US Soldiers Executed for Crimes Against Civilians in WW2 France

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There’s a semi-hidden cemetery in France filled with executed US WWII solders who raped and murdered the locals. The military has such disrespect for them that they are only marked with numbers, not names. We don’t execute quite so much anymore, but we still do proper military criminal investigations into such allegations.

There are two sides to this. On one, we talk as you do about making sure justice is done for crimes committed, and the damage inherent in not fully investigating. On the other hand, there’s the concern about railroading troops who were doing the best they could in a bad situation. A soldier fighting for his life in a firefight shouldn’t have to ask to for a time-out so he can consult an attorney to avoid potential Monday-morning legal quarterbacking. This is all the harder with an enemy who doesn’t wear a uniform and blends in with the locals.

And, yes, every friendly fire incident gets a full investigation. Criminal charges are unlikely since most of these are truly accidents with multiple contributing factors. However, we once railroaded a colonel out of the Army over a friendly fire incident, using the fact that he’d violated some local command policy by going up that day when they couldn’t find an actual violation of law in the friendly fire incident itself. Because of feelings just like yours, there is a LOT of political pressure from the very top to convict for friendly fire incidents, and in those cases we have to be extra sure that justice, not mob justice, is done.

That’s very interesting if it’s true. Does that statement imply that the US military executed various US troops for crimes such as murder and rape committed against French locals. I suppose they had trials or court-martials and were quickly sentenced to death? Amazing if it’s actually true, because I’ve never heard of it.


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21 responses to “US Soldiers Executed for Crimes Against Civilians in WW2 France

  1. jameson7

    I find this almost impossible to believe. Accountability for war time rape back in WW2? Inconceivable. Surely there is more to the story than meets the eye.

  2. Of course there was rape in Europe during WW2 fighting, and of course the vast majority of the perps were muh dick blacks and sex-crazed muzzies.

    Surprised you didn’t mention this obvious reality in this post.


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  3. why would the US soldiers rape and kill the French if they were allies? i can believe if they were Krauts or Japs.

    • Because being an ally had absolutely nothing to do with being a psychopath before joining the military and being shipped overseas. American GI’s raped thousands of French women during WWII!!!

    • The japanese were considered disgusting, beaver toothed freaks, with small hunched stature and were very cowardly, i doubt any G.I. Would **** a jap at the time. Krauts, the other hand, eh.

  4. France was of course occupied by the Germans at the time the US troops came in. Are we sure we aren’t talking about Nazi propaganda about imagined American atrocities while the Nazis are being removed from control over France? I find that scenario much more easily believed.

    • mott69

      The Allies (mostly the Ruskies) raped women far, far more than the Germans. That’s one thing that the Germans weren’t into. U.S. Gi’s raped hundreds of British women and over 3,00 French women, in addition to thousands of German women, and some Italians. And a couple thousand Okinawan and Japanese women. On this score, US GIs were pretty bad in WWII, considering what one would expect. US GIs were pretty well-behaved as far as other war atrocities, though.

    • “…some Italians”
      An underestimation if there was ever one. You should take a trip to Venice and talk to some of those old war veterans.
      “US GIs were pretty well-behaved as far as other war atrocities..”
      Mai Lai. Tip of the iceberg.
      It if funny how some people think only the ‘other side’ do propaganda. And then I thought Indians are the only patriotards.

      • honyok

        Your comment is correct and extremely accurate. The white race overall has committed the majority of crimes against humanity since the beginning of time. It is easy how some forget history
        the Mai Lai massacre and untold number of Vietnamese killed (and for what?)- Hiroshima, Nagasaki, fire bombings of Tokyo and Dresden (90% hapless civilian casualties) You are indeed a well read man.
        There is truly iron and wisdom in your words. Unlike many who post here
        you know your history.

      • mott69

        AI- I didn’t mean to slight the Italians- it was mostly black U.S. GI’s that did the majority- and there are apparently scores of half-black kids who got treated like badly (I didn’t see the hard numbers-it may be 1-2 thousand?).

        Other than that, you are a moron. Mai Lai? That was in VIETNAM. HELLO? We’re talking WW II here, AI.

        Not to belittle Mai Lai, but it was an outlier as far as U.S.-Vietnam atrocities go, and the numbers involved pale next to other massacres. And, it did not have official sanction- the opposite- Calley was prosecuted. The whole Vietnam War was an atrocity committed by Kissinger and Nixon, Don’t change the subject.

        As far as me being a patrio- something. You obviously are completely unfamiliar with me.

        My statement was: U.S. GIs in WWII were relatively well-behaved compared to the opposition; the rape charges were the worst, they shot quite a few German and Japanese prisoners, but I stand behind my statement.

        Oh, Yeah- and you can SUCK ME, AI- and your little mulatto tranny BUTT-BUDDY HolyCock-sucker.

        • US soldiers even gangraped and killed Icelandic civilians after US occupied Iceland in 1941. Your countrymen have been cruel savages since they first set foot on the American continent. Dont try to fool the readers.

      • @ honyok
        The point of my remark is that propaganda doesn’t spare American worldview. It has nothing to do in a racial context.

        In the post World War 2 era, about 900,000 mulatto kids were born in South Europe, even though there was no history of Mediterranean women sleeping enmasse with blacks. Given that the only blacks in such large numbers in that part of the world were US GIs, we can rest assured where the kids came from.

        • jameson7

          You have to factor in the Italians..who were notoriously undisciplined in regards to creating mulatto’s during that time. Much to the embarrassment of the racist Mussolini regime.

        • @ jameson7
          Are you saying that there was a massive rehabilation of African cocubines in post-WW2 Italy?

        • That is not true at all. Some of you posters have gotten your info from the white media or made it up. Even the British papers have published these stories and stats. Out of all of the 92,000 illegitimate children sired in Europe alone during WWII, only about 5,000 were said to be from Black GI’s.
          The children were either adopted out, sent to America or orphanages. Japanese women killed their babies sired by American GI’s of any racial mixture. Many married British women had children from American GI’s too. They were encouraged by their mothers for the GI’s rations. However, it was another story when the husbands came back home. There was hell to pay!!!
          Jim Crow followed the Black GI’s around the globe and their commanders refused to allow them to marry the women they got pregnant and were forced to leave any children behind.

  5. BW

    “Given that the only blacks in such large numbers in that part of the world were US GIs, we can rest assured where the kids came from.”

    The Italians have been mentioned; the French as well also had regiments of colonial troops from sub-Saharan Africa fighting in Italy.


    • BW you are not only wrong but incorrect to your core. You made that up to deflect blame from your fellow Caucasian brothers who were raping European women so bad during WWII the army hid it from the public.
      It doesn’t matter what race the perps were. All of them were wrong and abominable for their actions. Now go find something accurate to post about.

  6. A professor recently wrote a book about all the sexual assaults of European women by American GI’s during WWII. This info was hidden from the public for generations. The assaults were so bad a French mayor asked the army to start a brothel, but they refused. These were primarily Caucasian American GI’s too.
    I guess it makes folks feel good to blame EVERYTHING on Black people but history is being written accurately now. You can count on that from now on.
    I lived in Asia and out of all the sexual assaults that have occurred there, even today, only a handful were committed by Black GI’s, which doesn’t make it any better. All of the men should be accounted for over such horrible actions.

  7. edgeydave1

    Stories from Dad As a liberator of both France and Germany, he was stationed all over Europe at some point in time. It seems US soldiers did in fact rape and plunder. The mail system was utilized for plunder. They’d simply mail back home priceless artifacts and treasures stolen from museums and homes. Why do you think so many Egyptian artifacts found their way across the pond? The Germans robbed Gold, and the Americans robbed the stolen gold from the Germans. Germans did not rape the enemies women. Their may have been a few isolated cases but as a whole it was looked upon as a low crime only committed by the worst of mankind. They would have been shot by superiors if they tried. They had some respect for even the lowliest captives. They didn’t race mix was one of their sayings that probably led to that. US Soldiers were their to get rich off the backs of the defeated. Russians were the worst of the worst. They raped whenever they found the opportunity. One story states that when the Ukraine women saw the Russians coming over the hill they would hide or dress up as men. Another trick was rubbing goats blood all over their privates and saying they were diseased. But here’s another twist. Some women were prostituting themselves and when they had kids they used the rape story to save face.

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