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The Sleazy Khodorovsky-Rothschild Connection

Gay State Girl asks:

I often hear about the Rothschilds. How relevant are they? You say WWII took care of them, or did they benefit tremendously?

They are influential, mostly in the UK, but they don’t run the world or anything like that. They are one of the more sickening, disgusting and repulsive examples of super tribal Jews out there.

When Russian leader Putin went to imprison Russian Mafia kingpin Khodorovsky, he quickly ferreted most of his money out of Russia to the Rothschilds, who kept it for safekeeping.

See how this works?

Jews loot Russia. They take the money from Russian Gentiles and steal it via the Jews, for the Jews. When the Russian people (Putin) to try recover the stolen Russian Gentile money from the Jewish thieves, the Russian Jews ferret the money out of Russia into the hands of International Jewry. That way the money stolen from the Gentiles stays in the hands of the Jews.

The Jews work as a tribe.

If you want to know why so many people hate Jews so much, it’s due to behavior like this. People like Khodorovsky and Rothschild are like human anti-Semitism producing factories.


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Presidential Election 2012

Click to play. Woo hoo! It’s an Obama Nation!

I guess Americans have tolerance for lots of things, but they don’t have much tolerance for lying sacks of shit.

Mitt Romney’s filthy rich, but if he lost all of his money, he’d still be filthy.


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