Bigfoot News February 23, 2013

World exclusive – Justin Smeja of Sierra Kills fame releases a video at midnight detailing how Dr. Melba Ketchum told him to contaminate his Bigfoot steak sample from the Kills! She did so for unknown reasons, most probably so that other researchers would not use it and scoop her on the Bigfoot DNA story. It was a sleazy thing to do, but I think judging from the circumstances, Melba may have been right to make this morally dubious request. I detailed my reasons for that in the last post. Anyway, this is a blockbuster!

The story and video is on the Sierra Site Project website here.

The Men In Black (MIB’s) may be after Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot! Texas authorities have notified Las Vegas police about possible criminal or Parks and Wildlife violations involved in the events surrounding whatever Dyer did near San Antonio, Texas in September 2012. What all of this means, I have no idea. The people promoting the idea have sources on the SWAT team in Las Vegas and they say that Dyer is hoaxing. If Dyer is hoaxing, why is LE going after him. I hope the MIB’s don’t confiscate the Bigfoot, if it exists!

Two shots hit Dyer’s Bigfoot. It now turns that Dyer fired on the Bigfoot two times, once hitting it in the back and the other time hitting it in the back of the head.

Michael Merchant is doing some great Bigfoot breakdowns lately! I don’t really like his podcasts too much, as he tears apart everything and everyone, but his breakdowns have a whole different attitude about them. Michael is very bright and very funny when he is good.

Michael Merchant breaks down Adirondacks Bigfoot.

This video has never made any sense to me. A friend of mine insisted it was a hoax, and the general view is that it is a hoax. However, this is one of the weirdest hoaxes I have ever seen, if it is a hoax. Look at the huge head! Combined with the small size. It could very well be a juvenile Bigfoot as they have gigantic heads.

Also the ears look exactly like Bigfoot ears, a nice touch that hoaxers almost never get right. It is bending its head back in a very bizarre way, but why would a hoaxer do that. And it goes down on all fours. Why? When do hoaxers ever go on all fours like that. It does look like a gorilla! Very much like a gorilla. All I have to say is that this is one of the weirdest Bigfoot videos I have ever seen!

Michael Merchant breaks down Nassau Bigfoot.

I really do think that this is a Bigfoot, and it is definitely going on all fours.

Michael Merchant breaks down San Juans Bigfoot.

This video is very strange and I cannot make any sense out of it. Whether it is a hoax or whether it is a real Bigfoot, I have no idea. The general view is it is a hoax, but that could be incorrect.

Dr. Melba Ketchum told Justin Smeja that the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills would probably test as “bear” if he sent it out somewhere else! Turns out that Justin et al did send it out elsewhere, and it did test as “bear” from two separate labs. What kind of sense does that make? It makes no sense at all! I am as confused as anyone about this.

Ketchum is not hoaxing. One theory is that Ketchum has nothing but samples from known animals and that she has manipulated or misinterpreted those samples in some way as part of a gigantic scientific hoax. The problem is that that is scientific misconduct for sure if she did that. She would also be sued to Kingdom Come and she could be prosecuted by an enterprising DA for criminal fraud.

Ketchum is a rather shady person for sure (but many of the pillars of our society in business, entertainment and government are shady or worse), but she is not hoaxing. I do not believe that she is capable of scientific misconduct. She doesn’t have it in her, she doesn’t want to be sued and for sure she doesn’t want to go to jail or prison.

As far as ethical challenges, many of the greatest men and women in history had some rather remarkable ethical lapses, yet we still consider them great. Let God sort em out!

Another way we know she is not hoaxing is because I know that Adrian Erickson is not hoaxing. Erickson and his team definitely have samples from real Bigfoots. That’s for sure. If Erickson’s samples are real, then Melba’s samples are real. In addition, for sure Derek Randles and his team is not hoaxing, nor is Larry Jenkins, Mitch Waite, Alex Hearn, Stan Courtney, Larry Surface, Henner Fahrenbach, Rob Alley or JC Johnson. As far as the rest of the submitters, I doubt if most of them are hoaxers, but I don’t know them, so they might possibly be. We always have consider all hypotheses in science.

Critique of Ketchum’s DNA study. Via Tyler Huggins on Bigfoot Forums, who sent the study to a PhD friend of his:

Huggins: I have another, and seemingly final update from my PhD contact who would prefer not to post here:

PhD: “What my analysis says is that the bear sequences are real bear and not just primate sequences that are homologous to bear. That means that a bear was involved. This is consistent with your and Bart’s reports. It also points to the fact that it’s inclusion in the publication was inappropriate, because it adds more confusion than clarity.

I think this is gonna be it for me on this sample. It’s fairly tedious work. It’s pointing to an artifactual mosaic due to the combining of human and bear sequences along with poor quality control of the output. Here is something that you can post:
Further analysis of the sequence associated with Sample 26 indicates that it is 2.7 million nucleotides in length., which is only about 0.1% of the human genome. It tracks from beginning to end with sequences associated with Chromosome 11. Chromosome 11 is 134 million nucleotides in length. So, this would correspond to roughly 0.2% of the content of Chromosome 11.

There are segments that identify with very high significance to Ursid (bear) sequences. One major limitation related to the analysis is that Genbank is fairly limited in Ursid sequences. Most of the Ursid sequences identify with Panda, but Panda is fairly well represented in Genbank compared to black bear and other bears. The Ursid sequences appear to be mainly from coding regions, rather than structural regions.

It is really impossible to compare the Chromosome 11 structural sequences (non-coding) to similar sequences for bears. So, it is possible that there are bear non-coding sequences, as well. This makes it very hard to decipher what might be going on in terms of the source of the sample vs. the contaminant.

So, are the bear sequences real bear or are they primate sequences that identify closely with bear. A distance tree analysis in BLAST using several sequences that identified as phosphatidylserine synthase-2 like coding regions indicates that the Sample 26 version aligns most closely with Ursid sequence (Panda). A primate cluster (human, gorilla, baboon, chimp, rhesus monkey) are highly homologous but more distantly related. Additional sequences from dog, mouse and galigo (Otolemur) were included as outliers and branch further away as might be expected.

So, the upshot here is that the 2.7 million nucleotide data set for Sample 26 is highly flawed, and, therefore, would be nearly impossible to use to determine whether a non-human primate contributed DNA to the sample.”

Ok, based on that, my reading is that Ketchum’s analysis of the Bigfoot DNA from the Sierra steak makes no sense at all. I do not know what that means. It either means that Bigfoot DNA itself makes no sense or that there was something wrong with her analysis.

Craziest Bigfooters of all vindicated by Ketchum DNA study. Via this fascinating webpage of Ketchum’s very unprofessional website (my browsers warned about possible phishing sites due to improper certificates) we see a list of all of the successful submitters to the study. Many are rather unremarkable, but some do stand out.

For instance, Igor Burtsev, widely derided as a kook and quite possibly a hoaxer (he seems to have hoaxed a Bigfoot tour for Dr. Jeff Meldrum in the Kuzbass) nevertheless has 6 successful samples in the study, including one from Russia! 3 of the samples come from Tennessee (Apparently from the Carter Farm!), one from Michigan (Via Robin Lynne’s habituation site no doubt!) and one is from Russia (Which means that Ketchum’s study proves that Yetis are real!)

The Carter Farm is the site of Janice Carter’s story detailed in Mary Green’s book 50 Years with Bigfoot that details Janice’s growing up and living with the Bigfoots on her family farm in Tennessee over the course of a lifetime. It is widely derided as utterly ridiculous, in particular the parts about Fox the Bigfoot, and Janice has been proven to be a hoaxer, at least in part. In one scene, Fox comes to Janice’s door to ask for some garlic, which she gives him!

Janice herself has 7 successful samples in to Ketchum’s study and Melba’s page states that one of the samples was form the late Fox (Fox died in 2010) himself! How she figured that out, I have no idea. Yet the Ketchum study appears to prove that the Bigfoots at the Carter Farm, including the incredible Fox himself, were real, and hence Janice’s story, at least in part, is a true story! Holy Sasquatch!

In addition, Robin Lynne is Melba’s new spokesman and is widely derided as an ultra-kook even in Bigfoot circles. She says there are 10 Bigfoots living in and around her family’s rural property in Michigan. She feeds them fish and blueberry muffins! Once this story got out to the mainstream media, they all had a huge laugh about it. I even thought her story was insane, but apparently Lynne has a successful sample into Ketchum’s study, apparently validating that there are indeed Bigfoots living around her place and that her story is at least in part true. Holy Boogieman!


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26 responses to “Bigfoot News February 23, 2013

  1. anonymous

    Well…what “if” big foot is actually some type of weird bear or even perhaps something closely related to a bear. Just like science first heard of the panda before finally seeing it and now it’s just pass-se…biggie could be something completely unexpected. Just a thought.

  2. ConQuest

    (re-post from Jeff Brown on FB/FB) Well here is the kicker on the story, Texas does not have a Fish and Game, it’s a different organization, so when you hear those words, it should immidiately send up red flags, “Texas Parks and Wildlife”
    2nd. A non game animal- Texas does not recognize .non game animals in reference to hunting, non indigenous species. any exotic species can be harvested at any time.

  3. Mr. E2me

    Sunday morning Bigfoot updates! I love it when you do that.
    Couple o things;
    – That JS interview. Yowza. What kind of impact is that going to have on MK’s report ? Might as well toss it in the birdcage after what J said.
    – ” possible criminal or fish and game violations involved in the possible harvest of a nongame animal”
    I know these laws exist but it’s such a moot point. I firmly believe that nobody will ever get charged for shooting a bigfoot and putting a type sample in front of the world. If they are just trying to mess with RD then fine, I have a hard time believing he would charged with anything related to shooting a Bigfoot. If we can catch him for fraud , throw the book at him , but not for a scientific discovery (If what he says is real).
    -totally agree on Merchant.
    Thanks again amigo !

  4. Joerg Hensiek

    O God, the “Men in Black” are taking charge!! Could THIS be the final excuse for Dyer??? Hope not, because we need this body. Ketchum makes too many, very unprofessional mistakes and Erickson has NO (!!!) funding for his film. Can you believe this:.I thought his movie would be a Hollywood blockbuster!!!! What happened????!!!!!

  5. Michael

    Ok so this additional dirt bag hoaxer Smega claimed he shot a mama and two baby bigfoots, couldn’t produce ANY evidence and now you and he expect us to believe another lie about how his bigfoot meat sample was legit and it turned out to be a bad sample only because a respected researcher and Dr. told him to contaminate it? Give me a break!

    • Dean

      SImply for the record, Ms Melba is not a respected researcher in the field of science,, and her Doctorate is in Veterinary medicine, not molecular genetics, anthropology, or human evolution. For the record. Let’s tell it straight, too much smoke and mirrors going on as it is.

  6. rob

    ok , thanks Robert for your your dig-ups , you always come up with the goods first! just listened to J Smeja’s , and i’m starting to “feel” that in my believing of his kills story there may have been a nice amount of want-to believe-glad-it’s-coming-out naivety on my part , and can agree with you on that the field is def crawling with kooks , crooks and twisted fuck-ups .
    haven’t lost my “faith” in Dr k’s paper yet , but the red flags are flying high!
    let’s see what Dr Sykes and (hottie!) Dr Nekaris come up with , and still trust fully on Dr Meldrum although i’m firmly on the Homo side of the things
    thanks again!
    P s , looks like Adam Davies is having A LOT of fun around my neck of the woods (Seattle)!!!

  7. Ok you are banned. I do not regard the Freudian slip recording as genuine.

  8. I’m sorry, but is someone purporting that, after multiple blind confirmations of the results by separate sources, that some guy on Bigfoot Forums’ PhD “friend” was able to catch something as ridiculous as bear DNA? And we’re also supposed to accept this person’s claim that GenBank is “short” on samples of bear DNA? Really? And not only that, but that the researchers wouldn’t make sure that black bear DNA was ruled out, considering the source of the sample? We should believe that GenBank reviewed the sample they submitted and didn’t come back saying “Sorry, this is a fucking bear?” In order to believe this, we not only have to assume idiotic incompetence within the study, but abject retardation and unprofessionalism on the part of GenBank; not only that, we have to accept a superior level of competence on the part of some guy on BF Forums’ PhD “friend”, who remains unnamed. Ok, sure, let’s do that, in the true spirit of blogsquatchery, that hallowed realm in which scientists and institutions don’t know shit and keyboard warriors know more than everyone else.

  9. ricocooper

    Didn’t Syke’s recent Yeti DNA results from Russia come back strangely as North American Black Bear? It’s unlikely that Biggie is related to bears but I don’t supposed it is completely impossible. The assumption that it is a primate is a logical assumption but only an assumption based on observation. However, I tend to believe that the problem with sample 26 is most likely due to the fact that Smeja never shot a bigfoot.

  10. Cmcmillan

    I love all your posts on Bigfoot.
    This is some interesting days. It is amazing that Bigfoot lately is all about money and not actual research. I love reading from many sites and people who are Graphic Designers and Accountants and other sources all saying well Science does this or that. I sit an shake my head the bigfoot field doesn’t have a bunch of respected scientists in it researching it. It is mostly Weekend Researchers. So with this we get the HE said She said syndrome with the groups.
    Justin and Team Tazer, were all over us to believe the story. But they would rather pick holes in Melba’s study instead of the story they told the Issues in there own.
    Rick Dryer I sit and go Imagine if he is the actual one to have a actual Body.
    Wow people would be pissed off. That this arrogant trash talker hoaxer has one. So instead of letting the game play out they want to Trash on him with all they can. I would rather wait and see.
    I read the Melba paper. I don’t understand DNA all that much. But she wrote it like a Researcher not a scientific professional. I think she was trying to write it for the layman. I see now people jumping up and down about her sources. They are footnotes cause she quoted a section in the beginning of the journal. Not many have actually talked about the DATA she did. I find that odd. Its all about her and what they can do to discredit her.

    Thanks for posting what you do.

    • Mr. E2me

      Quick question , thinking aloud (in print no less).
      IF Rick Dyer turns out to be hoaxing this event and it is revealed as a hoax, is his credibility irretrievably broken ? Like if this doesn’t work out as planned , this is his last hurrah ? A pariah till the end of his days ?
      I’m about 70/30 on this. I’m holding out some hope here, yourself and some others seem convinced , so I’m at least a little optimistic.
      Sure wish it were someone else besides RD in this position…..

      • Dean

        Whether or not these are the last days of RD depends to a large extent on the bigfoot community…as long as continue to give this guy the time of day via blogspots, radio interviews, or facebook posts, the guy has no reason to stop his fraudulent activities. You have seen the enemy, and he is us. Take his 15 minute Camelot moment away and he goes away.

    • JustAskin

      Mcmillan you sure pissed off Bart. How dare you speak your mind or share your thoughts on a public forum.

  11. JustAskin

    @RL. Do any of your sources back up Melba claim today. She stated the Joke paper REF was only in her paper by request of a journal she tried to review in.

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  13. Cmcmillan

    Yea I pissed Bart off 🙂
    I even fired back where he says he can’t show the e-mails that Ketchum sent him with out her permission. I stated that according to the law. That you can as long as it is his personal E-mail. He went silent on that.
    Yea well calling into question the Justin Smeja of Sierra Kills with them is a no no.
    So we have to believe them but trash Melba and RD. Shrugs.
    I trying to just keep an open mind all around.
    It doesn’t hurt me since i am interested in the stuff.
    If RD is Hoaxing oh well we move on.
    If Smeja is Hoaxing oh well..we move on.
    Ketchum Paper I am like RL here It was interesting read.
    I will wait to see more research but at least she put something out.

    • JustAskin

      What i dont understand about Bart is:
      1. He believes in bigfoot.
      2. He believes Smeja shot 2 BF.
      3. He now beleives the flesh they found at kill site was a bear.
      4. He believes Ketchum lied about that flesh.
      So in his mind bigfoot is real and Smeja killed one or two. But! They found black bear remains that not only were in the same site, were the same fucking color. And then a crooked Vet lied about that sample. So dont buy her stuff, cuz we got the boots with real BF blood, go on our site and buy our documentry.

      • Cmcmillan

        Yea well they are defending Wally. He “Lost” lots of Money on the Ketchum paper and to have the Quality on the paper that was put out pisses them off.

        Yea so if the DNA they have came back as Bear why would they believe Smeja Killed 2 of them with no proof.
        Its all about an agenda.
        They are pissed off at Melba. So lets trash her all they cam.
        Why have they waited so long to get the boots tested?
        How have they been secured from other contamination.
        Bart is not a scientist. He is what a Financial person.

        “By day he’s a financial advisor/estate planner with NCW Group Wealth Management in Monterey. ”
        And if like to trash on Melba’s BB record that company he works for has gotten many bad reviews.

        But he is in no way a scientist or even a person who should be holding forensic evidence for so long as he has.
        But they are Team Tazer approved.
        Its all about Ro’s Movie and Money.

  14. Ken

    UMMMMM What the heck happened to all of the irrefutable video and hundreds of pics that were promised to accompany the release of her paper? Damn Bigfooters. As always..I’m dumbfounded at my own optimism of one being undeniably discovered. Thanks Robert for your continued reporting.

  15. Ken

    Furthermore…I know that Erickson is supposedly out of funding, but where in the heck are the pics that his crew reportedly got tired of taking? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. If there is a better word for frustrated….that’s exactly what I am!

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