Nonexistent Island Discovered


And it turns out that it never even existed in the first place. Apparently rumors of its existence were greatly exaggerated.


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10 responses to “Nonexistent Island Discovered

  1. WMarkW

    Captain’s Log: “As soon as the freak storm blew up, we sailed straight for the nearest land, and got caught in a copyright trap.”

  2. Steve

    Its invisible, that’s all.

  3. Mre2me

    It’s Dick Cheney’s secret island lair. It has a hollowed out mountain that looks like a skull that he resides in. The scientists are all saying it’s not there, but it actually is. Dick has their families hostage, so they have to do what he says. The island has now been removed from google maps, just like he had his house removed from there.
    Now he and the Bushes, The Queen may go about their bizarre cult like rituals with reckless abandon.

  4. Indianparasite

    There are over Billion useless indians living and polluting the planet, time to destroy them rather than thinking about unknown planet or Nonexistent island

  5. Funny! The movie I saw last nite, The Life of Pi,… has both, Indians, and a non-existant island in it!

    • Mythcreating Indians

      Indians are masters in deluding every human being with innumerable myths and useless superstititions, they are quite useless morons who were told by british that they once had a great civilization of their own and their dogmatic religion got all the credit to the vedas.

      All of that is a hogwash to coverup a great lie that these morons couldn’t even figure out a way to invent plumbing in 21st century , over 600 million of their degenerate race defecates openly and these morons hallucinate every day thinking that they are some world power.

      All those idiot foreginers who were fooled by Indian propaganda think that India is some spiritual land full of great culture and yada yada.

      Truth is they are degenerate humans who worship everything and anything,Hinduism is a pagan cult which got all the credit from vedas and upanishads which were not even written by these degenerate hindus.

      Sadly they are multiplying every day.

      Most of indians are not interested in work they are interested in producing babies–Indians are descendents from ancient land of SODOM and GOMORRAH

  6. Non existent island got the same fate as non existent planet Pluto.

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