Sociopaths – Controlled and Uncontrolled

Good article.

It has long been said that most sociopaths never serve a day in jail. Instead, they drift into fields like law, politics, business, law enforcement and the military where their talents can be put to good use. They often rise high in these fields, though most people don’t like them very much. They are ruthless, cold, calculating, manipulative, egocentric, charming, focused, unempathetic, remorseless and fearless.

New research including brain scans show that the difference between controlled and uncontrolled sociopaths is dimensional rather than discreet. That is, they are all part of a continuum. The difference between the criminals and the controlled types is that the criminals are more aggressive and uninhibited.

Why do some sociopaths choose the controlled route – to become what I call “legal criminals”? Because they don’t want to go to jail! No one has to do anything. People pick and choose what they do. Plenty of sociopaths simply choose not to be criminals due to fear of getting caught, not because they care about their victims. Others choose to be criminals because they are less inhibited and don’t care or think about getting caught or not.

I doubt if even controlled sociopaths are very nice people. Though I can’t be sure they were sociopaths, I have dealt with plenty enough of these types in my life. In general, they caused some sort of damage or harm to me. I don’t cotton to assholes.

To me, the difference between controlled and uncontrolled sociopaths is not very great. Some are legal criminals and some are illegal criminals. Big difference!

It’s said that the illegal criminals do more damage, but sometimes I wonder! How do you classify how much damage someone does. The ruthless executive lays off 50,000 workers. How many get heart attacks and strokes, take up drinking or drugging, gamble away their money, commit domestic violence or crimes, commit suicide or kill their SO’s? We say this fellow is better than an actual murderer or attacker but there’s a body count and long term damaged people either way, eh?


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50 responses to “Sociopaths – Controlled and Uncontrolled

  1. jameson7

    First off, can we get the diagnostic criteria for what qualifies as a sociopath?

    I mean we know the types of assholes that we would like to call sociopaths but really a more specific definition should be applied.

  2. Brengunn

    But insensitivity? The great thing about insensitivity, Moulton explains, is that “it lets you sleep when others can’t.

    Would you want a person like this deciding your future? Someone who lacks empathy and is also self-centered just cannot be trusted in any position that demands moral intelligence.

    Here is an interesting documentary from the BBC about psychopaths and the science behind them. Interestingly, the head scientist of the research team found himself to be a psychopath after the clinical tests.

  3. jameson7

    Someone spank Em for me. She’s getting exited and lippy again.

  4. Car Guy

    One thing is for sure and that is that these sociopaths have gotten me to wisen up. I was too soft for this world.

    So, yes, they’ve done some very significant and permanent damage.

  5. Dota

    they think the Quaran says Jesus is the messiah. LOL!

    It DOES say Jesus is the messiah, but not your interpretation of the term, which you happen to think is authoritative and I say good for you.

    And yes, EM really needs to be spanked. I’d prescribe about 3 a day atleast.

  6. Car Guy

    You’re a sociopath?

    • jameson7

      We’re all sociopaths actually. Join us, and ever feel guilt again.

      “running around cleaning up the mess that they have made”
      Let Zorg explain @ 0:55

      • Car Guy

        I sometimes wish I had some sociopathic attributes, but I just don’t have it in me to be full-blown sociopath. I’m far away on the other end of the spectrum. My goal is to make it somewhere in the middle. I’ll have to find another way to become filthy rich.

        And screw Zorg! He’s overrated.

  7. Dota

    I have soft spot for blonde blondes.

  8. Hello Robert: Once again, exceptional topic! However, I beg to differ on the sociopaths putting their talents into good use. I rather firmly believe it is not about putting to use or doing the world some greater good but instead, masking or camouflaging their wicked agendas. All of the characteristics you have stated about them are true, nevertheless, all sociopaths, particularly the narcissistic ones are cowardly and seek some set of “weakling” to prey upon who will tell them what they wish or can stand to hear about themselves. Since they are not their own people and rely heavily on the praise and admonition of others, in addition to power over those with a dissident view, what better place than the political world or that of law enforcement,where they can make/bend/ shift/ alter/distort/ influence/ coerce the rules to their favor and the favor of those who approve them without really discerning their deepest or most sacred intentions? Military protects interests and defends against any threat or harm against those interests… now imagine the interest of a sociopath, which is inherently selfish but if you hold them covert until you distort the amount of minds about them until they “see” as you do…mission accomplished! When sociopathic interests need funding, it is nothing as powerful as finding it in the hearts of those who feel rejected, slighted, or un-reciprocated for their loyalties and service. Therefore the sociopath finds his/her money for their own interests in politics by supposed rallying for the interests of others unlike themselves, while his/her constituents are also kept covert allies who share their mission: running things as I see fit. This is why some people are devastated when they realize that a small portion of their funds, support, and time were used to “fight the cause” while the majority of the revenue/support/ power was used to uphold their private endeavors. Criminals or politicians have the same amount of care about being caught: none. Although they use different methods when they finally are caught, ultimately neither ever are penalized for their actions, and some excuse/lie/or even truth is distorted further and made quite inflammatory to get them off the hook. Criminals usually kill themselves, or attempt to shoot you so that you shoot them because all sociopaths are sore losers. The only difference between either of them is presentation, because both are uninhibited when it comes down to getting what they want. You, the viewer of the show, must decide or discern whether you have an appetite or intrinsic value of being lied to and treated further like a flunky than the one you’ve been treated like your whole life. We all like to think of the devil as this Dragon imagery, but that is not true of the appearance. A satan of any form never looks what his/her character intrinsically is, otherwise, you’d never be attracted, or believe the commercial in the first place. Just like the Beowulf movie, her character was monstrous but her form wasn’t. Even deeper still is the fact that the people so easily swept in by sociopaths’ image, share that image or desire it for themselves. Their weaklings feel powerless outside, but wondrous within, and see no way to make manifest outwardly who they really are within… so when they run into the image of what they think they desire or whom they feel can best mentor them into self-conceptualizing…they are baited. Later they are devastated to see that using others never works, not when their sociopathic mentor or themselves are doing it. Better time would be spent with a farmer or blacksmith: whose life, blood, sweat, and committed reward is in cultivating with patient diligence. Reciprocity not sociopathy is the way of living… in the truest since of the word, and is foreign/jibberish/ *Babel in any language to all Narcissists and Sociopaths. Babies and toddlers believe the world shuts down when they do, and so do these kinds of personalities. Most of them, just like the devil/Lucifer want the position of they very being they defy: God. Yet, God is unlike them and they are too selfish to be like Deity… so killing their equals or potential rivals will do and you can kill people alongside their dreams-goals/good repute-name/optimism-positive outlook with many weapons besides guns, swords, bombs, or other physical combatants. Since we are visual people, we don’t attend to anything other than the graphic and so we don’t see things as they really or deeply are injured. I think of physical health and am reminded of Gangrene/HIV/Herpes/Syphillis/Cancer/Parasitic illness/Multiple Sclerosis and convinced that diseases or infections like that are not just relative to human physiology but revelatory of what can happen in our mind, spirit, or soul. Additionally, having a sociopath/narcissist/ or combination of those or possibly being such, just quickens the infection or invasion process. Yes, the damage is long term. As a domestic violence survivor (not a victim), I have been in group sessions and heard women say that most of the beatings or bruises healed, but their hearts didn’t because the words/names/yelling/laughter supporting the beatings or leading up to them is unforgettable. It’s the same as rape or slavery: it’s a physically violent act against the will from the outside but it is never actually significant of that on the base/root/fundamental level. Even worse, it is highly implicit so that the victim/potential survivor understands its message clearly whether or not the perpetrator verbalizes it. We all are familiar with the story of Cain and Abel, whether or not we believe in God and/or the Bible/religious literary works. We can use its everyday practicality by understanding Six things about ourselves and God: 1) None of us has the right to take the destiny of another out of their hands unless ours is unjustly threatened/endangered; 2) No other human being’s existence is meant to serve our purposes and desires (be it scapegoat/tool/or anything else), although we may participate in helping others or receive help ourselves; 3) Purposes and desires that are only for our benefit, fleetingly betray others as well as ourselves in the long run; 4) The law of reciprocity guarantees that all humans will be met with the exact measure of their motives, not their actions (i.e. Cain the hunter became “the Hunted/the Cursed/the Traumatized/The Betrayed” to understand the gravity of what his actions meant for his brother, the earth and God); and 5) Humans always have a choice, and are regularly given a foreboding/warning before we make the wrong decision; nevertheless over time and repetition of evil deeds the sound of that warning is stifled more and more; 6) Some deeds or paths, once chosen can never be amended or appropriately brought restitution, no matter how large the earthly recompense/justice/vengeance.

  9. Car Guy

    I think I almost developed a brain tumor in the process, and my hair thinned. The cognitive dissonance was just too great.

    I wish my battle with these freaks was over.

  10. Hi Robert, I salute you.

  11. Car Guy

    Blond hair?

    Yea, I’ll pass.

  12. jameson7

    The prophesy of Christians being homophobic is coming to fruition once again. Didn’t you just post some video with a girl singing sympathetically of ‘faggots’?

  13. jameson7

    So you are saying you are a lesbian?

  14. Really good article Robert.

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  16. Dota


    I keep telling you, I’m actually a nice guy. For example, I helped GSG become a stronger person:

    That she has a punching bag in her basement with my photo on it which she bashes at while listening to eye of the tiger is an unsubstantiated rumour.

  17. jameson7

    What were you saying? I don’t speak lesbo.

  18. jameson7

    No I’m saying you are nervous and erratic. Therefore I prescribe vigorous sexual exercise to release the tension. Every other conclusion you came to is unrelated.

  19. jameson7

    Shhhhhh it’s ok Em, take a deep breath. It’s just the internet, all the meanies can’t hurt you. Here’s a back massage, you are too tense. Ok, now take your pants off..

  20. jameson7

    I know so mean. It’s ok Em you are safe here with me. Let Daddy take care of you. You want to be a good girl for Daddy right?

  21. Dota

    Have you never used the internet before? People will mess with you if you allow them to. You’re not supposed to take half of these remarks seriously let alone personally.

  22. Gay State Girl

    I like Steve.

  23. jameson7

    Em. I am your Pharaoh, learn to obey me and only me and I shall reward ye with prosperity and plenty. Leave ye thoughts of courage and you will see that I am a kind and just ruler.

  24. Insider

    Sociopaths are another reason I believe every man should take the personal social journey I referred to in your old post about Women and Misogyny. If you want to punish and fight against sociopaths, you must first gain power. The first and primary rule of life is that you are worthless without power. Gaining social discretion, status, and influence are your means of gaining power.

    I believe that the more IQ your field requires and the more status your field confers, the more sociopaths you will encounter. As example, the fields of law and medicine are full of sociopaths. To triumph against a sociopath is a great feeling, and, like many worthwhile things in life, it tends to be a collective feeling of joy.

    • Steve

      “I believe that the more IQ your field requires and the more status your field confers, the more sociopaths you will encounter.”


  25. Steve

    The songs were on Robert Lindsay’s behalf…the REAL Robert Lindsay.

    I wasn’t saying I am Robert Lindsay you crazy broad.

  26. Steve

    “I could not move to warn all the younger soldiers
    That they had been deserted from above
    So on battlefields from here to Barcelona
    I’m listed with the enemies of love….

    ….so daily I renew my idle duty
    I touch her here and there — I know my place
    I kiss her open mouth and I praise her beauty
    And people call me traitor to my face”

  27. Steve

    I don’t know what you mean but I’m saying that when I posted the lyrics, it was supposed to be Robert singing them (he is the real RL), not me claiming to be the real Robert L or any RL at all.

    oh boy.

  28. Clinical psychopaths have physiological markers that can be seen in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex and in lower resting heart rate, for example. It has not been determined with certainty if these aberrations are present at birth or if they are due to childhood environment or trauma. It does seem plausible that the outcome for a “born psychopath” is closely tied to “external” influences. In other words; the characteristics of each individual, and his path in life, are the result of an interaction between nature and nurture.

    If that truly is the case, would it not be likely that it is the childhood setting that determines if a child born with psychopathy will become a high functioning ‘controlled’ psychopath or not? Perhaps it is the psychopaths from ‘good’ homes who become politicians, corporate executives, lawyers, and Wall Street operatives, while the psychopaths from ‘bad’ homes take the positions as petty con artists, rapists, murderers, and serial killers.

  29. Steve

    You don’t know me from the wind
    you never will, you never did
    I’m the little Jew
    who wrote the Bible
    I’ve seen the nations rise and fall
    I’ve heard their stories, heard them all
    but love’s the only engine of survival

  30. jnonymous81

    I live in the Washington, DC area. I was not born and raised here. I am ASTONISHED at the number of people, male and female, who display sociopathic behaviors here. It is unbelievable. It isn’t to say that everyone here is a heartless bastard, but genuinely nice folks in this area are a rare find. I wonder f there is a study out there about this, because I am definitely not the only DC transplant who has noticed.

  31. It’s said that the illegal criminals do more damage, but sometimes I wonder!

    RE: I often have felt that illegal criminals do LESS damage, Robert. Normally, even though they don’t want to get caught or may not care… Illegal Criminals are apt to dispose quickly of their victims; since they often do not like to face the impact of their atrocities- from an “aftermath” perspective. Legal criminals, fly just slightly below the radar of jail, imprisonment, or exposure. Additionally, since the narcissism/self-righteousness of the “legal criminal” (which is rather an oxymoron, don’t you think?) is through the roof (because they expect to continue getting away with wrongdoing) tormenting their victims or prolonging their torture is quite irresistible to them–all things considered.

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