A Hindu without Caste Is a Contradiction in Terms


This piece is absolutely excellent. There are indeed some positive things about Hinduism, but caste is certainly the cross that Hinduism has to bear. Modern Hindutvadis and Indian nationalists continuously distort the role of caste in Hinduism, going to the point of even denying that it exists altogether, or that caste oppression exists at all, that caste is an aberration that crept into Hinduism via the British or Moghuls or that there is a group called Arya Savaj that does not practice caste. All of these are sick, filthy, disgusting lies, but the number of Hindus who parrot them is stunning. In fact, the vast majority of Hindutvadis lie about caste. Everything they say about caste is a grand, gigantic lie.

There is no caste in Hinduism. This is so not true. Every single Hindu in India knows precisely what caste he was born into. It is a part of his identity the same way your name is in the US.

There is no caste oppression in India today. This is a favorite of Hindutvadis and especially high castes and among those in particular Brahmins. It is a sad, vicious, ugly, horrific lie. Caste oppression is everywhere in Hindu society. In fact, it is nearly a part of daily life.

Caste is an aberration that crept into Hinduism from the outside, via the evil British and Moghul Muslims. Another wicked lie. Caste has been present from the very beginning of Hinduism. It is right there in the Vedas. The Brahmins were derived from the mouth and the shudras from the feet. Later, the Untouchables were added by Brahmin overlords to punish Hindus who engaged in intercaste marriage. So if you married outside your caste, your punishment was to become an Untouchable. Pretty effective punishment!

Karma, an essential aspect of Hinduism as much as Jesus is essential to Christianity. Your karma is derived frankly from your caste position, and your caste position is derived directly from your karma in your past lives.

Dharma is another essential Hindu notion. Your duty as a Hindu or really the only way to move up in the chain is to follow your dharma or “caste duty.”

Furthermore, the Manusmriti mandates caste and cements in oppressive caste relations. Almost every single major Hindutvadi leader, past and present, has praised the caste system, and almost all of them champion the Manusmriti.

Arya Savaj is a group of progressive Hindus who have renounced caste. Much parroted about, this is apparently just not true. Instead, Arya Savaj is used by high caste Brahminist Hindus to cement upper caste hegemony. They do this by “reconverting” entire villages or groups of low caste Hindus or adivasis who converted to other religions such as Buddhism or Christianity back to Hinduism. As it is hard to assign reconverts a caste, obviously Arya Savaj does not push caste much. Instead of being a progressive group Hindus, Arya Savaj is a tool of reactionary Hinduism.

Individuals accept their position in the caste system Because of the dual concepts of karma and dharma. It is one’s karma or actions in a previous life that determine one’s caste position in this lifetime. The only way to ensure a better position in society next time is to follow one’s dharma or caste duty. So closely are notions of salvation in Hinduism tied to caste duty that a Hindu without a caste is a contradiction in terms.

Conclusion: Hinduism is hopeless. There is apparently no way to get rid of caste in Hinduism. Perhaps the way forward though it intercaste marriages. The results of intercaste marriages would be completely confused caste-wise and it is difficult to see how you could assign them any sort of a caste at all. While intercaste marriage could indeed effectively abolish caste from Hinduism, one wonders just what sort of Hinduism would result from this reform.


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  1. Natsu Dragneel

    a chinese or a german nationalist would be relieved for this, yes, india has a huge potential, just think what they could do with their millions of people, is best for the interests of China ( or east asia) and the west to let them be like that since a competitive point of view, the rivals neutralize their own potential but yes this situation is sad since the cooperative and altruist point of view

    • Brahmin Man -Indian

      Hindutva is like salafism, a Reactionary movement by some Hindu groups.

      Hindu way of Pervades across india, corruption,sneaky way of dealing things,cunning traits,backstabbing, lying are part of “Hindu living”

      Hindu india is completely hopeless, Before globalization India is hopeless nation full of Snake charmers and corrupt humans

      now west has imported these degenerates into their land , i can assure you that these people will pollute western nations with their corrupt dealings

      If you see radical islamists their radicalism, can be easily identified and they can be locked up.

      But a corrupt hindu is very sneaky, he enters into an organization, boot licks his superiors, brings in his own country men, runs nepotism , politics inside the organization,does some shady deals .

      and in 10 years entire company stinks,rots from top to bottom.

      You can see how one hindu pollutes entire company with her sneaky dealings, silently like a parasite indians pollute every organization


      India is corrupt not because of politicians,Politicians are from society.

      Its hindu society which creates corrupt degenerates,polluted humans.

      Entire south Asia is reeling in poverty because of “Hindu way of life”

      • Natsu Dragneel

        so, if india is paralyzed from its scary potential and the west will be poisoned with indian or islamist immigrants, finally EAST ASIA will prevail 😉 this is amazing, i am not trying to be mean, but this is my competitive spirit, in the final the best prevail in the world 😉

        • India_Landof Rapes

          Hindu degeneracy is spreading slowly into Japanese society


          Japan is ruined , i can assure you

        • Swedish Shit

          The time for East Asia is now and the future. The Muslims are having their oil run out which means complete breakdown of their economic structures and the west is inundated with immigrants from china, india, africa and south america who will turn the countries into non-white majorities in this century; so you are right in the spirit of competition the future is on your side. Well done! You made all the right moves. You deserve your success. Congratulations are definitely in order! It is great to be on the right side of success!

          However, I do not think India is “paralyzed” but of course it will move forward but not at the speed at which the Far East will move forward. Here is a snippet of news from a Banking expert.It is good to see what professional bankers say about india rather than the mere opinions of posters of this blog who have no actual hard facts to back up what they say.

          “We are projecting that by 2030, China, India and Brazil would be the world’s first, third and fourth-largest economies,” Standard Chartered Bank’s Global Head (Client Access Transaction Banking) Neal Livingston said.

          “Asia accounts for a third of the world’s GDP and is responsible for more than two-third of the world GDP growth,” he said.

          The bank expects a roll-over in the top five economies of the world and believes that their power could be under threat from the BRIC nations.

          India’s GDP is expected to be $30-trillion by 2030. Increased capacity, better infrastructure, quality of education, health and hygiene are likely to boost India’s growth.

        • India_Landof Rapes

          Before that there will a war in Asia, All these Projections from Goldman sachs are nothing.

          These snake oil tradesmen are projecting many things. Fractional Reserve lending and Keynesian school of Economic thought will become thing of past

          From cyprus to southern peripheral Euro states every one is understanding what centralization is.

          I expect a Black swan in coming years which will change the European and American way of life.

          Globalization will soon become thing of Past, India,China,Japan and many South Asian nations will be submerged in Ethnic Conflicts

          Economy will contract and There is a greater chance that India as a nation will split into many peripheral states, the coming crisis will accelerate division in South Asia

          Forget about $30 Trillion Economy in 2030 , these banking charlatans were not bright enough to guess the collapse of Cyprus banking system and Squeezing of Depositors assets .

          There is a conflict brewing beneath the so called Facade “Globalization”.

          Pretty soon USA will realize that India is a Geopolitical liability.

        • India_Landof Rapes

          China is even fucked to larger extent there is a great Property bubble brewing in Chinese Economy, Bank of china expanded its balance sheet by 400%, well if you flush renimbi into economy and build some Properties and townships with no real returns from retail investors there is be GDP growth, but GDP growth is not wealth creation

          Every one in early 2000 were squeaking about Superpower status of india, with great GDP growth and all bullshit.

          8 years later ,all the hype is disappearing into Dustbin, it has nothing to do with corruption or scams.Indian economy is a bloated corrupt machine

          Its like flushing Trillion Dollars into Toilet hole and expecting phenomenal returns, its never going to happen.

          Asian growth story is a mirage,peasant chinese and corrupt indians are not rightful inheritors .

          If you Asian Geopolitical sphere falls into hands of these degenerate nations,expect dark ages for Asia

          By the way japan is another bloated bubble, their bond market is on verge of complete collapse

          All the morons who dreamed about Globalized world will have a sad awakening very soon in this decade

        • Natsu Dragneel

          Meiji restoration, World War… a stupid debt is way easier to handle
          and the stupid North Korea loves to bark but its not a real threat
          Pakistan due to its size its more a real threat to india and Iran its another threat to the stability of the middle east

          Abenomics (a portmanteau of Abe and economics) refers to the economic policies advocated by Shinzō Abe, the current Prime Minister of Japan.
          Abenomics consists of monetary policy, fiscal policy, and economic growth strategies to encourage private investment. The detailed policies includes inflation targeting at a 2% annual rate, correction of the excessive yen appreciation, setting negative interest rates, radical quantitative easing, expansion of public investment, buying operations of construction bonds by Bank of Japan (BOJ), and revision of the Bank of Japan Act.[1]
          Fiscal spending will increase by 2% of GDP, likely raising the deficit to 11.5% of GDP for 2013
          PS: forgive me indian posters if some of the content of my posts offend you, i don’t want to do bad marketing strategy for anime-manga to indian audiences, that was what i think ,besides i defended too Hinduism long time, this time i am just out of that subject

        • India_Landof Rapes

          Japan is going down, their bond market is a gigantic bubble and japanese social security scheme is bankrupt.

          This doesnt mean end of Japan.

          We are going largest “Peace time” period in world history,Never in human history we had over 65 years without a major war.

          At worse World Economy is completely in Debt, There are not many creditor nations .

          WAR Is an entropy of Bad economic and social policies.Ofcourse every nation likes to distract its people and scape goat some others.

          A major is coming in this decade, and some believe it has already started with the NATO intervention in North african nations.

          There are few major players like Russia,China,NATO,GCC playing these game.

          India is a minor player, even south Asian nations like Maldives dont give a damn about Hindu sneaky indians have to say.Sneaky hindu is hated everywhere

    • @Natsu Dragneel,

      Caste is gradually disappearing in India. In the cities, people hardly
      bother about caste. It is seen mostly in the rural areas where people
      are mostly illiterate, uneducated and tradition bound.

      As more people in India become educated, caste loses its significance
      to a large extent.

      • Truth

        You are a shameless liar. Even Hindus living in America remain casteist. There is no Hinduism without casteism. You will have to burn all your scriptures if you reject casteism. Who will perform your Vedic sacrifices if not Brahmins?

      • Disingenuous Hindutva bullshit. In some parts of Hindustan and certain English educated subcultures, castes might have less of an influence in work and professional life; but their existence is evident if you scratch below the surface and look into their personal lives (a part that the average Hindutvawadi neither talks about, nor allows non-Hindus to peek into).
        Marriage pairings are still determined by caste. Housing localities are ghettoised on casteist lines. Even social interactions are heavily influenced by the caste a person belongs to (with people from upper caste quite unwilling to share kitchen with those from the lower).

        • A Monkey with a Mind, thank bloody goodness

          ^+++++++++++++. I’ve had the ‘karmic pleasure’ of being born into a (cough!cough) so-called “high-caste brahmin” family that have more subgenres and subpages and inner circles than the freaking illuminati and it is so hard to escape. They have “talks” with hindutva sages, who go around trying to “reconvert” Indians by pretending they were converted against their will. They assume that all Indians are hindus, and were hindus once, and so the Indians who are Christians, Buddhists, Muslims are either traitors or victims. They complain that the Christians are doing so much charity and are being so nice to the untouchables and stealing them them from the hindu ‘faith’ with their dastardly kindnesses. I know why Indians are running like heck from hindutvas. Its sad they don’t see what rascist a-holes they are being to their brothers and sisters. Love this post btw.

        • Thank you so much! If you enjoy the site, you may feel free to donate to its continued upkeep if you wish.


          Great post!

    • Killua Zoldyck

      ARYA SAMAJ has sucess with the Hindus of Guyana, Hinduism there survived Christianity thanks to that reform:
      Caste distinctions are all but forgotten among Guyanese Hindus, During the indenture period, the East Indian caste system, with its reinforced variations of rites and beliefs within the Vishnu cult, broke down. Hinduism was redefined, and caste-distinguishing practices were eliminated. Christian missionaries attempted to convert East Indians during the indenture period, beginning in 1852, but met with little success. The missionaries blamed the Brahmans for their failure: the Brahmans began administering spiritual rites to all Hindus regardless of caste once the Christian missionaries started proselytizing in the villages, hastening the breakdown of the caste system. After the 1930s, Hindu conversions to Christianity slowed because the status of Hinduism had improved and discrimination against Hindus had diminished, Since the late 1940s, reform movements have caught the attention of many Guyanese Hindus. The most important, the Arya Samaj movement (Aryan Society), was founded in India in 1875; the first Arya Samaj missionary arrived in Guyana in 1910. Arya Samaj doctrine rejects the idea of caste and the exclusive role of Brahmans as religious leaders.

  2. Swedish Shit

    I never talk about my caste to anyone. So that is false. I refuse to ever talk about it.

    Caste is becoming another hate word of the transnational crowd. The linguistic demonzing of india is once again in full swing. Any legitimate discussion of india is met with caste, hindu nazi, fascist, hindutiva, islamophobe, monster,racist etc. Way to go folks. None of them bother me. Add caste into the mix of hate words and march forward in the agenda to dehumanize the people of india. Call them shitty as well. You know you want to.

    I am trying to show that when an indian uses caste in his home environment far away from the czars and mullahs of the transnational crowd it is quite a neutra word but for a transnational ideologue (communists, caliphate muslims, environmentalists) with his imperialistic ways against native people it is part of his package of hate words meant to dehumanize and demoralize anyone who thinks otherwise.

    • Smelly Lingam

      I am Hitler. People who smear shit at me are full of hate. Nazi are the best shit in the whole universe. Dono why there are no rationale discussion on Nazi.

      No Nazi never kill Jews. It is a lie.
      We never invade Russia
      We never invade French.
      We neva kill a single shit.

      mother fucker in the whole world never cease to spread hate against us.

      • Natsu Dragneel

        besides, now that i think about it, my comments can be a little mean to indian posters and i hope my comments don’t create resentment against anime-manga, anyways i am not asian, i am a white who sympathizes with them, however i don’t lose much because if we look at google trends, east asian culture is not popular at india, i didn’t expect k-pop to be big in India, but i expected more acceptance with manga-anime, i was quite disappointed, anime-manga don’t even reach 2 digits of research in India, seems that anyways isn’t that popular in India, outside asia the anime-manga is big in United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France or Italy; disappointed that indians and russians between big economies ignore it

        • India_Landof Rapes

          Sorry hindu scum copy many South korean, japanese songs, they even copy south korean Drama and soap opera

          A hindu cannot accept the fact that he is un imaginative and incompetent , rather he portrays his arrogance in everything

          Hindus copy everything but they just hinduize Imported ideas and claim them as their own creation.

          From music, to art, Cinema story’s,Cinematography,Literature almost everything in Hindu nation is copy cat.

          Its a monkey see and Monkey Do nation-Thats why they worship hanuman a monkey god

          Hindus know that Anime exists, and manga exists, but they dont like to give credit to japanese for their art of story telling and imaginative animations

          Hindu indians are copying the anime and remake it in Hinduized version and present it as their own creativity

          Plagiarism is “hindu way of life”.

          A sample research on internet will prove what i was saying all along, Anime story’s were copied in Indian movies and Indians call it their own creative invention

        • Swedish Shit

          I am indian and I have south korean movie about a crazy serial killer.So that culture is getting into india and with more Japanese firms setting up car plants in india it will continue. I hope it does and more power to the Japanese, South Koreans etc Excellent people!

        • Natsu Dragneel

          i am happy for it, but 1 thing EAST ASIANS AREN’T MORONS
          and about china, i don’t know well about their problems so i won’t speak about their situation posivitely, i am optimistic with japan and korea
          is very sad that indians copy, i hope the new anime of SAILOR MOON do well in india, i admire anime, few countries have the status of having franchises of worldwide appeal, besides united states with hollywood or united kingdom with some music, Japan is in that level, many animes are broadcasted in the world, besides Japan want the new sailor moon to be broadcasted in the world, to be honest i am not that fan of Sailor Moon’s plot, the manga and past anime aren’t in the level of Naruto, Full Metal, Inuyasha, Soul Eater, One Piece or Fairy Tail, but the concept of pretty heroines in sailor suits fighting evil fascinate me, i do hope the new anime will be a franchise in that level, the animation studio said that the new Sailor Moon will be less childish and more teenager-adult oriented
          japan ganbare! (you can do it)

        • India_Landof Rapes

          A malnourished 81 IQ race cannot create anything, over 70% of indian population is living below poverty line and rest 25% fall into New middle class of Monkey see and Monkey imitate generation who are busy imitating Western accent,life and dress but most of these idiots make a mockery of west.

          At worst they can be characterized as new generation of Apes imitating west and a confused bunch who want to feel some Pride about their ugly skin and stinky smell,corrupt nation and stupid spirituality Bullshit.

          This new generation has no ideology nor it had accomplished anything significant, only thing these people dream about everyday is migrating to west , settling down or creating a hype and showing their elitism, sadly westerners mock these idiots and make fun of these scum when they exaggerate their accomplishments.

          Indians have not mastered the Art of Plumbing ,or laying concrete roads, building some architecture which lasts more than 2 years without any streak or cleavage.

          One this That hindus specialize in is Building Temples for Stone gods and Painting the peripheral surface of temples with “pornographic images”-and creating hype about Hindu spirituality Bullshit

        • @india land of rapes,

          Indians had great dynasties in the past like the Maurya empire and Gupta empire. They can certainly do stuff. There is nthing wrong with their IQ.

          India’s problems today are due to the corruption of anti-national
          Congress party.

          Solution: Rebuild the Hindu nationalist state.

        • India_Landof Rapes

          Maurya Dynasty is a Myth created by John Princep , he even created mythical Hindu ashoka, Ashoka is a myth , much like krishna and Rama,

          Even savarkar your Demi Hindutva Movement creator hated this Myth,and has written extensively about False Ashoka myth,He detested Ashoka .

          The real Ashoka vardhana is called “Piyadasi”, he never converted to Buddhism , he is actually a Buddhist..

          Your BS Stories doesnt impress me, go back to RSS,BJP forums and chat with your fellow RSS&Modi Trolls

        • @India Land of Rapes,

          Who told you Ashoka is a fiction? You are really dumb.
          The identity of Priyadashi with Ashoka was confirmed in 1915 AD by
          archaeologist C L Meadon. There are inscriptions of Ashoka
          detailing his converson to Buddhism, known as Edicts of Ashoka.

          Go take your shit elsewhere, boy.

      • Swedish Shit

        How can you kill a shit? I am a sewage engineer and I have never come across a live shit. Is this a new species of shit? Could you send some sample of live shits to me. Also send a few to the shiite clergy in the middle east. They love talking shiite. In any case please give me all the details as I do need to be in on the latest developments when it comes to shit technology.

        • Swedish Shit

          Wow. This gentleman India land of Rapes is really not with it historically speaking. King Ashoka is well known; a universally highly regarded historical figure. The Edicts of Ashoka are well known in history as his conversion story to Buddhism.

  3. @India_Land of Rapes,

    You are pretty ignorant. Hindus have a rich classical musical form
    known as Carnatic Music, a very scientific form of music rooted in
    Hindu tradition.

    Hindu Architecture is also very beautiful. Look up Akshardham Temple
    in Delhi if you don’t know. Look up the temples of Southern India.

    Hindu literature is vast, particularly the Sanskrit literature, like the Vedas,
    Mahabharath, Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads ect ect.

    But then what would a dumbshit like you really know?

    • India_Landof Rapes

      Carnatic musical artists are mainly upper caste brahmins, lower caste dalit music looks like this

      Here we see lower caste hindus rolling over eaten food of Brahmins

      Enjoy, these idiot dalits amuse me.

      Gita ,upanishads and all your BS is mythology–Its a myth, get over it, monkey’s dont fly and Half human and Half pig “Varaha avatar” is not carrying the weight of this earth

      Jaipal, if you want to become a propagandist why do you need Reservation Quota, what is the purpose of your medical education.

      You said , you were a Clinical Doctor and Surgeon (Neurosurgeon i suppose), are you really a Doctor or call center Coolie?

      You are unemployed isnt it?, narendra modi pays you for writing this bullshit isn’t it?

      Why dont you spam Hindutva forums, the people in Hindu nationalist forums do like your spam posts.

      People here are laughing at you and Bollywood star/Swedish shit, you posters are unemployed useless morons , living in UK or Australia working in Cafeteria or Restaurant, flaunting your stupidity everywhere.

      My Virgin Dalit Jaipal,Get a girl and produce 5 kids, NREGA is for you,Mandatory employment for useless clowns like you is guaranteed under this scheme, atleast use it .

      • @India_land of rapes,

        I said Hindu music, didn’t I? Brahmins are also Hindus, retard.
        Many of the Vedic Rishis were from the so-called lower castes.
        Look up Shabara Rishi.

        A good chunk of Vedic culture was created by the lower castes.

        Gita, Upanishads ect contain many great teachings and no, they are
        not myth as you claim. Many scholars who have studied the Upanishads
        have considered it as a very great philosophical masterpiece.

        As for Narendra Modi, he is far better than you. Everyone knows about
        him but no one knows you. You are just a piece of shit, no one wants to know.

      • naamam

        ILOR escapist pricks like you who have escaped the country can easily throw mud on your home country . You guys are like cancer who spread your hatred even among foreigners. BTW have you ever given atleastr a sin gle rupee or made any efforts to improve your country you talk like a deeply constipated soul who has no cure .

  4. @Mr.Lindsay,

    This article has proven beyond a doubt that you really don’t know Hinduism.
    Yes, you can be a Hindu without having a caste. Hinduism has an entire
    theology that doesn’t give any real importance to caste.

    What matters in Hindusim, really, are the faith and ritual practises and
    spiritual development. Caste was just a means of social organization
    of Hindu society. But it is not the end result of what Hinduism actually
    stands for.

    Assuming that Caste is what makes Hinduism “hindusim” simply shows
    your reductionist way of looking at things. No wonder you’re offtrack.

    About Karma, no, it is not based on your caste. Karma and its consequences
    are based on an individual’s actions and the consequences of it, whether
    good or bad. It is individual based, not caste based. Whether you belong
    to a caste or not, karma affects all regardless.

    • Do you live in India?

      • Jaipal is not in India. He is in Uzbekistan, but I have no idea what he is doing over there in that MUSLIM-infested land.

        • India_Landof Rapes

          Perhaps he is an RAW spy or some laborer in Uzbekistan ,Please dont forget ISKCON federation a hindutva propaganda machine, perhaps he serves in ISKCON ashram .

          My last guess is he is a medical Student in Uzbekistan , there are lot of idiot indians study medical degrees in Tadzhikistan,Kryzkistan ,and Uzbekistan,Russia.

        • @lindsay,

          Wrong. I’m not in Uzbekistan. How did you come to that conclusion???

        • Your IP tracks back to Uzbekistan. Assuming you are not there, how are you managing to do that?

        • India_Landof Rapes

          Australians are exposing Hindu shysters in their Documentary

        • Oh,What is he doing there?Isnt Uzbekistan a failed country?Ive heard its terrorridden and much more worse than India.

        • India_landoofRapes

          Indians beg everywhere ,doesnt matter if its Uzbekistan or Tajikistan


          Begging is greatest innovative art ever produced by Hindus

        • @lindsay,

          Maybe there is something wrong with your tracking device.
          I’m definitely not in Uzbekistan.

        • I tried a better tracker. I see you are in Canada. If India is so great and the West is so evil, why did you all of you Hindutvadis take off from your shithole to go to the West? Makes no sense at all.

          As long as you are in Canada, why don’t you pay Dota a visit. He isn’t too far away from you.

          I am also starting to wonder if you are a physician. You should be listed somewhere in some physician’s directory of Canada, no? After all, I know your first and last name also (which I will never reveal of course). I figure it’s you because a guy with your name from Canada signed petitions on some Hindutvadi websites.

        • Dota

          I’d love to meet this clown, especially in Canada where he can’t bring 10 of his trishul wielding turds. It never ceases to amaze me just how many of these anti west Internet Hindus actually reside in the west. Even Russell Peters had once remarked in an interview that he was puzzled as to why these people weren’t in India already.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Ha! Jaipal is from Canada! Amusing, but I can’t say I’m too surprised.

          I guess he moved to the West to get away from “Nehruvian secularism,” LOL.

          Or maybe he realizes that only in the tolerant and indulgent West can he get away with spewing the nonsense that he does.

        • Bay Area Guy

          @ Dota

          I’d love to meet this clown, especially in Canada where he can’t bring 10 of his trishul wielding turds.

          Didn’t he once admit to participating in an anti-Muslim pogrom?

        • Dota

          I don’t remember him saying that. But I find him to be a very pitiable character nevertheless. Him and Bollywood Star. Once you recognize their type you cannot resent them, but pity them. Like Jesus pitied the people that crucified him.

        • Dota he is only about 400 miles away from you. It’s about a 6 hour drive. Why don’t you drive over and pay him a visit?

        • Dota

          Send me his location via email and I might pay him a visit one of these long weekends. I just want to see if this guy’s for real that’s all.

        • I only know what city he lives in. It’s a large city 400 miles and 6 hours away from you. You would have to contact him by email if you want to set up a visit, and I would need his permission to give that to you. Can I give him your email?

        • Dota

          Sure. But I’ll email you about which email address I’d like him to have

      • India_Landof Rapes

        He works in Hindu call center sponsored by RSS

      • India_Landof Rapes

        Why dont you show other side of hinduism which involves in superstitious belief’s invalid arguments.

        There is no such thing as Hindu religion,Hinduism today represents various distinct cults ,Shaivism,Vaishnavism have a long history of ridiculing each others Deities Vaishnavites calls Shiva an adulterer and idiot and Shiva worshipers call vishnu a molester and philanderer

        there is a lot of internal struggle in hindu cults

        • @india-land of rapes,

          You don’t make any sense. Hindus are known to be tolerant
          with each others forms of Gods. There is no enemity at all.

          All Hindus know that there is one truth called Brahman which takes
          different forms and names, whether Shiva, Vishnu, ect.

          They are all expressions of the one Brahman.

          Yes, Hinduism is a unified religion with common teachings and outlook.

        • Swedish Shit

          Who are you Mr India Land of Rapes. Are a pakistani? Do you have a circumcised penis?Are you a brown man from pakistan who hates India because he got his penis circumcised by the arabs and thus can not take the shame of his penis being conquered by jihad?

      • India_Landof Rapes

        Without Caste there is no Hindu,Every hindu is born into a caste- Caste is essence of hindu Dharma

        Only hindutva idiots believe in absurd ideas about hinduism, some hindutva idiots even claim that hinduism is monotheist religion, absolute bullshit claim i say.

        • @india-land of rapes,

          No, you can still be a Hindu without caste. Caste is just a social
          convention. Hinduism has teachings and spiritual goals which
          go beyond the limitations of caste. Caste is not the essence of Hindu
          Dharma, anymore than the Inquistion is an essence of Christianity.

      • India_Landof Rapes

  5. @Mr.Lindsay,

    You think a Hindu cannot be a Hindu without having a caste at the same time?
    Funnily, many Hindus don’t subscribe to your views at all.

    Look up the RSS, a Hindu Nationalist organization. They are many millions
    strong. You can find Hindus of all castes where there is no distinction
    entertained on the basis of caste. No one bothers about caste in the RSS.

    Being a Hindu is not about caste as such, but rather showing loyalty to
    and observance of Hindu religious practises and culture.
    If you do that, you’re a Hindu, caste or without caste.

    • India_Landof Rapes

      RSS and BJP is full of Idiots who suffer from Stockholm sydrome and some useful sellouts like you who do Upper caste bidding

      • @India_land of Rapes,

        RSS is full of real Hindus who have pride in their religion/culture and nation.
        If anybody is a sell-out, its boot-licking freaks like you.

        • India_Landof Rapes

          There is no Pride in RSS,Its an inflated Ego that keeps RSS intact,every RSS Leader is a small time crook and hypocrite.

          No rational indian would join these degenerates,RSS has little following in South india even Southern brahmins hate these Marathi Chitpavan degenerates

          Ofcourse they have got lot of money from mining scams ,and they build many shakas like Idiot salafi’s who build madrasas with Donations from wahabi shithole saudi arabia

          RSS is like Wahabism, its a reactionary Front of hinduism, no one gives a shit no matter how many times you morons call others as Sickulars or Sonia boot lickers, seriously only idiots believe in your crap .

          Your Demi God modi cannot cure the cancer, he has bloated ego,I can assure you he will create a lot of debt ,he is already interested in borrowing over $ 300 Billion from World bank.

          Enjoy your new Demi God, I can assure you his bloated Ego will ruin your life.

          There is a reason why average indian never gave a chance to BJP, not because Congress is corrupt, but common man was fed up with your lies.

          Only when central government becomes too corrupt, you and your RSS Snicker idiots get a chance, but that doesn’t change anything .

          How much you earn in callcenter ?, how much RSS pays you per post?

        • @india-land of rapes,

          Maybe you have forgotten, but the BJP was in power from 1998-2004 AD.
          Not that long ago. All these mining scams are done by Congress
          and not by RSS, you retard.

          RSS has millions of supporters across India, including South India.
          In Kerala, they have 3200 Shakas alone, so what the fuck are you
          talking about? RSS has presence in every corner of the country.
          Its an ever expanding organization. There are even Muslims
          who support RSS. Did you know that? Look up Musim Rashtriya Manch.

          So don’t talk nonsense.

        • Truth

          These RSS guys killed Gandhi and worship Hitler. Are you a Nazi sympathizer?

        • @Truth,

          Hindutva has nothing in common with Nazism.
          So cut that nonsensical shit short.

          RSS never killed Gandhi. Nathuram Godse, a former member
          did that. RSS never sanctioned Gandhi’s assasination.

          In my view, Godse did the right thing because Gandhi was anti-Hindu
          and a loyalist and agent of the British. Godse was patriotic, thats why
          he had to take out Gandhi.

        • Bay Area Guy

          In my view, Godse did the right thing because Gandhi was anti-Hindu
          and a loyalist and agent of the British. Godse was patriotic, thats why
          he had to take out Gandhi.

          Damn, Jaipal.

          Where’s your evidence that Gandhi was a British agent?

          (which, of course, justifies assassinations)

    • Truth

      If you think Hinduism does not teach casteism you will have to reject all your ancient scriptures starting with your equivalent of the Bible and Koran, the evil Vedas. Are you prepared to do that?

      • Trying to be A rationalist

        The vedas also say its cool to go to war on your cousins because if you are the warrior caste, then do your $9$9)$8)$ caste duty and kill all the people everywhere till you get the iron throne. (I abridge, of course.) From such lofty philosophical and moral perches do the hindutva preach. Its like using Beowulf as your religious text, or looking to the epic of Gilgamesh to solve all your moral quandaries, or venerating Sauron. Hey, I’m not saying that doesn’t sound like fun, but don’t expect people to take you seriously if your holy of holies has the moral philosophy of Game of Thrones.

  6. Look up Sadhu, Guru, and Yogi, in website returns and in images, Robert. They come from ancient, Hindu lineages and do not support the Caste system (in its traditional form). They are Holy men who seek God, or have become one with God, and there are more of them in India than in any other country. This is why Americans like Ram Dass and Bhagavan Das sought out wisdom from Hinduism. They didn’t westernize it; they adopted this eastern brand of mysticism. It’s forebears include Ram himself. Even Krishna was a renunciate in later life. My uncle’s guru, (who was born in Uttar Pradesh in 1900), was a bhakti yogi, even though he had been born into an affluent, Brahmin family. There was also an Indian born to royalty that later renunciated, who came to be known as the Buddha.
    The modern, societal caste system, however widespread, is incompatible with virtually all the other aspects and teachings of Hinduism. It’s Indian society that is a walking contradiction. Caste alone is hardly Hinduism. When a people seek not God but themselves, they betray their own religion, as well as the shared principles of other religions. God calls upon us all to love and serve others, no matter how much Dota says that’s this persons or that persons interpretation. Not all of reality is subjective. India’s saints and sages have made that clear.

    • India_Landof Rapes

      I can show many of these Bullshit Yogis indulging in Sex rackets,Organ trafficking,Land annexation,Money laundering and even evading Taxes,Giving hallucinogenics to devotees and raping “White” women

      Some even have strange Sexual Fetishes, Osho A. K. A Rajnessh a convicted criminal who escaped from US has Urinary fetish.Many of his devotees later acknowledged this .

      Swami Muktananda has Fecal matter Fetish, He use to request his devotees to defecate before his eyes, He was booked under various sections of abuse, and he was deported from USA.

      Later he opened an ashram for Shit Fetish worshipers in Pune.

      Same Goes with “Puttaparthi Saibaba”-Actually Sai baba’s medical History shows that he is “Hermaphrodite”- he use to Fool his devotees by saying that he reincarnation of GOD SHIVA and he has male and Female Genitalia.

      Ignorant Hindus not aware of his Biological Disorder worshipped him as “Ardhanari”-Shiva reincarnation.

      He is habitual abuser or little boys,Danish TV and BBC have made Documentaries about this Child molester.

      Even some RSS&BJP leaders use to attend his ashram and indulge in their Pedophile affairs

      This is how Hindu God men fooled entire nation with their spiritual Bullshit,sadly these crooks are doing same in western nations

      Lot of internet forums are exposing these filthy idiots and their Spirituality Tricks and Bullshit stories

      These spiritual charlatans are multi millionaires and have expensive mansions , they have destroyed every rational thought in India

      Look at the face of Charlatan Hindu baba when a rational person speaks

      • Oh good, I was beginning to think that all you were capable of was trolling. Given enough numbers where something genuine is going on, you will find charlatans and self-deluded leaders with their hands in it too. Also notice how many of them seek out notoriety, unlike the real deals who are sought out by others. After all, they wouldn’t call it counterfeit gold if there was not the real thing.

        • India_Landof Rapes

          Any idiot who teaches Crash courses in Spirituality for some deluded westerners is a charlatan in my view.

          and most hindu gurus have found out new market for spirituality, these parasites feed on insecurity,weakness and depressed people.

          These are not Gods or spiritual leaders, these are self proclaimed charlatans who cannot solve any real problems in their own nation but spew their garbage how to life ones life to useless generation of Spoiled Drug addict westerners

        • @india-land of rapes,

          Oh, so I see, you think spirituality and religion have no value in
          life. Only money is important.

          You seem to have no real values worth the name.

  7. Any idiot can make stuff up. That’s what you do half the time I guess. The other half you spend focusing on the negative as if that’s all there is. Reality is not cartoonishly one dimensional.
    You don’t know who you’re talking about, but you form uneducated opinions anyway. It’s just some concept you have in your mind, that you run with and tag on others. I suspect I won’t have much more to say to you soon and you can have the last word.

    • India_Landof Rapes

      Thats your opinion- A quack philosophers who preach Bullshit with some hypnotic music are not enlightened ones.

      These morons cannot reform their own society,but they always preach others how to live.

      V.S.Naipul a nobel laureate was right about indians- “Indians always want to Preach,they don’t like listen”-

      Every indian Preaches other people how to live, as if humans don’t know how to live or Breath.

      Biggest joke is Indian Spiritual Gurus and Fraud baba’s are Preaching Ignorant Westerners How to breath , how inhale air , how close one nostril and breath through other nostril, how to stretch you body parts, this is all they have got ,ofcourse there is some combination of some hypnotic music and Spiritual quack Bullshit and they are making millions

      Literally every Spiritual fraud baba in India is a millionaire.

      Greatest Spirituality of Indians in this modern Era is “Teaching others how to breath”-Only ignorant idiots in west who sheepishly believe in bullshit trust these charlatans

      These charlatans have been preaching this shit in India since ages, nothing has changed in India, worse most people indulged in same faux spiritual bullshit and became lazy incompetent idiots

      Same thing is happening in west, no intellectual trusts these charlatans unless he gains monetarily or he has some ulterior motives

      Hindu squawk Pseudo F aux baba’s or Gurus are Charlatans with Dark history, for them spirituality is a means to become rich,molest women,launder money and corrupt society.These bastards have inflicted lot of damage in every ones life.

      • When you want to learn something and stop knowing everything, let me know.

      • balramnaidu

        What does naipaul got tpo do with it !!!He is happily seetlled abroad and earning in millions for the garbaes he write and people pour their hard earned money for the drainage he gives. Didn’t you know Naipaul comments on women earned a feigned outrae among women writers. That man aipaul is living in stone ae and has guts to talk to about social issues he should shut up and get treated for dementia age is gotten to him. naipaul poolpaulnulkittut punda mavane sootha moodinu poda

    • India_Landof Rapes

      No body is making up false claims.Hindu fraud baba’s were exposed every where, ignorant idiots still believe in these charlatans, you will find millions of such idiots in India,these idiots are root cause for many problems that plague indian society

      These fraud Hindu baba’s have a long history of Rape,Sexual abuse,Drug abuse,Mental torture of devotees,Murdering their opponents.

      Even the Great Jayandra saraswathi the shankaracharya is involved in murder case, he had sex with 21 year old devotee in his ashram and paid for her abortion.

      He even killed his fellow compatriot , and this crook calls himself as Representative of all Brahmins.

      Shame!, a Brahmin must feel ashamed of himself that a Crook like Jayendra saraswathi represents his caste.

      • @India-land of rapes,

        Jayendra Saraswati is innocent. He was framed by the Christian Church
        out of jealousy due to his popularity among Hindus. He was opposed to
        the Christian missionaries.

        • India_Landof Rapes

          Typical RSS bullshit , even Muktananda swami is not shit eater , he is just interested in how you defecate , or even that is christian propaganda

          Fucking moron your superstition is the reason for your backward ness,Hindu babas or swamis have no morality they are just there to make money and enjoy the fruits of your labor

          I know very well , you will eat excreta of Mohan Bhagwat , Sell outs like you cant be changed , i still see many ignorant idoits worshiping fraud baba’s

          You deserve these charlatans , if you want to find the reason for Societal corruption , look no where other than “Temple”.

          “Temple ” is the root of all degeneracy in Hindu society, every where an idiot stone idol is created and worshiped blindly by morons

      • @India-land of rape,

        There are many great Hindu saints and thinkers of the past, such as
        Adi Shankaracharya, Ramanuja, Ramana Maharshi, Vivekananda,
        Aurobindo, Chinmayananda, Shirdi Sai, Dayananda Saraswati, Patanjali,
        ect ect. Just google them.

        You are opposed to spirituality because you are a degenerate character
        who doesn’t have any moral fiber worth the name.

        You don’t fool me. You are basically Indian Brahmin Man, hiding
        behind another name. You even committed adultery with your
        Japanese girlfriend, right? You were proud of that fact, weren’t you?

        Speaks volumes about your degenerate character.

        • India_Landof Rapes

          Adi shankara believed in Strict Caste system and he even wrote some other books along with Advita.

          Vivekananda died from Herpes,You can check out Sister Nivedita and vivekananda anal rituals.

          Ofcourse in a land of Idol worshippers,even Sachin Tendulkar is God.

          How many Gods you create, you have already over 33 million Gods and there are God men, and Spiritual baba’s , so much spirituality is overflowing in India. but society stinks, corruption is full blown, every one is opportunistic

          Wow , So much spirituality and non materialism and every one is corrupt to core, even these degenerate babas are multi millionaires and some are billionaires

          About Aurobindo, i can show so many sexual abuse cases of Aurobindo idiot these days technology exists, but in olden days these spiritual charlatans have escaped Scott free .

          None of the Demi gods you mentioned are pure or holy as you claim, ramana maharshi is a gay, you need to read more into background of these shysters.

          and more over International Religious congress about Religion in Chicago is a Faux organization much like Scientology , your fraud baba Vivekananda has spoken at these faux organization, truth is he just read some translated verses of Max müller and Parroted his Bullshit in Chicago, that paved the way for all spiritual fraudsters in India to understand-Bullshitting spiritual market in USA and the money they can make .

          70 years most of these spiritual shysters are living and eating shit in India and smoking marijuana . none of them have any realistic solutions to any problems, most of them have no rational or scientific thought, they kept morons like you in Virtual prison.

          Getting out of that prison is hard,so you started to love that prison.

          Hinduism is a plato’s cave

        • Wisdom. Jaipal, starts with not responding to ILOR. It won’t accomplish anything good. The internet inherently is a poor medium for human beings to communicate in, given how different they are, and their own limitations. Anyway, while I may appreciate Ramana Maharashi, ILOR could give a shit as to his true character, for good or bad. It could be cynicism, it could be an adherence to existentialism, I don’t know. Everyone has their reasons for why they think what they do, but it’s not really relevant to us. A real debate is devoid of belligerence.

        • Truth

          There is no spirituality in the Vedic sacrifices. That is superstition.

      • Swedish Shit

        So what are you? What religion are you? What country do you come from?You like to bash india and its culture and religion but you hide yourself. How very convenient. You are nothing but a coward. Come forward into the light, with your circumcised penis and show the world what the arabs have done to you.

    • Swedish Shit

      This gentleman India Land of Rapes is pure negativity. It could be that he has never though anything positive about india in his entire life. Logically it is impossible that nothing positive is available to say about india. If there is false coin that means there is a true coin. He always looks for the negative and that is because he is negative person who hates india.

      So Mr India land of Rapes two question, firstly tell me is there nothing in india which is positive?

      Secondly, Is there nothing in the whole world that indians have ever done that is positive?

      • Swedish Shit

        Watch this Mr India land of rapes, he will be very shy about revealing who he is! Come forth into the light. I want to have a good look at you!

        • India_Landof Rapes

          Why , do you want to bad mouth me?. Follow me, mock me?-Isn’t it “Hindu way of bullying”?

          You did same with Dota isn’t it?, its because of people like you -India is shithole and it will remain no matter how much you troll or speak your sugarcoated lies.

          Abuse my mother and sister, its common in India isn’t it?–Ah, is it your Culture?, no,Its “Hindu way of life”

      • India_Landof Rapes

        If you want to feel pride in stupidity and superstition , I cannot stop you or change you.

        but if you want to find the reason why your society is corrupt,Streets are filthy,society is full of opportunists and corrupt crooks , look no further than “Temple”, its root cause of all the malice in your society and mind.

        You are proverbial idiot who digs his own pit to bury himself, if some one sees your stupidity and gives a helping hand , you will ridicule them, spit on their faces, call them names.

        After a while no intellectual would prefer to work for you,or contribute for your society. this is the reason why Indians cant produce any single invention inside India, they have move abroad and join a team of Non-Indians mostly westerners to create something.

        If that team has more than 2 indians, its doomed to fail.

        No Nobel prize winner has got his education or knowledge from india, He has to migrate out of india to create something .Even bullshitting mediocre poet Tagore got his inspiration from Pushkin.

        Everything you touch fails, even your most hyped Aakash Tablet has become another scam in making

        Wait you even created Latrine Scam,



        Want to find the reason why over 650 million shit outside ?- You are greedy to make money out of shit and toilets.

        In common wealth games you made money out of condoms, tissue papers.

        you greed ,lust ,arrogance has no control-everything is acceptable as long as you can milk the system and society.

        and when everything falls apart you can cry corruption and point fingers at others and cover up whole sage.

        Any one who has lived with indians or in indian society will tell you who degenerate the whole society is.

        Politicians are creation of Hindu Society, its a society which cannot produce humans, only degenerates can born

        The ones who have still some humanity left in their conscious
        escape that “Hindu Shit hole”

        Persian gave word “hindu” means BLACK , thief n slave n MUSLIMS gave name hindustan means ” LAND OF BLACK PEOPLES “N The British writers gave them the word hINDUISM about 1830.

        Ahh, the holy spiritual Hindus, a nation full of corrupt people who preach others how to live.

        • Swedish Shit

          I shall call you PERSIA LAND OF RAPES.

        • balramnaidu

          You dont have to chane anybody keep wanking sitting next to your computer and continue to eschew filth nobody cares a shit about your self all the filth and shit you sprew are just coming back to you greedy pig!!!

      • India_Landof Rapes

        What export you have to this other than “Illegal immigrants” who commit H1-B frauds and blue collar cheap labor to gulf

        Nothing, Zilch is your contribution, all the pride and sloganeering is waste of time.

        Billionaires like ambani,Murthy,Premji profited out or your stupidity , they traded your services cheap and made money through arbitrage-Basically these God men of Indian IT are Cheap labor traders.

        No innovation, stoic society, creating idols , every one is an idol from Amitab to Sachin and worshipping them and if some one doesn’t recognize or praise your idols you become angry at these people.

        Having booted out Buddhism, you settled instead for effective and easy-to-follow Puranic faith

        Basically Reciting and regurgitating same bullshit again and again

        Today, Indians at Ellora only litter and scratch. These places are noisy, vulgar picnic spots, not monuments that terrify you into looking at ourselves.

        V.S.Naipul was right about you.

        • Xera

          Indian_man brahmin, what do you think about vimanas (ancient Indian air craft) and the Indian history claim that human civilization goes back millions of years and goes through cycles?

          Also have you ever heard about Lemuria? Supposedly there are documents in Indian vaults and around the pacific that claim that there was continental sized land mass in the middle of the Pacific ocean that had a advanced civilization in the past but it sunk around the Ice age or so.

        • India_Landof Rapes

          I dont think those Indians who wrote Vedas or wrote about fictional vimanas are alive today, modern indians dont carry that legacy

          Indus civilization has functioning Sewage system and modern Indians cant even build toilets

          I think lot of mythology that Indian Brahmins have written in past is highly influenced from Greek Mythology.

          Greek Mythology,Persian mythology and indian mythology have some close parallels

          wendy doniger has some good points about Hindu art of Story telling


          Brahmins are good story tellers,if not, idiots like jaipal and Bollywood star will not spend their entire life in trolling and defending their Utopian Hindu Bharat.

        • Xera

          Swedish shit reminds me of Gollum from the Lord of the Rings series, a character that you have to feel pity for and remark at his weirdness and pathetic state.

        • Natsu Dragneel

          no, Swedish Shit now remind me of EXCALIBUR, but not the classical spade, excalibur from the manga-anime SOUL EATER, a character meant to be annoying for the comedy’s sake X) excalibur is portrayed as very annoying ,just like how Swedish Shit turned now x) annoying
          -Excalibur (エクスカリバー), also known as the Holy Sword (聖剣, Seiken), is the most powerful weapon in the Soul Eater series. Regarded as “legendary” for granting superhuman powers such as the ability to fly and move faster than the speed of light, he is sought out by several characters and can be wielded by anyone with little effort, However, he regularly alienates potential meisters with his extremely obnoxious tendencies ,Excalibur spends his time in his weapon form embedded in a cavern shrine annoying the fairies that inhabit the area
          Swedish Shit should cosplay as Excalibur in an anime convetion

  8. GM

    There are countless unknown Hindu Mother Therasas like him.
    Read if you dare:

    Hindus are masters of spiritual and non-material world. Hindus explored the inner world of consciousness to the extreme. They believe this material world is a kind of illusion or Maya just like the movie Matrix. Most of the readers will discover this absolute and only truth in another 50 years i.e the day you die. You have absolute freedom of worship in Hindu way of life. You can even worship a shit and nobody will give a shit about it. For Hindus Jesus is another rishi or saint. I know many Hindus who worship Jesus or Muslim sufis in their own way. Monotheistic religions think this world in black and white with no tolerance for other school of thoughts. This world will be a better place if Europeans and Arabs revert back to their polytheistic or pagan roots. There will be less conflicts based on religious reason as each person will have his own religion. I hate uniformity. The world will be a boring place to live if everybody think alike, if everybody speak the same language, if everybody worship the same god. You can worship a stone as long as you do not use that stone to throw at me. Leave Hindus alone as they will never ram a plane into a symbol of human achievement. In its 5,000 plus years of existance Hindus never attacked any other country or civilization and I cannot fathom this HATE towards a different civilization.

    • India_Landof Rapes

      Hinduism is invented cult which got its name in 1830, Period. Before that Entire South Indian peninsula has several Princely states

      The word Hindu was first used by Persians-Which basically means-Black,Thug,Sly,Cunning.Cheat.

      Muslims called the Subcontinent as Hindustan-“Basically a Land of thieves or Slaves ”

      5000 year of civilization is another Bullshit created by Stupid RSS and BJP propaganda machine which has rewritten your stupid texts and your Temple indoctrination has made your mind incapable of understanding any Archeological survey other your RSS Temple Gurus preaching you are best in world and cause of your Stupidity and superstition is WHITE MAN or MUSLIMS .

      RSS has nothing other than Hate-Basically BJP&RSS and Hindutva’s hate Truth

      Your mythology texts were copy cats from Greek mythology, Upanishads were altered many times,even Puranas are carefully crafted by sycophant Pandits to impress their Kings and rulers and created a mythical godly,holy story about every king, basically most puranas glorified different kings ,just like you glorify Mediocre Swami’s ,baba’s and stupid cricketers

      Basically hinduism and its philosophy can be mentioned in 2 sentences

      Hindu prays his God by saying : “God,Please give me everything”

      God :”First Give me Dakshina in Hundi or Gold.”

      Its basically

      Hindu says:” God ,Give me!”
      God Says :”Oh ,ignorant Hindu,Give me First”

      This is why your society is corrupt, every one asks something in return for their service even though they are paid handsomely by their employer.

      Nothing is sufficient for you, you need more.more!!

    • India_Landof Rapes

      You own brown Over lord is speaking about your stupid religion

    • India_Landof Rapes

      a Persian dictionary titled Lughet-e-Kishwari, published in Lucknow in 1964, gives the meaning of the word Hindu as “chor [thief], dakoo [dacoit], raahzan [waylayer], and ghulam [slave].”

      In another dictionary, Urdu-Feroze-ul-Laghat (Part One, p. 615) the Persian meaning of the word Hindu is further described as barda (obedient servant), sia faam (black color) and kaalaa (black).

      • Swedish Shit

        He will not reveal who he is. Feel free to hide. If you are so fragile that you are feeling hot with just a few comment, do not worry. Like a paper tiger you have collapsed and I will leave you alone. Cyrus however collapsed quicker than even you have. So at least you are not the most fragile paper tiger.

        I am an indian nationalist who lives in the UK.

        • Swedish Shit

          I guess you must be like cyrus with your persian dictionary. However, Like I said because you are feeling hot will leave it there. Feel free if you are up to going head to head with me. Just say so and we will go ten rounds.

        • India_landoofRapes

          @Robert :

          Yoga and meditation are not part of Hindu Sanathan Dharma Cult, they were adopted During Maurya period

          In Hindu religion -There is something called -” Sama,Dhana,bheda,Dhandam”

          This is brahmin Strategy in early times-

          First negotiate, then request, then try to buy them out, if not Punish and humiliate others

          Its like a western saying-“If you can’t beat them join them”

          During the Maurya era, Budha Dhamma was the mightiest enemy of Brahmins. It had almost wiped out Brahminism. At that time Indus kingdom was in full bloom. The excavation of the Indus cities prove that every city contained a stupa. Seals of dhamma-chakra are found in plenty. In one of the cities even a headless statue of Buddha was also found. Seals depicting worship of Bodhi Pipal tree have also been found. The whole Indus kingdom had turned into Buddhist state. At that time Brahmins under Pushyamitra committed regicide of Emperor Varihdarth and genocide of Budhists. But the Brahmins did not succeed in fishing the Buddha Dhamma by “d’and”-Punishment. Therefore, they adopted the sure strategy of “sam”-Appeasement. Under this strategy, the Brahmins took their first step by declaring the Buddha as one of our gods. As a next step the cunning Brahmins joined Buddhism as bhikkhus. A Brahmin like Kumarila Bhatta, Nagarjuna in the garb of bhikkhus injected Brahmanic venom into the veins of Dhamma. Tales of Jatak were distorted, simple Dhamma was infected with complex rituals. Brahmins led the Dhamma to “Tantarikism”. In the garb of bhikhu, they committed heinous sins. The end result: Dhamma vanished from its birth place. The saam is persisting even today.

          Dr. Jayaprakash-Marine Archeologist , says: a number of Buddha statues have been discovered at places like Ambalapuzha, Karunagapalli, Pallickal, Bharanikkavu, Mavelikara and Neelamperur in Kerala. ‘They are either in the form of smashed pieces or thrown away from viharas. Lord Ayyappa of Sabarimala and Lord Padmanabha at Thiruvananthapuram are the proxy images of Buddha being worshipped as Vishnu. Hundreds of Buddhists were killed on the banks of Aluva river. The term ‘Aluva’ was derived from ‘Alawai’ which means ‘Trisul’, a weapon used by Hindu fanatics to stab Buddhists. Similarly, on the banks of the Vaigai river in Tamilnadu, thousands of Buddhists were killed by the Vaishnava Saint, Sambanthar. Thevaram, a Tamil book, documents this brutal extermination of Buddhism.

          Simply speaking,Some buddhist Meditation Themes were copied by Hindu Cult followers.

          Today Hindutva Vadis have made “Buddha” a Krishna’s reincarnation-Its a lie but an useful lie to perpetuate the scam of Hinduism

          Ancient hinduism is higly ritualized, it involved extended rituals and pleasing Different Gods, animal,child and female sacrifices were part of these extended rituals., even blood rituals were common

          You dont have to really investigate , just read Vedas, they involve great description of varied rituals to please different Gods, Some rituals even involve Sexual fornication, and most of these rituals were performed in Temple Courtyard-“Aalaya Prangana”(Sanskrit)- This is one the reason why most Hindu temples contain -Pornographic Imagery on Temple Walls

          Mediatation,Dhyana, Moksha, etc, these concepts were alien to Vedic Brahmins , these were later adopted into “Sanathan Dharma” after the threat posed by Buddhism

        • India_landoofRapes

          South Asia Entered into Darkness when Buddhism was Kicked out in favor of Highly Ritualized ,Discriminatory – Sanathana Dharma-Modern Day Hinduism.

          But glory of Hindu brahmins did not last long, soon persians invaded India, again same trick of appeasement and Joining your enemy follow, Kshatriya /brahmin nexus could not defeat Persians, so they joined them, mostly through Inter-marriage.

          Hinduism suffered a brutal blow again in the hands of ISLAM, this Islamic hordes never negotiated, they were never compromising and worse they were ruthless, vegetarian brahmins surrendered, Traitorous Warrior castes even died in Battle with Ghori and Muhammad Ghazni.

          ISLAMIC rule left a deep scar in Indian society at least in Brahmin society, for first time, Brahmins were punished without any regard, many brahmins were even massacred -This is the main reason why most Hindutva ‘s detest Islam strongly, because they were overpowered by Islam, completely conquered by ISLAM

          Some brahmins converted into ISLAM,Again to introduce some divisions and caste into ISLAM, it was not successful, Emperor Akbar had recognised this and Created a new religion which has both Hindu and Muslim ideologies its called -“Din-e Ilahi”, basically he tried to Appease both Brahmins and Muslims with this new religion, but it did not last long.

        • Truth

          Mediatation,Dhyana, Moksha, etc, these concepts were alien to Vedic Brahmins , these were later adopted into “Sanathan Dharma” after the threat posed by Buddhism

          True dat. Well said. This is a very important point.

      • Truth

        The problem with Hinduism is not that its adherents are black skinned and brown skinned. The problem with Hinduism is that it is a false, unjust, cruel and oppressive socio-religious system. Its priestly caste has cunningly appropriated beliefs and practices from non-Vedic religions like Buddhism and Jainism in order to perpetuate its scam. Make no mistake, the essential beliefs and practices of Vedic Hinduism, Brahminism and sacrifices to the gods, can NOT be reconciled with Buddhism, meditation, yoga, vegetarianism, non-violence etc.

        • Thank you so much. You are a great commenter. How do you know so much about India and Hinduism? Are you from there?

        • Truth

          No, I am not from India. I know a lot about it though.

          I think you are doing a good service by giving a place to vent for all those who have wised up to the Hindu scam. I was fooled for a while myself.

        • My attitude is I want people to be wised up to these characters. There are about a million websites out there bashing the Hell out of Islam. They go overboard to a certain extent but the critique is definitely valid. I want to see the same thing happen to these Hindus as is being done to Muslims – expose them!

        • I was fooled by these Hindus for a long time myself. I only wised up to them actually in the last few years! They hide their ways very, very well and they know expertly how to put on a pretty face for outsiders. All while they practice their evil ways in secret!

          I only started wising up to them when I got to know some Indian Hindus over the Net. I became pretty close friends with them (both Brahmins) and after a while I was utterly stunned at the degree of their pathology and their utterly cruel and vicious view of life. In particular, their espousal of Hindutvadi views shocked me as both of them denied being Hindutvas and said they voted Congress! It was then that I realized that Hindutvadi is starting to become another word for Hindu.

          Their frightening hatred for the British, the West, the White man and Christianity freaked the Hell out of me. And their rabid rage at Islam was absolutely bizarre. There is something horribly, horribly wrong with these people. Indian nationalism is like some sort of an awful disease, a cancer.

          We also have a lot of Indians (Punjabi Sikhs) in this town and they put up an excellent front and seem like model citizens for quite some time. But it takes some time to figure out how profoundly rude, mean and antisocial some of them are. In a word, they are living in the US as citizens but they want absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any non-Indians!

          I have just now learned that almost 100% of US Sikhs continue to practice caste, but they do so deviously in secret! That was very disappointing. And their women have a fearful, beaten down look about them. Then I learned about all the honor killings in Sikh society. I finally figured out that Sikhs are not so wonderful after all, and they are Hindu-fucked and India-fucked like just about everyone and everything coming out of that blighted land.

          Their children, born in the US, are often far more civilized, and I liked a lot of them quite a bit.

          Then I started delving into the Hindu religion and the more I learned about it, the less I liked it. What bothers me most about these folks is the insane and incessant lying and subterfuge they engage in. It’s almost like every word that comes out of their mouths is a lie. I am now figuring out how they have lied to me for years and it is starting to really piss me off.

        • @truth,

          Lol, you ain’t no expert on Hinduism or whatnot.

          Yoga is Hindu all the way, just as is meditation.

          Hinduism is a vast belief-system with many internal practises.
          Vedic sacrifice is just one among many practises.

          Vedic Hinduism precedes Buddhism and Jainism in age.
          They can certainly be reconciled.

        • Truth

          Yoga is Hindu all the way, just as is meditation.

          Yoga predates the Vedas. It is found in the Indus Valley Civilization. Yoga is meditation ultimately and you cannot reconcile Yoga with Vedic sacrifices. Nor can you reconcile vegetarianism with the Vedic animal/human sacrifices. Or non-violence with the war mongering in the Vedas and other Hindu scriptures. Or cow worship with the Vedic cow sacrifices.

          Hinduism is nothing but a scam that has borrowed from other spiritual traditions in order to beat the competition, whether it fits with Vedic sacrifices and casteism or not.

        • Hi Robert,

          You are doing humanity a big favor by exposing shit of India. I borrowed some of your ideas in my blog, and hope you do not mind. If I borrow too much of your original work, I will reference the work to you.

          I am also doing my part in warning my people against these scums.

          More and more and waking up to these shit head Indian. I am a typical nerd type that is harmless to everyone just like the Silicon valley engineers. Yet it is those white and yellow engineers in Silicon valley, the most honest and smart people in the planet that hate Indian most.

        • nominay

          Saying so makes it so? To say Vedic Hinduism cannot be reconciled with meditation and yoga is like saying a car cannot be reconciled with wheels. Meditation goes back in India THOUSANDS of years ago, and yoga is in the pages of the Upanishads. Robert, why do you believe this guy?

        • Justin, I do not believe him. Yoga and meditation are part of Hinduism, of course.

        • Truth

          To say Vedic Hinduism cannot be reconciled with meditation and yoga is like saying a car cannot be reconciled with wheels. Meditation goes back in India THOUSANDS of years

          Let us see how you reconcile Vedic animal sacrifices with yoga and meditation. Go ahead, amuse us.

          Yes meditation is very ancient in India. It can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization. It predates Hinduism.

      • I thought atleast the Persians had some kind of sympathy towards Indians but It now it seems like every other civilization saw these people with contempt..

  9. Truth

    Their frightening hatred for the British, the West, the White man and Christianity freaked the Hell out of me. And their rabid rage at Islam was absolutely bizarre. There is something horribly, horribly wrong with these people. Indian nationalism is like some sort of an awful disease, a cancer………..What bothers me most about these folks is the insane and incessant lying and subterfuge they engage in. It’s almost like every word that comes out of their mouths is a lie. I am now figuring out how they have lied to me for years and it is starting to really piss me off.

    I agree with everything you have written. These Brahmins polluting the internet with their lies are the very epitome of dishonesty, deceit and hate. It is like they have been bred to be con men through generations of selective inbreeding.

    They are the biggest haters, they even hate their fellow Hindus of a different caste. Love and compassion are alien concepts to these wicked scoundrels. Just look at what a hellhole they have made of India.

  10. Truth

    have just now learned that almost 100% of US Sikhs continue to practice caste, but they do so deviously in secret! That was very disappointing

    The founding gurus of their religion would be deeply disappointed as well, for they rejected casteism and taught against it. Most Sikhs are jats who originally belonged to the low sudra caste in the Hindu caste system. Their casteism is directed against their fellow Sikhs who originally belonged to the only caste lower than themselves, the outcastes or untouchables.

  11. Swedish Shit

    I shall call him PERSIA LAND OF RAPES from now on. I am talking about the guy with the persian dictionary. He has only himself to blame.

    • Swedish Shit

      Now I will follow the sunna of the prophet(pbuh) and tell you to go and bite the penis of your father. This piece of sunna is only know to scholars of islam. So this is top level secret stuff that people at Al Azar university in Cairo debate about. So you are getting some real knowledge here PERSIA LAND OF RAPES as it talks about Abu Islam a man who is too well mannered to talk like his prophet:

      This occurred during one of Abu Islam’s recent TV shows, which revolved around attacking Egyptian commentator and comedian Bassem Youssef, whose popular jabs frequently target Islamists, including President Morsi. In retaliation, Abu Islam spent a large segment of his show insulting Youssef. Yet, unlike the latter’s well-received jokes which are primarily based on wit and innuendo, the cleric relied on hurling ugly obscenities. Among other things, Abu Islam swore to Allah that according to Sharia law, because Youssef is a “pretty boy,” he is required to wear a niqab, or face veil, to cover himself up like a woman.

      Abu Islam hurled even worse insults on the comedian, which he tried to justify by referring to the teachings of Islam. He told Muslim viewers who would condemn his use of vile language, “Shame on you Muslims; learn your religion well. The Koran itself curses them, curses the likes of Bassem Youssef, those before him and after him.”

      He went on to give examples, quoting Koran verses that refer to infidels as “dogs,” “donkeys,” and “cattle.” “Are these curses or not?” asked the cleric. “Well, it’s your lord who curses, who insults…. Cursing and insulting is from Allah almighty, praise and glory to him.”

      Next Abu Islam moved to the Sunna—along with the Koran, the second pillar of Sunni Islam, the words, deeds, and recommendations of Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, and his companions as documented in the hadith literature. Said Abu Islam:

      Now hear the words that the prophet counsels me to use against people like you [Bassem Youssef]. He tells me to tell you “Bite your father’s penis, and do not whitewash.” In other words, I’m supposed to tell you to go bite your father’s male member, but I’m supposed to use the real word [“penis”] without whitewashing. The prophet orders me to mention your father’s male member, but without whitewashing [instead of saying “male member” he should say “penis”]. You see how well-mannered I am—I cannot even bring myself to use the words the prophet commanded me to use on you. I just can’t do it!

      As for Muhammad’s closest companions, he quoted Abu Bakr, Islam’s first “righteous caliph,” telling someone, “Go suck on al-Lat’s clitoris!” Al-Lat was a pre-Islamic goddess of Mecca, whose image was subsequently destroyed on Muhammad’s orders.

      When Abu Sufyan finally converted to Islam and asked Muhammad what he should do about the large idol statue of al-Uzza, another pre-Islamic female goddess of Arabia, Islam’s second “righteous caliph,” Omar al-Khittab, responded, “Go take a sh*t on it!”

      I do like that one as I am sewage engineer. Good one Omar!

      Abu Islam is not the only popular Muslim cleric to justify his foul mouth by referring to Islam and its founders. Here, for example, is popular Sheikh al-Huwaini—who likens the face of women to their vulvas—also quoting and explaining the “Bite your father’s penis” hadith in graphic detail.

      Al Azhar graduate and professor of Islamic interpretation Sheikh Abdullah Badr is also on record trying to justify his use of foul language by referring to the same hadiths (he got in trouble when he publicly referred to a popular Egyptian actress as a “whore.”) Ironically, he is also the same sheikh who publicly swore to Allah to cut the tongue out of the mouth of anyone who insults Islam and its Sharia.

  12. Swedish Shit

    “They are the biggest haters.” This just show how hate filled you are

    OK truth Or shall I call you LIES, how do you determine who is the biggest haters in the world. Do you go around with a HATEOMETER decide that way? Or is this just your personal opinion?

    What about KKK people how do they come up on your HATEOMETER. How about Bin laden and his caliphate muslims how do they come up on your HATEOMETER. In fact how do you come up on your own HATEOMETER when you spend so much time and effort hating hindus and india. Come on LIES spill the beans. How much hatred is in your heart?

    Do you spend every beat of your heart hating india? Do you spend every blink of your eye hating india? Do you spend every thought in your head hating india. When you see an indian do you go into a rage and BLOW YOUR HATEOMETER AND THEN HAVE TO BUY A NEW ONE. LOOKS TO ME AS IF THEIR IS PLENTY OF HATRED COMING FROM YOU LIES.

    • Heres another quick question,
      Like Hinduism cant exist without caste.Likewise,Can Islam exist without Arabs?

      • Swedish Shit

        The simple answer to this is no. Islam is about arabs imperialism. The koran is written in arabic.When someone becomes a muslims they must repeat the shahada three times in arabic with feeling. They are given a arabic name. Then the mark of the arab which is circumcision. They then become part of the arab story. They love what the arabs love and hate what they hate (jews, infidels etc) Their previous history is called a period of ignorance. The technical term for this is the Age of Jahiliyya or the dark age of Jahiliyya.

        Then the most perfect man is the Mohammad, an arab. So his life and teachings need to be constantly copied. Islam is about copying what Mohammad did. Hence the reason why muslims get upset if any criticism is leveled at the perfect man or al kamil al insan. Indeed their is even a book called Mohammad the perfect man. Since he is the perfect man than all things about him are perfect and one of those is that god chose an arabic man to be his apostle, hence arabs are the supreme race in islam. Mohammad himself was a white man who liked to dye his hair ginger. Hence this suited his complexion which was very pale. So sometimes you even see black people dye their beards ginger with henna in order to copy the perfect man. The sharia law is all about his perfect judgements. One of which was the consummation of his marriage with a six year old girl at the age of nine. Hence in sharia law women are considered adults at the age of nine and you can marry them. This is today. This is the law of the land in Sharia Saudi and Sharia Iran. A book exists called Divorced at ten tells the modern story of a girl who endured this kind of molestation as her husband followed the perfect arab man and his ways.

        Then there is the Haj to the Kaaba. Now again we have an arabic connection. Not only does one pray in arabic but one must go on haj and make it public ceremony in arabic in Arabia.

        The Hajj ceremony belongs to the pre-Islamic times. It is as much representative of idolatry today as it ever was. People perform the rites of kissing the Black Stone including the seven circuits of the Kaaba, which are considered emblematical relic of the stars’ revolutions associated with the traditions of the heathen Yemen.

        What is true of Hajj, equally applies to Allah Himself. It was the name of the Chief idol of Kaaba associated with Quresh, the tribe of Muhammad. The Prophet’s father’s name was Abd Allah i.e. the servant of Allah for this reason. He retained this name for his God because of its appeal to the Quresh. Again, Allah was an Arabian God, and everybody swore by His name irrespective of religion.

        By such schemes the Prophet bestowed a greater sanctity on Mecca than the Jews could ever associate with the Temple of Jerusalem. The divineness of Mecca imbued the Arabs with an aura of holiness, which was made distinct by such hadiths that all Muslims must love Arabia, and those who begrudge it, they shall be deprived of the Prophet’s intercessory blessings, and thus rot in hell.

        In this Master Plan of Arabism, the Prophet kept himself right on the top: even though he calls himself a mortal and the servant of Allah, it is Allah, who along with His angels, prays peace to Muhammad i.e. worships him. Therefore, love and obedience to Muhammad is the true Islam and Allah becomes a mere euphemism for Muhammad, who has such a strong grip on Him that belief in Allah means nothing at all without acknowledging Muhammad!

        The best way of practising Islam is to treat Muhammad as the Model of Behaviour:

        “You (Muslims) have had a good example in God’s
        Messenger ( Muhammad ) for whosoever hopes for
        God and the Last Day.”
        ( Koran: The Confederates chapter )

        • Well then maybe Islam needs to be reformed.The Persians are doing a good job questioning the position of Arabs in Islam and exposing their supremacist feelimgs through Islam to other non-arab muslims.

  13. Shan

    The main use for caste is arranged marriages
    If you go to Indian matrimonial sites like Shaadi.com, they all specify which caste they are from and which castes they will accept as a match

    India has 30 language and it is important that the other person speaks your language.

    There are diet restrictions, Upper castes are vegetarian, Mid level castes eat goat, chicken, fish and untouchables eat beef and pork

    Obviously whom you marry has to be able to share the same kitchen

    Indians of all religions have caste – Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists

    As far as the Sikhs go, all the 10 Sikh gurus were of Khatri caste and they only married other Khatris

    Hindus are less hypocrtical. The others claim not to have caste and yet practise it.

    Hindus are anti-muslim and anti-christian. British rule is considered christian rule, not as white rule. Hinduism is not specifically anti-white. Several whites have been accepted
    Such as Dr.Annie Besant and the Theosophical society
    Hare Krishna are mostly white Hindus

    HinduismToday is run by white hindu monks and considered authentic by mainstream Hindus

    A lot of the gurus are of lower caste origin and accepted by brahmins as legitimate

    Such as the Hugging Saint – Mata Amritanandamayi comes from an untouchable dalit family

    Hinduism does not proselytise, just like the jews, so why does it bother non-Hindus what Hindus believe in ?

    Caste of a form exists in the USA

    Southern European Catholic

    And most churches are segregated and white southern churches fought against equal rights for blacks

    • Truth

      Indians of all religions have caste – Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists

      Only the Hindu scriptures teach casteism.

      All the other religions, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Islam, reject it. If some adherents of non-Hindu religions practice casteism they are not following the teachings of the founders of the religion they converted to.

  14. Swedish Shit

    “Well then maybe Islam needs to be reformed.The Persians are doing a good job questioning the position of Arabs in Islam and exposing their supremacist feelimgs through Islam to other non-arab muslims.”

    Islam can not be reformed. It is the eternal word of Allah. Any reform is Bida or innovation and is not allowed as the prophet claimed he had perfected the religon of islam.

    The persians are slaves of arabs. They are circumcised by arabs. They were conquered and converted by arabs. Iranians run a sharia state and are the world’s number one “death to america” crowd. They are every bit as fanatical about Shia Islam as the Arabs are about Sunni Islam. The two see their versions of islam as being the true one and so hate each other with a vengeance.

    Where is the proof that persians are questioning Arabs? No proof. You just say things without evidence.

    Still to be fair you can now bring the proof since I have reminded you of this vital thing known as evidence.

    • Every Persian I’ve met on the internet hates Arabs to some degree.They despise them for invading and ruining their great Aryan culture and Pride.You are some ugly Indian turd blaming the Arabs.If you hate them so muchh then why do I get to see your raghead people toiling in the blazing sun constructing buildings,roads ect.Indians here have a slave mentality and are frequenttly played on by other nationalities.There is a reason why Saudis shouldnt grant you any rights to build your demonic temples here and spread our filth.

      • sorry I meany ‘your filth’

      • India_Landof Rapes

        Saudis have done a great thing by not granting these scum to build temples and preach their never ending bullshit.

        Arabs dont give a damn about indians, even in Bahrain ,Dubai they dont give a damn about indians. They can import cheap labor from Indonesia and Philippines rather than ungrateful india.

      • Swedish Shit

        Excellent. You are a true racist. A south African racist who admires Saudis. Well done. Your moral leadership is nil since you call a great man like Madala a bastard. Even the communists and environmentalist will not touch you now. It is you and the Saudis. Fifteen Saudis were among the nineteen who killed 3,000 people on nine eleven and yet you reserve your anger for hard working slave people in the kingdom of Saudi and for Mandala who liberated his people.

        You will never emancipate anyone. You will always be on the side of the slave owners and oppressors and racists.

        • Mandela is another corrupt and degenerate black who seeks power which is not destined for him or his people.I am not a racist but everyone knows that wherever Blacks get the throne,That place naturally turns into a shithole like India.

  15. @Swedish Shit,

    In your view,who is this guy “India_ land of Rapes” ? Is he Indian or not?
    You brought up Cyrus and his dictionary. Whats the connection?

    • In my view,Who the f*ck are you?You dont even live in India rather in another shithole called Uzbekistan which obviously is moslem dominated and go on ranting hate aganist islam?Well I’ve known dalits and I also hate them and you’re a typical example of one I assume…

      • Swedish Shit

        You could go back to South Africa and tell people about the glories of Islam. What is stopping you? People are free to do what they like. If you do not like it. Tough.

      • India_Landof Rapes

        2 Hindu IRT’s are trolling on this forum, these scum work in Hindu RSS Call center,they get paid 1cent per post – equal to 4 INR, they make a living swallowing excreta of their Hindu RSS overlords

        Urine drinking very much part of Hindu way of life, Even their prime minister was Urine connoisseur

    • Swedish Shit

      Thank you for your question Jaipal. I felt this ILR was Persian because in one of his posts he said he consulted a persian dictionary. However, Robert says he is not persian as he has a very real indian name. So I am not sure. Unless he reveals himself it is not possible to say conclusively. He could even be our Brahmin Man but I am not sure. Cyrus is persian and I tried to debate him a short while back but he folded instantly without firing a shot after he had started off with the usual anti indian racist bluster. So in conclusion I am in the dark about this ILR guy.

      • He is of course Brahmin Man, that much is obvious. He has an Indian last name too. I just found that out with a web search, it was not too hard. I also found his photo. He is not a bad looking fellow! A pretty young guy, and very Indian. Based on his last name, I think he comes from Andhra Pradesh. His first and last names are both very Hindu. And he is for sure in Germany. He is a student at a very nice scientific institute there. He is probably one smart fucker.

        • India_Landof Rapes

          Currently i am working in German Aerospace Project Robert,its called DLR in german, I am a PHD Student about to finish my Research

        • India_Landof Rapes

          FYI, I completed Masters in Paris Tech, later moved to Germany with PHD fellowship from Konrad Adenauer Foundation and you know the University name, I have nothing to Hide.

        • India_Landof Rapes

          I am from Hubli, my parents are from Tamil nadu ,I am Tamil iyer brahmin, my family comes from Andhra pradesh and Tamil nadu border.

  16. Swedish Shit

    Excelllent. So why do you hate india so much. Is it the shit? Why not getting into the Sewage engineering business like me and learn to love the shit.

    How is the shitting in Germany? How about your own shit? How do you get on when you have a shit? Do you mind if I call you Germany Land of rapes? Your favourite people the muslims often rape the german women.

    “It happened in the centre of Hagen: a 15-year-old schoolgirl was forced to snort cocaine by two men (39 and 23). Then she was raped, while being filmed, and then finally had to sell her body in an inner city brothel.

    The sauna club operator Ayhan A. (39) and his friend Tugay C. (23) from Boelerheide, a bus driver in the EN circle, have been in detention since 12 September – and are now before the Young Persons Protection Chamber of the Regional Court. “Human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation” according to one of the numerous charges”

    Are you muslim? I see now perhaps you are like cyrus. You have the circumcised penis and a real love for arabs and a hatred for Indians. Is this true are you a muslim and are in love with arabia? Do you defend what your turkish islamic brothers did to this german girl?

    Perhaps you are not a muslim. Would you describe yourself as toilet shitter. Do you shit in the toilet. Do you own your own toilet? Are you a rented toilet shitter supremacist? Are you a toilet shitter supremacist and thus hate indians because lots of indians are not wealthy enough to afford a toilet.

    Or is your hatred towards india a combination of arab muslim love and rented toilet shitter supremacy. What would you feel about india if everyone had a toilet, would you still maintain your toilet shitter supremacy?
    So Germany Land of rapes, I am full of questions and I would be glad if you would be so kind as to answer them for me. Please do so. It is saturday tommoro and even though I have to get up early for business I can wait a little bit.

    • I do not think he is Muslim unless he converted, which I doubt. He has a 100% Indian Hindu first and last name. I thought it was Telegu Brahmin based on the last name, but he says it is Iyer Brahmin. I don’t know the last name very well, except it seems to go back to Andhra Pradesh.

    • Truth

      Are you a toilet shitter supremacist and thus hate indians because lots of indians are not wealthy enough to afford a toilet.

      It is more like people are disgusted by your Hindu culture because it doesn’t give a damn that most Hindu women have to shit out in the open. There is something seriously wrong with you people and until you clean up your shitty ways you will be treated like shit.

      • Swedish Shit

        But do you own your own toilet? What kind of toilet shitter supremacist are you. Are you a rented toilet shitter supremacist. Are you a wealthy toilet shitter like me with a gold toilet? What do you think about Shakespeare who was a open air stratford upon avon countryside shitter. Sadly he never wrote a play about his field shitting experiences. What about Aristotle who relieved himself in the fields as well?These people have a lot in common with people without toilets.

        That gigantic intellect St Thomas Aquinas loved to go to a favorite field of his to have a shit in the morning. Are you superior to him as well? Come on lets see what kind of toilet shitter supremacist you are.

        • Truth

          Having a sanitation system is a basic requisite of civilized living. It is not considered a luxury to act supremacist over, you filthy Hindu lunatic.

          India’s abject poverty is not a good excuse for its disgusting lack of sanitation and hygiene.

  17. Swedish Shit

    Germany land of rapes your company is doing some valuable research work. I see a new kind of range extender for electric cars is in progress. From the looks of all the research the company is doing it looks like the NASA of germany. With all this reseach going on could you not find something else to feel superior to india about. Why are you so keen on being a leading toilet shitter supremacist? Why not feel proud of what you and your german toilet shitting friends are doing in your research projects. You certainly have the basis for a more positive identity but you choose to feel superior over poor people in slums without a toilet. Perhaps it is time to join Billy Gates and help him design a new kind toilet in his competition funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. I am not doubting your research work but your choice of identity which is based on your toilet shitting. Billy Gates is a toilet shitter but he does not base his identity on his toilet shitting abilities like you do; and he is far superior to you. Indeed he feels sorry for poor people and wants them to gain the help they can to make their lives better. Follow Billy Oh great toilet shitter supremacist and choose a more positive identity.

    • India_Landof Rapes

      Yes its largest Space Research Foundation in Germany (2nd Biggest Space research organization in Europe after ESA (European space agency), but I work in collaboration with Todai university (Tokyo) and DLR, my Home university which sponsors this research is based in South Germany

      I am not into space Research Studies,i belong to Life sciences department, my Field of Research is in Biomedical Implants , Humanoids and Intelligence systems.

      • Yes this is starting to make sense now. Your home university is indeed in SW Germany, and you do indeed with in the biomedical field from what I can tell. It has to do with imaging, modeling parts of the body for medical use such as CT scans, PET scans, SPECT scans, sort of that kind of thing. Making some sort of computerized models of various human organs, something along those lines.

        • India_Landof Rapes

          Yes that is my Home university which gives me Final PHD degree, but in germany you can pursue PHD in 3 streams, complete academic sitting inside university all the time.

          2. Academic with Company Sponsor= its highly difficult to find a Corporate which sponsors your PHD

          3. Enroll in University, take an allied Course and Work in Research Schools like Fraunhofer or Hermoltz foundation or German Space Research Institute

          I am not an Astronaut ,I work in Medical Sciences, Biomedical Modelling,Medical Implants , along with that i work in Space research organization.

          We are designing new Modelling tools for Astronauts at ISS (International Space station, These modelling tools will give you some brief estimates about Human organ patterns and their functioning /basically computerized models of your Body torso,Heart,Brain,Kidney functioning your metabolism rates ..etc in space mission.

          I have did my Internship in DLR : German Aerospace Foundation ,later i have got a PHD thesis from same organization but Research foundations can’t grant you Final Degree ,so you have register in allied university.

          I design computerized functional models of Cardiac Systems. Some of my colleagues are into Hybrid visualization of human body torso.

          I have even worked in those fields,but currently i model Cardiac systems and understand Cardiac arrhythmia.

    • India_Landof Rapes

      I have chosen my identity after many ugly experiences with Dirty hindus, I am more comfortable with Muslims,Iranians,Arabs-Germans and French.

      I admire americans, I detest Hindu fake idiots and chinese Copy cats with no originality .

      • Please dont hate the Chinese. I believe you met those from PRC. They are victims of cultural revolutions. Nevertheless, I find PRC quite cunning also.

        If you come to Taiwan, you find many kind and honest people here.

      • Swedish Shit

        “I have chosen my identity after many ugly experiences with Dirty hindus,”

        So you have had some bad experiences. have had many ugly experiences with English and Swedish people and I do not hate them. I just realise that some people are not perfect. In other words I realise that like all people swedes and english people have flaws but then of course some of them are really great. In fact I am going to have drinks with an english friend very soon. Amazingly he is like you.

        Let me explain. He is english and he hates the english. He would rather spend time with me or with my jamaican buddy. He has had bad experiences which have made him hate his own people. However, I tell him this is immature but of course it will not help as this was during his formative experience of english people in england which left deep deep scars and made him even write it all down as a way of being free of it in biography writing project he engaged in. I read it and I could see the pains he had with english people.

        So what you are experiencing is something which is not unique at all. Other people experience it. So I am thinking of a name for this. Can you think of a generic name for this phenomenon?

        It is now time to look at the Amgdala and the hippocampus.

        • Swedish Shit

          If the amygdala perceives a threat, it immediately springs into action and does not wait around for the cortex to analyze the data and return a verdict (i.e. “that man reminds me of someone dangerous because he has a similar hairstyle, but he is very clearly not the person who hurt me in the past).Before any conscious awareness has occurred, the amygdala activates the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which enlists every area of the brain and body to respond to the threat and deactivates all non-crucial bodily functions, such the digestive and immune systems. The amygdala also determines the best response to a threat, including the fight, flight, and freeze responses.
          Your reaction was not a thinking process and was not up to your conscious mind. It came from an instinctive part of your brain that is very, very old and very well programmed to protect you from any avoidable danger.

      • naamam

        ILOR bastard it because you sucked a more than 10000 ugly muslim cocksa in your life you are piece of shit faggot fucker I. go and eat your own shit and watch the orgy that happen s in your home ervrrydaybastard Only uselesss tamils like you have this much hatred seeing you i feel tamila deserve the punishment wherreever they go its not gonna be too long before they start licking yourf balls in germaqny and you’ll comeback walking on your balls begging back to india u piece of shit

  18. Swedish Shit

    The Hippocampus

    The hippocampus is a structure in the limbic system that is associated with learning and memory. The hippocampus stores memory of time, place, and space in time. It organizes memories in a chronological way.

    The brain is constantly in the process of receiving data, interpreting and analyzing it, and creating action based on that data. It has an enormous capacity to store information and use that information over time. The human brain increases its efficiency by creating internal representations of the external world, or templates. These associations generalize to future events. For example, when I see a door, my brain instantaneously recognizes this and sends a message to my muscles about how to respond. From time to time I may come upon a door that looks nothing like any door I have ever seen in the past, but still my brain can compare it against the template it holds for doors and respond appropriately. This is true of all sensory input, whether it comes in through site, sound, smell, taste, or touch.

  19. Swedish Shit

    So when ever the word indian is mentioned or you see and indian naturally the memory is triggered and you are in its grip. To free yourself will require a rewiring exercise, but you are free to do what you want. You know all about the plastic nature of the brain and you are in an academic position to rewire your brain as you see fit for your own happiness and future prosperity. I leave it up to you, to do whatever you feel is necessary to free yourself or remain as you are.

  20. Swedish Shit

    “Having a sanitation system is a basic requisite of civilized living.”

    So come Shakespeare wrote his plays without a toilet. So what you said is WRONG. Da Vinchi never had a toilet and was the genius of geniuses. A lack of a toilet did not stop him at all.

    “It is not considered a luxury to act supremacist over, you filthy Hindu lunatic.”

    This is racist.What about the people who do not shit in a toilet in Iran, Egypt, South Africa and Brazil. How come you do not say that these people are not civilized.

    This is a list of slums in Egypt.

    Arab Ghoneim
    City of the Dead (slum)
    El Amrawi
    Ezbet el-Haggana
    Hadra El Gedida
    Manshiyat naser
    Naga El Arab
    Dar El Salam
    Al Basateen

    These people also do not have toilets and yet you single out indians because you are a racist.

    “India’s abject poverty is not a good excuse for its disgusting lack of sanitation and hygiene.”

    So that argument should also apply to Egypt. However, because you are a racist you will not apply it in that case.

    • Truth

      Visitors to Egypt are not horrified by the living conditions there as visitors to India invariably are. There is just no comparison.

      You are nothing but the typically shameless Hindu liar.

      • Swedish Shit

        Visitors to Egypt are not horrified by the living conditions there as visitors to India invariably are. There is just no comparison.

        Oh I see. We have had this argument from Xera before you. The argument is THE SLUMS OF EGYPT ARE BETTER.

        Be honest and watch this video on youtube. You will be horrified.

        Slum Stories: Egypt – A hut on a roof


      • Swedish Shit

        The fact that you feel that the SLUMS OF EGYPT ARE BETTER shows that at least you acknowledge poverty. Now you must see these slums and go and visit each one. Once you have done that tell me if you would be to live like they do. I know I would not like to live like they do.. I would not live in those slums which are supposedly superior. I would absolutely hate to be in such poverty and ignorance.

        • Truth

          If you hate poverty and ignorance why are you so stubbornly defending India, you irrational fool?

        • You have to accept that India is a rape/shithole unless you do that you’ll always remain sick and people will laugh at your stupidity and defending the indefensible.What you need is maybe a troll therapy by someone.I know you’rre some unemployed squirt in Uk who’s got nothing to do except spam shit.

        • son goku

          all of you are dense, i am not that smart genius and i can tell when his posts are jokes and when he is quite serious, you get annoyed in vain, he is only having fun with all you

        • Swedish Shit

          Akshardham, The 8th Wonder of The World-Louise and Stuart’s Amazing India

        • Truth

          i can tell when his posts are jokes and when he is quite serious,

          You are dense if you don’t realize that his agenda is the same regardless. He is a nutcase in the end because he is a full time troll defending the indefensible.

  21. Swedish Shit

    If you hate poverty and ignorance why are you so stubbornly defending India, you irrational fool?

    This is a good question Truth. In fact this is one of the best questions.

    Naturally one is repulsed at poverty and that is a natural reaction. One is repulsed at the suffering one sees. However, one also has to have a heart for the suffering of people. After all I too could have been born in such poverty and not known a good life where I have access to the things I need for a good life,such as water. One must learn to hate poverty but love people who are crushed by their circumstances. In the UK we have people who are in poverty, not like the slums of Egypt or India but of a first world kind and often people say many unkind things about these people. You can imagine. Here too one needs to differentiate between the poverty and the people. Who know if later on in life they go on to become excellent parents with lively children who thrive and do well and succeed in breaking the bonds of earlier difficult times. Everyone deserves a chance.

    • Swedish Shit

      Anyway along with the poverty there are some amazing things. If you keep an open mind you will check it out. However, if you are a racist who only see the worst in people you will not. Go to youtube. Built just recently.

      Akshardham, The 8th Wonder of The World-Louise and Stuart’s Amazing India

    • Truth

      Everyone deserves a chance.

      You are a raving hypocrite then for defending Hinduism, a religion that in principle does not give a chance to those born into the low castes. Thus the callousness of the Hindus, the disgusting living conditions of India.

      • Swedish Shit

        “Everyone deserves a chance”

        I still believe that and I am not a defender f the caste system . I admit that aspect of Hinduism is corrupt and needs cleaning up. I will help anyone from any caste. They are all fellow brothers to me and I never mention my own caste and never will. I never ask a brother what his caste is. However, I will defend the holy dharma of india and that is against caste. Caste is very much a corruption.

        “Saroj Kalpana , 51, once hissed at by Brahmins, has built a business empire that employs thousands of upper-caste workers, she said. As she sipped tea in a luxury New Delhi mall, she was wearing gold bracelets, diamond earrings and a traditional salwar kameez worth thousands of dollars. (After her daughter settled on studying hotel management a few years ago, Saroj bought her a hotel. With her son now in possession of a pilot’s license, she’s shopping for a plane.)”

        This woman is a lot richer than I am or you (truth) for that matter. She was born into extreme poverty from the lower castes. I am extremely happy for her. Everyone deserves a chance. BTW this woman heads a manufacturing company worth a hundred million dollars. She is one of many people who have escaped their circumstances.

        Like I said everyone deserves a chance.

        • Truth

          If you are not a defender of the caste system why are you defending Hinduism so stubbornly, you irrational idiot? Who do you think you are fooling with your confused rambling dishonest posts?

        • Truth

          everyone deserves a chance.

          That is not what Hinduism teaches. The low castes are not even allowed into the temples of their own religion, much less given a chance to move up in the caste hierarchy. There is no test for caste in your stupid religion. You deserve only the caste you were born into.

          If you sincerely believe that everyone deserves a chance, which I doubt you do, you would be condemning Hinduism not spending all your time defending it.

  22. Swedish Shit

    Truth, Hinduism is a lot bigger than caste. Caste is an aberration based on universal folly of not seeing people as equal. This is insane as most people and animals feel pain and so the common ground of humans and animals is the feeling of pain. Caste causes pain and so I reject it. However, I do not reject lots of other things in Hinduism. For example what I have just said about feeling pain comes form the concept that all creatures have a soul hence many temples are vegetarian and in some cases even vegan. This is good and I am myself vegan. The Lord himself says that he will never accept any offering that is in accord with this philosophy. However, I am sure you are not in the mood for a lecture, so I will leave it there.

    • Swedish Shit

      Everyone deserves a chance Truth. The true teachers of mankind always go against the grain and in the direction of universal love. So accepting the status quo is never for them. They show the new way, but people are resistant. My talking here is of no real value but what this wonderful woman, Saroj, has done has shown the whole of india and even the world that poor circumstance and prejudice are there to be broken.When one reaches to a high level of genuine spirituality one can see the soul in each living creature and truly live on the platform of universal love. One will then never sacrifice or step on another for ones own petty advancement or ego.

      • Truth

        Everyone deserves a chance Truth. The true teachers of mankind always go against the grain and in the direction of universal love.

        If you really believed that you would condemn Hinduism as a false teacher of mankind and reject it. As Buddha did 2500 years ago.

        • Swedish Shit

          Buddha did well to condemn certain things in Hinduism. He was not happy with the animal sacrifices. He started his own religion. He had every right to do so and I applaud that great man. I too condemn any animal sacrifices and will never ever condone harm to animals.

        • Truth

          If you condemn animal sacrifices you have to condemn the Vedas which teach that gory ritual. Buddha rejected the Vedas.

          And if you condemn the Vedas then you are in effect condemning Hinduism itself, for the Vedas is the primary revealed scripture of Hinduism.

          You are not a Hindu if you reject the Vedas. Why are you defending Hinduism then?

        • I do not think we should give Swedish Shit Hell about caste. He is against it and he wants to get rid of it, so all the power to him. Whether that is possible or not is another matter entirely.

    • Truth

      If caste is an insane aberration then so is Hinduism which has consistently taught it from the beginning. You are a liar and deceiver for claiming that caste is not integral to Hinduism. The fact that you are obsessively defending something you acknowledge to be insane proves that you must be up to no good.

      • Swedish Shit

        Truth insane abberations creep in over time. All things decays. Leave a house and do not live in it and it gathers dust. Over the centuries all kinds of doctrines and all kinds of abberations spring and are dealt with or not. Caste is being dealt with today. Wonderful women like Saroj are doing sterling work in that direction and you should applaud people like her but I have not heard you say one good word about that excellent woman.

        • Truth

          You are totally incapable of thinking rationally. The insanities are found in the very earliest of the Hindu scriptures, the Vedas. Which means they are no aberrations, they are the founding principles. Why else has Hinduism always been casteist?

          Casteism is not the only insanity found in the Vedas. There are the animal and human Vedic sacrifices, the warmongering….

      • Swedish Shit

        The caste of today is a long long way from the early days of mankind when india was in its infancy. We have come along way and must find ways to mend so many crazy aberrations that have sprung up along the way. The early divisions of humans in india only consisted of four levels of society, namely priests, kings, merchants and laborers, now we have thousands upon thousands of divisions in society. The decay of time has worked its destruction and now we must work hard to undo that decay.

        • Swedish Shit

          Truth all religions are man made. One needs to focus on the evolution of mankind and see if things today are in accord with the latest philosophical systems. Animal sacrifices are out. I will never do such a thing. That is why all temples are vegetarian. A few may not be but I do not go to such philosophically behind the times places. War is fine. One needs to defend one’s people, culture and religion.

          Where do you find human sacrifices in the vedas? Show me please.

        • Truth

          Google Purushamedha. Hindus have been practicing human and animal sacrifices, along with casteism, from the very beginning.

          Perhaps you should learn about your religion before defending it?

        • Truth

          You are so thick headed. The Vedas is the very source of Hinduism, its ultimate authority. It is considered to be of divine origin and therefore eternally true. So how can its teachings be aberrations accrued over time? Can you even think logically?

          If you got a problem with animal sacrifices you got a problem with the Vedas, and therefore a problem with Hinduism. If you agree that the Vedas teaches falsehoods why are you still a Hindu?

      • Well Truth, a Hinduism without caste would certainly be theoretically possible but it would require a Reformation of the religion. I am not sure that Hindus can pull it off though.

    • Well I am certainly happy to hear that you reject caste, Swedish Shit. That is very good of you.

  23. Swedish Shit

    “Google Purushamedha.Hindus have been practicing human and animal sacrifices, along with casteism, from the very beginning.”

    Ok Truth let me just do that check.

    Ok here is what I got from Wikepedia:

    The ritual in many aspects resembles that of the Ashvamedha (horse sacrifice), with, according to Griffith (1899):

    …man, the noblest victim, being actually or symbolically sacrificed instead of the Horse, and men and women of various tribes, figures, complexions, characters, and professions being attached to the sacrificial stakes in place of the tame and wild animals enumerated in Book XXIV [VS 24]. These nominal victims were afterwards released uninjured, and, so far as the text of the White Yajurveda goes, the whole ceremony was merely emblematical.

    So the person was released! Again:

    The Shatapatha Brahmana is a prose text associated with the White Yajur Veda that provides detailed descriptions of Vedic rituals. In its description of the Purushamedha, the text clearly states that the victims are supposed to be released unharmed:

    Then a voice said to him, ‘Purusha, do not consummate (these human victims): if thou wert to consummate them, man (purusha) would eat man.’ Accordingly, as soon as fire had been carried round them, he set them free, and offered oblations to the same divinities.[1]

    So these were mere symbolic. This does seem to have some connection with the sacrifice of Christ which was also symbolic in that he was the lamb of god sacrificed for all mankind, and in that situation he died and rose on the third day. The connection with Christianity is so clear that one wonders if this sacrifice made the Jews do some thinking themselves. However, this is just speculation on my part, but I am sure someone has already written articles about it.

    However, some some have speculated that maybe actual human sacrifice took place. And yet according to Jan Houben, the actual occurrence of human sacrifice would be difficult to prove, since the relevant pieces of evidence would be small in number.

    So the texts say otherwise and the actual proof is very hard to come by. So we are left with the connection with Christianity which is glaringly obvious to me.

    We are looking at a period when mankind was in its infancy and many new ideas about nature, God and doing what the gods wanted were being tried out, and all this was part of the evolution of mankind and the intellectual excitement of those times. None of the ideas are binding on me today many thousands of years later. I have the whole of the evolution of mankind since then to help me understand God, the universe and what one must do in order to live a moral life.

    • Truth

      However, some some have speculated that maybe actual human sacrifice took place. And yet according to Jan Houben, the actual occurrence of human sacrifice would be difficult to prove, since the relevant pieces of evidence would be small in number.

      Of course the human sacrifices must have taken place. Just as the animal sacrifices that are taught along with them. Why else would they be described in the Vedas?

      It was only later that attempts were made to curtail the evil practice, probably because of criticism and ridicule from the non-Vedic sramanas. Human sacrifices are also found in the later puranas. They are part of tantric Hinduism as well. As late as the 19th century Hindus were sacrificing humans to Kali.

      This is the religion you are wasting your life defending.

  24. Swedish Shit

    “You are so thick headed.”

    This is true.

    “The Vedas is the very source of Hinduism, its ultimate authority. It is considered to be of divine origin and therefore eternally true. So how can its teachings be aberrations accrued over time? Can you even think logically?”

    All religions are man made. The idea that the divine speaks directly to man is not true and the source of much suffering.

    If you got a problem with animal sacrifices you got a problem with the Vedas, and therefore a problem with Hinduism. If you agree that the Vedas teaches falsehoods why are you still a Hindu?

    Yes I have a problem with animal sacrifices.

    However, during a more evolved period of mankind, Lord Krishna said:.
    In Bhagavad-gita, Chapter 9, Text 26, He says, “If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it.”

    Krishna wants only loving service and nothing more. Krishna accepts even a little flower from His pure devotee. He does not want any kind of offering from a non-devotee.

    Thus meat, fish and eggs should not be offered to Krishna. If He desired such things as offerings, He would have said so. Instead He clearly requests that a leaf, fruit, flowers and water be given to Him, and He says of this offering, ‘I will accept it.’

    • Truth

      The Bhagavad Gita is Smriti, a secondary scripture along with many others. The Vedas on the other hand is Sruti, the primary scripture of Hinduism. Sruti aka the Vedas is not considered to be of human origin. The smritis on the other hand were written by humans long after the Vedas was supposedly revealed.

      Sruti trumps smriti. The authority of the Vedas is supreme in Hinduism.

      • Swedish Shit

        No my authority as a human with free will to make the right decision is supreme. You are the one who counseled rationalism, remember. Why is that good for you and not for me. At the end of the day we are all moral agents with free will.

        • Truth

          Don’t be stupid. You are the one defending Hinduism, not me. To me it is at it’s vedic core an evil, barbaric, cruel and unjust religion. That has cunningly borrowed some legitimate spiritual concepts from the non-Vedic non-Hindu streams of spirituality including Buddhism, without giving up its evil core concepts.

          Since you are a Hindu and claim to be rational, tell us how you rationalize the cruel Vedic sacrifices.

    • Truth

      Yes I have a problem with animal sacrifices.

      However, during a more evolved period of mankind, Lord Krishna said:.
      In Bhagavad-gita, Chapter 9, Text 26, He says, “If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it.”

      The problem with your point, you irrational idiot, is that Hinduism teaches that the Vedas is eternal truth. Eternal truth does not evolve into something else, by definition.

      Secondly, the Bhagavad Gita, like the Vedas, teaches casteism. If you reject casteism as you claim, why are you still clinging to the un-evolved Gita?

      • Swedish Shit

        The Gita teaches a very rudimentary class system based on the kind of society and divisions that were prevalent around the world and in india at that time, namely kings, priests, merchants and laborers. That is a universal and quite rudimentary system and is in no way like the modern debased caste system of today which I reject. However, the Gita’s division of humans into different occupations seems to be quite a common sense thing. That is how ancient societies around the world were in fact organized. The gita is almost descriptive in the way it talks about the divisions of mankind.

        On the Vedas the Lord is not too impressed.

        Chapter 9, Verse 20.
        Those who study the Vedas and drink the soma juice, seeking the heavenly planets, worship Me indirectly. They take birth on the planet of Indra, where they enjoy godly delights.

        Here Krishna himself says that the study of the Vedas is indirect and so the correct path is to worship the Supreme Lord directly.

        Again he derides the Vedas:

        Chapter 9, Verse 21.
        When they have thus enjoyed heavenly sense pleasure, they return to this mortal planet again. Thus, through the Vedic principles, they achieve only flickering happiness.

  25. Swedish Shit

    “Let us see how you reconcile Vedic animal sacrifices with yoga and meditation. Go ahead, amuse us.” from Truth.

    Let me try Truth.

    Shiva is meditating on the mountain with his friends. “Let us sacrifice this horse to to the gods” says, Raj to Shiva. “Well, the horse is kinda expensive Shiva, so there is an economic consideration.”

    “Yeah but it is a sacrifice, Shiva” says Raja.

    Let me mediate a bit and get back to you.” says Shiva. Five minutes later…………………..

    “Hmmm how about we invest in some real cool 3D laser software and sacrifice a virtual horse. It would cost the same and the gods would be pleased that we are making the same kind of economic sacrifice. I know a firm in Banglelore that works for some of the studios in California. They should be able to help.”

    “Hmm I guess the gods could buy it. They are clever and they know our hearts are in the right place.” says Raj.

    “OK lets do it and get this horse sacrifice on the road and get some cool software while we are at it.” says Shiva

  26. Swedish Shit

    Since you are a Hindu and claim to be rational, tell us how you rationalize the cruel Vedic sacrifices.

    I reject them..

    Instead I will do what I have done above in the story. The sacrifice in terms of economic cost. Simple.

    A non animal sacrifice using vegetables, fruit, grain etc can be the most sumptuous affair. It makes Lord Krishna happy and involves a sacrifice of something precious not a horse but of course the monetary cost of such a vast sacrifice. You should go to some of the big temples and just see the scale of some of the non animal sacrifices. Most temples are now vegetarian and a few are even vegan. Clearly man has moved on, and that is good. I am for constant improvement and constant betterment of morals and rationality. Sometime I am in fact too busy so I send as much money as possible to help with the offering. This is not ideal but a sacrifice has still been made.

    • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

      >>A non animal sacrifice using vegetables, fruit, grain etc can be the most sumptuous affair. It makes Lord Krishna happy <<
      It means vegetables are the dalits of the food chain and are to be slaughtered and 'Lord Krishna' is a cruel god. I'm sure all the vegetables want their rights to life.
      Here's a passage from Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy:
      "A large dairy animal approached Zaphod Beeblebrox's table, a large fat meaty quadruped of the
      bovine type with large watery eyes, small horns and what might almost have been an ingratiating smile
      on its lips.
      "Good evening," it lowed and sat back heavily on its haunches, "I am the main Dish of the Day.
      May I interest you in parts of my body?" It harrumphed and gurgled a bit, wriggled its hind
      quarters into a more comfortable position and gazed peacefully at them.
      Its gaze was met by looks of startled bewilderment from Arthur and Trillian, a resigned shrug from
      Ford Prefect and naked hunger from Zaphod Beeblebrox.
      "Something off the shoulder perhaps?" suggested the animal, "Braised in a white wine sauce?"
      "Er, your shoulder?" said Arthur in a horrified whisper.
      "But naturally my shoulder, sir," mooed the animal contentedly, "nobody else's is mine to offer."
      Zaphod leapt to his feet and started prodding and feeling the animal's shoulder appreciatively.
      "Or the rump is very good," murmured the animal. "I've been exercising it and eating plenty of
      grain, so there's a lot of good meat there." It gave a mellow grunt, gurgled again and started to chew
      the cud. It swallowed the cud again.
      "Or a casserole of me perhaps?" it added.
      "You mean this animal actually wants us to eat it?" whispered Trillian to Ford.
      "Me?" said Ford, with a glazed look in his eyes, "I don't mean anything."
      "That's absolutely horrible," exclaimed Arthur, "the most revolting thing I've ever heard."
      "What's the problem Earthman?" said Zaphod, now transferring his attention to the animal's
      enormous rump.
      "I just don't want to eat an animal that's standing here inviting me to," said Arthur, "it's heartless."
      "Better than eating an animal that doesn't want to be eaten," said Zaphod.
      "That's not the point," Arthur protested. Then he thought about
      it for a moment. "Alright," he said, "maybe it is the point. I
      don't care, I'm not going to think about it now. I'll just … er
      The Universe raged about him in its death throes.
      "I think I'll just have a green salad," he muttered.
      "May I urge you to consider my liver?" asked the animal, "it must be very rich and tender by now,
      I've been force-feeding myself for months."
      "A green salad," said Arthur emphatically.
      "A green salad?" said the animal, rolling his eyes disapprovingly at Arthur.
      "Are you going to tell me," said Arthur, "that I shouldn't have green salad?"
      "Well," said the animal, "I know many vegetables that are very clear on that point. Which is why
      it was eventually decided to cut through the whole tangled problem and breed an animal that actually
      wanted to be eaten and was capable of saying so clearly and distinctly. And here I am."
      It managed a very slight bow.
      "Glass of water please," said Arthur.
      "Look," said Zaphod, "we want to eat, we don't want to make a meal of the issues. Four rare
      steaks please, and hurry. We haven't eaten in five hundred and seventy-six thousand million years."
      The animal staggered to its feet. It gave a mellow gurgle.
      "A very wise choice, sir, if I may say so. Very good," it said, "I'll just nip off and shoot myself."
      He turned and gave a friendly wink to Arthur.
      "Don't worry, sir," he said, "I'll be very humane."
      It waddled unhurriedly off into the kitchen.
      A matter of minutes later the waiter arrived with four huge steaming steaks."

  27. Truth

    A non animal sacrifice using vegetables, fruit, grain etc can be the most sumptuous affair. It makes Lord Krishna happy

    What do you find rational in sacrificing food to Krishna? Is he hungry?

    The Brahmins burn food in a fire offering to imaginary gods while there are children going hungry around them. You see nothing wrong with that?

    • Swedish Shit

      A good question. A sacrifice shows we are grateful to the Lord for giving us good things to eat. He does not need anything from us and in fact he only requests we do such a thing as it involves some real effort and that shows our hearts are ready to give thanks to the eternal lord for our well being. He sees our hearts and accepts our sacrifice and then we can eat it. It is to be distributed to all those present and everyone is happy. These Brahmins who burn food are idiots as they do not understand that God does not need anything. God creates everything and owns everything. He does not need some paltry sacrifice but he wants you to to happy and will want you to be so after showing gratitude to the Lord of the Universe. If you get those Brahimins to my house I will try to give them a deep theological and philosophical understanding. People who do not think things through are everywhere, so one must be patient and keep hoping that one day they will learn to think rationally.

      • Natsu Dragneel

        in my opinion Swedish Shit is so fake, i can see through him, i don’t believe for a second he is a hindutva, i get the vibes that he is acting a role, like he is a fanatical christian in U.K who plays the act of the stupid hindu… toilet supremacy??? c’mmon that is an obvious joke, how come a middle class indian in United Kingdom could be that idiot, maybe a rural indian yes,Jaipal gives me the vibe that at least he is a hindu of heart, Swedish Shit maybe is just a normal indian who is hurt about the state of India and not exactly a hindutva, thats why he is very involved in this, well that is my opinion, so fake

    • India_landoofRapes

      More and more ,Militant Hindutva vadi’s from Ultra right state of Gujrat are in USA

      WOW, the people who despise and bad mouth about “Whites” are the ones who are immigrating in WHITE NATIONS

      Look at the comments no hindu is willing to give up his caste lineage

      Robert ,CASTE System is entering into your shores, if you dont uproot it at beginning, it will become a Terminal cancer in later stages


      Enjoy American Decline!!!

      Over Million Hardline Hindutva’s from Hardline Hindutva State have moved to USA

      they may speak about tolerance but actually they fund temples, they remit money for terrorist activities

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  30. Manny

    Did you know the christian gov of Florda Andrew Jacson ..yes the same christian duchebag in thr $20 gave blankets tainted with Small Pox virus to ethnically cleanse the Native Indian population. Its the first documented Biological warefare

    • Nina

      Andrew Jackson wasn’t from Florida, and he was not the first person to use biological warfare. The first documented case took place in 1346 at the Siege of Caffa (now Feodosija, Ukraine). The Mongols used trebuchets to catapult plague infested bodies into the city. It is widely believed that people fleeing from Caffa to Italy accidentally carried the Black Plague with them and then spread the disease to the rest of Europe. Thanks Mongols, for nearly wiping human civilization.

      p.s. Manny, you are kind of a moron.

  31. Manny

    MArtin Luther yet another christian duchebag who is the leader of the protestants… this evil is the impetus for the Holocaust


  32. Bhagvan

    Stupid fuckers both Lyndsay and India land of Rapes are. India Land of rapes is an hypocrite for speaking like that after educating yourself and getting your shit together in india you speak like either you were born in germany itself fucker hypocrite douchebag and robert lyndsay is a coward for believing his lies. Lyndsay can you argue for your christ sake and believe rational arguments instead of resorting to opinions based on lies from other filthy minds of commenters. Use your head occasionally atleast idiot

  33. cutie

    Hindu (body) four community: brahmin (head) kshatriya (arm) vaishya (belly) shudra (feet) All these four community called as hindu. We all are parts of one body. Without each part our body is not complete. If we lost one part of our body then we become handicap. The human body is the entire structure of a human being. Human Body is considered so loving that God even wants to have it. Spiritual Yogis have found that after going through the 84 millions species this souls get the most dignified human body. So it is the last step to explore the God or to get the view of almighty father god. We know that the soul never dies it takes birth again and again just like as we take new clothes to wear the soul as it takes new body and it is an infinite process. But the body what we get in next birth depend on our karma that has been cited in Gita by Lord Krishna to Arjuna. We all here to perform our duties. Our action makes our destiny and nothing else. The result is in the hand of supreme power. Karma is the seed of plant and if the seed is genuine it must be fruitful.

  34. cutie

    Many a time, man has taken birth in high caste and low caste; but this does not make him great or low Having been born in high caste man thinks himself to be great and being born in low caste thinks himself to be low and pitiable; both of these states of mind are wrong because many times man has been born in high and low castes. Hence, one should not be proud of having been born in high caste and not feel low if born in low caste family.
    Greatness has nothing to do with high caste. Man becomes great because of his noble work, exemplary character and becomes loathsome because of his immorality and evil conduct. Thus, it is his conduct only that decides his greatness or lowliness. Who does not know that high family born Ravana, Kansa, Duryodhana and others are censurable; whereas Metarya muni, Harikeshi muni and others, though born in low family, are venerable.
    Then, what is the importance of high or low caste?

  35. cutie

    We always talk about religion and castesim but in reality there is no any caste and religion. We all are same our blood are same.then why we believe in discrimination. God never created any caste they made simple human being.. Mentally sick people take the path of fundamentalism and spread casteism and communism. They suffer from inferiority complex and divide the society into “we” and “they”. They (belonging either to higher or lower ranked caste) have a fear in their heart that if they do not get a higher place for themselves in society, “other” people are going to exploit them and going to put them down.They don’t have believe on themselves and their own work. They have doubt own their capability. People with negative mindset suffer from inferiority complex and divide society into compartments like higher castes or lower castes.and can’t tolerate “others” progress or well-being. They cannot work hard and cannot tolerate anybody else’s achievements. These are the people with negative mindset who believe in ranking some belonging to higher castes and/or some to lower castes. They are coward and they are unable to protect themselves…

  36. cutie

    Some stupid people living in India that’s why this country cant be develop anymore as the other countries are well developed. Bcoz indian people live in caste-ism and egoist by nature especially who belong to upper class which is created by themselves not created by God.God only created human being..He didnt put any human in high and low category..This cheap things only created by some mad people itself who live in India..and they be proud by called themselves hindu..I am also hindu but I feel bad when every person who proudly said they are hindu but their thinking is so narrow minded..now its depend on human what they want to become Devil or Angel..Nobody is lower and higher by caste or religion..they become high and low by their behavior..Reservation should be stop itself when you all leave this stupid casteism..Say no caste and no community..All are hindu who live in hindustaan understood..

  37. cutie

    All human-beings are equal in the eyes of God.The human-beings have only created the caste system.There are good and bad people in both high caste as well as low caste.
    Ultimately,what matters to God is, whether one is a good person or striving to become one, or not.

  38. cutie

    One who thinks himself to be of a high caste is actually low. While one who thinks himself/herself to be of low caste is said to be high caste.As per the scriptures, people are known by their nature and the quality of work they perform..

  39. cutie

    Whenever someone’s ask you about your caste then your answer should be to them is:
    I am a Brahmin in knowledge
    I am kshatriya in valor
    I am vaishya in business
    I m shudra in service
    In the end I am just sanatam dharmi hindu and nothing else..Then say you proud to be a hindu..

    • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

      I am not proud to be member of a group. I am an individual.

      I live in house I built myself. The two vast black buttocks of the house are its two wings. The door is of course its anus and sits nesteld between the buttocks. The door is round like the homes of a hobbit and is modelled on them.

      However, I am Hindu and I certainly have no caste and neither do I discuss any such thing. Waliking through the Anus Door of my Zulu buttock house makes me feel that the shastras are forever right. I am walking through the way of my redemption in this world. The path is eternal and I too am eternal. Now I walk through my Zullu Buttocked Anus Door and another time I may walk through another door. I walk through many doors and many paths always in the service of the eternal Dharma but never in the service of any particular group to which I belong.

    • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

      Your sanitized version of Hinduism isn’t for real
      I am a Brahmin in arrogance
      I am kshatriya in brutality
      I am vaishya in greed
      I m shudra in degradation
      Completely agreed. In the end I am just an average sanatam dharmi hindu and nothing…Then say you proud to be a upper caste hindu..

      • cutie

        If u really dont believe in any religion n caste system then try to change the mind of fanatic hindu brahmin……Tell them we all are equal human being no one high n low by birth…..we become high n low by our work..

        “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

        Be a nice human being is important not to have a good or high religion and caste.We need to work towards uniting the nation instead of splitting it. Work towards a society in which there will be no lower castes and no upper castes. We need to respect the way people live instead of looking at where they were born.

  40. AF

    Robert it may be hopeless to you but you probably don’t count infront of an entire religion dating back beyond 10000 years. If you or I can comment it’s better or worse reflects we know a lot more about it I. E. Without reading Vegas puranas learning sanskrit and philosophising it for years. Pretty Cheeseburger attitude eh.

    I enjoy your writing anyway but even you are not exempt from the ignorance you rant often. But the n again I have never minded that rant because your brain is trying hard to fathom analyse and gain knowledge on the subjects. It is okay to go wrong often even remain wrong as long as you keep trying than sitting idle.

    Keep on the Good work.

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