Indian Morality Compared to American Morality

Jaipal writes:

By the way, speaking of morals and whatnot, what morals does Western society increasingly have?

Skyrocketing divorce rates, with no real family values or respect for the basic functional unit of society, namely the family.

Out-of-Wedlock births and a growing bastard population,
increasing welfare dependency parasites on the dole, a drug and gun culture where a shooting now takes place  every now and then?

Growing Christian Evangelism which emphasizes irrationality over reason like the creationism versus evolution debate.

What about gay marriage permissiveness. Should be the last to talk about morals!

Surely the low morals of America are vastly trumped by the devastatingly low morals of Indians. As humans, Indians are probably by far some of the morally lowest humans on the face of the Earth.

1. Of all humans on Earth, no humans care less about their fellow man than Indians. This is the most serious form of condemnation. Further, India has always been this way. As far back as we can go in history, Indians have never cared one whit about their fellow man.

2. One of the most viciously racist societies on Earth. India has actually instituted the most cruel and savage racism into every single crevice of its society in the form of the caste system. Is India the most racist society on Earth? In terms of the racist abuse doled out to its citizens, it may well be. In racist terms, what you have in India is nearly an entire nation of Nazi-like racists. And it is no wonder that Indians have long revered Hitler and the 3rd Reich.

3. Callous abuse of women. Of all societies on Earth, women are less safe in India than most other countries. Rapes are out of control, and possibly this has been the case for hundreds of years. For millenia, widows were set on fire on the streets of India. There are many 1000’s of cruel and horrific dowry murders of women every year in India. These murders are supported by the majority of the Indian people.

4. Child abuse. There is a long standing tradition of child abuse in India, actually sanctioned by Hindu priests. Hindu temples have been havens for the open sexual abuse of female children and even boys for hundreds of years. There are almost no arrests for these crimes, and they continue in vast numbers to this very day.

5. Slavery. Everywhere you look in India, you see frank and obvious slavery. Many millions of Indians are slaves, bonded into unpaid labor to higher castes for perpetuity. Many children are also slaves. Most of the women in Indian brothels are sex slaves, trafficked into slavery.

6. Callous abuse of traffic laws. There are few traffic laws in India, and what laws there are are violated by almost everyone. This is one of the worst countries on Earth to be a driver of a vehicle or a pedestrian on foot or bicycle. Indian drivers simply do not care and will gladly run into or over any pedestrian or bicyclist who gets in their way. There is no consideration of other drivers, and you take your life in your hands every time you step on the gas.

7. Widespread fraud, thievery and scamming. India has a business community in which ethics are nearly nonexistent. Indian businessmen constantly steal from each other, so no one trusts each other. There are no criminal prosecutions for fraud because all Indian politicians are criminals themselves. You can pursue the civil suit route, but it will take years to decades. Most Indian judges are corrupt criminals themselves, so there is no guarantee of any justice.

8. Corruption everywhere. Whether there is a single honest politician anywhere in India would be a great question. It is automatically assumed that all or nearly all politicians are criminals. This level of governmental crime is not seen much in the world outside of parts of Africa.

9. The worst starvation on Earth. India has the worst malnutrition and starvation figures on Earth. The only country that is worse is Ethiopia, and they live in the desert. Indians starve because their fellow Indians don’t care whether they starve or not or whether they live or die. India grows enough food to feed all of its people, but it is not distributed properly. Indian government programs to feed the poor are handed over to corrupt locals. Probably 95% of the food aid is then stolen by these locals and diverted to the open market.

10. A medical system based on callous abuse of the sick and dying. There are few places on Earth where you have to pay the doctor to keep you alive. India is one of those places. If you don’t pay the doctor, you get no treatment. You either live or die, or get better or worse. The only way to assure that you get any kind of treatment of all is to pay off the doctor-criminal.

11. Shit and piss everywhere. 600 million Indians lack toilets, so half a billion Indians shit and piss outdoors every day. The sidewalks and fields of India are covered with shit. It is difficult to walk in many Indian cities because there are shits everywhere you step on the ground.

Indian men piss openly, often on walls of cities. Many walls in cities smell horrifically of piss. If you look around big Indian city in the daytime, you will see city walls along sidewalks with dozens to scores of men lined up pissing on the wall. The piss rolls off the wall, down the sidewalk and into the gutters. The rich and middle class walk by carrying briefcases and care nothing whatsoever about the men pissing right next to them. No one will give these poor wretches toilets or build pubic restrooms because the Indians that have money don’t want any of it going to poor people, and the Indian state exists to serve the rich and only the rich, forever.

12. The most horrific beggars anywhere on Earth. In any Indian city, you will see beggars. You will see young boys, completely covered in shit, trying to steal food to survive. You will see men and women living on the streets, covered in in filth and degradation. You will see human skeletons everywhere, begging for food. If you give any of these wretches food, many Indians will rush up to and demand to know why you gave food to the “scumbag beggar.” According to Indians, giving food to beggars “only encourages them.” Instead of giving it to him, you should have given it to them instead.

13. If you go to the Indian holy city on the Ganges, you will see countless Indians drinking, bathing and swimming in the filthiest river the world has ever seen. Dead bodies float everywhere on the river, bloated, rotting, sickening. Crows perch on the bodies, gnawing on the dead. The rotting bodies loll up onto shore, where packs of roving dogs hound in on them and feast on the rotten corpses. This is India. This is the holiest city in all of India, the holiest city in Hinduism, the citadel of Hindu India.

14. Crabs in a barrel, dog eat dog, the law of the jungle. India has been this way as far back as anyone can remember. This is normal for India. Every man for himself, fuck everyone but me and mine. India is a nation of 1.2 million Mitt Romneys.

15. Nonexistent schools. Many villages lack schools. The state is only for the rich, so they don’t want to build villages for the poor. In many Indian villages, the schools have no toilets, so the children shit and piss outside all through the day. In many of these schools, the teachers simply never show up. They collect a paycheck for many years, but they never spend a day in class. This situation often goes on for many years.

16. The worst religion on Earth. One reason why Hinduism is the worst religion can be exemplified by Hindu temples. All Christian churches, especially Catholic churches, are mandated to give many to most donations to the poor. The churches also raise money to serve the poor. Mosques are also mandated to serve the poor.

Muslims must tithe a certain portion of income to the mosque, which is then distributed to the needy. Mohammad himself mandated this tithe and the destination of its funds. Mosques and Islamist groups often run all manner of social services agencies from schools to day care to hospitals for services for the poor and needy. Islam is essentially a socialist religion, and this impulse dates back to Mohammad himself, who was actually a bit of a 7th century socialist.

Buddhist societies have cultures that mandate a lot of distribution of income to the poor and needy. Buddhism is at core a socialist or Communist religion, which is why forms of these economic systems were easily implemented in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Korea and Japan.

In contrast, the Indian rich give their money to Hindu temples with the comforting knowledge that not one penny of those riches will ever go to the poor. For the Indian rich, if any of their money went to the poor it would be seen as wasted. So all of their money goes to the temple instead. Hindu temples accumulate vast riches, but not one dime of it goes to the poor. For the Indian Hindu, this curious dispensation is the proper one.

One gives money to the temple in the pagan tradition of trying to buy favors from the Gods. You give the Gods money, and they give you stuff and money in return. It’s analogous to the buying of indulgences in Medieval Catholicism, and it’s as corrupt, backwards and primitive as human religion gets.


As you can see, America has none of these problems. Sure, American society has some serious moral transgressions, but at its core, it is a profoundly more decent, moral, cleanly and functional society than we see in India. America is a much more moral society than India, though things are on a downswing. India is much more morally degenerate.

America is a more moral country because Americans are morally superior people. India is a depraved and vicious country because Indians are immoral, savage and animal-like people.

Societies are a reflection of the people who live in and create them. Mexicans created Mexico. Mexico blows for one reason and one reason only. Mexico blows because it’s full of Mexicans. Everywhere a Mexican goes in the world, he can only recreate the disaster that is Mexico. This is because this is what his culture has programmed him to do.

80% of Mexico wants to come to America. If we let 90 million more Mexicans flood our heaving shores, America will become Mexico North by default.

400 million Indians want to come to the US. If we give in and let them in, America, the shining city on the hill, will be gone. In its place will be Calcutta from sea to shining sea.


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  1. Brahmin Man -Indian

    you banned me again for speaking truth

  2. Brahmin Man -Indian

    $100 Million Earthquake Proof Hindu Temple.

    we hindus will not build schools,we dont like charities,we dont provide Health but where ever we go. We build Marble temples decorated with Gold to our Stone gods and waste Milk,Butter,Honey,Flowers,Rice while millions of children are starving

    Hindu stone Gods dont take bath with Water,They bath in various scents,Milk,Butter,Honey and even Flowers but be used to Dry them

    Every day over 2 Million Litres of Milk is wasted by our Stone Gods,All they do is bath in milk, while 400 million starve on streets

    Earthquake Proof Hindu Temple was built with $ 100 million ..

    WASHINGTON: One of the biggest Hindu temples in the U.S., built at a whopping cost of $ 100 million near the city Hollywood in Los Angeles has become a major draw for its grandeur and environment-friendly design, since its inauguration.

    The 68th Swaminarayan temple of Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha Bochasanwasi (BAPS) has been built using 35.000 pieces of meticulously hand carved Italian Carrara marble and Indian pink sandstone, temple officials said.

    BAPS said that it is first earthquake-proof Mandir in the world and is expected to last for 1,000 years.

    “The Mandir is a beautiful testament to the hard work of your congregation who has spent several years to build this place of worship,” Chino Hill Mayor Peter Rogers said.

    “The Mandir and Cultural Center will indeed be a place that Chino Hills can be proud of for so many, many generations,” he said, at the temple’s inauguration on December 23rd

    Using cutting edge technology to protect it from earthquakes, the temple encompasses five pinnacles, two large domes, four balconies, 122 pillars and archways 129.

    The 6.600 hand-carved motifs depict a mosaic of tales of inspiration, devotion and dedication, along with historical figures from Hinduism, temple officials said.

    “Artisans created the carvings in India with great love, skill and patience before the pieces were shipped to Chino Hills,” a statement said BAPS.

    The Mandir is situated on a 20-acre site, complete with 91 foot lotus-shaped reflection pond, a Cultural Centre, gymnasium and classrooms.

    It is designed to “calm the mind and open it,” said Ronak Patel, a volunteer of the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha.

    “The upper structure of the complex is protected from earthquake damage by separating it from the base with a series of 40 base-isolator units,” it said.

    “The Mandir therefore uses a solar power system to generate electricity and reduce adverse effects on the environment. The Mandir combines the best of traditional stone art and architecture and the best of modern technology,” said Divyesh Patel, a member of the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha


    As i have written in the last post about Hindu Temple culture. where ghee, milk, yogurt and even Honey will be wasted as “Abhisheka”.

    Every year its estimated that 300 Million Litres of milk is wasted on Abhisheka (Stone Worship of God) in India.

    While millions of children suffer from child malnourishment, Hindus are busy building temples everywhere for Stone Gods, and there are over 330 million Stone Gods.

    Food wastage in Hindu rituals

    Two names are very popular in India and the other one is Abishek is Pooja. So so much we are soaked in blind like Abhishek in rituals of Gods, that we fail to see the rationale behind seeking acts.

    India has got more than roughly 1crore temples small medium and large put together. Each temple has a deity Which has to be given Abishek atleast once a day through Milk (Approx 1lit by deity) Which means approximately 1 crore liters milk is wasted per day in Bath ritual of Gods.

    Why Gods need a bath. Normally bath is given by us, only for children and Invalids. Gods Tellows come under any of these categories and if He wants bath, He can take bath Himself and He is our creator and He does not need any help from us for taking bath. why do we then resort to this blind ritual. Secondly even female Gods are given by Bath Male Purohits Which is not practiced even in our real life.

    In addition to Milk mentioned, many items like Gee, Curd, Honey and Panchamirth, coconut water are given as bath to Gods. Since they form a grease coating on Gods surface, which can not be wiped out with water wash. With the result our stone deities are contaminated with fungus and breeding ground for Bacteria. In the night when temple is closed all Cockroaches, flies, Rats and Lizards enter the sanctum sanctorum and add further their contribution to the contamination. This when given as Abishek Tirth after a bath to devotees likely to cause infection spread.

    Can do away with these blind rituals and if Necessary keep only water for Abhishek. After bath the deity can be perfectly cleaned with a turkish towel Sun that it remains clean for the worship of the devotees after flower decoration and ornaments .. The milk Malthus saved one crore liter per day, can be used to feed malnutrioned for the children of India


    Hindu superstition lets women pouring over 20 Million Litres of milk in the Bay of Bengal to pacify River God lake pictures


    While children are dying with malnourishment, Million of liters of Milk, Honey, Yogurt, Almonds, Fresh Flowers and what more even grown Paddy, Fruits are wasted and allowed to rot in Temples as a way to pacify Gods

    3 days of festival over 40 Tonnes of garbage on streets.

    A Comparative Study of Solid Waste Generation Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi Temples at in the Shiwalik foothills, garbage during the Kumbh Mela 2010 ( points out over 10,000 Tonnes of is generated from 2 and mansa devi temples Chandi Devi temples

    Not many hindu even know the name Chandi Devi and mansa Devi and their Significance, but once a Temple is built, we must decorate those stone with gold Gods and Worship them every day by bathing them in Milk

    Some indians build temples for themselves and Become demi Gods like this

    This is famous Brainwashed Useful idiot Dalit leader building temple for her selves.

    When i say Dalits are now become useful idiots, you can search name of Mayawathi to understand how insecure they are

    • George

      “Rapes are out of control, and possibly this has been the case for hundreds of years”

      just check below UN Rape Statistics. compare US and India’s rate of rapes per 100000 of population for the latest year in there – 2010. Its 27.3 Rapes per 100000 for USA compare to 1.8 Rapes per 100000 for India.

      Even if we assume that in India there could be many rape incidents not getting reported and extrapolate the number by five times = 9.0 , its still 1/3 of the USA.

      The way you keep ranting against about India just tells the sound minds that your this shithole blog is worth only one visit and that too accidental..!! live in your hole. Glad that in USA, your kinds are very less..and dying..

      • George

        here is the link ot UN Rape Statistics –

      • Your name is not even George, you silly Hindu. Why do all these weird Hindutvadi types always adopt English names? I don’t get it.

        PS, you are banned.

        • Brahmin Man -Indian

          Most of these men are from RSS Training Callcenter Paid 2 cents per hour to spread Hindu propaganda on Internet

        • Brahmin Man -Indian

          Using English name is way to trick people ,Most indian callcenter people are trained to use English names so that call center customers will not suspect their telemarketing scammers are from India.

          But you can spot indians with fake accent easily.

          Indians use same trick to self praise themselves, you can see all hindu propaganda videos on youtube where Hindus with english names praise India and its beauty .

          Truth is , Philippines is eating India’s lunch,Most indians are losing their call center jobs and are working Hindutva propaganda Call centers hosted by BJP

        • vicmund

          What do you think of the Chinese morality. I’m interested to know to be honest

      • peter frampton

        you sir, are an idiot. this author speaks the great truth about the savagery and barbaric nature of those indian creatures. i have unfortunately visited india a few times, and i can sincerely attest to everything he says. the rapes are out of control especially for women. and the sad truth is that these fucking indian animals will rape young girls who are barely old enough to understand the concept of sexual intercourse. walk on any foul smelling street in india, and you will witness rapes in progress or women being abused. believe me, if i had a gun walking the streets of new delhi, mumbai, or any other gross indian city i would not hesistate to open fire. His reference to hindus being corrupt and greedy is accurate. hindus donate money to the temple, with the expectation that these funds will go only building a bigger and more lavish temple. I have NEVER seen hindu temples organizing food drives, or feeding homeless/poor people. never. isnt that the primary responsibility of any religion? to take care of the sick and poor? did you know that in most savage indian cities older women who have been widowed are condemned to shaving their heads and living on the streets, where noone takes care of them? what a fucking shitty and classless society.

        This article is nothing short of a pulitzer prize winning document which many should read, read again and learn the real truth about indians and their corrupt society.

      • peter frampton

        you are still a fucking indian shithead. enjoy.

  3. Brahmin Man -Indian

    Probably Jaipal is completely brainwashed in Hindutva propaganda,There is no hope for these freaks

    They always pinpoint others mistakes to pass on their filthy lives.

    So here are Few Myth Busters which show reality behind of Hindutva façade

    1.There are over 170 Million Single parent Families in India, over 93 percent of them were managed by Single mothers

    –Comparatively speaking–India has largest Population of Single Mothers- and no wonder why many of Indian lower caste are in prison, its because they were raised in dysfunctional families

    2. India has largest “GAY” Population in World.Ofcourse to cover up you can kill GAY’S like in IRAN by Creating HINDUTVA state but this doesnt solve the problem.

    Officially stats say that Indian Gay population is over 18 percent -Which means roughly 200 Million, —

    43 percent of Indians are bisexual- which means over 480 Million Indians are bisexual

    23 percent of Indian women Lesbians-Comparatively its over 140 million lesbians.

    TRUTH : USA has less than 2 percent of GAY’S


    While GAY’S are accepted in US, there is a taboo in INDIA.

    and Hindu’s HIDE it very well

    4. Over 100000 Indian men Commit Suicide every year due to their Wifes,Cheating on other men.

    American society perhaps has liberal laws so that couple can split amicably, while in Indian society Lot of Taboo is attached so people do their sexual rendezvous secretly

    Divorce rates have doubled in India,Most indian Urban families are dysfunctional as well,

    Rural women have less incentive to divorce as they are not economically Free, but urban women are partaking in divorce and extra marital flings
    and much more.

    • snowisfun

      It has been years since I’ve been to India but will give thoughts. Again, happen to be a HINO (Hindu in Name Only) who supports Patrick J. Buchanan. Yes, India has 3d world poverty where people pee & shit outside but that’s true in any 3d World Nation. Most Hindu men are straight & have sex with women only.

      India has the most # of scientists-USA outsources engineering jobs to India be it I.T., computers. India has nuclear weapons. There are alot of smart people in Inda. Many people find Indian women pretty, English men sometimes married Indian women during British colonialism & Portuguese men in Goa sometimes married Goanese women because the English & Portuguese found Indian women prettier than the African women so they have good taste in women. In porn today, there are White men who happily do Indian women so Indian women are in sexual demand. Yet not as many women are as interested in Indian men, unless the men are engineers, millionaires or have a personality like Dev Patel.

      Indians in the USA commit the fewest # of crimes while Black Americans commit the most. Hindu Indians are peaceful & do not generalize by what Jaipal wrote. India was on the side of the allies during both the World Wars & Hindu Indian soldiers fought against the Japs in the Pacific Theater & there were Indian soldiers who ended up in Japanese POW camps in the Phillipines. Indian soldiers also fought against the Germans in the African Campaign, Indian soldiers fought on side of 19 UN Nations during the Korean War. Dr. Robert Lindsay mentions Hitler (Swastika came from India) but Subhas Chandra Bose was not a Nazi sympathizer-he only asked for Germany’s help for India’s independence & he is a minor figure when it comes to Imperial Japan & Nazi Germany.

      Haven’t been to India in years, but there are alot of nice things that Indians have done & most Hindus treat their women nicely. Media takes 1 case where a gang rape happens, but that made the news because it’s strange & odd.

    • @Brahmin Indian man,

      You must be pretty gullible and naive.
      The News Media in India writes many false and sensational
      things just to get readership and attention. There is intense
      competition among the many, many Indian news outlets.

      It has been shown that many stories they write have no basis
      in reality. There are alot of made up stories just for the sake
      of sensationalism and viewrship. not everything they say is correct.

      most Indian families in the urban areas are dysfunctional??
      Absolutely not. Did they actually meet each and every family
      in India’s teeming cities?? LOL. I don’t think so.

    • @Brahmin man,

      If these divorces are happening mostly in cities and not so much
      in the villages, then it proves only one thing. namely that
      the degenerate Western social influence is spreading to the cities
      which is why you see the problem there.

      In the villages, traditional indian culture is still followed which is
      why divorce is not so common, if rare. This only shows that Western
      cultural influence is the cause for divorces in India, not traditional
      Hindu indian culture!

      my basic point was valid. Traditional hindu culture/hinduism
      and a hindu nationalist state is what benefits India, not degenerate
      Western style Secularism.

  4. Iñaki

    Robert, I think it is urgent we say it is because of culture, not race or biology that a person can create a bad condition. Of course, you generalized by saying “Everywhere a Mexican goes in the world, he can only recreate the disaster that is Mexico.” Of course, not all Mexicans are the same, just like you wouldn’t say, “Whatever human being comes out of Mexico is mestizo”… that would miss a large segment of that population. Moreover, I think India’s moral failings are due to the popular Hindu belief that poor people are paying for the evil they did in a past life. So they believe these people deserve it. Similar to Buddhism, but at least the Buddhists try to cultivate “loving-kindness” for all people, regardless of who they are, so this negates (and even betters) their similar reincarnation-karma beliefs about poor, miserable people being rebirths of evil people. You say Mexico is Mexico because it’s filled with Mexicans, but you know what? Mexicans can be programmed to have a different culture, so it’s not something permanent. No nation or culture remains the same, as you might know since you have studied the history, culture, religion, language, ethnicity, and race of people and how these change over time. I foresee Mexico becoming different as a society, just like the US will become a different society in terms of cultural beliefs.

    • ricks1977

      @Iñaki – Yes I agree to a good degree it is culture, but culture is a representation of its people. However that said I think “Unfortunately” Genes (Biology) is PARTLY the reason why Africa / Mexico / India is a disaster (or not so great) it is because it full of Mexicans/Indians and Africans. As a person of Hispanic Ancestary (so part white) I would say Europeans generally create the most successful societies. I recently went to Australia and NZ and I was amazed, just 200 years agos there way barely nothing their, now there are Skycrapers/highways/mega cities and one of the worlds most advances countries and Economies Etc…. OR ANOTHER WAY I LIKE TO EXPLAIN IT IS THE GENES/BIOLOGY =

      Yes I agree Mexican (being of Hispanic Ancestry myself), and for the most part Hispanics Assimilate much better than, Indians/Africans/Muslims and Sikhs etc…. and our Intermarriage rates is very high and culture is at least part European so some what similar, but if masses of Mexicans come to the US, then it will look like parts of Southern California…. Poor / Mexican “Men” (Cholos) taking a piss and acting all arrogant and shitty (like they do in Mexico), thankfully their US Born Kids are much better and act more America and have better Values Culture, Education / Class etc is a factor for sure, but Genes/Biology is also a factor…..

      I wonder how pleasant Mexico would have been if in 1848 the US had crushed any opposition and just Annexed the Whole Country! Certainly much better than Mexico now (and No Border Problem) – LOL!

      I also think if the British Kept India/South-Asia these countries and regions would have been better off If they remained under the British.

      Just my 2 Cents!

      • Bubble

        Before the British came india was responsible for 33% of the worlds GDP

        • ricks1977

          @Bubble Its EASY Blaming the West/British and Whites (what and whoever) – However we need to be self critical and look inwards towards our own failures…. India is a failure because of its people / culture / ethics and principles PERIOD! Not because of the British……

          The British (and by default West) Came to – the USA / Canada / Australia / Singapore / Malaysia / Thailand / Philippines / NZ / South Africa / South Latin America / Much of the Ex-Soviet Union Etc… Etc… AND These countries and regions are now thriving or at least doing reasonably well and are light years ahead of India and South-Asia!

          Stop blaming others and living in your god damn bubble. Start taking responsibility for your on actions and failures! Thank you!

  5. Iñaki

    On another note, I once had a professor in college who had a theory that the reason immigrants come to the US is because America has messed with them. When the US went into Vietnam, Vietnamese came; when it messed with El Salvador and intensified the civil war there by backing the dictatorship and ruthless military of that country, Salvadorans poured into the US. As he says (mocking a famous anti-immigrant politician/activist) “They keep coming…they keep coming… but they keep coming because we won’t leave them the fuck alone” Haha he was an intense sociologist, he cried often, and was passionate about these things… But, on another level, the US is a true (unintended) world empire, like Rome, and it has no choice but to tangle itself in foreign involvements, US grand strategy is to keep every region of the world divided and fighting amongst themselves so no single regional power can challenge US power, especially the nations of Eurasia and North America (Canada, Mexico, and Cuba – this last one serving as an especially useful ally/launching pad for US’s rivals, for instance, when the Soviets placed missiles in Cuba… which is why America was always obsessed with Mexico, Cuba, Oregon territory, and what was northern Mexico but is now the southwestern US. This is the view I have adopted from an intellectual writer who also argued that US society is immature, it wants things that the US gov’t simply can’t achieve, and it doesn’t want to own up to the truth – that their nation is not just a republic, but an empire as well, just like Britain and Rome once were.

  6. Cow is my mom - Bull is my father

    Delhi gang-rape victim’s friend: Cops wasted 30 minutes arguing about jurisdiction

    NEW DELHI: While Nirbhaya’s brutal gang-rape horrified the nation, the events that followed the crime revealed shocking callousness on the part of both citizens and the police. In his first public statement, Nirbhaya’s friend said on Friday that the two of them lay naked on the road for more than two hours with people stopping to look at them and then moving on.

    “My friend was grievously injured and bleeding profusely. Cars, autos and bikes slowed down and sped away. I kept waving for help. The ones who stopped stared at us, discussing what could have happened. Nobody did anything,” he said in an interview to Zee News channel.

    According to the friend, the apathy did not end even after the police entered the scene. Three PCR vans arrived at the spot. Then, in an exhibition of mindless, totally insensitive bureaucratic behaviour, the cops spent the next half-hour arguing over whose jurisdiction the crime fell under, he said.

    “The police did not pick us up. One of them tore a sheet and offered it to me to cover my friend. In my injured state, I picked her up and put her in the PCR van,” said the friend, narrating his story with poise and composure.

    “The police took us to Safdarjung Hospital rather than going to the nearest private hospital. Had it not been late at night when there’s hardly any traffic on the roads, my friend would have died that very day,” he said.

    Appearing on camera with his right leg still in a cast, the software engineer recounted the treatment meted out to him at Safdarjung Hospital. “When we reached the hospital, I sat without clothes on the floor for a long time even as my friend was taken inside for treatment.”

    He said for the next four days, he lay on a stretcher in the police station, where he was not provided any treatment or counselling. In fact, he added that his treatment was being done at a private hospital on his own expense.

    Speaking about the heinous crime, he said the accused tricked them into boarding the bus, which had black film on the windows and curtains. “First, three of them came passing lewd comments. I fought with them. Then two more came with a rod. They hit me even as my friend was trying to shield me. We both kept shouting for help,” he said.

    The bus drove through the city for around two-and-a-half hours while the two were being attacked, the youth said.

    Asked about the move to shift Nirbhaya to Singapore for treatment, he said it was an opportunistic decision aimed at controlling the protests. “When they thought the pressure was too much to handle, they moved her to Singapore. Had she been taken to a good hospital in the first place, she would have been alive.”

    He said Nirbhaya was so determined to see that the guilty are punished that she fought through her pain and gave her statement to the SDM twice. “She gave all details of the crime to the magistrate — things we can’t even talk about. She told me that the culprits should be burnt alive.”

    “I never thought she won’t live. She used to smile when I visited her. She used to tell her family not to worry. She asked about expenses. She was attached to her roots as any other commoner,” he said.

    On whether the police chief should step down, he avoided a direct answer, saying, “I don’t want to ask them to resign. But if the SHO or the ACP or the DCP or the police commissioner realize they had lacked in their duty somewhere, they should resign on moral grounds. They should go on their own.”

    He urged the protesters to keep up the pressure on the authorities, saying that is the only way things could change. “Change won’t happen by lighting candles, we need to change ourselves too. I feel everything was happening under the pressure of the protests. When the pressure was high, officials and politicians visited.”

    Significantly, he was not in favour of naming the new law on sexual offences after his friend. Instead, he said, the existing laws should be implemented properly. “We have enough laws. And laws do not have anything to do with name. The common people don’t associate with the name or the sections; justice is more important for them. They should focus more on implementing laws and ensuring safety of the people.”

    The friend, who has been under counselling to overcome the trauma, said he was haunted by the events of December 16. “I can’t forget that night or what happened after that. I keep blaming myself, thinking I should have not done this or that.”

    • Brahmin Man -Indian

      Hindu morality permeates across all levels in India–Large concentration of Hindus in any region will pollute even functioning systems

      Hindu morality cannot create functioning society

      I told you before-Hinduism doesnt care about human beings , all it cares about is Gold temples and stone gods

      Hindus will create another million Gods and build another million temples.

      There is no hope in such society, it will rot and stink which is already happening and will continue to happen

      Ofcourse idiot Dalits like Jaipal and other indians will love to live in collective delusions

      Truth is hindu society cannot create a honest moral human being.

      Even Hindu Gods are Back stabbers and some are Rapists

      Lord Krishna will fit credentials of porn stars-He raped and molested over 13 Million Gopika’s in his life time,and Hindus are doing same thing.

      Hinduism is born out of incest.

      Lord Brahma the Creator,Created saraswathi from his “Semen” and later fornicated with her–Brahma committed incest with his own daughter.

      Lord Ram got married to Sita when he is 7 and she is 4- If you read aranya parva you will know the truth.

      While in absence of Sita,Lord Ram use to enjoy the pleasures offered by various women from his kingdom.

      He slut shamed his wife and kicked her out and fornicated with other women. He Pimped Raavan’s Kingdom and his wife to his brother Vibhishan to win the battle.

      Hindus cannot fight straight ,So they use cowardly means like ram did with Vali.

      Rape,Incest ;extra marital relations-Guru,Rishis Wifes fornicating with Gods Like Indra–

      rishis cursing Gods and Gods cursing Rishis for fornicating with their each other’s Wifes.

      Wife sharing is widely practised ,Once women gets married she must sleep with all her brother in laws and father in laws like Draupadi did.

      Most of stupid cults like sati were no longer practised

      Hinduism is not some moral religion ,there are lot of disgusting things which were kept under wrap.

      Open any upanishad you will find animal fornication, Goddesses Sucking penis of Horse ,Which you see on walls of hindu temples.

      Hinduism is some Cult which emerged from Ancient Sodom and Gomorrah

      Its full of incest ,Rape,animal sex ,Extra-Marital sex,Gods killing each other as their wife’s cheated on them.

      Hindu heaven is replica of sick hindu mind-Where Hindu will never work and Apsarasa’s and Gandharva Kanya’s,Kinnera’s will have sex with these Hindus , while they drink wine and Ramba ,menaka,Urvasi will dance naked and these morons masturbate.

      This is ultimate moksha of Hinduism-Dancing with Apsarasa’s,kinnera,and some Sexual goddesses.

      Same is true with another stupid cult islam,where Islamic idiots are guaranteed 72 virgins.

      Both these cults are degenerate and the humans born out of these cults are corrupt and degenerate as well

      • Malla

        For all Honesty Brahma was an Aryan god unlike Krishna. So those Central Asian blonds are to be blamed. They are part of our DNA too but they are close to White people. Check out how close our ANI ancestors are to Europeans.

  7. @Robert Lindsay,

    Most of the problems you mentioned above about India is caused by
    not Hinduism or Hindu society as such but due to the corruption of the
    Secularist state. Most of the issues are related to issues of governance.

    The Secularist state is responsible for a good number of these problems.
    The only solution is a Hindu nationalist state which will solve these

    Also, Mr. Lindsay, you made a mistake equating the caste system
    with race, as usual. Caste system is not a racial system at all
    but rather a system of division of labor among occupational groups
    in a sedentary society. Thats all there is to it, really.
    So, your claim of Indians being racist doesn’t really fly,
    because you confused the Caste system with race!

    As for Hindu temples getting lots of money and whatnot, that is
    certainly true, but there is a catch. That money, ironically
    doesn’t come to Hindu society because most Hindu Temples
    in India are controlled by the corrupt SECULARIST government.
    They simply seize the money without giving it back to Hindu
    society due to their hypocritical, perverted concept of secularism.

    The Mosques and Churches are not controlled by the Government,
    that is why the funding they get remains with them, so they have
    money they can do something with, again due to the peculiar
    way in which pseudo-secularism is practised by the anti-hindu
    Secularist state!

  8. Dota

    Jaipal wrote:
    By the way, speaking of morals and whatnot, what morals does Western society increasingly have?

    One Christian volunteer at the local soup kitchen is worth more than a million Hindu devotees. I’ve posted this before but it bears repeating:

    In February, 17 tonnes of silver, worth Rs 117 crore, was found in an Odisha temple. The priests say they had no idea it was even there. But the devotee keeps giving. Tirupati alone gets between 800kg (The Economic Times’ estimate) and 1,825kg (The Telegraph’s estimate) of gold a year.
    When God accepts money in return for his favours, what is wrong with my doing the same thing? Nothing. This is why Indians are so easily corruptible. Our culture accommodates such transactions morally. Indians do not buy the theory that we can all rise if each of us behaves morally, because that is not the message of our faith.

    In antiquity such a system would be considered quite normal as the pagan cults of Europe operated in the same way. But Christianity shifted that paradigm by linking piety to ethics and making ethics an end in itself. I suppose this makes Christianity superior to Islam as well since in Islam ethical behavior is a means to an end (paradise = hedonistic pleasure). In Christianity the reward for ethical behaviour is wholly intrinsic, the satisfaction of perfecting one’s character so that one can be more like God.

    Sorry Jaipal, Western morality > Indian morality any day.

    • Brahmin Man -Indian

      Hindutva and Hindu Morality and Spirituality is a metaphor-It looks great in their hallucinations,but they cannot find any practical implementation close to their fraud ideology

      Hindus have spent all their time building Castles in Air and fooling people in the name of mythical Gods and Mandir

      No matter how many times they rebuild their metaphor,it falls flat on their face everytime.

      Their Hallucinations of Grandeur are exposed every time and people mock them.

      Problem is Hindus have not got that Courage to accept their decadence and degeneracy .

      In India there is always an Excuse to evade accepting your sin.

      God will redeem all your sins once you take a Dip in Polluted Ganges or Give money to Stone God

      Never in History these Degenerate Hindus have come face to face with their degeneracy and have accepted their sins.

      Hindus in my Mind are cowards, who use every excuse to evade the day of reckoning ,they even bribe their own God to postpone their Day of reckoning for few days so that they can corrupt and enjoy the fruits of others Labors.

      Ofcourse Hinduism will Give every hallucination that you need, Everything can be part of this stupid Religion,There is no underlying morality in Hindu society

      Infact There is no morality at all,If you want to see Hindu morality , watch it when these Hindus were given Freedom to commit any act.

      Most of Hindus will exploit and abuse others Liberty to fill their own pockets

      Hinduism is an oppurtunist Cult and it turns every one into an oppurtunist ,thats why when large number of hindus live in any particular place,The place becomes polluted and society becomes corrupt.

      Because every one is mutually exploiting each other and trade off to all the guilt that they share is a BRIBE to their GOD.

      Only a SICK Religion will BRIBE a Stone GOD for favours.

      But Hindus cannot understand this,because they have been living like this since dawn,Society never changed

      Only problem Hindutva’s had is their imaginations are getting busted,Technology is destroying their myth and ability to control masses by using RAM and Temple.

    • @Dota,

      Muslims like you have alot of double standards, don’t you.
      The fact is all religious groups contribute monetarily to their
      churches, temples, mosques and what have you.
      There is nothing unique about this as far as hinduism is concerned.

      Your statement about Hindus buying favors from their gods, simply
      shows that you really don’t understand Hinduism as much as you
      would like to give the impression that you do. Hindus contribute
      to their temples for the same reasons that other religious groups
      do. They don’t contribute because they think they can bribe God!!

      The Temples do make use of that money to do service activities
      and there are Hindu organizations that do alot of social service, for
      example the Hare krishna movement!

      No, Hindu sense of service is far better and genuine than the Christian
      sense of service. The Hindus are not looking or calculating for
      converts when they do social service. But the Christians use service
      as a cover-up for promoting conversion activities. They won’t even
      do social service if they happen to know that they won’t get converts!
      This is not the case with Hindu groups.

      Sorry Dota, but you come up pretty short.

      • @Dota,

        The link you cited is a joke. Read the last line of the paragraph
        you posted:

        “Indians do not buy the theory that we can all rise if we behave
        morally, because that is not the message of our faith” (Quote)

        Oh really, is that what actually Hinduism teaches?
        Absolutely not. According to Hinduism, moral behaviour is the
        only way to attain self-realization and god-hood, which is called
        moksha. In other words, a righteous life-style called Dharma
        is the way for improving ones level of wisdom which also helps
        the soul or Atma to attain a higher level of existence which
        ultimately should lead to union with God or whats called moksha.

        That is why the concept of reincarnation exists in Hinduism.
        The idea is to break the cycle of reincarnation to attain liberation
        which means being in a state of oneness with God. How is that
        to be done? By leading a life that is moral and doing good deeds
        so that the soul/Atma becomes purified and can ultimately reach
        that state!

        So who told you that Hinduism doesn’t emphasize morality?
        Just because Hindus are not properly following their religion’s
        teachings does not mean that hinduism is to be blamed!

        That is why I advocate a Hindu nationalist state so that such teachings
        can be implemented from top to bottom and help the country transform
        for the better.

        The reason for the corruption in India is because of Western style
        degenerate secularism.

        • Dota said: “In Christianity, the reward for ethical behaviour is wholly
          intrinsic, the satisfaction of perfecting one’s character so
          that one can be more like God” (Quote)


          Don’t make me laugh at your gullibility and naivety.
          That quote you made above describes Hinduism far more than
          it does Christianity. But nice try lifting Hindu concepts and attributing
          it to Christianity!! LOL. But this is really nothing new for this s what
          Christianity has been doing all along, appropriating pagan concepts
          just to improve itself!

          As for your quote, you are sadly mistaken my friend.
          In Christianity, no human being, other than maybe Jesus
          can become god or even come close to God in character.
          There is no concept of working for your salvation in christianity.
          To come closer to God, you just have to believe in Jesus Christ,
          according to Christianity.

          Christianity is nothing more than a criminal creed or cult that
          emphasizes you to surrender your rational thought processes
          to a God-substitute called “Jesus”. once you do that, you are
          considered “saved”. Indeed, most Christian “saints” throughout
          history were nothing more than criminals serving a criminal

          Dota, I’m sorry to say but you have been duped.
          And no I don’t agree with you on the morality question.

          Sorry Dota, traditional Hindu morality> Degenerate western morality
          any day.

  9. RedFreedom

    You generalize too much. The parts of India that are controlled by Hindutva reactionaries are absolute shit, as are the “human” beings who vote for those fuckers. But you’re going to have a hard time convincing me that Periyar of Tamil Nadu was one of the most ethical and progressive political leaders of the past century or that socialist Kerala has a quality of life that is the envy of the developing world, none of the social problems that plague the places in India that have been corrupted by rightist, Hindutva, or Islamist stupidity, and a government that is far more moral than anything the Americans have had since the days of Great Society liberalism. Fuck Congress and fuck the BJP, Shiv Sena, the ISlamic wackos, the Christian fundamnetalists, and the hindutva movememnt, and long live Indian socialism.

    And nobody in this world is more depraved than fucking Saudis and their piece of shit Wahhabi followers throughout the world. Fuck those racist, misogynistic, anti-democratic pieces of shit. Let’s bury their fucking fascist shithole in nuclear waste.

    • Kerala is under occupation by India. Tamil Nadu is under occupation by India. They are NOT “parts” of India. They are countries that are being illegally occupied by Hindu India. Kerala and Tamil Nadu are Dravidian territories, and a rightful part of Dravida Nadu.

      They are not Indian. They are Dravidian. If you are calling my occupied homeland of Kerala a “part of India”, then you are supporting Indian imperialism.

  10. shazam

    Excellent post lindsay.

  11. edson

    Mexico is not the same than india,check HDI,GDP,malnutrition,etc.Mexico suck compared with USA,but is over the world average in most things

  12. ichigo kurosaki

    millions of indians need to accept the japanese people as their leaders, they need to venerate the japanese and japan too and they need to worship the shinto kamis (not that shinto denies other gods,but seems that hindu gods arent doing a good work with india), because Shinto is the truth, true that america is better than india, but no place in the world is better than Japan on a moral basis, they need to buy toyotas and nintendo and watch/ read anime/ manga, since those are things originated in the sacred part of the world:Japan, in shinto we believe positive things like=
    the Kami are quite interested in our everyday lives and our well being; they are so interested that they will actually intervene in our daily lives just so that they can improve and better our situation. Kami are not just anchored to the natural elements found in nature, but are also apart of other aspects of our lives such as wealth, good fortune, love, good health etc. So long as they are treated well, respected, and given the proper attention during rituals, these Kami willingly aid those who are in need of their help or even those who have shown them respect. There are millions of Kami, each with their own unique personalities, powers, and stories. Shinto revolves around purity; the purity of the world and all of its denizens. Shrine maidens and Shinto priests often do ceremonies and rituals that were created for the specific purpose of purifying evil from things. In fact, Shinto states that humans were born pure

    • Indians will never venerate Japan. The Dravidian people however, will honor and venerate Japan. As long as Japan does the right thing.

      • narselvam

        You want to venerate japanese. Do you know that they are one of the most racially supremacist people on Earth and treat dark skin like shit? They are worshipping white and hate any non-white and treat them like absolute shit. Ask Koreans about the Japanese. Go to japan and you’ll be shocked to see the blatant racism.

  13. I know you all people hate India & it’s religion.Why? Because of their culture & customs.Every country has both good side & bad side.But India has many historical interests.There are many great legends & scolers who grew up in this place in the past.I agree with you that there are many dirts,stupid thoughts & superstition in India.It’s solution is to help the people who are needy,give the milk and almonds to the unhealthy child,respect the women.You all Indians have to learn from your greatest leader Mahatma Gandhi.I think Buddhism is greater than Hinduism.Because it has no caste system.It only teaches to enlighten the people.So,stop polluting Ganga & change your superstitions.

    • Tell India to stop occupying Kashmir, Khalistan, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Assam, Nagaland, Tripur, and many more territories illegally occupied by India.


  14. Blog of a racist douchebag

  15. an American indian

    Indians in America like me follow Indian ideology and get an A+ in English, math, science, and social studies. we top classes with Chinese people and get rich with while many other Americans steal and mug people to live. Most Indians, rich or not, vote in democrats, which shows that they are willing to support the poor at the cost of their wealth. can you say the same for yourself and your racist mind(if you have one)?

  16. Joginder

    LUCKNOW: Debunking the theory floated by Gomtinagar police, the postmortem examination report of the five-year-old girl found dead in VivekKhand area on early Monday showed no dog bites on the victim’s body. The report suggests the girl had been sexually abused and stabbed brutally multiple times. A total of about 60 wounds were found on victim’s body including eight deep wounds. Private parts were found totally ruptured and lacerated.

    LUCKNOW: A minor girl was allegedly stabbed to death and her elder sister raped by one of their relative in Kamasin area in Banda district, police said here today.

    The incident took place last night when the accused attempted to rape the victims, aged 15 and 12 respectively, they said.

    When the girls resisted his rape bid, he stabbed the younger one and threw her body in a well.

    Later, the accused raped the elder victim and stabbed her, and fled from the spot, they said.

    Superior Aryan Civilzation. I am so proud to be Indian. Hindu morals are world-class. We love our women and our people. India shining!

  17. The Hindu

    If 400 million Hindus came into the US then we wouldn’t be 17 in testing. Instead, we would be in the top ten countries worldwide. A Christian soup kitchen volunteer cannot hope to compete with me ( 150 iq hindu) or Ghandi (great Hindu pacifist). Block me of you wish, but know that people on this blog will likely view you harshly because you block people instead of arguing with them. After that, you will be viewed as a racist for calling me a Hindu rat, dog, or pachyderm, or beggar.

    • peter frampton

      ok darkie, let me be the one to argue with you. you are dark, and ugly. you cant get laid as an indian turd. you brag about the great education system in india? guess what asshole – indian colleges dont even rank in the top 100 world wide. compare that stat to universities in the US, Germany, Sweden, Denmark or any other place where civilized people don’t fuck their own family members. you brag about your IQ (which i seriously doubt is as high as you claim it is). but brag all you want, if it makes you feel better about having a small dick. I find it quite amusing how indians like you always talk about one leader – Ghandi as representing all the values of india. guess what? Ghandi has not been around for almost 60 years, and the indians today do not even follow his practices or teachings when it comes to issues of morality, values, giving back to society, or anything else.
      “A Christian soup kitchen volunteer cannot hope to compete with me ( 150 iq hindu)” – why do you even bring this issue up, darkie???? the christian soup kitchen volunteer is doing much more with their life than you ever will. at least he spends his time helping others. you just compare yourself to leaders like Ghandi and spit of every beggar on the street. congratulations on creating that foul smelling, corrupt society that you call home.

      • SidLongDead

        Gandhi may have been a leader, but was definitely an immoral asshole. He had few things of interest to say. And if anyone looks into what he believed, he’s little more than the average indian male.

        He tried to normalize casteism and viewed the female body as inherently impure and an instrument of experimentation..of the spiritual kind. He also claimed to view a woman’s body as a vessel of honor. Now while that may sound contradictory to his view that they are impure, it’s not really in practice. They both serve a fine justification violence against women.

        Just like gandhi most hindu males undertaking a spiritual quest, naturally assume it’s about taking part in fewer lower class roles and habits and distancing themselves from desiring women. indian morals. Any takers?

  18. Kunal Shah

    Hinduism is being the oldest of all religion. Gay christains will not understand. We will push down all the christain and muslim and fuck your mother. You will bow to us and stop killing of the cow. We will teach you lessons you will never forget because you will be dead gay christains. Jai shree ram !!!W

    • peter frampton

      you fucking darkie – please sit down, pray to your cow-god and fuck him up the ass when you get the chance. so what if hinduism is the older religion, that does not excuse its followers for being total assholes!!! we can kill as many cows and eat them as much as we want. then we can deny you assholes visas to come here from india with your foul smelling mannerisms. and there is nothing wrong with gay christians, or atheist ones for that matter. what business is it of yours to concern yourself with what others choose to do in their bedroom? are you curious about the sexual activities between men? take a hike, loser. go fuck another cow.

  19. Percy

    Imagine any American worshiping the fairytale characters like Shrek, Snow white or Peter Pan? You will laugh rolling on the floor. But it is the everyday scene in India. People worship in all kinds of imaginary figures. Sadly no character has any morals. At least American fairy tale characters have some morals. But Indian fairy tales (Oh, I forgot they call it their history. Yes.. you know, the fat dude with elephant head and several others with loin, dog heads, monkey face and tail too, they all think these weird creatures existed and till today they worship them as Gods making the stone figures of them and what not.) makes a pervert super god like Krishna with thousands of girlfriends and 3 wives. It is very normal for a God to have multiple wives.. all Hindoo gods have so.
    The RSS is a live Satan army spreading all kinds of evil killing the minorities who deny to worship the hideous idols. It is worse than Sodoma and Gomorrah. The evil spirit count mentioned in the bible that were thrown to earth from heaven exactly matches with Hindu god’s count, 330 millions. No matter how hard you try to get them some morals, the dog’s tail never gets straight. I can’t wait to see these assholes thrown in to the hell along with their gods on judgmental day. I’m gonna ask God to give me the permission to kick the evil god’s asses in to the fire right in front of the Hindoos. whooohh!

    • Natsu Dragneel

      I don’t believe in the biblical Babel story, among many other things from the Bible.

    • antichrist

      Ah so praying to a dead zombie is perfectly ok for you christian aholes? Or how about praying to a pedohile fucker Mohammad?

      And eat that corpses flesh and drink his blood rituals of the Vatican. Eeeeeeewwww!

      No wonder you bastards have this list of horrors on your conscience.

      – Inquisition in Spain and Goa
      – Crusades
      – Ethnic cleansing of American Indians
      – SIavery
      – Lynchings
      – The Anti Chinese league of the Americas
      – Jim Crowe
      – The HoIocaust. Read the antisemitic rantings of Martin Luther the founder of the Protestant movement that was the impetus for the Holocaust.
      – Separate churches for blacks and whites in the bible belt.
      – BIood Iibel. Read in Wikipedia about this.. OMG! What eviI!
      – The whole world got to see the chrisitian caste system at work during Katrina disaster
      – What about Rwanda.. and the genocide there. Many Church pastors and priests have been arrested for their participation in the horrors.
      – Gays being targeted to be kiIIed in African countries on the instigation of the American Southern Baptist evangelicals. Search Y0u Tube with “P00 P00 Pastor”. I am not kidding the eviI they spread around this world.

  20. Percy

    This is an interesting read about where Hindoos get their cheap morals.

  21. CosmosChild

    Indians are the most immature and racist people in the world.Totally hate to be an Indian.99% of Indians hate fellow Indians ,are very judgmental and narrow minded people. I know how they trashed me and my foreigner friend for talking to each other.

  22. Percy

    The LAW that was given to Moses was very hard and complex. People could not follow it exactly and often falter and commit sin. God sees this and sends his only begotten son, Jesus to banish the law and lead the people in to Grace by taking their sins on to him and bear the death instead of them. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
    Romans 6:23

    Why? Why does God sends his son?
    1 Corinthians 4:21
    What do you prefer? Shall I come to you with a rod of discipline, or shall I come in love and with a gentle spirit?

    Romans 4:14-17

    14 For if those who depend on the law are heirs, faith means nothing and the promise is worthless, 15 because the law brings wrath. And where there is no law there is no transgression.
    Now just like the above commentator, antichrist confused between Law and grace, the Pharisees were confused with what Jesus was doing and irked by his actions.
    There are many situations where they often brings up the law before Christ. Jesus answers them perfectly.

    Let’s look at Mark 2:23-28
    23 One Sabbath Jesus was going through the grain fields, and as his disciples walked along, they began to pick some heads of grain. 24 The Pharisees said to him, “Look, why are they doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath?”

    25 He answered, “Have you never read what David did when he and his companions were hungry and in need? 26 In the days of Abiathar the high priest, he entered the house of God and ate the consecrated bread, which is lawful only for priests to eat. And he also gave some to his companions.”

    27 Then he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. 28 So the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath.”

    Example: 2
    John 8:3-11
    3 The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group 4 and said to Jesus, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. 5 In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?” 6 They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him.

    But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. 7 When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” 8 Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.

    9 At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there. 10 Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?”

    11 “No one, sir,” she said.

    “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

    There are many more examples where Jesus explain the people about God’s Grace.

    Example 3;

    Matthew 22:15-22

    Paying the Imperial Tax to Caesar

    15 Then the Pharisees went out and laid plans to trap him in his words. 16 They sent their disciples to him along with the Herodians. “Teacher,” they said, “we know that you are a man of integrity and that you teach the way of God in accordance with the truth. You aren’t swayed by others, because you pay no attention to who they are. 17 Tell us then, what is your opinion? Is it right to pay the imperial tax[a] to Caesar or not?”

    18 But Jesus, knowing their evil intent, said, “You hypocrites, why are you trying to trap me? 19 Show me the coin used for paying the tax.” They brought him a denarius, 20 and he asked them, “Whose image is this? And whose inscription?”

    21 “Caesar’s,” they replied.

    Then he said to them, “So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

    22 When they heard this, they were amazed. So they left him and went away.

    Acts 10:34-35

    34 Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism 35 but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right.

    More About Law and Grace:
    Romans 5:12-17
    Death Through Adam, Life Through Christ

    12 Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all people, because all sinned—

    13 To be sure, sin was in the world before the law was given, but sin is not charged against anyone’s account where there is no law. 14 Nevertheless, death reigned from the time of Adam to the time of Moses, even over those who did not sin by breaking a command, as did Adam, who is a pattern of the one to come.

    15 But the gift is not like the trespass. For if the many died by the trespass of the one man, how much more did God’s grace and the gift that came by the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ, overflow to the many! 16 Nor can the gift of God be compared with the result of one man’s sin: The judgment followed one sin and brought condemnation, but the gift followed many trespasses and brought justification. 17 For if, by the trespass of the one man, death reigned through that one man, how much more will those who receive God’s abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man, Jesus Christ!

  23. God.

    We have to let go of this Planet. We have to let go of all so called Human beings. This November you are all different beings from you are now. The Cow is dieing.


  24. Jason Y

    Paying off Gods? Why not give human sacrifices to them, like the Aztec (Yes, those Indians the PC crowd wants to adore like other Native Americans, and I’m a 3/4 Native American person saying this.) Who is behind these Gods? Well, I’m no Christian fundamentalist, but could it be Satan, LOL? Let’s see who the Wizard of Oz is, behind the curtain, LOL.

    • Jason Y

      Neil Young’s song, “Cortez the Killer”. HA HA What an idiot. Sorry, Neil good music, but very wrong on this one, unlike with “Southern Man”, LOL

  25. peter frampton

    These darkie indians need to go, off the face of the earth. for the sake of humanity.

    • Aziz Nafs

      Check this out! Hindu terrorist organization Shiv Sena attacking those who celebrate Valentines Day. I guess Robert was right when he said Hindutvas hate Western things.

    • Scooter

      You know what, you are a piece of white shitty trash – go fuck your mom while she is still divorced or do you prefer your granny instead – you piece of white shit! White trash who stole the world resources and now try to be arrogant! Fuck you white shit. You are racist so why dont u go “framp” off Frampton.

      • Peter Frampton

        Fuck you asshole. You are dark, and indian too. Jealous because I am speaking the truth Scooter, Pooter??? Last time i heard you still couldn’t get laid so needed to pay off some dark indian female to come to america and be your bride. Don’t worry mate – she will divorce you too!

  26. seth

    Dear author, you have summarized India better than more than I could ever dream of, but the world closes its eye on them, and Indians themselves think that they are a blessing on this earth, you should also visit the UAE and can easily see that they are the worst behaving lot over there too, they are not tolerant of any religion and their animosity is reserved for Islam the most and then Christianity, the only reason they ever put Christianity at second is because while they like to abuse America and the white people in general, but inside they maddeningly crave to be white, look at the whitening cream companies making hay there.

    As for patronizingly labeling America gay and spreading corruption on earth, they forget that the average American person is a hard working individual, who works to the benefit of the system, unlike the sub continent where they work to rip off the system, colossally.

    You should not be annoyed by stupid comments of an ignoramus, who will burst out swearing if one does not agree with him, as for hid opinion on homosexuality, I am astounded that he blames the west, America came into existence barely 300 years ago, all sort of sexual corruption and promiscuity was introduced to the west post discovery of the temples of Kama Sutra in India, there was abundant incest, homosexuality, sex slavery and what not before Christianity, Buddhism or Islam, but tell you what, these guys will rationalize everything

  27. seth

    There is no point in arguing with the Hindu, he will rationalize everything in favor oh himself, all the immorality he refers to be spread by the west was actually spread by them, homosexuality, bestiality and incest was prevalent there before the advent of America, Judaism, Christianity or Islam or even Buddhism, all their ancient temples and literature testifies to this, yet they will keep blaming west and all other major religions, even the atheists, the author has bravely written here what hypocrites will keep denying.

  28. Aziz Nafs

    Hello, it’s ur Bangladeshi commentor again. I really enjoy reading ur blog and articles about India. Plz write more about India and Hindutvas. The general Hindu is very kind and tolerant but Hindutvas r a real pain in the ass much like Jemaat-e Islami in Bangaldesh. Check this out! Hindu terrorist organization Shiv Sena attacking those who celebrate Valentines Day. I guess u’r right when u say Hindutvas hate Western things.

  29. Robert,

    I completely agree. But please don’t confuse those filthy Indian mutts with the honorable (yet terribly oppressed) Dravidian people. These Hindu Indians show no shame in occupying our Dravidian homeland. Dravidians face daily discrimination, not only from the Hindu caste system, but also from regular Hindu Indians in India and those abroad. The situation is very similar to how Chinese treat the Tibetans.

    I despise the Indian people with all my heart and soul. You have no idea how much I hate them. Nothing could make me happier than to see the Indians pay for their crimes against the Dravidians. Not just us, but also the Sikhs who were genocided by the Hindu Indians, along with Hindu Indian atrocities against Muslims in Gujarat. You’d be shocked at the atrocities committed by Hindu Indians. Killing pregnant women, and cutting the baby out of the mother’s stomach is only one of the sickening acts committed by these Hindu Indian murderers.

    They are extremely racist towards African-Americans, right here in the U.S.! We Dravidians will always stand with victims of racism, unlike cruel Hindu Indians. The way they treat people of African descent makes me sick to my stomach.

    • narselvam

      CASTE IS VERy much a part of south india for eons. there have been several literatures right from the sangam period glorifying their particular communities by several groups. There are several religious texts that glorifies maravars, pallars and several others written by people from their respective communities. You cannot conveniently say thAT THE WHOLE dravidian people are discriminated by caste. there aRE 1000s of castes within dravidians and even housing localities are ghettoised along those lines. You can spin stories by purposefully hiding these facts and shifting the blame on others. True greatness is accepting the deficiencies in one’s culture and reforming it rather than shifting the blame or looking out for potential preys to shift the blame. That said I am all for the annihilation of caste and upward mobility. But i am not lying through my teeth like you to deny its existence in South India.
      Are you even aware of this below incident
      and this
      so much for your dravidian unity??? Lol@@!!. If dravidian lands have so much in common and are willing to unite for a common cause. How come incidents like this happen>? And also us Tamils are regularly victimized not only by North indians but by you malayalees, Kannadigas and Telugus aswell. I’d been to Gulf and you malayalees are all over the places shamelessly accepting racism from those racist arabs. You interact with other people even if they treat you like shit but do not care two hoots about tamils. We all know what you did in Mullaiperiyar. So dont lie through your teeth.
      Hindutva violence needs to be eliminated completelythere is no doubts. If a country wants to be secular and progressive it needs to keep these fringe nuisance in control. Hindutva is a cancer and needs to be eradicated completely if gthe country needs to improve.
      “They are extremely racist towards African-Americans, right here in the U.S.! ”
      What are you doing in the US, if you loive your fictional “dravidian land” so much? You should be here to work for the people isn’t it?
      Also who likes black culture so much? The chinese, japanese, Whites, Slavics all have clearly mentioned about the flaws in black culture, and when the blacks are not willing to change it then the pronblem lies with them. Why dont you have the nerve to accuse mongols of racism in places like Singapore, Malaysia? I am sure there are lots of Dravidians over there as well.

  30. mohamed al mohamed

    If only Indians were smarter.

  31. Peter Frampton

    Indians also eat their own shit.

  32. Sam

    No religion is bad. Followers make it look bad and misrepresent it. Followers of religion these days are hypocrites. Religion teaches how to keep mind away from lust, anger, hate, jealousy, ego. Religion teaches love ,compassion, benovelence, charity and unity.

  33. Ritesh siraskar

    If the Parliament of Religions has shown anything to the world, it is this: It has proved to the world that holiness, purity and charity are not the exclusive possessions of any church in the world, and that every system has produced men and women of the most exalted character. In the face of this evidence, if anybody dreams of the exclusive survival of his own religion and the destruction of the others, I pity him from the bottom of my heart, and point out to him that upon the banner of every religion will soon be written in spite of resistance: “Help and not fight,” “Assimilation and not Destruction,” “Harmony and Peace and not Dissension.””
    Great said by swami vivekanand . Read this and think again look inside of you and stop blaming on others.
    This is Hinduism who never forced religion to others. We always respects others. And if any hindu doing against this it doesnt mean that you have to blame religion. Blame that person not his religion.

  34. I am an Indian and I agree with you. You wrote what I feel. But the word “Indian” in your article represent Upper Caste Males of India. Lower caste people don’t even have a voice but our character is already maligned before we can do anything because of our fellow citizens who are usually Upper Caste Males.

  35. Lin

    Lets examine how religions are formed:

    There’s a lineage between modern fantasy/si-fi writings and ancient (oral tradition of) myths. The (pre-science) ancients were battered by the elements, diseases, natural calamities and tried to seek answers. They looked at the sky and said someone up there was watching us, and we would better behave. The tribal patriarchs, for their own power as well as unity of the tribes, saw the potential of such speculation, fashioned some kind of patriarchs in the sky to be worshiped, and lay down some rules like:

    — Infidels (ie other tribes) are evil and are to be killed or conquered or enslaved.

    — Mother/sister fucking is only allowed when the tribe is very small in number.

    Of course those celestial patriarchs also need more earthly lieutenants, so some earthy entities were added to the veneration list like dead patriarchs (uplifted to sit beside the heavenly patriairch), birds (later promoted to angels), fierce animals, trees, air current (wind)or even domesticated animals…


    Hinduism is basically race segregation imposed by the ‘Aryan’ conquerors on the vanquished subcontinent natives with a ‘spiritual’ veneer like reincarnation (your misery is caused by evils you did in your previous life, and don’t blame the Brahmins) and folklore to indoctrinate the meek. I’m not spreading anti-Hindu propaganda – the former Indian Prime Minister Mr. Singh is more blunt: He compares it to South African apartheid.

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