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Bigfoot News March 30, 2013

Is the US Fish and Wildlife Service examining Bigfoot tissue? Some very interesting photos were published on Rhett Mullis’ Facebook page recently dealing with Rhett’s trip with Dr. Brian Sykes and his wife, Uhla (That is a Dutch name; she is Swedish-Dutch).

They went to see Justin Smeja, and Sykes took a sample from Justin’s boot where the baby Bigfoot bled on it. The problem is there has been some contamination after the incident. Justin continued to wear the boots for a while, and the worst problem of all was when he was fishing in a boat in brackish (partly salty) water, and the boat started to sink and he had to wade thirty feet in waist deep water to get to the shore. That’s not good for the blood on the boots.

They went to see a number of folks on their trip, including Steven Streufert of Bigfoot Books in Bluff Creek, California.

Then they went to see Ray Crowe in Washington. I heard that he was on his deathbed a while back, and they were counting down the days before he died. Then I heard nothing for a bit. Then at some point, he made a long comment on my blog. He had returned from the dead! Then he sent me an email asking if I would like a copy of his latest book, and he sent it to me. He has since written me a few more times, and I think he’s a really nice guy, and he’s also now my friend. Ray’s one of the finest souls in all Bigfootery, and apparently he and Rhett are close.

In these latest photos, Ray doesn’t look so great, but at least he’s above ground. How do you make it out of a certain deathbed, beat the reaper and get up and stroll the Earth for a while more? I don’t get it, but it sure is nice. Jesus is my main man, and I think he came back from the dead. It’s always nice to see others do the same as my main man. Walk in Jesus’ footsteps indeed, Ray!

They also, very curiously, went to the premier wildlife investigation lab in the whole US, the main US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) lab in Medford, Oregon. There they met some of the techs and spent quite a bit of time with Ken Goddard, the head of the lab. There are photos of Ken, Rhett and Brian posing with various artifacts, and there is one curious photo of Goddard posing with a photo of a Bigfoot drawn recently by a prominent Bigfoot artist.

Ken Goddard,head of the USFWS top lab in Medford, Oregon. Dr. Brian Sykes is in the background. He has enough warmth in his countenance to light up New York in a blackout. Guys like this may be the new wave of Bigfootery. I am getting tired of all these scoundrels and rogues.

Ken Goddard,head of the USFWS top lab in Medford, Oregon. Dr. Brian Sykes is in the background. He has enough warmth in his countenance to light up New York in a blackout. Guys like this may be the new wave of Bigfootery. I am getting tired of all these scoundrels and rogues.

None of this makes any sense to me unless someone knows something I do not know. The USFWS  and the US government as a whole has never wanted to associate itself at all with Bigfootery, and they have done nothing but deny it if not ridicule it. Now here is the premier scientist at the top USFWS investigative wildlife lab in the US posing with some of the most prominent Bigfooters (who happen to be engaged in very cutting edge research about Bigfoot DNA) and holding up drawings of Bigfoots in a non-joking way.

Goddard holding up a drawing of a Bigfoot done by Thomas Finley. Goddard actually signed this drawing. If Bigfoot is a joke, Goddard looks like a complete moron for signing this pic and holding it up like a fool to the camera.  He is a professional man with a sensitive career and can be canned at a moment's notice for the slightest indiscretion. Goddard would not risk his career like this unless he knows something we don't know. Which apparently he does. What does Ken Goddard know?

Goddard holding up a drawing of a Bigfoot done by Thomas Finley. Goddard actually signed this drawing. If Bigfoot is a joke, Goddard looks like a complete moron for signing this pic and holding it up like a fool to the camera. He is a professional man with a sensitive career and can be canned at a moment’s notice for the slightest indiscretion. Goddard would not risk his career like this unless he knows something we don’t know. Which apparently he does. What does Ken Goddard know?

The only way this makes sense is if the folks at this USFWS lab now either believe in Bigfoot or think that Bigfoot’s existence is a serious hypothesis. What I am getting at here is that Ken Goddard and others at the lab appear to be taking Bigfoot very seriously right now for some odd reason.

Even more stunning is the notion that they may be working with Bigfoot samples at this very moment. Could they be investigating Bigfoot samples right now? Indeed they are, but these are more “purported” Bigfoot samples than real Bigfoot samples proven in one way or another. I can now report that Goddard’s lab is one of the official backup labs for Sykes’ Bigfoot study! How Sykes managed to get the US government involved in testing purported Bigfoot tissue I have no idea, but perhaps he can pull a few strings.

Recall also that Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot is being held at some sort of a government research facility somewhere near Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s guarded, and it’s hard to get into the place. Whether it is actually a government facility or not is somewhat up in the air. Dyer said it was not a government facility, but it may operate off government grants. A person very much in know about the facility described it to me as a “government research facility.” This person also told me that a team of government scientists have been studying Dyer’s Bigfoot for the past five months.

It stands to reason that if a US government research team has been studying the most bizarre wildlife creature in the US if not the world that the premier USFWS lab in Medford, Oregon may somehow be working in conjunction with this team to study the weirdest creature the woods have ever yielded.

However, upon questioning, Goddard said that he had never heard of the Dyer shooting, and at any rate, his lab was not analyzing anything from the shooting if it even occurred at all. Goddard also stated that he had connections at other government facilities, and while it was possible that Dyer’s Bigfoot was at some state facility, he had not heard of it. Goodard also said that he was close to USFWS authorities in Texas, and he had not heard anything from them about the Dyer Bigfoot shooting or their involvement. The logical assumption is that USFWS is not involved in the Dyer shooting in any way.

Goddard’s lab deals specifically with wildlife crimes, hence they would not be involved in the Dyer case anyway as Goddard stated that no crime had been committed in that case. Goddard stated that shooting a Bigfoot is legal in all parts of the US except Skamania County, Washington.

At any rate, Goddard and his crew know something and are up to something. What do they know and what are they up to? They don’t seem to be denying the existence of Bigfoot anymore, based on their behavior. Now why is that? What in the heck is going on?

Dr. Brian Sykes now believes in Bigfoot’s existence 100%. After a trip to Washington state where Sykes and Rhett went to some public land that Lori Simmons and her father have been studying for years, Sykes experienced something while there that effected him so greatly that Sykes now says he believes that Bigfoots are real. What did he experience up there? Sykes is a prominent scientist and would not be given to making rash, off the cuff remarks for no reason. What happened to Brian Sykes at Simmons’ research area in Washington?



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Rape among Western White Women: An Examination

Here we will look impressionistically at all of the cases that I can recall of females I have known who got raped in one way or another. I am using a pretty strict definition of rape here – forget the insane feminist daffynition. According to that daffynition, I have been raping females for most of my life!

Rape cases can be broken down into two categories: Hardcore Rape or Stranger Rape and what is otherwise known as Date Rape. There is some overlap, but Date Rape usually does not involve overt threats of violence and Stranger Rape almost always does. Stranger Rape frequently involves some sort of actual violence, and in Date Rape, true, hardcore violence is not common. However, some women are beaten and battered in the context of ongoing Date Rapes with a long-term boyfriend, and this complicates the definitions. It is not uncommon to see a bruised, battered woman who is getting raped on a regular basis.

Stranger Rape is much more likely to be prosecuted, and Date Rape is notoriously hard to prosecute. Almost all rapes by boyfriends (especially long-term boyfriends) and husbands fall into the Date Rape category. Nevertheless, Date Rape is still rape, and females who get date-raped often suffer consequences afterwards.

All cases below involved White females from the US or UK. Ages ranged from 9-80, but most were aged 19-24. The male rapists were aged 14-40, with most around 19-24. Four were White, and two were Black.

Case 1- Stranger Rape: A White female (aged ~80?) was raped in Los Angeles. The woman was a schoolteacher in Los Angeles who never married and lived alone. When she was an old lady, a very young Black male, apparently a teenage boy (age 14-16?), broke in and raped her in a brutal crime. At the time I was astonished that such a young boy would rape an old lady.

Case 2 – Stranger Rape: A White female was sexually assaulted at age 11 by a child molester-rapist. Her 11 year old friend was also assaulted. They had hiked to a lake and were walking home through a forest in New York State in a  area where there were no homes or people around when a White man in a ski mask (aged ~30?) with a knife accosted them. He fondled them and then ran off to a truck where he drove away. He was never caught. The 11 year old friend blamed my friend for it happening to both of them, and their friendship ended after that. This may more properly be seen as a sexual assault than as a rape.

Long term consequences are not known, but she has suffered from depression for most of her life. The relationship of the rape to her later mental issues is unknown, however, some say that her subsequent depression was not related to this incident. The crime is a very sensitive topic, and no one has been able to bring it up to her for a long time. In fact rape in general is a sensitive subject when she is around, and if you bring it up, she will usually get angry and throw some sort of a fit.

Case 3 – Date Rape: A White female (age 19-20?) was in Jamaica vacationing with a friend. They met some local Black Jamaican guys their age (19-20?) and hit it off with them. One of the Jamaicans offered to row them out to a nearby island where they could do whatever. He got her out to the island and then said that if she ever wanted to get off that island that night, she had to have sex with him. She didn’t want to be stuck on the island that night, so she gave in and had sex with him. I consider this a case of definite rape, though no prosecutor would ever prosecute it. Long-term consequences are not known, but I think she is over it by now at any rate.

Case 4 – Date Rape: A young female aged 19 is a college student. On New Years Eve, she went to a party and got very drunk. She ended up in a bedroom with some White college guy about her age. The last thing she remembers is she was down on her knees sucking the guy’s cock. After that, she blacked out and apparently passed out. Next thing she remembered, she was waking up and the guy was on top of her fucking her. She yelled at him to get off her, and threw him off her body.

As she was passed out, her vagina did not lubricate (she did not get wet) and he basically “fucked her dry.” The next day she had some minor vaginal bleeding from getting dry fucked. She was depressed about this incident because though she had had anal and oral sex before, she was technically a virgin as far as vaginal sex was concerned, and this is how she lost her virginity, technically getting date raped by some jerk. She had wanted to lose her technical virginity in an important way with someone she cared about. She talked to her friends afterwards, and they all said, “Guess what? You just got raped.” A lot of them also called her an idiot for getting into that situation.

For the next three months, she was unaccountably very angry, and she had no idea of why. It’s a good guess that the mysterious anger may have been caused by being raped. She also said she was tired of being called an idiot for letting this incident happen to her. I do feel that this is rape, but no DA would ever prosecute it.

Case 5 – Date Rape: A woman aged ~40 got involved in a long-term relationship with a White male aged ~40 that turned into some sort of abused or battered woman scenario. The man was quite abusive, had a horrible temper and ranted and raved a lot. He also demanded sex whenever he wanted it. She was often not in a mood for sex, and he simply violently forced it on her anyway despite her strenuous protests. She referred to it as “terror sex.” She may have given in due to fear of him, but it is hard to say. She had hip problems due to a disease called ankylosing spondiitis, and at some point needed a hip replacement. As her hip problems worsened, he stepped up the rough sex in an effort to damage her hip even further.

His behavior was complicated by heavy drug and alcohol abuse. Being in this relationship precipitated a period of heavy drinking and hashish use on her part. She got out of the relationship, but even now, she does not like to talk about it. Long-term effects were unknown, but there was a suicide attempt afterwards and she suffers from debilitating depression. The suicide attempt was related to the depression. I was unable to determine what effect that date raping might have caused the depression, however she has been wary of relationships ever since due to fear of getting involved with another man like this one who picks out vulnerable women. She thought he picked her out due to her vulnerability.

Case 6 – Date Rape?: A woman age 25 was with her young White boyfriend, aged 28, in hotel room. At some point while they were having sex, he took his cock and simply shoved it into her ass, very hard, and started pounding away. So he started having anal sex with her by penetrating her rapidly and violently without any lubrication. This can not only be very painful for the woman but it can also cause anal injury. At some point, she got him out of her ass.

She looked around for a way to retaliate. There was a champagne bottle on the table next to the bed, drained, as they had finished it off earlier. She took the champagne bottle and shoved it neck end right up his ass! It went all the way in, penetrated to a few inches at least. Wow! You go, girl. Then the relationship was over. She refers to this as rape but I am not ever sure if it is.

In the course of normal sex, a lot of folks aggressively try to different positions and moves on their partner without asking the other’s position. They simply do it without being asked. However, I think this guy’s behavior was most ungentlemanly at the least, and I’ve certainly never done such a thing. No DA would prosecute on this, and most law enforcement (LE) folks would even say that no rape had occurred. Nevertheless, the woman said that getting penetrated that way had been extremely painful, and it was not an experience she wished to repeat.

Conclusion: Looking around at popular news stories such as the Steubenville rape case and others in the news lately, we can see that the vast majority of rape cases fall into the Date Rape category. This stuff degenerates into a “He said, she said,” sort of thing, and LE will ask the woman, “Why didn’t you leave? Why did you stay in the relationship? Why did you get so wasted? If you didn’t want to have sex with him, why were you on your knees sucking his cock?” and other questions along those lines. Cases are not commonly reported and even when they are, DA’s usually choose not to file.

The Steubenville case was special because she was passed out cold, and it caught on videotape. Having sex with a passed out female is not only creepy and somewhat necrophilic, but it is also one of the most serious kinds of Date Rape. Cases are much more likely to be filed when the woman is passed out cold.

The fact that most rapes are Date Rapes means that there is not much we can do to stop rape in the US other than educating men to behave in a gentlemanly way and educating females about the slimy ways of males. Date Rapes are hardly prosecuted now, and that’s probably for the best as it is almost impossible to prove. I think a lot of these guys could use a short sentence at least, but in these cases, it is nearly impossible to even prove that a rape occurred in the first place. In cases of dubious evidence of guilt, it is better than no prosecution at all occur. Obviously we can prosecute in cases where rapes are caught on videotape.

Date Rape should not be minimized despite its somewhat hazy nature. Evidence shows that some females indeed suffer long-term consequences from Date Rapes, including anger, depression and suicide attempts.

We are probably doing all we can to stop Stranger Rapes already and I don’t see how we can do more without turning into a surveillance society.

There are simply no easy answers to this painful societal problem!


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Indians and the “Diabolical Little Secret”

India Land of Rapes writes:

I have chosen my identity after many ugly experiences with Dirty Hindus, I am more comfortable with Muslims,Iranians,Arabs-Germans and French.

I admire Americans, I detest Hindu fake idiots and Chinese Copy cats with no originality .

Yes I realize there are a lot of problems with Islam. That much is so obvious. But on an individual basis, Arabs are so warm and friendly. Even Muslims in general are warm and friendly. Here in my town, we have many South Indians. Mostly Sikhs, but we also have South Indian Christians, Hindus and a few Muslims. The South Indian Muslims are very friendly!

The Christians are the nastiest of all, and the Hindus are extremely standoffish. 100% of the Hindus are Gujaratis – I do not know why that is. They are pleasant enough say behind the counter, but you cannot make friends with them in any way whatsoever. If you say anything about India, Gujarat or Hinduism, they just completely shut down and end the conversation and walk away! Often they have this evil little smile on their face like, “I see you are onto us and our evil, wicked ways!” Especially if you say something about caste, they get this diabolical little Satanic smile on their face like you have uncovered this evil little secret they have. Then they sort of walk away and end the conversation.

I know this Punjabi guy who is a very wealthy physician. I was talking about India and Punjabis once. Like most such people, he tends to shut down the conversation as soon as you mention his ethnic group for some reason. But somehow today we were talking. I told him that Sikkhism opposed caste, but nevertheless, many Sikhs practice caste anyway, and then I saw that diabolical little smile like the guilty devious look of a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar combined with the shit-eating grin of a cat with a bird in its mouth plus a sort of diabolical conspiratorial grin like you just uncovered someone’s evil little secret like their illegal stashed money account.

Indians are very strange people. Most people who act wicked will simply act terrible and then pretend that they are good. If you tell them they are wicked, they get very angry. A lot of Indians seem to know that their behavior is evil and wicked, but they either don’t care or they like to be wicked. It is very disturbing. Like a people in love with Evil. Like a Satanist or a sociopath. You wonder if Indian society doesn’t produce some sort of mass semi-sociopathic mindset.

A couple of the South Indian stores are now being boycotted pretty much by me due to their meanness and rudeness to me. One is run by Punjabis, and the other is run by Pakistani Christians.


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Poverty Is No Excuse for India’s Degradation

Truth writes:

Swedish Shit: Are you a toilet shitter supremacist and thus hate Indians because lots of Indians are not wealthy enough to afford a toilet.

Truth: It is more like people are disgusted by your Hindu culture because it doesn’t give a damn that most Hindu women have to shit out in the open. There is something seriously wrong with you people and until you clean up your shitty ways you will be treated like shit.

One of India's most popular tourist spots, completely covered in human turds, every inch of the ground. Watch where you step!

One of India’s most popular tourist spots, completely covered in human turds, every inch of the ground. Watch where you step!

This crying poverty to explain India’s problems is not going to work. I have done my research. Moldova has the exact same per capita income as India does. But 100% of the population of Moldova has toilets! 100%! Now there are some problems with Moldova as most of these toilets are pit toilets and there are problems with pit toilets, but even a pit toilet is much better than shitting on the ground.

The truth is that Hindu India is simply the cruelest country on Earth. If Moldova, with the same wealth as India, can afford toilets for everyone, then so can India. Indians simply do not care. Those people without toilets are low caste scums who screwed up in a previous life and now deserve to have a horrible life due to their sins of the past. Actually in Hinduism it is a crime to try to help them!

More Indians have cellphones than have toilets. So that shows you that Indians would rather have a cellphone than a toilet. This is what they value.

A toilet should not be something that someone has to afford. Toilets and sewage systems and whatnot should be provided by the state. Moldova is full of toilets and pit toilets that were mainly built by the Communist state.

I also looked at the Palestinian territories. The Palestinian territories are just as poor as India and 50% more overcrowded (in case people want to use some overcrowding theory of India’s problems). 100% of the population of the territories has access to toilets and sewage systems of some sort. There have been some problems in Gaza lately with Israel screwing up the sewage system with bombings and electricity cuts, but that is not the fault of the Gazans.

So really there is no excuse for the fact that 60% of Indians have to shit on the ground. There is no reason why they should have to do that. 600 million Indians shit on the ground every day because the people of India, especially the upper castes and classes, simply do not care about their predicament, and furthermore, the richer people do not want to pay one single nickel towards providing toilets or sewage systems for their fellow citizens.

This is really the logical outcome of the most viciously Social Darwinist society on Earth. The Republican, conservative, libertarian, radically antisocialist mindset logically results in something looking a lot like India. Every man for himself means you end of with 60% of your population shitting on the ground. If you want to see Ayn Randism in action, go to India.


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If a Woman Is Afraid of You, Is She Consenting To Sex?

Anonymous writes:

It turns out that many females give in to sex with males out of sheer fear. I do not think it is acceptable to terrorize any female into having sex with you.

The great question is, what if you do not know she is afraid of you? Trying to see it from the perspective of the Indian men, she willingly entered their house, willingly got into the bed, willingly took off clothes, without any force or threat from them. It sure as hell looks consensual to them.

As a very big guy (almost 6’4″, 250), I’ve been in situations where — I learned later — people, particularly women, were actually afraid of me and I didn’t know it til much later. In most cases, I hadn’t given them any real reason to be afraid, but for some reason they were. In one or two cases I had hard words to say but due to my size and intimidating appearance,

Thank God none of those were sexual situations (I’m a religious monogamist). But based on this story, I can easily see how a man could end up having sex, honestly believing it to be consensual, while the woman — who consented only out of fear — could “feel” and “believe” she was raped… and go to the police, or campus security, to report it as such…. destroying the man’s life. .

And the man would, of course, be shocked and outraged when the accusation is made, because he really, truly had no idea she was giving in out of fear. After all, he was nice to her, he didn’t threaten her or use force, she willingly went to bed, willingly disrobed, willingly went along… (maybe she even had an orgasm)…. and NOW she cries rape??

Men.,…just don’t have sex outside marriage. Presumably a woman won’t marry you if she’s got an irrational fear of you.

Women…speak up already. Sheesh.

You don’t pester a woman all night long, jumping on top of her endlessly trying to stick your dick in her, trying to stick your dick in her from the front while your buddy tries to stick his dick in her from behind, you don’t manhandle her tits so bad they hurt for 3-4 days afterwards. She was fighting them off and saying, “No, stop, don’t, get off me,” all fucking night long.

She only took off some of her clothes after endless cajoling by those guys. That’s crap right there. They basically bullied some of her clothes off of her.

Further, she only spent the night at their invitation after they assured her that there would be no sexual behavior. They lied!

There is nothing consensual about anything that happened that night really.

That is RAPEY ass bullshit. That’s all it is. You make some moves on a chick, and if she bats you away and says, “No stop don’t leave me alone, please,” you just leave her the Hell alone.

Pestering a woman like that is RAPEY behavior. You will probably never go down on it, but it is still profoundly dishonorable and creepy behavior.

I will gladly share my bed with any attractive woman whether she wants to have sex with me or not. I have shared a bed with a woman all night long and I did not try to even fuck her. If she doesn’t want to do it, she can sleep in my bed and I certainly will not pester her all night long.

In response to anon’s question though, if you are just a naturally scary guy for whatever reason, of course you are entitled to have as much sex as you want to with as many women as you want to. It’s obviously not rapey to have sex with a woman who is afraid of you, but it is rapey to terrorize or assault women until they give in to you, as these Indian jerk-offs did.


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Letter from Rapey, Rapey India

A friend of mine was in India recently. I received email from her when she was there. She told me that the men were very aggressive, creepy and almost rapey. It was difficult to go outside because the men would all stare you down in an excessive, creepy, almost rapey way. In addition, the men were very aggressive sexually, always coming up to her, talking to her and basically obviously trying to pick up on her. The whole scene was so creepy and rapey that she actually dreaded going out. She is a 28 year old Asian-American, so it’s obvious that she is a foreigner.

At one point, I got an email from her telling me that she had almost gotten raped. She had met a couple of Indian men who were very nice and friendly. They invited her back to their place for dinner. She went along with them. They had a very pleasant meal and as it got later, she said she was tired.

They said, “Well, you are too tired to go home, so why don’t you stay here?” There was a huge bed, and they assured her that nothing sexual was going to happen. They would just leave her alone to sleep unmolested. She went along with it. Later that night, the two guys climbed into bed too. I am not sure if they were clothed or not. It was a huge bed, and there was plenty of room for three people. She was wearing a top and pants. They started bothering her. After a lot of cajoling, they convinced her to take her pants off so she was down to her panties. They also got her top off and she was down to her bra.

Then the men kept getting on top of her and trying to penetrate her sexually (not sure exactly how they were trying to do this). One would get on one side and try to penetrate her from the front while another would try to penetrate her from the back. They grabbed at her tits so hard that her breasts hurt for 3-4 days afterwards. They spent much of the night pestering her and trying to get her to have sex with them, but she refused.

I asked why she went along with them. Why had she removed her top and pants? Why hadn’t she left during the night as it was obvious what an uncomfortable scene was unfolding? She told me that she was scared of the guys. She said Indian men are very aggressive and dominant, and these guys were no exception. She had taken off her top and jeans due to fear. She had not left in the night due to fear. There were two of them and one of her, and it seemed safer to stay there than to leave. She told me that she was so scared of them that the just wanted to do everything they said except have sex with them.

I figure this is just Indian guys acting normally in India. It’s also possible that in Indian society, if a woman consents to share a bed with a man, she has consented to sex with them. It also seems as if Indian men regard Western women as “whores” and a prime target for sex, as many Indian women are not available for sex before marriage.

Further, many Indian men have little experience with women and hence behave very aggressively with them. I have noticed this online. Many women complained about the extreme aggressiveness of Indian men online and they told me that they hated all Indian men online.

I run a group for victims of Internet scams, and we used to have group chats. This Indian guy age 25 somehow weaseled his way in there, and he would get on his mike and start describing how he was jacking off now in a really creepy sexual voice. He also told everyone that he was virgin. All of the women absolutely hated this guy and said he was creepy as Hell, but his behavior is rather typical of clueless extreme horndog Indian guys on the Net.

It turns out that many females give in to sex with males out of sheer fear. I do not think it is acceptable to terrorize any female into having sex with you. You shouldn’t be getting sex with women because you have made yourself deliberately so scary that they are afraid to say no to you. I’ve never terrorized any female into having sex with me, and I’ve had tons of sex.

The behavior of these Indian guys was not ok at all. It’s frankly sexual assault. In the US, you don’t get to attack a woman all night long just because you want sex with her. It doesn’t even matter if she is in your bed. It is extremely rapey behavior, and it’s basically criminal, sorry.

You have a right to attack women, that is, grab them, kiss them, or whatever. If she responds positively, then the game is on. If she responds negatively or tells you to back off, at some point the game is off, and you need to give it up. I haven’t engaged in the sort of behavior these guys did ever in my life, and I’ve been around the block quite a bit. I always figured that if you have to pester her or continuously assault her until she gives in, it’s not even going to be worth it.

That said, no DA will press charges on this sort of thing in the US. It’s a date rapey thing, and date rape stuff hardly gets prosecuted. Further, no actual rape occurred, just a lot of assaulty sort of stuff. The cops would say, “Why did you stay with them? Why didn’t you leave?” Anyway, it is a He said, she said sort of thing and those cases almost never see the light of day.

In India, prosecuting a case like this would be hopeless. The cops would not come even if you called them. If they did, they would probably take the woman into custody and rape her themselves. India is probably one of the rapiest countries on Earth, maybe close to South Africa in the running.


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A Hindu without Caste Is a Contradiction in Terms


This piece is absolutely excellent. There are indeed some positive things about Hinduism, but caste is certainly the cross that Hinduism has to bear. Modern Hindutvadis and Indian nationalists continuously distort the role of caste in Hinduism, going to the point of even denying that it exists altogether or that caste oppression exists at all, that caste is an aberration that crept into Hinduism via the British or Moghuls, or that there is a group called Arya Savaj that does not practice caste. All of these are lies, but the number of Hindus who parrot them is stunning. In fact, the vast majority of Hindutvadis lie about caste. Everything they say about caste is a lie.

There is no caste in Hinduism. This is so not true. Every single Hindu in India knows precisely what caste he was born into. It is a part of his identity the same way your name is in the US.

There is no caste oppression in India today. This is a favorite of Hindutvadis, especially high castes, among those in particular Brahmins. It is a lie. Caste oppression is everywhere in Hindu society. In fact, it is nearly a part of daily life.

Caste is an aberration that crept into Hinduism from the outside, via the evil British and Moghul Muslims. Another lie. Caste has been present from the very beginning of Hinduism. It is right there in the Vedas. The Brahmins were derived from the mouth and the shudras from the feet. Later, the Untouchables were added by Brahmin overlords to punish Hindus who engaged in intercaste marriage. So if you married outside your caste, your punishment was to become an Untouchable. Pretty effective punishment!

Karma is an essential aspect of Hinduism as much as Jesus is essential to Christianity. Your karma is derived frankly from your caste position, and your caste position is derived directly from your karma in your past lives.

Dharma is another essential Hindu notion. Your duty as a Hindu, or more importantly, the only way to move up in the chain is to follow your dharma or “caste duty.”

The Manusmriti mandates caste and cements in oppressive caste relations. Almost every single major Hindutvadi leader, past and present, has praised the caste system, and almost all of them champion the Manusmriti.

Arya Savaj is a group of progressive Hindus who have renounced caste. Much parroted about, but this is not true. Instead, Arya Savaj is used by high caste Brahminist Hindus to cement upper caste hegemony. They do this by “reconverting” entire villages or groups of low caste Hindus or adivasis who converted to other religions such as Buddhism or Christianity back to Hinduism. As it is hard to assign reconverts a caste, obviously Arya Savaj does not push caste much. Instead of being a progressive group of Hindus, Arya Savaj is a tool of reactionary Hinduism.

Individuals accept their position in the caste system because of the dual concepts of karma and dharma. It is one’s karma or actions in a previous life that determine one’s caste position in this lifetime. The only way to ensure a better position in society next time is to follow one’s dharma or caste duty. So closely are notions of salvation in Hinduism tied to caste duty that a Hindu without a caste is a contradiction in terms.

Conclusion: Hinduism is hopeless. There is no way to get rid of caste in Hinduism. Perhaps the way forward is intercaste marriages. The results of intercaste marriages would be completely confused caste-wise, and it is difficult to see how you could assign them any sort of a caste at all. While intercaste marriage could indeed effectively abolish caste from Hinduism, one wonders just what sort of Hinduism would result from this reform.


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Good Versus Evil, Film at 11

In the battle of Good versus Evil, who wins?

In Herman Melville’s works, Good and Evil often play a large role and they are pitted against each other. However, in many of his works, in the battle of Good and Evil, paradoxically, Evil somehow wins. This was one reason why his books were attacked as “immoral,” and “evil,” in his time. Melville was no Satanist. He was raised Christian, but his belief kept waxing and towards the end of his life, there was little remaining of it.

Nevertheless, he read extensively in the Bible, in particular, Song of Songs, Solomon and Ecclesiastes. All of these were written by or were about King Solomon, the son of King David. He also read extensively in the Book of Mormon. Biblical and other Christian religious allegories are sprinkled liberally throughout his books, in particular, the 600 page poem Clarel, about a journey to the Holy Land.

When Good and Evil go to war and Evil wins, this poses a serious problem for most religious people, in particular the Abrahamic religions which believe in an activist God. For if God exists and is an activist, when Good and Evil go to war, in most if not all cases, Good is supposed to win over Evil, as God is always thought to be stronger than the Devil. After all, no religion suggests that the Devil rules the world. All Abrahamic religions hold that God rules the world. The Devil tries to intrude and do his mischief of course, but when they go mano to mano, God ought to be able to deal with The Evil One quite handily.

Therefore, if there is a fight between Good and Evil and Evil wins, something has gone horribly wrong, and this poses a dilemma for most religious people. Melville interpreted this to mean either that there was no God at all or that if He existed, He was more or less sleeping on the job, and perhaps he ought even to be fired!

The religious have all sorts of explanations for how an activist God allows bad things to happen. They say he is testing us. They say that the Good people are not so good. This is reminiscent of how Puritanical feminists say Nice Guys (TM) are not really so nice after all, this is why women treat them like crap (and this is not the only way that feminists are similar to modern Comstocks). For instance, the Abrahamic Orthodox Jews said that the Jews rebelled against and defied God, and God responded with the Holocaust to punish Jewish rebellion. The solution is for the Jews to act better.

As you can gather, these explanations are quite weak when they are not grasping for truth and morally repugnant. I think we ought to just reject them all for now as lacking evidence and so strange as to seem false on their face.

So we move to Melville’s moral dilemma. We can either go towards atheism or agnosticism, or we go move into Deism. My father was actually a Deist, at least towards the end of his life, but he always hated Christianity and generally refused to go to church much to my mother’s chagrin. Deism was popular around the time of the US Revolutionary War, but it no longer has much popularity. After all, it is rather depressing to feel that you are on your own.

Another possibility is some sort of modified Deism. When I was working as a linguist for an Indian tribe, I asked a prominent anthropologist, Sylvia Broadbent, about the religious beliefs of the local Indians. They are now all fundamentalist Christians, but this is a modern thing. They also insist that they believe in a Great Creator, but this is another modern addition, as I deduced after a while. After the Indians became Christianized, many Indians across the US decided that they believed in a Great Creator, a notion that they took from Plains Indians tribes who apparently did have this notion pre-contact.

Yet pre-contact, there is little evidence that California Indians were much more than animists who believed that the world was alive with magic and spirits which could be manipulated by those who could do so. They did believe in life after death. Souls went to the West, to the Land of the Dead.

However, there was little belief in an almighty God. Broadbent felt that there was some notion of a Creator God, but this was more Deistic than anything else. Broadbent described the theory as Deux Obtusa, or the Lazy God. This was sort of the idea that God created the world, but He has not done a whole heck of a lot ever since. He mostly just sits up there in Heaven taking bong hits. Every now and then, when he is not too stoned, he wakes up and intervenes in our world a bit. Then he goes back to the bong. I like the notion of a lazy God, and even though I am a Christian, this is the sort of a God that I believe in.

How can we reckon that Evil often defeats Good? We can say that we live in a naturalistic world, and bad things happen to good people, by chance more than by design. And in a naturalistic world, a lazy God could indeed exist.


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The Difficulty of Female to Male HIV Transmission in the US

Dan F. writes:

Hi Bob,

You wrote: “The men all got it from sharing needles or from getting ass fucked by a guy.”

And then when I mentioned Darren James, who was filmed having vaginal sex when infected, you agreed that your statement was incorrect:

“NO! Darren James is the only male porn star who got HIV from a woman. There has not yet been one, one, one, one, one other case yet”

At least, given your acknowledgement, you should change your statement from “all” to the “vast majority.” How can you be so certain that every single male porn star who got HIV didn’t get get it from vaginal sex? Except for the one guy whose moment of infection happens to be documented on video, you really believe no one else has ever been infected this way?

That this has only happened once in history, to Darren James of all people during the scene that is widely available? You are perpetuating a myth! Yes, it is much more likely that a man will give it to a women as you state, but vaginal fluids can enter the urethra. There are plenty of anonymous stories on Avert of men who claim to have been infected through vaginal sex.

Darren James got it from fucking a Brazilian porn star in the ass while down in Brazil. From insertive anal sex. His moment of infection is not a documented instance of vaginal sex on video. The apparently documented infection is a case of anal sex, not vaginal sex.

There have been only a few other HIV infections in the porn industry. John Holmes acquired HIV, but he was also a heavy drug user and he made some gay porn films at the end of his career. Another man got it, found out by a test and faked a test result to keep on working. Whereupon he infected at least one woman. Another man was recently found to be infected. He was a bit coy about how he might have gotten it, but inquiries to people who knew him said that in recent days he had been engaging in gay male prostitution on the side for extra money. So it appears that he acquired HIV homosexually.

29 American women have acquired HIV in the porn industry. Many of them kept on working for a while while they were infected because they did not know they were infected. They had quite a bit of sex with quite a few porn stars. Not one of these males ever got HIV from a woman in the porn industry. My understanding is that not one of these HIV infected female porn stars has given the disease to any of their male partners after they left the industry.

I had an HIV infected Black woman come on here and say that the disease only goes male to female. She has been having sex with her husband for several years after infection, and he is not yet infected. In addition, she said that none of the females she knows who are infected with HIV have ever given it to their husbands or boyfriends.

Insertive heterosexual anal sex is quite a bit more risky than insertive vaginal sex. In a study done in the 1980’s with discordant couples over a 4-5 year period, only 20% of the males had acquired HIV from their wives. After 4-500 instances of vaginal sex, only 20% of the men were infected. So if you have sex with an HIV positive woman 500 times, you have an 80% chance of not getting infected! Those are pretty long odds.

Around 1990, we heard stories out of New York Public Health investigators about how hard it was for this disease to go woman to man. They had had quite a few guys who claimed that they got it from a woman, but the more the investigators questioned them and the people who knew them, almost 100% of these guys eventually broke down and admitted that they got it through other means, either needles or typically through gay sex.

It has been shown that there are high levels of HIV in Black women. The men who gave it to them often insist that they got it from a woman. However, upon investigation, a large number of these male cases were actually acquired by gay sex on the down low. It has now been proven that the vast majority of Black women being infected in the US are getting it from Black men on the down low.

You are much more likely to get it from a woman if you are not circumcised. Uncircumcised men are much more at risk.

The type of HIV found in the US is very hard to transmit woman to man. That is because it mutated into a strictly blood-borne virus for some reason, possibly due to ease of transmission through needles and the high amount of homosexual sex we have in the West. In other parts of the world, the virus is not only blood borne -titers are also high in other fluids.

However, the subtype in the US has very low titers in vaginal fluids. They are so low that one wonders if they can even transmit infection – that is how low they are. And if by chance you do get infected vaginally by a woman, your dose is so low that you often only get a “mild” case of HIV, if such a thing is possible. For instance, Magic Johnson got HIV from a woman 23 years ago, and his symptoms have been so mild that he has not yet even started HIV drugs yet.

One can definitely get HIV from a woman in the US via heterosexual sex. Cases have obviously been documented. However, history shows that it is quite hard for a male to get the disease this way. But via my loose, intuitive and Gestalt approach to the data, it does seem that females are transmitting HIV a bit easier to males these days in the US than they did 20-30 years ago. I have no idea why heterosexual sex is a bit more risky for males in the US than it used to be, but I can tell you that the risk is quite low, and with a condom it is effectively zero.

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A Look at Ainu Genetics


This excellent piece on the genetics of the Ainu shows that they are in fact very different from Japanese, Koreans, Okinawans, Chinese and in fact all other East Asians. The best explanation for this is that the Australoid Ainu are the remains of the ancient Northeast Asians before they transitioned to Mongoloids 9,000 years ago.

Lonely leaf on a long branch. Look how remarkably different the Ainu are from all other East Asians.

Lonely leaf on a long branch. Look how remarkably different the Ainu are from all other East Asians.

They are now seen as Australoids and not as Caucasians as they were erroneously thought to be for a long time. The reason they were thought to be Caucasoids is because when you cross an Australoid with a Mongoloid, you often end up with a rather Caucasoid phenotype.

An old photo of a Hokkaido Ainu man, probably from the 19th Century. Note the Caucasoid phenotype. It was this resemblance that caused people to assign them to Caucasoids, but genetic tests later disproved this. Early anthropologists said the Ainu looked like "Norwegians".

An old photo of a Hokkaido Ainu man, probably from the 19th Century. Note the Caucasoid phenotype. It was this resemblance that caused people to assign them to Caucasoids, but genetic tests later disproved this. Early anthropologists said the Ainu looked like “Norwegians”.

In fact, the Ainu may be the best remnants of the ancient East Asian race which may have had its beginnings around Lake Baikal 35,000 years ago. However, we know that the Ainu are related to the Jomonese, and the Jomonese can be traced all the way back to Thailand 16,000 YBP. Around that time, it is thought that the Ainu in the form of the Murrayan people journeyed to Australia, forming one of the main components of the Aborigine people. Around this same time, they may have gone to the Philippines, for their reports that one of the very ancient Filipino groups may have had an Ainu appearance.


The Ainu are the blue triangles trailing off the right. The Okinawans are the closest to the Ainu, and even they are not that close.

Interestingly, ancient Amerindians from 9-12,000 YBP have an Australoid appearance. The skulls from 9000 YBP appear Ainuid or Polynesian and the earlier skulls line up with Negritos, Papuans and Aborigines. This implies that the ancient Northeast Asians or Siberians from around the Altai region who immigrated to North America 9-12,000 YBP may have been an Ainuid people.

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