Jewish Militant Thugs Are Destroying Liberal Internet Forums

Repost from the old site.

Update: Since this piece was linked at Whatreallyhappened, we have gotten a lot of traffic coming to read it. Many are asking for the DU censorship rules and the 149 page hate directory referenced in the post below.

It is due to the psychopaths in the Jewish Israeli Lobby that America has gotten so wrapped up in the Middle East as a supporter of the KKK-Jews in Israel and their criminal wars in the region.

Some question whether the Israeli Lobby is really a Jewish Lobby, pointing to Christian Zionist support for Israel. True, Christian Zionists do support Israel, but they do little political lobbying for Israel, and this is what it is all about (see this article by Jeff Blankfort, who is Jewish, or really any article by him, for more. Blankfort is the Pope of the Anti-Jewish Lobby Crowd).

The Israeli Lobby is all about Jewish money, and I mean Big Jewish Money, not Joe Finkelstein, the librarian down the street, giving $25. Only 2% of the US population, Jews make up 25-30% of its wealthiest members.

That’s no reason to hate Jews. Even if you hate the rich ones, what do they have to do with Joel Cohen, the small businessman next door? Nothing. He’s not a member of the Jewish Millionaires Club, and they don’t give him a check.

Jewish money (generally meant to mean Big Jewish Money) is 60% of Democratic Party money and 35% of Republican Party money. Money talks and bullshit walks. Big Jewish Money is so powerful in US party politics that they are able to dictate the terms on various issues – in particular, US foreign policy in the Middle East (read: unstinting support for the KKK-Jewish state of Israel).

Jewish domination of our media is quite helpful too in furthering the aims of the Jewish Lobby. If anyone bucks the Jewish Lobby, the heavily-Jewish media can be counted on to massacre the miscreants in the press. As the media has the power of life and death over US politicians, most US politicians live in terror of bucking the Jewish Lobby and getting creamed by Lobby journalists in the press.

There is ample evidence that when US politicians buck the Lobby, the Lobby’s press members go to work on them. The result typically is the destruction of the politician or a serious drop in his poll numbers.

Jewish control over the US media was initiated via a conspiracy that took place from about 1890-1920 in the US. At the time, the US media was largely in the hands of Gentiles, many of whom were savage White Gentile racists (See the movie Birth of the Nation for an idea of their mindset).

At the time, there was some serious Jewish money consolidating in the US, mostly back East, while at the same time, most US Jews were terribly poor and living in de facto ghettos, also mostly back East.

This poverty, incidentally, is what gave rise to the Jewish role in the US Left and Labor Movement. While other ethnics may just grin and bear it when exposed to capitalist hyperexploitation, US Jews took offense to being downtrodden proletarians and organized to do something about it. Subsequent generations of Jews never forgot their impoverished origins and have remained on the liberal-Left.

The Jewish role on the US Left gave it a shot in the arm, for which all of us on the Left will be forever in debt to the Jews.

Anyway, during this 1890-1920 period, there were some important meetings with some of the very wealthy Jews that were emerging on the East Coast. They were concerned about the US press being in the hands of racist Gentiles. Logically, they feared that this press would be used to harm the Jews. In order to protect US Jews from anti-Semitism, these wealthy Jews resolved to try to acquire as much US newspaper media as possible.

Thus the New York Times ended up in the hands of the Ochs-Sulzbergers, and there it has stayed ever since. A corollary of Jewish ethnic warfare is that once a business interest is in Jewish hands, it must remain in Jewish hands – that is, it is not to be sold to the Gentiles. If it must be sold, it needs to be sold to other Jews, thereby remaining “Jewish property”.

Since Gentiles lack ethnic solidarity and will typically just sell to the highest bidder, Gentile or Jewish, with time, more and more Gentile interests will be sold to the Jews and few or no Jewish interests will be sold to the Gentiles. This has been one of the Dirty Little Secrets of the Jews for a long time now.

By 1920, a significant portion of the US media was in Jewish hands. The percentage seems to have only increased since then as Jews initiated and consolidated a hold over TV news and newsmagazines. The mechanisms underlying Jewish domination of US broadcast news and newsmagazines are obscure and warrant further research.

Domination of broadcast news may have been ancillary to general Jewish domination of Hollywood, which took place from 1900-1920, via another conspiracy of a few very wealthy Ukrainian-Polish Jews. Like the Jews who tried to grab the newspapers, the ones who nabbed Hollywood were motivated by fears of Gentile racism in the movie industry.

During this period, some US Gentile moviemakers were making some very racist movies (see the reference to Birth of a Nation above) and this deeply worried these Jews. And thus a plot was hatched to grab Hollywood in order to safeguard the Jews.

When TV came online, Jews were a widespread force in Hollywood and members of this group probably moved into the nascent TV industry and dominated it also.

In 1983, an authoritative Jewish source placed the percentage of the US media elite who were Jewish at 60%. It’s probably only increased since then. Even accounting for higher Jewish IQ, there is absolutely no way that 2% of the population could acquire 60% of the media elite based on IQ alone. Jewish ethnic warfare must account for quite a bit of this domination.

Now that we have postulated, proven and explicated Jewish domination of the US media, we can understand why US politicians live in terror of this media.

And it is time to move on to the more mundane realities of the Jewish Lobby, such as the work of the Jewish Lobby on the Internet. While discussing the Jewish Lobby, it is useful, just to head off the usual Jewish Swarm Attack, to question just what percentage of US Jews we are talking about here.

About 30% of all US Jews are politically active in Jewish politics. The other 70% have better things to do with their time.

Interestingly, about 20% of US Jews, mostly the liberal-Left, are pretty much cut off from their increasingly sickening and reactionary Organized Community. These Jews have little attachment to Israel, are not passionate about Jewish issues, and would rather worry about their love lives and their bills than anti-Semitism. A number of them are actively hostile to Organized Jewish politics. Others are just apathetic.

During Israeli wars, such as the recent Lebanon War, many of this 20% will emerge from hibernation and start supporting Israel.

Just how many of the Zionist and pro-Jewish Internet furies are Gentiles? Observation tells us not many are, although there are a large number of US Gentile neoconservative bloggers who are passionately pro-Israel.

Which brings us to the topic of the day – the role of the Jewish Lobby on US liberal websites. I had always assumed that such sites as the Democratic Underground and the Liberal Underground were relatively free of the feverish slanders of the Lobby and its foot soldiers. Turns out I was wrong.

I recently received some correspondence from a man who was quickly banned from both DU and LU for challenging the reigning Zionist Paradigm on these liberal sites. I will let him speak with his own words here:

A year ago I joined the forum Liberal Underground. I don’t dwell on the Israeli/Palestinian issue because it’s not something that dominates my priorities – the Iraq war and labor are my pet issues (I protested in DC ’05) – but I saw a group of pro-Zionist campaigners with an obvious agenda in the forum, squatting like basilisks with tongues at the ready, really distorting the facts whenever Israel came up, and since there was no dissenting opinions rising to the challenge I took them on.

I was very soon labeled an anti-Semite and banned. All I did was state the facts. This was an education for me.

About a month ago I joined the forum Democratic Underground and in the Israeli/Palestinian forum I found the same thing going on, a sort of propaganda campaign to put Israel in the best light and the Palestinians in mud, so I politely and firmly contradicted the nonsense with backed-up facts.

Here again I was called an anti-Semite and banned. I realized that I’d been baited into violating some very strict and narrow rules applying to that forum. A violation of these rules will get you banned:

  • No links to Whatreallyhappened or any sites on an Internet hate site list that’s 149 pages long.
  • No posting that AIPAC (or other Jewish orgs) exercises undue influence in Congress or on our foreign policy.
  • No saying that the attack on the USS Liberty was deliberate.
  • No calling someone a “blind supporter” of Israel, a conservative, or an Israeli-apologist.

I posted an article by Charlie Reese, one of my favorite columnists who’s critical of Israel’s policies and the Iraq war, by way of, and the post was deleted with the warning that LewRockwell was a bigoted site and Reese a rightwing conservative, both unsupportable claims IMO.

Reese has some conservative views, but in many ways he’s on the left and progressive. Labels don’t work with him.

The restrictions I listed are accurate and spelled-out in the forum rules, and are also based on comments made by the forum moderator (Lithos).

I don’t see how any meaningful, useful debate can take place under these restrictions, and what’s too bad is that DU is one of the largest and most active boards on the net. Oh well.

Then I discovered a site called Prosemiteundercover. It’s made up of banned and active members of both Liberal Underground and DU, along with Israelis, and their gig is to read, post and archive every anti-Zionist, Israel-critical post on sites like DU, then go on an e-mail campaign to alert and complain to the mods and demand the posts be deleted and the poster banned.

They participate under different usernames and bait the posters that are critical of Israel, hoping to goad them into a hot response that’ll get them banned.

This kind of covert intellectual Jihadism can definitely contribute to mistrust and resentment of pro-Israel Jews in general. But your take is correct IMO, the majority of Jews are reasonable and straightforward, you just have this fanatical and mendacious minority that suffer from cognitive dissonance and anger issues who exercise a disproportionate influence on public discourse and effectively poison the atmosphere.

While anti-Israel criticism on Liberal U. is non-existent in the face of the Israel-firster squatters, on DU in the Israeli/Palestinian forum there is criticism, but it’s restricted to following a narrow and channelized corridor.

And the inability to bring up a range of subjects, facts and events that are inter-related to honest criticism of Israel hog-ties open discussion. Some stridently pro-Israel posters at DU have had their posts deleted and been banned for straying outside the strict rules themselves, many of them landing at Prosemiteundercover.

This might be merely an attempt by the mod there (Lithos) and the Skinner to maintain the appearance of neutrality, but the fact remains that the majority of banned posters and deleted comments are from those critical of Israel, and the Prosemiteundercover (and doubtless other) e-mails and alerts are still read and obviously acted upon by the mod and admin.

As you can see, the Jewish Lobby has total control over DU and LU and God knows how many other good liberal forums. There’s an active Jewish conspiracy driving all of it, as we suspected, involving a Jewish site – Prosemiteundercover – that archives all anti-Israel posts and then organizes campaigns to get the poster banned on spurious and phony grounds.

A good overview of the nonsense involving PSU and DU is here, on a decent site called the Progressive Independent. It appears that the DU is run by a guy named Skinner, who is a Democratic Party guy with a capital D. The US Democratic Party is bizarrely, insanely pro-Israel (due to the Big Jewish Money described above) and this rhetorical straitjacket in the party is mirrored on DU.

Furthermore, the Jewish militants conspire to try to provoke the poster into making overtly racist remarks out of anger – the ultimate goal being to get someone to scream KIKE or some such epithet, a tactic I observed countless militant Usenet Jews engaging in. As soon as they provoke the person into making the racist remark, they pummel them for being “racist”.

Then the worms archive the post for all time in their files and bring it up endlessly to try to permanently destroy the person’s reputation.

There are lots of folks around the world who have gotten pretty good at Dirty Politics, and the Jews are surely counted among the best. After some time in Middle East fora on Usenet, I arrived at the conclusions that Jews were the finest propagandists in the world. I also concluded that I had never met a more flagrantly dishonest group of humans than these Jews.

Just a couple of observations that rumbled through my mind at the time – not trying to make any scientific proofs here.

The conspiracy is working very well, as DU and LU are still under the death-grip of the Jewish Lobby. The Moral Left has a duty to take back these sites from these Jewish psychopaths, or, if not, to resign itself to the reality that US liberalism is morally bankrupt.


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64 responses to “Jewish Militant Thugs Are Destroying Liberal Internet Forums

  1. jameson7

    Ron Paul? Murray Rothbard? Mises Institute?
    Libertarian! Libertarian! Libertarian!

    If that site didn’t hit you over the head with Libertarian…run you over with Libertarian…push you into the sea of Libertarian…make your mouth taste like Ayn Rands pussy Libertarian…..than I don’t know what to tell you except…LIBERTARIAN.

    Robert are you sure you weren’t unconsciously trying to get banned?

  2. ana

    this should stop,jews don’t deserve that immense power,they should have the power equivalent to their small numbers,no matter how high their IQ is,in reality the smartest asians and europeans aren’t very far from them,once europeans and asians get a tribal mentality like jews and start buying companies from them,they will be done

    • Gay State Girl

      You’re assuming we can’t staart up our own institutions. How wrong you are.

      • ana

        but the bigger numbers of europeans will surpass them and east asians are slightly more common than jews,the thing here is: superiority in millions of people,more euro-asian companies than jew ones

  3. jameson7

    Related to this topic. Guess what time it is? Time for a new holocaust film! Everyone’s favorite movie genre.

    • Fly By Night

      @J7 & GSG
      I think they should have actual pictures of the victims of the holocaust (naked stacked emaciated bodies) on bill boards all over Germany. As an eternal reminder to the German people not to do anything like this again. I also think German Commercial Televisions stations should air these pictures periodically on TV as a continual reminder of their past inhumanity.and a lesson to avoid this conduct in the future. Lest they forget……
      (I am not Jewish by the way)

    • It’s Shoah Time everybody! Gather round! New Holocaust movie coming your way!

  4. dano bivins

    Laffin…I was about 3/4’s of the way thru that and saying to myself “wow, that guy is right, I went thru the exact same thing!” when it dawned on me that I wrote the damned thing.

  5. Attila

    How do I know it’s Christmas?- and I am not a Christian. By all the Hanukah displays/imagery and the non-stop Hanukah stuff on NPR. This, despite the fact Hanukah is not even one of the more serious Jewish holidays- it’s not even in the Five Books of Moses- but to be found as part of the Oral tradition.

  6. Gay State Girl

    But I agree they overblow Hannukah and its embarassing because it can not compete. They should do up Rosh Hashanah, Tu B’shvat, and Shavuot. They’d have a better chance at evoking envy like they do with the faux mitzvah craze.

  7. Karl

    >> once europeans […] get a tribal mentality like jews
    Once my grandmother gets wheels, she’ll be a Harley-Davison

    >>> [once] asians [get a tribal mentality].

    you must not get out much in the real world of Chinese/Japanese/Korean people

    >> more euro-asian companies than jew ones

    You can show me a thousand Africans for each Jew; that doesn’t make the Africans any more likely to start being the ones who own the NBA teams and trade Jewish players like slaves. Well paid slaves.

  8. Jay

    Robert, you wrote:
    “Furthermore, the Jewish militants conspire to try to provoke the poster into making overtly racist remarks out of anger – the ultimate goal being to get someone to scream KIKE or some such epithet, a tactic I observed countless militant Usenet Jews engaging in. As soon as they provoke the person into making the racist remark, they pummel them for being “racist”.”

    My question to you is why would a person who does not secretly harbour racist views make racist remarks at all? Being angry doesn’t enter into it.
    By ‘racist remarks’, I’m referring to remarks which are undeniably racist rather than remarks which can be skewed so as to be interpreted as racist. Such as ‘kike’.

    • Many people who are not particularly racist at all with utter racist remarks if you anger them enough. If you’re mad at someone, you can call them anything they deserve to be called. You can attack their race, gender, orientation, ethnicity, whatever. People will use any weapon that they can when it comes to fighting their enemies.

      Racist remarks uttered only in sheer rage at one individual over provocative behaviors are generally not examples of racism at all. Many non-racist individuals can be provoked this way.

    • Furthermore, secretly harboring racist thoughts is not really evidence of racism either. Any of us can think anyone we want to. Secret racist thoughts, especially the nastier kind, isn’t exactly optimal, but if that’s the only racist thing you do, I’d say you are not a very racist person. We are all entitled to think whatever we want to. Our thoughts are our own playground. We can think about whatever we want to. The PC Police have not yet begun to police our very thoughts yet and make those illegal too, though I suppose it’s on the agenda.

  9. Mr.Jello

    Robert Lindsay you are a stupid piece of shit that know one loves, I hope you burn in hell

  10. Objectivity

    Jewish elites are absolutely brilliant to have acquired such disproportionate wealth and influence, but they may have met their match in the brilliant Obama who with his Muslim heritage and sympathy for radical black leftists, might be very skillfully pursuing a secret anti-Israel agenda, as evidenced by his opposition to invading first Iraq and now Iran, while helping overthrow relatively Israel friendly Arab governments like Libya and Egypt, and now his endorsement for chuck Hagel.

    • Gay State Girl

      Obama’s the JEW’S nigger. Get that WNS. You don’t need a white to serve white interests. If he can be my nigger he can be your nigger!

      • Gay State Girl

        Watching Obama kiss up to Judonia is satisfying in a perverse way. It’s even more fun to humble congressman elect Joe Kennedy.

        • Obama sure sucks up to White people. Nothing wrong with that, but in some alternate universe, WN’s think that Obama is a radical Black nationalist. LOL!

        • Xera

          It’s ironic since Jews were actually the real slave traders and not Whites. What is even more perverse and satisfying is that Obama is the result of a nigger impregnating a Jew-looking White women and not vice versa and then sucking up to whites. That’s reverse in your face kabloomey shit right there!! It’s like, hey I might be kissing some Jew ass but at least my mother was Jew looking and now I am kissing the Jews B/C I can since I wouldn’t lose any honor in doing so since Papa had the great BBC.

          Reverse nigger-on-Jew-Jew-on-nigger surreptitious vortex cluster mind fuck is nothing to be satisfied there resident Jewess.

        • Gay State Girl

          Ann Dunham be Hizza hood nig as well. Amy told me she found a common bloodline and she and Ann Dunham are both decendents of Tennessee melungeons.

        • Gay State Girl

          “Since jews were the real slave traders.”

          Yippee that means we can claim John Newton’s forefather Isaac as a jew as well!

      • Objectivity

        There’s a huge difference between white interests and Jewish interests. Some argue they’re mutually exclusive. If Obama is as smart as I think he is, I suspect he has own agenda to advance his own people (blacks and Muslims).

  11. Gay State Girl

    Did you ban me?

  12. Xera

    Another thing I don’t understand is why does Robert ban all right wing advocates on sight? What happened with the right wing whackjobs that would have caused this?

    • I have already told you this. If it’s one thing I care about, it’s socialism. If this blog was full of progressive people and only a few rightwingers here and there, it would be one thing. But as it ended up, my blog ended up being full of rightwing dicks! Here I have a socialist blog, and it’s nothing but rightwing kooks in the comments. Screw that! Also I have to spend all my time disputing their nutty and wrong argument, and I don’t have the time to do that.

      Socialism is really the only thing I care about personally. I don’t care about racism or ethnic nationalism or any of that. I don’t really care about Hacienda, Jaipal, Huax or any of the other ethnic nationalists and supremacists. Who cares! That stuff is stupid, but it doesn’t hit me personally. Same thing with anti-abortion, misogyny and all of that. Who cares! I will never have an abortion, and I am not a woman.

      Anti-socialist stuff I take very personally.

      I really do not want to ban too much on purely opinion grounds, but I make an exception for rightwing politics.

      It has actually worked pretty good because now we have a lot of at least somewhat progressive folks in the comments section.

  13. lafayettesennacherib

    Happy New Year! I been on a mission, but I’m back now. For a while.

    • Gay State Girl


      I assume you envision yourself as some kind of working class warrior. But how ever did you incorporate the Palestinian fiscons into your fantasy mission?

    • Was it successful or was it mission impossible?

      • lafayettesennacherib

        secret mission

      • lafayettesennacherib

        ‘secret mission’ or did I say that already? What’s a ‘fiscon’ ? ‘fiscal conservative’ No, that doesn’t fit. ‘fissile’ conservative? Yes, I see what you’re doing – some preparatory groundwork for getting us used to the idea that Hamas are working on a nuclear weapon, and this is the biggest problem the world faces.

        • Gay State Girl

          Nah I was just playing. I know that Arabs and working poor are your two pet groups but thought you might be conflicted if you ran into Paelstinians who did not share your economic beliefs.

        • Almost all Palestinians are socialists anyway. All Arabs are socialists. The only Arabs who are not socialists are Lebanese Christian Maronites, and they don’t even want to be called Arabs. Even a lot of Maronites are socialists, but this is the only place in the Arab World where you find Libertarian and anti-state thinking.

        • Gay State Girl

          I don’t know. The first Palestinian american congressman Justin Amash was ultra libertarian.

        • Palestinian Americans don’t count. Sununu is a Lebanese American. No Arab Americans count. These idiots are born in the US, and they left their Arab culture and identity behind with their parents. They grow up in the US, and all of the shit of America infests their fertile minds, especially the shit of US Libertarianism.

          There is no Libertarianism in Palestine, in North Africa, in the Levant or really in the Peninsula. Not even in Dubai, where there is a vast socialist network for the native Arabs, and a vast and wealthy state is an important source of patronage, employment and income distribution in all sorts of forms.

  14. Jason Y

    I think the devil is payiing both sides of the war in this case. While, equal rights, peace and love, and all that stuff are great, it’s used by Jews as a cover for another agenda. So while I’ll never agree with Sam about being all racist and everything, I don’t buy into everything the Jews say, cause I question the motivation.

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