The Dangers of Incest

Famous photo.

Famous photo.

These are often said to be men from the American South or from Appalachia, and the photo is often used to make fun of US White Southerners or hillbillies’ tendency to have sex with, marry and make babies with family members.

Actually the photo is from The Cape Horn region of South Africa (the whiter and more Dutch part of South Africa even today), and was taken around 1993 by Roger Ballen. These are two Afrikaner brothers. The photo is often said to be a result of inbreeding, but that is not known for sure. All that is known is that they were both retarded, which seems obvious looking at the photo.

There are websites out there who will give you the names of the brothers, but I didn’t have time to look it up although I saw that information at one time recently.


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33 responses to “The Dangers of Incest

  1. 24601

    Reminds of the look of some of the hillbillies from Tennessee. I was recently in Columbia (south of Nashville in the heart of Tenn) and they all had a similar look. I kept thinking of the word “inbred.”

    While inbreeding with the 2nd and 3rd cousin isn’t terrible and has little risk of birth defects, a little too much of 1st cousin marriage over the years can be bad. But this theory also explains the tight kinship and fear of outsiders, in Southerners, Afrikaners, and even Jews, as they are highly inbred over several centuries.

    • Brengunn

      You get the same feeling with Irish travelers, the Irish Gypsies.They don’t look like those guys but a lot of them have a distinctive look due to inbreeding. Even if you met one on the street and he was dressed in a business suit you could tell he was a gypsy. They’re quite dumb, too, which I suppose is part of it.

  2. bigfoot56

    I didn’t know NASCAR’s Kurt Busch was a triplet! Learn something everyday. Kurt actually got his ears pinned.

  3. Guy from Montréal

    The photographe looks like a work from Diane Arbus, though it being from South Africa I would doubt it, this image would definitely be her style. As for the subjects in the image I think I would be even more terrified of running into these guys in the woods than a sasquatch!

  4. Warren Dingman.

    I met a Saudi man last year who informed me, after I said first cousin marriage was bad, that first cousin marriage was the tradition on the Arabian pennisula and had been for thousands of years. He was already engaged to his first cousin and would marry when he returned to Saudi.

    • RunswithScissors

      This explains much.

      • Dota

        It doesn’t explain much actually. This custom seems to have worked for the Jews. Supposedly it explains their high IQ

        • Brengunn

          I thought Jews didn’t do 1st cousin marriage, only 2nd and 3rd.

        • Dota

          In recent times they’ve pretty much put a stop to it. I’m referring to the Ashkenazis that is, as Iraqi and Yemeni jews still practice it to some extent. It’s a tribal custom mostly.

        • Warren Dingman.

          The young Saudi was a university student and quite bright. Very short though as was his roomate – not much more than five feet tall.

  5. Why, I think they look quite nice! Actually, both if them were in my quantum mechanics/quantum theory class (they are the same thing, but mechanics is simply the practical application of quantum theory) when I studied physics at MIT.They were really nice guys. One of them actually aced out of taking the final examination, which is extremely difficult to do. Out of two different classes, he was the only student to not have to take the final. He’d received an A on every test up to the final.The one on the right is Cletus. Is that a strand of drool I see coming from ol’ Clete’s mouth?His brother, the cute one, is named Vernon.

    • Brengunn

      Why, I think they look quite nice!

      How can you lump these two beauties in with the likes of Iggy Pop and David Johansen. I’m offended on their behalf!

      Is that a strand of drool I see coming from ol’ Clete’s mouth?

      That’s what I thought. As you say, Rachele, Blech!!

      • It’s a joke, silly man. Clearly, Mr. Bregunn, they are not quite on the level of my beloved Iggy Pop and David Johansen, and I’d also like to add that, in case you are aware of American pop culture in the 1970s, that whole bit about everybody being “beautiful in their own way” is utter bullshit, as no doubt you know. Frankly, I just prefer being here now because I got really over the white-hating Asians elsewhere on this blog. They are so boooorrring to me. They aren’t even any fun to fight with anymore, because it’s always the same steaming pile of tripe and whatever they say seldom makes any sense at all. As soon as they began pulling fake statistics out of their asses regarding the percentage of Americans who are ‘white trash,” I knew I was bound to become tired of feeding those particular trolls. I just could no longer be bothered with them.They also began to make me feel sort of sorry for them because they are clearly intellectually deprived. Think of Halucienda, clapping his hands with glee and jumping up and down, wildly giggling over a phrase like “ringding dong-whatever.” He thinks that’s funny. I don’t really see why it is. Perhaps I’m missing something.I’d much rather discuss quantum mechanics with good old Cletus and Vernon here. Seriously, the dude didn’t even have to take the final at MIT. I was so jealous. I had to take the final, but that’s because I got Bs on three of my other tests. By the way, Mr. Bregunn, am I seeing things or is that actually a strand of drool coming from Cletus’ mouth? It’s a shame, because he’s really very nice. Now Vernon, he’s a cutie. Don’t you agree that he is attractive? Me too.I remember hoping he’d ask me out in college. Oh yes, I obsessed over Vernon! Even after I watched him in sitting in class and rooting about a bit in his nostril with his index finger, I still found him wonderful to look at. I especially enjoyed the way he’d examine the tip of that index finger after withdrawing it from his nose as if he’d somehow extracted a ruby from his nostril. I found that to be so cute and sweet. He was such an innocent soul.

      • Mr. Brengunn, on closer inspection I find that both Vernon and Cletus Hodgepile, which is their last name,have slobber hanging from their mouths, but they’re both just so darn cute I wanna just kiss that slobber right off both of their mouths. Wait, here it comes … wait for it, wait for it … Blech! And a yech, while I’m at it.

  6. photo is made by Roger Ballen in 1993

  7. ishmael

    Aside form certain genetic disorders physically, does incest cause a drop in IQ? Like Dota said, the Jews do quite well in that respect.

    • Brengunn

      I’m sure I’ve read on here that it has a negative effect on IQ scores. That’s 1st cousins though, not 2nd and 3rd. The Jews married 2nd and 3rd cousins.

  8. JustAskin

    The timing of this post was great. I had just read about a band in south africa and their ZEF movement. If you want to see some hillbilly looking africaans watch the music video on youtube by Die Antwoord. ” I Fink You Freeky”
    It is a must watch if you enjoy a little strange.

    • Mr./Ms. Just Askin, lollin’ at “Fink You Freeky.” Now I am going to watch it. The title is too intriguing not to.

    • I concur. It is strange. I laughed, but I have to wonder how my family managed to appear in such a video without telling me about it. I’m going to show it to my mom when I see her again. I feel so left out. They appeared in a video and left me out . I feel so hurt.

  9. scott prendergast

    have u ever heard.of.the.melungeuns the usa? inbred .and.white.parents- they strain/ black both that time
    comprehend inbreeding while.long.a.j
    of.the two.groups./ of.the.melungeuns TURKS- look that u posted.u.will.notice.s
    large.lips, lack.of.chins and the actual.cranial.shape-.perhaps.a the.”melungeuns”…ps.just

  10. neil

    You sir, are the dimwit around here. The picture was taken much earlier than you indicate. The individuals pictured were mentally disabled, and not inbred as speculated. A simple google search will provide you with the facts.
    References to Afrikaners being inbred are not cool.

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