Bigfoot News New Years Edition 2012 Part 2

Update on Rick Dyer Bigfoot shooting. Of all the crazy stories floating around Bigfootery lately, this one is garnering the least attention, and that is too bad, because it makes the most sense, and it’s the question that I am most confident about. Instead of saying I don’t have the faintest idea, as I do repeatedly in today’s prior post, on the contrary, I am quite confident that Rick Dyer did indeed shoot and kill a Bigfoot near San Antonio, Texas on September 6, 2012.

The reason no one believes this story is solely due to the reprehensible behavior and mentality of Rick Dyer himself, no doubt the most hated man in Bigfootery and for very good reason. People hate him so much that they refuse to believe this story! Not only that, they hate him so much that many are refusing to run or even read any stories that even mention his name. Ouch! That’s some real hatred.

Fellow investigators and bloggers have been asking me a lot of questions lately to try to determine if this is a hoax or not. Most of them are certain that it’s a hoax. In general their reasons for believing this include their hatred for Dyer and his many hoaxes of the past. But this is not logical thinking.

  1. Dyer hoaxed numerous times in the past, therefore he is hoaxing now.
  2. I hate Dyer, so Dyer is hoaxing.
  3. Dyer is my personal enemy, therefore he is hoaxing.

Very tempting for the brain to believe any of these things, but these are all logical fallacies that would be demolished quickly in Logic 101.

One of the questions tossed my way is how do I know that my source at Minnow is really a source at Minnow Films of the UK. Instead, perhaps it is someone in with Dyer who is part of the hoax.

The answer is that I am quite certain that this person is with Minnow, though they were given some incorrect information (apparently deliberately) about the Dyer shooting, probably to confuse them so they don’t know the whole story. My source was quite chagrined when they learned that they had been somewhat misled.

The incorrect information centered on the height and weight of the Bigfoot. The correct height and weight was given in a recent post by Crypto Crew, from an unknown source. This Crypto Crew post updates and expands the entire story beyond what I wrote, and Dyer himself has apparently confirmed that this account is 100% correct.

There are other things that lead me to think that this is not a hoax. First of all, the Camper Video is a video of a real, live Bigfoot! I am 100% certain of this, and Facebook Find Bigfoot confirmed that. So many people are insisting that that is a fake video only due to their hatred of Dyer. If anyone else shot that video, they would be praising it to the skies.

The way this story has come out looks very unhoax-like. It has trickled out in tiny bits and pieces here and there via mysterious unnamed sources ever since the day after the shooting. A number of Bigfooters heard these stories but didn’t know what to think of them. When asked, Dyer resisted these tiny leaks all along the way.

That’s not how a hoaxer works. If Dyer was hoaxing, he would have shouted to all of us right away that he had shot a Bigfoot. He would not have fought tooth and nail every leak along the way, and the story would not have slowly dribbled out like this. Sure, Dyer appears to be confirming it now, three months later and very reluctantly. It would not have played out like that if it were a hoax.

Let’s see: I will hoax a Bigfoot shooting in September, then as tiny leaks pour out for months, I will fight and deny them all the way until December, when I will orchestrate a huge leak via a major and well-regarded film company, and then I will hem and haw and finally fess up. Hoaxes don’t work that way, no sir.

Further, Dyer apparently told a close associate of the shooting early on but absolutely swore this person to secrecy, virtually making them scribble it in blood. If you are going to hoax, why swear associates to the secrecy of the hoax? Idiotic.

The only way this could possibly be a hoax is if Dyer is about 20 times smarter than the dumb redneck he is. Sure, maybe Dyer is hoaxing via some sort of 11th Dimension Chess, thereby making the greatest and most elaborate hoax of all time, to be studied by intelligence agencies across the seas for decades. Think so? Neither do I.

Rick Dyer, sociopath. In the last Bigfoot update, I discussed the narcissism that drives a lot of Dyer’s antics. It is only with a deep understanding of narcissism that a lot of this man’s behavior can be properly understood. Narcissists are as common as dandelions in Bigfootery, which attracts, feeds and probably grows its very own narcissists. But even there, Dyer stands out.

There is another aspect of his behavior, an antisocial aspect. Antisocial traits of various types are also very common in Bigfootery, and they are often hard to parse out from the narcissism. The two often run together, and narcissists can act antisocial at times.

Most of the antisocials in Bigfootery are the more controlled types. Sociopathy is either “controlled” or “uncontrolled.” The more controlled types fill the ranks of law, medicine, business, the military, law enforcement and of course government! It is simply not the case that all sociopaths are criminals. Most of them are never locked up for a single day of their lives. Why not? They are afraid of going to prison.

Fortunately for them, modern society provides many perfectly legal ways to do what sociopaths do best, being a criminal! Yes, these are the “legal criminals.” Who are these “legal criminals?” See above. Attorneys, physicians, businessmen, soldiers, cops and prison guards and of course how can we forget those who practice the art of Politricks?

The less controlled types are the “illegal criminals.” When they are highly uncontrolled, you get Ted Bundy. Highly controlled, you get JFK. Defenses come in handy here, especially sublimation.

Sublimation is nothing new. Churchill could have been Hitler.

Anyway, let us look at Dyer’s history. We know little about his early life.

In his 20’s, he joined the military. He served only 2 years before he took a “general discharge.” This is not a dishonorable discharge, but it’s not an honorable one either. It’s not exactly an optimal way to leave the service. My guess is his antisocial behavior got him thrown out of the military somehow, probably because he could not follow rules. It is very common for antisocials to get tossed from military service.

After that, he went into Corrections, an industry which, unfortunately for those of us out of uniform, is swarming with antisocials. Dyer only worked as a prison guard for 2 years before leaving for unknown reasons. Being a prison guard is a great job, and it makes no sense to leave a great job like that. My guess is he got in trouble again as a guard, probably once again for breaking rules (antisocials can’t seem to follow rules very well).

After that, he goes into used car sales, an occupation which is literally swarming with antisocials. In fact, one wonders how many used car salesmen are not antisocial!

Rick Dyer has a criminal past. By his own admission, he has been arrested all over the world. Well, that’s quite an achievement, guy! Dyer states this with some pride. Typically, he weasels his way out of convictions. Getting out of convictions and escaping from confinement is another thing that antisocials are good at. In fact, the best antisocials have this down an art. How they do it, I have no idea.

In the US, he was arrested a couple of years ago for ripping off car buyers on Ebay auctions. He stole $19,000 from a couple of men, one a Canadian. Dyer took thousands of dollars and promised the men Corvettes. The men received nothing at all, and Dyer simply stole their money, laughing all the way to the bank no doubt. Dyer plea bargained out of this one somehow by refunding the guys’ stolen money.

He had a big story about how it was an ex-wife who stole all the money and not him, and he was out of the country anyway. But antisocials always have an excuse for all their crimes. They’re never guilty of anything, and they rarely confess to any crime. Even when they do confess, they typically recant later on. They usually have a number of fall guys set up just in case they might need them, or if not, they just grab the nearest one off the street and designate them sucker.

Earlier this year, Dyer was arrested for beating up his pregnant wife. He’s got a big story about how she provoked him somehow, but that’s to be expected. The charge was bargained down to something minor, and he never got sentenced to jail. He’s now back with the woman, and she just gave birth to a child.

Dyer travels the world on a compulsive basis, apparently setting up residence in varying foreign countries for a short period of time, doing this, that or whatever (probably something shady, sleazy, quasi-legal or out and out illegal) and then taking off. Dyer also wanders around the US quite a bit. This sort of roaming and wandering is also typical of an antisocial. Many normal folks like to wander about too, but antisocials take it to an art.

Dyer is a less controlled sociopath, which is the reason for the repeated run-in’s with the law. However, I don’t think he is particularly dangerous, and I have advised folks who want to deal with him to not be afraid of him. If you as a fellow Bigfooter get involved with the guy, I don’t think he’s going to murder you, steal your money or rape your wife.

Given that Dyer is a sociopath, he is precisely the sort of guy who would and could very well shoot and kill a Bigfoot in cold blood as he is claimed to have done. You have to be pretty coldblooded to do that, and antisocials are legendary for their icy veins. A daredevil expedition like that is the perfect legal, quasi-legal or not exactly legal or illegal avenue for his antisocial tendencies.


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22 responses to “Bigfoot News New Years Edition 2012 Part 2

  1. Skylar

    Just for arguments sake..if Ketchum.smeja and dyer were all proved to be hoaxsters where would that leave your beliefs as far as Bigfoot is concerned.

    • That would be pretty bad.

      Even after this latest Smeja/Ketchum total screw-up, I was starting to tell some people that I wasn’t even sure that these things even existed.

      I really do believe that they exist, though. Honestly, they have to. It makes no sense that they don’t. I know too many people who have seen them up close and personal and no way on Earth are are of those folks lying.

  2. Dean

    Time judges the veracity of all things, and the Smeja/Ketchum/Dyer crowd will be shown for what they are. But don’t confuse any of that as empirical proof that Patty or Daisy is real or fiction. They can be real, may be real, probably are real, regardless of the above 3 individuals et al. If, by some astronomical random chance event the three above named individuals are correct and truly have the goods,so to speak, then their work provides an anchor upon which to build in a much more rigorous responsible manner. Because of such people, sincere BF ‘researchers’ must do what they do better and cleaner and more responsibly than ever, in the open spotlight of examination….it’s long past time for the secrecy BS to done away with. But the creature can exist plausibly quite well without the Quantra of Bigfoot (aka, S.P.E.C.T.R). go girl.

  3. Robbie Shaw

    Great article Robert. For my two cents,,if this is the real deal,,let’s cross our fingers,,and hope its not a circus. As in a sad,broken,stinky and cheap circus that slithers through small towns once in a foul moon,,and cannot even give tickets away. Lets hope for the happy kind of circus,,that’s only found in Bigfootery. Lol

  4. Scott

    Excellent analysis of Dyer. As a minister, I have both witnessed and been pistol whipped by these boys. I hope you’re right about this not being a hoax, but your never quite sure of the outcomes with sociopaths. Rick will probably end up shot somewhere and that will be the end of it. I really appreciate your reasoning and candor.

  5. Mr. E2me

    Stop the presses Bobby ! I got a body !
    Late last night I could hear obnoxious groaning coming from the yard next door. I expected to see a couple in full coitus , instead I see an 8 foot bigfoot standing on it’s toes licking the underside of avocado’s with it’s tongue in the tree next door. Tickling them like they were testicles. I turned on the porch light , which startled the creature. He took off in a sprint to try and hurdle the 6 foot rear fence. He didn’t quite make it. He straddled the fence and got high centered in the sisters. As he was writhing on the ground in a high pitch tone I run into the shed on the way over to him and grabbed 6 rolls of duct tape ( handyman’s secret weapon) and charged over while the beast was still stunned. I Got ALL 6 rolls on him Bob ! Couldn’t stop at five. Don’t want the same thing that daisy did to the quadra boys happening to me. I would have put seven on , but the wife likes to use a roll for lint removal around the house, but anyway….
    So there we are. ME and BIGFOOT ! I Got him. I run for my camera and start taking pics like he’s a fashion model. He start’s coming around a little and looks at me with those big sweet red eyes and says
    “Ack, Ack, A-Dak”
    Well fuck me. Now I gotta let him go. That’s the password to the Royal Order of the Water Buffalo.
    Next time I take the seventh roll and tape it’s mouth so it can’t say anything.
    You gotta believe me here Bob. I had a body. I can’t release the photos because i have to respect the privacy of another brother from the Royal Order of Water Buffalos.
    But I had him. I DID !

  6. matty

    Something that makes me think dyer is telling the truth, is he seems to be venting his anger out on anyone who has knocked him in the past, like a man that knows he has won the biggest race ever. He’s releasing all his inner anger as it dosnt matter anymore as he has set himself up for life, and will go down in history.

    • Dean

      Or maybe he has just reached his limit and started unloading on folks. No dead bigfoot necessary. Every now and then we all open up a can of whoop ass on those who are not on our Christmas mailing list. And most of us haven’t shot a bigfoot. I hope he is hoaxing; the scientist in me says we need a body, but the humanity in me says shame on Dyer. Daisy…you go girl…go find grandma Patty and be safe.

  7. Skylar

    If this were true…it would be almost impossible to keep secret………until some tangible evidence…am 99% sure this is a Hoax

  8. charles hierholzer

    I am familliar with the place where the bigfoot was supposed to have been shot,because I had the property across the street from where the two homeless people had thier tent pitched the night they called the 911 operator.They told the operator the bigfoot stepped over the fence after he picked up the road killed deer the night in the rain when they were on the telephone with the 911 operator.the place where thier tent was is a small island of oak trees surrounded by acess rd. of loop 1604 and the other two sides are borbered by hwy.151 the island is shaped like a triangle and is probably only an acre in size if that reason I don,t believe the story Dyer is telling is the area is not a common place for homeless people to camp the second reason is its in the city limits and firearms are not allowed ( WE LEASED THE PROPERTY FOR BOW HUNTING ONLY) so if he called the authorities after he shot the bigfoot he would have been arrested for firing a gun in the city

  9. Well, Minnow wold have to be in on the hoax then, right? If they were filming the Camper video with Dyer, then they had to know it was a costume, correct?

    And what about my source at Minnow? They are lying to me?

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