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“We Are Not Conservatives,” by Alex Stark


Excellent piece by Alex Stark on Greg Johnson’s White nationalist site Counter Currents. Johnson, who is gay by the way, is a very interesting figure on the WN scene. Economically, he’s more of a socialist, a Leftist or a populist, and he wants WN’s to make a major break with radical neoliberal Libertarian capitalism.

It’s been obvious for too long that Libertarian capitalism and the plutocratic Republican is bad for the White masses. That’s as clear as air.

Are all White people rich or corporate stooges? Of course not. Most White people are simply workers. And the plutocrats and corporate fascists abuse White workers as much as any other workers. In fact, they often single out White workers for abuse by mass importing both legal and illegal immigrants to replace them with and by replacing good White workers with cheap non-White labor from abroad.

Of course national health care is good for Whites. So is Medicaid. So is Medicare. So is subsidized and well funded state schooling, parks, public lands, roads, infrastructure and whatnot. I even believe the safety net is good for Whites.

I know some White middle class folks who have fallen on hard times who are now making use of Food Stamps so they can afford food. So Food Stamps are good for Whites. I know some Whites on disability who are using Section 8. Without Section 8, they wouldn’t even be able to afford rent. So Section 8 is good for poor Whites.

They are not that many government programs that are bad for Whites except for affirmative action, and that’s being phased out.

Under Obama, millions of illegals were deported, and there were many fines and raids on businesses for hiring illegals. That’s the state taking positive action against illegals.

What has the glorious private sector done to halt illegal immigration? Exactly nothing except hire illegals any chance they get. And state border guards have captured countless illegals at the border and deported them back home. So the state in various forms, especially at the state level such as Arizona, has been the only thing that has helped Whites in terms of illegal immigration.

The Republican Party has launched a War on Women. The vast majority of the female targets of this war are White women. So this party is attacking our women.

This party has also launched an all out war on unions. Unions are great for White workers. They’re great for Whites. The only reason that White workers were able to afford middle class incomes since World War 2 was due to unions that aggressively represented their interests. The decline in unions has gone hand in hand with a collapsing White middle class and the growth of a large group of poor and low income Whites.

The Republican Party through its judges pushed through Citizens United which allows the rich and corporations to control our nation through a corporate capitalist fascism that is disastrous for White workers, White consumers, the environment that Whites live in, White society as a whole and White democracy (the democratic values that Whites hold so dear).

Bottom line is that not only is that only possible savior of Whites to be found in the state (forget the private sector – they sold us out long ago) but also that the Republican Party is simply bad for Whites. That it’s good for a few rich Whites is no matter. The truth is that if it’s bad for the vast majority of Whites, it’s bad for Whites period.


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Economics of Imperialism

Absolutely superb website by a brilliant Marxist economist from the UK, Tony Norfield, who worked for many years in the financial sector. His analysis of capitalism, of course, is absolutely spot on.

Anyone who doesn’t think that capitalism sucks really needs to read that site. Of course it is possible that capitalism is horrible, except for all the other systems, to paraphrase Churchill’s famous quote about democracy.

But the fact that we haven’t come up with good alternatives to traditional capitalism doesn’t mean that capitalism doesn’t blow. Capitalism blows no matter what the alternatives look like. Things either blow or they don’t. They don’t blow or not only in comparison to competitors.


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The History of the West German Guerrilla

A history of the Red Army Faction (RAF), the Revolutionary Cells (RZ) and Rote Zora. Also deals somewhat with more peripheral groups like Action Directe (AD) in France and the Combating Communist Cells (CCC) in Belgium.

I always liked all of these groups, especially the RAF. They were quite successful for a long time, especially in the 1970’s and and 1980’s. They’ve since broken up. It was often hard to catch their leaders and armed combatants. They had a core of thousands of supporters who protected them via safehouses and whatnot and it was always hard to penetrate the organization.

Raids were often made in which the cops would find that the cadre had just abandoned the place. This shows a guerrilla with excellent intelligence. I remember once when the Feds raided a Weathermen or some split group’s safe house. They arrived just after the cadre had left. They left their clothes behind and there was even still-hot coffee still sitting on the counter. That’s how fast they left.

Cadre can only split that fast if they have advance warning of a raid. How do they get that advanced warning? They must have excellent intelligence inside the state apparatus and hopefully even supporters or agents deep inside the state counter-guerrilla force itself.

Raids often ended in huge shootouts, as the RAF often did not want to be taken alive. There were quite a few coordinated actions with the Palestinians, especially with the PFLP.

The RAF made some errors.

They kidnapped a US soldier to get his ID to use to bomb an officer’s climb. Then they killed the soldier to eliminate witnesses. I never liked that action.

An RAF-Palestinian combined group hijacked a jet in Mallorca and shot the pilot. That’s lousy, shooting pilots. Come on.

A combined RAF-Palestinian group was behind the hijacking of the jet that ended up in Entebbe, Uganda. An Israeli team including former Prime Minister Ehud Barak raided the plane and all of the guerrilla were killed.

All of these hijackings and other hostage takings, including a mass hostage taking at the German Embassy in Sweden which left the embassy in flames, were done in an effort to negotiate a prisoner release with the authorities. All such prisoner release attempts failed, so one could argue that the hostage taking raids were worthless. The cops never gave up any prisoners.

During a period in the 1970’s called The German Autumn a number of RAF cadre were apparently murdered in their prison cells in a short period of time either by shooting or by fake hanging made to look like suicides. That was pretty brutal of the state to do that. I don’t see the point. They were either common prisoners or POW’s. In either case, they cannot be murdered in their cells by the state. Screw that.

In the early 1990’s, the RAF officially dissolved their organization and declared a permanent ceasefire. There have been no new urban guerrillas in West Germany, France or the Netherlands since. Nevertheless, the remains of the Red Brigades have resurfaced in Italy and some deadly and quite violent anarchist organizations have turned up in Greece. The war isn’t over.


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Eric Hobsbawm Interview

Very nice interview with Michael Ignatieff (who I don’t like too much) interviewing the late, great Eric Hobsbawm. Hobsbawm joined the Communist Party at age 14 in Germany in 1933 and remained a party member for the rest of his life. He always supported the Communist cause.

He now admits that the Stalinist paranoia of the USSR was a disaster (beginning with the “Trotsky was a British agent” line soon after the Revolution). Stalin killed so many people for little or no good reason. As Hobsbawm points out, many of those killed by Stalin were Communists themselves, often the finest revolutionaries.

Hobsbawm’s statistics on the deaths in the USSR are exaggerated. There were at least 2.6 million excess deaths in the USSR from state violence, not including the population transfers during the WW2, various wartime deaths of the enemy, and the famine of 1932. That’s a lot, but it’s not 10-110 million as we often hear.

Hobsbawm took a lot of heat for this 1994 interview in which he implied that the deaths during the USSR might have been worth it if a better world had unfolded as a result. He meant this as an analogy to the 50 million deaths in WW2. Most say that those deaths were worth it in order to defeat fascism and rightwing militarism. So it is as an analogy to the WW2 statement that he wonders if the Soviet deaths might have been worth it if things had turned out differently.

Hobsbawm makes no apologies for the crimes of Stalin. He also says that the invasion of Hungary was a turning point among Western Communists. This is when they started to abandon the USSR. Hobsbawm says the Hungarian invasion was a catastrophe.

Hobsbawm is correct though, along Rosa Luxembourg’s lines, that the question is still one of a better world versus barbarism (Luxembourg said the choice is “socialism or barbarism). With the triumph of neoliberal capitalism the world over, what we are seeing is barbarism writ large spanning the planet. Hobsbawn says this is also a catastrophe, and I agree with him.

Hobsbawm was a famous Marxist historian who authored a number of famous books, including “The Age of…” series.

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