Prostitution in Lahore, Pakistan

Very interesting video shows wide open prostitution in a Muslim country, Pakistan. A brothel is open for 2 hours in the city of Lahore every evening, with bribed cops looking the other way. The women all say that they are still Muslims, and they go together to a local Muslim mosque or shrine where they pray and petition Allah to be relieved of their sins. The praying, the petitioning to Allah for forgiveness and the use of the word “shrine” imply a Sufi overlay to these women’s Islam.

The women look very much like Indian people. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I would think that they were Indian Hindus. There does not seem to be much physical difference between Pakistanis and Indians, though Pakistanis like to think so. I knew a Pakistani woman once who hated Indians. I saw her on cam once, and I told her that she looked like an Indian. She got pretty upset at that. “No I don’t! I don’t look like an Indian! We don’t look like Indians! We are not Indians!”

This same woman told me that there was a ton of prostitution in Pakistan, even in smaller cities and all the way down to small towns and even villages. She basically said about every village had some of this going on. I was stunned to say the least.

The fact that there is open prostitution in Pakistan makes me think once again what a “Hinduized” form of Islam must be practiced in that country. The truth is that in much of the Muslim world, there is not a heck of a lot of prostitution, certainly not open prostitution. If there is a lot of open prostitution in a Muslim country, one legitimately wonders what sort of accretions have crept in to the syncretistic or schismatic form of Islam practiced there.


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22 responses to “Prostitution in Lahore, Pakistan

  1. Dota

    The fact that there is open prostitution in Pakistan makes me think once again what a “Hinduized” form of Islam must be practiced in that country.

    There’s other factors Robert, like poverty. Most other Muslim countries do not suffer the extreme poverty levels as South Asian countries do. This is certainly a pretty big factor.

  2. Camel Jockey

    Robert you are doing a great job, keep it up.
    Would you mind sharing your views about what we camel Jockey’s should do? Like, should we kill ourselves or will you be kind enough to do it for us?

  3. RK

    Robert lindsay suffers from anti Hinduism for whatever reasons. For this person the whole issues in south asia is because of Hindusim and offcourse India.

    You must be a nut to compare prostitution in Pakistan to Hindu influence. If thats all you have understood about Hinduism or India, in your low life so far, I feel sorry for you. Saying anything more seems vulger to me…You are a piece of shit on this webworld.

  4. stealth

    I want Bigfoot….

  5. GM

    About 80 to 85% Pakistanis are Indic type and the rest Iranian type. The later group is responsible for more than half of the problems of that country. In one sense through MA Jinnah, the father for Pakistan, India was able to get rid of the savage bad lands. The actual boundary of that country ends at the Indus river. Indian sexual exploration reached the peak around 9th and 10th century AD. The famous example is the Khanhuraho temples in central India, where around 10% of carvings depict sexual theme and erotic art. There used to be a group of temple singers/ dancers cum prostitutes called Devadasis. So there is nothing unusual about prostitution in Pakistan as they inherited a portion of Indic tradition. As you mentioned Pakistanis are one of the most confused, insecure and the least confident people on earth. As a matter of fact on a one to one basis they are extremely warm and hospitable people, but when the religious group mentality takes over they are a different beast.

  6. Robert Lindsay

    I have delusions of grandeur.
    I believe I am a sexy man, whoaaaa baby!
    Give me your 8 year old daughter, I’ll woo her with a lollipop and add her to my conquest.

  7. Nadir

    Pakistanis do look different from Indians, in fact Indians look different from one another. The fact is about 25% of “Pakistanis” migrated from various parts of India, including Tamil Nadu. They look quite different. There are many gypsy tribes in Pakistan from Rajesthan as well who came centuries earlier.

  8. Nadir

    Oh I didn’t notice this: “there is not a heck of a lot of prostitution” utter nonsense. It’s even worse in other Muslim countries if anything

  9. Ashant

    The problem with Pakistani Muslims is that they do horrible things apart from prostitution as well, 80 percent of young girls are prostitutes in the schools or colleges. They groom them from young age. But they like to put blame on Other countries or religions. Any body and every body is wrong apart from them. Pakistani immigrants to Europe do the same in other countries as well but get caught and jailed and no excuse is listened.

  10. Khana Kharaab ka bacha

    It is not necessary that all Pakistanis look like Indians, I am 100% pure Punjabi, yet in UK I have been mistaken for Georgian, Bulgarian, Albanian etc. Pakistan has variety of terrains and geographical regions owing to diverse range of physical appearance and genetics. It is not right to generalize a whole nation base on 3 women you saw.

  11. This is a true story of university student that is really helpless to go for prostitution. I am writing a book on her.

    Life of a Pakistani Prostitute (Part 1)

    I just pray that government does something soon so these helpless women find a way out from this indecent work. All fake promises by government but no one is serious for the nation.

    May Allah bless us all. Ameen

  12. Halal Butcher of Lhasa

    Hinduism deserves more credit — Imagine one is born deformed. The choice is very clear: To be worshipped like elephant god Ganesh or live the life of a circus freak like Joseph Merrick the elephant man:

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