Bigfoot News Halloween 2012

Was Melba Ketchum raped by a Bigfoot!? Yes, I realize that this is an incredible story, and it seems to strange to be believed. However, I have been told that Ketchum recently told at least 4 different people this story.

Here is what happened, according to her: Ketchum is leasing property somewhere in Texas, possibly in East Texas, where there is a Bigfoot habituation site. It is here that she says she has seen the Bigfoots and discovered that they braided the manes on her horses, among other odd things.

One day Melba went out to a part of her pasture “where the Bigfoots like to hang out.” This is an odd part of the pasture. She says that as soon as you open the gate to this part of the property, “you are likely to get zapped.” By this she apparently means hit by Bigfoot infrasound. Frightening! She apparently went out there to attend to her horses in some manner.

At some point while she was attending to her horses, she seems to have lost conscientiousness. Then she had some sort of a “lost time” event. Say she was with the horses at 7 PM. Next thing she knew, she woke up and it was say 9 PM. When she awoke, she became aware somehow (not sure how) that she had been unconscious for quite some time. Spooky!

She was lying on the ground in her pasture, possibly clad in a dress. At that time, she became aware that she was “sore” in her vaginal area. There was no reason for her to feel that way. She concluded that a Bigfoots may have somehow zapped her, rendered her unconscious somehow, and possibly raped her. Shivers!

The odd part of the story is that she was fully clothed, possibly in a dress. The problem is that if she was fully clothed, including underwear, rape is not really possible. The Bigfoot would have had to have removed her underwear and then put it back on, or else push the panties aside. I don’t think they do things like that. However, if she was panty-less, she could well have been raped. Spooky!

A female friend has told me that there are other signs that a woman has been raped. For instance, if ejaculation has occurred in the vagina, a woman is generally aware of this fact. I do not know if Ketchum had any other signs of being raped such as that.

I also do not know if Ketchum reported the incident to authorities or had a rape test done. I don’t know what good a rape test or reporting it to the authorities would do anyway, as no crime was committed, and at the moment, we have no way to determine Bigfoot semen from human semen.

The person who told me this story reported it as evidence that Ketchum has gone completely off the deep end. They have a low opinion of her anyway.

I would like to take a more charitable approach. I believe that Ketchum may well have some Bigfoots habituating on this property of hers. She may well have been interacting with them there in various ways for some time now. At this point, Ketchum is, for better or for worse, a habituator.

Habituators often report having a lot of very weird experiences while they are in close contact with the Bigfoots on their land. It appears that Ketchum may have already experienced some of this strange stuff, such as ultrasound.

It’s possible that Ketchum had a very strange experience out there in the pasture that day or night. Some odd things happened to her that she is trying to make sense of in whatever way she can. She is trying to piece together a plausible story to account for the bizarre things she is experiencing. This is her groping attempt at an explanation.

Although my source told me that they heard Melba tell them this story and that she also told at least three others, Melba’s friends are disputing the story.

Linda Sedlak, a good friend of Melba’s, released this statement to me about the rumored incident:

I have recently been made aware of a story going around regarding Melba Ketchum, and an encounter with a Sasquatch. This story is totally false with absolutely no basis in reality. Please do not continue to spread these hateful, hurtful, and horrible rumors.

In addition, a source close to Ketchum asked Melba about the rumors and Ketchum said that none of it is true, and that she never told anyone anything like this.

In closing, I would like to extend my utmost sympathy to Ketchum if she was indeed violated by a Bigfoot. If it occurred, I doubt if this is an experience she wanted to have. It could well be a very traumatizing experience for a woman. Rape’s no joking matter, and all female victims deserve our most profound sympathy.

So there you have it folks. You can believe whatever you want to believe here. No one knows what really happened, and we may never know.

I do believe that Bigfoots rape women sometimes. I have heard that nowadays these are the nasty-tempered or ill-behaved Bigfoots. In the Janice Carter story, which I believe to be a largely factual account, Carter reports that an evil minded young Bigfoot raped a 13 or 14 year old girl in the woods near the Carter farm. The girl was so upset that she spent the rest of her life in a mental hospital. Creepy!

According to Indians, Bigfoots can and do mate with female humans. In the Albert Ostman story, Ostman told John Green that he thought the older male Bigfoot had kidnapped him to try to get him to mate with his nubile teenage hottie Bigfoot daughter. Indian reports say that Bigfoots used to steal Indian women and take them back to caves where they had sex with the women. Scary stuff!

In some cases, the women would return a year or so later, pregnant. In a number of cases, half-Bigfoot, half-human babies were born out of these unions. Ostman says that male Bigfoots have a surprisingly small penis for their size, so sex with a human female should be easy to accomplish on the female human end. Lugubrious!

Whatever the truth of the story about Ketchum, it is surely one of the oddest stories that has come out of Bigfootery in a while. And it’s a pretty scary story for Halloween to boot!

Delays in Ketchum Bigfoot DNA paper explained. A source close to the Ketchum project informed me that there is indeed a paper, that it is apparently at a journal, and that it has gone through repeated rewrites. The source, a young man with a PhD, told me, They want to make sure that everything is perfect, I mean 100% perfect.”

This is due to the strange and wild nature of the subject. The journal wants to make sure that all the science is good so they will not be humiliated as the subject matter is so odd and controversial. The journal is doing this to ensure their own reputation.

The paper has already gone through four major rewrites and many smaller rewrites. After every major rewrite, the paper is delayed by 6-8 weeks. So you can see that the paper has already been delayed by 6-8 months by major rewrites. The source said there is a delay after a rewrite because “then the paper goes back to the end of the line for publication again.”

I reported recently that the best information about the paper is that it passed peer review and they are trying to get photo and video evidence available to add weight to the paper. That seems to be the best theory to date.

On the subject of the Ketchum paper, I would suggest that you read “Science Critic” in the thread about the Ketchum Report. He’s one of the best posters on there, and I think his theories about this paper are correct.

Yeti hair reportedly tests positive for a new hominid. Yeti hair gathered by my friend Igor Bourtsev in a cave in Kemerovo, Russia has reportedly tested as a new hominid via separate genetic testing in Moscow and Idaho. I am wondering if the Idaho testing involved Jeff Meldrum?

The tests indicate that the Yeti is about 99% similar to a human and closer to a human than to a chimp. As Denisova also shares ~99% of its DNA with humans, that sounds about right for Bigfoots. I believe that the results of the Ketchum study may find something along similar lines of 99-99.5% similarity with humans.

Sykes study ready to roll. Dr. Brian Sykes of Oxford, who is running a parallel DNA study to Ketchum’s, has now gathered 20 purported Bigfoot samples that he feels have good chain of custody. He is ready to start testing them soon. I believe that Sykes was told ahead of time of the results of Ketchum’s study and that is what led him to do his study. He probably would not have undertaken this study blindly unless he thought it might be fruitful.

Ketchum study worried about being upstaged by Sykes study. A source in the Ketchum camp, an older academic at a university, told me that there are people on Ketchum’s team who are worried about the endless frustrating delays in publication of her paper.

People are grasping at straws to come up with any story they possibly can to try to explain the delays. One theory, albeit a rather paranoid one, is that Sykes team at Oxford may be using their academic pull to delay Ketchum’s paper so Sykes can upstage her. However, there is no evidence as yet whether this is actually occurring or not.

Foolish nonsense of MABRC and whether or not they had a Bigfoot body. I reported that Ed Smith (kook) posted in the MABRC forum, “Good luck with your post-capture goals.” Whoa! That’s an odd statement. I then asked whether that meant that MABRC or Ed’s group had a body? Perfectly legitimate thing to ask. Never once did I say they had a body. I simply asked for clarification of a very oddly worded statement.

DW Lee (kook) then turned the whole affair into an idiotic attention-getting circus to drum up publicity for his Bigfoot group, which is widely loathed by the way. Idiotically, DW said, “We neither confirm nor deny that we have a body. We do say that Ed Smith is our friend.” Way to go clown! That clears up absolutely nothing for us!

DW then started a ridiculous thread on BF Forums being coy, evasive and generally whoring his group. Then he made a similar, totally ridiculous appearance on MBRT Radio which was one of the biggest wastes of 90 minutes I have experienced. At two points a long ways into the pointless interview, DW stated that he had no body. Finally towards the end, Ed came on nearly the 90 minute mark and said he had no body either.

The behavior of Smith and DW in this matter was deplorable, and both of them, but especially DW, behaved histrionically in the best male drama queen fashion. Yuck!

It later turned out that the whole publicity affair, the DW post on BF Forums and the interview, was a big charade in order to attack the “yellow journalism” (LOL) of yours truly. Whatever.

As it turns out, “post-capture goals” refers to several “live Bigfoot traps” that Ed Smith and his group have set up over a large area of property in Oklahoma. Chilling! How they expect to capture a live Bigfoot in one of these is beyond me. Smith and Lee are complete kooks, but perhaps their research efforts will be rewarded someday. In this field, the biggest kooks of all sometimes acquire some very good evidence, which is a pretty pitiful statement right there! Actually, it’s downright frightening!

Sykes study looking at a European (possibly Irish) resident as possible Bigfoot descendant. Apparently this person’s back story checks out very well as a possible part-Bigfoot descendant. Scary! For whatever reason, the person does not want to come forth and give their DNA to the study, but the Sykes people are still working on them.

This line of research may have been enabled by Rhettman Mullis, one of our finest Bigfoot researchers, who has done some superb work along these lines in the US. I understand that Mullis has been researching a possible part Bigfoot descendant in the Pacific Northwest, an Indian man who died around 1930. Frightening! The man had children, and Mullis is trying to track down his children. He is also trying to find the man’s grave so it can possibly be exhumed. Scary!

Ketchum closing her DNA testing lab. This has been the subject of much rumor and speculation from the Ketchum haters. It appears she is merely selling her veterinary DNA testing business and is moving to another city where she will focus solely on DNA forensic, academic and research projects. She is said to owe back taxes, and there has been much speculation about her financial affairs, mostly centering on the rumor that she may be broke.

I doubt if she is broke. A couple of years ago, it is true that she did not have much business and had a hard time even paying her mortgage. However, the Bigfoot study has been a huge cash cow for her, so much so that concerned friends of Wally Hersom worried that Ketchum and those around her were using Hersom as a personal ATM machine. Hersom has been singlehandedly funding the entire DNA project, and he has filled Ketchum’s coffers well.

Whereas before she did not travel outside the US much to my knowledge, she is now a woman who regularly travels overseas, especially to Europe. I would guess that she is doing very well financially and is probably at least upper middle class. She owes back taxes? I would guess that she is making good money but is spending more than she is making as many well-off folks do.

That will be all for now folks and Happy Halloween!



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53 responses to “Bigfoot News Halloween 2012

  1. Larry

    Horse manes braided—- yet, animals are super scared of bigfoot. Dogs supposedly run off, horses shy, but not these horses.
    It is all goofy as can be
    This whole thing stinks from top to bottom

  2. David

    just curious what your purpose is in printing this? if your intention was to have it as a research article may I ask what the subject is you are researching? If the purpose was humor may I ask exactly what you find funny about rape?If your purose was somehow to cast a bad light on bigfoot and make Dr Ketchum out to be insane well you may have hit the mark there but not without casting some doubt on your own mental wellbeing. how much must you hate her to print something like this? true or not it is very distasteful

    • Ok you are banned.

      Well she’s going around telling a lot of people that this happened to her, so it’s going to get out sooner or later. I don’t think she’s crazy at all, but others do. I think something weird happened to her, and she is trying to make sense of it in the best way she can. If she truly was raped, she has my utmost sympathy. I hope she is handling it all well.

      Did she go to the police? Did she get a rape swab?

      Normally I would not report on the rape of a woman, but this is a special case. If this crazy event truly occurred, it’s a landmark event in Bigfoot history, and the community needs to know about it.

      I don’t believe in rape shield laws anyway. They are ridiculous. No other crime victims ever have their identity protected to my knowledge. You get robbed, mugged, beaten up, shot, threatened, you go to court as a victim and testify and everyone knows your name. There’s nothing shameful about being a victim of crime. Crime victims are victims and they deserve our sympathy. It’s not shameful to be victimized by a criminal!

  3. David

    did she go to the police? and report what exactly?I really appreciate you allowing me to post here Robert I am sorry if I offended you that was not my intention, I posed a simple question which you did not answer , what was your purpose in posting this article? for as you stated it is only an important incident to the bigfoot world IF it happened

    • Well it needs to be said if it happened. If not, well, it’s a weird incident. There’s nothing shameful about being a crime victim.

      • honyok

        Robert I love that article about the woman being raped by Bigfoot. Oh boy
        how exciting. It left me feeling refreshed. I can just imagine that big lusty Bigfoot thrusting his manmeat into her. We can only hope for some form of Hybrid. Keep these artitcles coming Bob. You are so clever!
        I am sure this happens more than most people realize. Too bad we couldnt have it recorded on video.

      • We need more info .. was Ms. Ketchum engaged in her menstrual cycle at the time of the attack. It is a known fact that the male Sascrotch (sic) is attacted to most any female mammal during that cycle (whether it be dog, deer, bear, human or female bigfoot) In fact researchers use this Phermone to lure them in. You need to go easy on that stuff. A little bit goes a long way. Its funny how evolution works, our male ancestors would see a chick he wanted and he would wack her over the head with a club and drag her by the hair to his cave. The Sasquatch just uses a metal telepathy yada yada mind trick that he has evolved over time
        and mentally nukes babes into submission. No doubt these guys are genetically superior to us humans. He sure doesnt need a corvette does he! LOL

        • Yeah can you imagine if you accidentally spilled a whole bottle of that Sasquatch menstral phermone out in the middle of the wilderness.
          and suddenly you are now being overwhelmed by an untold number of 900 pound, 8 foot tall male bigfoots with boners and no place to park them…
          Not a pre-dick-ament I would care to experience…
          Keep that pen flowing Robert – you have stirred up the primal manhood in all of us….

        • Mre2me

          “Its funny how evolution works, our male ancestors would see a chick he wanted and he would wack her over the head with a club and drag her by the hair to his cave”
          I can appreciate the basic intelligence that was provided even then , as to not dragging them by their feet in case they filled up with rocks. …

        • Mre2me – absolute genius in your last post… I never thought of that angle.
          perhaps now we know why Neandrathal man never made it.
          He never figured this out. He was a foot dragger. When he got his newly captured dearly beloved to his cave he was unable to consumate the relationship due to the prescense of various dirt,sand,sticks, rocks, and misc. debris.
          Thereby the species could not proliferate.
          Homo Sapiens went for the hair. He figured that one out real quick, along with inventing the wheel and fire and so on ect ect.
          Indeed a profound observation

        • I really don’t like to drag women by the feet myself. It’s seems so crude and barbaric. I generally drag them by the hair. It’s just so much easier that way, you know?

        • this observation explains a lot of things…
          How many times in you dating career have you been out with a chick and the first thing she warns you is “Dont mess up my Do” (hairdo)
          This is an inborn conditoned trait carried over from the prehistoric
          dragging era. Dating was less costly and more simple back then.
          Even an ugly bastard like me had a chance.

  4. Sasqrotch

    maybe one of the squatches got tired of melba trying to trick a dna sample out of them and thought, ‘ I’ll make sure she gets a sample’! Or perhaps melba hiked her skirt up in a sample obtaining ploy and a big squatch buck couldn’t resist. Lol. Would never make fun of a real rape but not buying this one. Thx for the interesting read as always roberto. needed something to take my mind off this storm nightmare out here on the east coast!

  5. Mre2me

    So sasquatch has innate date rape powers ? An organic roofy ability ?
    Y’all listened to a full 90 minutes of Deedub mewling and bleeting ?
    I couldn’t do it. I kept choking and throwing up just a little in the back of my mouth. I made it through mebbe 10 mins.
    Common sense is just not common enough.

  6. Steve Byrne

    Oh Captain, My Captain!

    Just doing some simple math, I believe Melba could have been boned by several ‘foots in the 2 hours she was out. On the other hand, I’ve seen the pic of her in a lawn chair and have a hard time believing a healthy buck squatch would want anything to do with her physically. Perhaps she was abducted, but then rejected as undesireable, but more likely it was a revenge/irony thing, which I highly admire. It may be the first documented case of a ‘foot using irony to make a point.

    That’s right Robert. This is now a “documented case”. I just read the document. All that’s left is for people to believe it or not. Just remember that even if it was made it up it may still be true. Feel the power… BE the power!

    Write on, my man! You are at the core! Feed us!

  7. Robert, if in fact she’s told people she was raped by a bigfoot then she’s crazy. Bigfoot researchers and others in the bigfoot arena are indeed ”kooks” and here she is maybe joining the ranks. This sure will give her a lot of credibility when the results of her study are published – duh. Just one more kook amoung kooks.

  8. Mre2me

    According to the fine repuglican congressman from Missouri, if it’s a legitimate rape , she should be fine.
    If she’s got a large furry bundle of joy in 9 months, well, I’ve had some encounters I don’t fess up to either…..

  9. Maurice Cloud

    Hmm . . . Did she braid its hair afterwards? Cheers!

  10. Igor Burtsev

    Robert, you are just a bastard!
    I personally don’t want to know you…
    Igor Burtsev

      • IGOR go back to the castle Dr. Frankenstein is looking for his idiot.
        Also – if Melba was found fully clothed perhaps she wasnt raped. You know a male Sasquatch was probably curiously fingering her and was possbily engaged in heavy foreplay before he was frightened away. Where was her scientifc mind? Why didnt she get a swab? Perhaps she was so caught up in the rapture of pre-orgasm she wasnt home upstairs.
        I wonder how many prospectors and hunters have had similar encounters with female bigfeet? All I can say is you damn well better make sure that you satisfy her and you will definetly be sleeping on the wet spot …LOL

  11. swautch

    honeyok…. you have serious issues. go get checked out. some of the most perverse shit ive seen on a forum

      Thank You Sir or Madame for your most esteemed and acute observation. Your comment tells me that my Trolling skills are up to par.
      5 Star level indeed
      I thrive on repulsion
      Best Regards…..

      • On a forum post, they told people not to come to my site. They said “Lindsay’s site has some of the worst trolls on the Internet in the comments section.” I consider that to be a compliment of the highest honor. Thank you, commenter trolls!

        • Thank You Sir
          Its is a good thing even for a troll to feel welcomed and appreciated.
          Life would be a bit boring without us dont you think?
          dont let them kid you, they all come here to read this stuff and get a thrill

        • I honestly think I was born to troll. I’m trolling all the time really, even in meatspace.

          Trolling IRL motherfuckers!

        • Mre2me

          I consider the trolling (participation ?)here of a higher quality than your average podunk, mid america type site. I am proud to troll, participate, whatever, here. Fuggedaboutut Bigfoot Evidence. I won’t even join. Good articles, but pure knuckle draggers in the comments section.

          Did we get any confirmation that Melbs had her chacha hair braided during the incident ?

        • I don’t know if BF’s braid women’s pubic hair or not in the first place my friend. Nope, got no info on whether Melba’s pubes got braided or even whether she even has them or not. After all, shaving is all the rage these days.

          I really doubt if BF’s braid women’s pubic hair. Seems a bit over the top even for a BF.

          The trolls on Bigfoot Evidence are simply horrible. I would hate it if our comments section got ruined by that. Our trolls are far superior. We have some of the finest trolls around. I challenge any site to best my trolls!

        • Robert
          you know we are getting to them when they start questioning your sanity.
          When they do that you know your arrows have hit the mark!

          Keep on Trollin…. OH yeah!

    • Oh by the way Swautch
      you also really need to work on your reading and word comprehension skills.
      my user ID is HONYOK not HONEYOK
      or did you ride the little schoolbus to school?

  12. jurrawarra

    Perhaps your all wrong, maybe she attracted the attention of a jealous Mrs Sasquatch ( all females are jealous) who kicked her in the crotch (interesting cast right there) and then knocked her the f*#k out, or maybe it was a gay female and didgit rape.

  13. Lon Strickler

    Did bigfoot suck Melbas Titties..haarrh…bigfoot evidence is good sight

  14. swuatch

    “trolling” is hardly something to be proud of. I came to your site initially due to its commenting professionalism/integrity and lack of “trollers”. but this comment section has degraded to the level of, next people will be exclaiming “first”. which is actually preferable to this perverse, depraved and just plain weird shit going on here. you guys sound like a bunch of pre pubescent dickheads.
    go ahead and ban me too

    • Ok you are banned.

      But in response, there is not a lot of trolling going on here, guaranteed.

    • honyok

      why all the negativity? Are you jealous because you see people here having fun. You really need to broaden your horizons and loosen up a little bit.
      I prescribe a chill pill or perhaps 2.
      Dont take life so seriously. Look at Sasquatch he is out there bangin babes in horse pastures. Bigfoot is getting laid and having fun and so should you.
      In sum
      Life is short dont be a dick.

  15. Objectivity

    If there is a Sasquatch, that would explain the huge paradox of Native Americans having low IQ’s despite being part of the super-evolved newest race: Mongoloids. Mating with the primitive sasquatch has impaired native American IQ below that of other Mongoloids.

    • Maurice Cloud

      Cheers Objectivity! Now, now, let’s be inclusive. The American forehead in general has been sloping at an alarming rate of late . . . Cheers!

      • honyok

        also MC dont lest we forget an increased presence of knuckle dragging
        mouth breathers to go with that sloping forehead. indeed

  16. Swuatch

    Robert did you watch James bobo Fay on Conan? Any updates regarding Sykes/ketchum studies? I sense that they will soon reap the benefits of their arduous research journey.

    • Yes I watched him on there.

      No updates or at least not what you are looking for that would make you feel good anyway. I have some stuff, but I have not had enough energy to put it together into a post.

  17. Swuatch

    . Saw your recent post on bigfootblogspot concerning Erickson/Melba drama. Sounds Like a litigative nightmare. Was hoping you could elaborate, I think I’m not alone when saying your keeping me on pins and needles. But yeah, divulge when it’s worthy/got the energy.
    Thanks for the swift reply

    • Hi, nothing new on the litigation front. I don’t think they are threatening to sue each other right now.

      • kezra

        Why write this Robert? What was your motivation to put this peice out there? I read it weeks ago but it disturbed me so much I had to return to comment. Especially in light of all the work Dr. Ketchum has undertaken. I believe her achievements will soon overshadow any such silly rumours.

        • Apparently it’s true. She’s going around telling people that she thinks this happened to her. As long as she is going around saying this stuff, I am going to report on it.

    • honyok

      @ Swuatch
      Yo dude – glad to see you back. I was afraid we lost you.
      Welcome back. Maybe you can bring some sanity to this blog.

  18. Mre2me

    Seems that yur buddy Igor was anxious to let the cat out of the bag.
    Did Igor sign an NDA ? Prolly not. If he did I like his attitude. Not like they could follow that up with him in Russia.


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