Asian Men and Masculinity

Ishmael writes:

And regarding Japanese society, that’s one of the most masculine societies in the world. I second that. Men definitely rule the workplace there working long hours and chain-smoke like crazy. There’s a Viet nightclub place near my house that are filled with rough, manly types – not the androgynous crap.

Oh yeah! A lot of Vietnamese men, especially the older ones, are very macho. Rough, tough, badass, hardass men. I met a lot of them when I lived in Orange County. Also, a lot of Filipino guys are also very hard. Maybe especially the older guys, but I have heard that a lot of younger Filipino men in the Philippines are very hard, rough, tough, badass, supermacho type guys. I made friends with a lot of Filipinas on dating sites and the husbands were all macho bastards. They drank, gambled and especially fucked around like crazy. They all cheated on the women. Especially when the women went overseas to work, the guys all take mistresses. Filipino guys are badass motherfuckers!

Of course older Japanese society is very rough, tough and hard. The men rule that place with an iron fist. I met a lot of Japanese guys when I worked in Gardena, and especially the older ones were very macho type guys. Badass dudes. There seemed to be a connection whereby the more connected a guy was to Japan, the more tough and macho he was. I also met a lot of younger Japanese guys with deep connections to Japan (typical of Gardena). These young teenage boys were quite masculine. One thing you noticed was tightly controlled emotions and a strong hatred and distaste for homosexual men.

I also met a lot of Korean guys in LA, and there, the older ones were pretty badass too.

I spent some time around the Chinese sections of LA, and there are organized crime gangs there called Tongs. The young men there are very hard, rough and tough. You really do not want to mess with them at all. And the Chinese women those gang guys had did seem to be the cream of the crop. I met quite a few Chinese women when I was getting my Masters. I asked around about Chinese guys and the general impression was not that they were pussies. I knew this one woman, and I was talking to her about a recent Chinese movie getting showed around in the West.

“God!” I said. “All the Chinese men in that movie! They were all such pigs! Are all Chinese men really such pigs?”

She looked at me knowingly and nodded her head.

It is said that many modern Thai men are a bunch of pussies, but that has not been true traditionally. Even today, I have heard that many young Thai men are very tough and hard. You don’t mess around in Thai nightclubs, especially those heavily frequented by Thais. If you’re non-Thai and you are acting up, the young Thai males will corner you and order you to knock it off. If you don’t, they will definitely kick your ass!

It is only in the last 20 years or so that I have noticed, especially in Asia, the seeming pussification of the Asian male. Young Japanese men are now called “herbivores,” by society as many seem to have abandoned masculinity. They are despised by young Japanese females as weak and pussy. There is an incredible amount of male homosexuality exploding in places like Thailand. It’s quite unbelievable.

And when I was working with a lot of young Koreans translating my shock articles, I noticed a lot of young Korean men who were adopting extreme androgynous appearances to where you often could not even tell if it was a guy or a chick. Really into clothes and hairstyle too. Many were extremely good looking. I have no idea if these guys were straight, gay, bi or what, but once your society gets to the point where the guys are so femmed out that you can’t even tell if they are male or female, I am thinking you’ve got a problem.

The “nerdy Asian” thing is new. It has to do with young Asian men in the West. Asian males traditionally despite their very high IQ’s were *not* nerds. Hyermasculinity has long been mandated in the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Korea, and Japan.


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  1. newbreed7

    The pussification of Asians has everything to do with pop music. Who knew Michael Jackson could moonwalk over thousands of years of masculinity?

    Second is the prevalence of technology addicting youth from childhood. They would really rather play Starcraft and watch animated tentacle porn than f*ck.

  2. Ishmael

    “A high score (masculine) on this dimension indicates that the society will be driven by competition, achievement and success, with success being defined by the winner / best in field – a value system that starts in school and continues throughout organisational behaviour.
    A low score (feminine) on the dimension means that the dominant values in society are caring for others and quality of life. A feminine society is one where quality of life is the sign of success and standing out from the crowd is not admirable. The fundamental issue here is what motivates people, wanting to be the best (masculine) or liking what you do (feminine).

    At 95, Japan is one of the most masculine societies in the world. However, in combination with their mild collectivism, you do not see assertive and competitive individual behaviors which we often associate with masculine culture. What you see is a severe competition between groups. From very young age at kindergartens, children learn to compete on sports day for their groups (traditionally red team against white team).

    In corporate Japan, you see that employees are most motivated when they are fighting in a winning team against their competitors. What you also see as an expression of masculinity in Japan is the drive for excellence and perfection in their material production (monodukuri) and in material services (hotels and restaurants) and presentation (gift wrapping and food presentation) in every aspect of life. Notorious Japanese workaholism is another expression of their masculinity. It is still hard for women to climb up the corporate ladders in Japan with their masculine norm of hard and long working hours.”


    Do you guys like their interpretation on what makes a society masculine? I pretty much agree with the last two paragraphs. Competitiveness is a big time masculine trait.

    And don’t you guys hate the extreme feminine link with homosexual culture now? I think it really hinders their social approval. Its inevitable 50%+ are sissy – someone has to be on the bottom. I like working with homosexuals if they follow the norms of basic social interaction. I have a coworker, he’s gay, but you wouldn’t really know it because he works really hard to keep it under wraps and stay professional. He doesn’t have a lisp, doesn’t chat around with the ladies and he is assertive. It’s those type of gays that help their movement. He probably wears a pink feather jockstrap on Saturday night, but nobody knows about his life at work. Gay rights leaders should isolate the ‘culture’ with their right of marriage. MLK wouldn’t ever be in a lil wayne video.

    Anyway, back on Asians. I think our view of Asians is like if they saw an episode of Portlandia and assumed all Americans follow that pattern. I never had the privilege to go to the far east, but like I said earlier, the non-Americanized old guys are very tough. Most Asian American kids (male) and teens are very feminine…they probably took up that act because they couldn’t really compete on the masculine side of things compared to the whites and blacks in high school or college. It also doesn’t help that high school in this country is fucked and booksmarts are seen as feminine anyway. A shame.

    That Viet nightclub is filled with older 40/50 something men. I’m a good 10 inches taller and weigh 70ish pounds more, but they had this ‘danger, don’t fuck with us’ vibe whenever I go next door to my burger joint. The same type of vibe I may get from a group of extreme niggers in the roughest ghetto areas. I call blacks niggers if they’re entrenched in the ghetto. Sorry.

    • Brengunn

      Good website.

      Strange though, that lots of the African countries are deemed to be feminine collectivist societies. I would have thought it was the other way round. Maybe it’s something to do with the rural/urban split in those countries.

      • Ishmael

        I think their scale is based on competitiveness mostly. They’re assuming Africans have a light approach to work. Their masculine scale is not based on looks or violence.

  3. Ishmael

    Robert, what is your take on Asian submissiveness to their parents. I have noticed time and time again how this translates to Asian submissiveness to authority. Of course, once that Asian gets authority, he cracks the whip.

    • Huax

      He’s probably not the best person to ask. East Asian parents are not like white parents. Everyone fights it for some time and then realizes that the arrangement works out in a lot of ways. Very few are submissive if they’re economically independent of them, however.

      • Ishmael

        Yeah economic independence is a big thing. But the ones I work with are SERVILE and get used. Once they crack that bamboo ceiling found in most companies, they quickly become assertive and dominant, but that is after years of assimilation into Western business practices and doesn’t happen often.

    • Christiano Kwena

      That’s your view, and its not accurate. Submission to authority comes from the tendency to submit to religion and Asians turn out as very religious.

      • Ishmael

        Confucian culture is submissive.

        Check out this neat picture from an old childrens book (1800s):

        • Christiano Kwena

          Thank you for opening my mind.

        • Bob

          I don’t really agree with this idea of Asiatic submissiveness – if it were true then we would not see rebellions in Asian countries. I think that people see what they want to see.

        • newbreed7

          East Asian culture is more collectivist than the West. It’s a part of the way you think, social etiquette, ext. This really isn’t debatable. The group always comes first.

        • Bob

          @ newbreed7 (below – for some reason I could post a reply directly under your comment)

          Yes but collectivist and submissive to authority are different things. If it is true that Asians are more submissive to authority than us in the west (and I don’t claim to know the answer), then I would expect fewer rebellions in their history. I don’t believe that history shows this to be the case.

          It may the case that Asians are submissive to parents and family, but much less so to other authority entities.

        • Brookewaters

          @Bob, actually newbreed7 has it hammered down pretty well. Asians are naturally collectivists and thus more submissive to authority. Culturally they try their best not to stick out of the crowd and are far less likely to protest. This has been documented.

          I used to argue with some Asians who claimed to be more law-abiding than any other race. While I don’t necessarily agree here, I agree with them when they claim that Asians are more likely to respect leaders and elders and much less likely to violently revolt or protest given the same circumstances.

        • newbreed7

          By that logic they would have no wars either. How these things work out is tricky but it takes two GROUPS for a rebellion or conflict. If authority breaks the rules of the social contract in society it doesn’t mean that authority won’t be fought because it is collectivist…in fact it only makes abuse that much more offensive and intolerable. To lose one’s honor(by the codes of honor derived from Confucianism) in these countries is something viewed as worse than death. If the person does not kill themselves or allow full punishment others are obligated to do right action. In a group mindset one has to understand that everyone has their place within the social structure and the rules if broken will have serious consequences.

        • Brengunn


          Just look at the size of China compared to it’s Western counterpart, Europe. Europe is broken into lots of small countries with separate identities all competing against each other. Even now in the 21st century, political union looks unlikely to be successful.
          Compared to China, despite it’s many cultures, has been in a relatively stable union forever with a centralised power.

          That should tell you something about how different we are as a people.

        • Brengunn

          Confucianism is an expression of their genetic identity, just as Western philosophies are an expression of our genes.

          Look at Japs, we give them Democracy and they vote the same party in for over half a century. Can anyone imagine this happening in the West? No chance.

        • newbreed7

          You have to remember that this is also not a Western perspective of morality.
          In the group even while being submissive to authority the authority is still under the system of Honor and if the rules are broken then punishment must be handed down(which traditionally has been death). If the authority loses their honor and does not accept punishment the group is obligated to carry out punishment with fighting. In conflict if another group has done something dishonorable to your group, you are also obligated to fight them and defend your honor. As you can see this doesn’t necessarily mean that there is going to be less war conflict just more compliance within a group. This culture has applied in the past before more nationalistic times of the 20th century by smaller groups or tribes with one another.

        • なおき

          =P not true,korea and taiwan have been changing of parties a lot: taiwan= kuomintang or democratic progressive ;korea= saenuri party or democratic party plus japanese recently changed the party,but it was a failure,so they reelected again the old but more experinced party =P why a civilization can’t change? the west before was authoritarian like all the world with all their kings,democracy is still young in the west with less than 2 centuries,east asia also changed

        • newbreed7

          “why a civilization can’t change?”
          They can evolve like a Pokemon sure. It’s not like any of this is really expressed in the popular culture of Asia at this point. One still tries to express the differences between a society by it’s traditional outlook.

          It’s about time we got a Japanese poster. The Korean posters on here lack any understanding of cute.

        • なおき

          ちがう! =P i am not japanese, my soul is japanese (and a bit korean and chinese) but my physical body isn’t,you are confused

        • Brengunn

          my soul is japanese

          Oh, you’re not one of those are you!

        • @ Bob – “Compared to China, despite it’s many cultures, has been in a relatively stable union forever with a centralised power.”
          Hardly. China looks like a stable union from an outsider perspective, but its internal politics are marred by conflicts between the Han majority and the Tibetans, Turkic Uyghurs, Mogols, etc. I have been to the country and I have witnessed the simmering anger and rage between the majority Mandarins and the minorities. There is even a simmering rage that points to a possible class conflict in the future – especially between those who have economically benefited from the liberalisation and those in the interiors who haven’t (and are looked down upon by the rich elites). The Chinese stability is partly brutally enforced and partly an illusion created to pacify western investors, the same way India pretends to be a stable unified ‘nation’.

          A unified China isn’t very old and we cannot assess its stability unless a 100 years passes.

        • Bob

          @ AtheistIndian

          I wasn’t the one who said that. But I agree with you!

        • I misquoted. My bad. It was Brengunn.

      • Bob

        @ newbreed7

        “By that logic they would have no wars either. How these things work out is tricky but it takes two GROUPS for a rebellion or conflict. If authority breaks the rules of the social contract in society it doesn’t mean that authority won’t be fought because it is collectivist…in fact it only makes abuse that much more offensive and intolerable.”

        But that contradicts the idea that Asians are more submissive to authority – in fact, if Asians are less tolerant of abuses by authority then that explicitly says that they are less submissive. And all rebellions are between groups – usually because an authority has broken a social contract in some way. I’m not trying to bust your chops here, I’m just skeptical about these kinds of generalizations. It is hugely problematic for the idea of Asian submissiveness that rebellions have occurred.

        @ Brookewaters

        “Asians are naturally collectivists and thus more submissive to authority. Culturally they try their best not to stick out of the crowd and are far less likely to protest.”

        Well, we haven’t done much protesting over here. A small group of wealthy bankers have screwed millions of people out of jobs, retirement, and a future, yet I don’t see many of us stepping up and doing anything significant about it. And this is not the first time this has happened – many of our recessions have been caused by an unscrupulous ruling class culture. Sure, we bitch a lot but if the same thing happens to us over and over again, perpetrated by the same class of people, then that pretty much says that we are submissive to our ruling authorities.

        • Brookewaters

          Part of it has to do with stability and quality of life. We are much better off than many Asians, with few exceptions. Our nations also have much better social security and access to education. As corrupt as our governments are, they aren’t executing us en masse, violating our rights and access to free information or tearing down our homes for personal gain. Could you imagine how we would react if our government decided to kill our newborn babies in the name of the law? If our leaders rounded up hundreds of virgin girls and raped them with impunity? I’m surprised how these people have yet to violently revolt and public opinion on their government is generally favorable. You know who I’m talking specifically talking about.

          A much better comparison would be Asian nations with similar living standards to ours. Japan and South Korea come to mind. Japanese collectivism is particularly apparent with their famous proverb, “The stake that sticks up gets hammered down”.

          Teachers, parents and elders are much more respected in almost every Asian culture. Rebelliousness in children is shunned. Teachers are greeted as soon as they enter a classroom. Teachers and parents were once only spoken to with honorific language in Japan.

          Just think about this for a second. We like to joke about Asian parents beating their children to near death if they score anything less than an “A” and strongly oppose corporal punishment. Even pushing our kids slightly would result in accusations of child abuse by the human rights lobby.

          Samurai were famous for their fierce, undying loyalty to their lords. Their obedience to the daimyo and shogun was legendary. A cultural mindset and heritage such as theirs is not going to disappear overnight.

  4. Mark

    This largely depends on how your were treated as a kid. If you’re constantly beaten, stigmatized, forced to work till you drop, completely humiliated and abused by peers and family for the slightest manifestation of femininity, then your going to develop some masculinity. Asian mothers are quite distant and hostile towards their children most of the time. The Japs used to practice pederasty too so that added to their hypermasculine outlook. Samurai warriors worked as mercenaries for European colonial powers and carried out the most dirty tasks, such as beheading indigenous rebels.

    Inflicting pain on things or humans for the sake of a higher goal, such as pleasure, religion, art, or just doing your job really well, that is what raw masculinity is all about. If you love inflicting pain and hurting people almost as much as you love having sex, then you are a real man.

    • Ishmael

      I interpret masculinity in terms of family mostly. A patriarch leading the group. Values such as toughness and working for a greater good are also what I consider masculine. Spanish culture, Arab culture and Asian culture is what I consider the most masculine in that respect. I also have a hobby of collecting older Soviet posters, and those are very masculine works of art as well.

      • Brengunn

        I also have a hobby of collecting older Soviet posters

        Me too. Boy, they knew how to propagandise!

        • Ishmael

          Whenever I want to get drunk, I look at this:

        • Brengunn

          Here’s a great poster I sometimes use as my avatar. They really do look like supermen. I’d love to be able to afford a full wall mural of this, or maybe paint it on the gable end of my house. That would be cool.

        • Brengunn

          I think that link is broke, here…

        • Brengunn

          Ah, fuck it!

        • newbreed7

          Easy enough to just take the link out.

          Does Robert have any good articles on why the Soviets failed so hard and became the Mexico of Europe?

        • The Soviets didn’t really fail, and they didn’t become the Mexico of Europe at all.The medical, nutrition, education, housing, roads, recreation, etc. figures are all great. Figures for malnutrition, maternal mortality, infant mortality, stuff like that, they are all great, even 20 years after the Fall. Does not compare in any way to Latin America. If Russia is like Latin America, it’s like Chile, Argentina or Uruguay.

          After 1991, the whole thing collapsed, and Russia just last year surpassed the GDP of the Russian SSR. It’s been much the same in the rest of the republics. It’s taken them 20 years to even reach the same level as the USSR.

          In Mexico, 27% of the population has no sewage treatment. The Soviets dealt with that matter a long time ago.

        • newbreed7

          Yes but why collapse at all? Russia is basically Capitalist like China at this point correct?

        • Well the transition from socialism to capitalism caused the economy to totally collapse.

          Russia is still a pretty socialist country, and so is China for sure. Depends on how you define the word. They are not Tea Party Libertarian neoliberal or anything like that, far from it.

        • newbreed7

          Maybe not comparable to the American Capitalism but they certainly aren’t redistributing wealth at this point or investing a lot in social programs.

        • Not sure about wealth redistribution, but there is not much poverty in Russia. The state is huge at all levels, even the local level, and there is a huge amount of money spent by the state for all sorts of things in society.

          For instance, in some frozen city in the Urals, you might find that the city government has set up very nice and warm public baths for the whole population. Anyone can use them, and they are free. And the government spends a tremendous amount of money on roads and infrastructure. Much industry is still state owned including oil and gas and military. 50% of the population owns their own dachas or vacation homes in the countryside, a legacy of the Soviet era.

          Hatred of the government and government spending of the poor and of workers is basically nonexistent.

          It’s still a pretty socialist country from the POV of US teapartiers, and you can make a good case that it is a social democracy for sure.

        • newbreed7

          Certainly couldn’t be any worse than US infrastructure looking all busted and crumbly.

          But then we have the entire case of Russia running so much arms dealing and prostitution with Mafia. Then we have it’s whole NeoNazi rising going on for reasons correlated with increased Capitalism and Immigration. Putin getting press recently for having many protests put down against his (in their opinion) corrupt election. I’m under the impression that bribery is very common and police force is corrupt.

          A side note…it should be amusing for people to know the Hare Krishna’s…(those crazy bald people drumming in the street) have had the most success converting people in Russia….wtf right?

          Need more Russian posters about on here. They have gone unrepresented.

  5. Ishmael

    I know most of us despise Republicans and Southern hierarchy, but does anyone else think that Southerners are more manly than more liberal states like NY and California coast? I would much rather have a Laura Bush for my wife than that hag Michelle.

  6. Bob

    Yeah I used to be all about being a manly man, till i noticed that the guys in NYC who had facials, eyebrows done, carried man purses, $100+ faggy layered haircuts were getting a lot more sex than the manly guy who did nothing but work out and had a $10 crew cut.

    Men care only about sex, if women desire faggy men then men will pretend to be faggy just to get sex.

    The metrosexuals in NYC all hate wasting all this time and money just to look good.

  7. Hacienda

    S. Korean economy 1952 to Present.

    Now that’s macho. Dumbfucks.

    • Xera

      U.S aid can do you wonders Halucienda

      • Hacienda

        Shut up sand nigger beggar.

        “The exact amount varies from year to year and there are many different funding streams, but U.S. foreign assistance to Egypt has averaged about $2 billion a year since 1979, when Egypt struck a peace treaty with Israel following the Camp David accords, according to the Congressional Research Service. “

      • Xera

        Its kind of different when you have an occupying force placed for strategic reasons and get leverage based off of that compared to an Uncle Tom government kept in place to cover up human history and at the vehemence of Jews while having a desert climate that bars from your from constructing different things while being surrounded on all sides by enemies.

        • Hacienda

          Gangnam Style, Sand Nigger.

          Koreans are singing, Egyptians are crying.

        • newbreed7

          Excuses! You have 6 million Israeli kicking your ass. 6 Million!!!! What part of you suck don’t you understand? Waaaaaah it’s tooo hot. Why the hell aren’t Israeli making excuses on why they have to wear sand diapers?

        • Xera

          Don’t forget Israel literally controls the U.S government, attacked the U.S physically several times (USS liberty), has nukes and the latest in U.S gadgets due to you know who, occupies strategic positions that allows military advantages etc etc etc. The game is different there, meanwhile countries like South Korea had more then aid, had all the time and climate in the world to develop. BTW the same Jews are the ones that are perpetuating the stereotype and yet still by sucking monumental Jew cock; Asians don’t get enough representation in any mainstream arena despite being well assimilated and being in the country for more then a century; they still are bottom of the barrel and least attractive male race and the last choice for other race girls, not to mention their cocks are still tiny despite having Western nutrition.

          Interesting how even Middle Easterners, despite having some negative press, are still upper echelon in the male attractiveness category and get to bang hot American and other race women on national television/TV shows while Asians get squat despite being a “model minority” HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

        • newbreed7

          What part of that didn’t sound like more fucking excuses!! This machismo stupidity is why Arabs will never be able to excel to the top ranks of the world order. Take your place in the back of the line and run the world gas stations in the US like Allah intended.

        • Xera

          When did I ever mention I was a fan of Islam moron? You realize there are different religions in the Middle East and most Jews technically are the same race (descended) from Semites?

        • Gay State Girl

          We’re more European than semitic, you of all people should realize that.

        • Hacienda

          The game is different there, meanwhile countries like South Korea had more then aid, had all the time and climate in the world to develop

          The beauty of the internet is you can fact check immediately”

          S.Korea receives no foreign aid from US. Egypt is right there with Congo. Egypt is second biggest recipient of US aid in the world for last 40 years, behind Egypt’s buttbuddy in extorting US dollars- Israel.

          The US dumbfuck sheeple public is being fleeced by Israel/Egypt for billions a year. That’s Camp David- Egypt buys the US off. A painslut who gets bought off by the US. Otherwise she attacks Israel, and Israel kicks her ass for the umpteenth time. Xera, you’re a double talking dumbfuck, sand nigger. Exposed again for the umpteenth time by your personal god on this blog. Thank me, sand nigger, for keeping you in your place.

        • Xera

          OH CMON GSG!! Stop being a bloody wanker and denying your Semitic heritage. I could tell apart a European Jew and a European in the blink of an eye and that’s because of your obvious Arabic Semitic heritage. Denial is a bitch and girls don’t like other bitches as I understand it.

          BTW Halucienda, are we forgetting how the U.S STAYED in Japan and South Korea and literally built the countries there while nothing similar happened with Egypt? You haven’t exposed jack shit, now go watch gangnam style.

        • なおき

          xera no one agrees with you here,no wonder you are an egyptian,your education is pretty low and you are embarrasing yourself =P i don’t see nothing productive to debate with an egyptian さようなら
          facts:It is easy to differentiate. Israelis look more Greek. What you are trying to differentiate is Jews and Lebanese. Jews look a lot like the Lebanese and syrians but the lebanese and syrians aren’t really arabs. Many palestinian arabs or israeli arabs look like lebanese or syrians. They also have similar dialects in arabic. Saudi Arabians are true arabs.
          -robert lindsay wrote that between caucasians jews are more like europeans,saudis are their own group and egyptians too!

        • Xera

          STFU Weebo, you haven’t even fucking been to Egypt let alone know it’s entire history, or how its people look you spic weirdo.

    • Brookewaters

      @Xera You ought to thank Hacienda for showing you the way. It turns out you should be on your knees thanking America after all they’ve done for your ungrateful diaperhead race. Just another one of those Arab camel jockeys in denial, aren’t you? If you were really so superior as you claimed yourself to be, why aren’t you in the same position as Japan and South Korea? Why does Egypt continue to be a financial drain to the USA? Most Westerners feel NO affinity towards Koran worshiping ragheads. We prefer East Asians to some primitive savages that shriek “Kill all who insult Islam” at every given opportunity. Everything about Egypt is boring with a capital B. That’s why your Arab pop turd will never make it big anywhere except in nations filled with even more desert goat shaggers.

      Besides, Middle Eastern men aren’t really that desirable to White women. The only way you turdskins even get to fuck with other race women is when you gang rape them 100 to 1.

      Oh yeah, and about Israelis being Semitic and more “Arab” than Egyptians? You were saying?


  8. Brookewaters

    Very interesting. I concur that the older generation of Asian men were manly men.

    Based on my experiences with international Chinese students, they feel that Asian Aussies are more masculine and macho than them but less macho than White Aussies. Anyone of you had the same experience?

    It’s also important to note that Southeast Asians in general are far more masculine than East Asians and known to produce better fighters. Manny Pacquiao comes to mind. IMO the least masculine Asian men are the modern, metrosexual Chinese and Japanese, no offense. There are however some exceptions. Older men and the Japanese that are passionate about martial arts. Also rural Chinese who had to fight to survive.

    One other thing I noticed, Korean Australians are some of the most badass, fittest people on Earth. In fact, the fobby Koreans are also very impressive, muscular and athletic. They tend to be larger in size than other Asians. I was told that this was due to compulsory military service that they had to undergo. This has been noted by the Japanese, through a certain animation. I don’t really know what the Chinese think about their masculinity, but like the rest of Asia, they consider Korean men super studs and Korean women hot. They are boyish/metrosexual men on the outside, but with an extra manliness and toughness to them, yet sentimental on the inside. That’s how they are described by other Asian girls. I was surprised how this site perceived Korean Americans but they definitely aren’t like that here in Australia. A mate who’s in the military told me that some of the hardest men were Koreans and they were power hungry, dominant men who many would never dare to mess with.

    It’s important to note how good Koreans are when it comes to battle.

    • Xera

      Too bad most of those hardcore fake machismo crap Korean slop are crap when they go up against any decent masculine guy of any other race. Pride and UFC are the best example of what happens so called macho “Asians” think they are shit and then get curb stomped into oblivion. LOL at dominant and power hungry, I could probably beat the shit out of a hundred Korean men since they would be smaller then me anyway, I have never seen a Korean that even mildly scared me or anyone, even when they pretended to be fake machismo bullshitter.

      • Hacienda

        I have never seen a Korean that even mildly scared me or anyone,

        Wut? That’s so random.

        I’ve heard Koreans were really badass during the Vietnam War and Korean War. I’m sure they were. Not bragging, Just pointing that out.
        Also the Korean navy was the first to successfully engage Somali piracy.

        My evaluation of Koreans is that they are a very competent people at a minimum. Now if they continue to outperform as they’ve been doing recently in economics, culture, education, even sports for the next 20 years, I’ll have to place them at the top or very near top in the rank of world nations and peoples.

        Egypt is spent. Dead. All the evidence points to that. You need to show us something, not just bitch.

      • なおき

        ok,i am sure you are not taller than Bao Xishun (it was chinese after all,i though he was mongol because he was born in inner mongolia) or yao ming or jeremy lin =P =P =P keep embarrasing yourself and your country here

      • Xera

        I don’t have to speak for myself since I know my country my history is pretty much superior and probably surpasses anything anywhere else, even Europe. Even the Greeks claimed that everything they got in terms of culture and thought came from Egypt, Pythagoras all claimed they were just students and children compared to Egypt. The Egyptians thought Euro’s were barbarians that needed to be civilized. Without the Egyptians there would be no Western civilization and without any Western civilization, there would be no wannabe white chingooks trying to claim that White women secretly lust after Asian men on the internet and then copy everything Western to claim they are some sort of white-related pseudo master race ROFL!!

        The fact that there are million viewership TV series’s dedicated to proving the fact that the ancient Pyramids and monuments of Egypt were built by aliens already proves that everything I have in history far surpasses anything comparable in modern day wannabe-white chinkanaa and their entire history put together. I win sorry!

      • Brookewaters

        In a war, every man fights for his life and for what they believe in. Here, courage, physical capabilities, wit and heart are stretched to the limits. A true test of masculinity, second to non.

        Koreans have proven themselves to be some of the most competent fighters the world has ever seen. VC commanders specifically instructed their units to avoid Koreans at all costs unless a victory is 100 per cent certain. They were some of the most respected and feared fighters throughout the whole course of the Vietnam War with an overall KDR of 15:1. The Vietnamese called them the “Devil Soldiers”.

        Based on the English photographer, Tim Page’s account:

        “They had gone unarmed except for garrotes and knives, and the first VC hadn’t known what zapped them.
        The ambush patrols pulled back,booby-trapping the KIA’s, arming the trip wires and calling artillery onto the tree
        line 50 meters away. Some of the bodies hardly had a scratch on them. I flipped one over to get the already gone
        belt buckle, the neck flopped like a broken doll, the sergeant giggled and made hand-chopping signs.
        The Koreans did not have to exaggerate their body counts for the computers in the Pentagon: in that one action
        they had 85 confirmed VC, whilst taking 3 of their own KIA… The trees around the cemetery were splattered with bits of once-human beings, and blood trails ran everywhere”.

        For comparison, we can use the Green Island Raid as reference where the the Israeli suffered 6 casualties but killed 80 Egyptians.

    • Xera

      I think the big question I would like to ask Erika and everyone else here is, are Asians superior to Europeans instead of will they become superior. You can’t make proxy arguments saying Asians are superior because they WILL BE equal to Europeans sometime in the future or are. It’s either one or the other.

      I would like to see an Asian country that isn’t rampantly affected by Eurocentrism or the blatant need to show off they are “like” them. i already have my case b/c one needs to simply look at the history of my country to see that from my position it usually goes the “other way” around. I would like to see names and a plausible argument please!

      • Brengunn

        Any strides the east Asian nations have made and will make, essentially confirm the dominance of the West both practically and theoretically as all their ‘progress’ is Westernisation. The more they use our ways, the more successful they are.

        It’s not hard to determine which is the dominant culture.

        • Ken

          It seems you are taking credit for the great ideas and inventions that came out of the west “The more they use our ways”.

          I don’t think it quite works like that…..unless you have evidence that you are a creative genius with an IQ above 160.

          You’ve just degenerated to a “my dad can beat up your dad” type of argument. Weak sauce.

      • Xera

        Trolling aside, when I come to think of it, has there been any time where a country has successfully “modernized” without becoming “westernized”? It seems that modernization simply involves losing the identity of a country to some sort of collective Western “hive mind” complex where a culture becomes a machine or automaton. The only time I think that it’s happened in the reverse is in history where some other culture become “Egyptianized”, “Romanized” or “Hellesized”, the latter was far more superior then modern society.

        i think there is some sort of conspiracy to somehow control humanity through “Westernization” and that there was some sort spiritual link or science that has been lost which is evident in the different Egyptian and Sumerian gods and the way entire societies would revolve around them. I don’t think that this is primitive superstition because when you look at it, Egyptian and Babylonian societies were already advancing science/technology along with the supplementation of so called backwards superstitious religions alongside it. There is a lost chapter in human history on spiritual science that needs to be looked into.

        • なおき

          xera you talk too much about egypt past glories,egypt is not even a DECENT COUNTRY,i am not talking about being a big power like germany or japan,is worse than turkey,lol you always change the subject to make a reference about the past,most of our topics are the present; asians know that whites are intelligent,so they just have more fun in their lifes and wait until whites think something new (apple and iphone) once is done,they easily surpasses whites = D (samsung galaxy number one,and toyota was one,the tsunami was a setback but they recovering to overtake general motors again) = P

        • なおき

          egyptian culture is not even that beautiful,the pyramids are ugly,big but they look ugly,the pictures of ancient egyptian gods are simple,ancient greek or japanese architecture is beautiful =P again the pattern in pop music,whites created pop (but asians were waiting to not make any effort) and gangnam style surpasses every other white or black pop video =D (and if you dislike asians don’t use youtube,it was created by 2 whites and 1 asian) DELUSIONAL EGYPTIAN =P

        • Brengunn

          wait until whites think something new (apple and iphone) once is done,they easily surpasses whites

          All the more reason for us to boot them out of our universities and lock them up in internment camps. Bounders and cheats, the lot of them!

          the pyramids are ugly,big but they look ugly

          They’re thousands of years old, what do you expect. When they were built they were smooth, brilliant white monoliths that rose from the desert. They would have been awe inducing.

          There was a habit in victorian times, here in Britain, for the well to do to be buried in mock pyramids and even though they’re tiny and nowhere near as majestic, they still have a little something that gets the heart pounding. I think it’s something to do with the perfect proportions.

        • なおき

          why are you in the side of the delusional egyptian? he have been attacking asians,in fact me has been defensive,he need to eat the facts up,and hacienda and other have been defensive, about the pyramids,is still too simple design even if they were white,since then egypt hasn’t created anything,a country with 80 millions? egypt could be bigger economy than korea,france or germany,but they aren’t at their best,this xera has an ego that isn’t proportional to his achievements,he is a bitch

        • なおき

          fuck off all the bitches!! looks like finally xera learn his lesson,we don’t even care about been offensive or about attack egyptians,we don’t think much about them except in history books =P don’t pity that xera,and finally about asians in internment camps,that won’t work because there are still millions of asians in asia,and whites will anyway sell their iphones there for money (that is capitalism) asians will look their design and they will answer with galaxys!! follow my example,i was born in mexico but i don’t have a bit of amerindian blood in my body,i am of SPANIARD(OR CATALONIAN ANCENsTRY) but i accept and love asians as my new masters,case closed

        • Brengunn


          I’m not on Xera’s side, just stating that judged by any standards the pyramids are a monumental achievement unrivaled in the ancient world.

          I agree that Egypt may now be a shit hole but All those East Asian countries were backwards, too, till fairly recently. Although I don’t think Egypt could make the kind of stellar leap forward that the East has made.

        • Ishmael

          I don’t respect anyone that doesn’t respect humanity’s single greatest wonder – the pyramids.

        • なおき

          ishmael i hope you aren’t an egyptian (ishmael the prefered son of the prophet abraham,i guess is a popular name between muslims) and if you are one,you should have stopped xera before,i didn’t lack respect for the pyramids,is a truth that they are ugly (and even uglier now with the erosion) i don’t tell lies,they don’t have the exquisite design of versailles or himeji,not even a decent design,they are just simple giant triangles,i said the truth but i recognized that they are BIG,but just in case that i didn’t respect them ごめんね!!
          brengunn: i understand,by the way you can convert and accept asians as your masters more easily than the other whites here,do you know why it was easy to me even if i am white? because SPAIN anyways is not the glory of the west,just a decent white country,not comparable to france,united kingdom,germany or even italy,like IRELAND (why be that passionate about the whole west then) just saying,bye everyone

        • Ishmael

          I hate xera and huax equally. But you kind of remind me of a slant eyed version of bhabji.


          ^ Statement above translated to facial expressions so you can understand.

        • Brengunn


          because SPAIN anyways is not the glory of the west,just a decent white country,not comparable to france,united kingdom,germany or even italy,like IRELAND (why be that passionate about the whole west then)

          Except, Ireland was part of the UK during it’s greatest period and made many contributions culturally, scientifically and genetically. But you’re right in another way, Ireland, in the grand scheme of things is pretty insignificant but as part of the larger family (Europe) it is more significant than similar small populations in Africa or Asia or the Americas.

          Also, if I extend your analogy, what right do any of us have to claim the discoveries of any historical person because they shared the same race, ethnicity or nation. Afterall, they’re not family members. So why claim them? Because it’s human nature, an African will support an African and an Asian will support an Asian. Race is just an extended family.

        • Brengunn

          BTW, Spain is a great country with a great history.

        • Hacienda

          but i accept and love asians as my new masters,case closed

          This attitute will get you far in the NWO. Ignore the pretentious Irish know-nothing. Irish are good people, they’re just in too deep.

        • Brengunn

          Irish are good people, they’re just in too deep.

          Funny that, you’re Mother said the exact same thing!

        • Xera

          He is probably not even full Spanish as he claims, no way!! BTW Halucienda, both the Sphinx and the Pyramids are now being predicted to be more then 10,000 years old because of the signs of water erosion in unlikely places. The only time Egypt was a different climate (moderate), was around the last age. Imagine, the Pyramids being built by a lost race of Atlanteans with a super culture that was passed down to the Egyptians then to the Greeks and the hidden guarded libraries of Vatican city. I would love to know what this superior spiritual science is.

          Even (Jew) John Anthony West admits how superior Ancient Egyptian culture was that it influenced the Greeks in their prime. BTW the idiot that said that I am a rapid Mohammedan is way off the mark.

        • Xera

          I wonder why Ishmael hates me so much, I think it must be the time when I said that black women can be objectively attractive and that blonde women are not the end all or be all of sexual selection. It’s amazing what an racially complexed mind can fathom!

        • narut00

          -.-” -.-” -.-” dumb egyptian no one likes you here!!! people here are indifferent with you or hate you!!! i HATE YOU SO MUCH WITH ALL MY HEART AND BIG PASSION,I AM YOUR HATER NUMBER ONE,I WISH THE WORST FOR YOU AND I HOPE YOUR DUMB COUNTRY FAIL = D if you hate so much what i love the most of this world (asia) then i hate you,if i ever saw you i will attack you with taekwondo kicks that i learn from koreans,i have better future being friends with asians than you,you will be in jail by chinese spies once they saw how you wrote against them,be careful,i won’t waste more time with ridiculous debates with you,i prefer to read all the mangas i can,than talk about ridiculous theories of the ugly pyramyds and atlanteans,and finally i am really white!!! you worship whites? then i told you to respect asians,i am your WHITE SPANISH GOD (people have told me that i look french even!) i am done with you!! またね forever

      • newbreed7

        Founding Abrahamic Religions +
        Creating big Pyramids +
        Stuff done in the last 2000 years…………………….
        Get with the times!

        • Brengunn

          Stuff done in the last 2000 years…………………….

          Package holidays and tours of the Pyramids.

        • newbreed7

          It’s about as absurd as Italians using the Roman Empire to validate themselves.

        • Brookewaters

          @Erica Except Spain is not just any decent White country. Your nation’s influence, explorations and past achievements is by no means small. Hold your head up high. Spain is a cultural powerhouse. Don’t let diaperheads like Xera get to you. He is in no position to use any racial slur towards anyone, since he’s one of those Koran reading goat shaggers.

          Maybe that’s what he has against Spain.

        • Brookewaters

          I concur.

          @Brengunn, Egypt might have been a great civilizations in the past, but these days, it’s just another scorching hellhole full of crazed Mohammadans who never shave. It was never comparable with any Western civilization.

        • Brengunn


          Erica is a little white girl infatuated with the East, you know the type. It really has nothing to do with Xera.

          How anyone can call Spain mediocre is beyond me, sign o’ the times I suppose.

        • Brookewaters

          @Brengunn Yes, I know the type. It’s not an uncommon phenomena amongst the younger generation. My cousin’s kids are no different, growing up with Japanese animations and video games.

          Spain is still one of the most visited countries in the world. The number of tourists isn’t dropping anytime soon as well.

          I do admire qualities and cultural aspects of the East, but don’t believe for a second that the West holds a position other than number one. Westernization is still the ultimate goal of many developing nations and for good reason. White is quality, our policies, values and we are the standard by which aspiring countries set their goals.

          But hey, I still love those Asian girls. Hard to resist that Oriental charm, matey.

        • “Erica” is a 20 year old bisexual male from Mexico. He’s not even female, just pretending to be one LOL.

        • Brengunn

          He’s not even female, just pretending to be one LOL.

          Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!! I suppose that explains the Eastern submission thing he’s got going on.

          Erica, how do you look in a wig a tight black skirt? Could you pass? I won’t tell if you don’t!!

        • なおき

          lol i never used again the name erika =P i didn’t tryed to lie,like i said i am from mexico but of spanish blood (mixed brown green eyes with dark brown hair) and finally not only little kids watch japanese animations,like all the grown up otakus who comment his videos:

        • なおき

          なおき= NAOKI = NAOKI male name, means “honest tree” in japanese

        • Brookewaters

          Oh my, now I’ve seen everything. You two are a riot. Hahaha

        • Erika is funny. He had me fooled the whole time up until he blew his cover and told me he’s a guy. I kind of like Erika though, even if he’s weird.

        • Brookewaters

          Haha, me too, Robert, me too.

        • Hacienda

          Founding Abrahamic Religions +
          Creating big Pyramids +
          Stuff done in the last 2000 years…………………….
          Get with the times!


          Egypt didn’t start Abraham religions.

        • newbreed7

          “Egypt didn’t start Abraham religions.”
          1. Look on the back of your dollar bill. See an eye above the pyramid.
          2. They enslaved the Jews so hard they started hallucinating all kinds of crazy shit.

        • Hacienda


          You know that Xera’s ancestors probably never enslaved the Jews. Neither did the Jews build the pyramids. Although if true, that would bring a smile to my face.

          The pyramids, LOL, amazing what a small ruling class with 100,000 slaves can accomplish. The biggest tombs evah!

        • Xera

          That’s because Italians can claim the Romans as their own idiot, after all the Colosseum and Vatican city is still there aren’t they? God good everyone here seems to be affected by idiotic yellow fever chinkanaaa bullshit.

  9. Xera

    Again, they might seem masculine but when going against the masculinity of other masculine race males, they pretty much end up failing. I could probably beat up 98% of those pseudo-masculine tough wannabe Vietnamese and Japanese (old and young easily) by myself. I am probably bigger then most of them too.

    • なおき

      =P not true,in fact you are about the same (height by countries,male)
      -germany: 1.780 m (5 ft 10 in)
      -korea: 1.7374 m (5 ft 8 1⁄2 in)
      -china: 1.702 m (5 ft 7 in)
      -japan: 1.707 m (5 ft 7 in)
      -egypt: 1.703 m (5 ft 7 in)

    • Xera

      I’m above 6.0 btw, and Egypt has a shit ton of people with a whole range of diverse phenotypes, you cannot take a sample and expect it to be an accurate representation of the entire country. Old Pharoahs and Egyptian Kings, warriors were depicted as being very tall, having the broad shouldered V-shape build and of course having big cocks.

      • なおき

        that is called an AVERAGE,a certain mongol man was once the tallest man in the world,i guess you look like one of these men

        • Xera

          Unfortunately I look nothing like that, but as I have said since Egypt is so diverse and has been invaded by many peoples averages cannot apply here.

      • Brookewaters

        Egyptians are on average much smaller and malnourished than most East Asians, taller than the Chinese by a pathetic 0.001 meters.

        It’s quite hilarious when most East Asian men don’t feel threatened by any Arab raghead. The thoughts of an Egyptian stealing their women is completely alien to them. I actually had a discussion with some Asian and even he admitted he couldn’t think of a single Asian girl that would ever consider a Middle Easterner. To quote, “Our women won’t settle with men that go Kaboom”

        And you think we don’t view you and your Anti-White shenanigans in the same light if not worse?

        • Xera

          Uh that’s because no one gives a shit or likes Asian girls at all dumbfuck, Only weebos or old weird Asian fetish people like you care. No sane guy with standards considers Asian girls attractive, at least not me, they look like aliens!

          On the other hand I have never had trouble getting attractive white girls, and there seems to be no shortage of Western women going to places like Egypt b/c of pathetic beta males like you that don’t know how to control your own women. Great logic there man!

    • なおき

      japan was competitive by itself since the era meiji

      • Ishmael

        You can thank this old chap for that.

        I don’t want to go this route again because all it does is diminish Asian success. Most of their success and ambition is self founded and not possible without a high iq and killer work ethic. The 1860-1900s rise was an incredible achievement for mankind.

  10. Brengunn


    Hey nature boy, get a load of how much your brethren love the environment.

    Now, stop mincing about whites ruining the Earth.

    • Hacienda

      Fight fire with fire. Distract whitey out of existence. You guys have so many concerns and so many worries about people you shouldn’t worry about, you don’t even know or care you’re disappearing.

      All part of the yellow/brown/black strategy to eliminate the diseased white infestation. Our problems are now your problems. God is just.

      • Brengunn

        Fear of a black planet!

        • Hacienda

          When whitey zigs, we zig and zag. Then whitey will zag, but we’ll zag and zig. See how that works. Colored folks win no matter what whitey does.
          That’s a bitch. And you what bitch is. A lit up night sky, whitey in the sky like stars. Twinkling for all us colored folks.

        • Brengunn

          Put the peace pipe down H, you’re starting to talk gibberish again.

        • Hacienda

          Put the peace pipe down H, you’re starting to talk gibberish again.
          STFU dumbfuck. You contribute nothing to this board, but self-righteous 19th C Irish shit.

        • Brengunn

          You contribute nothing to this board, but self-righteous 19th C Irish shit.

          What? I could be called lots of things but self-righteous ain’t one of them. Neither is pretentious.

          Must try harder.

      • Xera

        Unfortunately Whitey is the result and by-product of Pseudo-brown mixing with blacks and then mixing with neanderthals in extremely cold temperatures. Asians too are the result of caveman neanderthals, give some time up in the northern hemisphere and Whitey will reappear again. Whites are not aliens, they were enslaved, killed and ridiculed by Romans where they had them fight gladiator battles all day long for amusement. This is the irony of Whitey, they had no real history and they were the prime bitches of the Roman Empire until they lied to everyone that they were special after everyone forgot about those days.

        • Brengunn

          This is the irony of Whitey, they had no real history and they were the prime bitches of the Roman Empire until they lied to everyone that they were special after everyone forgot about those days.

          I suppose the mild Mediterranean climate gave no substantial head start? Once Northern Europeans had conquered their environment they quickly showed who’s boss. Something we are still doing today.

          What’s with the volte face anyway, Xera. Get no tips from Europeans while handing out toilet roll at your third world latrine? It’s been a slow day for diarrhea in a shithole called Egypt!

        • narut00

          glad that i put him in his place and he finally relalized that being an enemy with asians he won’t have future,is better to be their friend,so instead he will troll whites,a declining force,the time is coming and is closer,asia is taking the world,the japanese already control a big bunch of american films and music (sony pictures and sony music) a symbol of american soft power!! if tiny korea and japan could hit hard united states (toyota / samsung) the big china will be unstopable,once china become high tech instead of low tech,i surrender to asians even if i am ethnic spanish

        • Hacienda


          Welcome to the dark side (the right side). It’s about time, you lamer.

        • Hacienda

          Brengunn.<—- White Irish Slave

        • Brengunn

          White Irish Slave > Mincing Korean Pedicurist

        • Xera

          Ok Brengunn I am going to take a risk here and actually be a little serious. Northern Europeans didn’t conquer shit, the only reason why you are supposedly dominant, is all due to chance occurrences and luck. It was all chance and luck that the black plague wiped out most of the civilized world at the time, enough for a genetic bottle neck, shift in world power to take place and establish a vacuum which Euro’s could take over, not because you actually did anything by natural ability. Didn’t you hear about the level pussiness the Brits exhibited when they tried to take over the America’s? They went on big ships because they couldn’t handle the sea and wanted safety, they had no fucking idea how to properly adapt and grow crops in North America until the Native Americans showed them how to do everything there like bosses; right at the last minute, the Brits like, the pussies they were, backstabbed them to kill all of them instead of facing them directly in the form of blankets etc. Even that wasn’t even enough on your guys part, Infact the Native Americans almost defeated and stopped the Europeans from taking over and this was evident when they got hold of guns and advanced weapons in Custer until you superior NE’s had to lie, backstab, cheat, so you could divide and conquer like pussies. Now think about that, why would superior Euro’s resort to such nonsense? I thought you were all superior conquering Euro’s. I honestly think the Ottomans and Russians had more balls and power then all the other supposed dominant Euro’s power that had to resort to backstabbing, lying and cheating on weaker ignorant civs instead of conquering territory directly by force and manpower. I think the genocide of the Native Americans are just the Europeans revenge for repeatedly getting their asses kicked by nomadic Turkic confederations for centuries, humiliating them in the Balkans and Eastern Europe and then chasing them away from Central Asia. A bunch of racially ambiguous horse riding yak butter alcohol drinking nomads managed to beat the best of your medieval civs even when you guys all teamed up.

          Nordics didn’t impress the Romans, the Greeks, or anyone else that is the slice of heaven and the peak of mankind known as the Mediterranean basin. On the other hand they did think that modern day shit holes in Africa (sub-saharan included) were much more pleasant, formidable, and higher back then, then any known place in the Northern hemisphere. Your entire medieval culture consisted of fighting over vodoo shit invented my Arabs trying to troll the beezejus out of you and then taking advantage of your stupidity in the form of Semites and Jews. Most of your so called tech and culture was not invented by you guys at all, you stole it from so called other cultures and then pathetically claimed it as your own, as you still do to this day. Your superior Northern Europeans were complete jack shit when they faced the Mongols and got stomped hard repeatedly several times and then wrote stories about how much more superior Asians were then you and even your own tried to turn against you when this happened. This did not happen in shit hole Egypt big guy.

          I could write more gigantic paragraphs detailing why I am not impressed at all. It’s funny how a shit hole such as Egypt attracts more tourists and visitors awe-inspired, while superior Northern European inhabited Russia and former soviet bloc countries are slop and don’t get any attention at all, even if they are hyped by angry sex tourists like Roosh.

        • Xera

          Nah China won’t amount to squat, too many internal problems and a inferior culture that won’t really innovate on their own. I do think that Russia and Brazil might have a chance along with Turkey but not Asia. Asians all look the same and don’t have those colorful mutations, who wants to look at people that all look the same and are really boring?

        • narut00

          don’t need colorful mutations,with a hair dyer people can dye their hair easyly now,dark haired caucasians do the same and with circle lenses you could have light eyes without evolution,so they don’t look the same

  11. Tulio

    There’s a subculture of Asian men that have “relationships” with pillows that have anime characters on them:

    • narut00

      animes are perfection; perfect skin without imperfections,perfect shiny hair,perfect noses,perfect bodies,perfect proportions,super big eyes,pretty pink,purple hair and eyes that look awesome and not weird,its understandable the appeal,almost everyone is pretty and handsome in animes,the detail is superior to western animations without being too real and grotesque like american comics

  12. Randomdude

    Asian male beauty standard is more focused on aesthetics,

    Western male beauty standard is more focused on masculinity

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  14. Ken

    Japan is a highly industrialized Country so why would salary men want to act hard and tough? Do they live in the stone age? Should we be acting like the yakuza? One of the best things about Japan are the low crime rates, I feel totally safe when walking the streets of Tokyo. Compared to some parts of London it feels like a haven.

    Masculinity is about working hard and getting ahead of others, ultimately being successful is attractive to women not acting macho and uncivilized.

  15. Vince

    I say men who lack integrity and morals, having no self control are the effemenite ones and indeed it is fact because Jesus Christ was and is the perfect man. Of course man’s sin has made him effeminite. Not picking on anyone cause I’m human also but I think that since humans share the same boat we should all realize our need for change and a Saviour. Also I wanted to know, do these Japanese men (as general as validly possible) do they behave femininely? such as mannerisms? I’ve heard Korean men were more masculine in behaviour.

    • Hacienda

      Jesus Christ was and is the perfect man.

      The Tao says that’s Kwazy. All things have their time. The Christian time has passed.

    • narut00

      please respect the religions of other cultures… like the shinto from Japan

  16. Thanks Robert Lindsay for the article…for some reason I thought the article was going to be somehow insultive or negatively condescending against Asian men or something. BTW I did not know ancient Asian men was once hypermasculine

    To Xera: ur the only one who acts like this here. get a life

  17. Asian men are great. They take care of their wife and children perfectly. However, some of them control their wife. I am telling you the truth.

  18. Silva

    “Distaste of homosexuals” is manliness? No, it’s just Abrahamic religion.

    Roman conquerors: a bunch of fags.
    Greek conquerors: a bunch of fags.
    Iranian conquerors: a bunch of fags.
    Chinese conquerors: a bunch of fags.
    Japanese conquerors: a bunch of fags.

    Seriously. The likely reason why I don’t have a distaste for homosexuals is that I know enough history to know homosexuality doesn’t require limp-wristedness or liking Lady Gaga.

  19. Hawk

    China is the top of the heap in Asia, when it comes to supermacho fight-picking uber-insecure men. I had no problems dealing with Japanese cats and Korean cats, no worries–tough guys, yes, but no worries, as long as you treat them respect, it’s same-same. I live and work in China now, however, and the bizarre, “I will always prove that I am the toughest guy in the room” mentality of Chinese men is ridiculous–but it’s their country. For example, working out in a gym near my flat, there were Chinese college students who were all too happy to mock and insult me, to my face, when I was hitting the heavy bag. Now I’m a former commando, 57, and still hit the heavy bag for an hour a day. They were college punks, early 20s, and nothing but fight-picking ratpunk “let’s mock and insult the foreigner because we need to constantly prove that we’re the toughest guys in the room” a*********. Word to China: The toughest guy in the room is the guy who has nothing to prove. The toughest guy in the room is the guy who never has to prove that he’s the toughest guy in the room. Just as the smartest guy in the room is the guy who never has to prove that he’s the smartest guy in the room. So, long story short–I did not react to the stone cold idiots until after I finished my workout and told them off, American-style. They walked away. That wasn’t the first time, however, that I had to deal with the supermacho, wanna-be tough guys in China–they are some really sad, sad mofrackies, no doubt about it. None of them would have lasted five seconds under fire in combat. Where this “supermacho, wanna-be tough guy” mentality comes from in China–who the hell knows, I’m not Chinese so I don’t have an answer for that. And yes, I went out and bought my own heavy bag so I don’t have to deal with the stone cold idiots anymore. Otherwise, China is a great place to live and work in. By the way, I live in Thailand, when not in China, and not once in any Muay Thai gym or boxing gym in Thailand have I ever had to deal with any supermacho wanna-be tough guy nonsense from Thai kickboxers and Thai boxers. Thai men don’t go around trying to prove that they are tough guys, they know of not being smartass ass clown fight pickers.

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