Bigfoot News March 21, 2013

MIB’s came to see Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot body. According to Chuck at Bigfoot Buzz, Government agents recently came to the undisclosed location where Dyer is housing his Bigfoot body and took samples of the body. Interesting, they did not confiscate it. They were merely concerned that Dyer may have killed a very odd looking human being. They took samples to do genetic testing on the creature to make sure it is not Homo sapiens sapiens. If Dyer shot and killed an H.s.s., then he committed homicide, and law enforcement may get involved in terms of arrest, incarceration, trial and punishment.

Dyer’s body is being held at a US government research facility. I reported earlier that it is being held at a US government facility. However, I just learned that this is a research facility of some sort. In addition, a US government team of scientific investigators there has been tasked with studying the body for about 5-6 months now.

Dyer’s Bigfoot has two rows of teeth! I have just learned that the Bigfoot has two rows of teeth consisting of a second row of molars in the back of its mouth on the top and bottom. Grinders! That thing is built for grinding food. Fascinatingly, this brings to mind many old reports from the 19th and early 20th Century about huge skeletons being found, mostly back east. They were described as being very tall, with some up to 8-9 feet tall. And it was not rare to report that they had two rows of teeth. When I originally read these reports, I simply thought they were insane and the result of sensationalistic newspaper reporting at a time of little journalistic integrity in the daily press.

However, in light of the dual rows of teeth present in Dyer’s Bigfoot, it turns out that maybe we should look into some of those old “giants” reports again. At the time, both the common press and what passed for scientists in those days simply described those skeletons as being “Indians.” But all ancient hominid bones in North America are labeled “Indian” de facto.

Morgan Matthews’ Shooting Bigfoot to be released at a Toronto film festival on April 30. The “Dyer is hoaxing” crowd had a field day when it was revealed that Matthews would unveil his film at the HotDocs Film Festival in Toronto. The release about the film, written by a young man named Justin Mah, who works for the festival, was somewhat underwhelming and the Dyer is hoaxing crowd jumped all over it as conclusive proof that the Dyer Bigfoot body is a hoax. Here is the text of Mah’s movie synopsis:

“I don’t think an hour goes by in the day where I don’t think about Sasquatch,” divulges one aficionado. So begins Morgan Matthews’ rollicking foray into the obsessive, hoax-filled cult of Sasquatch. Using the in-the-trenches style of The Blair Witch Project, the film allows us to accompany the adventures of three Sasquatch search parties: renowned “master tracker” Rick Dyer; old friends Dallas and Wayne; and Tom Biscardi, perhaps the most devoted of the bunch, who has hunted Sasquatch unabatedly for 37 years.

The teams tramp through the wooded unknown with tracking equipment and ample conviction in hand, the bipedal ape-like creature they seek seemingly just around every bend. As truth and fact tip into malarkey, nighttime hunts devolve into farcical displays of voodoo and comic stretches of the human imagination. A humorous look at perception gone off the rails, Shooting Bigfoot is a no-holds-barred plummet into folkloric lunacy.

This is the new synopsis, rewritten, and it differs in some respects from his first draft which sat on the site for a few days. The new version is somewhat more friendly to Dyer believers. Skeptics jumped all over this as proof that the movie is about Bigfoot hoaxers and that will be no footage of Dyer shooting a Bigfoot in the movie.

However, later missives sent to Mah were returned with a cryptic response. Yes, Mah said, he had indeed seen the movie and so had the director of the film festival. However, both of them were refusing to comment on the last three minutes of the film. As far as what those three minutes entail, Mah advised the questioner to see the movie and find out.

Sources have told me that there will indeed by Dyer Bigfoot footage in the movie. For instance, I am quite sure that the 3 minute BBC footage of the Bigfoot eating the ribs from the tree in the afternoon will surely be included in the movie. However, skeptics say that that footage is hoaxed. But why would a BBC film crew shoot a hoaxed Bigfoot eating a rib from a tree if they knew it was a hoax? Forget it, they would not. What is not known is whether the video of the shooting later that night will be included in the movie.

One of my sources told me that the Morgan Matthews’ latest cut of the movie does not make it entirely clear whether or not a real Bigfoot was actually shot and killed by Dyer. This may be what the last 3 minutes of the movie are about. My source said that the latest version sort of leaves the question of whether or not a real Bigfoot was actually shot up in the air. in other words, you may see the shooting footage and the chaos that ensues, but the movie may just end abruptly after that with no further explanation of what precisely has occurred. That is all very strange, but that may be the way the director wants it.

Morgan Matthews, head of Minnow Films, releases statement about Shooting Bigfoot, the movie he directed. The statement is here:

We are aware there has been a lot of speculation about this documentary. We will not be releasing any further information about the film prior to its screening at Hot Docs in Canada at the end of April. However, we can confirm that it includes Rick Dyer, Tom Biscardi, Dallas and Wayne, and it contains some fairly dramatic scenes filmed in the woods.

That does not clear things up very much, unfortunately. Steve Kulls, who has written many posts saying that Dyer is hoaxing us, feels that that statement from Matthews is quite underwhelming. I am not sure if that is true. If we can be sure of anything now, it is that what exactly will be shown in the movie is still quite up in the air. The strange thing is that if this is true, even the release of the movie may not clear up the vicious debate about whether or not Dyer killed a Bigfoot.

The footage may contain enough leeway for Dyer supporters to say it shows the Bigfoot killing and for Dyer skeptics to say it shows Dyer hoaxing the shooting of a Bigfoot. Even worse, as cagey as Matthews and Minnow have been playing things, Minnow may not release any clarifying statements to clear the air. And so the debate will rage on until if and when Dyer releases the body of the Bigfoot, which I believe he will do if he still has custody of it by the time of the film showing.

Steve Kulls is a friend of mine, but I respectfully disagree with him about Dyer. Steve has a huge amount of personal animosity towards Dyer, and that is what is driving a lot of his coverage. I completely understand that animosity, as I share his feelings about Dyer – as Rick Dyer is one of my worst enemies! But just because I hate Dyer does not mean that I think he is hoaxing us again. Quite the contrary.

Funny posters based on Dr. Melba Ketchum’s DNA study. Ketchum’s original release in November in which she said that Bigfoots are a hybrid of an unknown relict hominid males and Homo sapiens sapiens females provoked the release of quite a few funny posters. A few of them are below.

Photoshopped photos from Melba’s personal photos:

An old photo of Ketchum in Sedona, Arizona next to a Photoshopped Bigfoot

An old photo of Ketchum in Sedona, Arizona next to a Photoshopped Bigfoot

An actual movie poster, recycled for the Ketchum release:

More humor playing on the hybrid angle, this time a mock movie poster. Funny stuff.

More humor playing on the hybrid angle, this time a movie poster. Funny stuff.

Fake National Enquirer type zine:

A National Enquirer mockup of Melba with an "I Married Bigfoot" headline. There have actually been some "I Had Bigfoot's Baby" articles in the shock media.

A National Enquirer mockup of Melba with an “I Married Bigfoot” headline. There have actually been some “I Had Bigfoot’s Baby” articles in the shock media.

More to follow later on…


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69 responses to “Bigfoot News March 21, 2013

  1. Mr. E2me

    What a crazy ass story. It’s ripe for for all kinds of doubt.
    Tend to believe your take on things, Bob. It has a “truth is stranger than fiction ” aura about it.
    But still,

    • Mr. E2me

      Hi Son . You Fucking dense piece of shit. Take your spam sandwich and shove it up your ass , you godamn little twerp.
      Bob, please delete the capitalist maggot’s post . I hate shameless self promotion, never mind the silly little fucking bastard is completely off topic.
      Eddy Toomey

  2. Justin

    Biscardi? What the fuck?

  3. J

    Wow! It’s anybody’s guess what the heck is really going on. Who knows what to believe. It seems very suspect that Minnow Films does not give a concluding statement. I just wish someone reputable would view the body and report on their inspection!

  4. Joerg Hensiek

    It is sooo crazy that it HAS to be true!!! If I am not wrong..;-)

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  6. Jack Colby

    Robert, about the double rows of teeth…. I once read a bigfoot report online (I forget which site, sorry) where a truck driver saw a young bigfoot in the road and brought his rig to a stop, then an adult male bigfoot pulled the young one off the road. The driver got a feeling he was being watched, turned, and saw a female bigfoot looking in at him in his truck cab, then she smiled as if to thank him for stopping the truck. The point of relating all this is: he was close enough to see she had double rows of teeth. Thought you might be interested.

  7. mmg

    Finally the doubt creeps in Robert. It’s clear that Dyer has complained about Justin Mah’s original synopsis, hence the more positive spin and removal of the ‘socially awkward’ descriptor. Despite this it is clear that the purpose of the movie is to poke fun at Bigfoot’s most comical researchers. Matthew’s is certainly in on the hoax. The latest Minnow statement shows he’s enjoying the ride He and Dyer will have the last laugh next month.

    We were all wondering when the MIB’s would show up. Thankfully Dyer has managed to convince just a small percentage of footers. Gotta feel for those guys and folks like yourself Robert when the MIB’s take full possession of the ‘body’ next month.


  8. I believe Steve got this right, the simple fact that if he really was in possession of a body why postpone the one of the biggest discoveries
    of modern times, and leave the door open for someone else to beat you to it. the 2nd body will have no thunder what’s so ever.
    Also, he never once mentioned how he feels about what he did, was Justin
    smeja said if had to do it over, he wound not have done it, and would never do it again.
    This going to end like the Ed smith saga, where Dyer will claim victory
    by hoaxing so many people for a second time, and will be laughing all the way to nit-wit-ville, USA ,with a fist full of money, disappearing for a while, until he yearns to be in the spotlight again.

  9. FrankH

    If Biscardi is involved it’s a hoax. No question about it.

  10. squatchGod

    MIBs LOL. Sure Robert.

    You are not even trying anymore and clearly involved in promoting this BS.

    You are a drain on the community and have shown you have no value left.

  11. Joerg Hensiek

    Didn´t you ban the squatchGod, Robert?
    However: it would be great if you could archive all the comments here. It will be an amusing record in later times about the good old exciting punk/rockn´roll days of bigfootery after it had become boring mainstream pop in May 2013.

  12. Actually, Robert, that movie poster is NOT a fake.

    Whatever floats people’s boats, and all that.

  13. Thanks, Robert, for consistently setting aside animosity and focusing on what is, and what is likely, and being clear about both. Always sad to see posters saying things online that they would never say face-to-face. I, for one, respect what you do here.

    I’ve been speculating about Morgan’s role in this maelstrom of reputation, credibility, and commentary. As Morgan is a professional with a career and reputation, I’m ruling out the possibility that he’s in on a hoax. Based on the tent footage and the de-shake/stabilize/loop application by FB/FB, if Bigfoot is real at all, then it seems probable to also ruled out green screen and squatch suit. (This is where Morgan ties back in. Its more likely that that’s a real squatch than this footage being the most unprecedentedly sophisticated hoax ever, due to the odds of a successful hoax and the odds of Morgan’s premeditated involvement. I do NOT see him ruining his career and reputation, knowingly; nor would the BBC align itself with this kind of work. Dyer doesn’t have the pockets or resources to go from gorilla suit and possum guts to THIS.)

    Now, what I COULD believe is that Morgan would edit and release the footage of the bbq snackin’ squatch and Mr. Dyer’s near nude charge with a .30-06 so as to titillate the audience but existentially bow out of the debate. He could even show the kill shot, but, as you said, if Minnow films and Morgan are pulling a ruse and their premeditated plan was to refuse to comment on the nature of the documentary, it plunges the nature of the film and Minnow and Morgan into doubt. Are they all about non-fiction or some elaborate existential blurring of the genre into fiction?

    Here’s the problem, a failure to commit to the nature of the film could seriously backfire. It would drag Minnow films into the level of pulp-fiction production, at least by association. They are NOT going to jeopardize the caliber of the company like that. The fact that the company set out to make the film at all (and its original description/billing) shows that the piece was meant to focus on the non-fiction of the characters and their obsession. Bigfoot ‘showing up’ at the end completely ruins this angle. If Minnow queued a man in a suit to enter scene Left, then look at the two outcomes: fake-squatch was shot, or he wasn’t. If the fake-squatch was shot, Minnow and Morgan are parties to homicide, knowing Dyer had a gun in his tent. If fake-squatch was NOT shot, they are partnering with Dyer in a hoax OR they are partnering with Dyer by shifting from documentary to fiction as a genre. None of those three outcomes are feasible.

    At this point, if you find Bigfoot to be a feasible phenomenon already, then the logical deduction is that Rick Dyer has shot one. If you find Bigfoot to NOT be feasible, then the most likely scenario is that a reputable, successful, and credible production company and documentary film-maker have taken a career threatening foray into the existential deception, or at least titillation, of the audience.

    For me, the fact that Coelacanths have been caught by fishing boats, giant Ice-Age bison live in a pocket in the tundra of Canada, schools of sturgeon the size of school buses live in remote land-locked lakes, and hobbit skulls have been dated to 10k years old, really turns the tables of skepticism and critical thinking regarding cryptozoology. One is a fear reflex meant to protect from embarrassment, the other is a willingness to expend effort and assume vulnerability in a responsible fashion.

    Put on your big boy pants and let ’em show the damn film and we’ll all find out!

    • Joerg Hensiek

      extremely good appraisal of the role of Minnow Films in this “drama”. Minnow can only LOSE when they join Dyer and Musky staging a hoax. I also doubt that they would take such a high risk…

      • Thanks, and ditto. Hard to understand why people talk about what they think Minnow and Morgan are doing without stopping to consider that M&M have their own agendas and values. I see a lot of speculation that presumes to dismiss M&M’s role altogether or assume that M&M is just “obviously” “in on it”. (Forgive the Dr. Evil quotes)

        Your thoughts on whether or not Dyer was really hoaxing the first time?

        • Joerg Hensiek

          You mean 2008? I have no doubt about that. All the stories about the involvement of the FBI, MIB etc. were complete lies, too. But – as Dyer insisted several times in the last couple of weeks – he has “matured”, he is now a family man and his life has changed. Ok, this sounds very melodramatic. But somehow I trust him on that, although his dark side is still there, without a doubt. I repeat myself: If only Dyer and Musky would be involved in this drama, then I would not waste one second in defending the tent video (although I think it would be the best and most professionally done hoax video of all times). But now they are associated with, in my opinion, very respectable players: Minnow and FBFB. I have no doubt about the integrity of those two parties. I simply makes no sense that they would cooperate with Dyer in staging such a kind of deception of their audiences, fans and followers. Especially FBFB could really shut down, who wants to visit their blog after they were either fooled by Dyer or did participate in staging such a hoax? I simply see no logic here.
          Anyway: I want that bigfoot will proven as real, and I do not care if this is done by a sociopathic Georgian redneck and known hoaxer, John Bindernagel, George Schaller and Jane Goodall or Mickey Mouse. We just have to wait five more weeks (hopefully 😉

    • frank

      do not forget minnow films / Matthews were commissioned by the BBC to make a film – which they have delivered probably showing a real life sasquatch eating ribs – films ends – contract fulfilled. Now -did Minnow/Matthews film the shooting , recovering the body and the autopsy??? – if so is the footage legally the property of the BBC or Matthews/Dyer???
      makes sense that Dyer cannot release body until after the film otherwise BBC might start asking Matthews where is the extra footage? – and if real the footage would be worth how much????This way Minnow/Matthews fulfull their contract with the BBC and are free to release the sequal showing the shooting/recovery etc without sharing copywrite/ownership with the BBC

  14. Greg White

    I don’t know… how many people would have seen the body of the bigfoot in the government facility now… 12… 20… 38? Could all of those people keep it from the mainstream press—bearing in mind that this would be a scientific story on the scale of man landing on the moon—for several months?

    I’ve always described myself as a (very) hopeful skeptic: I want the “monsters” of my dreams and nightmares to be real. With that in mind, I have to say that something just doesn’t feel right about all of this. This is NOT the same as discovering the truth about the panda… this is thousands of people/bigfoot witnesses who have been deemed insane or deluded finally being vindicated, this is our mythologies made real, this is sharing our planet with a sentient being that’s smart enough to avoid us (Western civilization that is, not the ancients) for five hundred years and mighty enough to pull the strongest of us apart like an overcooked chicken. Getting this out to the public will make the person in question not only famous, but important and a genuinely worthy of the history books. Let’s get away from the garish reality television mindset and think about what this really means if The Squatch truly walks among us.

    Okay… tomorrow the headlines read “Sasquatch Exists.” There’s no room for doubt and all the world’s newspapers’ headlines use 40-plus point font to make the point. Are more people than ever camping in North America (and any other place that has had such legends attached to it) or do people avoid the woods altogether? If you’re selling a house in the Pacific Northwest do you divulge the fact that there are Squatch screams in the neighborhood from time to time or do you keep that to yourself? Does the government get serious and start putting in the same kind of effort to capturing a few specimens as they did capturing (or killing) Osama Bin Laden? Does the government make this another theater of war, in light of all the missing children and citizens from state and national forests logged in Paulides’ books? Do universities adopt an “aw-shucks, we were wrong” attitude and offer courses in Sasquatch Studies in their biology departments?

    Of course, those who have been circling this topic for years as experts will now be really in demand and stand to make some SERIOUS money via books, interviews and merchandising.

    What does the future look like? Whatever you imagine, it’s a future that’s greatly changed… because there are things that go bump in the night, and they’re not wispy ghosts: they’re huge, hungry, smart and superhero strong. You can’t tell your kids with a straight face that there are no such things as monsters.

    This is world-changing stuff.

    If you were the janitor at the facility, a sociopathic hick out for a buck and fame at all costs (and a blatant disregard for the rules) or a security guard with hopes of maybe making $50K a year if you become regional manager in ten years, would you keep the story of the century to yourself?

    My heart wants to believe, but at a gut level I feel 2013 will end with the Sasquatch being as much a mystery and a joke (to some) as it has been for decades.

    Having said that, surprises happen. But they usually take us by surprise.

    • Touche’ Greg. You make an excellent point, and well said. This is not garish ‘reality’ TV, this is heavy stuff. As such, there is a heightened burden of proof, I agree. What changes the game for me, and allows me to protect the ember of hope that Dyer finally has a body that can he can go public with, is that there is a reputable third party documentary company involved. That is a historic first and a simple fact. (I’m not saying that there haven’t been other documentaries made… simply that no other documentary culminated in a body.) All other stories about bodies either smell like the auction block of the Japanese tuna market or have some explanation that makes the disappearance perfectly reasonable… and therefore irrelevant. I mean, that’s the big problem, right? We keep saying, “We should have had one by now. We don’t. So, it must not exist.” You’d be a fool to ignore the gravity of the situation and the implications of the moment, but it also bears repeating, “Why cover up what everyone thinks is absurd?” The government doesn’t have to put much effort into ‘hiding’ the existence of Bigfoot. Remove a body when it does show up, and let everything else play out. The public has already demonstrated a complete inoculation against any evidence that might infect them with curiosity, much less belief. Sure, everyone loves seeing a BF story on the headlines, but for the same reason we watch all the other crap on the air… entertainment.

      But, as you say, Greg, surprises generally do just that: surprise us. Couldn’t agree more.

  15. Mr. E2me

    I wouldn’t mind seeing his name attached to a warrant. …

  16. Greg White

    I just took a look at the Minnow Films’ statement about Shooting Bigfoot.

    I could be wrong, but “fairly dramatic scenes filmed in the woods,” is not proof of Sasquatch. No way. That sounds more like a heated argument around a campfire. They might be British, but that’s taking the art of understatement way too far. As makers of documentaries, they would love to play Carl Denham and present us with the Eighth Wonder of the World. You don’t get into that business and avoid enlightening the world and making the truth known as soon as possible. Especially something that’s genuinely world changing. If they honestly had the goods, the tease would be a breathy whisper in the ear and a crotch grope, not a forced wink.

    The film is likely to be a semi-sympathetic look at deluded Yanks. As a New Englander who has lived in Australia for a decade, I can tell you that the world loves a good joke at our expense. Believe it or not, many around the planet consider us loud, dumb and tasteless. This film is likely to stoke the flames of that fire nicely.

    • I have to say, Greg, when you put it that way, it does deflate a lot of my implicit trust and respect for Minnow films. I suppose this could be part of the collective “Joke’s on you” attitude. I would still be surprised, though.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      OK, I see the point. But where is the place for the tent video then?

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  18. bigfoot56

    Robert, i couldn’t get it to paste on here. there was a sighting in 2001 near anderson, texas by a truck driver who stopped for a baby/juvenile bf in the road. a huge female came up to his window and was seemingly thankful he stopped vs hitting the child. he said it looked as though she had two rows of teeth. it can be yahood. or try this –

  19. Duke Pistokache

    He does not have a body.

  20. bigfoot56

    the above link is bad. just yahoo it. sorry. but a very neat sighting. my allime favorite so far.

  21. Joerg Hensiek

    By the way, different topic: Melba Ketchum just wrote on her facebook page that a group of independent “top” scientists have verified her study results. She sounded very excited – and I can understand that. More to come and a potential press release in the coming week.

  22. Jared

    In response to the double row of posterior teeth, I find this to be a very interesting trait observed by witnesses on several occasions. Anything is possible but having a background in human dental anatomy I would assume that what witnesses are seeing is in fact a single row of teeth of unusual size. The increased facial-lingual distance between cusp tips may give the impression of a double row but in reality be a single row of very broad teeth. What we know from evolution is that teeth are in general very slow to change in comparison to other traits. For instance the hobbit, Homo floresiensis, was much smaller in stature but had teeth similar in size to modern humans. Selective pressures for small size affected body type much more drastically than teeth. It also signifies that these changes happened more recently than distantly since the teeth had not changed in response to environmental pressures. With respect to Sasquatch a double row of teeth would indicate to me either they are more distantly related to us than Neanderthals, Denisovians, and Hobbits, or what I suspect in that it is a single row of teeth mistakenly perceived as double. Of course anything is possible.

  23. bigfoot56

    thank you thylacine for correcting my error on the anderson, tx. sighting. i remember reading that sighting/encounter a couple of years ago and thinking how neat it was. btw, as for dyer i still think he’s hoaxing. hope i’m proven wrong. thanks to robert for this site and his updates, etc.

    • bigfoot56, you’re welcome – you may stroke my beard.
      I think the Dyer kill is real and I wish it wasn’t. Not the way to do this.
      This is the latest post from Dr. Ketchum: “We just heard from some mtDNA geneticists and they have found uniqueness in our mtDNA findings that prove that 1. The data is real and couldn’t have been hoaxed 2. That it shows relatedness amongst a large percentage of the samples 3. Supports our hybridization theory 4. Supports our timeline. I am estatic. We are asking permission to make these findings public. As soon as we have it, we will post them.”

    • You are welcome Bigfoot56!

  24. Darryl Jones

    Good story Robert! I’ll have to start reading your posts more often.

  25. Maurice Cloud

    Cheers Frank! Respectfully, proper methodology does not account for hearsay, rumor, gossip, shoptalk, etc . . . With unknown, undocumented taxon “eyewitness” does not carry much weight, therefore, any attempt to turn the “extraordinary claims/proof” axiom in on itself is pointless. Type specimens are still wanting, and until that changes “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof!” still stands regardless of the veracity of any eyewitnesses . . . Cheers!

    • Maurice Cloud

      I agree with you to a point Frank. Independent(and hopefully multiple) corroboration is indeed vital . . . once the existence of a ‘something’ is known, or known to the extent to warrant the inclusion of eyewitness account into the substantiating strata of evidence. Prior to that it’s all, “He had green hair!” “No, it was blonde!” “Wrong, twat! It was bald!” As for video, well . . . Cheers!

  26. According to Dyer, everything will be seen up to the kill in Shooting Bigfoot. Everything after that has, also per Dyer, been thoroughly filmed and will be released as a follow-up documentary by him and his investors immediately following the premiere. This will include the immediate aftermath, transportation, autopsy, etc., as well as Matthews’ and Dyers pugiistiics.

    Matthews’ reaction to the kill was, apparently, to attack Dyer in outrage. Matthews’, who was filming, was knocked to the ground by the creature as it circled around after the first shot, which was to the back; Dyer made the kill shot to the back of the head right after Matthew’s was knocked down.

  27. Maurice Cloud

    Hmm, a double row of teeth. Perhaps their dentists need a vision plan . . ?

  28. some guy

    Not a scoftic but looking at Minnow Films web site and what they have in production, they seem to be choosing off-beat topics of interest. Bigfoot is that, its a phenomenon. To the outside world there isn’t any distinction between reputable bigfooters and disreputable ones. The only credibility they could lose is within the world of a phenomenon that is itself NOT considered credible. personally i am continually interested in the topic, with many specific aspects of it that point toward a real biological presense that has been edited out of our concept of reality for 500-1000 years. but then, hey, i don’t believe in any of the religious stuff that is so ‘real’ to so many people. bigfoot is either real…or a fascinating example of a collaborative group delusional process…of which we have many.

  29. bigfoot56

    thylacine, interesting news from ketchum. and btw, i belive the thylacine is still out and about in tazmania and possibly mainland australia.

  30. Scott

    Here’s a likely scenario of the documentary:

    They do a brief “folklore” approach to the bigfoot phenomenon. They introduce the three trackers – the con man, the bad boy and the hill-billy or whatever they are duo. We find out about their backstories and we learn of their radical obsession to a phantom beast, weird beliefs and semi-psychotic behavior. We’re caught up in some intense moments, but we’re always a few steps behind the big guy. Yet, Morgan weaves a thread of possibility throughout the film. In movie analogies, he set the audience up for “The Sting” and delivers with “Luke, I am your father” ending. The average person walks away trying to put the whole thing together in his head, but is still not 100% convinced that what he just saw is fact. Next day, Rick drops the bomb.

    • I am starting to think it will be something like this indeed.

      • Mr. E2me

        I hope the rib recipe is revealed in the Documentary.
        This would be important for any other researchers attempting to lure a Sasquatch in.
        I hope he slow cooked the ribs, gave the tough meat time to tenderize. I hope he didn’t just seer them then tack them to the tree, that would be unappetizing and completely amateur.
        I’m going to assume he used a dry rub, marinating them and then slathering them in some kind of sticky sauce would only mat up the Sasquatch fur.
        In the event of a lack of ribs ,
        would a chicken and waffle offering suffice ?
        Really hoping he doesn’t hold out until the reveal of the body to share the recipe. Otherwise I’ll have to believe he hoaxed the cooking of the ribs. That would be despicable.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      Yes, that`s Morgan Matthews formula! It will turn out like this! Well, hopefully…

  31. Jacob

    Hey Rob!
    ” My source said that the latest version sort of leaves the question of whether or not a real Bigfoot was actually shot up in the air ”

    WTF??? If it wasn’t “shot” how do they have a body…?

    But thanks for the read, ill just have to see the movie and make a judgement from there.

    • Apparently you will see the footage of the Bigfoot getting shot, and then the movie just ends with no explanation of what you just saw. Maybe you saw a Bigfoot getting shot, maybe you saw a hoax of a Bigfoot getting shot, who knows? It will be like that.

  32. Andres

    Its clear now how the Bigfoot saga will follow and not end. The evidence, photographic, witness testimony and scientific, will not be giving mass media release until the power structure decide so, if ever. It will stay were it is now, internet, blogs, field studies and not ¨recognized¨ journals. We will continue to read information out of web sites like yours Robert, BFRO and the likes. We will not see it as a ¨serious¨ one hour coverage in CNN or ABC, or an article in Scientific America or National Geographic. Until the power elite decide so, if they ever do so. The question here should be why, what is so important that this evidence is not release to the mass, or giving it fare chance to be proven. I like to read your side Robert, thanks.

  33. Maurice Cloud

    Cheers Andres! National Geographic has covered biggy as it happens. They did a very nice documentary on the critter a couple of years ago in which they all but conceded that there is an unknown hominin out there, which is quite significant when you think about it. You should have a looksee, it’s easily accessible on You Tube. Cheers!

    • Andres

      Thanks Maurice, have seen it. But as many others it just leave the answers out there. With all the proof and evidence that it exit , a maybe documentary for the masses is just a maybe. Taking in consideration the real implication that this proven discovery carry, the question still there. Why not allow it to reach the masses and what are the implications or concecuence they fell will have. One thing is clear, the proof of a incredible fact have been withhold, and it will be until the desition makers decide otherwise. I wonder what is Robert take on this?

  34. Roman

    You’ve been camping out on Amazon bashing Missing 411.

  35. Cathiee

    I think they describe it as Blair Witch like because the people who watched it were not sure if it was all real or fake. I imagine from what I hear that the film will end when Rick Shoots the bigfoot and the movie fades to black. It is then set to have you question was it real or fake? Similar to the weird ending in the Blair Witch movie. What it does is leaves Minnow out of the “is it real or a hoax” with the ending the way it is. But it would be a f-u to the people who walk out going nahhh it was fake. Then to see on BBC or CNN the rest of the footage of the actual shooting and the body.

    Everyone is jumping all over Robert for the MIB comment I read it as kinda of a joke about the “goverment” seeing the body so Robert kinda played with it calling them the MIB.

  36. nick

    Look robert uhh, dont take this the wrong way nut, i gotta ask. Are you apart of project mockingbird? (Like i said i dont wanna jump to conclusions) but you seem to have alot of “connections” and sources of data that no one else has. We know the project was a disimformation campaign that the cia started in the 50’s and targeted jounalists and producers of major media newspapers and shows. They were bribed to write the info the agents gave to them via fax or phone alex jones is apart of this. Its obvious that its his job to make conspiracy theorists ALL look bad. Like i said dont take it personally, but i get suspicious about anyone who has this kind of “connections”

  37. mockingbird

    hey nick, I was just wondering why you would think alex jones or robert were part of mockingbird? Ever heard of research?

    • nick

      Do you not realize that they targeted conspiracy theorists as well? Come on, do you really think they would have let alex on piers morgan that night if they new he would say something that would endanger the gov? They recruit the same way they always have. They keep them talking about false conspiracys. Why do you think all these “government whistleblowers” always get proven wrong? Anyway, they definetly let alex on because hes basically the figurehead of conspiracy theorists. There are plenty of inteligent, level headed ones out there. They chose alex because he obviously sounds like a schizo. I just have to make sure that he (robert) wasnt involved. Certain sites like are DEFINETLY disimformationists. Its evident due to the constant trolling they have going back and forth. I think they’re in cahoots with bfro’s smear campain against melbas study because they (bigfootevidence) keep writing rediculous articles about her. They also completely misquoted her when she said on coast to coast AM that they could be closest to a lemur if compared to other animals

  38. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. People act is if this is just a scientific breakthrough or something. If you study the creature and the encounters of him through out history you can see countless evidence of the existance. Lewis and Clark even documented encounters. There isn’t anything left to prove. All the evidence is there. Do we really need to shoot one and dissect it? The only exception is main stream media wont bite so people cant believe anything that isn’t broadcasted on CNN. Big Father won’t recognize it so we have to run around with guns and cameras hoping that mainstream media will buy into it. If they do they always leave a open end for it being a hoax. The truth and problem with people is everything they think and know is wrong. Everything….people are hand fed there thoughts and ideas. Everything you know someone else told you. Unless you can go out and live in the woods and become part of that reality and live in that energy then you really don’t know anything. Just sit back and let mainstream media tell you what to think. Go on fighting wars and putting drugs in your body and living out someone else’s dreams.

    • Andres

      Like your post Jamie. I wonder why Robert do not give his input on this. You are right about the fact that this is a proven issue. And for me this censor serve as prove that it been keep out of mass media as a fact fot a reason, portray only as a maybe. Every one not in the know that there is a clear control of mass media, but in the kmow that this beings are real should ask yhemself why and if this censor, just like the inquisition, is done to serve humankind or someone else agenda. And if by any chance you come up with the answer that is not in humankind benefit, you most comunicated your find to every one you know. Robert, what is your take?

    • Big G

      I think you summed up American society. that is why they don’t want the main stream cattle smoking pot. Free thinkers question what mainstream media and government tell them. How many people demand a body while ignoring that the government has control of 100’s of bodies. How many peoples lives have been ruined for smoking pot while 100’s people come up missing daily. Should we not take those resourse and find the 200 or so serial killers roaming north America right now.

  39. Pingback: Confirmations On The Ketchum/Bigfoot DNA Study *UPDATED* | Ghost Theory

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