteries in America” show aired. Killing the second Bigfoot (the juvenile) seems just utterly disgusting at first, but that is from our perspective built from our knowledge. Justin’s actions, as horrible as they may have been, were from a completely different perspective. He had instant remorse and shame and a reluctance to go back to the scene. Justin’s actions, which may be rather obvious, were not profit or fame driven. If I were hunting, and had nothing of the Bigfoot knowledge I have today, and I encountered one in the wild, I can only imagine I would feel as Justin said he did, “This is a monster.”

      Dyer gets Murder 1 – Smeja gets some form of negligent homicide with a lightened sentence.

      My issue with Smeja would be the second kill. It was premediated. It was done with intent but I don’t think I could convict him. He was clueless as to what he was seeing, scared shitless, confused in a way many of us could never understand, not profit/fame driven, instantly remorseful and reluctant to cooperate after-the-fact due to shame and regret. Justin was convinced to cooperate for science. Shit-for-Brains Rick Dyer is a totally different story.

      I predict (if the scenarios are true) Rick Dyer makes a small fortune from “Hank” then turns up broke then soon dead inside 4 years much like a twenty year old crack addict winning the lottery.

  23. Mr. E2me

    Oh hey y’all,
    Stumbled onto some evidence that might help us get to the bottom of this rib mystery. ffwd to 2;40 for the clue.

    So…. Wal-mart in San Antonio at least has the proper grade of ribs. Don’t know what the seasoning was . No confirmation on wet or dry. We might have to chance a call to that deplorable debacle he calls a podcast. Or petition Morgan Mathews or other Minnow crew members that might have been privy to the preparation of the bait.
    However,my real take away from this quick vid of the homeless couple that lived in the area is that no matter how shitty your circumstances as
    domestic partners is that you should keep the violence alive and well.
    I mean if you can’t bust the old lady in the chops once in awhile and she can’t return affection with an eye gouge, ya got nothing. .

    • THATsir, is funny.
      I love them. They need their own reality TV show. I could watch them for hours. I LOVE the swollen cheek and black eye. It’s spot on. You could never fake some good ole domestic violence that well for the camera. They have a bond that a little domestic violence could never break.

      “It’s too smart to fall for the ole Rib Nailed to the Tree Trick” – That is just purely rich right there.

      ANYWAY… good observation sir!
      Walmart pork ribs.
      I can hear Cliff Barackman’s voice-over for the next season of Finding Bigfoot now in my head now, “We came to this local Walmart to purchase some Pork Ribs and nail them in the trees in the local homeless camps…”

      “It’s too smart to fall for the ole Rib Nailed to the Tree Trick” – I just can’t stop giggling at that.

      • Mr. E2me

        “It’s too smart to fall for the ole Rib Nailed to the Tree Trick” – I just can’t stop giggling at that.

        That and ” He’s a sneaky snake kind of a guy”.
        My thanks to J.R. Bob Dobbs Jr. for finding the best unintentional comedy duo of the year.
        I watched his little series and enjoyed.
        The homeless couple is a prize

  24. Triticum

    Paulides of course realizes and states clearly that clothing removal and burrowing are part of hypothermia. He points out that in several cases where clothing removal occurred, its simply wasn’t very cold at all and so hypothermia is not a good explanation. Robert, you’re way off on that charge.

  25. Tim Ballentine

    Well,it looks like Boucher and the crew Hoaxed us and are now claiming he never saw any pictures,he says he did it to prove a point about gullibility.Oh well,I still believe there is a body.

    • Mr. E2me

      What a fucker. Hoaxers should be sterilized using rusty instruments.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      Nevermind. That Boucher and friends are a little bit childish for their age does not reduce the probability that there is indeed a body.

    • Stupidass jerkoffs. Great, so all these assholes are hoaxers, wonderful.

      You know when people lie like this all the time, they really screw up everything. For one thing, people like me more or less depend on the fact that my sources are telling me the truth. If everyone was lying all the time, what kind of a world would it be?

      • Not only do they admit to hoaxing FB/FB but they continue to post. Why are they tolerated? The whole group seem to be the reason BFF will not allow any more Dyer threads on their site. Now FB/FB looks like Trollhaven.

        • Joerg Hensiek

          They are still allowed to post, because FBFB knows that they will leave the blog after April 30th in order to annoy people on the Easter bunny blog.

      • Tim

        They’re just trying to confuse the issue.They know there’s a bigfoot and they can’t do anything about that, all they can do is start misinformation campaigns and then pretend good hearted people have to be suckers for showing them compassion by thinking they have seen the light.It’s coming to the point where no one can be sure anyone has any friends anymore,only acquaintances,it’s becoming spy vs spy on a grand scale.

        • Fai Mao

          I spent, wasted actually, some time watching a supposed explanation of why the tent video is a fraud today. If that is the best the people who are skeptics of that video can do they need to find another hobby. The big point the guy made was that the video was “fuzzy and not clear” but he was showing a version of the film that was enlarged several times. Of course it is going to be fuzzy at that point because as you enlarge a photo you lose resolution. If you watch the film as it was made, not after it is enlarged it is a very clear picture. I was thoroughly unimpressed by the analysis.

          The debunker also failed to deal with the number of people in the homeless (Not really homeless they have tents which in the dry very temperate climate of San Antonio is not too bad a way to live) camp that were seeing the creature over a period of months. If Dyer is lying then so are several dozen other people including whoever filed the police report.
          That is what makes me think this is not a hoax. There are to many people involved for some low-life red-neck to not get drunk and talk. “I was paid $150,00 to file that there report. Yep we made the whole thing up” If Dyer is lying then all these people are too. That seems unlikely

  26. Joerg Hensiek

    FYI Robert: FBFB just answered to one of my comments on their blog. It seems that NOT EVERYTHING will be disclosed on May 1st – presumably “only” all the details about the last 5 or 3 minutes of the film.
    They wrote:
    „Joerg Hensiek: Actually we are bound by legal docs and CAN’T disclose what we know and actually May 1st is not the magic date.“

  27. Roman

    Robert Lindsay’s parents wish they had a son half the man David PaulIdes is. When do your books come out nerd face?

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