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Bigfoot News November 27, 2012

“THEY’VE GOT THE BODIES!” Those of you following the famous Sierra Kills story often wonder what happened to the bodies of the two Bigfoots that were killed at Mt. Haskell, California, in the Sierra Nevadas on that cold and fateful fall day on October 10, 2010. Many have expressed disbelief that one or more of the bodies were not recovered on that day or on later trips to the site.

I can now report that no less an authority than Bobo Fay himself has said that two bodies were indeed retained from the Sierra Kills aftermath at some point, either on that day or most probably later.

About 8-9 months ago, Bobo was at a Finding Bigfoot meeting for the show he is starring in. Someone asked him about the Sierra Kills and asked why no bodies were retrieved from the site.

“No!” Bobo replied. “You don’t understand! They’ve got the bodies!”

This means that according to Bobo, both bodies from the Kills were retained at some point and are apparently being kept locked away somewhere for safekeeping.

According to the official story, Justin Smeja did not go back to the site until 3-4 weeks later when there was several feet of snow on the ground. After a day of digging through the snow, about 2 pounds of Bigfoot flesh was recovered. It was thought that this was from the adult male Bigfoot.

However, Scott Sandsberry, a reporter for the Yakima Herald newspaper, wrote a multipart series on Bigfoot last year. He conducted many interviews with all of the big players in the Bigfoot world. In the article about the Kills, Sandsberry stated unequivocally that after the Kills and before the digging in the snow trip, Smeja went back to the site “with a prominent Bigfoot researcher.” Note that this expedition has been elided from the traditional narrative.

In addition, Derek Randles states that he did not have the time or money to go back to the Kills site until 8 months later. But this cannot be true. Randles stated soon after he learned of the Kills, “We have a team ready to go down there tomorrow.” Apparently the expedition to the Kills site would be funded by Wally Hersom.

Bobo has made other hints that bodies were retained. In a recent episode of Conan O’Brien, Bobo was asked about the Sierra Kills. Bobo said, “The whole investigation is centered around those bodies.” This implies that both bodies were retained and are being used in the study somehow.

In addition, on the Joe Rogan Show, Bobo was asked by Rogan if the bodies had been retained from the Sierra Kills. Bobo hesitated for a few seconds, and his jaw seemed to drop. He started to say something, but then he stopped. He asked Rogan, “Um, can I talk to you after the show?” Rogan said sure. Then Bobo launched into a spiel about how no bodies had been retained.

As we can see, Bobo has implied on two occasions and openly stated on the third that bodies were retained from the Kills.

Obviously the bodies, if they exist, have been squirreled away somewhere. So who has them? I and my fellow investigators do not believe that either Smeja or Randles has the bodies. If anybody has them, it is probably Wally Hersom.

Why were the bodies squirreled away? If they exist, we think that the bodies may have been hidden in part to preserve Ketchum’s study. After all, revelation of the bodies would have killed Ketchum’s study once and for all by showing it up. So the bodies were secreted away so she could be the first to discover Bigfoot. After all, a race is on now, similar to the race to be the first to find HIV in the 1980’s. Then as now, many people want to be the first.

Another possibility is that Ketchum has a Hollywood publicist and a Hollywood lawyer working for her. These are very shrewd folks. They may have figured out that having Ketchum’s study associated with something as gruesome as the Kills, with two whole dead bodies, including a juvenile, horribly enough, was deadly for the study.

As one of my fellow researchers said, “They probably figured that those bodies were Kryptonite for her study!”

So in order to make something of the Kills, they sawed off a slice of the thigh of the adult male as a sample and stashed away the rest.

Assuming they exist, will the bodies ever see the light of day? No one knows. They may be hidden away forever, or they may end up being sold mysteriously to some millionaire in China.

Perhaps when things blow over and a deal of non-prosecution is signed for Smeja, they could somehow be revealed.

On the other hand, many players have insisted that no bodies were retained from the Kills. If the bodies later show up, they will be revealed as shame-faced liars. Derek Randles said, no doubt revealing his deepest fears, “I don’t want to be known as the guy who hid the bodies!” Sure he doesn’t.

But if they ever turn up, millions of fingers will point to him, and he will have a lot of ‘splainin to do. Randles and others’ reputations may be shot and may not recover. Any existing bodies may well serve best hidden away for a very long time.

Sierra Kills bodies may be used by Ketchum Project to determine which relict hominid Bigfoot is. I reported a while back that the Ketchum team was looking at a certain relict hominid known in the scientific record, and this is what they think the Bigfoots are. After I reported that, all Hell broke loose in the Ketchum camp, and a spy hunt ensued. Many people were thrown out of her Sasquatch Protection Group as possible spies. Clearly, that’s a sensitive issue with her.

However, how can it possibly make sense that they have a certain relict hominid, known to science, in mind? I know for a fact that they are comparing the Bigfoots to a known relict hominid documented in the scientific record.

There are only two ways they could have one in mind. One, via DNA. However, DNA has already ruled out Denisova and Neandertal, and those are the only two relict hominids that we have DNA for.

The only other way is by comparing skeletons or skulls. In order to do that, Ketchum must have access to Bigfoot body(ies), skull(s) or skeleton(s). I have no knowledge that Ketchum has access to any of those. Except, that is, for the Kills, which she may well have access to.

If she has access to the bodies from the Kills, they can look at those bodies and compare them with skeletons and skulls in museum collections. Once again, I figure Ketchum must have access to the Kills bodies in order to have a known relict hominid to compare the Bigfoots to.

I asked a deeply connected source that very question.

“If they can’t compare the Bigfoots to other hominids by DNA, then is the Ketchum team using Bigfoot body(ies), skull(s) or skeleton(s) to compare the Bigfoots to known museum specimens?”

My source turned oddly silent.

“I’m not going to answer that question,” he said darkly.

There you have it.

All Hell has broken loose with the revelation of the results from Dr. Melba Ketchum’s Bigfoot DNA study. One of the many questions is that if it is still in peer review, why did she issue a press release? In my opinion, the paper has been sitting in peer review in the US for 21 months.

For 7 of those months, I believe it was at Henry Gee’s Nature. It was handed back by Nature due to “no testable hypothesis” and lack of a zoologist on board.

For the next 14 months, it has been sitting at one or more US journals. It has gone through four major rewrites and many minor ones. I think that finally Ketchum has just given up on US journals and has decided instead simply to publish abroad, in this case in Russia.

Hence the release by Igor Burtsev and the Ketchum release that followed. I figure that the paper has been under review at some journal that Burtsev is associated with, and it’s going to pass review at that journal as a foregone conclusion. She’s going to publish in a Russian scientific journal in both English and Russian.

Ruckus about “angel DNA.” Indeed early versions of the paper contained not only references to angel DNA but also the Nephilim. The Nephilim references at least were removed in an early version as being a sure paper-killer. Whether or not the “angel DNA” references were removed in later versions is not known. I would certainly hope so!

One wonders why the angel and Nephilim references? Well, this is simply what Ketchum believes. As a fundamentalist Christian from East Texas, she has believed from the very start after she discovered that the Bigfoots were real that they had to be the Nephilim, the giants of the Bible. According to Genesis, angels came down from the heavens and mated with human women, thereby creating the a race of giants, the Nephilim.

Ketchum has been working this Biblical angle of the story for a long time. This was a huge source of friction between her and the late, great Richard Stubstad. He told me that she kept trying to fit the Bigfoot story into her Biblical beliefs. Richard kept telling her to please knock it off, leave the religion alone and just focus on the science, but she would never drop the subject.

Also she kept trying to convert Richard, and this was starting to make him mad. This led to the famous fallout between the two great Bigfoot researchers.

As recently as November 2011, I heard that the Ketchum study still had a strong fundamentalist Christian bent to it. Whether this was revealed in the actual paper itself is not known.

Ketchum made a strange admission in her press release about non-human, non relict hominid and non-ape DNA in the nuclear side of the Bigfoots. Non-human, non relict hominid and non-ape? What is it then? Wombat DNA? I wish I had an answer to this question, but I am as baffled as anyone else is. And I am fully aware that as worded, this scenario makes no sense whatsoever.

Mystery about DNA anomalies in the Bigfoot nuclear DNA. Apparently ~80% of the nuclear DNA is either human or in the hominid line. However the rest, 20% of it, cannot be found in any known DNA database, so Ketchum insisted on calling it “angel DNA.” Ketchum’s contention is that in the distant past, aliens, (the 20%) mated with man to produce a species of hybrid that they could use as workers here on Earth.

This is the “Annunaki” story that the UFO folks are so enamored of. Ketchum also contends that in order to keep their species as it currently exists, the Bigfoots need to mate with human females occasionally (this is the Mars Needs Women or King Kong scenario).

You will see similarities between Ketchum’s thinking and the book The Twelfth Planet by Z. Sitchen. Wally Hersom is said to love that book, and he encourages everyone he knows to read it.

I haven’t the faintest idea of any of this insanity is true, and for all I know, Ketchum may well be correct. The problem is that the theory is so over the top that obviously no serious US journal will publish it.

Wally Hersom was very upset at the paper when it was written up like this, even though he also is deeply invested in the “Bigfoots are aliens” theory. He felt that no journal on Earth would publish such a paper, and consequently he would see no return on his $200,000 he invested in the project.

In addition, Wally is still bound by an NDA with Ketchum so he can’t talk about any of this. Not only that, but he’s out $200,000. He thinks he got screwed, he’s mad as Hell, and he can’t even talk to anyone about it.

Wally Hersom is not a young man. He is actually over 80 years old, though he doesn’t look it at all. One wonders whether he is going to demand a return on his investment or whether he will just cut his losses and call it a day.

In addition to Hersom and Ketchum, David Paulides has long been telling everyone who will listen that Bigfoots are part alien. According to him, the Bigfoot nuclear DNA “goes back 30,000 years, and then it stops.” According to Paulides, that means the male line of the Bigfoots is from outer space. Paulides is also a deeply religious fundamentalist Christian.

Is Melba Ketchum nuts? I have been following this woman for a long time now. It’s true that she is a deeply religious fundamentalist Christian. However, that’s not in the DSM yet.

I do not see any evidence of mental instability in Ketchum. True, since she started habituating Bigfoots at her leased property in the region, she has had a lot of interesting and very unusual experiences.

But this is typical for habituators. Once people start investigating Bigfoots so deeply that they are in regular contact with them, all sorts of strange things start happening to them. To an outsider, it looks like the person has gone off the deep end, but I doubt it.

What I think happens is that when you are around Bigfoots a lot, you start experiencing a lot of the “something else” that many researchers talk about. This is the strange paranormal side of the Bigfoots. Perhaps they use infrasound to disorient folks. Perhaps they have psi or ESP abilities. There are all manner of odd reports. I haven’t the faintest idea of what exactly is going on, but I do think there is something paranormal about these Bigfoots.

Ketchum’s Bigfoot rape was not an actual rape. As I reported earlier to much condemnation, Ketchum claimed that she thought she had been raped by a Bigfoot. She went out to her pasture, had some sort of a lost time event, woke a couple of hours later after being unconscious and felt sore in her vaginal area.

I have now learned that she was fully clothed the whole time and wearing jeans. There is no way that a Bigfoot took her jeans off, raped her and then replaced them. Forget it. It now turns out that Ketchum does not think she was actually raped. Instead she was somehow “mind-raped” by a Bigfoot. I suppose that’s possible somehow (don’t ask me how), but it sure as Hell is weird.

Sierra Kills driver’s name is Jack Evans. I can now reveal the name of Justin Smeja’s driver on the Sierra Kills. Ro Sahebi recently did a nice interview with this young man, but Jack’s face was hidden. Jack’s first name has been released sporadically, but this is the first time his last name has been released. I figure Jack is a famous person now, a public figure. He chooses to go by the name of Jack Evans, so I will report that fact. He does live in the Sacramento area, near Smeja. I know more about him, but I won’t reveal it because it’s not important, and it’s basically private.

Robin Lynne, Ketchum’s new spokesperson, is a fruitcake. I told you above that people seem to go nuts when they start habituating these Bigfoots. Well this is surely true about Robin Lynne, a woman who lives deep in the woods in Michigan and claims to have a group of ~10 Bigfoots residing in and around her property. She feeds them fish, water, blueberry bagels, muffins and other goodies every day.

The truth is that other than her own assertions, Lynne has not provided the slightest bit of evidence that there are any Bigfoots at all on her property. People have stayed at her house, but they didn’t see any Bigfoots. Apparently Bigfoot doesn’t like to have his picture taken, so there are no photos. In addition, she has not provided us with any other evidence of their existence.

Lynne also says she communicates regularly with the Bigfoots via Mindspeak somehow. This certainly begs ridicule. How is she able to communicate with these Bigfoots? Do they speak English? I don’t get it.

The Science Blogosphere has gone nuts, literally, with the revelation of the Bigfoot study. There has been much ridicule of the Ketchum report all around, including, shamefully enough, by a number of famous youngish male scientists and journalists. I will single out Carl Zimmer, John D. Hawks, Lee R. Berger, Ben Hammersley, Greg Laden, and a number of others too numerous to even bother to track down.

Actually the behavior of these men is not unusual, and most of the female scientists and science writers are taking a similar line. The science crowd speaks with one voice.

Please do not write to any of these scofftics offering to clear up any questions they have about Ketchum’s paper. I already did that, and it was a great unpleasant big waste of time. They don’t want to hear any news, and frankly they are snide and hostile when you discuss it with them. Their minds are made up, and they don’t want to be confused with any facts. There’s no point discussing this paper or Bigfoot in general with any of these characters.

Much of the strutting, cavorting Heckl and Jeckl narcissism, overblown egotism and sheer, utter arrogance can be viewed here on Berger’s reprobate Twitter feed, where he and his jerky friends make complete idiots out of themselves falling all over each other trying to ridicule the notion of Bigfoots.

Berger even arrogantly offered $10,000, while his guffawing pals egged him on, to anyone who could prove that Ketchum was a real scientist and either prove Bigfoot’s existence or provide evidence of Bigfoot DNA. I wrote this swaggering clown and offered for Smeja and I to sell him a good sized piece of the Sierra Kills Bigfoot steak for the $10K. He wasn’t having any of it. Turns it he’s not going to part with his 10 grand after all. Disgusting. And wussy.

Many of these arrogant 35-50 year old swellhead males are paleontologists. Others are science journalists. Some are anthropologists, and others are biologists. Just the usual douchebags with PhD’s, egos big as baby universes.

Their behavior is disgusting and pitiful and reminds of why I am so sickened by mainstream science, which is truly a dead end fundamentalist belief system no different from a religion anymore. It pains me to say that Dr. Jeff Meldrum is one of the last true scientists on Earth. Isn’t that sad?

The scientists have been joined by other science writers such as professional scofftics Benjamin Radford and Sharon Hill of I Doubt It. The problem here is that Radford and Hill try to have it both ways.

For a long time now, Radford, Hill, the JREF crowd and many other science writers have openly and belligerently chortled that there is simply no such thing as Bigfoot. Again and again, they have ridiculed and thrown verbal missiles at anyone idiotic enough to even look for these creatures to try to study them.

The line is that Bigfoots obviously don’t exist, so there’s no need for science to investigate the matter since their nonexistence was settled long ago. In other words, they screech, this is a matter that should not even be studied. Those who dare to venture out to study these creatures are subjected to the worst harassment. Meldrum’s colleagues at Idaho State University have repeatedly tried to get him fired for having the temerity to study Bigfoot.

Radford and Hill are particularly degenerate in that they are scofftics posing as skeptics.

While they viciously attack anyone with their nerve to investigate this question, they somehow, nervously, often leave themselves an out now and again so that, if Bigfoots are ever discovered, as they obviously will be soon, they will be able to redeem themselves as open minded skeptics while the rest of the science crowd is eating crow, wiping the egg off their faces and generally being utterly humiliated.

The interesting scientist/writer Zen Faulkes takes a predictably snide approach like that of almost all his colleagues, but after I emailed him, he seemed to tone it down a bit towards the end of this then-updated post. Faulkes complains that the paper has not been peer reviewed yet, but then he says it never should have been sent out for review in the first place. That is, the public doesn’t have a right to evaluate this data.

After I informed him that no less a giant than Henry Gee apparently had the paper on his desk for 7 months, Faulkes seemed to tone it down. At the moment, he’s taking an exemplary approach to the matter, a properly open minded one.

Do the scientists even care that they are all about to be totally and utterly humiliated? Of course, those of us who are certain that Bigfoots exist (I personally would bet my life on it) know that soon they will be proven to exist by some dramatic evidence of one sort or another.

The scofftic scientists will kick and scream like mules no matter what evidence we uncover (I suspect even a body won’t be enough for them), but sooner or later, it is the nature of empiricism itself that all existing and readily proven truths will be revealed, and sooner rather than later.

With the Bigfoots, as John Bindernagel recently said, we seem to be reaching a critical mass of evidence, a tipping point. This is correct. At some point, the evidence will become overwhelming, and the immature defense of reactive denial will no longer suffice.

Will any of these paragons of ultra-arrogant science eat their words and say they were sorry? I do not think so. Prideful science is as it does; it will continue to strut about sociopathically without a glimmer or hint of guilt or contrition in its eye.

A “know it all” never admits he is wrong, nor does he feel bad when his lies are shown up, and the mirror reveals a fool. The proud apologize for nothing and never feel bad. Overbearing science will strut on, ready to mount the barricades of the next failing paradigm as the waves of truth slowly batter it away with the tides. But the fortress of ignorance and tradition must not fail.

Robin Lynne has no sample in the Ketchum study. The scofftic crowd is referencing my article to misread it to state that Robin Lynne has a sample in to Ketchum’s study, and it’s that sample that the study is based on. This is not correct. Lynne has no sample in to the study.

Kitikaze of JREF faked the Elba River trackway. According to posters on Bigfoot Forums, the hoaxer who hoaxed the Elba River fake Bigfoot prints in Washington State recently was none other than Kitikaze, notorious scofftic from JREF forums. Another notorious scofftic poster is suspected of assisting this turkey in his nefarious deeds. It’s bad enough that these dips are scofftics, but now they are hoaxing? Good God, how depraved can you get?

Pennsylvania Bigfoot video. The video below was recently released to much scorn. However, I do feel that this may in fact be an actual Bigfoot in the film, although it’s hard to make it out well. There are certain things about it that most hoaxers don’t get right. Slowed down and enhanced by Phil Poling.


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Bigfoot News Thanksgiving Edition, 2012

Dr. Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA study getting ready for the big reveal? Igor Burtsev released the following blurb on his Facebook page the other day, which set off a storm of speculation:

“International Center of Hominology (Russia)

The DNA analysis of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch specimen conducted by Dr. Melba Ketchum the head of DNA Diagnostics, Timpson, TX, USA has been over!

Team of American scientists led by Dr. Melba Ketchum for five years has analyzed 109 purported samples of such creatures. The study has sequenced DNA of a novel North American hominin, commonly called Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

There were a large number of laboratories associated with this study including academic, private and government laboratories in which blind testing was utilized to avoid prejudice in testing. Great time and care was taken in the forensic laboratories to assure no contamination occurred with any of the samples utilized in this study.

After 5 years of this study the scientists can finally answer the question of what Sasquatch really is. It is human like us only different, a hybrid of a human with unknown species. Early field research shows that the Bigfoot/Sasquatches are massively intelligent which has enabled them to avoid detection to a large extent. They are different than us, however human nonetheless.

The hybridization event could not have occurred more than 15,000 years ago according to the mitochondrial data in some samples. Origin of this hominin was probably Middle Eastern/Eastern Europe and Europe originally though other geographic areas are not excluded.

The manuscript associated with this study has been submitted to a scientific reviewed magazine.

For years people have refused to believe they exist. Now that we know that they are real, it is up to us to protect them from those that would hunt or try to capture them for research or for sport. They should be left alone to live as they live now. After all, they are our relatives.

At this time, analysis of the Sasquatch genomes is still ongoing. Further data will be presented in the future following this original study. Additionally, analysis of various hair samples purportedly from Siberian Wildman are being tested in an effort to determine if relatedness exists between the Sasquatch and Russian Wildman.

Dr. Igor Burtsev,
Head of International Center of Hominology,
Moscow, Russia +7(916)812-6253 “

This was followed soon after by a Ketchum statement saying that she would elaborate on Burtsev’s statement. A couple of days later, Ketchum released the following her Facebook page, which then went out as a general press release.


Five-Year Genome Study Yields Evidence of Homo sapiens/Unknown Hominin Hybrid Species in North America

DALLAS, Nov. 24–A team of scientists can verify that their 5-year long DNA study, currently under peer-review, confirms the existence of a novel hominin hybrid species, commonly called “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch,” living in North America.

Researchers’ extensive DNA sequencing suggests that the legendary Sasquatch is a human relative that arose approximately 15,000 years ago as a hybrid cross of modern Homo sapiens with an unknown primate species.

The study was conducted by a team of experts in genetics, forensics, imaging and pathology, led by Dr. Melba S. Ketchum of Nacogdoches, TX. In response to recent interest in the study, Dr. Ketchum can confirm that her team has sequenced 3 complete Sasquatch nuclear genomes and determined the species is a human hybrid:

“Our study has sequenced 20 whole mitochondrial genomes and utilized next generation sequencing to obtain 3 whole nuclear genomes from purported Sasquatch samples. The genome sequencing shows that Sasquatch mtDNA is identical to modern Homo sapiens, but Sasquatch nuDNA is a novel, unknown hominin related to Homo sapiens and other primate species.

Our data indicate that the North American Sasquatch is a hybrid species, the result of males of an unknown hominin species crossing with female Homo sapiens.”

Hominins are members of the taxonomic grouping Hominini, which includes all members of the genus Homo. Genetic testing has already ruled out Homo neanderthalis and the Denisova hominin as contributors to Sasquatch mtDNA or nuDNA.

“The male progenitor that contributed the unknown sequence to this hybrid is unique as its DNA is more distantly removed from humans than other recently discovered hominins like the Denisovan individual,” explains Ketchum.

“Sasquatch nuclear DNA is incredibly novel and not at all what we had expected. While it has human nuclear DNA within its genome, there are also distinctly non-human, non-archaic hominin, and non-ape sequences. We describe it as a mosaic of human and novel non-human sequence. Further study is needed and is ongoing to better characterize and understand Sasquatch nuclear DNA.”

Ketchum is a veterinarian whose professional experience includes 27 years of research in genetics, including forensics. Early in her career she also practiced veterinary medicine, and she has previously been published as a participant in mapping the equine genome. She began testing the DNA of purported Sasquatch hair samples 5 years ago.

Ketchum calls on public officials and law enforcement to immediately recognize the Sasquatch as an indigenous people:

“Genetically, the Sasquatch are a human hybrid with unambiguously modern human maternal ancestry. Government at all levels must recognize them as an indigenous people and immediately protect their human and Constitutional rights against those who would see in their physical and cultural differences a ‘license’ to hunt, trap, or kill them.”

Full details of the study will be presented in the near future when the study manuscript publishes.

There is now a great deal of speculation about where and when the study will publish. A lot of folks are saying that it will publish in a Russian magazine and not in a real scientific journal, but that may be a misreading of Burtsev’s Russian press release. Burtsev is not a native English speaker, and his English may have been misinterpreted.

Ketchum’s spokesman seems to be Robin Lynne, a longtime Bigfoot habituator who lives in rural Michigan. She claims that there are up to 10 Bigfoots living around her property, and every day, she feeds them a variety of foods including Blueberry bagels, which they are particularly fond of. A lot of people have ridiculed her story, but according to information I have, there may indeed be Bigfoots on the property assuming some of the things she is relating are actually occurring.

For instance, one morning, Robin went out to her feeding box and found it locked! She heard noises inside, and when she opened it, the food was gone and there was an opossum inside!

She let the opossum out, but she was puzzled. Sure the possum could possibly have gotten into the box, but there is no way the possum could have gotten into the box and then locked the door to it afterwards. Shades of a locked room mystery here. Lynne concluded that the Bigfoots must have put the opossum into the box as a joke.

Burtsev is an associate of Lynne and has stayed at her place before. Burtsev released the initial PR release which Ketchum then relied upon. So Melba is in deep with Lynne, Burtsev and the rest of the Forest People crowd (Forest People is a group on Facebook). The Forest People group is widely ridiculed as being inhabited by Bigfoot kooks and idiots, but who knows? At this point, things are so insane in the Bigfoot world that anything is possible.

It is interesting that she has concluded that the hybridization event occurred not more than 15,000 YBP, and that it was a result of male subhumans breeding with female humans.

It is also interesting that both Neandertal and Denisova have been ruled out as the subhuman on the nuclear side. The report also says for the first time that the subhuman on the nuclear side is substantially more ancient than either Denisova or Neandertal.

As Denisova split from us 800,000 YBP, this means that the Bigfoot nuclear subhuman split from us before that. That leaves us possibly with Homo Erectus or one of his relatives like Homo Heidelbergensis.

This also means that a hominid more ancient than even Denisova was still roaming the Earth only 15,000 YBP. This is shocking, but it’s possible, as Homo Floresiensis was also roaming the Earth 13,000 YBP, and Flores Man is quite a bit more ancient than Denisova. Dr. Jeff Meldrum also states that we have a Homo Heidelbergensis skull from China from only 12,000 YBP.

Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of the report is that Bigfoots have DNA on the nuclear side that is non-human, non-hominin, and non-ape. This, frankly, makes not the slightest bit of sense at all, but it lines up with what we have been hearing for a long time now.

For forever now, David Paulides has been telling people that the nuclear subhuman component of the Bigfoots is from aliens. He says they “can only trace it back 30,000 YBP, and then it stops.” This apparently means that the Bigfoot nuclear subhuman came from outer space. Wally Hersom has also been saying that there is something in the Bigfoot nuclear subhuman that is “not of this Earth.”

When Ketchum got on the phone to talk to someone about the results of the DNA study, she mentioned the Starchild skull for some reason. The Starchild Skull is a famous skull that Dr. Lloyd Pye has been working on for a long time that he claims is from an alien.

More below.

Original Ketchum paper mentioned “angel DNA.” A source tells me that Wally Hersom has discussed the initial version of Ketchum’s paper. According to Hersom, the paper is very well written, but its conclusions are hard to take.

Ketchum writes that there are aspects of the Bigfoot nuclear subhuman DNA that she cannot find in any DNA database, and according to her, this means that the DNA is not of this Earth. In the paper, she reportedly refers to this as “angel DNA.” Whether she is trying to say that it is from angels literally or whether this is her way of saying that it’s from outer space, I do not know.

Hersom was reportedly disappointed in the paper and averred that while this may be true, no scientific journal on Earth is going to publish anything about “angel DNA.” I would certainly agree with that statement. Sure, maybe there is “angel DNA” in the Bigfoots. For all I know, this may be true. But on the other hand, of course no journal will touch this with a 10-foot pole.

I do not know whether or not she has rewritten her paper to take out the reference to “angel DNA,” but I would certainly hope so.

Ketchum press release vindicates me as a source for Bigfoot information. My detractors say that I am a poor source of information and that nothing I say is ever true. However, this is not the case.

I was the first person to leak the news about the DNA results of the Ketchum study. Although my leaks were not completely accurate, they were substantially correct. Ketchum’s release lines up well with what I have been saying for a long time now.

Ketchum states that she did full sequencing on 3 separate nuclear DNA samples and that they were submitted blind to four different labs. I reported earlier that one of those full sequences was the Sierra Kills sample. I do not know from which samples the other two nuclear sequences were derived.

She said she has also done complete sequencing on 20 different MtDNA samples, presumably representing 20 separate creatures. This lines up with what I reported earlier, that Ketchum has DNA from 20-28 separate creatures.

She also says that she has 109 different samples, all of which apparently test positive for Bigfoot DNA. Actually, it is not clear from the text whether all 109 tested presumptive for Bigfoot or whether she had 109 samples in total, some from Bigfoots and others from known creatures.

This lines up with what I said earlier, that ~100 of her samples tested presumptive for Bigfoot.

Scott Carpenter verified as a successful sample in Ketchum’s study. I was the first one to report that Carpenter had a successful sample in with her study. That has now apparently been confirmed via a post by David Paulides. In addition, Carpenter has released a blog post with a photo of the possible Bigfoot that he believes left the sample. It’s a very strange photo, and I don’t know what to make of it.

Ketchum verified as doing genetic testing on strange elongated Peruvian skulls associated with the Genesis Project. The Genesis Project is an undertaking that is associated with some very strange elongated skulls dated to several thousand years ago that were found in Peru.

Though assumed to be Homo sapiens sapiens, no one quite knows what they are, to be honest, and they are very strange. It turns out that Ketchum is now doing DNA testing on these skulls. How do I know that? Brien Foerster reveals it on his Facebook page here.

Strange Bigfoot video out of Northeastern Ohio. This video came out just the other day, shot by a birdwatcher in the woods of NE Ohio. We get many sightings from that area.

It’s hard to say for sure what this is, but it may be a Bigfoot.

Possible Bigfoot on thermal in Vermont episode of Finding Bigfoot. This odd recent episode of Finding Bigfoot (which I did not watch) shows Matt Moneymaker and Bob Fay at night with a Flir camera chasing what they think are Bigfoots in the woods of Vermont at nighttime. Although they didn’t recognize it during the show, an astute viewer noted that a possible Bigfoot appears in the video. It can be seen around the 50 second mark in the footage.

What is it? Who knows? It’s a bipedal creature walking around in the woods at night in the freezing cold Vermont forest with no flashlight. It’s either a human or a Bigfoot, we can’t tell which. But how many humans walk around in the woods at night with no flashlight? I’ve been in the woods at night all my life, and I’ve never once seen a human walking around in the woods at night without a light. I would say that they nearly don’t even exist.

Ketchum Project has material from the Lovelock skulls of Nevada. The Lovelock skulls of Nevada are very strange skulls recovered from a cave in Nevada. The local Indians say that those are the skulls of an enemy of their people called “the giants” who lived in the area. The giants had started stealing Indian babies for food, so the Indians chased the giants into the cave, threw bushes in and set them on fire. All of the Indians died in the cave. The Indians describe the giants as huge and red-haired. There is speculation that the giants may have been Bigfoots.

The late, great Richard Stubstad told me that he went to this Nevada museum where the skulls are held. He convinced one of the workers there to let him steal a tiny bone from one of the skeletons. Stubstad took the bone and gave it to Ketchum to test as a possible Bigfoot. Last I heard was that Ketchum never tested it as she thought that the Lovelock skeletons are just Indians.

Arguing against the idea that the skulls are Bigfoots are that a number of Indian artifacts were found in conjunction with the giants, which suggests that they were Indians, not Bigfoots.

Here is a photo of the Lovelock skulls. They are very large.

The Provo Canyon Bigfoot video. A very interesting video was recently shot in Provo Canyon, Utah by a group of young people in their 20’s who were camping in the area. The original video is only 48 seconds long. They are photographing what they think is a bear on the hillside above them when suddenly it stands up on two legs, looking much like a Bigfoot. The shooters then flee in terror, even leaving much of their equipment behind.

Michael Merchant of Team Tazer then conducted a long 45 minute interview with the group. He concludes that the video appears to be real. The subject in the video is either real or it’s a man in a costume. I don’t think it’s a guy in a costume, and I don’t think these young folks hoaxed this video. In other words, I think it’s a Bigfoot.

The original video, now with an incredible 6 million views, is here.

Fulton County, Illinois trailcam Bigfoot. This very odd image below was captured on a trailcam in Fulton County, Illinois. The people who shot the photo say they do not have the slightest idea what it is. The woman who shot the photo is named Jean King and she lives in Fulton County.

She sent the photo into Prairie State Outdoors a while back. The photo had been languishing in the archives of the site unpublicized until a sharp-eyed researcher found it. It’s not a bear. It does look like a Bigfoot. It’s either a Bigfoot or a guy in a suit. So which is it?

Ok, so what the Hell is it? Does it look anything at all like the Melissa Hovey photo?

The extremely curious Rick Dyer camper Bigfoot video. This video has been taking the world by storm since it was released a month or two ago to much controversy. Dyer, of course, is the used car salesman who masterminded the Bigfoot in a freezer hoax out of Georgia a few years back.

After that, he was involved in some other nonsense, including what looks like hoaxed photos and a possible staged event where his camper truck caught on fire as he was leaving to go north to Canada to try to shoot a Bigfoot. One of my sources told me that he set the camper on fire on purpose to get publicity for his Canada stunt.

Dyer has somehow come into some money and has managed to attract a number of investors. He now has a significant team set up and has been running around the north of the country going on various Bigfoot hunting expeditions with his team.

This video showed up on Youtube and sat there for a couple of weeks, only garnering a handful of views. The Bigfoot was shot out of a tent, and the researchers apparently didn’t even know what they had shot a video of as it was uploaded either upside down or sideways. The Bigfoot occurs mispositioned at the end. The video was on a channel for the team’s personal use and apparently was intended to be viewed only by the team.

Somehow Facebook Find Bigfoot saw the video and figured out that the movie was inverted. They righted the video so the figure could be properly seen. A new video in color showed that this was an actual Bigfoot. Then the video went viral and a huge shitstorm ensued.

Although Dyer was not originally associated with the video, some excellent fieldwork by one of Bigfootery’s finest researchers, Steve Kulls, quickly discovered that the video was shot by either Dyer himself or a member of his team.

Then everyone piled on and said this proved that the video was a fake. However, it did not prove this at all. In a conversation with me, Kulls admitted that he never said that the video was fake. He is merely saying that since it is coming from Dyer, an extremely unreliable source with a history of hoaxing, Occam’s Razor would seem to indicate that the extremely hazy nature of the source means that we will never be able to prove whether or not this is a Bigfoot.

Facebook Find Bigfoot was involved with the video from the very start. They felt that the video was shot by a member of Dyer’s team, that the team had no idea what it was for weeks (it was shot upside down, the Bigfoot only appears in the last 2-3 seconds of a 30 second nearly nonsensical video, and after 2 weeks, it had less than 10 views.

According to Facebook FB, this seems to indicate that it is not a hoax. They also thought that the other team members had thrown Dyer out of the group after news broke that he was a member of their group. The team also said that they had more videos, possibly of this same Bigfoot, including one showing the Bigfoot eating something.

They planned to release these videos at a press conference in the near future, but the conference never happened. Of course, the Bigfoot in a freezer catastrophe had also featured a press conference, so this set off even more alarm bells. The community is now sharply divided on this video, with many saying it’s a hoax.

However, I think this is either a real video or it’s the best hoax ever made. I don’t care if Dyer shot it. Just because Dyer has a history of hoaxing doesn’t mean he couldn’t shoot a real video sometime.

Interesting photo showing the Camper Creature next to a photo of Patty.

Camper Bigfoot lined up with Patty. Note the striking resemblance. I’ve yet to see a costume get anywhere this close to Patty’s real look.

Original video enhanced. This is the 2-3 second scene at the end of the original video, enhanced, in color, and played repeatedly.

A great breakdown by Facebook Find Bigfoot that proves this is real.

Bigfoot with love handles breakdown by Facebook Find Bigfoot. Very nice breakdown of an obscure video posted on Youtube and discovered with only a few views. This is definitely a Bigfoot; it has to be. I won’t go into why I think that either. Hoaxers are way too good as it is, and I don’t want to give them any ideas.

Clinton Township, Pennsylvania Bigfoot. Reportedly taken by Jamie T. It was sent into the Bigfoot Evidence blog. The photo is being widely ridiculed as either a guy in a suit or a bush in the forest. However, I rather like it. To me it reminds me of the Harley Hoffman Bigfoot video towards the end of the video. The overall shape of the Bigfoot looks similar.

The mysterious Bigfoot photo from Pennsylvania. Reportedly shot from the front sear of a car. The car had probably pulled off the highway after seeing something. The driver then whipped out his camera and took this shot. The property is posted so the shooter was not able to go on the land to look for tracks.

Canadian Bigfoot video. There is little information available about this very blurry video shot in the wilds of Canada. You cannot make out much of anything about the creature walking in the woods in this video other than the fact that it is bipedal. It’s either a man, a guy in a suit or a Bigfoot. The way it walks reminds me very much of the Penguis Back Road video. And the end of the day, inconclusive, but I do feel that this may be a real Bigfoot.


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Nonexistent Island Discovered


And it turns out that it never even existed in the first place. Apparently rumors of its existence were greatly exaggerated.


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Life or Death in the Gaza Strip

Another excellent documentary from Vice, this time on the Gaza Strip. They finally got into the Strip in 2011 and get their first glimpse of Hamas rule. Hamas rules with an iron fist, and things are relatively well-run for such a poor 3rd World country. There are neighborhoods of Fatah supporters still in the Strip, and they are persecuted regularly by Hamas for minor code violations and whatnot.

The Strip is now overrun with all sorts of new armed groups. Fatah has basically laid down its arms and is pursuing a long-term cease-fire with Israel. This is along the lines of Abu Mazen’s peaceful approach to Palestinian rights. But many Palestinians do not feel that Mazen’s peaceful approach is working out very well, hence, many have turned to armed actions. Many of the new armed groups are radical Salafi jihadist groups, often aligned with Al Qaeda. In some cases, it appears that non-Palestinian jihadis have been migrating to Gaza specifically for the purposes of fighting Israel. Hamas has had a hard time reining in some of these groups. The group that holds a press conference is a new armed group, part of the Liberation Movement, but I know almost nothing about them.

Basically what has occurred in Gaza is the Islamicization of the Gaza Strip. Women are often forced to wear headscarves when they go outside the home, and women’s rights activists and seculars are not happy at all. Note the anti-Hamas Black woman who is interviewed halfway through the show. She is actually a 100% Palestinian Arab. There have long been a few Blacks among the Palestinian Arabs. They have migrated to Palestine from Africa, often from the Sudan, or they may be descendants of slaves.

Hamas claims that women have total freedom in the Strip. They can work at any job they want to, they can drive cars, they can hold office.

But women do not have total freedom. Hamas activists go to public places where young men and women are socializing together and tries to determine the relationship between the males and females. If they are unrelated and unmarried, presumably, Hamas wants them to separate. In the section on the women’s prison, there is a woman who received a 6-year sentence for having a child out of wedlock. Is it normal in the Arab and Muslim World for a woman to receive such a harsh sentence for bearing a child out of wedlock?

The Strip is still overflowing with drugs, even though Hamas hates drugs. The drugs, cocaine, hashish and opiate pills, come in through the same tunnels from Egypt that everything else comes in through. Hamas’ jail is full of drug offenders, both users and dealers.

All in all, this was a very depressing documentary. No one here seems very happy. Everyone looks depressed and pissed off.

At one point, the crew goes to the local park to talk to some young men who are hanging out there with nothing to do.

“Are you worried about another war?” They ask the men.

“We don’t even care anymore. Who cares? We are numb.”

“Aren’t you afraid of dying if there is another war?” the crew asks.

One man pipes up desperately. “I hope there is another war!” he says. “I hope there is another war, and it kills all of us! Anything is better than this. We can’t go on living this way…”

Pretty poignant stuff.


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Yossi Alpher on the Gaza War

I am reprinting this from the Peace Now site. I do support the efforts of Peace Now in Israel, along with similar efforts by J-Street in the US. In fact, I am on the mailing list of both organizations.

I don’t know who Yossi Alpher is, but I assume he is on the Israeli Left and is associated with Peace Now somehow. As you can see, his line is very Israel-centric, however, I think he is basically correct.

Comments are welcome.

Q. Why did Israel choose the current timing to respond with a major military campaign to rocket attacks from Gaza? Had there been a significant increase in those attacks?

A. In recent months Hamas, after long abdicating the rocket firing to Islamic Jihad and various Salafists, again took the lead in attacking Israel. Not just by rockets, but also through attacks on and through the green line fence into Israel. Some 800 rockets were fired at Israel during 2012 prior to the Israeli response. Repeated Israeli warnings and threats directed toward Hamas were ignored. That’s why this campaign is directed specifically at Hamas and its military leadership.

The timing of Israel’s response probably also has something to do with Israeli elections, though no government minister will acknowledge this. The situation in southern Israel was becoming unbearable for one million people, and both Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak undoubtedly saw this as a political liability with elections near. Nor could they postpone this until too close to elections, lest that too become a liability.

Another rationale for the timing could be to place the PLO initiative for United Nations General Assembly recognition, scheduled for Nov. 29, in a different perspective. PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is asking the UN for recognition of a state that includes Gaza, yet he obviously does not control Gaza. Gaza is a warlike quasi-state attacking Israeli civilians–the very opposite of the Palestinian Authority under Abbas.

Q. But if Hamas is launching or consenting to the attacks on Israel, why does it not take into consideration that Israel has a much stronger military capacity? Even with new varieties of rockets, Hamas will never match Israel’s capacity to wreak destruction on the Gaza quasi-state.

Of course Hamas knows Israel is stronger. But it also knows that Israel won’t take the one measure that would close Hamas down once and for all: re-conquering the Gaza Strip, thereby angering the entire world and placing nearly two million civilians under direct Israeli rule. Hamas also likes to play the underdog–guerilla or “resistance” style. It has tens of thousands of cheap rockets to attack the Israeli civilian population. And its fighters ostensibly do not fear martyrdom.

But most of all, Hamas feels empowered to challenge Israel by the tacit support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Hamas–the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood–sees itself, not without reason, as the vanguard of the rise to power of the Brotherhood in the Arab Middle East by democratic vote. Hamas won its vote in early 2006, then took over Gaza by force in mid-2007.

Hamas expects its fellow Brothers, led by Egypt, to support it as it fights “their” war. It has been trying for months to persuade Egypt to recognize Gaza as an independent or quasi-independent Palestinian state and to shower economic and military aid on it. But Egypt–even Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood–is wary of taking on Gaza as a protectorate and, in effect, releasing Israel of its “responsibilities” toward the Palestinians.

In this sense, this little war is very much about Egypt. Israel and the United States are testing whether Egypt under the Brotherhood will behave responsibly and opt for peace and quiet by demanding of Hamas a ceasefire, so the Egyptian leadership can set about collecting the billions of dollars it needs to keep Egypt afloat economically.

Hamas is testing to what extent Egypt will back it up with threats against Israel, possibly even by radically downgrading relations with Israel. On Saturday, Egyptian PM Kandil led a delegation into Gaza, where he offered lavish verbal support but promised only medical supplies. He apparently also began discussing a ceasefire.

Q. Indeed, aren’t Egypt and the international community working for a ceasefire?

A. The Egyptians, Turks, Qataris and Hamas met on Cairo in Sunday precisely toward this end. According to some reports, a senior Israeli official was also there. All four of these Muslim actors, it should be noted, represent the vanguard of political Islam in the Middle East.

The Turks and Qataris aren’t Muslim Brothers but are close to the movement, with the Turks casting themselves as a role model for Arab regimes and Qatar using its purse-strings to play an independent role that has lately included a royal visit to Gaza and generous financial aid.

Israel and Egypt are also in close touch with the Obama administration and European leaders regarding a ceasefire. President Obama has reportedly placed heavy pressure on Egypt’s President Morsi to rein in Hamas. France’s foreign minister was in Israel today. And United Nations Secretary General Ban ki-Moon is scheduled to arrive in Israel on Tuesday. All are apparently urging Netanyahu to avoid a ground war in favor of a quick ceasefire.

Q. What positions are Israel and Hamas presenting to all these mediators regarding ceasefire conditions?

A. Broadly speaking, Israel wants a verifiable Hamas commitment to cease all attacks from Gaza–meaning to police other, more extreme organizations’ activities as well as its own–and close down its arms importing and indigenous arms production projects.

Hamas reportedly wants an end to all aspects of the Israeli blockade of the Strip as well as an end to Israeli preventive security measures on the Gaza side of the border fence. Presumably, both Israel and Hamas are making security and other demands on Egypt as well. And each side wants to end up in a situation where it proclaims victory.

Q. Are these demands achievable?

A. Israel is backing up its demands with escalation. Most recently, it expanded its list of targets for air and naval attacks to include Hamas government institutions (after Hamas fired a rocket in the direction of Jerusalem and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh claimed they were aiming for the Knesset) as well as rocket-firing positions and other military institutions placed by Hamas deliberately in the midst of the Gazan civilian population.

By Sunday, Israel was calling up large numbers of reserves and threatening a ground operation.

Hamas was responding with rockets and bravado. Morale appeared to be high in Gaza, uplifted by clips of Tel Avivians running for cover (and reflecting a fundamental misunderstanding of what makes Israel tick; but that’s another story). If matters continue this way, at some point, inevitably, a large number of Gazan civilians could become casualties, thus embarrassing Israel and bringing down upon it heavy regional and international pressure.

Hence it’s almost certain that at the end of the day, one way or another, this will end in yet another limited ceasefire that falls short of both sides’ aspirations.

Q. Some Israelis argue that Hamas military leader Ahmed Jaabari should not have been targeted in Israel’s opening salvo; that he was engaged in an attempt to achieve a long-term ceasefire and was a figure of moderation.

A. Obviously, if you oppose the entire notion of targeted assassination with its heavy moral ramifications, the Hamas military leader should not have been targeted. But a succession of Israeli (and American) governments have adopted this tactic and consider it both effective and acceptable in wartime.

As for Jaabari himself, even as he was ostensibly involved in ceasefire discussions he was sponsoring escalated Hamas attacks on Israeli civilians and building up a murderous arsenal for use against Israeli civilians. In my view, he was fair game and his death a genuine blow to Hamas.

Q. Apropos the likely outcome, how is this operation, dubbed Pillar of Cloud or Pillar of Defense, different in its objectives and its operational profile from the two previous IDF offensives against neighboring non-state actors, the Second Lebanon War in summer 2006 and Cast Lead in 2008-9?

A. Apropos the names of the operation, note that Pillar of Cloud is a murky name reminiscent of the biblical “pillar of fire”, while Pillar of Defense is a more PR-conscious name for use by Israeli public diplomacy. So far, “Pillar” has avoided use of ground forces or artillery, obviously in the hope of reducing highly problematic Palestinian civilian casualties. Air force bombing and rocketing techniques, especially by drones, have been refined admirably toward that same end.

This operation, accordingly, opened with the targeted assassination of a single prominent Hamas military figure, Jaabari, whereas Cast Lead opened with a kind of “shock and awe” approach that featured a controversial attack on a parade of Hamas civilian police.

Both Pillar of Defense and the Second Lebanon War opened with a largely successful attempt by the Israel Air Force to eliminate the enemy’s stores of long-range rockets so as to limit to the greatest extent possible the geographic extent of the enemy’s rocket offensive.

Another difference concerns war aims. Cast Lead of 2008-9 was presented to the Israeli public on several occasions as an attempt to eliminate Hamas rule from Gaza. This corresponded with the declared aim of the economic blockade of Gaza that began in 2007.

Not just the Kadima government of the day harbored these aims; prominent Labor supporters from the political left at one point petitioned Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Barak to go all the way, re-conquer Gaza and reinstall the PLO in power there (at the tip of Israeli bayonets, thereby totally discrediting the PLO) in the hope of facilitating a peace process.

Now, war aims are ostensibly more realistic. Accordingly to Barak, then as now defense minister, the objective this time is to cease rocket fire, eliminate Hamas militants and weaponry, and protect Israeli civilians. In other words, Hamas can remain as long as it stops attacking Israelis. Personally, I doubt that under current circumstances even these objectives can be attained and maintained over any period of time.

On the truly positive side, this operation takes place under the “cover” of the Iron Dome anti-rocket missile system, which has effectively reduced Hamas’ capacity to really hurt the Israeli civilian rear. This gives IDF war planners breathing room, relatively free of public pressure, to try to achieve their objectives. Accordingly, it may be said to actually relieve the IDF of the need to attack aggressively and seek retribution for Israeli losses.

Amir Peretz, who was minister of defense during the Second Lebanon War and bore much of the criticism for that campaign’s seeming failure, deserves great credit for having insisted on developing Iron Dome to protect Israeli civilians from rocket attack despite the opposition of the traditional security community with its emphasis on offense rather than defense.

Peretz, former mayor of Sderot and former head of the Histadrut labor union, showed how a “civilian” defense minister with a strong socioeconomic background can see things differently, to the benefit of the overall war effort. And two American presidents, Bush 43 and Obama, deserve credit for having helped finance the Iron Dome project.

One final and ironic comparison: the Second Lebanon War, waged by Peretz and PM Ehud Olmert, was roundly criticized in Israel for its indecisive outcome, with Hezbollah, Iran, and the Arab public trumpeting claims of victory over Israel. Yet since that war ended more than six years ago, Hezbollah has not lifted a finger to attack Israel–an apparent tribute to the deterrent success of Israel’s war effort.

In contrast, Cast Lead was seen as a triumph that rehabilitated Israel’s deterrent profile. Yet its deterrent effect lasted barely a few months. Of course the two movements, Hezbollah and Hamas, are different entities operating under very different circumstances, particularly with regard to the “Arab spring”: Hezbollah supports Syria in opposing the wave of Sunni Islamist revolution; Hamas is part of that wave.

Q. Apropos Hezbollah and Syria, are they connected to the current Gaza war?

A. Neither Syria nor Hezbollah has in any way intimated they would intervene to support Hamas. Here it’s helpful to recall that Hamas has, in recent months, broken with Syria and Iran and moved into the triumphant Muslim Brotherhood orbit with its fellow Sunnis.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which is also firing rockets from Gaza and at times opposes Hamas’ weak attempts to exercise control over it, does retain links to Iran and Syria. But PIJ is not a major factor, and the only relevant question connected with it is whether and when Hamas will behave in Gaza like the sovereign it aspires to be and take control over all aggressors there.

All in all, at the regional level, the current Gaza conflict is about how the emerging Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Gaza, Egypt and North Africa will deal with Israel. At least until now, it is not about Iran and Syria.

Q. Your assessment seems to reflect a sense of pessimism regarding the long-term effect of anything Israel does against Hamas.

A. Neither Israel nor anyone else confronting a non-state actor motivated by an extremist Islamic outlook has found a viable strategy for dealing with it. Look again at Barak’s war objectives (above) and note that they are tactical, not strategic. Israel has to confront the fact that it has no effective strategy for dealing with Hamas: economic blockade has failed; re-occupying the Strip would be hugely counterproductive.

The only strategy Israel has not tried is talking to Hamas, which in any case refuses to talk to Israel and proffers outlandish conditions for agreeing merely to a permanent ceasefire (e.g., return to Israel of five million Palestinian refugees). I don’t know whether such a strategy of engagement, with the aim of long-term coexistence, has any chance of success, but I still feel it is worth a try.

Note, though, that to engage Hamas directly without preconditions means abandoning the “Oslo” conditions agreed with the United States and European Union. It also means, in effect, telling the PLO in the West Bank, Israel’s peace partner, that it is no longer understood to represent Gaza, thereby implying a three-state reality or solution and not a two-state solution.

And as noted, such a gambit could very possibly fail, if only due to Hamas’ out-and-out rejection of all the elements of peaceful recognition and coexistence established by 20 years of the Oslo process.

With the spread of political Islam on Israel’s borders, an attempt at engagement with Hamas may be the best one can hope for by way of a strategy. Obviously, Israel’s political leadership, left as well as right, is not there.

Q. Finally, now that rocket attacks have reached the Tel Aviv area where you live, what are your thoughts?

A. First of all, civilian morale is extremely high. I’ve taken shelter outside my home twice, in each case ending up meeting interesting people for exactly two minutes and going on my way; three grandchildren in Tel Aviv appear to be taking this in stride. But in the Tel Aviv area, the few rocket attacks thus far are more a source of curiosity than anything else.

In the south, the accumulated trauma of, for those closest to Gaza, 12 (!!) years of rocket attacks is something else entirely. Thus not surprisingly, Israelis from the northern Negev attach extremely high hopes to this campaign, egged on by government rhetoric to the effect that this is the war against Hamas to end all attacks forever.

As we’ve seen, that is probably not a realistic aspiration. Already, after over 1,000 targets have been attacked in Gaza, more than 51 Palestinians and three Israelis killed, and at least 270 rockets successfully intercepted, Israelis are inevitably asking where this is going.


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What a Clown!


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“C’Mon Baby, Let’s Do It One More Time…”



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New York City Serial Killer Caught

Just as news reports about fears of a serial killer targeting Middle Eastern businessmen hit the stands, a suspect is caught. The artist’s rendition looks like a Black guy, but the suspect is an Eyetalian. Other than that, he doesn’t look a lot like the rendition. His neighbors called him Son of Sal.

Pretty smart killer. All kills were done with a handgun, and brilliantly, he only targeted stores that had no CCTV, which indicates that he did pre-crime surveillance of his sites, as any smart criminal does. Apparently nothing was taken in any of the crimes, and he got away each time. It’s not known how he was caught so quickly. He has already confessed to two of the shootings.

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I’ve Heard of Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

But wearing your balls on your wrist?

Isn’t that just a little bit weird? I mean, I don’t want to be judgmental or anything like that….

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