Bigfoot News December 11, 2012

New leak from Sykes study suggests that Sykes agrees with Ketchum that there is a new hominid in North America! A new leak from the Dr. Brian Sykes Bigfoot DNA study indicates that Sykes agrees with Dr. Melba Ketchum’s Bigfoot DNA study that there is indeed a new hominid in North America. However, Sykes disagrees with Ketchum regarding the origin of this new hominid. Since Ketchum says that she has proven the existence of the cryptid known as Bigfoot, apparently Sykes indicates that he also believes that Bigfoot exists. The leak comes from someone who appears to be close to Ketchum’s study. If this leak is correct, it’s great news for Bigfooters!

New information about Rick Dyer’s Camper Bigfoot video. As I reported earlier, a BBC film crew was with Dyer when he shot a 3 minute video of a Bigfoot near San Antonio eating meat from a bait trap in a tree not 20 feet away from men in tents. Dyer was in one tent with a cellphone camera and the BBC film crew was in the other tent. The BBC crew also caught the whole 3 minutes of Bigfoot action on camera with shoulder mounted film cameras. One exciting fact that I just learned is that after the film crew is that at one point, Dyer ran out of his tent with the Bigfoot no more than 20 feet away. Rick was still in his underwear at the time, and he had a rifle in his hand! It’s not known what ensued at that point. Amazing stuff!


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48 responses to “Bigfoot News December 11, 2012

  1. Natalie

    When is someone going to use some of this seemingly great clear evidence to scoop everyone else instead of this mass hoarding behavior?

    • Maurice Cloud

      An excellent point Natalie. The obsessive, near-paranoid secrecy that odorises virtually every bigfoot investigation is one of the real downers any interested individual will encounter. Ego and greed are no strangers to scientific enquiry, but they are hugely out of proportion in this one. Ah well . . . Cheers!

      • Natalie

        You said it well Maurice. I think the potential for unlimited money and fame that some are hoping to reap off poor Bigfoot’s hide (or steak) may be the motivation for the mania on this one. Rather off-putting to bigfooting. I think our problem is that so few real scientists are seriously looking into this, and when someone does, it has to be someone who makes themselves incredible to most rational people who don’t believe Bigfoots are half alien.

  2. Natalie

    By the way Robert, you are my favorite Bigfoot blogger. You have a lot of class and you are entertaining and educated. So many times Bigfoot discussions dissolve into vulgarities not worth reading.

  3. “It’s not known what ensued at that point.”
    My guess would be that the underwear became soiled. 😉

  4. Rick Dyer confessed it was a hoax over on BigfootEvidence some time ago. Serial hoaxer + confession = certified hoax

      • Robbie Shaw

        Robert,a couple other blogs/sites have claimed this video is a hoax. However I have not seen any evidence to these claims. Alas,I am human,with a massive A.D.D factor that makes things hell periodicoly,lol,I may have missed the articles. However,also having a supreme case of O.C.D, I doubt I missed it. IMO,someone found out Mr Dyer was connected,therefore,any other investigation may have been unnesacery. We all may have strong feelings about hoaxers,,but we also know,as with anyone who keeps in the brush with enough dedication and diligent effort,positive results can be acquired. In that may be irony. Former individual labeled a hoaxer,ends up with the cold hard facts.
        And in a well spoken comment above,,someone speaks of protection and etc. IMO also,maybe these beings,whatever(whomever?) they may be,maybe they are going to be ok after all. They are obviously damn good at keeping concealed,except for the very rare incidents of violence towards them. Perhaps it’s us,that should remember,if they are animal,and feel threatened,is one thing,but people when threatened are sometimes capable of far more violence if provoked. Thanks Robert. We are indeed in the golden years!!!

        • YW Robbie. The Camper Video is a real BF. It’s not a hoax at all. Also a BBC film crew was filming that video at the time and captured 3 minutes of a Bigfoot eating from a tree on shoulder mounted film cameras. There’s no way that Dyer hoaxed the BBC, forget it. Also the crew captured the killing of the BF afterwards, so there’s no way that they filmed Dyer shooting a guy in a suit.

  5. vergearuker

    Your news is always welcome and I look forward to it! I just don’t get this Rick Dyer thing.Can he be trusted at all after that Georgia hoax?

    • I do not know anyone who likes Rick Dyer. He’s probably the most hated person in Bigfootery. But apparently this is a real video. He finally got lucky in Texas. Even his worst enemies are admitting that.

  6. J.Lucas

    Sorry…did add info for above link…here it is
    Dr. Melba Ketchum December 10/012

    Dr. Melba Ketchum was recently interviewed on AM 770 CHQR Canada about her Bigfoot DNA study.
    Ketchum reveals a number of interesting tidbits including investors Wally Hersom and Adrian Erickson.
    She also confirms an encounter she had with Bigfoot a few years ago on a habituator’s property.

  7. Mr.E2me

    I want to believe in that tent video so bad. But with Rick Dyer attached to it…. it just feels like a perverted episode of punk’d. Would love to hear corroborating from the brits. Even just a statement. Vid would be better.
    What can you do uncle Bob ? Are you in touch with the limies? Just a film still …. anything……

  8. They should not even bother. Everyone out there, the gig is up. Leak everything you have to me, right now.

  9. Swuatch

    RL, with the bigfoot blogosphere over saturated with opaque and conflicting perspectives regarding the progress and credibility of these studies, It is refreshing to read something concise and conceivable. And for that I commend you sir. Always top notch stuff. Your last few posts have been extremely informative for us without primary insight into the subject.
    I hate to pry but….
    – Is there an estimated date which for Ketchum’s paper will be published?
    – If so, will it be under a major publication like say, “Nature”?
    – Which study will be published first, or will they be released simultaneously in corroboration?


  10. Troy

    That actually makes sense to me now,I wondered why anyone would give Rick dyer a bigfoot series,but your news about him being with a bbc group that has footage of bf,probably give him “some” credibility,or atleast make him look like he knows what he is doing,some what!!! Lol…….great work robert,keep it up!! (Troy)

  11. Outstanding news my man. If this turns out to be confirmed in the future(well shucks,,I should say when,,considering this source!) i will be freaken ecstatic. I’m surprised at myself. Any one who goes out,,into the world,,,with ANYTHING to do with Bigfoot(unless its a hoax,,I know that may be an unspoken kind of thing here,but the trolls and super skeptics else where still have me jangled,,,so Robert,,and all the wonderful people here,,please accept my apologies for any faux pas lol) has my respect. And that’s why I have mixed feelings about this first study. Maybe regardless of anything that may happen,,even if ones motives may not be what we consider ours,,,I think that anything that will help further our. Understanding,,and everyone else’s,,may be worthy in the end. Thanks for this cheerful news!!

  12. Michael Nicol

    You get a lot of bad press in the bigfoot world but I really like your blog, your views but best of all the leaked story and theories, keep it up Robert my friend and if theres anything I can do on this side of the pond to help drop me a message on facebook 🙂

  13. More juicy stuff Robert! Thanks my friend!

  14. Jeff Meldrum

    Well, I was on the phone with Bryan just a couple of days ago and he had not yet begun testing. When he does, he intends to do the initial screening with mtDNA loci. So the alleged leak story is vacuous.

  15. Andres

    Great job Robert. Keep me glue to your blog for the past few days. The holding of evidence is a clear way to gain popularity and money, even scientis will do it. I hope the holding of the journal publication is not a tactic to have more time to made fit this extraordinary re discovery in to ordinary actual asumptions. I said re discovery because if proving right, should be the Paty film and makers the one’s that first discover with that proof this creature.

  16. JustAskin

    As soon as Sykes says he beleives, I will be totally sold “they” are out there. Until now wanted to believe and just wanted to know either way. But…… As soon as it’s proven I will wish the world didn’t know about “them”. I fear for the the species, all the cash that will start flying, can only mean bad news for the BF’s. I now completely understand Melba’s call to the leader’s to protect them. Am I alone on this? (BTW TY RL)

  17. Jeff Meldrum

    awaiting moderation?

    • All new comments automatically go to moderation.

    • Robbie Shaw

      Thankfully,,Robert takes responsibility for his site. As in all points,for and against any subjects,are allowed as long as they hold to his guidelines. And to me that’s a great thing. This is a site/blog,where skeptics/believers/knowers can have intelligent debates,and not be bombed senseless by,well,for lack of better word,trolls. Thanks again Robert!! I can only imagine the amount of work that is put in to checking comments,it’s wonderful for us to be able to read,and discover great points,pro and con,from all,instead of reading a great article,then having to “scan” through nonsense,possibly missing so much!
      And btw,if the above is The Dr Jeff Meldrum,I would like to say good luck on your project. Hoping for great results. I am like everyone else in this crazy,often savage world of the big guys(gals). But my favorite researchers are among many,and the main requirement for myself for anyone is dedication,and seriousness to this legacy. That being said,,I indeed have many favorites! And for someone to be present in the public eye,taking this seriously,I want to say thanks too. We all catch hell at times for this,maybe soon,those days well be past us. Then perhaps,understanding,then facts,may follow.

      • Yes I am on good terms with Meldrum right now. I had a very nice conversation with him the other day. Jeff will go down in history as one of the greats.

        And thx again, Robbie. Yes I read through all comments, and it does take a bit of time. We don’t allow blatant disruptive trolls on here.

  18. Scott

    Wait… Robert, is the blurb about the BBC obtaining footage a tongue in cheek joke or is someone seriously saying that they have footage? Is the alleged footage they obtained another angle of the “Camper Bigfoot” or is is a separate incident? Who (worst enemies) is admitting he has the footage and can they be trusted? Everyone’s so excited by the DNA story that I’m afraid this other news got lost in the shuffle. If you can clarify, thanks!

  19. jurrawarra

    This will all make a good book someday Robert, a very long book a that but worth the read….and I better get a free copy for making the suggestion !
    Nice work once again mate !

  20. Scott

    Sorry I just read your post from 12/12/12. Answered some of my questions. On the B.S. meter, 10 being the highest, what do you personally rate the story? (based on where your information is coming from…)

  21. Get ready for a serious traffic jump Robert!

    These guys 30,000 fans just promoted your blog!

      • Robbie Shaw

        Great news for R.L!! And good news for us as well! As anyone who reports news,rumors,or developing story’s,Robert has a job to do,that I couldn’t lol. I have not developed the required thick skin as of this date. Although I am progressing,as in ignoring obvious inflammatory statements many post on most sites who have not researched info either way at all,except possibly watching the P.G film,and deciding,perhaps even stronger than our belief (or the many of us that know in our own ways) once and for all,these things do not exist. It never ceases to amaze me,when an intelligent individual states to me “How can you think these things are real?? All because of ONE short,and very old film clip?! I seen (or father seen,or aunt Sally’s cousin from El Segundo) seen a show from England or somewhere that film was a hoax anyways” lol.
        Congrats Robert! I like to scan through the other sites occasionally,and when I see your name, I could open my door,,in the country outskirts of Point Pleasant,WV, when the wind is right,hear the trolls and trouble makers howling into the dawn. IMO, the trolls,knowing they cannot run amok in your town,slinging negative comments and nonsense like a gunslinger in the old days would sling his colts,is unbearable to them. Lol
        It’s tragic,that a few great places of info and debate,is ruined by people who obviously think this whole affair is a bad joke. I try to thank all my favorite site admins for the hard work,that results in keeping a sane place for learning and debate,for all of us who are serious,,for or against,this legacy. Thanks Robert! And thanks from me to all the intelligent and thoughtful people who make this site, and a couple others,,respectful,knowledgable,and stocked full almost every article,of great comments and thoughts!!

        • Sure Robbie, you’re welcome once again.

          Reading through the Comments Rules, you can see the rules are designed to allow for pleasant and civilized debate. Skeptics are allowed on here, but they can’t bash me. Actually no one can bash me. That ruins any site.

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