Bigfoot News March 15, 2013

Exciting news on Musky Allen’s visit to view Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot body. I am now 100% sure that Dyer shot and killed last September in San Antonio, Texas.

One reason is that I just learned some more about Allen’s visit to Las Vegas when he viewed the body. One thing I was uncertain about was whether or not Dyer was fooling Allen with a clever Hollywood movie prop. I was not sure whether Allen could tell the difference between a movie prop and a real dead body.

For the record, I know both Allen and the Facebook/Find Bigfoot guys, and neither of them is on any kind of a hoax. However, it remains possible that they are being hoaxed by Dyer, himself a notorious hoaxer.

Yet I just learned that when Allen went to see the body at Las Vegas, he was taken to an official US government facility. It was also a location with a very high degree of security. This was one of the main reasons why Allen had to sign so many documents before he viewed the body – because it is being held at that secure facility. There is absolutely no way that this government locale with all that security would be in on any kind of a hoax. It is not possible.

I have also learned that when Allen was viewing the body, there was another man present who was looking to buy Dyer’s body. This man had a physician there with him to figure out if it was a Hollywood prop or a real dead creature. Within two minutes, the physician determined that this was an actual dead creature of some sort.

An artist's rendition of Rick Dyer shooting a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas at 2:30 AM on September 6, 2012.

An artist’s rendition of Rick Dyer shooting a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas at 2:30 AM on September 6, 2012.

Did the FB/FB guys view Dyer’s body? I have not been able to determine whether or not they were able to view the body, but it is possible that they did see it. They only issued a standard no comment disclaimer when I asked them.

Derek Randles may not see Dyer’s body. My understanding is that Dyer is not going to let anymore people see the body until the reveal, so I doubt if Randles is going to see the body.

Minnow Films will issue a statement on the movie Shooting Bigfoot next week. The statement will be issued by none other than Morgan Matthews himself. Minnow stated that it is not normal protocol for Matthews to issue a statement about one of his films, but this film contains something of particular interest, necessitating the statement by the director. We can only imagine what this statement will say.

Shooting Bigfoot will show soon on BBC Storyville. According to a tweet on BBC Storyville’s Twitter feed, the movie will show soon, but they do not have an official date yet.

New interview with me up. I was interviewed on the Mind Cemetery show on the Paranormal Network Internet radio station. The interview was also broadcast on a radio station in New Orleans, but I haven’t been able to find out its radio handle. It seems to be an obscure station. Mind Cemetery is a UFO network, but the interview was only about Bigfoot. The talk ranged for two hours. The host was an immensely personable fellow, and I enjoyed the discussion very much.

New version of the Tent Video is out with full audio. FB/FB has released a new version of Dyer’s Tent Video with the full audio. Some of the audio was edited out of the version released previously. The part that was edited out has the BBC crew whispering to Dyer, “Rick! Rick!” They are alerting him that a Bigfoot is outside his tent eating the ribs. Of course, Rick was already up and fumbling around for his rifle by that time. He then ran out with his rifle, but he froze up and could not shoot the Bigfoot. Nevertheless, a three minute segment of the Bigfoot eating the ribs was shot by the film crew. I knew about this missing audio segment for a long time, but I was not allowed to report on it.

Loren Coleman has left Cryptomundo. There has been some huge fallout between Coleman and Craig Woolheater, the result of which is that Coleman has left Cryptomundo to found a new website. What is funny is that I always thought that Cryptomundo was Coleman’s site. Actually, it is Woolheater’s site. Coleman is doing a good job on his new site, in fact, it is better than the old site!

Coleman is a very educated man. He has an MA in psychology and has worked as some sort of a counselor before. He has also penned some excellent tracts on social psychology. He seems to be particularly knowledgeable about the psychology of mass shooters, about which he has written lately. Coleman is no dummy!

Am I in on the Dyer hoax? Most people insist that Rick Dyer is hoaxing this latest body claim. I have been warned many times not to support him because people will say that I am in on the hoax. The problem with that is that Dyer and I have no relationship whatsoever. In fact, at the moment, we apparently hate each other. Well, at least I hate him and will until he stops libeling me. He doesn’t seem too fond of me, otherwise he would not attack me so much on his site. He is also savagely attacking some very good friends of mine, and I am not too happy about that.

Obviously, in many ways, Rick Dyer is simply not an honorable man. His drunken, obscenity- and threat-filled video tirades are embarrassing. He viciously goes after any and all perceived enemies in a manner that can only be called pathological. He has hoaxed the community repeatedly, and he made $50,000 off the 2008 hoax. He continued to hoax the community up until early this year. He apparently defrauded people who went on his Bigfoot hunts by having a friend run by in a Bigfoot costume. Rick laughed while discussing this, chortling about how he was fleecing the rubes. At his base essence, Rick Dyer is simply a long-term con artist.

He has been arrested a couple of times recently for some disturbing things. Charges were dropped in both cases – in one case when he returned stolen property and in another case when he agreed to not beat up his wife. Although charges were dropped, he appears to have been guilty of these offenses.

As you can see, this guy has a list of transgressions longer than the phone book. Even if he were friendly to me, it might take a bit of an effort to like such a willful and amoral flim-flam man. On top of that, I am on his enemies’ list for some reason.

As you can see, even if Rick were hoaxing, I could not profit from it in any way because Rick and I have no relationship. I actually would not mind being on friendly terms with the fellow, but that is probably not going to happen due to my role as a truth-seeking investigative reporter. What is sad is that at this point, it is probably better for Rick and I to be at odds with each other as opposed to being on amicable terms. Because as soon as Rick and I get on friendly terms, people will say that I am “in on the hoax.” Now is that pitiful or what? When it’s better to be enemies than to be friends with someone for pragmatic reasons, it’s a sorry day.

Dyer does have a good side. It is said that he donated some of his recent proceeds to charity. What I think he really did was he bought off or paid off some of the homeless people where he shot the Bigfoot in San Antonio, possibly as hush money. Or maybe he just felt sorry for homeless people having been around them filming for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, narcissists often like to position themselves as major do-gooders out to benefit mankind. They set up charitable or self help groups or foundations, declare themselves dedicated to a life of helping others, make a lot of money and give it away to “inferior, loser” relatives as a way to be superior, make discoveries that save lives and help others. The life-saver, do-gooder, charity guy image feeds into their narcissism about what a great person they are. This is not really a bad aspect of narcissism; in fact, it is one of the good aspects. The take-home point is that they are helping others not out of altruism but in order to feel better about themselves, but maybe at the end of the day, that is a mere quibble .

Dyer may have a good relationship with his wife most of the time and may be good to his kids. Musky Allen met him and said he can be a charming fellow, a nice guy. But these types can often be charming and pleasant when they want to be.

I also feel that Dyer may be motivated by redemption in this latest case. He wants to be redeemed for the humiliation he received when he was  excoriated as a hoaxer and reviled by much of humanity. Why would such a nasty fellow want redemption for his sins? Bad people don’t care if they are bad. Bad people don’t feel bad; they don’t feel guilty. Rick feels bad and feels guilty on some level, hence the undoing.

How can a bad person want redemption? Answer: Rick Dyer isn’t all bad. Or as my mother would say, “Well,” and then a thoughtful pause. “People are complicated.”

Black and white is for children and lazy thinkers. It’s an exaggeration to say everything’s a grey area, but that’s more a sliding towards truth than childish Manichean splitting.

Dr. Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA study reached strange conclusions. Ketchum says that Bigfoots are closer to lemurs than to anything else. Sorry but that makes no sense at all. None, zero, zip. Back to the drawing board, Melba.

No contamination in Ketchum DNA findings. There is some little-known evidence that there is no contamination in her samples: Ketchum tested the Bigfoot nuDNA for several human genes, the names of which you can find in the manuscript. MC1R (human/Neanderthal red-hair color gene) showed up in the Bigfoot nuDNA as did the human antigen gene TAP1 (most of the time) and the jaw muscle gene MYH16 (which when present showed only a human profile rather than an ape one).

Not discussed in the manuscript are the tests Ketchum did for the TYR gene, which is associated with skin pigmentation, and the HAR1 gene, which is a “human accelerated region” associated with human neurological development. The human skin color gene TYR and human brain gene HAR1 were not found in Bigfoot nuDNA. Now that in and of itself is very interesting.

If the samples really were just bear or coyote or bobcat smeared with human contamination, all of the human genes should show up all over the place. The peer-reviewers for Ketchum’s manuscript only wanted positive, not negative, results included for gene tests, so the TYR and HAR1 data are not discussed in the manuscript. However, you can see the remnants of it in the Supplemental Data 12 appendix. The bottom line is the Bigfoot nuDNA is missing some important human genes that should be there if the nuDNA were in fact simply contaminated with human DNA.

Furthermore, if the samples were simply bears, coyotes or whatever with no human contamination present, the human genes listed above would not be there at all.

The conclusion is that the “contamination” meme bandied about is simply a red herring. Ketchum’s DNA results, whatever they were and whatever they mean, were simply not a result of contamination in any way, shape or form. Critics really need to get over the contamination BS.

Possible explanation for anomalous Ketchum and Smeja/Cutino results for the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills. The results indicate that the submissions were from two different objects, not a single object. Cutino/Smeja’s results ended up with MtDNA haplotypes A and T2, and Ketchum’s MtDNA results indicate haplotype H1A for Sample 26 (the Sierra Kills Bigfoot steak). Apparently these were two completely different objects being tested. I have no explanation for the anomalous results or why there were two objects when there was said to be only two pieces of a single object.

Greenbriar Sporting Club Bigfoot trailcam photo. This photo was taken by a trailcam at the Greenbriar Sporting Club, which I believe is in West Virginia. They didn’t recover the photo until weeks later, and by that time, they had cut down the stump. As you can see, the Bigfoot is sitting on the stump, apparently grubbing it from bugs to eat. It is blending in perfectly with the stump. There was a lot of controversy about this photo, with a lot of folks simply saying that it is a tree stump. Others said it was hoaxed, but I doubt it.

The people at the club said that visitors had been reporting a lot of Bigfoot sightings in recent years. The area has become totally overrun with deer, and this is what the Bigfoots are apparently preying on. I believe this is a photo of a Bigfoot, not a stump and not a hoax.

A Bigfoot grubbing a stump in West Virginia. Note coned head, browridge and relatively hairless face.

A Bigfoot grubbing a stump in West Virginia. Note coned head, browridge and relatively hairless face.

Allegations of hoaxing at the Adrian Erickson Project site in Crittenden, Kentucky are wrong. The latest allegation is that the owners of the site were hoaxing Erickson, Dennis Pfohl and Dr. Leila Hadj-Chikh at the site, possibly by using one or more of their friends to run around in a Bigfoot suit while the researchers took photos and videos of the hoaxers. However, this cannot possibly be the case. If this were true, there must be some awfully big hillbillies out there in Kentucky. Why is that? Because according to Erickson, Pfohl and Hadj-Chikh who all observed him, the large male at the site was anywhere from 9-10 feet tall! Do you know any 9 1/2 foot hillbillies? Neither do I.

Bigfoots are people. Look at the various drawings below to see how the latest thinking that Bigfoots are people and not apes, more like us than we want to believe, is the new and improved way of viewing these creatures. First, a drawing of Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot based on dozens of conversations between the artist and Musky Allen.

Rendition of Rick Dyer's Bigfoot based on Musky Allen's recollections. Note the resemblance to a Neandertal. Note also the resemblance to the Minnesota Iceman.

Rendition of Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot based on Musky Allen’s recollections. Note the resemblance to a Neandertal. Note also the resemblance to the Minnesota Iceman.

It is said that the nose in the Tent Video and in Allen’s rendition are not the same. However, look at the graphic below.

Note similar downward curving nose in photo, rendition and recreation.

Note similar downward curving nose in photo, rendition and recreation. Rendition is presumably of a Neandertal Man.

Let us look now at some drawings by Harvey Pratt, the artist who worked with David Paulides. These drawings were done by Pratt after talking with witnesses who had seen Bigfoots closeup. Look at how human they are.

Harvey Pratt's very human like renditions of Bigfoots based on interviews with humans who had very close up encounters. Note the very human like appearance.

Harvey Pratt’s very human-like renditions of Bigfoots based on interviews with humans who had very close up encounters. Note the very human-like appearance.

Below is a drawing by a man who had a closeup encounter a while back. Note the human-like appearance.

Witness rendition of a closeup of a Bigfoot he saw a while back. Note similarity to the rendition of the Dyer creature above.

Witness rendition of a closeup of a Bigfoot the witness saw a while back. Note similarity to the rendition of the Dyer creature above.

Below is a closeup drawing of the same creature as above.

Closeup of the same creature as above.

Closeup of the same creature as above.


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70 responses to “Bigfoot News March 15, 2013

  1. Squatchtastic

    There are no words Robert. I am really sad to see you falling for this charade. Musky Allen an absolute nobody was allowed into a top secret government facility? Did you read what you just wrote?

    You might ban me for this but I really have to say that your level of skepticism and critical research has sunk to a new low.

    • I doubt if it is a top secret government facility. It’s simply a secure US government facility.

      I do not believe that Musky is lying, and I do not believe that either Musky or FB/FB are in on any kind of a Dyer hoax. It’s just not possible.

      Furthermore, I can’t see why my source at Minnow would lie to me about this. Why would they? What would the motivation be on their part?

      • Squatchtastic

        But you are saying that this is what you “believe” not what facts you have seen. How is it not possible that Musky or FBFB are lying? Of course it’s possible. People lie all the time.

        How do you know your source even works at Minnow? And if he/she does I see no reason for them to lie as a PR move for their movie.

      • Jack Colby

        Robert, do you have any idea why Dyer would be allowed to store the body in such a facility? What is his connection to the government? Was the body confiscated somehow? If what you say is true, is a public “reveal” of this whole mystery being planned in conjunction with the government? Interesting info you have there, regardless.

        • I have no idea what the answer is to your questions. It is being stored at a US government research facility of some sort. A team has been assigned to it, and this US government team has been studying the Bigfoot for the last five months. Law enforcement agents (Feds of MIB’s) came by recently and took samples of the body to make sure that Dyer had not killed a very weird human being, in which case he might be prosecuted for homicide. I have no idea how the reveal will work and what role if any the government will play in that.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      if this would be just a Dyer/Musky thing I could totally understand the skepticism. But with FBFB and Minnow involved I cannot believe it is a hoax. They are smart guys in my opinion and they know why they are supporting Dyer the way they do. In the next four days we will know. If this is not a hoax, then the lesson for all is expressed in the words of Dyer himself: “You cannot find bigfoot if you sit at home, farting into your couch.” Right: I am also fed up with all the armchair skeptics, whose problems is not that they do not believe Dyer, but they do not believe in bigfoot. It is up to people like Dyer – love or hate him – who go out to find real answers.

    • narut00

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  2. Thanks Robert – I have been attacked and people have stated that I’m in on a hoax as well. So welcome to the club…..It seems if you follow a story about someone they don’t like you get attacked. oh well onward and upward.

  3. anonymous

    I for one don’t think your part of the hoax, but I believe you have been duped. The film “Of Monsters and Men” or a title similar, is about cryptids (sp) and the men and women who believe, search and yes “hoax.” Dyer would have been an “also ran” in the story but seems to have managed to expand his part by proving, at least to the producers, that he could pull off a more elaborate hoax than the one he is known for. For their part (the movie studio) it’s cheaper to produce reality of course…so let the man run amok, name drop and even advance him a few bucks to pull off his scheme all while capturing the events on film. Redemption? Dyer could care less, he’s making money and probably hopes to parlay this stunt into some else…like say being the perceived “expert” on hoaxes and deception that everyone checks with when claims are made about bigfoot or other cryptids. (sp) Just an opinion.

    • The problem is that a friend of mine is very good friends with Morgan Matthews. In fact, Matthews even stayed at his house for a while. This friend stated that there is no way on Earth that Matthews would be a party to any sort of a hoax at all in any way, shape or form, and there is no way that he would do a movie about a hoax or have a hoax be part of his movie.

      • anonymous

        I don’t believe he’s a “party to the hoax” as in came up with the idea. But like any story or documentary, the film maker’s job is to capture the events as they happen, especially when it’s suppose to be reality. I think Dyer “willingly” went “balls to the wall” as it might be said, to get a bigger part in the narrative. If I’m wrong, then “wow.” But I suspect the truth is an Indie style reality based movie exploring cryptids (sp), and the community of which some profit chasing, researching, scamming or hoaxing.

  4. bigfoot56

    .I like you robert and that ain’t gonna change. That said, I’m at the end of my rope with bigfoot people. bigfoot is real and I’d bet my house on it but people in the bigfoot community are nuts just nuts. The bfro has a wonderful sightings database that’s added to regularly but the bfro is run by an idiot (monkeymaker). the finding bigfoot show is stupid. with the right leadership it could be a great show but this ”it’s a squatch” bullshit everytime someone farts is … stupid.

  5. JustAskin

    I have seen that stump picture before. It is just a stump. Thats why they dont have a before/after pic. Trail cam would of taken many pics. Not to mention this bigfoot has no feet.

  6. JustAskin

    100% sure he has a real body based on what people have told you. Slippery slope my friend. Thanks for sharing what you know though, always enjoy your posts.

  7. Skeptical

    I have to be completely honest right now…the thought of him being real is a little scary. I’ve been on the BFRO site bigfoot56 mentioned and I’ve read some of the eyewitness accounts. If he’s real, regardless of his species, life as we ALL know it is going to change. Some of those reports are down right terrifying! Don’t even get me started on the recorded screams and howls. I have goose bumps just remembering…

    • Jack Colby

      The world is a scary place even with normal humans out there. Bigfoot is likely no worse than us, just an unknown at this point, so seems more terrifying.

  8. Robert Goetz

    You stated that the bigfoot body is being held in a secure government facility and why would this be the case. If this is true than the body is actually in posession of the government. Which government; city, federal or state. IMO the body is being held by the state of Nevada at UNLV in the city of Las Vegas. I will also state that this is one of two bigfoot that entered the camp of Mr. Dyer during the month of September 2012. Musky saw the one that was killed and we saw the video of the other one that is still alive. These two bigfoot come from a wildlife preserve called “Government Canyon State Natural Area” which is located Northwest of the kill site.

    • MMG

      Robert G what is any of this speculation based on? Dyer originally said that the body was held at a ‘big’ university. This story now appears to have changed and the ‘body’ is now held in a government facility.

      Anyone find it strange that the US government are quite happy for Dyer to take ownership of this ‘unknown to science’ creature? The biggest scientific discovery of the century and the US government are happy, to not only let Dyer run the show, but also allow potential buyers to enter this facility and haggle over this priceless object.

      The fact that this documentary will be shown soon on BB3 as part of the ‘Storyville’ season confirms that no Bigfoots were hurt during the making of this film. Matthews will next week confirm that Dyer is the Master hoaxer and not a Master tracker. Matthews has allowed this to run for over three months now. His silence has allowed Dyer to ride roughshod over the BF community again (although admittedly it is only the most gullible who believe) and he will have to take the inevitable flack coming his way.


  9. Robert~The Commercialization of this field continues~it makes one embarrassed to be part of it. There’s more people now making money and names for them self off of what others do and hoaxing than there are real researchers out there.

    Also~If I have to see one more video of something that happened 20-30 years ago, because a new researcher just found it and thinks it’s profound~~~I’m going to F-ing puke!

    Instead of showing videos of others, and usually old videos at that~get your azz out there and do something constructive ~ and I don’t need to see every fricking hair and fake footprint you find either~show me something REAL!

    If you live with BIGFOOT SHOW ME or just go live with him!!!

    Sorry had to vent ~ I’m speaking to everyone and not directly to Robert

    ~ The problem? The Problem is; this game plan works…

    People are making money ~ THE F-ing hoaxers and entertainers that is ~ the people that try to be credible can’t get ahead because they have to wade through the BS and so don’t the people they are trying to reach ~ The Showmen like Rick Dyer and Tom Biscardi will win every time ~ Now it seems like many others are getting in the act ~ What a joke this has become!

    Seems like more people are saying if you can’t beat them, then join them!!!

    I refuse to be tricked by these fools~does anyone have any credibility any more… Does anyone stand for what they believe in anymore… Even those that claim to ~ Are not consistent!

    I think the answer is simple ~ Very few people in this field are honestly in it for the science and the truth ~ most are in it for the FAME or perceived Fame & Glory of others! Rick Dyer ~ well he again is laughing all the way to the bank ~ and you the people that fall for it are making and allowing it to happen ~ You are like society enabling the drug dealers to not only succeed, but to thrive! I think we all have ourselves to blame~enablers!

  10. Dave

    I don’t know, Steve Kulls has just about proven this thing is a hoax in ten different ways. For example, the pics used in FBFB “proof” video released the other day were shown to be the very same pictures used in a Dyer video from 2008. Why on earth would they use pictures taken in 2008 as evidence that the 2011 shooting was real? Why not use NEW pictures, taken during the 2011 expedition? Plus, the movie is STILL called Of Monsters and Men, the title has never been changed to Shooting Bigfoot and it hasn’t been at any film festivals as promised by Dyer. It just seems that every time the reveal gets close, “something” happens and it doesn’t get done. Dyer’s going to ride this thing as far as he can and then claim that the government or minnow films or god-knows-who will not allow the body to be released. There’s just too much BS around this thing for it to be legit.

    • Steve is a good friend of mine, but unfortunately he has not proven this to be a hoax at all.

    • Donny

      I agree Dave, Musky’s background was proven to be all lies as well. He’s a plant, this seems more like a script then anything. And fb/fb are the engine driving this hoax regardless if they created it, they are promoting it and driving it. I am 99.999% sure it’s a hoax.

  11. Mr. E2me

    Wow . You included a crucial piece of information I didn’t know about.
    The ribs were cooked.
    He could have very well attracted every black man for miles, not just a bigfoot. OR bigfoot has similar dietary needs as a black man and from here on in we should use grape soda, watermelon, AND ribs to lure them in.
    “Possible explanation for anomalous Ketchum and Smeja/Cutino results for the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills.”
    I have a possible explanation. The samples sent out were from the same steak. The ‘steal’ was actually Bear but contaminated with Bigfoot DNA.
    Thanks for the update , much appreciated.

  12. Dave49

    Good article, regardless if not all the information proves to be true. I nevertheless respect your willingness to put yourself out there with a controversial opinion. Your evaluation of Rick Dyer is quite poignant and demonstrates how hard it is to get beyond black and white thinking when so much is at stake.
    It’s interesting the determination of some to prove this is a hoax quickly descends into name calling. That would suggest some underlining fear of what such a discovery would mean, especially if it is indeed more human than ape. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your writing.

  13. Ok jerk off, you are banned.

    And the IQ is 147, not 140.

  14. themanfromglad

    Sorry to burst your bubble. The West Virginia Bigfoot is a busted 24 inch tall photoshopped image.

  15. Dave

    My own personal encounter left me with the distinct impression that they may be human like but dangerous too like a human. If they do bring in a body for proof I plan to stay out of the woods as there will be people looking for anything that moves to shoot at.

    Just another Dave.

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  17. I’ve listened and watched closely Dyer’s blogcasts as well as to Musky Allen and neither of them are lying. I know you can read a liar, Robert, there are so many tells if you know what to look for and it takes a pathological type of a fairly high order of intelligence to go on and on without blowing it. Neither Dyer or Allen fit the profile to be able/motivated to concoct and plan all of this, what with the tent vid, Minnow’s involvement, confirmation by the guy who did his own investigation of the area of the shooting, etc. Added to the fact that there is so far nothing that can be called evidence of a hoax other than assumptions and spuriously tenuous conclusions based on his prior history and unpleasantness, appearances lean heavily towards it being fact.

    • I agree with you completely, Richard.

      • J

        Hmm…….. I am still skeptical on the Dyer Deal. As I am sure you already know, Minnow Films website indicates the film as “Of Monsters and Men: A fascinating and touching portrait of men who are obsessed with monsters and their adventures to find them”. That just doesn’t sound to me like a description of a long awaited release of film proof of a real Sasquatch encounter including a kill and leading to bodily proof. That sounds to me like a Dyer Hoax could fit into this quite well. Showing how people believe so strongly that they continue to fall prey to these fraudulent Sasquatch claims , and even from a well known repetitive hoaxer. I may very well be wrong, but I’m not buying it. When is the Film Festival scheduled to premier the film?

        • It will not be in a film festival. It will be on BBC instead. There is no way on Earth that Morgan Matthews would be a party to a hoax in any way. Whatever it shows of Dyer in the film, if anything, it will not show him engaging in any sort of hoaxing.

  18. J

    Is there a known or estimated airdate?

  19. JD Winn

    What is Minnow films motivation to keep this film alive you ask? How about millions of dollars?

  20. Wdjs

    I’m still inclined to think the Crittenden couple were hoaxers. Like most modern hoaxers, their incentive was apparently profit. It has been reported that they sold several videos for five figures each and then managed to sell their rundown house and lot for significant profit after convincing Erickson it was frequented by Bigfoot. Like you Robert, I’ve heard of the 10 foot male at the site. However, the footage is suspiciously of a adolescent female, who is conveniently the same girth and height as an adult human.

    I wish I could find an old link I ran across a few months ago. It was the blog of the local BFRO guy who was first on the Crittenden scene back in 2005. He felt there were inconsistencies in the property owners’ stories and actions, and he made it clear that they were manipulating the footage they were showing the early researchers on the scene. This original, local BFRO guy also said he was quickly pushed aside by the national BFRO guys who came in and lapped up what the locals were selling. The experience led the guy to withdraw completely from the world of bigfootery. I wish I could find his blog again because it was a unique perspective on the Crittenden claims.

  21. Wdjs

    Additionally, the human like sketches from eyewitness accounts displayed in the post above, bear no similarity to the black wookiee shown in the Crittenden stills. In fact, the Crittenden stills do not resemble any footage or close encounter descriptions that I’m familiar with.

  22. Joerg Hensiek

    OK, Robert has a whistle-blower inside the “inner Dyer circle” and he/she told him that there IS indeed a body. Is this not reason enough to perpetuate the “Dyer story”?! I do not even want to mention the high credibility of Minnow and Morgan Matthews. All what the “skeptics” have to offer is: he hoaxed once, therefore he will also hoax twice. If anybody has to shut down after a potential hoax, then it is FBFB. They had every chance to check Dyer`s story and verify the existence of the body.

  23. jason

    if morgan matthews is truly the revered filmaker we are led to believe he would not be involved in a hoax ,BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY he would not be delaying/postponing the most significant discovery in our lives either. So sorry it seems like a hoax in some way or the other. Anyone with integrity would notify the world at once with such a discovery. it just doesn’t add up..

  24. Joerg Hensiek

    Exactly: FBFB went to Vegas – and you think they did not see the body? May be you are right: but then they are extremely stupid!! Especially after they already stated TWICE that they will shut down if this turns out to be a hoax!!! In my opinion they are far to clever for supporting Dyer the way they do if they do not have conclusive evidence…But however you want to look at the Dyer story: there are as many rational reasons to believe it as there are rational reasons not to believe it. Minnow will publish a press statement in the coming days. Then we all know. IF there IS a body, then I hope bigfoot evidence and Team Tazer will shut down – but they do not have the dignity to do so. They will go on to end up as a blog exclusively dedicated to infantile trolls and haters (wonder how those will go on after bf is verified…).

  25. Thylacine

    “Shooting Bigfoot” to premier at Hot Docs film Festival in Toronto, April 30th.

    From the description, there’s no Bigfoot:

    ‘”I don’t think an hour goes by in the day where I don’t think about Sasquatch,” divulges one aficionado. So begins Morgan Matthews’ rollicking foray into the obsessive, hoax-filled cult of Sasquatch. Using the in-the-trenches style of The Blair Witch Project, the film allows us to accompany the adventures of three Sasquatch search parties: socially awkward “master tracker” Ric Dyer; crotchety old guys Dallas and Wayne; and Tom Biscotti, perhaps the most devoted of the bunch, who has hunted Sasquatch unabatedly for 37 years. The teams tramp through the wooded unknown with tracking equipment and ample conviction in hand, the bipedal ape-like creature they seek seemingly just around every bend. As truth and fact tip into malarkey, nighttime hunts devolve into farcical displays of voodoo and comic stretches of the human imagination. A humorous look at perception gone off the rails, Shooting Bigfoot is a no-holds-barred plummet into folkloric lunacy’ – Justin Mah

    • This description has since changed, it’s now “…renowned “master tracker” Rick Dyer; old friends Dallas and Wayne…” as opposed to the original “…socially awkward “master tracker” Ric Dyer; crotchety old guys Dallas and Wayne…”. Also Justin Mah’s name has been removed.
      In addition Charlotte Cook,Director of Programming, Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival issued this: “…Both Justin (Mah) and I have seen the film in full. We’re not commenting on the last three minutes, we recommend that you come and see the film.”

  26. Joerg Hensiek

    One thing has come true as Dyer predicted: the film now is indeed called “Shooting Bigfoot” and not Of Monsters and Men anymore. So far, so good. The description of the film does not sound promising, that`s right. But let`s wait for the official Minnow statement this week.

  27. Joerg Hensiek

    FBFB `s latest post on Shooting Bigfoot – FYI:
    Think people. Why did Morgan Matthews change the title from “Of monsters and men” to “Shooting Bigfoot” ???? Why would we be so willing to shut it down. Why would Musky Allen do such an in depth interview with so many details? We have been attacked thousands of times, but we won’t buckle? WHY?? What do we know??us

    • J

      Why couldn’t Rick Dyer just have brought in an expert to view the body? What happened to the supposed plans for viewing by Derek Randles ?

      • When Musky was there, there was also a physician there. The physician verified for his wealthy friend that that was indeed a dead creature of some sort, not a Hollywood prop.

        • squatchGod

          A pretend physician ?

          It’s not going to get better Robert. You are only digging yourself deeper.

        • It’s being held at a secure US government research facility, with armed guards and the whole nine yards. There is no way that such a facility would be a party to a hoax of any kind. And Musky’s not lying, no way, nope. Nor are FB/FB guys willingly participating in any kind of a hoax either, no way.

  28. SquatchGod

    You are a fool Joerg.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      and you are certainly not a god!!! 😉
      Hope you can be reached in the next couple of weeks….it will be funny!!!

  29. SquatchG

    How about this Robert?

    If you end up wrong about this you have to out your source. Because obviously that source is no use to you anymore and will have played a huge part in damaging your credibility.

    Game on broheim !!

  30. SquatchG

    Promoting a hoax isn’t very ethical journalism either. Just sayin.

    • Look punk, I am banning you. “Hostile tone,” comments policy violation.

      Knowingly promoting a hoax is pretty nasty, yes. But that is not what I am doing.


      • J

        Robert, I know your intentions are definitely honorable. Everyone else should see that as well. We just have different reads on the situation and individuals involved.

        Not to be a conspiracy theorist but, has there been much consideration that Dyer has been put up to this whole thing (a charade?) as a diversion to the general public leading away from the DNA proof, potentially tainting public opinion and squalshing much of the credibility of the Bigfoot Phenomena? That would be motive and quite likely payoff from parties interested in shifting the whole bigfoot arena into the appearance of an elaborate sham. Much of the supposed Scientific Community has already headed down that path. Their key figure heads may also have been nudged in that direction and are influencing their field to follow suit.

        • No one is putting Dyer up to this. They would not need to. Dyer is quite capable of hoaxing on his own. In fact, he was hoaxing as recently as last Spring with the faked Florida Bigfoot photos.

  31. Objective journalism is effectively nonexistent. All news outlets of all kinds slant and bias their reporting. That is simply the way it is done. Anyway, I subscribe to the Gonzo/advocacy journalism school coming out of the 1960’s. Hunter Thompson and Tom Wolfe were big proponents. It was pretty controversial in journalism school, and yes I have a degree from J-school. Not only that, but I have worked in the field as an editor of a magazine.

  32. MMG

    Any further comment Robert? Don’t think you published my last comment. I hope you didn’t think I was being unkind but BF hoaxing is a very emotive subject!


    • I published your last comment. Of course, I hate hoaxers too. Recall I cheered when that hoaxer got killed by a car while he was running across the highway. I just happen to not think that Dyer is hoaxing this time, that’s all.

      • MMG

        Thanks Robert, I think I posted something that didn’t quite make it’s way to you. Not long now. Just think he would have found a buyer for the body by now. Almost 7 months old now. Phhhew!!


  33. bostonsamsblog

    Reblogged this on Boston sams blog and commented:

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