Resistance Drone Penetrates Zionist Entity


Excellent news! A very strange drone, in this case an unmanned helicopter (WTH!?) first appeared over the Mediterranean Sea off the Gaza Strip and then moved inland over southern Israel, photographing the Dimona nuclear plant and various US (US?!) and Israeli (oh Hell, let’s just call the bases “USraeli”) bases in the region. The drone may well have recorded electronic signatures from all of the US and Israeli bases in the region.

It flew over the Negev, the town of Beersheva and the Israeli Air Force base at Nevatim. In addition, its targets were probably the air defense systems of the Dimona reactor and the US X-band radar base in the Negev which links back to the US X-band radar system in Turkey. Those are the forward eyes of “USraeli” defense system against a ballistic missile attack from Iran.

The Israelis decided at first to down the UAV electronically, thereby bringing it down intact so they could study it. However, the UAV counterattacked and would not allow itself to be brought down by electronic means. Hence a cyberbattle took place for 30 minutes over southern Israel. When the drone neared the West Bank, it was shot down over the Yatir Forest near Mt. Hebron.

An Israeli military spokesman said that the drone came from Hezbollah! If that is true, it must have come from Hezbollah via Iran. Whatever intelligence it gathered over southern Israel was likely relayed to its Iranian control station, which surely exists, but no one knows where it is. Further, no one knows where the UAV originated from. The entire mission was a surprise and caught “USraeli” intelligence completely unawares. That is quite a coup right there.

Those responsible for the drone appear to be Hezbollah (possibly launching it), Iran (manufacture and receipt of signals, plus control of the drone while over Israel) and probably Hamas (they were probably in on this somehow.


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33 responses to “Resistance Drone Penetrates Zionist Entity

  1. sexual distorsion? israel won t solve your issue dude.

  2. Dota


    I’d like this incident to be true because it would mean that Iran might have a chance of defending itself from US/Israeli imperialism. But I can’t help but wonder if the incident was staged to serve as a Casus belli. Such a strategem is essential when justifying war against a significantly weaker foe. I find it hard to believe that such negligence on the part of the IDF is even possible. I also doubt that Iran has the technological capability of reverse engineering that US drone they shot down last year. I haven’t followed up on the incident so I’m unaware of any new developments but I remain skeptical.

    • Maurice Cloud

      Cheers Dota! Important to remember that the Iranians are hardly in it alone. They receive technical support/training from several nations, much of it clandestine, but assistance nonetheless. I’m with you though that this may very well have been a staged event by Israel for distribution by the American corporate media. The only public opinion Israel cares even marginally for is ours. They’ve already made the determination to attack Iran, sod what the rest of the world thinks . . . Cheers!

      • Dota

        The only public opinion Israel cares even marginally for is ours.

        True, but Israeli public opinion matters as well. Israel is an immensely paranoid state as it an imperial outpost that chooses to live in a permanent state of war. Stuff like this also serves to push that paranoia to new heights so as to buttress a case for war.

    • Steve

      “I also doubt that Iran has the technological capability of reverse engineering that US drone they shot down last year”

      Any chance of Russian or Chinese help? If I was an Iranian leader, I would have said ‘hey China, you can reverse engineer this drone as long as you tell us what you find out’.

      ‘Hey Iran, sounds like a good deal’.

      • Steve

        Or did the Chinese already know how?

        • Dota

          It’s possible, but I doubt Iran would be foolish enough to make such a provocative move even if they got help. It’s all conjecture at this stage but I think this was staged given the timing. First the Muhammad movie which got a US diplomat killed, now this. Sounds like we’re being setup for war. Sort of like that stupid 300 movie which was released just when US sabre rattling against Iran was at its all time high. Fortunately Israel’s defeat at the hands of Hezb delayed war. In the other thread that clown of a commenter Jameson mentioned getting closer to Israel to steer away the ‘Muslims.’ This stuff really works. If Iran did however launch this drone (via Hezb) then it was truly a foolish move imo.

        • Gay State Girl

          Oh hi Steve!

        • Steve

          Yeah I am inclined to agree. Ahmerdinnerjacket’s toned down speech at the UN, which seemed to purposely lack inflammatory soundbites that could be taken out of context, doesn’t match such a provocative move.

          Netanyahu seems to be timing his threats to fit in with Obama’s schedule. Get the election out of the way and then its time to do something about Iran. The Iran talk started hotting up just after America withdrew from Iraq too.

        • Steve

          Hi. Are we saying hi now?

        • Dota

          I wasn’t aware of his speech so thanks for bringing that up, its an interesting point.

        • jameson7

          Dota- you know nothing the US puts out for journalism is nearly as persuasive as what the middle east and the terror groups put out themselves. I like to take them at their word when they make claims to destroying America and Israel.

        • Dota

          Of course you’ll take them at their word since you aren’t particularly bright and hence context doesn’t figure anywhere in your reasoning.

        • jameson7

          I didn’t know “death to america” and “israel will be destroyed” were so open to interpretation and context.

          If you presume to be highly intelligent yourself you can help me crack what their hidden meanings might possibly be. If only one could understand the full context of someone burning an American flag, so mysterious in it’s meaning. It’s not like a universal language of hatred or anything like that, couldn’t possibly be right?

        • Gay State Girl

          I don’t take such statements at face value, as they’re usually in the context of military activities. It’s different if they refer to specific targets, like calling for the assassination of politicians.

        • jameson7

          ” they’re usually in the context of military activities.”
          This I have to say is an incorrect statement, this kind of behavior is very constant. These people are raised on Jew hate.

          Can you tell me honestly you think the area doesn’t want to destroy Israel and actually believe it yourself?

        • Dota

          In the context of the Middle East its the dictators that the US supported and their support for Israel’s continuous land theft and ethnic cleansing. Mubarak was one. The Saudi regime has been supported by Washington for as long as anyone can remember and this regime ruthlessly crushes pro democracy movements. The Jew media will then equate Saudi backwardness with Islam (although Islam is certainly problematic in other ways). It’s really not that hard to follow the context of their anger. GSG is right (for once), you aren’t supposed to take many of these comments at face value; and if you cannot grasp this elementary axiom then you should stop discussing politics and go back to baiting me in that other thread.

        • Gay State Girl

          I don’t like their attitude, but there is nothing I can do to change their mind. We can’t fight fire with fire.

          Dota reminds of a yenta (cantakerous Jewish old maid.)

        • jameson7

          I get that. But the obvious reason for this is because they didn’t want these countries to become as unstable as Egypt and Syria have become now.

          They feared Islamism and arab nationalism spreading and they put brutal dictators in place to keep order. In other words we don’t want a new Islamic empire to start up in the region. We need things stable to control the oil supply and defend Israel.

          But you can’t say we are the only ones who thought brutal dictators were necessary. Look at how many dictators the soviet union instilled and supported. Look at how they support Syrian regime right now!

        • Gay State Girl

          We have to end aid and moral support for Israel ASAP. That would improve the US image in a way that nothing else ever could. Russia and China have already started taking advantage of the situation.

        • jameson7

          Israel might as well learn how to swim in that case. Man the lifeboats!

        • Gay State Girl

          I’m still trying to figure out how we wreak havoc in the middle of the ocean. Ice Berg, Jewberg what’s the difference?

        • Dota


          Islamist regimes have always been Washington’s most reliable assets. Why does your government have all the GCC Arab sheikhs in its pocket? Why does the US put up with Pakistan? Pakistan’s Islamism has torn the country apart and now its fractured civil society risks implosion. This would result in the formation of additional weaker states that are easy to maintain. Imperialism 101 –> destabilization is good. With regards to Pakistan, I’m actually happy that country is going to collapse, but I digress. It’s the leftist/secular/socialist regimes that Washington fears as that would eventually lead domestically popular regimes capable of exercising sovereignty and controlling their own resources. Asad’s regime in Syria is one such secular regime. So was Saddam (altho he was a turd). So was Nasser and Israel took him out 67. The current conflict in Syria is basically western imperialism at its best, removing an unwanted regime by financing terrorists and then calling them rebels in the Jew media. Whereas the people who resist these terrorists are themselves branded as such. Jew media 101 –> invert the dumb goyim’s reality. These rebel clowns in Syria are no different from the Guatemalan terrorists led by General Castillo against Arbenz’s regime in 1954. Seriously this is some pretty old shit and I shouldn’t have to explain all of this to you.

        • Gay State Girl

          I heard that Israelis are not too excited about the rebels.

        • Dota

          Israel is probably ‘afraid’ those rebels might usher in an Islamist regime in Syria. But this is precisely what both Israel and the US want. Islamists have always resisted progress and socialism and so it is advantageous to have these jokers in power. Golda Meir had figured this out a long time ago. Islamists are some of biggest tools on the planet and this is why I detest Wahabis and I flame them in real life as I do online. I guess this is why my roommates Pakistani friends avoid me like the plague and refuse to invite me to their social gatherings, but I digress again.

        • jameson7

          “Why does your government have all the GCC Arab sheikhs in its pocket?”
          How exactly are arab shieks Islamic? Do they not crush Islamic uprisings? Is Al-Queda not directly opposed to Saudi Arabia’s government? Do they not send Al Queda to rehab in Saudi Arabia to ‘rehabilitate’ them into moderate muslims?

          Obviously you don’t listen to Conservative news. People are aware the rebels are more Islamist than the dictators they are replacing. The left just thinks spreading democracy will work out regardless simply due because democracies historically don’t go to war against one another.

          I’m glad you have shown your hand to really be in favor of the chain of dictatorships. Aren’t they having widespread anti-Putin protests? Hmmm must be the US and Israel again right? Not like they could make informed decisions for themselves in wanting to dictate a regime change or democratic leadership.

        • Dota

          Al Q was a threat to US interests. The Saudi regime is just as Islamist but doesn’t threaten US interests.

          I’m glad you have shown your hand to really be in favor of the chain of dictatorships.

          Lolwut? I support secular socialist regimes that have the vote of the public. Christian Arabs actually like Asad and Saddam as they kept the Islamists at bay and their secularism kept them safe. I’ve personally known Arab Christians tell me that Syria didn’t even declare the Muslim Eid occasion a public holiday; whether this is true or not I cannot say.

          Obviously you don’t listen to Conservative news.

          I’d rather pour castor oil in my ear.

  3. Gay State Girl

    People say all kinds of things when they’re angry.

    • jameson7

      GSG- They certainly seem to be angry with a great consistency. Basically all the time, during their political campaigns especially.
      You know how to slander your political opponent in Iran? Call him a Jew. This actually happened with Mr Ahmadinejad, and rumors are that he has Jewish blood continue to defame his reputation.

      You are being a knee jerk liberal in defending them. These people certainly aren’t going to take your side of an argument, less they be killed and tortured by the police.

      • Gay State Girl

        Ahmadinejad has Armenian Christian ancestry. It was Muammar Ghaddafi who was halachically jewish.

        “You are being a knee jerk liberal in defending them. These people certainly aren’t going to take your side of an argument, less they be killed and tortured by the police.”

        What would you have done with them? Killing, imprisoning, or torturing them will only be creating more enemies in their family and friends. Would you imprison looney leftists for flag burning as well?

        • jameson7

          Exactly, Ahmadinejad isn’t Jewish but it is still the highest form of defamation to slander him as such politically.

          No I was saying in Iran, the idea of defending Israel can get you killed. The idea of being critical of the government can get you tortured.

          I was saying that’s exactly why you don’t want to support or defend Iran.

          I obviously wouldn’t ever want to see the United States to do such a thing. I like the first amendment thank you very much. I like civil liberties.

    • jameson7

      Oh and Mien Kampf is one of the highest selling books in Iran. Come back to reality GSG.

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