Bigfoot News October 16, 2012

Has the MABRC captured a Bigfoot? Middle America Bigfoot Research Center is run by DW Darkwing Lee, about whom I know little except that I don’t like them. Ed Lee is often associated with the group for some reason, but he is not actually a member. Instead he is a member of a group called the Orig-6. However, Ed Smith often posts on the MABRC Forums, so many people have misidenified him with the group.

Ed Smith is the typical unpleasant, egotistical, narcissistic, loumouthed, blustering blowhard that we know so well in this business. Ed has been talking a great game for years now, but he’s never had a thing to show for it. All bark and no bite is his name.

Specifically, he’s claimed to have definitive biological Bigfoot evidence for a long time, and he claims that it was tested at genetics labs. However, the results that he laid out on his website don’t seem to make any kind of sense at all. So that’s the story with Ed Smith.

However, this post on October 11 is rather interesting. Bolding is by me. Pay attention to the bolded text.

I’m posting this in order to end some of the rumor mill speculation as to the reasons for my exit from the group. My expanding responsibilities of the family enterprise and the creation of a new business entity just would not allow me to continue in my original role in the O-6.

The remaining members of the group have been working diligently to get thier (sic) new organization on its feet and I’m sure they will achieve thier (sic) post capture goals and I wish them continued success.

Until next time…

Ed Smith

Am I imagining things, or did Ed Smith just imply that MABRC has already captured a Bigfoot?! He’s probably full of it as usual, or else the sentence was meant to have some meaning other than the one I read into it, but it might be nice to put Ed in the spotlight and at least have him explain what he means in this post.

If indeed MABRC has captured a Bigfoot, that is huge news indeed!

RIP Richard Stubstad. I hate writing eulogies because I never know what to say.

Richard Stubstad passed away around September 24, 2012, after a many years’ battle with terminal prostate cancer. In the last year or two, the doctors were just buying him time. But boy did Richard love his time. Richard was the sort of fellow who first came to mind when you thought of “carpe diem.” He grabbed for all the gusto, even dying of cancer, and packed more life into a month or so than most do into a year or many years.

Richard was committed to Bigfoot research, nearly fanatically, in the way he tended to do things.

When I first heard of Richard, I knew he was an engineer. I figured a nerdy engineer type.

He was nothing like that at all. Richard was a very well-rounded man.

Brilliant, with a near-genius IQ, he was also an accomplished social actor or nearly a social butterfly. He loved people, companionship and conversation. He knew many folks in this business and got on well with most all of them. It was hard not to get along with Richard Stubstad, an easy going fellow. His social skills were superb. He was quite healthy psychologically. He was a sensual man who lived to fish, camp, visit friends and relatives and go to NASCAR races.

I spent a couple of interesting days with him last summer.

Most interesting to me was a 69 year old man who had a superb relationship with all three of his adult male sons. Sons typically don’t get along well with their fathers, and this is a more or less normal stage of male development. It was certainly the case in my life.

To me, that a father would get along famously with adult sons was so shocking I nearly could not believe it. Over a couple of days, we managed to speak with all three of his sons. All three were warm and genial towards their father, like boys to Dad. That nearly knocked my socks off.

Richard had a reputation for being a “tough old bastard,” but it was all an act. Inside I sensed a man of deep and profound compassion. And he actually showed compassion towards me, which is something few people do for whatever reason.

He also had an immensely scientific mind. Schooled as a statistician, if you asked him if Bigfoots were real, he would say he was “97% sure.” That was the scientist talking.

The depth of Richard’s knowledge was pretty impressive. No matter what you brought up, he was onto you right away. And he had a lot of wisdom. He had a good understanding of psychology and how the human mind operated. Although he was an atheist, he told me he was “spiritual.” He was a former student of Gurdjieff’s.

Most scientist types are pretty cold fish. But Richard could delight in poetic speech and insights as well as any misty-eyed artist type with his head in the clouds. He was an excellent student of human beings and could sum up various people’s personas and life histories easily and effortlessly.

He was a real man and he raised his boys to be real men. From a guy with an egghead advanced degree and fancy desk job, that’s something I respect.

He kept in contact with his wife while he was gone, and they parried back and forth in Danish. Richard had gone to Denmark as a young man, where he met and married his wife. As they spoke, I sensed a deep love between them, almost like children playing.

We meet so many people in this world, but how many really leave an impact on us? How many will we never forget? I spent two days with Richard, but it may as well have been a year.

Who will you remember at the end of day, when the lights go out, when the world dims down one last time?

I will remember Richard Stubstad.

Snelgrove Lake appears very isolated. Skeptics say that there is an Indian village of 900 only 5-10 miles away from the lake where Bigfoot evidence, now the provenance of Dr. Melba Ketchum’s DNA study, may well have been found in an elaborate study that involved Jeff Meldrum, a TV show, and some rinky-dink geneticists.

The end result was supposedly “American Indian,” but all they looked at was MtDNA, and Bigfoot MtDNA is human. The sample came from a creature that stepped on a nailboard that Meldrum and others had set out to catch an intruder that had been smashing up the cabin. Something stepped on the nailboard, leaving blood and hair. How many humans have hairy feet?

The sample is said to have made its way to Ketchum’s study, and it is said to be included in the paper. I don’t know for sure, but I would guess that it’s positive for Bigfoot DNA.

Skeptics say it’s merely an Indian, and the lake is not nearly as isolated as we say it is, pointing to the nearby Indian village. Someone needs to tell Google about this Indian village because it doesn’t show up on any maps. In fact, no towns, and not even any roads, appear to be present for maybe 100 miles around the lake. Snelgrove Lake may well be as isolated as we say it is.

Information on the Adrian Erickson Project’s Crittenden, Kentucky Bigfoots. I can now disclose the location of the site and name of the couple at the site. The site was located on Mann Road in Crittenden.

The couple’s name was Roger and Lucille Johnson, both in their late 20’s. Roger is said to be a bit of a redneck. They were described to me by a source as “somewhat shady people.” Around the time of the study, the couple had apparently been burning through money like crazy and they were in hard times financially. This is apparently why they sold the videos and the site to Erickson.

Adrian Erickson purchased the Janice Cater farm as a possible habituation site. Erickson bought the farm in December 2005. Then he paid Janice a stipend that lasted until 2007. Erickson never found any Bigfoot evidence at that farm.

It is said that Janice has a paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis, and some say she is not too smart.

It is uncertain whether she actually has schizophrenia. A source who has spoken with her said she is quite lucid, and this is not typical for someone who by now should have a diagnosis of chronic paranoid schizophrenia.

By the time the illness becomes chronic, characteristic problems in speech and communication develop that are difficult to describe in words. Look up any recent communication or video of Charles Manson and you can see what the disorder looks like at an advanced stage. Suffice to say that her mental dx is dubious.

She is actually quite intelligent. She is a registered nurse (RN) and she has a Master’s Degree in Nursing.

Sierra Kills baby Bigfoot shot and killed was a male! I can now reveal that the juvenile Bigfoot shot and killed at the Sierra Kills site by Justin Smeja was a male. This has never been reported before. The adult was also a male. How did they determine it was a male? Probably simple observation.

Smeja shot the adult Bigfoot from his truck. This aspect of the story had always seemed nutty to a lot of us, and people I talked to kept saying that the way the story was set up, it didn’t appear possible that he got out of the truck to take that shot as it was reported.

And in fact we were right. He never got out of the truck, and he shot it from his vehicle. As you may know, it’s illegal in California to hunt from your vehicle.

I asked Justin about this, and he was shocked that I knew. Then he confessed. He also said he had confessed to CA Department of Fish and Game (DFG) officials that he shot the Bigfoot from his truck. They reportedly laughed, told him it’s not illegal to shoot an imaginary animal from your truck and sent him on his way.

By the way, it is true that this part of the story was deliberately distorted in the official writeup. The parties involved did not think it was important, and they did not see any reason to make Justin look bad.

Justin’s driver’s name revealed. I am not sure how many people know this, but I will now reveal information about the driver who was with Smeja at the Sierra Kills on that sad and fateful day almost two years ago to the day (October 10, 2010).

The driver’s name is Jack, and he is a US military vet from Afghanistan and Iraq. He is about Justin’s age, around mid twenties. He is a neighbor of Jusitn’s and only lives a few blocks away from him. I believe that Jack also retains a portion of whatever amount of Bigfoot tissue was recovered at the site.

Why the compliant gate? The compliant gate is much discussed in Bigfoot circles, especially by Jake Barnes of Facebook Find Bigfoot. Skeptics ridicule the notion. The compliant gate means that Bigfoots walk with their knees bent all the time. Why do they do this? A source informed me that you need to walk like that if you are a biped and weigh 800 pounds. If you walk rapidly straight legged and you weigh that much, you might break your legs.

Why the midtarsal break? This is another feature that Bigfoots are said to have, though it is controversial within the field. Some say it is nonsense. Jeff Meldrum, who is a good scientist at least, is the major champion of the midtarsal break. But why the break? A source told me that once again, if you weigh 800 pounds, you can’t have an arch in your foot if you want to walk fast. You will break your feet!

Erickson Project got video of Bigfoots at Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Columbia. GEPP is where the EP gathered five hair samples from a family group of Bigfoots. All five samples tested presumptive for Bigfoot in Ketchum’s study.

They were gathered by Randy Brisson, an extremely belligerent and none too bright fellow with a highly checkered past that includes apparent and obvious hoaxing. Nevertheless, he hit the jackpot with this one. And apparently it is none other than Brisson who videoed the Bigfoots for the EP.

Brisson is a prickly fellow and quite an odd duck, but he’s basically a habituator. Brisson is more or less a guy who runs around in the woods for years habituating Bigfoots in this park. That’s a pretty strange thing to do, and maybe it helps to be a little bit off to undertake such a quirky endeavor.

Bigfoot shot and killed in Cadamon, Alberta in 1930. This is an old story. The Bigfoot was shot and killed by Italian immigrants. The circumstances surrounding the shooting are unclear. However, the shooters reportedly said it was “a man, a hairy man.”

In deference to their belief that it was a form of man, albeit a prehistoric one, the immigrants gave it a Christian (Catholic) burial. In Catholicism, animals don’t get proper Catholic burials. Only humans do. Before the Bigfoot was shot and killed, locals reported the familiar but very strange behavior of the Bigfoot braiding the manes on local horses. Once again, he hear the bizarre mane-braiding story.

Researchers are now trying to find the burial site of the Bigfoot so they can possibly exhume the grave.

Relationship between Erickson and Ketchum. If you watch the recent and excellent interview with Richard Stubstad by the fine documentary film maker Ro Sahebi, Richard hints that Erickson and Ketchum had quite a falling out. I’ve reported on this for some time.

Sources report that Erickson is no longer feuding with Ketchum and instead is instead simply not involved with her, washing his hands so to speak.

However, Erickson’s wife Simone, a former freelance photojournalist from Belgium, has a good relationship with Ketchum. In fact, they have always gotten along well. I know other women who have gotten along pretty well with Ketchum. It appears she may commune best with her own gender, or perhaps it takes another woman to discern her wily ways.

Status of Ketchum Project. All of my contacts connected with the Ketchum Project are pretty much dead now. The best information is coming from someone named Indiefoot on Bigfoot Forums. He has some relationship to the Ketchum Project, but I don’t know who the person is.

Indiefoot reports that the Ketchum paper passed peer review a few months ago, (I reported July 10) but since then, the journal is trying to dredge up photos and video to go with the article. It’s been quite a drawn out process, and that is where things are right now. I regard this story as about as good a status report on this project as we have right now.

Status report on Erickson Project. I have very little to report here, but once again, Indiefoot says, referring to Erickson’s relationship to the Ketchum Project: “Erickson? He’s in, he’s out. He’s in, he’s out. That’s how it is going.”

So Erickson is variously either in with Ketchum or out with her, depending on whatever. This was something like what a source reported to me, that their relationship seemed distant, cut off, or even over.

Update on Dogmen.I reported earlier that Ketchum had isolated what she calls Dogmen DNA from one or more of the samples that were sent into her. A Dogman is apparently just some sort of a local Bigfoot type, although they may differ somewhat in behavior and appearance.

I was widely ridiculed for reporting that, however, my source for that was ultimately Ketchum’s PR lady, Sally Ramey. Former BF Forums member and now skeptic and James Randi Forums skeptic Jody is said to have caught up with Sally in a chatroom. Jody, incredibly enough, asked Sally if Ketchum indeed had Dogman DNA. Unbelievably, Sally affirmed that it was true: yes, Melba had isolated DNA from a related but different creature she was calling a Dogman.

So there you have it folks. There appears to be something to the Dogman story after all.

I have some videos and photos I would like to go through, but let’s end this update now and save it for another day.


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28 responses to “Bigfoot News October 16, 2012

  1. mitchw

    Meldrum has described the feet of other primates as also having a mid-tarsel break. It isn’t only enormous heft that necessitates such an adaptation.
    Isn’t it Sally Ramey, rather than Rainey?

  2. Ed

    Thank you for your moving and thoughtful eulogy for Richard Stubstad. A eulogy is a function of time, effort and caring, and most people are unable to muster all three. The greatest legacy anyone can leave is the love of family and friends, and in that regard, it seems like Stubstad’s legacy is well established.

  3. Mr.E2ME

    Rip Richard Stubstad. I agree eulogies are difficult. The one you just delivered was well writ and thoughtfull.
    I have no issues with JS shootingn from his truck. The only issue I have is leaving the body(ies). (As far as we know…).
    Imake it up to Vancouver semi-regularly and asked someone who was in LA from there about Golden Ears. SHe was clueless as to BF activity but seems to be a nice place to camp. I want to go there next time I’m in Van.
    S’pose I will have to keep an eye open to Randy , however……

    • ed nolan

      there seem to be a lot of bigfoot bodies floating around out there,I should wonder if theres any value to having one now.Interesting story that Sally confirmed dogman,I hope like hell that the Erickson project crosses the finish line.I really hope to see our distant relative up close and look foward to any videos or pictures you put out.

  4. I’m grunk so I hope i write ok. bigfoots is made a joke by dr. ketchum she realizes it is a necessity but ninetheless it’s brought to a quick resolution. or atleast we can hoe so. as for the dogman. I believe there are 2 or maybe 3 types of bigfoot dogman being one of them. wonder how bf and dogman get along when they bump into each other in the woods?

  5. Indian Guy

    Robert, That piece on Stubstad was wonderful. (An Indian guy who gets irritated by your writing often)

  6. Dear Robert, You did a wonderful job with Richard’s eulogy. There are many people like me,who loved Richard very much,but never spoke up. Having enjoyed his informative and, juicy posts. We grew to love him. just so sorry we never got to tell him so. He will be sorely missed. We too, will always remember him. I have broken my silence by Richards passing and will be silent no longer ! I look forward to rubbing elbows with the greats like: Apehuman, Uncle Tancred, and, many others. All under the watchful eye of the coolest dude of them all.You Robert Lindsey. Richard would have wanted us to continue. I am just sorry he never got to see that paper come out. I have had 4 encounters in 3 states: 1 in MA, 1in CA, 2 in KS. AND I followed a trackway in Florida for miles. I have shaken hands with Bobo, Cliff , Renae, and even Moneymaker. We are all grateful to Richard and his contributions. I hope we never forget ! RIP Mr. Substadt. FRANKO

  7. jurrawarra

    Nice work Robert, appreciate the effort and look forward to that “another day” to see some pics and video.

    • Thank you Jurrawarra! Are you an Aborigine?

      • jurrawarra

        No but I am friends with many, why ?

        • jurrawarra

          The handle ? I had an interesting kind of discussion a few years ago whilst out in the field researching (Entomology). I was in a very remote location which held a population of full Aborigines and during a break I sat under a Eucalpyt and began to read an old paperback called “In Search of” which had a picture of the Lochness Monster on the front cover. I had flipped through the book and stopped at an illustration of Bigfoot when an Elder who had snuck up behind me and was looking over my shoulder, pointed at the picture and said “Jurrawarra ” and pointed towards the distant hills. He didn’t speak much english and so we didn’t converse much at all. The only other audible english words were ” Him bad fella…not go there”.
          Obviously when I was thinking of a handle that was the first thing that came to mind.

  8. jurrawarra

    Is there a link to those images ??

  9. jurrawarra

    I think your link is broken….. it took me to the ET page………

  10. I don’t think he’s dead. He’s awful talkative for a dead guy.

  11. Dear Em, I would also like to rub “elbows” with you. As you sound like a nice lady. Dear Uncle Tancred, I felt an instant connection,when you told that killer story about your Grampa on a mule in the Ozarks ! My family vacationed in SW Missouri for over 25 years. I have driven down many dark ,dusty roads at night. Very squatchy ! Camping at a place called Granny’s Sugar Creek. The incidents were too numerous to mention . Heavy footsteps crunching on thick gravel late at night. Food missing. Big mountains,thick forests,pristine crystal clear water teeming with colorful fish .Lots of caves. Luscious cool swimming holes ! Your story fit perfect in a place where time seemed to stand still,back up in them hills. I never imagined One post could burn up the blog, It is so fun. I have been to 45 American states and ,now live near the Hoosier Nat. Forest. I have so many cool stories to contribute . And look forward to roasting skeptics and,debunkers. Long live ,Richard’s memory! FRANKO.

  12. Melvin

    By the way MABRC did not have 300 people at the symposium back on October 6, 2012. Some have said that MABRC said they had 300 attend and next year will do two days because of the huge turn-out. Well I attended and didn’t see no 300 people. The room could barely hold 60-70 people if that. 300 people give me a break, what kind of sh&** are they trying to pull? Plus all the speakers were MABRC people, no real speakers like Meldrum or Thom Powell. 300 people that makes me laugh.

  13. Melvin

    Plus look at their photos on Facebook. Clearly see there is no 300 people in that room!

  14. Mr.E2ME

    ^^^^^^^^^^ Why the hell not D.Dub ? Or is this some shameless promotion for your “club”,

  15. jurrawarra

    Just my sense of humour Em, I’m sure Robbo is not offended 🙂

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