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Dream Syndicate, “Halloween”

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. By Dream Syndicate, and LA alternative/punk rock band, from 1982. Karl Precoda on guitar and Steve Wynn on vocals. They were around from 1981-1989. Originally on the great Slash Records, founded by Bob Biggs in 1978.

Great LA punk from the early 1980’s!

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Bigfoot News Halloween 2012

Was Melba Ketchum raped by a Bigfoot!? Yes, I realize that this is an incredible story, and it seems to strange to be believed. However, I have been told that Ketchum recently told at least 4 different people this story.

Here is what happened, according to her: Ketchum is leasing property somewhere in Texas, possibly in East Texas, where there is a Bigfoot habituation site. It is here that she says she has seen the Bigfoots and discovered that they braided the manes on her horses, among other odd things.

One day Melba went out to a part of her pasture “where the Bigfoots like to hang out.” This is an odd part of the pasture. She says that as soon as you open the gate to this part of the property, “you are likely to get zapped.” By this she apparently means hit by Bigfoot infrasound. Frightening! She apparently went out there to attend to her horses in some manner.

At some point while she was attending to her horses, she seems to have lost conscientiousness. Then she had some sort of a “lost time” event. Say she was with the horses at 7 PM. Next thing she knew, she woke up and it was say 9 PM. When she awoke, she became aware somehow (not sure how) that she had been unconscious for quite some time. Spooky!

She was lying on the ground in her pasture, possibly clad in a dress. At that time, she became aware that she was “sore” in her vaginal area. There was no reason for her to feel that way. She concluded that a Bigfoots may have somehow zapped her, rendered her unconscious somehow, and possibly raped her. Shivers!

The odd part of the story is that she was fully clothed, possibly in a dress. The problem is that if she was fully clothed, including underwear, rape is not really possible. The Bigfoot would have had to have removed her underwear and then put it back on, or else push the panties aside. I don’t think they do things like that. However, if she was panty-less, she could well have been raped. Spooky!

A female friend has told me that there are other signs that a woman has been raped. For instance, if ejaculation has occurred in the vagina, a woman is generally aware of this fact. I do not know if Ketchum had any other signs of being raped such as that.

I also do not know if Ketchum reported the incident to authorities or had a rape test done. I don’t know what good a rape test or reporting it to the authorities would do anyway, as no crime was committed, and at the moment, we have no way to determine Bigfoot semen from human semen.

The person who told me this story reported it as evidence that Ketchum has gone completely off the deep end. They have a low opinion of her anyway.

I would like to take a more charitable approach. I believe that Ketchum may well have some Bigfoots habituating on this property of hers. She may well have been interacting with them there in various ways for some time now. At this point, Ketchum is, for better or for worse, a habituator.

Habituators often report having a lot of very weird experiences while they are in close contact with the Bigfoots on their land. It appears that Ketchum may have already experienced some of this strange stuff, such as ultrasound.

It’s possible that Ketchum had a very strange experience out there in the pasture that day or night. Some odd things happened to her that she is trying to make sense of in whatever way she can. She is trying to piece together a plausible story to account for the bizarre things she is experiencing. This is her groping attempt at an explanation.

Although my source told me that they heard Melba tell them this story and that she also told at least three others, Melba’s friends are disputing the story.

Linda Sedlak, a good friend of Melba’s, released this statement to me about the rumored incident:

I have recently been made aware of a story going around regarding Melba Ketchum, and an encounter with a Sasquatch. This story is totally false with absolutely no basis in reality. Please do not continue to spread these hateful, hurtful, and horrible rumors.

In addition, a source close to Ketchum asked Melba about the rumors and Ketchum said that none of it is true, and that she never told anyone anything like this.

In closing, I would like to extend my utmost sympathy to Ketchum if she was indeed violated by a Bigfoot. If it occurred, I doubt if this is an experience she wanted to have. It could well be a very traumatizing experience for a woman. Rape’s no joking matter, and all female victims deserve our most profound sympathy.

So there you have it folks. You can believe whatever you want to believe here. No one knows what really happened, and we may never know.

I do believe that Bigfoots rape women sometimes. I have heard that nowadays these are the nasty-tempered or ill-behaved Bigfoots. In the Janice Carter story, which I believe to be a largely factual account, Carter reports that an evil minded young Bigfoot raped a 13 or 14 year old girl in the woods near the Carter farm. The girl was so upset that she spent the rest of her life in a mental hospital. Creepy!

According to Indians, Bigfoots can and do mate with female humans. In the Albert Ostman story, Ostman told John Green that he thought the older male Bigfoot had kidnapped him to try to get him to mate with his nubile teenage hottie Bigfoot daughter. Indian reports say that Bigfoots used to steal Indian women and take them back to caves where they had sex with the women. Scary stuff!

In some cases, the women would return a year or so later, pregnant. In a number of cases, half-Bigfoot, half-human babies were born out of these unions. Ostman says that male Bigfoots have a surprisingly small penis for their size, so sex with a human female should be easy to accomplish on the female human end. Lugubrious!

Whatever the truth of the story about Ketchum, it is surely one of the oddest stories that has come out of Bigfootery in a while. And it’s a pretty scary story for Halloween to boot!

Delays in Ketchum Bigfoot DNA paper explained. A source close to the Ketchum project informed me that there is indeed a paper, that it is apparently at a journal, and that it has gone through repeated rewrites. The source, a young man with a PhD, told me, They want to make sure that everything is perfect, I mean 100% perfect.”

This is due to the strange and wild nature of the subject. The journal wants to make sure that all the science is good so they will not be humiliated as the subject matter is so odd and controversial. The journal is doing this to ensure their own reputation.

The paper has already gone through four major rewrites and many smaller rewrites. After every major rewrite, the paper is delayed by 6-8 weeks. So you can see that the paper has already been delayed by 6-8 months by major rewrites. The source said there is a delay after a rewrite because “then the paper goes back to the end of the line for publication again.”

I reported recently that the best information about the paper is that it passed peer review and they are trying to get photo and video evidence available to add weight to the paper. That seems to be the best theory to date.

On the subject of the Ketchum paper, I would suggest that you read “Science Critic” in the thread about the Ketchum Report. He’s one of the best posters on there, and I think his theories about this paper are correct.

Yeti hair reportedly tests positive for a new hominid. Yeti hair gathered by my friend Igor Bourtsev in a cave in Kemerovo, Russia has reportedly tested as a new hominid via separate genetic testing in Moscow and Idaho. I am wondering if the Idaho testing involved Jeff Meldrum?

The tests indicate that the Yeti is about 99% similar to a human and closer to a human than to a chimp. As Denisova also shares ~99% of its DNA with humans, that sounds about right for Bigfoots. I believe that the results of the Ketchum study may find something along similar lines of 99-99.5% similarity with humans.

Sykes study ready to roll. Dr. Brian Sykes of Oxford, who is running a parallel DNA study to Ketchum’s, has now gathered 20 purported Bigfoot samples that he feels have good chain of custody. He is ready to start testing them soon. I believe that Sykes was told ahead of time of the results of Ketchum’s study and that is what led him to do his study. He probably would not have undertaken this study blindly unless he thought it might be fruitful.

Ketchum study worried about being upstaged by Sykes study. A source in the Ketchum camp, an older academic at a university, told me that there are people on Ketchum’s team who are worried about the endless frustrating delays in publication of her paper.

People are grasping at straws to come up with any story they possibly can to try to explain the delays. One theory, albeit a rather paranoid one, is that Sykes team at Oxford may be using their academic pull to delay Ketchum’s paper so Sykes can upstage her. However, there is no evidence as yet whether this is actually occurring or not.

Foolish nonsense of MABRC and whether or not they had a Bigfoot body. I reported that Ed Smith (kook) posted in the MABRC forum, “Good luck with your post-capture goals.” Whoa! That’s an odd statement. I then asked whether that meant that MABRC or Ed’s group had a body? Perfectly legitimate thing to ask. Never once did I say they had a body. I simply asked for clarification of a very oddly worded statement.

DW Lee (kook) then turned the whole affair into an idiotic attention-getting circus to drum up publicity for his Bigfoot group, which is widely loathed by the way. Idiotically, DW said, “We neither confirm nor deny that we have a body. We do say that Ed Smith is our friend.” Way to go clown! That clears up absolutely nothing for us!

DW then started a ridiculous thread on BF Forums being coy, evasive and generally whoring his group. Then he made a similar, totally ridiculous appearance on MBRT Radio which was one of the biggest wastes of 90 minutes I have experienced. At two points a long ways into the pointless interview, DW stated that he had no body. Finally towards the end, Ed came on nearly the 90 minute mark and said he had no body either.

The behavior of Smith and DW in this matter was deplorable, and both of them, but especially DW, behaved histrionically in the best male drama queen fashion. Yuck!

It later turned out that the whole publicity affair, the DW post on BF Forums and the interview, was a big charade in order to attack the “yellow journalism” (LOL) of yours truly. Whatever.

As it turns out, “post-capture goals” refers to several “live Bigfoot traps” that Ed Smith and his group have set up over a large area of property in Oklahoma. Chilling! How they expect to capture a live Bigfoot in one of these is beyond me. Smith and Lee are complete kooks, but perhaps their research efforts will be rewarded someday. In this field, the biggest kooks of all sometimes acquire some very good evidence, which is a pretty pitiful statement right there! Actually, it’s downright frightening!

Sykes study looking at a European (possibly Irish) resident as possible Bigfoot descendant. Apparently this person’s back story checks out very well as a possible part-Bigfoot descendant. Scary! For whatever reason, the person does not want to come forth and give their DNA to the study, but the Sykes people are still working on them.

This line of research may have been enabled by Rhettman Mullis, one of our finest Bigfoot researchers, who has done some superb work along these lines in the US. I understand that Mullis has been researching a possible part Bigfoot descendant in the Pacific Northwest, an Indian man who died around 1930. Frightening! The man had children, and Mullis is trying to track down his children. He is also trying to find the man’s grave so it can possibly be exhumed. Scary!

Ketchum closing her DNA testing lab. This has been the subject of much rumor and speculation from the Ketchum haters. It appears she is merely selling her veterinary DNA testing business and is moving to another city where she will focus solely on DNA forensic, academic and research projects. She is said to owe back taxes, and there has been much speculation about her financial affairs, mostly centering on the rumor that she may be broke.

I doubt if she is broke. A couple of years ago, it is true that she did not have much business and had a hard time even paying her mortgage. However, the Bigfoot study has been a huge cash cow for her, so much so that concerned friends of Wally Hersom worried that Ketchum and those around her were using Hersom as a personal ATM machine. Hersom has been singlehandedly funding the entire DNA project, and he has filled Ketchum’s coffers well.

Whereas before she did not travel outside the US much to my knowledge, she is now a woman who regularly travels overseas, especially to Europe. I would guess that she is doing very well financially and is probably at least upper middle class. She owes back taxes? I would guess that she is making good money but is spending more than she is making as many well-off folks do.

That will be all for now folks and Happy Halloween!



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All Hallow’s Eve with the Bard

On this Halloween, I leave you with this little tidbit from William Shakespeare, greatest of the literary greats, not yet equaled and possibly never to be:

Tis now the very witching time of night, when churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out contagion to this world. – William Shakespeare

Nice quote, n’est-ce pas?

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Romney Thinks Global Climate Change Is a Great Big Joke

Good Lord, what a smug fucktard this guy is. Look at all those White Republican Brooks Brothers men laughing uproariously about climate change. Yeah! Hurricane Sandy is real hilarious, isn’t it?

I think this monster is going to lose in 6 days. It will be very nice to see his face when he is forced to admit that he’s going down to defeat. I’d like to see him lose than for no other reason than to wipe that permanent smirk off this rich punk’s face.

Mitt Romney is a punk! A smirking little punk rich boy…


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Is This Man Gay? Advice to a Gay Man

Willbethere writes:

Hey Robert, I am a gay dude and today I met up with the most beautiful masculine guy based on a common interest. We were with a group full of people yet he showed me a lot of attention. His masculinity makes me assume that he is straight. He also brought up a comment about the eye colour of women in a certain country and how pretty they are.

I am not sure if his said this because he thought I was straight… What do you think? I get a confused vibe from him, I feel half that he is interested, half that he is just interested in being a pal… he comes from a conservative country too…. He is very straight acting. Is there even the slight chance that he could be gay? Should I wait and see over the next few times that we hang out? What should I look for?

First of all, I would like to welcome you to the site, my gay friend. One my philosophies in life is to maximize everyone’s chances of getting laid. I have a hard time relating to your situation, so let’s pretend you are straight and this guy is a woman. Then I can understand it better.

In this situation, we want to help you get laid! On the other hand, I really don’t want you bothering, hassling, disturbing or upsetting a straight man.

I really don’t think he is gay, but he could very well by bisexual! Very masculine acting gay men are quite rare in my opinion, as rare as four leaf clovers. The comment about women and their eyes sounds very heterosexual. I can’t imagine a gay man saying that, ever, and gay men don’t try to fake being straight around other guys by faking interest in women. It simply doesn’t happen.

This guy’s into women. But is he into guys too?

There is more evidence that points away from a strong interest in guys on his part. Even straight acting gay men, when they are around a guy they like, will let down the straight acting game and start acting faggy, gay, effeminate, etc. So if this guy was gay and he was interested in you, he would have modified his behavior around you to be more effeminate as a sign that he’s interested in sex.

I have noticed this many times. Many gay and bi men don’t act all that gay, but quite a few times, when they got around me, they would go into a much gayer mode and act real flirty with me. I have also known some straight guys who were just desperate or whatever. In some cases, they modified their behavior and got a lot “faggier” with me. Around the same time, there would be some sort of a sexual come-on.

How does a straight man show interest in a female? He acts more masculine.

How does a straight woman show sexual interest in a male? She acts more feminine.

I conclude that when a man wants to have sex with another man, he acts like a woman towards him. That is, he modifies his behavior to act a lot more feminine as a way of showing his interest on homosexual sex. This has simply been my observation in life, and I’m not sure how valid it is, but I suppose it makes sense.

Taking the analogy further, if a woman wants to have sex with another woman, she may act masculine around her? Is that how lesbian sex works? The lez or bi woman acts masculine as a sexual cue for sex with another woman?

I honestly think that the best thing you should do here is to be completely up front with this guy. I have had to deal with gay and bi guys after me most of my life, and so much heartache could have been avoided if they just came right out and told me what they wanted. Instead, they played all sorts of bizarre, coy and sly games that mostly just scared the crap out of me.

If I were you, I would ask the guy what his sexual orientation is. Ask very nicely. “Can I ask you a question? Um, what’s your sexual orientation? Do you like guys, girls, or both?” I’ve had a number of people ask me this dumbfoundedly as a lot of people can’t make sense of me sexually because I am so confusing.

Hopefully he will answer. Then tell him that you’re gay in the most matter of fact way, like you were talking about the weather.

I would also tell him that you think he is very masculine and extremely straight acting, so you really thought he was straight. This will set his mind at ease. One thing that drives straight guys nuts when gays come onto them is the straight guy asks himself, “Whoa! Why did this queer come onto me?! Horrible! Does he think I’m gay or what?”

For a straight guy, the notion that queers think he might be gay due to the way he acts is often very upsetting and anxiety inducing. This is because a lot of straight guys have a lot invested in masculinity, and calling them a fag is one of the most dangerous insults of all.

He will be happy that you think he is extremely masculine and acts very straight.

After you tell him how straight he seems, say, “But I was just checking because you’re so unbelievably hot. I bet you have to fight off platoons of women.”

If straight men feel that gays think they are straight but are hot for them anyway, most don’t mind. It’s very flattering to be found attractive by either sex!

At this point, he will either tell you he’s straight or that he’s gay or bi. I really feel he is either straight, bi-curious or bi, or maybe he’s just a straight guy who fools around.

If he’s straight, just smile and say, “Ok, that’s nice.” Then leave him the Hell alone and don’t bother him anymore. Huge numbers of queers simply refuse to take no for an answer and never stop hitting on you until the end of time. It’s happened to me, and it’s happened to a number of my friends too. It’s extremely annoying and frankly it’s creepy and rude.

Now you will have to decide if you want to continue to be friends with a straight guy. Maybe you do! I have no idea. But if you do, please don’t bother him that way even one more time.

On the other hand, if he is open to homosexual sex as a bi or bi-curious guy (a possibility), now you’re a long ways towards hitting a home run my friend!

I can’t give you any more advice on how to seduce a guy because I don’t know the slightest thing about it.

If you go about it judiciously in this way, I don’t think there will be any problems for you. He won’t get mad, and there’s little potential for violence, explosions, vengeance and other weirdness.

Happy sex life!


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Romney Is Losing the Election

Aakash writes:

Bummer for you. Mittens is going to win this election. You heard it here first. I’ve figured out Americans. Americans are all about “good times” and who can provide it to them by any means possible. Barry O. was different in the sense that he also focused on the unfortunates undergoing a “bad time”.

The good times yearning crowd did not like it. Everybody wants to be a king: not in Huey Long’s style but Mitt Romney style. The difference being just the odds. Under Mittens’ style, you’ve got a 1:1000000 chance of being a king as opposed to getting what you need (as opposed to want) and living a content life.

Here is what I will say: anybody who’s not worth a couple of hundred grand and is voting far right is a gambler. That makes it more than half the households according to this.

They are gambling not only their future sustenance and needs but those of others in their position too. All for that shot to get rich. Become a king. A millionaire. With odds of no more than one in a million. Its like a lottery. Everybody is all excited. Me too.

Hell I’ll make some money in the Coal market for Romney and hedge it with Solar/Gold if Obama can pull it off.

Aakash is just wrong. As of today, Romney is losing. He’s losing even the popular vote by about 3%. And Obama is winning all all swing states except Florida, Virginia and North Carolina by a comfortable margin. Virginia is tied, and in Florida and North Carolina, Obama is down by only 1-2%. Those are based on internal polls by both parties that I am privy to.

Based on internal polling from both parties that I have access to, 6 days before the election, it looks like this in the swing states:

North Carolina  Romney +1-2
Florida Romney  +1-2
Virginia        Tie
Colorado        Obama comfortable lead
Wisconsin       Obama comfortable lead
Michigan        Obama comfortable lead
Nevada          Obama comfortable lead
New Hampshire   Obama comfortable lead
Ohio            Obama comfortable lead
Pennsylvania    Obama comfortable lead

The election is 6 days away, and that’s how the swing states look. Obama has a comfortable lead in the Electoral College, and based on the polling above, he would clearly win the Electoral Vote today.

The popular vote is more difficult, but based on the best projections and internal polling, I estimate that Obama would win the popular vote by ~3% if the election were held today.

So far in early voting, I believe that Obama has a lead of ~17% (check that for me).

Now, could Romney make up that 3% in the next 6 days to win the election? It’s possible, but I don’t think it is going to happen.

Could Romney close that swing state gap to win the Electoral College? That seems even more dubious.

There are some wildcards such as turnout, Hurricane Sandy, sick Republican vote suppression efforts and worst of all, another possible hacking and theft of the election such as occurred in 2000, 2004 and 2006.

In 2000, Gore won both the popular vote and the Electoral vote when he won Florida, but the election was handed to Bush by one of the most corrupt reactionary courts in history. The Republican whore Sandra Day O’Connor as much as admitted to friends that she was going to throw the election to Bush via her decision. Why? Ideology. It was mandatory to get a hard right Republican President in office.

In 2004, the Republicans stole the election for Bush by hacking the voting machines. This was done under Karl the Criminal Rove.

In 2006, there was a minor theft of some elections once again by hacking e-voting machines.

Romney’s son Tagg Romney is apparently a criminal just like Mitt Romney. Tagg owns a company that owns every e-voting machine in Ohio. The machines are some of the most insecure machines ever investigated. There are a lot of worries that Tagg will try to hack the machines to steal Ohio for Daddy.

It’s possible but very unlikely that Romney would win the popular vote fair and square while Obama wins the Electoral vote. Instead of going quietly into the night and admitting they lost, corrupt Republicans would fight like wildcats.

This would precipitate a huge crisis, and the Republicans would scream and yell and carry on like the criminals they are. There would probably be “Brooks Brothers riots” such as we saw in Florida in 2000.There would be a big push to get electors to vote “conscience votes” instead of voting how they are supposed to. The outcome is far from clear.


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“Europe’s Crisis Spawns Calls for a Breakup—of Spain,” by Matt Moffett

Very interesting article! I support this secessionist movement 100%! It’s clear that Catalans really are a nation in need of national liberation. I think that Spain could still do quite well if they let Catalonia go. The Catalans have never been happy living in Spain, and nationalist sentiment is very high. It’s a typical subject of animated dinner table conversations at the family table – that’s how normal and heated politics is in this part of the world.

Catalan is a separate language from Spanish, and Spanish speakers can’t exactly understand Catalan speakers. I know I have a hard time reading Catalan myself. Catalan looks and sounds sort of like a mixture between Spanish and French. It is close to the Occitan language of which Provencal is a part.

Language politics is a big deal here. Valencians, who only speak a dialect of Catalan and not a separate language, have formed a ridiculous movement that says Valencian is a separate language from Catalan. It’s as if the British decided that British English and American English are two separate languages. However, the use of Valencian as a tongue is declining.

Catalan is most spoken in the north around Barcelona. It’s in pretty bad shape in France. It’s also spoken in the Balearic Islands, where it’s not in particularly good shape either. There is a tiny community of Catalan speakers on Sardinia.

There are also many Spanish speakers in Catalonia who do not speak Catalan. Lately, Catalan nationalists have taken the reigns demanding the Catalan be the language of instruction in schools. They advocate having no schools where Spanish is the language of instruction. In addition, all building signs must be in Catalan also, not only in Spanish. But Catalan signs need not carry a Spanish translation.

So Spanish speakers feel that they are being discriminated against, and they are angry.

If Catalonia got its independence, the new government would probably make Catalan the official language.

As you can see, Catalans feel that they don’t get their money’s worth out of the taxes they pay. They pay more than their fair share of taxes and don’t get back much in return. To them it’s a ripoff. With the horrific crash of the Spanish capitalist economy (30% unemployment), a lot if Catalans simply want out.

However, the Spanish state is horrified by this since Catalonia is a powerful industrial engine for the state of Spain. In addition, Spanish Francoist fascists never really went away, and to some extent, this mindset continues on at the upper levels of Spanish politics. The Francoist elements are so insane and awful that they would probably try to prevent Catalan separatism by force.

To the north, independentists have won election the Basque Country too. I have long supported their movement, and I even support the armed ETA guerrillas. It would also be difficult to split off the Basque Country as it is also an economic engine.

There is a similar movement in Galicia in the far northwest near Portugal, but it’s far less popular.

There is another movement in Belgium which is discussed in the article whereby Dutch speaking Flanders wants to secede from French speaking Wallonia.

This article also shows how asinine HBD theory is. Catalans have a reputation for being hard working and more productive than most of the rest of Spain, who the Catalans see as a bunch of layabouts. Yet the people of Catalonia and those of the rest of Spain are identical genetically. The differences are merely cultural. A similar dynamic is at play in Belgium, where the industrious Flemish are the same genetically as the purported layabout Walloons.

According to HBD idiots, every time you have harder working people and layabouts in the same country, it’s always a racial thing. Usually the busy folks are the Whites or the often more Northern type (who tend to be more White) while the lackadaisical parasites are the (often more southern), “niggerized” or “Indianized” folks.

We see this most typically in Italy (White Padanian “Celts” versus Sicilian-niggers), but you see it in other places too. Even the fight in the EU now over the north (read Whiter folks) supporting the unproductive welfare cases in the South (read: niggerized Whites, mongrels, off-Whites or non-Whites) boils down to this kind of a sick racist dynamic.

There may even be something similar going on in India with the Indian bread basket of Punjabi “white folks” complaining about having to support the more Australoid “Indian niggers” in the south.

There are some progressive people on here who are enamored of some aspects of this HBD crap, and I really urge you to be careful with these ugly racist arguments.

Europe’s Crisis Spawns Calls for a Breakup—of Spain

By Matt Moffett

Many people in Catalonia, a province known as “the factory of Spain,” feel that the rest of the country has become an economic millstone. They’re pushing for an independent Catalonia. WSJ’s Matt Moffett reports from Barcelona.

BARCELONA, Spain—This vibrant northern region of Catalonia has long been known as the “factory of Spain” for generating wealth that helped sustain the entire nation. Now Catalonia, beaten down by years of recession, has become the battleground in what threatens to become an economic civil war.

Protesters in Catalonia last month marched for independence in Barcelona.

In protests large and small, hundreds of thousands of Catalans are embracing a stark proposition: Only by breaking ties with Spain and becoming an independent country can Catalonia free itself from economic malaise.

Catalans go to the polls Nov. 25 for a regional parliamentary election, and polls show pro-independence parties in front.

“Madrid has been draining us dry for too long,” says Josep Casadella, a corporate human-resources administrator. He became an Internet sensation not long ago after posting a video of himself refusing to pay the fare at a toll booth and complaining that Spain should build free roads for all the taxes it collects.

The region’s president, Artur Mas, has called the marriage between Catalonia and Spain’s capital one of “mutual fatigue.” He has pledged to place an independence referendum before voters.

Appalled at the separatist sentiment, a military veterans’ association said that politicians pushing for Catalonian independence should be tried for “high treason.” In recent days, pro-Spanish- unity protesters held a smaller demonstration of their own. Marchers held a sign reading: “Help, Europe. Nacionalists are crazy.”

Spain’s internal struggle echoes a larger debate convulsing the euro zone itself, as wealthier northern nations complain about supporting poorer southern ones. But now, as Europe enters its fifth year of crisis, the economic strains are deepening the fractures within some nations.

In Spain and Belgium, and to a degree Italy, local and national governments are battling over how to allocate scarce resources. Even within Germany, which is economically stronger and politically stable, richer areas are grumbling about the cost of subsidizing the poorer areas.

Catalonia’s president, Artur Mas, called the marriage between his region and the Spanish capital one of “mutual fatigue” in a speech, likening it to the way “northern and southern Europe have grown weary of one another.”

Cultural and linguistic variances within many EU countries only make matters worse. Catalonia itself is a prime example: Its own language is widely spoken and instilled in younger generations as the main language in most elementary schools.

Throughout the continent “there are some very long-standing strains and tensions of unequal regional economic development that are now being brought to the surface,” says Adrian Smith, editor of the journal European Urban and Regional Studies.

Catalonia’s turmoil represents a major threat to European leaders’ hope of containing Europe’s crisis by stabilizing Spain, which is home to the euro zone’s fourth-largest economy but is also vying with Greece for the highest unemployment rate in the euro zone, around 25%. Policy makers had hoped that EU aid would keep Spain afloat while investors digest losses in Greece, which is even more troubled.

Spain’s financial markets are quivering at the mere talk of secession of Catalonia, which produces almost 19% of Spain’s economic output and 21% of its taxes. Investors fear the revolt will undermine Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s plan to get a grip on spending, particularly in the 17 regional governments that have been a big source of Spain’s deficit.

If pro-independence parties triumph at the ballot box in next month’s regional election, Catalonia’s leader, Mr. Mas, will face pressure to make good on a vow to place an independence referendum before voters. National authorities say that would be illegal.

Mr. Mas studiously avoids the word “independence” to define his goal. Some analysts believe he would satisfied simply with a more favorable revenue-sharing deal. Meanwhile, impelled by swelling support for secession, he has become bolder, asserting publicly several times that “Catalans demand the instruments of State.”

“We are convinced that an independent Catalonia is perfectly viable economically, ” says Albert Carreras, Catalonia’s finance secretary. “Rather, we question whether Spain is viable if Catalonia were independent. ”

Further muddying the Spanish political picture, pro-independence groups in Basque Country—another region where separatist sentiment is strong—won control of parliament there in elections Oct. 21.

Outside of Spain, Belgium faces the biggest separatist strain. There, a vibrant separatist movement in the wealthier, Dutch-speaking Flanders wants to cut ties with poorer, French-speaking Wallonia. For the moment, a political impasse has been avoided by formation of a coalition government that excludes the separatist N-VA party, even though it won the most votes.

Still, local elections this month only heightened tensions. The N-VA’s leader, Bart de Wever, won the mayoral race in Antwerp, the country’s second-largest city, and used his acceptance speech to call for more independence. “Your government does not have the support of Flanders,” he told Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, who hails from Wallonia.

In Italy, as in Spain, the regional spats are partly rooted in pre-crisis deals that gave regional governments more spending authority, but without more responsibility to raise revenue, says Alberto Alesina, a Harvard University economist. “All that people are talking about are enormous scandals and wasting of money at the regional level,” says Mr. Alesina. In Italy, he says, the south is the bigger culprit but says the north is hardly blameless.

When the southern island of Sicily recently needed a €400 million transfer, or about $520 million, from the central government to continue paying its bills, Northern Italians grumbled about claims of payroll-padding there. They cited as an example the island’s 27,000-strong corps of forest rangers hired during the fire season. Sicily is roughly the size of Massachusetts.

In Spain, financial woes are putting the union on the rocks. In August, Catalonia said it would seek a €5 billion bailout from the national government to make debt payments. Catalan officials say they would have no need for budget-cutting or bailouts if the central government were distributing tax revenue fairly. Some 43 cents of every euro Catalonia pays in taxes doesn’t come home, according to data compiled by the Catalonia government.

Underlying the grievances is Catalans’ image of themselves as a hardworking, thrifty people, “the Germans or Lutherans of Spain,” says sociologist Enrique Gil Calvo, who was born in a neighboring northern region. Residents of Catalonia, about three-quarters of whom speak Catalan, are openly scornful of what they consider to be the indolence of southern Spaniards.

People from Madrid, for their part, poke fun at what they perceive to be Catalans’ workaholic, stingy nature. The discovery of copper wire, one joke goes, came about as a result of two Catalans engaging in a tug of war over a penny.

The debate is no laughing matter to Catalan independentistas, as the secession supporters are known. They view themselves as patriots “just like George Washington,” says Jaume Vallcorba, a businessman who heads a pro-independence group, Fundacio Catalunya Estat.

As an independent nation, Catalonia would have GDP per capita of €30,500, which would rank it seventh in the European Union, just behind Denmark and ahead of Germany, Mr. Vallcorba’s group says in its presentation. He adds that Catalonia’s exports to the rest of the world recently surpassed its sales to the rest of Spain.

Spain’s prime minister, Mr. Rajoy, termed the Catalan independence push “madness of colossal proportions” in a speech this month.

In a briefing, a senior official in Madrid said that Catalans conveniently overlook help they get from the national government, such as the billions of euros being used to bail out a locally run savings bank.

Even some Catalans think the independentistas “are painting a picture that is prettier than the reality would be,” says José María Gay de Liébana, an economist at the University of Barcelona who can trace his Catalan lineage to the Middle Ages. How, he asks, would Catalonia’s already indebted and deficit-ridden government shoulder the added economic burden of opening embassies all over the world, creating its own police and customs agencies, and possibly an army?

Mr. Gay de Liébana adds that Catalonia would have to assume a reasonable share of Spain’s national debt, perhaps as much as €200 billion. And he wonders whether the breakaway nation would ever be accepted into the EU, particularly in the face of certain opposition from Spain. “People would say we abandoned the ship when things got tough, instead of rowing together,” he says.

As Spain’s economy sinks further into recession, however, more people seem willing to take the plunge to independence. “There are many people who didn’t favor independence a couple of years ago, who now view it as our only hope,” says Laia Serrano, an economist who last year formed a nonprofit group, BarcelonActua, to help the growing number of recession victims.

On a recent Thursday night, she had set up a soup kitchen on a downtown Barcelona street where about 60 people lined up for meal boxes. One 78-year-old retiree said the situation reminded him of waiting for ration tickets in the hard years after the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s.

“Everyone says that independence will mean more jobs, so we have to support it,” said another man, who said he was 35 years old and unemployed for four years.

Clashes with central authority are a recurring theme in Catalan history. In the 18th-century War of Spanish Succession, Spain’s Bourbon king, Philip V, crushed Catalan forces who had cast their lot with his Austrian rival. Later, during the Civil War, Catalonia was a stronghold of resistance to another strongman, Gen. Francisco Franco, who would harshly suppress Catalan culture during his four-decade dictatorship.

Perhaps because Catalonia couldn’t count on much support from central authorities, an aggressive spirit of entrepreneurship flourished. “Catalonia was globalized before anyone knew what that meant,” says Salvador Cardús i Ros, a political writer. Even in the 19th century, he notes, a distinctively Catalan product, the tangy sausage butifarra, was marketed abroad and manufactured with machinery from Germany, meat from Northern Europe and spices from Asia.

Today Barcelona is home to international heavyweights such as Mango MNG Holding SL, the women’s fashion retailer, and Grupo Planeta, the dominant publisher in Spain and Latin America.

Catalonia is a big tax contributor to the central government. But officials in Barcelona complain the money isn’t redistributed fairly. The annual deficit between what Catalonia pays in taxes and what it gets back from Madrid represents about 8% of Catalonia’s total output, roughly €16 billion, Catalonian officials calculate.

Catalans complain that, as a consequence of underinvestment, their local roads and infrastructure is inferior to that in poorer parts of Spain. “We have to choose between using public roads that are dangerous, or toll roads that are expensive,” says Manel Xifra, president of Comexi, a packaging-machinery company with €100 million in revenue.

In Catalonia, toll roads make up almost three times the proportion of the regional highway system as they do in the region of Madrid—a smaller geographical area, but one that is roughly similar in GDP and population.

He also complains that national officials have dallied for years in making a logistically important investment to connect Barcelona’s port to its train line. And that Barcelona’s airport provides too few international flights, forcing transfers when he travels for business.

Some Catalan executives, though, are worried about the impact of the independentistas on business. Jose Manuel Lara, the chief of Grupo Planeta, recently told a radio interviewer that much of the company’s operations would need to be transferred out of Catalonia if it seceded, because it wouldn’t make sense for a Spanish language publisher to be based in a region where Catalan was the official language.

To cover its expenses, Catalonia’s government has ratcheted up the top marginal income-tax rate to 56%. That is the highest in Spain, and only a hair below Sweden, at 56.6%.

“You can’t tolerate a Swedish level of taxes and African level highways,” says Xavier Sala-i-Martín, a Catalan economist who teaches at Columbia University and who says he is “pro choice,” supporting the Catalans’ effort to determine their future democratically.

Catalonia’s frustrations surged to the forefront during a Sept. 11 independence rally that drew more than one million demonstrators. Rosa Maria Sastre, an 81-year-old retiree, was too infirm to join the independentistas, so her granddaughter marched carrying a poster-size photograph of Mrs. Sastre. “We’d been waiting a long time to send a message,” Mrs. Sastre says.

On both sides, ardor is rising. The mayor of the Catalan city of Vic recently draped the red-and-yellow striped Catalan banner on the balcony of the historic municipal hall there. A few nights later, vandals climbed up and burned the flag to cinders.

—Frances Robinson and David Román contributed to this article.

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Lives of Billionaire Capitalists

Look at how the lives and homes of these rich capitalists. Ridiculous! Disgusting. No one should have this much money. Past a certain income, we need to have 100% income tax and simply confiscate everything you make and distribute it to the people for their needs. I believe in a maximum income.

Bill Gates has as much money as the bottom 40% of the US population. That’s simply absurd!

If we confiscated a lot of the excess money from these fat cats, what could we do with it? How about giving shelter to every American? Wouldn’t that be neat?

One last thing in the video. Is Mark Cuban a douchebag or what!?


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Mitt Romney Gangnam Style

Good God, this is the most narcissistic clown I have ever seen run for President. I thought George Bush Jr. was one of the worst presidents ever. I didn’t think they could get any worse than Bush, but Romney’s actually worse than Bush. He’s worse than his father, and he’s even worse than Reagan.

As horrible as Pappy Bush, Bush Jr and Reagan were, you never got the feeling that they actually relished the misery of the poor and downtrodden. Romney is the “let them eat cake” candidate. I actually think that for fun Romney takes his limousine to the poor parts of towns and drives through them just so he can laugh his ass off at poor people.

The guy’s a monster. He’s Marie Antoinette in a power suit. He’s Hurricane Sandy in human form. God help us all.


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Why Am I Still on the Left? Where Else Is There to Go?

A friend of mine asked me:

Hey Robert Lindsay let me ask you a question why do you still associate with the left?

I’m a socialist, and I’m a man of the Left. I’m just not PC is all. A PC type came to my site the other day and started threatening me, saying I am not on the Left. He said his anarchist friends would kick my ass. He said I was a rightwing socialist.

Political Correctness of course is insane, but so is the social policy of the Republican Party. How does voting Democrat further Political Correctness? The Democratic Party is not the party of insane, misandrist gender feminists. It’s not the party of lunatic gay rights degenerate, depraved fanatics. It’s not the party of loony White-hating Blacks.

The Democratic Party is a very moderate Centrist organization. The only feminism they push is the most moderate equity feminism which all good folks should support. They also support equity gay rights, which is proper. And they only promote equity in terms of race relations, and they hardly even do that anymore. It’s not the party of Abagondista critical race theory Afrocentrist lunatics.

The truth is that all of these types – the man-hating gender feminist psychos, the wild-eyed gay propagandists screaming about breeders, the CRT fools, are products of the Hard Left and not the Democratic Party. You will find them on university campuses and at Occupy Protests and fortunately in few other places.

The Democratic Party itself is practically the left wing of the Republican Party anymore, and they only push the most moderate of social agendas. The conflation of Hard Left Identity Politics kooks with the mushy, center-right invertebrates of the corporate Democratic Party is a rightwing conceit. In realis, there’s no such marriage between these philosophies.

I am actually an active member of the Democratic Party for over 30 years now. I just got back from a showing of a movie for one of the local Party chapters.

I was even a member of Tom and Jane Fonda’s Left Democratic Party organization the Campaign for Economic Democracy. It was full of middle class White people, and there were no gays. There were a few silly feminists, but no lesbians. Mostly just frustrated feminists in need of a good hard fucking, and a lot of them got just that after a while, trust me. They were very normal people, and it was a great place to meet horny chicks!

As I said, the project of the US Democratic Party is not particularly PC, and it does not harm either males or Whites.

The Democratic Party is less of a reactionary party than the nightmarish disaster called the Republicans, who need to be stopped at all costs. I am an economic man; I vote on economics.

I could care less about left wing social issue bullshit. What’s more dangerous is stopping the Christian Taliban on the Right.

Today’s Democrats are very discouraging. They’re basically the Republicans of 30 years ago, while the Republicans are simply batshit insane raving ultraright fanatics. The old George McGovern type liberals are almost extinct in today’s corporate Democratic Party.

I might as well tell you that most liberals and Leftists, including prominent and semi-famous ones who I have befriended, want absolutely nothing to do with me. I make friends with them, then they read a bit of my stuff and stop talking to me or openly tell me to take a hike.

Even the pro-Palestinian “Solidarity” Gaza Groupies want nothing to do with me. The Jews are gatekeepers who think I’m an antisemite, and the rest of them are non-White worshipers who think I’m a racist.

I’m basically persona non grata on the Left. It’s really discouraging.


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