Russian Neo-Nazi Violence is Out of Control

To be honest, I had not expected anything reasonable on this subject from a group called the Union of Councils for Jews in the Former Soviet Union (UCSJ) but in this report, they really outdo themselves.

Groups like the disgusting ADL in the US spend most of their time engaged in worthless activities like promoting a fake anti-Semitism crisis in the US. Some examples?

An execrable attack on the sublime Walt/Mearshimer report. A shrill screech against some guy saying “Holocaust” and not referring to Jewish folks. A depressing and relentless push for scary hate crime laws. Stoking the fires with the Catholic Church after the Vatican buried the hatchet. Shamelessly shilling for the Israeli gangster state.

Ludicrous anti-Semitism surveys that only ask folks if they are aware of the obvious. Waging total war against the noble academic boycotts of Apartheid Israel.

I could go on but why? Someone got their feelings hurt, wah wah. 1 million humans lie dead in a charnel house called Iraq and the ADL says some Jewish folks got their feelings hurt. I am supposed to really care about this? I don’t think so.

So I dubiously clicked the link on UCSJ page, at best hoping to find an obsession with the Jewish victims and short shift of the Gentile victims of Russian Nazis. To their credit, the UCSJ did a bang-up job, and I salute them.

This is the real deal, the stuff Jews ought to be really concerned about, instead of wasting time chasing phantoms, persecuting innocent people who “criminally” don’t genuflect enough in front of the Jews and shuddering over fake persecution crises.

The entire month of April 2006 was a great big party in all of Russia. It was Adolf Hitler’s birthday, and the skinheads were partying with guns, knives, fists, etc. When the shindig was over, seven innocent people were corpses, and over a dozen more were seriously wounded. The list itself is worth reading in its numbness and outrage.

Victims were Tajiks, Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Turks, Muslims in general, people from the Caucasus, Syrians, Mongolians, Tuvans, Chinese, North Koreans, Vietnamese, Malays, Indians, Gypsies, Jews (of course), anti-fascists like me, Senegalese, Zambians, ordinary Russians (??), and fans of rock music (they hate people who listen to “racially inferior” Black music like rap and reggae).

In one case, Tajiks in a market fought back, and a Nazi was killed. Good show!

That was last year. This year is 25% worse.

Sean’s Russian Blog has a good rundown on the crisis, suggesting that the Russian Far Right is becoming radicalized. He blames the socioeconomic structure of Putinism itself.

This stuff has been going on for a long time now. The gangs formed around 1993, but the attacks did not start until 1995. In 1994, police began beating immigrants from the Caucasus repeatedly in public, and there was no punishment for them. This seemed to set an example for the Nazis.

By 1998, they were using weapons in most attacks. Already in 1998, there were many attacks against Indians in Russia, mostly students. So many that the Indian Embassy lodged repeated complaints. That year, neo-Nazis pledged to kill “an Asian a day” and “a Black a day” during April when they celebrate Hitler’s birthday. April 1998 was a particularly bad year for attacks on Indians in Russia.

And in the month after April 20, 1998, an average of four Blacks a day were attacked in Russia. One died. Victims came from Nigeria, Benin, Sudan, South Africa and India. Two Pakistani women were badly beaten. In the following years, synagogues were bombed, police were attacked and bombs were planted in the streets.

There are now at least 70,000 skinheads in Russia and probably many more. That is 50% of the world’s skinhead population. 2/3 of the population agrees with nationalist slogans like “Russia for Russians” and blames all problems on foreigners.

1/2 of Russians want to restrict the rights of Russian national minorities. The Russian neo-Nazis probably have quite a bit of popular support, though it has been difficult to gauge the true level of it.

In the past couple of years, they have crossed a previous red line – no attacks on children. They now usually use screwdrivers, baseball bats and knives, and increasingly the attacks end in homicide. In 2004, they killed Nikolai Girenko, an anti-skinhead activist who had helped convict a number of skinheads in court. He had received many death threats and the entrance to his building was covered in Nazi slogans and symbols.

A good, but long, report on the subject is available here.


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49 responses to “Russian Neo-Nazi Violence is Out of Control

  1. Tulio

    Russia is like another planet, man. I can’t believe the stories I hear out there. It’s like the wild west. Look at this at 5 minutes in, it broke my heart:

    • Dota

      Interesting. I had no idea that Russians were this uncivilized.

      • Bay Area Guy

        What’s interesting is that during the Soviet Union days, Russians did everything to depict themselves in an anti-racist manner. Communism liberated the people, as opposed to the racist anti-black Capitalism in America.

        And yet, Russia nowadays is arguably the most dangerous place in the world to be a black minority.

        • Tulio

          Hell, they even beat up white people. Many of these “Caucasians” they are killing look like white people to me, or they would at least be considered white anywhere else on the planet(like Georgians and Armenians). But to Russia they are “blacks” because they have dark hair and eyes. I saw an interview with a white American college student that was jumped by skinheads. He was just a regular white guy but had dark hair and eyes and obviously didn’t have Slavic features. What a bunch of sick fucks. Fuck Russia.

        • Hacienda

          Genghis Khan! Genghis Khan! Genghis Khan! Genghis Khan!

          Sorry. I love that man. I can still admire male power expression even if expressed by an alien race. It’s why I like slam-dunks, a good tackle in football.

          Sports give you the display, not the depth and seriousness. Russians are still a non-trivial whitey race. It’s the Genghis Khan! in them.

        • Bay Area Guy

          What can I say, Tulio?

          When you go through centuries of czarist rule, several decades of communist brainwashing, and then have your empire rapidly fall and transition into gangster capitalism, combined with a large number of immigrants pouring in (thus creating a siege mentality in an already angry and disillusioned people), it’s bound to be one toxic devil’s brew.

      • AJ the Rus_Ukrainian Maniac

        compared to who? one of the most civilized on the planet thank you
        it is the blacks who are uncivilized dont hate bitch

    • Basker

      Good article but you made a mistake. Skinheads are fond of black culture. They listen to reggae, ska, rocksteady… They’re antiracist. Look for SHARP and the web. You’ll see! Stop calling those dumb neonazi assholes skinheads. They’re not!

  2. Xera

    Russia is also the last hope for a all white country, they will not let any immigrants take over that country by force alone. Indians and other parasitical groups will definitely not be affecting Russia or moving in masse there.

    • Tulio

      There are ways to deal with immigration issues without murdering a 9 year old girl. These skinheads have the blood of ice water. It’s just hard to believe I share the same planet with people that would beat to death a 9 year old girl and then boast about it on camera. That is some shit on another level.

    • Swedish shit

      I am sure egyptians like you will be emigrating in large numbers instead as the bread riots continue to kill more people.

      From the Christian Science monitor.

      The country’s coffers are draining fast. The exchange rate was at 5.8 pounds to the dollar at the end of 2010, shortly before the massive street protests began that drove Mubarak from power. Today, it is trading close to 6.8 to the dollar, a 17 percent drop, most of which has come since the start of the year.

      Since so many Egyptian consumer goods – like much of the nation’s food – are imported, the collapsing pound has driven up local inflation and put a strain on the government, which planned to spend at least $4.5 billion on subsidized fuel in the first three months of 2013.

      Though spending on wheat subsidies has fallen, that’s because the government has been drawing on a strategic wheat reserve to keep the ovens on at government bakeries, which sell flatbread for pennies a loaf. The wheat reserve now holds enough to supply demand for three more months, down from six months in the middle of last year.

  3. AJ the Rus_Ukrainian Maniac

    How many whites a day are killed in South Africa?

  4. AJ the Rus_Ukrainian Maniac

    People love to bash the main Euroipean ethnic group on the planet that actually stands up for our culture and nation, fuck multiculturalism, it was Russians who brought civilization to the barbaric Caucasians and the dirty smelly Central Asians, Muslims are goat fuckers and have incest

    • Marko

      Hahah Barbaric Caucasians, so I’m guessing the White Russians are A) Mongoloid or B) Negroid? And you wonder why Hitler thought so little for Eastern Europeans (yes the Irony).

  5. AJ the Rus_Ukrainian Maniac

    my English is not so great forgive my English but I would also like to add I assaulted many blacks in Canada and America they are very stupid race and tried many times to rob me in the past so I catch them and beat them when I can, they are lucky I am not in charge of shit, I would sterilize all the black males once and for all and have all the lighter races breed with all the black booty-females and breed them out to make a lighter world, this will be nice, vote for me!!

    • Tulio

      “I assaulted many blacks in Canada and America…”

      Suuuure you did, you keyboard warrior.

      • AJ the Rus_Ukrainian Maniac

        come at me bro downtown Vancouver say that to my face real talk well see whos the keyboard warrior

    • Swedish shit

      I myself believe you. I think what you did was wrong, but you are a free man to make your own choices and suffer the consequences. Actually if you saw me, an extremely dark sewage worker from india, you would assault me. Hence I will stay away from Russia, though I visited it once way back when things were not so racist. So you are successful in your campaign to keep scum like me away from your country.

  6. Brengunn

    I often think of Russia as having the sort of ethno-national hatred that Western Europe had in the 1970’s but I don’t know whether that is accurate. Chiefly because I don’t know how murderous British neo nazis were, they loved violence but I don’t think killing 9 year olds could be so easily justified, even back then. When I look at this it’s sort of hard not to place British skinheads alongside mods and rockers and punks except more right wing and more violent but still essentially a youth cult.

    Having said all of that, I would still like to see Russia and Eastern Europe hold onto it’s European identity by remaining white. Not from any dislike of immigrant cultures but more as a plan b to the EU’s massive demographic change. Who know’s how these new nations will hang together when the tougher times come, I suspect that despite the inter-racial love ins and pc culture of today, Western Europe has a future of racial tension, suspicion, isolation, voting blocs and the inevitable political corruption that follows. The more I think about it, the more large scale demographic shifts like we have seen here seems to be a recipe for future disaster.

    • Tulio

      The biggest threat to Europe not remaining white isn’t immigration and interracial sex as much as it it is the failure of white nations to reproduce at replacement level. That’s the single biggest cause and something that can’t be blamed on ethnic minorities. Even if all immigration to Europe halted tomorrow, there are entire European countries that will be vacant in a few hundred years at present demographic trends. I think it’s mainly due to feminism and the changing gender roles and women’s greater likelihood of sacrificing her career for family.

      • Tulio

        *LESSOR likelihood

      • In an insanely overpopulated world, the last thing on Earth we need to worry about is some countries with declining populations. Declining populations are a great thing! We need to cheer them on, everywhere on Earth they are happening!

        No people in the history of mankind has ever gone extinct due to declining birthrate. No nation in the history of the written word has ever gone extinct due to declining birthrate. It’s literally not something we have to worry about. And considering you will be dead in 50 years, WTF do you care about the world 300 years from now.

        Worst of all is what I hate about this declining birthrate propaganda is that it is all reactionary. It is reactionary and capitalist, and worse, it has been adopted by the rightwing capitalists (cultural liberal division) as an excuse for massive 3rd World immigration into the civilized White nations of the world. Allowing the 3rd World to pour into the West en masse has not been positive for the West. Instead, it has induced a sort of Calcuttaization of the West, where the more Third Worlders we import, the more we resemble a 3rd World hellhole.

        • Xera

          Robert I thought you didn’t care about non-white immigration? who are these third worlders exactly?

        • “And considering you will be dead in 50 years, WTF do you care about the world 300 years from now.”
          What an odd statement but one that all modern liberals share. I don’t feel that way at all, I’m a father, I care about my lineage and the crappy world they will inherit.

      • Brengunn

        True, but it’s hardly likely that Europeans wouldn’t increase their reproduction should a desperate need arise. If the birth rates can fall so quickly then they could change back to higher rates of birth equally quickly.

        It will be interesting to judge countries in the EU, now with so many disparate interests, against Japan in the coming decades. Both have the same problems of aging native population but both have very different ways of dealing with it. I suspect that Japan may be a loser in the short term but will be better able to adapt to coming hardships due to it’s homogeneity.

        • Gay State Girl

          Can’t we just conceive fetuses in mass production and raise them in puppy mills?

        • Mamoru Chiba (Tuxedo Mask)

          Japan ❤ hope that everything there is alright

        • Brengunn


          So you can’t see yourself with baby at breast and a rosy glow in your cheeks, cheerfully waiting for Mr.G to get home from the office!?

        • Gay State Girl

          Not for all the tea in China!

        • Manny

          Don’t worry We Indians and Chinese would eventually fk all the white people and then the world be all slightly beige with slanted eyes.

          in about 1000 years.

          Its inevitable

    • Swedish shit

      “I often think of Russia as having the sort of ethno-national hatred that Western Europe had in the 1970′s but I don’t know whether that is accurate. Chiefly because I don’t know how murderous British neo nazis were, they loved violence but I don’t think killing 9 year olds could be so easily justified, even back then.”

      This is true. Even back then. I was walking by and some neo nazi skinheads spottted me as a brown asian indian slum scum type. At first they were aggressive but for some reason they decided not to kill me.
      They were pretty bad back then in the seventies. I know from first hand experience. But I survived somehow. I can say that they were not as bad as the russian neo-nazis who are on a whole new level. For some reason my age had something to do with it. I was a schoolboy in my uniform. I was about 11 at the time. So your instincts are right on this one.

      • Brengunn

        Yes, I thought as much, no doubt you would have got a kicking had you been a bit older. This difference was even part of the Allied take over of Germany, with the German citizens wanting to be occupied by the Western powers rather than the Russians as the Russians were so violent. They also were very willing to rape, even ordered to do so, where that was always punished in the Western Allies.

        It makes you wonder whether it is some innate difference or whether it is just that their culture is that bit behind ours and therefore more violent?

        • Swedish Shit

          Such a deep question Brengunn. I do not sadly have any real idea. So I am going to bat that one back to you. What do you think?

        • Brengunn

          I’ve always been inclined to believe that it is merely a matter of catching up, but I’m not wholly sure anymore. As I look at the world now, I see clear differences in behaviour between the different races, so it’s only natural to assume that we each will adapt to the modern world in different ways. But if I had to be pinned down about the Russians I would ultimately say it is just a matter of catching up. Remember, even though the Soviet Union was a dominant power, they really were far behind the countries of Western Europe in almost every way bar military might.

        • Unemployment of the natives and mass immigration = violence.

  7. Swedish shit

    Brengunn I have to agree and that is the most sane analysis I can think as well. It makes perfect sense.

  8. Europe is being taken over by non-whites, that is the reality. I don’t like this violence and killing but what do you expect? Should whites just accept this take-over, lay down and become the new oppressed minority in their own lands? I don’t see how a steady flood of immigrants is any different than a military annexation – one’s just a little slower.

    • Natsu Dragneel

      whites took over Canada, United States, Argentina, half of Brazil, New Zealand, Australia and Uruguay; whites gained so much territory, so what if they lost small Europe, that is a normal thing, take over other lands through immigration, european immigrants did it in Argentina or United States

      • Because they don’t want to lose their lands? The French aren’t happy about losing France because they know that Quebec is still intact. We’re talking about thousands of years of history.

        • Hacienda

          Too easy. I’m not even going to respond to this.

        • Natsu Dragneel

          thats right :/ ,but they are welcoming immigrants because they need them, people like you who reject them are minority, and since a right point of view, i think the world need to be more balanced, i don’t see a problem if some places are less white since the whites gained so much space, i am sure the natives of Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand ,half of Brazil,Argentina ,Uruguay didn’t want to lose their land either, i do feel is justice and balance for the world that Europe becomes less white just like other lands become more white
          by the way i didn’t mention Siberia, now in white hands too: A milestone in the history of Siberia was the arrival of the Russians in the 16th and 17th centuries, contemporaneous and in many regards analogous to the European colonization of the Americas
          the Siberian cities attract labour (legal or illegal) from the Central Asian republics and from China. While the natives are aware of the situation, in Western Russia myths about thousands and millions of Chinese living in the Transbaikalia and the Far East are widespread. Thus it is not uncommon in the Russian society, especially to the West of the Urals, to be anxious about a supposed Chinese annexation of the South-East Siberia

  9. Sounds almost as bad as the racial violence against White people in White majority counties in the West.
    ALL White countries and ONLY White countries are for everyone!
    White people must be made into a minority in all White majority countries.
    That’s genocide.

  10. dhal

    Why the white man are so savage ?

  11. Marko

    No different from Radical Islamist to be honest

  12. Saxon

    More like the thuggery and lies of jews is out of control.

  13. Jason Y

    I find this odd considering Hitler considered Slavs subhuman, or was it only because he thought they had been contaminated by Asian genes? Nonetheless, the war in the east was racial and savage in nature, and not totally because they were communists.

  14. Jason Y

    That’s funny they would say “Russia for the Russians”. Russia has been so poor lately, that nobody wants to go there, LOL, or maybe since Putin things have been progressing.

  15. Boreos

    Some time already have come but I think I have to comment. Things are not so simple and straightforward as you described them. You said that you dislike organisations like the ADL, that they are exaggerating and presenting facts in a favourable light for them. But the organisations with which you based your blaming text are much worse. These organitations are usually funded by the US governement and filled and ruled by that well-known group of people who sincerely hate Russians (by bitter irony called in Russia “liberals and democrats”). It is not my opinion that they are Russophobic, just enough to read what they are writing and saying all the time. They are saying obviously hate speeches towards Russians. So the only destination of these Russophobic so called “human rights” organisations and medias is to demonise Russia and Russians in the best Cold War and chauvinistic traditions. But as you understand communism and communists are ceased to be the bugaboo, then they turned to represent Russians as olde good Nazis-Racists-simply-bad-people who hate other people, the haters of all haters and they’re getting even worse. But are they? Obviously not. Russia are no more racist and dangerous than any part of America or Europe. They (the organitations and medias) just did not collect any “a White killed a Black” murder there as racist murder. While for Russia they do this trick. Voilà, the West are a multiracial heaven, Russia is a Nazi hell.

    The real problem of contemporary Russia is quite the contrary. You are hardly ever meet Russian Nazis, which are claimed to be preying in Russian towns. But rather you will meet bunches of half-criminal Muslim immigrants from the South whether they are foreigner from Central Asia or citizens of Russia from the North Caucasus republics. And I have to say that the latter “co-citizens” are more dangerous. I advise you do conflict with them an in any way. They are easy get mad and ready kill you with knife or gun. There are thousand of examples when they killed total strangers. Imagine that a gang of such thugs refuse to pay tickets in tram and instead they bloodily knife the conductor and random passengers? It is not a thriller movie, it is the real case. But the worse fact that in Russia the norm is when these cases are left unpunished because such thugs are usually covered by their “diasporas” (better to call them “ethnic mafias”) and evade prison.

    • Boreos

      “I advise you do conflict with them an in any way.”
      Right “do not conflict”. Sorry for any other mistakes, I have not found out the way to edit my comments here.

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