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“Jihad Sheilas”

Interesting video originally appeared on Australian TV under the name Jihad Sheilas. It profiles two female Australian converts to Wahhabi Islam who got deep into the Al Qaeda like Islamist scene. Both women appear to have links to radical Islam and probably Al Qaeda and related groups.

The movie is also interesting for the accents. The announcer speaks something called General Australian which is something like Received Pronunciation or RP in the UK. The two women both speak a much broader accent that is more common among the general population, especially in the rural areas. I understood everything of what the narrator said, but I sometimes struggled to understand both of the women. The broad Australian English accent is pretty hard to understand!


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Alcoholism Worse for Women Than for Men


We have always known this. Women’s organs are smaller in general, so everything just hits them harder. Cigarettes, booze, drugs, you name it.

Dying with your boots on is a man’s game, ladies.


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Caterina Migliorini, Whore

Caterina Migliorini is a 20 year old Brazilian woman who auctioned off her pussy, I mean her virginity, on the open market to the whole world. She must look pretty damn good because some shmuck in Japan paid $780,000 for the right to deflower her.

In other words, you, Caterina Migliorini, are a whore. You won’t admit it, but that’s exactly what you are. Fair enough.

Reminds of me the story George Bernard Shaw told. He was talking to some famous woman at a party. He asked her, “Would you have sex with me for a million dollars?”

“Of course I would!” she smiled.

“Well then,” he said. “Would you have sex with me for a dollar?”

“Of course not!” she huffed. “What do you think I am?”

“We have already established what you are, dear,” he said. “Now we are just haggling over the price.”


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Science Tackles PUA/Game Theory


Mr. Stable = Beta or possibly even Omega males.

Mr. Sexy = Alpha males.

Of course, Alphas are not very stable. Those men are simply not very good partners. They’re just a lot of fun for now, and that’s it.

Betas are stable but not very sexy. This is the guy she finally marries in her 30’s or whenever.

At their most fertile period, these women are less likely to feel close to their mates and more likely to find fault with them than women mated to more sexually desirable men, the research shows.

In other words, when she’s ovulating, she’s bitching at her Beta husband and checking out the local Alphas a lot more.

Possibly to increase the odds of attracting suitable mating partners, these behaviors include a tendency to dress up and to speak in a higher-pitched, more feminine voice.

What every man knows. When she acts feminine, it means she wants to get fucked, more or less. Bitches who almost never act feminine or feminists who reject femininity as oppressive are basically telling the male world that they never want to fuck.

It wasn’t discussed in the article, but men must know that a super feminine woman is telling the world that she’s horny. A feminist who rejects dressing up, acting feminine and speaking in a high pitched or soft voice will be seen by most men as a sexually unavailable woman, a bitch or even a dykey lesbian.

Feminism is a mass movement that tells women to stop giving men the signals that they want to fuck and instead tells them to give off continuous signals of non-interest in or hostility towards sex, bitchiness or even lesbianism. Hence, this is why so many feminists seem sexless, prudish, bitchy or even dykey.

Women mated to the most sexually attractive men, meanwhile, experienced the opposite effect. As these women moved from their least to most fertile period, their closeness scores rose by a point.

When she’s already with an Alpha type, she gets even hornier around her cycle.

The researchers believe the findings shed light on a suite of conflicting behaviors that stem from mating strategies that might have provided an evolutionary benefit to women’s female ancestors of long ago but today probably serve no other purpose than to stir the domestic pot.

In other words, it worked great for Cavewomen, but now it’s not only utterly useless, but it’s actually maladaptive.

“Since our female ancestors couldn’t directly examine a potential partner’s genetic makeup, they had to base their decisions on physical manifestations of the presence of good genes and the absence of genetic mutations, which might include masculine features such as a deep voice, masculine face, dominant behavior and sexy looks,” said Haselton, who is affiliated with UCLA’s Center for Behavior, Evolution, and Culture.

Deep voice, masculine face, dominant behavior and sexy looks = Alpha.

The strange thing is that some of the biggest players I ever knew did not have deep voices or masculine faces.

Many of them were somewhat androgynous pretty boy types. Yet they went through whole platoons of females. Their androgyny was such that they had pretty strong masculine traits (once you got to know them) but then they had another side, too. Many were not “macho” types at all. In fact, many of them were frequently accused of being gay. So I don’t know where guys like this fit into the theory.

“In the reproductive arena, women probably evolved to desire men who could contribute both quality care and good genes,” Haselton said. “The problem is that there is a limited number of potential mates who are high in both. So many women are forced to make trade-offs.”

Yep. Most stable guys are not that sexy. And most sexy guys are not reliable in any way, shape or form. And the sexy but stable and reliable guys are not so common.

We don’t know if men are picking up on this behavior, but if they are, it must be confusing for them,” Larson said.

Of course they pick up on it, and they all pull their hair out because of this stuff. It’s behaviors like this that make men yell about how “nuts” females are, but as you can see, she is only mining her Cavewoman past for its obsolete motherlode, invisible to both her and everyone else.

As with everything else related to Game/PUA and evolutionary psychology, feminists reject all of this angrily as “lies,” which just goes to show you that strangely enough for folks who claim to be obsessed with females, feminists don’t even understand women at all.


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Identity Politics As Outgrowths of Narcissistic Pathology

Feminists don’t have the slightest understanding of women.

This is the same with all chauvinisms.

  1. Afrocentrists don’t understand Black people
  2. White nationalists don’t understand White people.
  3. Super Jews and Zionists have little to no understanding of the Jews.
  4. No nationalist understands his own people.
  1. Feminists don’t even understand women.
  2. MRA’s may possibly not even understand men well (remains to be proven).
  3. Gay rights types have no understanding of homosexuality.

The problem with all of these forms of chauvinism, and that is exactly what they are, and why any decent Left should reject any and all Identity Politics crap, is that Identity Politics chauvinists can’t really look in the mirror.

The problem is one of egotism. Few people can see themselves. The chauvinisms of Identity Politics are simply outgrowths of one’s own egotism and narcissism. The egotist can see only the good of oneself and can never see the bad side.

Furthermore, the ego externalizes all blame and failure. We see this most clearly in the narcissist. Note that Identity Politics chauvinisms also externalize all blame and failures of the group towards designated enemies.


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“India a Self Deluded Nation,” By Raghu Dayal

Great article about what a shithole India is which goes into the various reasons we have discussed in the past for India’s shitholeness.

One wonders, though, why.

Apparently India’s education fails completely. Even higher education does not function at all. The graduates are crap. The Indian state spends almost nothing on education, which means that society thinks it is a low priority. But why is it that one goes to a 4 year college and comes out with a defective education? What’s that all about? Why does so little learning take place even at the tertiary level?

Cheating is apparently endemic. India appears to be basically a society of cheaters. Not to mention liars and thieves.

When Indian immigrants come to the US, they bring the culture of cheating, lying and thieving into the workplace as employees or as business owners.

The reputation of Indian businessmen among US businessmen is very low. They are regarded with the same contempt Jews used to be. No one wants to negotiate with them or do business with them. “The Indian will take you for everything you’ve got.” I hear this a lot from people who do business with Indians, but then I hear similar things about Chinese “businessmen.”

We already know why India spends so little on healthcare. In a society without any conception of the common good, almost no money will be spent on health care.

This is also why so many are starving while the middle and upper classes get obese and diabetic. The starving are “those people,” and according to Hinduism, they deserve their fate. The Indian middle and upper classes seem like a nation of Mitt Romneys. “Let them eat cake,” the Indian bourgeois cries.

That the Indian political class is utterly corrupt goes without saying. But we wonder why once again. Does it go back to no conception of the common good once again. In a society with no conception of the common good, how does this lead to an ultra-criminal political class?

The justice system apparently does not even function at all, but why is this? Society doesn’t feel like spending any money to have a functional justice system? And why is this? Because society itself has no sense of justice whatsoever?

The blatant misogyny of course is culturally embedded, but it shows no signs of change, apparently because misogyny is so embedded in Indian culture that no one wants to change it.

All of the mess below is the product of a shit culture. Society flows from culture. If your society sucks, then quite probably it’s because your culture sucks. In conversations with Indians, they rarely want to change Indian culture. This is particularly true with Indian Hindus. Everything is fine, and nothing needs to change. It’s all good. Shining India and all that.

Change flows from self-reflection. In order to change your society, you have to face the fact that it’s crap and needs changing in the first place. It’s Stage One that Indians never get to.

India a Self Deluded Nation

By Raghu Dayal

A land of myths, India takes mythology rather seriously till some myth-buster jolts it down to reality. We have often deluded ourselves that we are intellectually up there with the best in the world till the OECD-conducted PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) of 15 year school children had Indian students scoring second from the bottom, only ahead of Kyrgyzstan, among half a million students from 73 countries.

While the PISA ranking laid bare India’s poor school education, the 2012 QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) World University rankings include none of Indian universities or institutes among world’s top 200. China has seven in the top 200 list. India has over 26,000 higher education institutes with 15 million students on rolls; a survey has found 92% of their graduates are deficient in programming or algorithms and 78% of them falter in English.

Although there are more children in school, they are now learning less. As per Annual Survey of Education 2011, only 48% of class V children are able to read a class II text, and less than 30% of those in class III can do a 2-digit sum. Some 1.25 crore students come to the job market every year who have no skills. Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen is at pains to lament, “education in India is in peril”.

Mere enunciation of rights to education can be no solution. Andre Beteille termed the UPA move as “the Marie Antoinette Solution” – “they don’t have schools, so give them rights…” India’s high growth potential is largely predicated by its assumed demographic dividend.

This very demography appears likely to end up as the Achilles’ heel and worse, with country’s youth remaining inadequately educated and trained. There is serious dearth of employable technicians – plumbers, carpenters, electricians. India’s 1.4 million schools are in need of 4 million new teachers and 8 million more to be retrained.

Like education, health too has been a sad story. As many as 130 million of Indians have no access to basic health care; as Census 2011 shows, half of country’s population defecate in the open; 20% of households have to travel more than half a km for drinking water; more than two-thirds of houses (87% rural, 26% urban) use firewood, crop residue, cow dung, coal.

The number of physicians per 1,000 population for the world is 1.5, for India it is 0.6; the number of hospital beds per 1,000 population in India is 0.9, much lower than the world average of 3.3. Almost 2 million children die in India before reaching their first birth day.

The country boasts of more than 30 million tonne of grains stacked, some of which in open for want of warehouses; yet 40% of its children are underweight and 70% anemic. According to a WHO 2000 estimate, of the annual 529,000 maternal deaths globally, 136,000 or about 26% of them occur in India.

Although some pockets of the country have experienced material gains, and people now live longer, no fewer than 37.5% of countrymen are reported to remain malnourished, 41.6% of them subsisting on less than $ 1.25/day (The World Development Report, 2012).

While, on one hand, the Global Hunger Index 2007 by International Food Policy Research Institute ranked India 96th among 119 countries, well below all its neighbors except Bangladesh, on the other hand, it imported 1,100 tonne of gold last year, valued at Rs 3.5 lakh crore.

When the wide world around said India had all the basic wherewithal of an emerging global economic powerhouse, we started behaving as if we were already there. The Pew Research Centre survey of 21 major economies just conducted has revealed how Indians have had their optimism faded, how they have lost faith in the Indian economy and its future. Along with a dysfunctional Parliament, country’s polity is mired in sleaze; a bumper crop of robber barons mulct the national wealth.

Albeit a vibrant democracy it claims to be, India remains torn by language, region, caste, religion, no less than by pockets of wealth. We took pride in the steel frame of governance we had; today, it is left to be a creaking bamboo frame.

Symptomatic of a major myth, some erudite commentators have found in Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson a facile belief that India would ultimately outpace China by dint of its inclusive political institutions, China being pulled back, as they perceive, because of its extractive political institutions.

This pervasive myth of the delusion of democracy, as in effect it is practiced in India, engenders only derision. More and more of us keep striving to become more equal than others. Money and muscle rule the roost. An Election Commission analysis revealed that no less than 40 among Hon’ble MP’s and 700 MLAs among the legislators had suffered criminal indictment.

India lays great stores by the world’s largest democracy it is with constitutional freedom of expression, yet it has no qualms in slapping a young cartoonist with a incredible charge of sedition.

India’s parliamentarians, notwithstanding their hysterical avowals of its sovereignty, meddle in the minutiae of deciding which textbooks will have what text or which cartoons, exposing the hollowness of our democracy. With more than 30 million cases pending in courts, up to 26 years old, it takes an average of 17 years to get a judicial decision.

What better embodiment of our enduring myths than Delhi being touted as world’s “most beautiful city”, or Mumbai outshining Shanghai, or, better still, Kolkata soon transforming, Mamata di-style, into “better than London”!

We generally like to believe nice things about ourselves – a kind of collective mythomania. We fancy ourselves as a tolerant society and yet we have cases like Rushdie, Taslima, M F Hussain, et al. We hold the teaching profession in reverence, yet we kill a teacher who says no to cheating.

We similarly give our parents a pedestal just short of godhead but countless cases occur of old parents being dispossessed, cheated, even murdered in property disputes.

We respect womanhood as nothing short of devi or Mother (yatra naryastu pujyante, ramante tatra devata) but cases of rape and other crimes against women, shameful treatment of girl child (in embryo and after birth) and the fact that no woman considers herself safe after dark in the capital of India show that this is the biggest myth of all.

We believe in welcoming tourists and visitors to our country (atithi devo bhava) but few such guests would ever revisit after the harrowing time we give them.

Rabindranath Tagore’s Tasher Desh has a message wherein citizens, who had lost their vitality and elan, and their capacity to respond to the rhythm of life, were played a magic flute whereupon their vitality flowed back. Some similar transformation India needs, a leader to play that magic flute, to turn some myths into reality.


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