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Socialist Trend and Human Civilization Closely Tied

A reversion towards radical individualism is nothing but a regression to barbarism. As Rosa Luxembourg wrote, the stark choice is ours: socialism or barbarism.

As this article makes clear, as human civilization grew, humans grew increasingly altruistic, and altruism may even have been selected for as a trait. The article theorizes that humans did not become altruistic because it was the right thing to do or because it necessarily felt good but because they had to become altruistic in order to survive. So altruism, which is socialism itself in a sense, is apparently necessary for human survival and especially for the survival of human civilization.

Without it, we degenerate into fascism, Nazism or other genocidal and brutal mindsets. A bunch of droogies running about in the Land of the Lord of the Flies.

It’s important to note that capitalism is opposed to the very notion of altruism itself, which it considers to be fatal to the system. Capitalism promotes extreme individualism known as radical individualism and the result of mass atomization. Every man for himself, the dog eat dog world of capitalism.

While a certain amount of this is necessary for the functioning of a market in the first place, too much of it is fatal to society and possibly to individuals themselves.

Societies with unrestricted capitalism tend to be 3rd World societies with lower life spans. Research now links increased inequality to increased stress and death rates and declining physical health. Nearly all advanced and wealthy societies are socialist in one way or another (typically social democracies).

Social democracy is associated with increased lifespan, decreased stress and less physical illness. In Europe, there is an inverse relationship in which the more socialism there is in a society, the less crime there is. This is even true in a continent where most states are socialist to one degree or another.

What’s the alternative? The law of the jungle. Social Darwinism, which is championed by capitalists and especially Libertarians (Libertarians are nothing but pure capitalist shorn of any soft window dressing dressing fakery) is itself the law of the jungle, so we can argue that the law of the jungle is something that capitalists themselves have always encouraged even if they are wont to admit so.

The article points out that among the apes, only humans seemed to have evolved collectivist, cooperative or altruistic behavior. The piece then goes on to posit why this may have happened.

As a commenter on the piece points out:

Wild apes pretty much live in a free market Libertarian paradise in which the strong dominate the weak.

Hence apes continue to live in the Libertarian paradise known as the wild jungle.

Meanwhile humans evolved governance and the cooperation that results from standards and laws.

The ascent of man over the Libertarian apes has been the natural result.

The truth is that in a Libertarian world, humans will frankly revert to throwbacks, gorillas in the mist romping amid the ruins of society and civilization itself. There’s no other way for Libertarianism to play out, it an be nothing other than a reversion.

You want Libertarianism? I give you India. 600 million shitting on the ground, turds everywhere you step, rivers filled with shit and bathing humans, half the population starving, millions of dying of starvation and disease every year, dead bodies floating in rivers while mangy dogs feast on corpses by the riverside. Welcome the Libertarian Paradise on the Ganges, but watch out for the turds.


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From Rosa Luxembourg to the Holocaust

Our choice is socialism or barbarism.

– Rosa Luxembourg

Those words are as true today as when she said them in 1918.

By the way, Luxembourg was one of the Jewish leaders of the German Communist and socialist movement which coalesced in the short lived Bavarian Socialist Republic in 1920. The movement was quickly defeated, hundreds were killed, and there was much chaos.

The German people, especially the middle classes, did not think much of the German Left. It’s true that many of the leaders of the movement were Jewish. It’s never pretty for defeated movements and it’s never easy being a minority.

Those two truths coalesced as German Nazism grew out of the German middle classes’ and ruling classes rage at the rebellion of the German Left and their fear of the nascent Bolshevik movement in the USSR, which originally was also pretty heavily Jewish in its higher echelons.

The association of Jews and Communism was all the rage among the Right. Even Winston Churchill (who was basically a bad guy other than WW2) said, “Communism is Jewish.” The resulting theory of Judeo-Bolshevism led directly to WW2 and especially the Holocaust.


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US Soldiers Executed for Crimes Against Civilians in WW2 France

From here.

There’s a semi-hidden cemetery in France filled with executed US WWII solders who raped and murdered the locals. The military has such disrespect for them that they are only marked with numbers, not names. We don’t execute quite so much anymore, but we still do proper military criminal investigations into such allegations.

There are two sides to this. On one, we talk as you do about making sure justice is done for crimes committed, and the damage inherent in not fully investigating. On the other hand, there’s the concern about railroading troops who were doing the best they could in a bad situation. A soldier fighting for his life in a firefight shouldn’t have to ask to for a time-out so he can consult an attorney to avoid potential Monday-morning legal quarterbacking. This is all the harder with an enemy who doesn’t wear a uniform and blends in with the locals.

And, yes, every friendly fire incident gets a full investigation. Criminal charges are unlikely since most of these are truly accidents with multiple contributing factors. However, we once railroaded a colonel out of the Army over a friendly fire incident, using the fact that he’d violated some local command policy by going up that day when they couldn’t find an actual violation of law in the friendly fire incident itself. Because of feelings just like yours, there is a LOT of political pressure from the very top to convict for friendly fire incidents, and in those cases we have to be extra sure that justice, not mob justice, is done.

That’s very interesting if it’s true. Does that statement imply that the US military executed various US troops for crimes such as murder and rape committed against French locals. I suppose they had trials or court-martials and were quickly sentenced to death? Amazing if it’s actually true, because I’ve never heard of it.


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Plastic Surgery Now Available for Most Every Part of Your Body

And I do mean every part.

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