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Bigfoot News April 30, 2013

First reviews of Shooting Bigfoot are in. Via Musky Allen, we have some of the first reviews of the documentary that premiered in Toronto tonight.

OK Folks. I’ve talked with Jack Barnes on the phone. He said the film was disappointing. The film showed a Sasquatch running from where the ribs where hung from the tree after Morgan got Rick from the tent…Rich gives chase and shoots into the dark presumably at the dark figure which is believed to be the Bigfoot. Morgan wrestles with Rick for the gun.

As Rick runs off into the dark, the Bigfoot which is seen from 2 feet away slams into Morgan, knocking him onto the ground. After a few seconds, Morgan regains his camera, and stands up with the Bigfoot staring into the lens showing its whole face…after a short skirmish, the film ends…

No daylight footage….If Morgan has the additional footage like what Rick has seen, then perhaps he’ll release it with a statement…I don’t know!…Jack wasn’t too happy how Morgan made the Bigfoot World look foolish in how he presents the image of these people!

Well, that is not so bad. It looks like as I predicted earlier, this film will solve absolutely nothing at all. Already many of the reviewers are insisting that the film shows a Rick Dyer hoax, in this case, Rick has a friend of his dress up in a Bigfoot suit and attack the filmmaker.

I continue to believe that Rick Dyer shot and killed a Bigfoot in the filming of this movie. My reasons are:

1. A source at Minnow Films UK who insisted to me that this is indeed what happened. This source has checked out well and does not appear to be a false story plant. I do not believe that she is lying to me, sorry.

2. A good friend of mine, who is good friends with Morgan Matthews, the director, told me that Morgan would not be a party to a filmed hoax in any way, shape or form. So based on that, I do not believe that the final sequence of this film shows Rick Dyer hoaxing the shooting of a Bigfoot. If that happened in the shooting of the movie, that part of the film would simply be cut out of the film, and in fact, the entire Rick Dyer sequence would have been cut out altogether.

3. Musky Allen’s testimony that he has seen the body. I do not believe that Musky is lying about seeing Rick’s body. Rick could have had a great Hollywood prop to show Musky, but that seems dubious. Further, the body is being held at a US government research facility that Musky had to sign 9 pages of forms just to get in to. There is no way on Earth that this government research facility would be party to a hoax in any way, shape or form. It’s possible that Musky is lying for some crazy reason, but I just do not get that impression from him, and I do know Musky pretty well.

4. The Facebook Find Bigfoot guys appear to have also seen Rick Dyer’s body. Via an excellent source, this is what was suggested to me, not outright at all, but in so many words so that I could figure out the implication of what was being said without it being stated explicitly. I came away from that conversation convinced that the FB/FB guys had indeed seen the body. Once again, Rick could have faked them out with a great Hollywood prop, but that seems dubious, and once again, we run into the problem that the place it is being stored at would not be a party to any possible hoax.

Official Facebook Find Bigfoot review of Shooting Bigfoot.

A Scathing Review of Shooting Bigfoot A film by Morgan Matthews.

The opening credits have high production value; a great deal of money was spent to capture the crazy misadventures of the three crews as they search for the mythical beast. From there the film plunges faster than Niagara Falls. It feels as if Morgan Matthews is manipulating his audience from the very start. The film is heavily edited over what appears to be many years.

Anyone who has followed the saga of Rick Dyer and the Camper Video knows that it is a compelling piece of film with Morgan’s voice calling “Rick Rick RICK!” His voice causes the Sasquatch to turn and look at the film (Dyer). The problem with Shooting Bigfoot is the “Rick, Rick RICK,” is at night and seems highly edited. The ribs are shown but never nailed to the tree, there is no eating ribs, and instead the ribs just disappear. We are made to think that Matthews is a solo embedded journalist, even though we know Morgan brought a crew along with him.

The film ends with Morgan being bowled over by what appears to be a very strong, very large and angry man-shaped creature. His face is shown for one second, and it is very shocking. The viewer is left to wonder if it is a real Sasquatch or not.

Clearly Morgan did not head to the airport in the middle of the night (the final scene is him in an airplane). Surely if someone had been attacked like that, you would endeavor to understand what happened. Morgan’s face is beat up badly as he is shown in both hospital and on a plane. So it is definite that something dramatic happened as he is hurled to the ground by the Sasquatch. Dyer asks if he can see the film footage, the film is rewound and the viewer gets to see the attacker again for maybe two seconds. Again, there is no conclusive ending.

Security was heavy at the venue, and the crowd was being watched for cameras, so it is not possible to look again at the footage. If it is real, then it is by far the closest footage ever seen of a Sasquatch. If it is fake, it is like no mask we have ever seen, and we add that the sight of the creature is dramatic. True to many of the reviews, this ending will not leave Bigfoot believers or skeptics satisfied, in fact it will leave both completely and totally unsatisfied.

An excellent review that shows what I expected, that the movie will prove nothing at all. It also looks like it underwent a very heavy edit for unknown reasons. FB/FB’s reaction to the footage of the Bigfoot is one of total shock. If it is real, they say, it is the best Bigfoot footage ever shot. If it is fake, it is like no Bigfoot mask they have ever seen.

This movie still leaves those of us who believe that Rick Dyer killed a Bigfoot will excellent reasons to continue to believe that.

Unfortunately, the up in the air ending also gives believers in the Hoax Theory a huge shot in the arm, and at this moment, they are in the end zone spiking the ball and dancing a jig, demanding that FB/FB resign and insisting that the movie shows a Rick Dyer hoax involving a man in a suit tackling a director.

That’s not proven at all based on a viewing of the movie; on the other hand, neither is it proven that an actual Bigfoot was shot in the filming of this extremely odd flick. The movie simply leaves us hanging like a bird on a string, with no possible resolution unless and until a body is forthcoming. If a body is revealed at some time in the near future, we will hopefully have a resolution to this mystery. However, if no body is ever forthcoming, the Hoaxer argument will probably win over no matter what the truth of the matter is.

It would be very nice if Morgan Matthews could make a statement in the coming days to clear up some of the uncertainties about the movie. It would also be nice if Rick Dyer could somehow release some of the footage or photos that he has, as it might help to resolve the mystery. Rick says that Morgan shot a lot of film for this movie that was left on the cutting room floor, including closeup footage of the dead Bigfoot. Why on Earth this killer footage was cut from the film is a gigantic mystery that defies logical explanation. Circumstances surrounding this movie just keep getting weirder and weirder, to paraphrase Hunter Thompson.

Update on the Rick Dyer federal warrant for interstate and wire fraud. We have checked into this story further and have determined that there is no federal warrant out for the arrest of Rick Dyer for interstate and wire fraud. However, the explanation is not as cut and dried as it seems, and it is understandable how this fake story got going.

First of all, A group of Dyer haters probably associated with the notorious Don Boucher and a group of people around him impersonated a prominent member of Rick Dyer’s Team Tracker and pretending to be this person as a source to me, planted a fake story with me saying that the FBI raided Dyer’s house on April 25 and took three of his computers. They also said that Rick and Lily Dyer are lawyering up to fight the charges, and Musky Allen and Cindy Pinkfoot are also under investigation for the same charges and are worried about going to jail. The story said that the FBI said that there is no Bigfoot body and that everyone who bought a Team Tracker membership was defrauded.

None of this is true.

It’s all made up by Don Boucher, etc. in an effort to smear Dyer and probably also to make me look bad as an unreliable source and as a “guy who will print anything.” The Team Tracker member was contacted and affirmed to me that they had not been emailing me. A fake account with Hushmail had been set  up in this person’s name, and that is how I thought it was them. This TT member was angry about being impersonated and wondered if there was any way that they could retaliate.

We had sources look into these charges to see if there was anything to it. Originally a source who is a bail bondsman reported back to us that there was indeed a warrant out for Rick’s arrest on these charges. I had Steve Kulls try to reaffirm that via additional information and Steve found that there is actually no federal warrant out for Rick’s arrest on those charges. Instead, there seems to be an old federal warrant out for Rick’s arrest on interstate commerce and wire fraud charges stemming from an Ebay fraud case in which Rick was arrested in Texas recently. The charges in that case would indeed have been interstate commerce and wire fraud. So this may in part explain the confusion.

In addition, the Dyer haters centering around Don Boucher have been trying to get the authorities to file charges against Dyer for interstate commerce and wire fraud in connection with Rick’s claim that all Team Tracker memberships were going to help the homeless. Instead, Rick apparently is not going to give one dime to the homeless and instead he is going to pocket all of the money himself, as he puts it, “to buy myself a new Corvette.” The people around Dyer who are pressing this complaint say that authorities have opened an investigation into these charges, but there is no way to confirm that, and law enforcement doesn’t usually comment on ongoing investigations anyway.

Apologies for anyone who got confused, but I got played here. This is actually the first time that I have proven that a false story was planted with me, despite many claims that this has been going on forever. I only have a few sources, and I trust them very well and have an excellent relationship with them. New sources are not common at all. It looks like now that people are planting fake stories with me, I am going to have to vet out future sources a lot more carefully. Needless to say, planting false stories with journalists is unbelievably unethical. It doesn’t happen a whole lot thank God, and if it were happening all the time, the whole media would probably have to shut down.

Society only functions when there is a basic glue of trust and honestly at some level. Without that, everything falls apart, and you end up with 3rd World Hellholes, failed states, etc. Think about most of the human relationships you value in life. Could these relationships continue to function if you or the others in your life were lying half the time and telling the truth the other half the time, with no good way to sort out the lies from the straight up? Face facts, if that was going on, most if not all of the relationships in your life would be ripped to shreds.

Lily Dyer reports that Hank’s (the Bigfoot Rick Dyer shot) body will be released in the summer. A date of August 15 has been issued by Lily for the revelation of the body. We will have to wait until then, I suppose.

False charges against Steve Kulls. Steve is of course Rick Dyer’s arch nemesis and has been leading the charge saying that Dyer is hoaxing us over the Shooting Bigfoot movie. A group of Dyer supporters centering around Team Tracker have been part of a huge campaign to trash Kulls. One of the charges is that Kulls has lied when he said that he had a Private Investigator’s license with the state of New York. The TT folks said that Kulls never had a PI license at any time. I have since learned through an excellent source that Kulls did indeed have a PI license with New York state at one time. Now whether or not it is still active is another matter altogether. But at any rate, TT’s charges against Kulls are not true.


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Older Guy Having the Time of His Life with Young Women

I recently received this comment in the comments threads, from an older guy, age 67, who is having the time of his life partying with young women aged 19-23.

I don’t know what to say about this issue; it is mainly because all the old bags have made it to where older guys liking younger women is looked at as something bad. As a consequence, many older guys will either try to stay away or they are married. I am now 67, still in good shape and look maybe 54. Since my divorce, I am having the time of my life with women aged 19-early 20′s. They are a crack up to party with if you party.

I can supply drinks and even some Mollys (MDMA or Ecstasy), and they love to have a safe place to party at. I make sure they make it back to get to their real boyfriends or home safe afterwards. Sometimes I get lucky and one of them likes me. I love them calling each other “bitch” LOL. It’s funny as hell, and you only live once. I been there and done the boring marriage thing.

These young women enjoy doing things and have never done many things or gone many places. They are hot, and they are fun…What the Hell else is there? I am loving life, and of course I help them with gas in their car or school books as that is a part of me I acquired from raising a daughter. No is sex required as I am calm and easy going, so they like that. I’m in Orange County, California and have 3 different girls coming around. Love it…to hell with you rejected old bags that never want sex and only want to bitch.

This is a great article! 67 year old guy partying down with hot young chicks aged 19-23! He is good to them, responsible and doesn’t pressure them for sex, but nevertheless, now and then he gets lucky. If this guy is creepy, then I say let’s hear it for creeps! A lot of older guys are not really interested in young women to be honest, contrary to all of the insane paranoia. Around here, I almost never see an older man with a very young woman. You simply don’t see it. So what’s all the fuss about?

After about age 47, it is very hard to interest them in you anyway, or at least that has been my experience.

I know quite a few young women in my daily life, and as a general rule, they really don’t like me too much. I’m not sure what it is all about, but I suspect they think I am a dirty old man! Of course, I am a dirty old man, not that there is anything wrong with that!

Most of them don’t even want me talking to them, not even the slightest bit of small talk about the most innocuous subjects. They tend to shut the conversations down very quickly, and I get the message all right. I am starting to act pretty rude back to them, so what goes around, comes around. I’m not trying to pick up on any of them; I just want to talk about this, that or whatever.

At my age, I can still get nice looking young women about age 27-29, but that is about as low as I can go anymore. How this guy, who is 12 years older than I am, has these 19-23 year old chicks coming around, I have no idea, but props anyway Pops!

As far as his complaints about older women, in my experience, the female sex drive remains potentially very strong all the way into the forties, from 40-48 at the very least. For some it keeps going pretty strong until 50. So the female sex drive then seems to come on at age 13 (my calculation based on present rates of maturation in the US) and remains quite strong in many cases all the way to age 45-48 or so. I have known some women aged 40-48 who are extreme sex maniacs.

I do not think the female sex drive changes much between 13-48, but studies show it peaks at age 33-39. These same studies also showed that the drive at that age was quite a bit higher than that of teenage girls. This same study showed a high rate of female “sexual responsiveness” whatever that means, extending far past the 40’s and into the 50’s and even old age.

However, after menopause hits, there does seem to be a lowering of the sex drive. This seems to hit women around age ~50 or thereabouts.


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Interesting Comments on Galician

I just received these comments from a Galician speaker who lives in the Galician region of Spain. Galician is a language related to Portuguese that is spoken in the far northwest of Spain.

Interesante conversación. Qué pena que no la haya visto en su día.

Vivo en Galicia, pero nací en Madrid y hablo Castellano y también Gallego.

En galicia la gente de la calle lo que habla es castrapo. Una jerga con estructura sintáctica del gallego, usando palabras castellanas y con entonación gallega. Por eso, dice el artículista, la gente castellana entiende al de la televisión pero no entiende a la gente de la calle.

Cualquier gallego entiende el portugués escrito, pero la fonética del Portugués se aparta mucho del gallego y del castellano y lo que entiende por escrito no lo entiende si lo oye.

El gallego es un idioma practicamente muerto, porque con la televisión gallega lo que han conseguido es hacer un gallego con una estructura castellana usando ciertas palabras gallegas y con entonación castellana.

Los jovenes no quieren hablar gallego, solo lo habán los que van poco a la escuela, abandonan el sistema educativo, que curiosamente es donde se enseña. Entre marineros, labradores y gente de oficios bajos es donde se habla más el castrapo, porque el gallego de le TV tampoco lo habla nadie. Y cuando la gente que suele hablar castrapo habla castellano es penoso oirles.
Incluso los que hablan bien castellano cometen un sin fin de faltas tanto de pronunciación como de sintaxis y de léxico. Los gallegos son lo que hasta ahora hablan peor el castellano en España. En poco tiempo supongo que les superarán los catalanes que hablarán castellano como lo puede hacer un japonés medio.

Lo malo es que unos cuantos iluminados utilicen la lengua como arma política, y pretendan, como en Cataluña, erradicar el castellano en aras de conseguir un país que nunca existió. Mira el ejemplo tonto de los integracionistas gallegos, quiren pasar de tener una lengua reconocida en España a tener un dialecto del portugués, no reconocido ni por los portugueses.

Es sencillamenente, lo que solemos decir: joder por joder.

Saludos a todos.

My translation:

Interesting conversation. Too bad I didn’t see it until now.

I live in Galicia, but I was born in Madrid and speak Castilian and Galician.

In Galicia the street people speak something called Castrapo. This is a language with Galician syntactic structure and intonation but using Spanish words. The author of the piece is correct that Castilian speakers people understand the “TV Galician,” but they don’t understand Castrapo.

Any Galician can understand written Portuguese, but Portuguese phonetics deviates so much from both Galician and Castilian that it is hard for a Galician speaker to understand. When you see it written, you can understand the words you could not understand when it was spoken.

The sad truth is that Galician is a language that is almost dead due to what Galician television has done by creating a fake Galician language using a mix of Spanish and Galician words with Spanish intonation.

Young people do not want to speak Galician anymore. They  only know whatever Galician they were taught in school (Galician is now taught in the schools of the region), and after school they are not exposed to it much anymore. Castrapo is spoken by working class people – sailors and farmers. These same folks refuse to use TV Galician.

Unfortunately, most Castrapo speakers do not speak Spanish very well. Listening to them speak Castillian is painful.

Even those who speak well Castilian commit endless errors of pronunciation, syntax and vocabulary (This implies that Castrapo does use some Galician vocabulary). The Galicians speak some of the worst Castilian in Spain.

The trouble is that a few intellectuals use Galician as a political weapon, and intend, as in Catalonia, to eradicate Castilian in order to create a country that never existed. Look at the example of the silly Galician integrationist grouping that want to go from having a language recognized by Spain and turn it into a dialect of Portuguese which at any rate is not even recognized by the Portuguese themselves.

This is what I have heard about the situation in Galicia. However, what I heard is that the situation of the Galician language is not nearly so dire as portrayed by the author. TV Galician is indeed a fake language invented for TV, so like Spanish that it is intelligible to most Spanish speakers.

I have also heard that Galician is not completely intelligible with Portuguese, not even way down on the southeast border of Galician where it is said to be intelligible with the Tras Os Montes dialect of Portuguese. Galician speakers in this border area say the two languages are indeed close there, but they use Castillian to communicate with Portuguese speakers from across the border because Galician-Portuguese communication is too fraught with errors of understanding.

Galician is indeed in bad shape in the cities, but it is doing well in the countryside. There is indeed a movement for Galician independence that is led by intellectuals, but it does not seem to have much support among the population. The Galician government complains of lack of funding for Galician education and TV. All in all, I would say that Galician is doing pretty well for a non-state language, and I suspect that it will still be vigorous in 60 years or so.


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Bigfoot News April 29, 2013 Part 2

Update on the Rick Dyer fraud investigation. This story is unfolding and changing rapidly and will probably change even more in the near future. The sad part of it is that I got played by some Dyer haters who impersonated a Dyer Team Tracker member and fed me the story about Dyer being investigated by the FBI. They created an email account under the name of a TT member and then impersonated the guy. I suspect Don Boucher and those around him for that skullduggery.

However, at least part of the story seems to be checking out. A source who is a bail bondsman looked up the federal warrants. He has access to some sort of law enforcement (LE) system where you can look up warrants that most folks do not have access to. There is indeed a federal warrant out for Rick Dyer’s arrest for wire and interstate fraud, and the warrant is dated 2013.

There is an Internet page (that might be difficult to access) that shows the federal warrant out for Dyer’s arrest, but I haven’t been able to get a screenshot of it yet, and an Internet address may not be available as it may be a service only for LE, or it may be a pay service. Although the bail bondsman is an excellent source, we are trying to check it out with other sources to verify it.

Whether the warrant has been served or not (in that case, Dyer no doubt would have been arrested) is not known. Dyer may have already been arrested on this charge and may have simply posted bail and gotten out. And it is not known whether or not the FBI is involved, although it is a federal warrant.

What we do not know for sure is why the warrant is out, that is, exactly what is the nature of the fraud Dyer is accused of. The haters fed me a story saying it was about Dyer not having a Bigfoot body, but we don’t know that. If I were guessing, I would say that it revolves around Dyer collecting money for memberships and promising it all goes to charity when in fact it is apparently going to buy him a new Corvette at the very least.

There is also no confirmation that the FBI called up those who bought memberships, and this seems dubious as the FBI does not operate this way. It is also dubious that TT members or those who bought memberships are worried about going to jail. I also cannot confirm that Lily Dyer, Cindy Pinkfoot or Musky Allen are under investigation or worried about going to jail.

I would suspect that they are not under investigation and are probably not worried about going to jail. There is also no confirmation that Rick’s home was raided on Thursday and three computers were seized, although it is possible if there is a warrant out for him. As all of this information came from the impersonator, it must be regarded as suspect.

A good theory on why the feds are going after Rick Dyer for fraud. I think it is dubious that the fraud is related to Dyer not having a Bigfoot body. In fact, we don’t even know that it is related to selling Team Tracker memberships. The problem with that theory is that Team Tracker memberships are still being offered for sale. It may instead be related to something else altogether, such as Rick’s exceedingly sleazy Ebay used car sales business. Here is the theory from the comments.

Notice interstate fraud could be in regard to Mr Dyer’s duplicitous dealings on E-Bay. If the Bigfoot website is still up, and it was a few minutes ago when I checked, the warrant is not for the Bigfoot stuff.

Rick Dyer seems to try to be some type of rare or collectible automobile dealer. I would bet that the two Corvettes he didn’t deliver for example would be worth enough to get the FBI involved, especially if one of the cars turned out to have been stolen, and Rick obtained a false title. Together those would account for more money than all his subscriptions combined.

Conversation between Tom Biscardi and Morgan Matthews. Matthews of course is the director of the Shooting Bigfoot which will air tomorrow nite, April 30, 2013, in Toronto, Canada for the very first time. Matthews called Tom up a couple of weeks ago. Here is how the conversation went:

Matthews: Hey, Tom! Guess what? We are releasing your Bigfoot footage along with a few other Bigfooters in a new movie called Shooting Bigfoot that will premiere in Toronto, Canada in a couple of weeks!

Biscardi: Yes, I have heard about this…Can you tell me…Did you shoot a Bigfoot? Do you have possession of a Bigfoot?

Matthews: No, Tom, I definitely did not shoot a Bigfoot, and I for sure am not in possession of a Bigfoot.

Biscardi: Well then,in regard to anyone else associated with this movie, did they shoot a Bigfoot or are they in possession of a Bigfoot? For instance, Rick Dyer?

Matthews: Hey, I am sorry, Tom! But I just can’t comment on that! You’re going to just have to see the movie, ok?

Biscardi: Grumbles.

Biscardi maintains that Dyer is hoaxing this whole thing about shooting a Bigfoot. Furthermore, Biscardi is not on good terms at all with Dyer. It is safe to say that Biscardi is pretty high up there on the Dyer Haters List, though the competition is ferocious.

Biscardi is also not happy at all with being included in this movie and accuses Morgan of lying to him about the purposes of the movie. Tom thought he was going to be in his own movie, but instead he was thrown in with Dyer, Dallas and Gilbert, all three of whom Tom has nothing but utter contempt for, regarding Dallas and Gilbert as idiots and Dyer as a crook. The way Tom sees it, his name and brand is damaged via association with those three.

I told Tom that he was about to become a lot more famous than he already was, but that hardly mollified him, and he continued bellowing into the phone until I eventually let him go. At this point, Tom is one unhappy Bigfoot camper.

Interesting post from the comments about Hank’s behavior.

I think his group have a body.

In large part I think that because of the description of Hank after the first shot was fired. The behaviors described are not those you’d expect from an animal running away but have happened before with Bigfoot.

From what I know about gunshot wounds, if a bullet passes through all soft tissue, the target may not even have been aware it was injured because there is no pain for up to several minutes. I assume a running animal would not look down to see the blood. Even if it did it would keep running because it didn’t know better. That is important in and of itself but more so given Hank’s actions after the first shot. So Hank was functioning on adrenaline and at that point may not have realized he was wounded.

The unusual behavior is that he circled back. Animals don’t normally so this. Neither do guys in suits. When animals run away, they make a straight line away from danger – they don’t go just out of sight and then loop back to get where you aren’t looking. This is a behavior by Bigfoots that has been reported before. But since most encounters don’t include people shooting at Bigfoots, it isn’t seen all the time.

There is a place for people to, as the pompous-haired Matt Moneymaker says, “Spend time in the field,” but there is also a place for people to look at reports and see what those reports tell us of behavior. I’ve read 100’s, maybe 1000’s, of reports of Bigfoot sightings.

In several encounters where a Bigfoot was frightened away by one person in a group, instead of running directly away, it doubled back and either tackled or ran through someone else in the group. I don’t think the Bigfoot realized there was more than one person in the group oftentimes and was simply moving fast and not looking where it was going. I wish I had links to some of these reports, but I don’t and I’m sorry.

But the description of Hank running away and then doubling back – where they wouldn’t be looking for him – just rings true as it were with some of the reports I’ve read but is not something I’ve seen commented on. Tell me, would a guy in a suit who Dyer was shooting blanks at come back and tackle a cameraman? That must have been some suit to have fooled the Minnow cameraman that close up. If that happened, could Dyer shoot his suited accomplice to not reveal the hoax and get away with that? Once again that is a real good suit.

Also Minnow may not have said, “Yes, he shot the thing,” but if it was a fraud or hoax Dyer was pulling, they would sure said that. It would have sold the film either way. But if this is a hoax then Minnow films was knowingly involved in the whole thing, and you have to ask, “What’s in it for them?” The answer is nothing. That Minnow Films has not come out and categorically said, “This was a Dyer hoax he was tricking us,” means they did not perceive a hoax.

A few last observations.

Nailing ribs to the tree was good move and one the three idiots and Cliff Barackman should try on their TV show. It puts the food where small animals like racoons, dogs or even birds would have a hard time getting to but where a tall creature with hands could. That Bigfoot sometimes raid pigpens makes pork an obvious choice I would think.

I don’t know about San Antonio but where my parents live farther West has been in a three year drought. The area where Dyer claims to have shot Hank is newly developed. It is possible that with the development and the lack of water, Hank’s normal routes to exit the area were blocked. He may have started coming into the camps simply because he was starving. That would also explain why he came back after being frightened off the first time.

I especially like the part about the very odd behavior of doubling back and running into Morgan. That Bigfoots have been reported as doing this before is very interesting, and certainly other wild animals don’t engage in this behavior. And it would be the last thing a man in a suit would think of doing too.

I am not completely sure why the Bigfoot was hanging around in this fairly inhabited area, but it would not be the first time. There is a recent report from a Seattle suburb of a Bigfoot dumpster diving at a trash bin outside a hospital at midnight. It tripped on a curb while leaving the area. What is needed is a densely wooded area close to the inhabited region, and in this case, there was a deeply wooded ravine that the Bigfoot used to access the dumpster.

As suburbs continue to expand out into wild areas, humans are coming into contact with more and more wild mammals, including mountain lions, bobcats and especially coyotes.

Where I lived in the Sierra foothills was a fairly inhabited region that was also frequented by raccoons, spotted and striped skunks, opossums, porcupines, woodrats, field mice, voles, flying squirrels, shrews, bobcats, coyotes, mountain lions, ringtails, black bears, deer and a variety of other mammals. There were many nesting birds, and birds of prey were commonly sighted, including Goshawks and all sorts of owls. A wide variety of reptiles, snakes and amphibians were also sighted in the region. All of these wild critters living side by side with humans in a town of 15,000 people!


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Bigfoot News April 29, 2013

Investigations underway to validate FBI rumors. One of my sources is conducting an investigation into the FBI rumors to try to validate them. The investigation will last 2-3 days. At the moment, all I have is one source from deep inside the Dyer camp who told me this story in addition to Boucher, who honestly is not a very good source due to repeated lies.

Dyer’s latest accusations against Shawn Evidence and me. The video is here. I suppose I should clear up a few things. Dyer data-mined that “pervert” statement somewhere from this site. It is true that I have lived my life as a polymorphously perverse individual and a libertine. In that sense, sure, I am a pervert. But I guarantee that I draw the line at kids of course, and I don’t do anything illegal anyway in sexual terms and haven’t since I was a very young adult (broke statutory rape laws with girls age 14-17 from ages 18-21). Not that that is important to anyone who reads these reports, but I may as well respond to charges.

Rick Dyer arrested in Oklahoma/Arkansas. Dyer was arrested on the border of these two states and charged with auto theft. The charges are murky, and no one knows what really happened. Dyer claims it was all a misunderstanding involving expired registration or something to that affect. Dyer was towing a vehicle from Oklahoma to Arkansas at the time.

Every time Dyer gets arrested, he moves to another state. He got arrested in Florida, and he left Florida. He got arrested in Oklahoma, and he left Oklahoma. He got arrested in Texas, and he left Texas. This is the pattern of a grifter or con artist. It is also the pattern of a lot of other criminal types, but that need not concern us here.

Dyer involved in bid chasing on Ebay. Before he was arrested for Ebay fraud for failing to deliver two Corvettes to a buyer, Rick was engaging in what is known as bid chasing on Ebay. This is unethical and possibly illegal. At any rate, it is a violation of Ebay’s Terms of Service.

Rick would bid on his own items, artificially driving up the price, and would get into fake bidding wars with real bidders to once again bid up the price. You think you are bidding against a real competing bidder, but really you are bidding against the seller himself, Rick Dyer! It’s pretty much fraud, but I am not sure if it is actually illegal or not. But it sure is sleazy!

Excellent analysis of the Shooting Bigfoot trailer by Facebook Find Bigfoot.

Shooting Bigfoot Trailer + 19 reasons it will be real.

Two Days left…. Here are nineteen elements in the “Shooting Bigfoot” Trailer corroborating #2 Tent/Camper and Dyer’s subsequent story. (Thanks to all who helped compile this list)

1. Dyer and Matthews are both in the film. Why would Morgan Matthews perpetrate a HOAX after an unblemished 20-year career, moreover validate a second Dyer hoax. Do you think Dyer has the persuasiveness to win over Morgan and then keep him quiet for 7 months?
2. Morgan yelling out, “Don’t shoot it!” at the very end of the trailer.
3. There is a shot at the end, indicating a gun is fired on the expedition. The poster also has smoking barrels.
4. Two thumps can be heard after the shot.
5. Dog with throat cut/opened matches JR Bob Dobbs’ 2013 investigation, as well as his report that a British film crew was present.
6. Ribs in a tree are shown- just as Rick said to FBFB in September but not disclosed til November.
7. The shot of the tent and the tent window – hey! That’s the same tent as the Tent Video. It is the same Remington Model 710 and mag light that FBFB examined, also same gun seen in the #2 Tent Video.
8. The movie has a new name. “Shooting Bigfoot”, the name, is not just imagery = it clearly states what will happen.
9. The frequently mentioned animosity between Morgan and Dyer is clear in the “asshole filmmaker” quote.
10. It is very clear how hectic it was the night of the 6th when “all Hell broke loose” after it was shot.
11. Rick Dyer is begging and wants to know if the kill shot is on film – this supposedly happened after the Bigfoot was shot.
12. Interviewing homeless who made 911 call in 2010 – this pinpoints the location, consistent with on-site investigations.
13. Dyer’s intent on killing a Bigfoot or anything looking like a Bigfoot is clear.
14. Rick Dyer is filmed with rifle in his underwear.
15. The production value of the trailer shows professionalism, not that of a cheap hoax.
16. Confirms Morgan Matthews’ voice from the Tent/Camper w/audio saying “Rick, Rick, Rick…”
17. There was a debate during the day of September 6th after the Tent and Camper Videos are taken at 8am; there must have been a question if it could have been a guy in a costume. Rick answers, “If it is a guy in a costume, I will shoot him.”
18. Rick is using the flashlight with pointing gun – just as Rick has said the shooting was at night and filmed at night.
19. Rick is completely into the event – in his underwear, manic, focused. He is not a man preparing a costume for friend or prepping for a hoax on Matthews. He is serious and focused.

Everything they say is 100% spot on, and they make an excellent case that an actual Bigfoot was killed in the filming of this movie. I continue to believe that Shooting Bigfoot documents the actual killing of a Bigfoot.


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Bigfoot News April 28, 2013

Rick and Lily Dyer under investigation by the FBI! A source recently informed that the FBI came to the home of Rick and Lily Dyer in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday, April 25, 2013. Two agents knocked on their door and said they wanted to speak to Rick. Rick told them he did not want to talk to them and told them to talk to his attorney instead. Later that day, the agents came back with a warrant and confiscated two laptops and a desktop computer.

Rick was upset because there was financial information on the computers and he was worried about going to jail. The investigation against Rick centers around “interstate fraud,” whatever that means, but it is probably related to mail and wire fraud and related RICO statutes. It looks like Rick and Lily Dyer are going to be lawyering up.

A couple of other people associated with Dyer may be under investigation also.

Also though Dyer haters will probably say that this investigation is related to Rick pulling a hoax or fraud around the killing of Hank the Bigfoot, I do not think that is what is going on here.

Instead I think it is related to the memberships that Rick is selling on his website. Rick originally stated that all of the money from the memberships is going to be donated to the charity to help the homeless. Then after he sold quite a few memberships, he changed his mind and said it is going to help him buy a new Corvette. You can’t collect money to help the homeless and not give the homeless one dime of it and instead use it to buy a new car. That’s called fraud.

Because the fraud was conducted across state lines be collecting membership fees from all over, the FBI gets involved and its a federal offense. These laws were originally written up to get mobsters, but since then, they have often been used to bust politicians and corporate officials for various types of corruption and fraud. The head of Enron, Jeffrey Skilling, and Conrad Black, Canadian newspaper magnate, both went down on these laws recently. There has been some controversy about whether these laws are too broad, and a recent Supreme Court case limited the scope of the law. See the Wikipedia article on honest services fraud for more.

At any rate, I have been proven right yet again. I’ve always said that Dyer was a crook, and here’s yet more evidence. What a foolish, headstrong man!


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Game/PUA: The Importance of a Sexy Voice

Do I sound like this guy?

A friend of mine said I sound like a “subdued James Spader” on the phone and in interviews. I had no idea who this guy is, so I had go check him out on Youtube. This clip is from Pretty in Pink (1986). Damn he is one sexy bastard, and I love his voice. If I talk like this motherfucker, I am one happy man.

What does your voice sound like? Has anyone ever given you feedback on your voice? I do think that voice is important to a man in terms of getting women and even getting along well with other guys. For a very long time, since I was 20 or so, women and girls have been telling me I have a sexy voice. I haven’t the slightest idea how I managed to do this, except maybe trying. I made as my heroes a number of my friends who were basically the biggest players that the Lord ever created on Earth, then I consciously went about adopting their personas and even voices.

I remember once I was trying to pick up this chick in Aspen, Colorado on a ski trip. I called her at her hotel room and one of her roommates picked it up. The chick said, “My roommate says you have a sexy voice.” If I want to try to develop that voice better, I just plug back into that that scene and recreate that voice, or I use other similar scenes in my past. I make it as synthetic as possible so it’s seems like a real channeling and not some sort of an act. This means it is part of your actual skin at this place and time and not some acting job where you are probably unsuccessfully trying to mine some buried memory deep in the rubbled past.

On the Net, I used to go into voice chatrooms and start talking to the room. Other folks are talking to the room too, so there is some competition going on. You need a mike to do this. A few times, I started talking to the room and women, often young women, would start typing, “I love Calvin’s voice!” “Damn, Calvin has a sexy voice!” and things like that (my handle was Calvin).

A sexy voice works both ways. If you always sound sexy, a lot of people are going to get annoyed. Specifically, many women you meet will think you are trying to pick up on them even when you are not. I unfortunately have to deal with this on a regular basis. I am not sure it is the voice bit or not but a lot of young women think I am trying to pick up on them even when I am not, and this causes problems.

A sexy voice is a good thing, and I think this might be overlooked in Game/PUA theory. But I am not sure. Do Game/PUA sites talk about the importance of a sexy voice?


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Bigfoot News April 27, 2013

What is shown at the end of Shooting Bigfoot? Shooting Bigfoot is Morgan Matthews’ movie that is said to show Rick Dyer shooting and killing a Bigfoot named Hank in San Antonio, Texas last year. The last 3-5 minutes show either this shooting or as detractors say, an elaborately hoaxed shooting of a Bigfoot.

A source who has seen the film has told me what happens in it. The truth is that there are two Tent Videos. The famous one that you have already seen snippets of was shot on September 6, 2012 in the AM in daylight. This video was shot by Rick with his phone cam and by Morgan with HD video. There is a second Tent Video shot at night when the Bigfoot came back to eat more ribs, the end result being that he was shot and killed by Rick. This video is shot in the dark and you will also see this Tent Video in the movie. So the movie will show both of the Tent Videos.

You will see Rick come out of his tent dressed only in his underwear as he levels his gun at the Bigfoot in the dark (This part you can see in the trailer.) You will see the Bigfoot as it is running away and possibly as the first shot hits it in the back.

Then you will see the Bigfoot circling back around and running very fast towards the camera. At this point, you will see the Bigfoot very up close at it nears Matthews’ camera. Then the camera will go wild as the Bigfoot shoves Morgan aside and Morgan goes flying in the air. Later, Rick picked up Morgan and carried him back to the tent. This is where you see the part in the trailer where Rick is demanding, “Let me see the tape!”

You will not see the Bigfoot up close lying on the ground and you will not see any examination of the Bigfoot. All of that will come later in a movie to be produced by Dyer and his investors. However, that movie will solve nothing either as skeptics will just say that that movie by Dyer et al is hoaxed using props and whatnot.

Footage of large object under a green tarp in the back of a pickup truck in the Shooting Bigfoot trailer is not Hank. I reported earlier that I suspected that that object, which can be seen at two points in the trailer, is Hank’s body. Dyer cleared that up on his radio show by saying that that was not his truck, and he did not know whose truck that was as that was from a part of the movie that he did not take part in.

Here is the Shooting Bigfoot trailer again for reference to use in reading the two posts above:

I do not know the name of the casino that now owns Hank. One of my sources knows the name of it, but they won’t tell me, so keep guessing.

Dyer went to a university soon after Hank was killed. After Hank was loaded onto the truck that would transport him to Las Vegas, Dyer et al stopped by a university on their way to Las Vegas. Apparently the Bigfoot was examined at this university. I do not know the name or location of the university.

Composition of the team that is studying Hank. Hank is being housed at a US government research facility near Las Vegas, Nevada. Sources know the name of this facility and the name of the branch of the US government that is housing it, but they will not tell me either.

They told me, “If I told you the branch of the US government that is housing Hank in its facility, you could probably locate the facility quickly if you were smart.” A special team has been tasked to work with, study and protect Hank. This team is made up of professors from universities at various different locales in the US. That is all I know about the team.

Why so many Bigfooters hate Rick Dyer. Mostly it is over his hoax of 2008, however, I do feel that if Rick sincerely apologized for that hoax instead of gloating over it as he does, as lot of decent Bigfooters (especially us Christians) would forgive him and say give him another chance.

It is important to note that the 2008 hoax was actually two separate hoaxes: first that he had a Bigfoot, then that the Men In Black’s (MIB’s) stole it. The next year, there was another dual hoax, as he said he had another dead Bigfoot, but then the MIB’s stole that one too. In between, he was apparently hoaxing people on his expeditions in 2010 by taking $500/head from them and then having his friend run by in the woods with a Bigfoot suit on.

In early 2011, Rick was involved with another hoax in which he presented Bigfoot photos taken in Florida that were obviously Photoshopped. He also tried to defraud a man out of $17,000 when he promised to deliver two Corvettes to the man but never sent them, pocketing the cash instead.

In addition, Steve Kulls has recently found via some superb detective that Rick’s page is full of hoaxed and stolen photos. For instance, there is a page showing photos of Rick’s expeditions, the various folks on them, the scenery, etc. along with a pitch to fork over $500 to go on one of them. Steve has shown that all or most of all of those photos are not of Rick’s expeditions at all. Instead, they are photos stolen off the web of groups of people on camping trips.

Rick also has a video of him cooking the ribs to bait for the Bigfoot in September in San Antonio. However, that video is apparently a fraud, as Steve showed, through excellent sleuthing, that it was actually shot in April 2012 so it could not be a video from September.

So it’s not just one hoax or fraud that Rick has been involved in. He’s been an ongoing hoaxer, fraudster, con man and sometime criminal for at least five years now and possibly longer.

Nevertheless, I feel that if he would act halfway decent, he still might have more supporters. When 80-90% of the community hates your guts, you have to wonder what you might be doing wrong. If it were me, I might try to figure out what I was doing wrong and try to do better next time to try to win some folks back over to my side. Instead, Rick’s behavior seems to be to act as horrible as possible to make his enemies hate him even more and to create as many new enemies as possible.

So he goes on the air and spends most of his time ranting and raving against his many enemies, digging up dirt on them in the sleaziest way possible and threatening them in various ways, in addition to the portrayal of a character afflicted with severe kookery and ultimate douchebaggery so vividly displayed on his website and radio shows. Rick doesn’t exactly play by How to Win Friends and Influence People.

I suppose I just don’t get it. I would say when you’re in a hole, quit digging. Rick seems to collect enemies for fun the way some folks collect baseball cards. Go figure.

David John Jenkins on the role that Facebook Find Bigfoot has played in all of this. I thought he summed up the whole sordid episode very well, and I could not have written this up better myself. Italics mine.

The (Shooting Bigfoot) movie trailer is very consistent with what Dyer has been saying. The production values of the trailer itself and Morgan Matthew’s extensive filmography point to this being a serious undertaking to show what actually happened. Most of the criticism being leveled against FB/FB is malicious and prejudicial without any attempt to present facts and consists mostly of jeering.

The content of FB/FB site has been extensive and consistent with presenting evidence that supports the main thesis of their book You are Sasquatch. Even their interviews and interactions with Dyer remain true to their opinion of what Bigfoot is and what it represents to humankind.

The idea of this as being a hoax conspiracy is not supported by facts and is entirely political in nature based on an intense dislike of Dyer’s character. FB/FB on the contrary has approached all video evidence pertaining to the existence of Bigfoot with the same analytical eye regardless of who the author is. They are not aggressively aligned with any one side but they do stay committed to the conclusions they have made about the great many videos they have authenticated. The authentications are themselves ample proof of the integrity of this site.

The Bigfoot legend is not the creation of overly competitive, jealous rednecks. It began as Native American folklore which has its origins with tribes as far flung as Florida and the Pacific Northwest. That historical fact in itself gives tremendous weight to the idea that there is something mysterious in the woods.

The fossil evidence of ancient hominids proves that human hybrids or ancestors have existed, and stories of Ape men persist across several Continents. It is therefore quite reasonable for many people to embrace this subject with enthusiasm and commitment.

FB/FB has done just that.

Their misfortune has been to find themselves in the cross hairs of people who are intensely angry that their many years of being ridiculed as they wandered the woods will be upstaged by a shameless opportunist like Dyer.

FB/FB of course had no control over that, and if they had been a bit more politically savvy and less enthusiastic they may have avoided all this by downplaying the Tent Video. But that’s not their purpose. Their commitment to this unique American story which through the aid of advances in technology is on the cusp of revealing itself to the modern world.


This is a superbly written piece. Of course Dyer is a shameless opportunist, and that’s what his friends say! You don’t want to know what his enemies say about him. That as big of a jerk as Dyer should be the one who discovers is the most supreme insult to many Bigfooters who have been running around in the woods forever and will see all of those years wasted by the prize going to Mr. Douchebag of the Year.

DJJ is absolutely correct that the belief that Dyer is hoaxing is based for the most part on his character and not on the data. People are voting with their hearts and not their brains. In their hearts, they hate Dyer’s guts, so therefore he is hoaxing.

DJJ does a great job of finessing FB/FB’s role in all of this. The truth is that they are the ultimate Bigfooter professionals. No one knows what they think of Dyer’s dubious character or whether they even care about his personality. In the realm of FB/FB, Dyer’s personality foibles and whatnot are simply not important. All that is important is whether or not he shot a Bigfoot. Leave all the rest for psychologists and gossip columnists and the judgement of history.

It was through this severely, almost painfully objective eye that FB/FB decided that the Tent Video was the real deal and went with it, for which they have suffered terribly. Note that their enemies recently got FB/FB’s entire Youtube page taken down due to a vicious and politically motivated complaint to Youtube. This is a sorry episode as FB/FB’s videos are an excellent resource for our community, and our entire community will suffer from this loss. DJJ notes that had FB/FB been politically minded, they would have played down the Tent Video due to its poisonous association with Rick Dyer.

But FB/FB are scientific investigators first and foremost and politicians second if at all. In this way, they are similar to the finest of my profession, the investigative journalists who are jailed, injured or killed for trying to tell the truth when politics demand that they be quiet. A few of us are actually rather immune to the gusts of politics.

At the end of the day, those of us committed to ferreting out the truth of matters in which truth can be discerned, whether the dogged investigative reporters or the investigators who say the Hell with our careers, are the only folks that history will remember. The political deceivers and fogmiesters who blew smoke in your ears will burn with the fires of history, to be remembered only as the propagandists and liars that they always were.

New interview with me tomorrow. Tomorrow night, April 28, 2013, I will be interviewed on Chuck Prahl’s Bigfoot Tonite radio show out of Maryland. It will go on the air at 6 PM Pacific time.


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Bigfoot News April 26, 2013

Hank (the Bigfoot Rick Dyer killed) has been purchased by a major Las Vegas casino! I have just learned from an excellent source that a major Las Vegas casino has purchased Hank from whoever owned it (Rick and possibly his investors). It is the casino, not Dyer, that will show Hank to the world sometime this summer, possibly in August. No doubt this will not end the speculation about the story either, as deniers will continue to say that this is a hoax along the lines of the Minnesota Iceman.

That Hank will be displayed somehow at a casino for profit will obviously not settle the question of whether or not Hank is a real Bigfoot or a clever copy, and in fact, the profiteering aspect (already well underway – note how Dyer is selling “memberships”) will make many scream “hoax”.

As you can see, this is turning into a Minnesota Iceman Redux, possibly with many of the similar problems and issues that confronted the Iceman story (which I believe did involve an actual Bigfoot shot by Hansen himself in Minnesota). Hopefully, the Hank story will be resolved better (proof of Bigfoot) than the Iceman story was.

It’s too bad it all had to unfold this way.

Surely, if the US government took custody of this Bigfoot, they would not be trying to make money off it, though the “make government a business” reactionaries would not doubt be screaming for Uncle Sam to profit in some way from its scientific possession. That the state is one of the last institutions left in the US that is not devoted solely and only to “the spirit of hucksterism” (see Marx), I have long felt, is one of the major impetuses behind that anti-government reactionary nature of the American people, who as a nation went over to mass hucksterism long ago, and exactly as Marx predicted 150 years ago. And surely, Rick Dyer exemplifies “the huckster” immaculately. As does Tom Biscardi.

Morgan Matthews silent about Shooting Bigfoot. A source is good friends with Matthews and asked Morgan about the movie. Morgan refused to comment on the movie, and the source said this is odd because normally Morgan will talk to this fellow about anything and everything. The source did however state that Morgan seemed to be very excited about the movie, which made the source excited that there may be something to the Dyer story.

The source the only thing holding him back from believing in the story is that Rick Dyer is involved; he felt that Dyer is the sleaziest person on Earth and as such he was extremely wary about anything with Dyer’s name associated with it. His assessment of Dyer is of course 100% correct, but even sleazeballs can do great things (read up on famous people on Wikipedia and see how many of them were monstrous as human beings aside from whatever they did that made them famous). And even pathological liars (yes, Dyer is a pathological liar) tell the truth sometimes, or actually most of the time. No one lies all the time. Think about it. It’s not even possible.

My opinion of Rick Dyer. To sum up and be as nice to him as possible, I would describe Dyer as a huckster, a scammer, a sleazy capitalist, and a con artist. His personality is “showboating blowhard” (like most Bigfooters). In addition, he is very rude and very unpleasant. The constant bragging is very hard to take (Who is this guy, a White Mohammad Ali?).

I suppose the most charitable way to put it is not to say that he’s a bad person (you can decide that for yourself) but instead that I simply do not like people like that. I have known plenty of them in my life, and you can’t get me away from them quickly enough. I can barely stand to listen to his radio shows because he rubs me the wrong way so much. I find myself wincing and making disgusted faces all the way through it. He is apparently hated by the vast majority of the Bigfoot community, and I would say for good reason.

He’s not going to tone anything down after he gets famous, which is going to be quite soon. Instead, a good portion of US society will soon develop strong opinions about Dyer, probably most of them quite negative. In his favor, Rick does have his fans (often female, as women crave narcissists and sociopaths like chocolate). His male admirers are less common (most men don’t cotton much to douchebags as we have had so many unpleasant interactions with male douchebags over the years that most of us have “baggage in this regard), but they definitely exist.

Dyer selling memberships to his website. The memberships are insanely overpriced, especially the gold memberships. But a lot of folks have already bought memberships, including gold memberships. I am sad to say that a couple of my friends fell for it. This proves nothing except that as Rick’s mentor’s comment that there’s one born every minute. It’s not illegal in the US to sell overpriced worthless nonsense, and you’re free to charge whatever the market will bear in most cases. Rick’s just going for a ride again, and this time he has a lot of passengers.

However, as you can see, Rick is already profiting from Hank, which of course will only increase the accusations of hoaxing. Even if he is hoaxing, nothing will ever come of it since US DA’s don’t file charges for fraud much anymore, and sadly they never have in Dyer’s case. Nor has Dyer even been sued for the various times he has defrauded his fellow humans. Rick will just get away with it once again, the same way he gets away with everything, by landing on his feet. This cat must have 99 lives.

New clues about the photos of Hank (the Bigfoot Rick Dyer killed). Four photos of Hank recently surfaced, not two as I originally reported. One was a photo of Hank being loaded into a box truck by several men. Three were of a group of men standing around Hank’s body, which is lying on an embankment. The scene appears to be early in the morning, probably the morning of September 7, 2012, after Hank was shot at 10:30 PM the previous evening. Dyer can clearly be seen in two of the photos, and the film crew also seems to be present.

In one of the photos, curiously, there are two men wearing sports coats and slacks who are obviously not the local homeless population or part of the film crew. It is uncertain who they are, but they may be some sort of government officials.

Facebook Find Bigfoot appear to have seen Hank on their Las Vegas visit to talk to Rick Dyer. This is what I have gathered from conversations with my sources. They did not come right out and say it, as that would get them into trouble, but with a lot of hints and oblique statements, they very much implied to me without saying so explicitly that FB/FB did indeed view the body on that trip, and I believe that they did also. Their having viewed the body is probably one of the main reasons why they are so certain that the Dyer shooting dead Hank the Bigfoot is true.

A “commission” represents the body of Hank. They appear to have some sort of ownership or retention rights over this corpse. The commission includes those who own the body (whoever they are) along with the US government research facility which is housing it. If you want to see the body, you have to go through this commission and sign NDA’s with them. As this branch of the government is part of the commission, the papers you have to sign are quite complicated.

The US government did not build a separate facility just to house Hank. Instead, they built a makeshift area in an already existing facility. However, most of the workers at the facility do not have access to the makeshift area where Hank is being held. This government research facility is quite complex and it is possible that the scientists/technicians who work there do not even know of the existence of Hank or that he is being stored at the facility. However, there is a US government team that has been tasked with work with, study and guard/protect Hank.


Marx, Karl. 1844. Zur Judenfrage (On the Jewish Question). Deutsch-Französische Jahrbücher.


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Bigfoot News April 25, 2013

New clues about the photos of Hank (the Bigfoot Rick Dyer killed). Four photos of Hank recently surfaced, not two as I originally reported. One was a photo of Hank being loaded into a box truck by several men. Three were of a group of men standing around Hank’s body, which is lying on an embankment. The scene appears to be early in the morning, probably the morning of September 7, 2012, after Hank was shot at 10:30 PM the previous evening. Dyer can clearly be seen in two of the photos, and the film crew also seems to be present.

In one of the photos, curiously, there are two men wearing sports coats and slacks who are obviously not the local homeless population or part of the film crew. It is uncertain who they are, but they may be some sort of government officials.

Facebook Find Bigfoot appear to have seen Hank on their Las Vegas visit to talk to Rick Dyer. This is what I have gathered from conversations with my sources. They did not come right out and say it, as that would get them into trouble, but with a lot of hints and oblique statements, they very much implied to me without saying so explicitly that FB/FB did indeed view the body on that trip, and I believe that they did also. Their having viewed the body is probably one of the main reasons why they are so certain that the Dyer shooting dead Hank the Bigfoot is true.

First video of dead Hank revealed to the public? The movie trailer for Shooting Bigfoot has finally been released. The movie definitely seems to be everything that believers in the Rick Dyer story said it would be. However, the movie will solve nothing as those who think the movie is a hoax say that the shooting of the Bigfoot at the end of the movie is simply staged.

However, there is some fascinating video at the beginning of the trailer that shows a white pickup truck on a freeway with a green tarp in the back. The tarp is covering a large object. I think the object it is covering is Hank the Bigfoot, who possibly was first loaded into this pickup and then taken somewhere else where he could be stored more properly. The footage may be seen at :18 and again at :26-:33 in the trailer.

Shooting Bigfoot trailer is very interesting. The trailer shows Dyer with a gun, loading it and pointing it. A blond woman asks Rick, “I didn’t know the idea was to kill a Bigfoot?” A man (probably Dyer) nails ribs a tree. Another man (possibly Matthews) asks, “Is that to lure him in?” Later we see Rick at night in his underwear, holding a rifle. Then we hear a British accent saying, “Don’t shoot me!” Next we hear a gunshot. The clip ends with Dyer frantically demanding of the cameraman, “Let me see the tape! Let me see the tape!”

The Dyer naysayers say that all of this is part of an elaborate hoax, but as I reported earlier, a friend of mine is very close to Morgan Matthews, the director, and he said that Matthews would not be a party to any hoax on film in any way, shape or form. Therefore, the naysayers’ argument that this film shows Dyer hoaxing the killing of a Bigfoot appears to be incorrect.

New movie poster for Shooting Bigfoot. A very nice new poster of Shooting Bigfoot has been released by Minnow Films. Check it out below.

Very nice new poster for Shooting Bigfoot shows several Bigfoot hunters with various spotlight and cameras and one with a scoped gun. At the top is an evil looking man in cowboy hat with smoke coming out of both of his breasts.

Very nice new poster for Shooting Bigfoot shows several Bigfoot hunters with various spotlight and cameras and one with a scoped gun. At the top is an evil looking man in cowboy hat with smoke coming out of the gun he is holding.

Who is Dyer’s other investor? I reported earlier than an Australian billionaire was one of Dyer’s investors. Now I have learned that another investor is a Las Vegas casino owner.

Why is the Bigfoot Dyer killed named Hank? He is named Hank after a famous country music singer, apparently Hank Williams Jr. I gather that Dyer is a big fan of this guy. I would opt for Hank’s father myself. Hank Williams Jr. is apparently the other major investor in Dyer’s Bigfoot along with the Vegas casino owner.

Hank’s body will not be released on April 30 at the screening of Shooting Bigfoot. I have just learned that what I reported in my last update is incorrect. In fact, the body will be released by Dyer much later, sometime in the summer, possibly in August.

Review of Shooting Bigfoot in the Toronto Standard. Here is the review which just came out today, April 25, 2013. This review proves what I have long said, that the movie shows the shooting of a Bigfoot, but leaves it up in the air as far as whether it is a real shooting or an elaborate prank. The reviewer himself is not clear whether he has just seen the shooting of an actual Bigfoot or an “elaborate and violent prank” as he puts it. As I have mentioned before, this movie will not clear up the debate at all, as the naysayers are already saying that the movie just shows a faked shooting of a Bigfoot.

Shooting Bigfoot

For some Bigfoot is just a character from Harry And The Hendersons, for others the mythical creature is a lifelong obsession. British director Morgan Matthews decided to fly over to the US to film some particularly passionate Bigfoot hunters and ended up with far more than he bargained for. The sad folks at the center of Matthews’ film either make their living or escape their depressing lives by hunting the great beast and don’t take too kindly to an outsider with a camera coming to their community to suggest the creature might not be so real.

For the first hour, Shooting Bigfoot alternates between a sad and hilarious portrait of grown men determined to prove the existence of bigfoot to the filmmaker, the audience, and themselves. Then, in the final third, two particularly aggressive hunters promise to introduce the uppity director to Bigfoot himself and well…the result is in the title. Maybe it’s real, or more likely it’s an elaborate (and surprisingly violent) prank, but either way Shooting Bigfoot is not a movie to be missed and a rare documentary that demands a midnight screening.

Another review of Shooting Bigfoot, this time by Bob Turnbull (not sure who that is). Review:

Director Morgan Matthews states right up front that he used to be keenly interested in Bigfoot in his younger days. Years later, that interest has now flipped and turned into a deep curiosity of the people that continue to search, track and believe in the hairy Sasquatch. He follows along with three separate teams – the deluded but honest believers, the opportunist business man and the liar – while they go through their paces to gain any evidence of the long-elusive beast.

Early on it looks like the film might be just like any other let’s-go-talk-to-crazy-people doc (filled with energy, but not shedding any interesting light on anything), but shortly after all three expeditions are arranged and we’ve jumped between each team’s early preparations with Matthews, we cut to the director lying in a hospital bed. Suddenly we have a different movie on our hands…

The film becomes more and more engaging as we learn more about these people, their techniques, self-delusions and possible deceptions. It’s all the more intriguing since you know that Matthews is going to face an ordeal of some variety, but with which team?

None of them escape looking silly – Rick tripping in the woods while he wears cowboy boots, Tom’s admission after a particularly stressful moment that he’s had 7 stents in his heart, Dallas calling for Bigfoot using a “shaman language” – but there’s also a more serious tone that slides under the entire film as the teams come across numerous other people living in rather desperate and terribly sad ways.

Guns seem to be easily acquired, the economy hasn’t rebounded for any of these folks, and basic needs are a struggle to acquire. It’s a clever mix of myth debunking, suspense, silly fun and state-of-a-decaying-nation profile. So how does it end? Well, like Bigfoot itself, you’ll just have to see it to believe it.

As you can see, this review also says that the ending is quite a shock. He points out that the film cuts away to a shot of Matthews lying a hospital bed early on in the film. This goes along with what I reported, that Morgan was hurt when the Bigfoot charged him and when he got into a fistfight with Dyer after the shooting.

Comment by Jimmy Conway supposedly proving that Shooting Bigfoot is all about a hoax. Here is his comment:

Jimmy Conway: OK. Enough. Many of you will know that I have said the Dyer Bigfoot story was a hoax (as have many others here) from the moment I found out that a) it was him involved but, more importantly, b) that a British documentary maker i.e. Morgan Matthews and Minnow Films were involved. This latest review pretty much confirms that the doc is a social commentary piece on some of the characters in the Bigfoot community.

Any talk of it confirming there was a Bigfoot shot dead, there is a body and that Morgan Matthews ended up in hospital because of a “real” Sasquatch is an appalling example of why this community is a laughing stock: the lack of objectivity and just plain common sense makes this community a prime target for hoaxers. It’s nothing new. People are so desperate to believe the creature is real that when a story like this come through the door, objective thinking flies out of the window.

Many of you will have read my posts and seen that I have been very vocal about this story, and I have provided information – facts -about the companies involved and the people from the UK. The more astute of you will have realised that this wasn’t guess-work. You will have realised that I’m not a “hater” . I’m here for the truth. I believe Bigfoot is likely real. What it is – I don’t know. But something is out there.

So why am I so sure it’s a hoax? For the last 20 years I have worked in media in the UK. I have worked with pretty much every single major media outlet there is. In national press. Radio. TV. Film. Including the BFI. Including the BBC. On a regular basis. All it took was a couple of phone calls to establish what the documentary was actually about.

You have to understand that Bigfoot is alongside Father Christmas and The Loch Ness Monster in the UK. People interested in it are few and far between. There are not that many who shout from the rooftops that they think it’s real. I certainly don’t. You can imagine the reaction I got when I asked if the story of a Bigfoot body was real.

Morgan Matthews ended up in a hospital bed as a result of an altercation, but it wasn’t with a Sasquatch. That’s all I am prepared to say about the content of the film, aside from telling you previously the premise of the whole thing. I must be clear, I have NOT seen the film.

Rick Dyer is taking full advantage of this film and full advantage of the people in this community who are all too willing to believe. I don’t blame Rick. I don’t hate him at all. I think he is a funny guy but I don’t agree with some of the things he does but so what.

I’m not asking anyone to believe me. There are many people here who made their minds up months ago and they won’t even change it once the truth is revealed. They’ll say “The body was taken”, “It’s s cover-up” etc’. Fine. That happens.

I have absolutely no axe to grind with Rick Dyer or Musky Allen. It just so happens that, in what is a big coincidence, someone in the UK media industry has a genuine interest in Bigfoot and was able to ascertain with relative ease the truth to this whole thing.

If I am wrong on this, I won’t hide. I’ll be here to apologise to every single person and will be prepared to take the verbal beating of my life off anyone who wants a go. If I’m wrong, it will mean that a UK documentary maker and a hoaxer really are the people responsible for the greatest scientific discovery in our lifetime. I won’t be ashamed to come back here to face the music, because we’ve got validation of what we all want.

But when the truth is revealed, there will be casualties here. The biggest one being the Bigfoot community itself. However, there are those with so called reputations that will not recover either.

Conway’s detractors say that he is a long-term troll on Facebook Find Bigfoot, and he has “sources” for every video they make proving that it is actually a fake. He has plenty of sources but no information. The general consensus among his detractors is that Conway is simply lying and he has no “sources” at all. He has never presented any information that he has any good sources, and his information in general has not proven to be correct.

We can assume that in this case, he is lying once again and just making up the part about having sources in the UK media industry who are telling him what Shooting Bigfoot is all about. Just another troll.

A “commission” represents the body of Hank. They appear to have some sort of ownership or retention rights over this corpse. The commission includes those who own the body (whoever they are) along with the US government research facility which is housing it. If you want to see the body, you have to go through this commission and sign NDA’s with them. As this branch of the government is part of the commission, the papers you have to sign are quite complicated.

The US government did not build a separate facility just to house Hank. Instead, they built a makeshift area in an already existing facility. However, most of the workers at the facility do not have access to the makeshift area where Hank is being held. This government research facility is quite complex and it is possible that the scientists/technicians who work there do not even know of the existence of Hank or that he is being stored at the facility. However, there is a US government team that has been tasked with work with, study and guard/protect Hank.


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