Bigfoot News December 12, 2012

Rick Dyer has another Bigfoot in a freezer! I know you are all probably LOLing at that one, but this time, it may be a real Bigfoot. I reported earlier that Minnow Films of the UK was filming a documentary on Bigfoot hunters with Dyer on September 6, 2012 when Dyer shot cellphone video lasting 1.2 seconds of a Bigfoot eating meat out of a bait trap in a tree. Dyer was in his tent. In the next tent was a BBC film crew with two cameramen with shoulder-mounted cameras. At the same time, the film crew captured a 3 minute video of the same Bigfoot eating from the bait trap. After Dyer recognized there was a Bigfoot at the bait trap, he ran out of the tent, clad only in his underwear, carrying a rifle.

At that time, Dyer raised up his rifle and shot the Bigfoot in the back of the head. At that point, all Hell broke loose as the crew wrestled the rifle away from Dyer.

Shades of the initial reports of Smeja Sierra Kills shootings where the JE was said to have taken the rifle away from Smeja after he shot the baby Bigfoot, stating, “If you shoot another one of those things, I will shoot you.” Subsequent reports cast doubt on that account. We have also heard other reports of hunters who had Bigfoots in their sights and were prevented from shooting by their fellow hunters.

At any rate, at that time, it was too late, as the shot to back of the head killed the male Bigfoot. The shooting was caught on film by the film crew. The Bigfoot’s measurements were 7’8 tall and 490 pounds, a bit on the small side for a male Bigfoot. Measurements and weighting were done postmortem.

Additional supportive proof, including a photo of what appears to be a dead Bigfoot from the scene, is available and has been examined by investigators. In addition, in the Camper Video, the videographer pans down to the floor of his tent at one point and one can see a rifle on the floor there.

A few days after the shooting, the film crew reportedly threw Dyer out of the movie for some unknown reason.

Minnow Films retained possession of the body, and they farmed out its storage to a third party. It is not known what arrangements were made between Minnow and Dyer regarding possession of the body. Apparently Minnow Films has some proprietary interest in this whole affair. At any rate, the plan is to release the body only after the documentary comes out at the Tribeca Film Festival in mid April of 2013.

Update on Sykes Study replicating Ketchum results. I reported earlier that the Dr. Brian Sykes Bigfoot DNA study out of Oxford had replicated the results from Dr. Melba Ketchum’s Bigfoot DNA out of Texas. A source close to the Ketchum study stated that Sykes agrees with Ketchum that there is a new hominid in North America, but disagrees on its origins.

That report was from comments in an article on by a woman with the handle “icicle,” a former fashion model and poster on Bigfoot Forums. Based on her postings, she appears to be deep in with the Ketchum team. She knows things about Ketchum and her project that even I was not aware of. If you want to know how she learned of this information, people should contact the poster “icicle” herself.

Later, Dr. Jeff Meldrum put in a call to Sykes to ask for confirmation about this rumor. Sykes stated that he has not even begun testing samples yet. However, in a post on Bigfoot Lunch Club, Rhettman Mullis said that based on preliminary testing, Sykes samples were testing “not human.” I don’t know what that is supposed to mean. It could mean many things I suppose.

Report on juvenile Bigfoot mindspeaking to Justin Smeja may be in error. I reported earlier that during the shootings of the Sierra Kills, Smeja reported that the juvenile Bigfoot mindspoke to him as it died in his arms. However, Smeja says that that is an old rumor taken out of context. The source I got it from said that Smeja has been going around telling people this, but they thought that he may have been saying it as a joke. At any rate, at the moment, there is no good evidence that the juvey Bigfoot mindspoke to Smeja after he shot it.

Confusion about the beginnings of the Ketchum study. Ketchum has reported that her study began with a sample from Josh Gates Yeti expedition. The sample was said to be Yeti hair from Bhutan. The sample gave an unusual result, and that unusual result is what set off the Ketchum DNA study. There has been a lot of confusion about what this report was.

The report was an initial, quick and dirty, DNA test looking at male-female peaks (not sure what that means). Humans have male-female peaks that look something like Male 108, Female 113, just to give an example. The Bigfoots test out close to humans, but a bit differently, say Male 106, Female 115 (rough example). The Yeti sample, when compared later to Bigfoot male-female peaks, looks similar to both the human and Bigfoot samples, but closer to the Bigfoot sample.

Though not confirmatory, this suggests that Yetis exist in the Himalayas and are related to Bigfoots. Further testing is needed to confirm these results. The Yeti sample was all used up by Melba during testing. Its results will not be included in the upcoming journal paper.

Ketchum interviewed on a radio show in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Erickson rehabilitated for Ketchum Study, suggestion of proof of relict hominids in Russia. In an interesting 30 minute interview, Ketchum praised Adrian Erickson and Wally Hersom for kicking off the study. She is basically laying the success of the study at Hersom, Erickson and herself. That’s nice of her. It looks like Erickson is being brought back into the study and rehabilitated after all.

In addition, Ketchum said that the Igor Burtsev leak was for another paper that she is writing for a Russian journal. That paper apparently deals with Bigfoot type creatures in Russia known as Chuchunaa, Yetis or Almas. Ketchum stated that these hominids definitely exist in Russia, at least in Siberia and the Caucasus. This suggests that she has some sort of confirmatory evidence of their existence in the form of DNA tested biological evidence from Russia.

Linda Sedlak reports that Ketchum study is through peer review and is in line awaiting publication. I know that Linda is pretty tight with the Ketchum folks, so she may be onto something here. Ketchum’s statement, “Weeks not months,” referring to publication of her paper, adds supportive evidence here.

Ape theorists sticking to their guns. I really don’t know why they are doing this, but the huge number of Bigfooters who went along with the ape theory are sticking to their guns that Bigfoots are non-human apes as opposed to hominin or hominid apes. I really don’t know why they are being so sensitive about this, but Bigfooting is all about ego, ego and ego. Egotistical, extroverted folks simply never like to admit that they were wrong.

There really was a debate along these lines, and to some extent it continues. The Ape Crowd says that Bigfoots were apes along the lines of Gigantopithecus. When I first started blogging about Bigfoots about 1 1/2 years ago, I was an Ape Guy. You can still see the remains of this as all of my Bigfoot posts are under Mammals – Apes – Bigfoot. It took me some time to figure out that they are not apes at all but instead they are people like us.

The Ape Theory says that Bigfoot is a non-hominid ape or primate probably descended from Gigantopithecus. This theory has never made sense for so many reasons that are now becoming apparent, but all of the major researchers for some time back have been sidetracked onto this theoretical dead end.

First of all, the only apes that developed bipedalism at all were the hominins, the Homo line, which includes Australopithecines. None of the other lines, the chimps, the gorillas and certainly the orangutans which Giganto was related to, ever developed bipedalism. There’s no evidence that Giganto was a biped; in fact, evidence seems to be that he was a gigantic quadrupedal orangutan.

The Human Theory takes various forms, but generally they said that Bigfoots were in the Homo line and were not non-Homo apes. In its extreme form, this is found in the Forest People and David Paulides versions which seem to say that Bigfoots are simply weird versions of H.s.s. like us. That does not seem to be the case.

The Ape People, instead of admitting they were wrong as I am doing in this post, are obfuscating the whole debate by saying that H.s.s. are apes anyway. In other words, there never was an Ape versus Human debate. But there was, and to say there was not is a dodge and attempt to avoid admitting that they were wrong.

The problem all along has been the anthropomorphism, so to speak, to which we apply all of our Homo ancestors. We see this in reconstructions of our Homo ancestors in which at least most of them tend to look like slightly less metrosexual versions of Homo sapiens sapiens (H.s.s.) or us. There’s really no evidence that this is the case. There is even scant evidence that our Homo ancestors were hairless. Perhaps they were hairy.

There is a man named Vendramini in Italy who has produced a theory of Neandertals are vicious, hairy, ape like brutes who slaughtered humans and ate them. Go look up his videos on Youtube and look at them. Denisovans, Heidelbergensis and Erectus may well have been hairy instead of hairless. Homo floresiensis, if recent accounts of Ebu Gogos are to be believed, were covered in hair.

Indeed, H.s.s. may have been the first of the Homo line to be hairless. Who knows?

That the Bigfoots display a lot of apey characteristics may be easily explained by the fact that our Homo ancestors may well have been much more apey than we think they were. If Bigfoot is Heidelbergensis, perhaps Heidelbergensis were pretty apey fellows. I think we really need to get away from viewing our Homo ancestors are somewhat more rugged and individualistic versions of ourselves and instead see them as the apey types that they may well have been. This may be the solution to the puzzle.

This post will be updated today as more news comes in…


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  1. This is stunning Robert. I find it hard to believe, but I’ve learned to listen when you speak! Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Michael Nicol

    I agree pat, very interesting indeed 🙂

  3. kezra

    When is the documentary due to be broadcast Robert?

  4. Jesus, the BF news is flying fast and furious these days! Righ frigging on, I’m in geek paradise!

  5. Brian Olsen

    Is the shooting on film?

    • I do not know if it is on film or not…

    • Update: Yes, the shooting was captured on film!

      • Brian Olsen

        Will this all be shown? Something as far as solid evividence should be leaked as proof wouldn’t you think? Like a teaser trailer of some kind if this is indeed a documentary or movie of some kind

        • Apparently the 3 minutes of the Bigfoot eating from the tree will be shown in the documentary. The shooting was filmed, but whether it will be shown in the doc is unknown as it should be brutal. My source at Minnow is upset that the film is delayed until April and wants something to be released before then, if only a teaser. The body will supposedly be unveiled somehow at the premiere, but not sure how they will accomplish that.

  6. Zen

    Guys. Dyer not only made us look like a joke with the whole Fiasco before, but he has also since laughed and boasted how he could hoax us all again if he wanted. We need to have some self respect and ignore anything with his name attached. If he ever has proof, let him show it with no build up or attention. He gave up the right to attention already.

  7. Bigfoot News

    We should know soon enough as I contacted Minnow Films about this claim.

  8. Brad

    What a joke. If it was real, he should have already revealed it for the world to see. There might be Bigfoots out there, but this story is not believable. This guy is just trying to boost viewing of the documentary that he is producing.

  9. You should be ashamed of yourself if you did shoot that poor animal.
    I hope this is a lie, and no Bigfoot was or ever will be shot just to prove that they exists!

    • Maurice Cloud

      Cheers Dolphin Dreamer! While I agree with you in principle, there’s no way around the fact that only type specimens will ever get this critter into the book of life. Cheers!

    • Fly By Night

      I agree – Bigfoot should not be killed. But it is ok to nuke his brain with roofers or oxycotin or whatever. He needs to be taken alive.

      • Gay State Girl

        Honey Cock! You’re back. You want to resume our conversation.

      • Gay State Girl

        I’m beginning to rethink it. The Kennedys are a very powerful family and Caroline could have gotten the records if she wanted them.

        • Fly By Night

          that is a good point- BUT – It is my understanding that it was the Kennedy family that was FOR keeping those records sealed. (esp. Jackie O.) The Kennedys dont have the clout that had after Ted died anyway.
          I have always wondered why Oswald kept saying over and over that he was set up that he was a Patsy.
          Those were honest statements I believe. He ordered the gun, he posed with the gun. and he brought it to the depository. He did what he was told. I dont think he pulled the trigger.

        • Fly By Night

          GSG- was there anything else you wanted to say or ask?

        • Gay State Girl

          “It is my understanding that it was the Kennedy family that was FOR keeping those records sealed. (esp. Jackie O.)”

          That only reinforces my theory then. The Kennedys don’t want anyone to know because that would weaken their status as quasi royalty.

        • Gay State Girl

          That basically settles it.

        • Fly By Night

          another point about the sealed records on the Kennedy Assassination.
          Just before he died former President Gerald Ford
          (who was on the Warren Commission) admitted the CIA
          had purposely with held AND DESTROYED many of the records pertaining to the Kennedy Assassination.
          So when they are opened in 2038 there probably wont be anything to read. At least of any value.

        • Fly By Night

          I dont think it was that. I think something very dreadful happened that day and the powers that be dont want our children and grandchildre reading about it in our history books. This quasi royalty angle – I think Jackine O. couldve cared less. She married a billionaire and moved on. Trust me something really evil and bad happened and they (the powers that be) dont want us to know what really went down.
          Good Night GSG- I am glad you enjoy talking to me.
          Your a sweetie….

        • Fly By Night

          Well, I dont agree with you on your point about the quasi royalty thing being a factor in keeping those records sealed until 2038.
          You are entitled to your opinion and we will just have to agree to disagree.
          Hows that?
          As far as the Kennedy Assassination being settled… I hardly think so.
          There are too many loose ends and things that dont add up.

        • Gay State Girl

          Gerry Ford eh? Then we can eliminate the mossad connection because Ford would have pulled the plug on that.

        • Fly By Night

          GSG- hey I just realized that you got me on the subject of the Kennedy Assassination when this is actually the Bigfoot thread. That is against RL’s rules.
          Lets work real hard not to do that in the future. OK?
          Lets try to stick with the Threads subject matter…..

        • Gay State Girl

          Okie doke.

        • Gay State Girl

          @ Horny Cock

          “I just realized that you got me on the subject of the Kennedy Assassination when this is actually the Bigfoot thread.”

          Re: The supposed off topic-ness in a bigfoot related forum. I am tempted to make a really off color joke.

        • Fly By Night

          Please dont be offended but from now on if you bring up a topic that is not a thread related subject I am not going to respond to you. I dont wish to be rude but RL has his rules and I wish to follow them. From now on “this dude abides” The place to discuss these other subjects belong in the Open Topic Thread. You dig?

  10. David Scott

    I doubt it highly, one if I was making a movie, had a body it would be on tour to boost sales.. another con job from a bull artist

  11. Carl

    I think u are as high as Cheech abd Chong……

  12. Mr.E2me

    Daaaammmmnnn. Bobby.
    Keep rattling those cages until a body turns up.
    Excellent work.

  13. Raymond

    lol you lying sack of shite

  14. George Edward Purdy

    Hoaxers suck.

    • Fly By Night

      We should not be allowed to shoot Bigfoot but Hoaxers should be fair game.

      • Fly By Night

        I have read Dave Paulides book “Missing 411.” this book clearly displays documented proof that far too many people are coming up missing in our National Parks.
        Is it any wonder that laws have been recently passed making it legal to carry concealed weapons in those parks. Somebody knows something

        • Fly By Night

          I thought about taking a trip out to Idaho and meet Dr. Jeff Meldrum.
          I wonder if he would sign his book for me?

      • Fly By Night

        If you should happen to shoot a sasquatch hoaxer use him for bigfoot bait.
        that would be poetic justice indeed.

  15. mitchw

    Just say no, Robert. This is silly

  16. My Reptilian Brain

    What is the relationship between Minnow Films and the BBC film crew?

  17. Maurice Cloud

    Cheers Robert! Ahead of the pack as always but I feel compelled — at the point of redundancy — to urge you to act quite cautiously as regards any ‘information’ from the Ketchum kamp. Wouldn’t surprise me a jot if you were being played by them thar folk. Texas, land of the tall tail, erm, tale. Cheers!

    • The Ketchum people didn’t leak that to me Maurice. I got it open source, a public statement on the Internet, but the person who posted it is a woman who seems to be in deep with Ketchum.

  18. Matt

    So not only did a Sasquatch throw caution to the wind and come into camp during the day, but he didn’t hear someone bust out of a tent and run up behind him.

  19. Steve Staff

    So now we have the sierra kills (bodies)?(whatever happened to the 2nd baby Im still clueless… and now another killed (bigfoot) from Dyer???.Yet everyone wants to wait for a Dna paper and A fricken documentry movie
    to prove these things exist…wow sure a weird way to stick the so -called proof in the science worlds face…

  20. Steve

    isn’t there a bounty for irrefutable bigfoot proof? Seems like a real body would win a lot of money. I call BS……

    • The body is apparently all tied up with Minnow and their documentary. The documentary will premiere at Tribeca Film Festival on March 13, 2013 and the body will apparently be unveiled somehow at that time!


      Circus or what?!

      • SasZombie

        Part of me wants to believe that this is the real deal but the other half is shouting HOAX!

        I meam come on, if you really had the body of a dead sasquatch why wait for a crappy little festival to reveal it? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

  21. Caz

    No wonder Ketchum’s press release contained the rather odd appeal to protect the species as quickly as possible.

  22. Please please please PLEASE don’t tell me that the “bigfoot community” is going to have anyone once again taken for a ride by this known hoaxer. It’s going to be the biggest let-down in the world for those who want to believe, an even bigger let down than those 2012 fools will experience next Friday. Were this true, there would be absolutely no reason at all to “leak” information to obscure folks on obscure websites. No, instead this film company would issue a press release to garner attention and excitement for the unveiling of their indisputable footage months hence. No one who understandings anything about PR would ever sit on explosive information if there’s a chance to hype it up to garner media attention and public excitement. This is obviously yet another sham, and reeks of fish. It will come to naught, and will the whole debacle will be looked at in the future as yet another example of how easy bigfoot hoaxes are to execute, and how willing bigfoot believers are to be hoaxed. I’m saying this as someone who BELIEVES that bigfoot exist.

  23. Greg Prina

    Are we really supposed to believe this guy again? Wouldn’t it be safe to assume the BBC is in business to make money? Why would they wait until March knowing other BF camps are quickly trying to be the first to release proof?

    Robert, you are awesome and I believe you implicitly, but this seems crazy! I don’t think any network would wait until a modest film festival to drop a bomb like this. Any kind of media company tries to be the first one with the story. It’s just not in their nature to sit on a story, especially one as sexy as a Bigfoot story!

  24. Nordic Plant

    Everybody is killing bigfoots but nobody produces a body.

  25. Stealth

    And I thought I knew it all. Thanks for all of this entertainment; I’ve really enjoyed reading these last few posts of yours. It would be quite nifty for Bigfoot to actually exist, but I won’t believe until I really do see some evidence. You would think that someone in possession of such evidence would not only reveal it, but RACE to reveal it. I remain skeptical but hopeful.

  26. Let me get this straight: There are FIVE major developments coalescing to prove the existence of Bigfoot in the near future:

    1)The Ketchum DNA study: Currently under peer-review and expected to be published in a major scientific journal in the U.S. or possibly Russia in a matter of weeks. This will include high-quality pictures and video of Bigfeet in the wild—footage likely purchased from Adrian Erickson’s documentary project.

    2) The Sykes DNA study: A similar-but-separate study being led by Professor Bryan Sykes at Oxford University. Sykes allegedly agrees with Ketchum on Bigfoot’s existence but disagrees about its origins.

    3) The Sierra Kills. A hunter, Justin Smeja, killed two Bigfeet in California in 2010. Flesh and hair samples were later retrieved and submitted to the Ketchum and Sykes DNA studies. Although Smeja claimed to leave the bodies in the wild, he is probably lying to avoid bad publicity for Ketchum and criminal charges for himself. The bodies are being kept in a secret location and might never be revealed to the public.

    4) BBC/Minnow Films documentary “Of Monsters and Men.” Features high-definition video of Bigfeet in the wild. During filming, Bigfoot enthusiast Rick Dyer shot and killed a Bigfoot in Texas and was kicked off the movie. Film AND body will be revealed at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2013.

    5) Matt Moneymaker/BFRO. The secretive Moneymaker is allegedly sitting on a treasure trove of videos and photos that will be released when the results from either DNA study are published.

    To make it all crazier, there is a growing acceptance of the possibility that Bigfoot has paranormal abilities!


    Is this summary about right?

    How could all this be happening at once?

    If there were really a “race” between all these people to prove the existence of Bigfoot, you’d think one of them would release their best evidence to the public immediately. What are they waiting for? I understand peer review takes time, but Moneymaker or Minnow Films or Ketchum could easily release their best video footage today if they wanted to.

  27. I suppose a known hoaxer is capable of so doing in reality, who knows. But, in general the rumor mill in Bigfootery is exhausting. We’ll see.

  28. rosahebi

    Another fun day of blogging Robert, you know how to get people on their toes 🙂

  29. Supposedly Dyer doesn’t have a body. Minnow does, and they farmed out storage of it to a 3rd party.

  30. jurrawarra

    If these people (Ketchum, Moneymaker, Sykes & Dyer) where sincere in their wish to protect these creatures then surely they would produce the proof in order to stop more creatures getting shot as soon as possible. I don’t understand the logic in keeping bodies on ice and film in boxes if the desire to prove and protect was the top of the manifest. Time to come clean if you actually have the proof guys……

  31. Joerg Hensiek

    Robert, right now you are the star of the internet…

  32. Michael Nicol

    Great stuff as always robert keep it coming 😀

  33. The Robbie Shaw

    Robert,,I sincerely,,for a first time in a long time,,hope this is not true. Because if it is,,well,,you can guess where this leads. This may mean a title change. And those matters are savage and slow. Well have to go from the prestigious and distinguished title “worlds greatest Bigfoot tracker” for a certain individual,,maybe to “the worlds greatest Bigfoot tracker,,and shooter,ass kicker,and absolute master to the 3rd power of any kind of tent ever made by man.” I can see it now. The trolls may riot. I have to agree with an above comment. I do not know this individual personally. But if in fact the body of the “first” Bigfoot they brought in did not get “confiscated by the goverment” as claimed, witch If I recall a past post of yours Robert,where you provide a kick in the ass list of these reported may be a possibility. IMO..if I had a body of a legendary creature,,and Uncle Sam came and took it away,well,that would be that. To fill a suit full of road kill,,get busted for hoaxing,,and doomed to a public flogging by trolls if someone says his last name and the state of Georgia in same sentence. Hell,,if the results do not confirm this specimen is a direct relative of opossums,,it may be interesting lol. Thanks for the news Robert. Keep up the nail biting posts!!

  34. Mr.E2me

    Reading through comments with the morning coffee and still not liking that
    Dyer is involved in this………
    Do you think it is possible the brit film company is doing a documentary
    on HOAXING bigfoot sightings and such ? Mebbe they constructed this scene just to record the reactions of regular bigfoot enthusisasts.
    I’m going with hoax documentary. Simply no other reason to include Dyer.
    He’s as honest as a three dollar bill.

    • Nope. I agree with FB/FB that the Camper video is of a real Bigfoot. As far as the rest of the story, well. You are suggesting that Minnow is hoaxing all of us? Well, ok, but that seems sort of weird if you ask me. The doc is not about Bigfoot hoaxers. It’s about Bigfoot hunters.

      • Mr.E2me

        Could they be using the working title of “bigfoot hunter” but doing it in a demeaning ‘punk’d’ style documentary were all the ‘hunters’ are made to look , well, incompetent ?
        y’all know more than me, and I mostly trust yur right ….
        It’s just that Dyer is a lousy choice for documentary subject unless it’s a mockumentary. He makes me want a shower.
        Certainly there’s more credible hunters out there to film.. The olympia project guys, The texas guys, Monsieur Meldrum………
        Ah well just my $0.02. They do have my attention though..

      • SasZombie

        I’m from Great Britain and documentries have been made here before examing the idea of hoaxing and the entire programme focuses around creating a hoax and examining the reaction ect ect. There was quite a famous one that made the news and papers in which they built a full size UFO and flew it over a British city. No one knew it was a hoax until the documentary aired. I have a very sad feeling that this is the exact same thing. I also believe that like the UFO show where they revealed the UFO they created, they will be revealing the bigfoot body which is actually the costume.

  35. Jacob Bauer

    Hey Robert!
    Thanks for following up on such a compelling story. I really liked the first story on this and now that ur giving us an inside look at what happend is awsome and appricated. My first question to you is, in your opinion for this male being 7’8, doesn’t 490lbs sound like this squatch was a lil undersized? but in theroy if that is true, it being undersized then that could explain the unexpected encounter during broad day light. a malnourished squatch could have taken the oppertunity for some easy food. In your opinon is this plausable.

  36. DDP

    You may get tired of hearing all the “attaboy” and “Keep it up” comments, but I gotta add one more to the pile. I always love coming here and seeing new posts on bigfoot. Bigfootevidence is nothing but a joke when it comes to “bigfoot news” sites. You’ve always got the goods and you keep a civilized discussion, unlike the aforementioned bigfootevidence on blogspot. He will allow anything just to get his “user-generated content” flowing for search engine purposes. You walk a higher road.

    • Shawn is a friend of mine, but we are doing different things here, it is true. And thanks DDP!

    • Robbie Shaw

      I have to agree with both! (Lmao!! That’s something not said many times in Bigfoot world!!) I am truly a fan of Each respective site. Shawn provides a wonderful,informative site,many of his articles and videos make my day. And,We know why we’re here,at R.Ls
      Lets just say I enjoy the articles and thoughts here,and the breaking news just as well,,and a plus is reading so many great points and thoughts,on both sides,in the comments section,instead of hearing me,you,or someone else likes taters or got a tater or whatever the hell. Lmao

  37. Robert, Keep updating us on what you dig up. As someone that habituates these people, I can say through observation/interaction the DNA evidence in the study goes along with the BEHAVIOR I have witnessed. They are smart, damn smart. They understand humor and laugh. And as for ESP or whatever one wants to call it, they can and do use it. How? I don’t know but I have on more than one occasion had that happen….

  38. I am not on board with the UFO stuff.

  39. Jacob Bauer

    Thanks for taking the time to respond so fast ROB ur awsome!!! Any chances of BBC releasing any photos or videos of the BF that was captured that day? I hope we dont have to wait until April.

    • YW Jacob!

      The source at Minnow is mad that the film won’t be released until April, and wants at least a teaser to be released before then, that’s why they are leaking all this stuff…

  40. samuari chatter

    real or not real…who is going to make the movie for all this? This would make a great movie:
    hunters looking for bear shoots a bigfoot

    panic stricken, they clandestinely return to recover bodies

    unable to bare the burden of secrecy, the hunter confesses over the internet, setting the bigfoot, science and ehtical worlds aspin

    secret government agencies attempt to coerce confessions and recover bodies

    opportunistic scientists visciously compete against one another to be the first to prove its existence

    nay-sayers, hoaxers and conspiracy lunatics create a carnival atmosphere so one does not know what to believe. how will this all end?

    a surprise character from the past, who we had forgotten about and that everyone hates shows up at the door with shocking news

    The cast (I admit I cant exactly get the characters right, some help please):
    Jason Lee as Justin Smeja
    Tom Hanks as Dr. Jeff Meldrum
    Kathy Bates as Dr. Melba Ketchum
    Anthony Hopkins as Professor Bryan Sykes
    Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson together again as Rick Dyer (Adam Sandler not available, working on spy thriller involving Alien base at Dulce, New Mexico)
    Robin Williams as the mindspeaking bigfoot, dying in the arms of Justin Smeja

    and Robert Downey Jr., the hip, charasmatic blogger Robert Lindsay who keep all the spokes turning on the bigfoot wheel of intrigue!

    CAUTION: no one will be able to enter the theater during the shocking , blood curdling bigfoot shooting scene!!!

  41. AZengineer

    Although 490 lbs is a bit less than might be expected for a 92″ tall BF, note that scaled down to a 6′ tall creature of the same proportions we get a weight of 490 x (72/92)^3 = 234 lbs. Not massive, but quite substantial. The power of three exponent is a well-known scaling method for comparing humans of the SAME proportions. Thus, the reported hominid is basically shaped like an NFL fullback.

  42. JK

    As always Robert, you’re the voice of reason in this debacle and I appreciate that you don’t hype anything out and just lay the information out as you receive it. I look forward to reading any further updates on this, or anything bigfoot related for that matter. I have to admit that it twisted my knickers a bit to read the ‘well, well, well’ part of FBFB’s post regarding your blog. I thought that was a bit on the smitey side and certainly wasn’t deserved. I also noticed that the discussion on that thread actually went from idiotic to somewhat rational after you responded…goodonya. My illogical and somewhat twisted mind had a good laugh today. I was thinking, what if the world takes a dive next Friday and Ketchum, Sykes, Dyer, Moneymaker and Minnow Films are like…”Shat…we had the proof of The Big Man and we held onto the evidence for our own self-absorbed, asinine recognition!!” I’d laugh my fekkin’ arse off..well, if I survived.

    • Thank you Janice. I am actually on good terms with both Adam Bird and Jake Barnes. It is an insane story, let’s admit it. FB/FB is very interested in the shooting story and thinks it may well have occurred.

      • JK

        You’re welcome, and I’m glad to hear you’re on good terms with them. I actually really trust FBFB’s observations and I have always liked their narratives on the videos they post. Insane as it sounds, I just have to hope, as a few others have mentioned on here, that it’s not a publicity stunt from Minnow Films to hype up their documentary. Not only would it irritate me beyond measure that they’d have used you to document the hype, but they’d be using the rest of us the same way Dyer did the first time. I think that’s what irritates me the most. The glory and the fame that everyone wants to get out of this. It’s not about that. It really isn’t. These creatures have survived without our help, better than we ever could, for a long-arsed time. Yes, proof would be GREAT, but lets make the story about them…not Ketchum, not Sykes, not Dyer, not Moneymaker and not Minnow Films. I could care less about them. I could care less about their recognition. We’re talking about a new species here. It’s just not about them. And, again, awesome job Robert. You couldn’t let us down if you tried 😉

  43. some guy

    good work, Robert, I’m checking your page every day. I kind of hope this stuff all breaks soon though. I need you to get to the bottom of electrogravitics – i think there may be something there. fun to sort through all these fringe topics for real kernels of actuality.

    • Thx a lot some guy!

      There is something paranormal or ESP or psi like going on with these Bigfoots, that’s for sure.

      • JK

        I’d also like it if you can do a bit of a study on this phenomena Robert. I experienced what I believed to be infrasound once while on a hike with my son. We were hiking along a stream bed for about a half a mile and crossed a logging road into a thicket and we both got the creepiest feeling. My son ventured off a bit and I stopped to investigate this giant X formation trying to determine if it was natural or not. A few moments later my son came back to where I was and was white as a ghost. He’d heard heavy footfalls, and a sort of ‘huggff’ sound. He said he’d asked aloud if ‘anyone was there’ and just heard more heavy footfalls. I’ve never seen my son have that kind of fear from anything in the woods and he turned on the spot and literally began dragging me out of the thicket as quickly as he could and as soon as we crossed over the logging road he flat out began running. I could barely keep up with him and finally had to holler ahead for him to stop so I could catch my breath. I rested by the side of a tree near the stream bed and I figured I’d turn around a snap a few photos ‘just in case’. As I took the third or so photo, I instantaneously felt nauseated and dizzy and literally had to hold onto the tree until it passed. Whatever was there did NOT want us there, and to this day, I refuse to ever go back there. I’ve read all of your bigfoot blogs and I can’t remember if I read this particular bit of info from one of them, or someplace else, but it was regarding a researcher who eliminated the magnetic field from his body and went into the woods and had deer and other wild animals coming up to him without a bit of fear, as if he wasn’t even there. There’s got to be something more to that…and if anybody can dig into that a little deeper and make some sense of it, I think you could.

        • Thanks Janice. This is the paranormal or infrasound or whatever you want to call it theory that so many people experience. A lot of folks have very similar experiences as you just described.

  44. Mr.E2me

    The best quote
    “The film “Of Monsters and Men” is currently in production by BBC film group Minnow Films.They have been working with Dyer for several
    months,maybe even years”
    sounds like a line from that chronic liar character from SNL…
    and his girlfriend is Morgan Fairchild….

  45. I asked someone i thought might know, the response was “no idea” and “It would be the ultimate irony.” I have to agree, besides a few other adjectives.

  46. jayjay

    Do you believe that Bigfoot bury their dead
    and big foot also digs shitholes to shit in?
    Is that why they havent found any evidence of such?

    • Fly By Night

      You know you do have a valid point there.
      Imagine a turd that an 800 lbs. bigfoot would shit.
      Man that would be one hell of a pile. Wonder why they havent found any Sasquatch Scat (turds) ??????? You Never hear about that.

      Oh right they are shitting in holes they have dug or in hollow stumps.
      So go figure

      • Fly By Night

        If indeed the Bigfoot is doing this with his poop then they are much more civilized than those people in India that do it on the streets and walkways and everywhere. EEwwwww
        Chalk one up for Sasquatch for being tidy.

    • We find their shits all the time, but there’s not much to do with them.

      We really do think that they bury their dead, yes.

      There have been reports of a few bodies or bones down through the years. The government takes them, or they turn the skull into a university. Some of the skulls and bones are sitting in university storerooms. They are labeled “Indian.”

      A friend of mine says he has seen whole skeletons in museums and private collections. I don’t know what they are doing in there or what they are labeled, but superficially the bones and skulls look more or less Homo sapiens sapiens, though pretty weird looking H.s.s.

      • Fly By Night

        Seems like we could get a hell of a DNA sample from a bigfoot turd if it was fresh. Nice and steamy and moist and smelly.
        also this scat could be analyzed by guys like Jeff Meldrum. He would probably taste it to see exactly what bigfoots eat and what their diet consist of.
        I just cant get over that a Sasquatch has the courtesy to cover up his own shit like a common house cat but people in India just shit where ever they please.
        anyway I bet we could sell these turds on ebay for good money provided we could provide a certificate of authenticity to go with it.
        I would like to have one for my collection. for the man who has everything

        • Fly By Night


        • Bigfoots just drop it right out in the open just like that.

          It has to be pretty much steaming fresh otherwise it’s worthless. A friend of mine has buckets of it.

        • It looks like a human turd, but it’s really big and huge. Biggest shit you’ve even seen in your life. Like King Kong laid one.

        • Fly By Night

          I was going to say it has to be humongous

          but you see all this pictures of foot prints and such
          you would think that guys like Dr. Meldrum would be analying this SHIT to see what big foot eats.
          I know this is done with other animals droppings.

        • Fly By Night

          Dr. Meldrum looks like a sniffer and a taster to me.
          I bet he would just dive right in there and gobble up a mouth full of bigfoot shit to see if he could savor the flavor and figure out what ole Sasquatch has been eatin. He would say “Damn – he’s been eating sliders -nearest white castle must have seen him there”
          but again as I was sayin .. we have all these studies of the foot tracks, skookum print, and photos but there seems to be absolutely no scientific interest in the so called SCAT left by Sasquatch.
          There is indeed a science devoted to the study of animal droppings. It just seems like that should also be something that needs looking into.
          No shit….

        • jayjay

          yo bro its not courtesy. Its actually that- covering up so that they are not tracked. FFemale mother dogs eat the waste of their young to prevent other dogs from tracing them.

        • Bigfoots do not cover up their shits. They just dump them right out in the open.

          Sometimes they try to cover up their tracks in various ways though. They are aware that they are making tracks that can be traced, and they consequently try to cover them up.

        • Fly By Night

          I did not know this. Still If I had Dr. Meldrums ear I would ask him why we are not studying the feces left by them to determine what the eat.

        • Fly By Night

          If tested researchers would probably detect a lot of CURRY in bigfoot droppings.

      • jayjay

        why you insult Indian? U asshole?

        • Fly By Night

          No insult intended, just stating the basic facts.
          If people in India are insulted by this then they need to start building restrooms
          and start using them.

        • Fly By Night

          Here in the United States it is very hard to find employment due to the poor state of the economy..
          At least in India it is not hard to find a job.
          I understand Shit Scoopers and Monkey Catchers are always in high demand.

        • Fly By Night

          ask any child in India what they want to be when they grow up…?

          I wanna be a monkey catcher.

  47. Mr.E2me

    Here ya go FBN;
    Doesn’t look overly large to me. Guy claims it was a juvenile….

    • Fly By Night

      Thanks Mr. E
      that pix made my day.


        I see you insult others too. (Meldrum)I think you must be suffering from negative self esteem. Are you gook? If you are, get a nose job or eye job -maybe make you feel better.
        BTW circumin in curry helps against colon and bowel cancer.

  48. Farris

    Robert, I’ve posted this elsewhere, but it’s an important idea that anti-kill BFers need to understand with respect to a Bigfoot or Bigfoots being shot:

    The criminal prosecution idea has been kicked around for a long time, from “Bugs” on coast-to-coast who claimed to have shot a BF couple and buried them, to Smeja and now Dyer. As a professional criminal investigator, let me tell you unequivocally this isn’t going to happen.

    No district attorney is going to prosecute for murder when a BF was, til that moment, was commonly accepted as a mythical creature. No more than someone would get in trouble for plugging a unicorn. No one will face any charges involving the death or killing, because no law exists in any state or in the federal CFRs prohibiting killing a mythical creature. If anything, a public uproar would result in local police or wildlife officials charging the shooter with illegal discharge of a firearm or some kind of prohibited possession charge, but nothing that’s going to result in a significant criminal penalty, if any.

    Laws have to exist to be broken, and retroactively making a dead BF fall into the legally human category will not thereby retroactively make a shooter guilty of manslaughter, murder, etc after the fact. Not any more than the homeowner who shoots a goofball wearing a gorilla costume trying to scare him. He simply has to say he was scared for his life. I doubt he’ll be lying!

    The suggestion that they’re scared to reveal more based on a fear of being prosecuted falls flat for me. My money is on another hoax. Three hunters, Bugs, Smeja, and Dyer all shoot a BF, are stopped by their companions, and in the case of the first two, shoot a pair while hunting bear? Smells like BS and I’ve got a nose for it. And yes, I’m a believer in general.

    I like to hold criminals accountable, but these Bigfoot murder cases would be unwinnable for the prosecution.

    • I don’t know, they are all worried about it anyway, trust me on that one.

      And the Smeja killing has tested presumptive for a Bigfoot based on DNA.

      And the purported Dyer shooting has some tried and true video of a real live Bigfoot to back it up.

      • Farris

        I’d be happy to be the defending attorney, I’ll put it that way. The state would have NO case.

        The same reason a lot of DNA naysayers are decrying the Ketchum results: it may match BF DNA, but since there’s no such thing as BF DNA, how can that claim be made? I disagree but understand that argument.

        My point is to have a crime you have to have an act prohibited by law, and either negligence or intent in breaking it.

        Any cop submitting any of what’s purported to have happened as a criminal complaint would be laughed out of court.

        • Farris

          Sorry, my Ketchum parallel is that BF DNA is as scientifically undefined as BF’s legal humanhood. You can’t match DNA to something that doesn’t ‘exist’ per se, nor match an act to a crime undefined by statute or regulation.

  49. Ron

    Boy..You’ve REALLY put yourself on the line with this one.
    I would think a photo would have leaked to the MASS media by well as the *story* itself. Get ready to eat some have until April.
    Good luck!

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  51. I see you are Rick’s partner in crime and sidekick, DJ Breshears. Are you in competition with Rick to see who can be a bigger douchebag? You have your work cut out for you as Rick is at the top of the game.

    I am actually looking forward to something very interesting from Rick in 2013, or early 2013 as you say. I know full well what Rick did on September 6, 2012. Sure would be nice to see that Bigfoot or some nice photos or video ASAP.

    All I gotta say is this couldn’t have happened to a less deserving human being (Rick).

    PS You’re banned.

    Merry Christmas DJ!

  52. Robbie Shaw

    Um. Ok let me see.ok Who cares? I think I’m speaking for a majority here,but we do. We loath liars. Personally,I hope the MIB (lol) take this whole episode and do whatever the hell they do so well. If old dude has the facts,tell him to hook it up. And congrats. If not,fade away into the sunset,,with a little bit of pride. Myself,I think its time a stand is made,that hoaxers and frauds will not be tolerated. This is my concern. If someone was involved in a nationwide hoax,and years later they do hook up the ultimate facts,,do they think the world will take this seriously? Well see what happens this time.
    Robert,my apologies for this,,but this pissed me off. “Who cares?”

    • Well you see that comment? “So there was a hoax? Who cares?” See, that’s how most of these people think. People like this, they never apologize for anything. They go through their whole lives, and they never apologize for one damned thing ever. That’s the way they ride. It sucks, but what can you do.

      Rick Dyer is the biggest a-hole in the whole Bigfoot Community, a community that is already stacked to the rafters with a-holes. And if you think about it, he’s just enough of an a-hole to have done exactly what I said he did on Sep. 6, 2012.

      The rest of this episode will follow in classic Rick formula.

      • Ron

        Well..think about this>>>
        They’re (Rick and Company) now saying that the body is being stored somewhere in the US and is being scrutinized/examined by a UNIVERSITY! Think about this…the University is not bound to silence. Even if they were…the *leak factor* would be HUGE here!

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  54. Dean

    Interesting story updates. But recent news updates from early this month (Dec 2012) reveal that the Ketchum study has FAILED peer-review as the garbage science that it was. Not returned with major revisions needed, but apparently outright rejected. Among practicing publishing scientists, that doesn’t happen very often because most, if not all know how to do science properly and get their work published. The Sykes study from Oxford will be legitimate, whatever the outcome, because he is a credible, respected world class population geneticist. I say that as one who believes it is possible and plausible that these creatures exist, but bogus science helps no one and does nothing to further our understanding of bigfoot or their natural world.

    • Hi, I do not believe the rumor that the paper has failed peer review.

      • Paddy

        Perhaps…but it will never cut muster. It’s dead on arrival. The notion all this took place 15K yrs ago is LUDICROUS.
        *Unknown* DNA isn’t going to fly. No native american DNA genomics as reference? Stay tuned for>>>> NOTHING.

      • Dean

        Well, here’s the test. If it was officially accepted for publication, then why not scream that from the rafters, after all, that is what everyone has been hoping for, and she gains nothing by keeping it silent. Journal rejection of a manuscript is not a rumor mill scenario, either the AE and the anonymous reviewers accepted it in some fashion (e.g., minor revisions, major revisions, or outright acceptance) or they rejected it out right. There is no middle ground among the peer reviewed scientific journals. I know, I served as AE for a major ecological journal for 3 years. At any rate we will find out soon enough…most journals are online now and have an early view publication format…where manuscripts are posted online before they actually come out in the paper bound hardcopy journal issue. Further, sending it off to a Russian journal isn’t going to do much for Dr. Ketchum’s credibility, since the Russion science is decades behind ours. Dr. Ketchum is a verterinarian, and that alone should tell everyone all they need to know. I doubt that the Sykes lab has leaked anything. He is too good a scientist to risk his credibility by leaking data that has not survived peer review. Will know soon enough, if we don’t already.

        • If it’s accepted for publication, I think you are not supposed to say that.

          I really do not understand what is going on with this paper. I do think she has the goods though. Whether the journals have the balls to publish her work or not though, I do not know.

    • Mr. E2me

      So, let me get this straight,
      Ketchum’s science is bunk and won’t be able to prove the existence of “bigfoot”
      However, the ‘Sykes’ report – based on the same type of examination/science – will prove out.
      Some pretty strong eggnog being sipped over there at yur household
      Dean ?

      • Mr. E2me

        Also dear Bob,
        are we heading into the new year w/o an update ? I understand this blog is varied in topic and enjoy most. Wuz looking forward to a retort per crazy Janice. Also you seem to be up on the trainwreck identifying itself as Rick Dyer…
        Best holiday wishes anywhoo

      • Maurice Cloud

        Cheers Mr.E! Actually Dean is spot on. The peer review process is an open, academic vetting routine that is almost never cloaked in secrecy. There are of course exceptions to this rule, but as they are very few and far between they tend to only prove the rule. It’s a process some of my work has been through(for what that’s worth . . .). Secondly, and I cannot stress this enough, any DNA ‘study’ is not going to “prove” that bigfoot exists. They will certainly add weight to the conversation but this critter will only gain entry into the taxonomic book of life via type specimens. Finally Brian Sykes brings something to the table that Melba Ketchum never will, to wit: credibility. His book — The Seven Daughters of Eve — is well beyond the scope of anything Ketchum could ever in her wildest dreams crank out . . . Crack it and see what what you think. Cheers!

        • Dean

          Thanks Maurice, finally an ally that understands and respects the scientific method. Everyone understand: I would like to see the bigfoot issue resolved in the positive. But, if Dr. Ketchums data says what she says it does, then she has in one fell swoop changed the world as we know it regarding the evolution of higher hominids. And to Mr. Lindsay, there is no official journal protocol that prevents announcement that a manuscript submitted for publication has been accepted…that is not how it works. So, if Ketchum is correct, she should be shouting with glee from the rooftops. To Mr. e2me, you need to understand how science works, which will distinguish Ketchum from Sykes. It is not the purpose of Science to “prove anything”. A hypothesis or theory stands or falls on its falsifiability based upon objective testing through repeatable methodology. All I have ever heard from Ketchum is “it’s a fact and we can prove it”. Sykes will likey approach it from the point of view ” what are these tissues and what taxa are they closely related to, and then try to explain the results under proven accepted paradigms. After a hypothesis stands the test of rigorous experimentation, it becomes a theory, which after the same consideration, it becomes a Law, which media and internet hounds will call a fact.
          What really stretches the ability of sound minded scientists is the recent divergence from “us”, and the unknown male linneage contributer. WHile the FB/FB model of SIberian migration across Beringea into NA is certainly plausible, Ketchum’s claim that a divergence time from a common ancestor with “us” occurring 15,000 ybp makes no sense under any paradigm. The problem is that patience is a virtue lost these days. Science trods along taking care to get it right; most people want the brass ring yesterday. Science will get it right…wait for it.
          Now I have a question: I have heard the FB/FB folks mention several times that BF are solitary monogamous family units. How do we know that? Thanks.

  55. Joerg Hensiek

    hi robert,
    you already heard of the first results from the Smeja “BF” dna test (black bear, contaminated (probably) by Smeja`s own dna)? I wonder what Ketchum is saying to all this. If I am right she used the same “steak” for her study. And do you still believe Smeja?
    Do you know anything that the rest of us – as always- do not know yet?

    • She says her piece is different from his piece, and that may be true, who knows?

      This is really terrible news for Bigfootery, I must say. I don’t know what to say about the Ketchum results at this point.

      • Dean

        Just for grins BF folks, look at the 86 minute radio interview on you tube with Dr. Todd Disotell-professional research geneticist and colleague of Dr. Brian Sykes-dissembling the Ketchum claim. Slow to start but important to listen to the entire interview despite its length.

        • I already listened to it. I wasn’t very impressed by him at all. A lot of cheap shots and a lot of out and out dumb, stupid-ass statements. That guy ought to be ashamed of himself, the dumb stuff he said. Isn’t he supposed to be a PhD or something?

        • Robbie Shaw

          I’ve listened to it myself,,and I have to agree with Robert. I was not impressed either. Personally,I’d love to see this situation end on a positive note,,with both studies. When watching interviews,or videos featuring members of mainstream science,it gives the impression that no matter what,BF is doomed to be a legend,or a mystery,or as they like to say,a flat out hoax. I was watching a doc last nite,made in early 70s,that featured all the great,and,well,,damn near all the first researchers in the field. So many years,and while we may have learned a good amount,it seems the majority of additiudes are the same. It’s still a hoax,,lol. Most of us know otherwise.
          Well Robert,,hope the Holidays are treating you well. And I’m damned curious about something,,have you seen the Leaping Yeti yet? And what are your impressions if so?? Myself,,this clip is fantastic. As long as its not computerized,that is lol. The fluid movement and the massiveness of subject is incredible. One comment was made on a breakdown,,that Yetis were supposed to be white. I’ve read many accounts of the grey version,it seems they may be more aggressive. Fourtunatly for the two filming,this wasn’t the case. Lol!

        • I am starting to think that Bigfoot is doomed to be a legend, a mystery or even a hoax too. This latest news is a catastrophe.

          The Leaping Yeti is great. Yetis are not necessarily White, and anyway, that one was filmed near Leningrad, and Yetis around there are dark or even piebald color. That’s a real Yeti in that video.

        • I SMELL A FART

          Really, we must keep the faith that there is actually a bigfoot.
          I mean C’mon Now – There is either a Bigfoot or there are hundreds of hapless idiots out there running around willy nilly in gorilla suits.
          I prefer to believe in the former rather than the latter.

  56. Yes I have been on the phone a lot the last few days. None of this makes any kind of sense tbh.

  57. Stealth

    Why would government officials want to conceal the existence of Bigfoot? I can understand the UFO thing, but not this.

    • The only real differences I can think of between UFO’s and Bigfoot is technology and planet. All the other factors line up, so the govt doesn’t want to open up this can of worms.

    • Dean

      Hypothetically, if BF are the native indigenous heretofor unknown hominin, then almost immediately it will fall under endangered species act (1973) protection. Further, since it is apparently a low density widely dispersed critter, then lots and lots of habitat will first have to be protected. No more drilling for oil and gas, no more timber harvest, no more coal extraction….although the annointed in DC is doing that already. But to protect habitat for BF under ESA, the feds would first have to acquire reliable population estimates across its range (heavy emphasis on reliable) and then define and make a ‘critical habitat’ designation which would have to survive the comment period on the Federal Register…major headache for government drones. But what is critical habitat for BF? Since there is no recognized population ecology studies on BF, we know nothing about birth and death rates in different habitats, nothing about longevity, mating sysems, migration patterns if migratory….all of which are a function of habitat quality. THe approach would not be any different than what wildlife biologists do now for endangered species like prairie grouse, spotted owls, etc. That is what would be required just to define critical habitat for ultimate listing and protection under ESA. Now you see why the government would not want the public to know BF exists. Then there is whole issue of whether to extend rights and priveleges to this indigenous people, as some in the BF claim they are…society (e.g., the courts) must legally recognize them as people…good luck. Major major headache for the government to officially admit BF exists. Thanks, I’m here all week, try the veal!!

  58. Rag

    The Steaks are black bear..! So, Lindsay, can you still clearly see the trunk swingin`as it crosses the river, eh?!


      Obviously there are so few of these things (Sasquatch) they are literally on the verge of extinction. I hope somehow we are able to prove its existence before it actually becomes extinct. Perhaps Dr. Meldrum will accomplish this task with his remote controlled balloon fitted with cameras. Only time will tell.

    • Hairy Dog Dick

      This is only a minor setback. Too many people of value have seen this thing.

    • MOJO

      Hi Rob
      please keep the faith, dont let this minor setback get you down.

  59. Dean

    There is a news story “breaking” on some other BF sites that a group out of SE Oklahoma have actually caught a bigfoot alive. Mr. Lindsay..whaddya hear, whadddya know? Same ol drill, sequestered in a secret place, with recognized but unnamed scientific authorities invited to examine. Always the secrecy…Anyway…for what its worth. I may be late to the party on this, you folks may know all about.

  60. Mr. E2me

    one of the accusations levelled @ the esteemed Mr. Smith is that he is simply plagiarizing a novel and passing it off as reality.
    Him and the mabrc guys are definately the keystone cops of ‘footery

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  62. Garnt Molyneux

    I saw Rick Dyers most recent U-Tube post, a drawn out monologue justifying what occurred during the making of the bigffot doco with Minnow films, and the shooting of a Bigfoot that appeared in the movie. I have come to the conclusion that he is a shallow, pychologically unstable individual with a below average IQ. His justification for shooting the Bigfoot came about because of a personal need to vindicate his own stupid action in 2008, and a need to prove something to a whole range of people in the so-called “Bigfoot” research community, by shooting an individual. This man should face criminal prosecution (and the chair) as far as I am concerned. He could have used a tranqualiser gun or some such other peaceful strategy. To me, Rick Dyer opitomoses everything that is wrong with the USA and the world, too many mindless people with little or no education and too much to prove to everyone else (in the world) always emphatic and never self doubting or self reflective enough to stop and ask questions before over-reacting, and constantly looking for approval and acceptance from others. It is a really sorry and sad day.

  63. taylor

    The release date of the documentary is 4/13/13? April fools day

  64. steviepgrd

    any link to the leaked bf body rick was pissed about

  65. Pingback: SDFiles 03 – The Boy Who Cried Squatch | Stolendroids

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