Are Blacks Closer to Apes Than Other Humans?

Justin writes:

Since Khosians lie at the root of modern humanity, are they more closely related to apes than the races that followed? I’m serious. Africans have features like flatter faces and noses, flared nostrils, big lips, etc which make them look more like more like Mighty Joe Young than Paddy the Irishman.

You can pick any black out of a crowd in America, strip ‘em of his clothes and place him in a jungle and he’d look right at home. Just give him a spear and wish him good luck.

Whether or not Khoisans are closer to apes than other races of humanity is not known.

Whether or not Blacks are closer to apes than other races of humanity is very controversial. There is a book out called Erectus Among Us by a virulent racist named Richard Fuerle that makes the case for this. His argument is that Blacks are actually a separate species, a vestigial Homo Erectus. As far as his Homo Erectus argument, the general agreement is that Blacks are Homo Sapiens sapiens, just like all the rest of us. Fuerle’s argument that Blacks are Homo Erectus is completely specious.

I am uncertain of the evidence he presents that Blacks are more ape-like (he does present a lot of evidence for this case), as the studies he references are mostly very old, from the early racist era of US history. It’s not an issue that is likely to be looked into soon in this era of political correctness.

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690 responses to “Are Blacks Closer to Apes Than Other Humans?

  1. All I know is I was at the zoo one day and this irritated-looking gorilla who was sitting there with his chin in his palm, just looking depressed and pissed-off, was an absolute dead-ringer for Miles Davis. I’m not trying to be funny or racist.

    • brengunn

      Did he look Kind of Blue!

    • Richard hall

      i understand and appreciate that your not trying to be offensive, but any negro can tell the difference between Miles Davis and a gorilla. i will admit that there are visual similarities.

      • I do not think Miles looks like a gorilla at all. In one photo of him though, he did look like one of those ape men in Planet of the Apes! But those are not based on any existing apes. Those were fantasy creatures meant to represent some ape-human entities that do not exist in the real world. They were fantasy creatures who actually looked quite human.

        • kenneth

          I actually hadnt tthought about t that.

        • Andres Andrade

          That was because of the speedball he loved to donate his thighs with. Like Sherlock Homes, by the way.

        • Czar

          Racist prick why do you hate blacks so much you he to compre them with apes idiot???

        • Didn’t I ban you already nigga?

        • In one of your comments, you used a cruel word to describe Africans as under evolved and aggressive. I find that the use of such a word only proves that some people have not accepted that Africans evolved as the same rate as Homo sapiens of European descent. Please note that racist people are actually said to have low intelligence, as they cannot accept nor understand information that is contrary to their own incorrect beliefs. On another note, you arguments defending Africans are well-written and persuasive. I myself am 13 years of age and African. I am certain you would agree that I am highly evolved.

        • Thank you Ganymede. I cannot find the offensive comment that you refer to.

        • david white

          Just for you white people. The Neanderthal gene only found in white people not Chinese or Indian or native American, makes the world now understand that you are descendants of apes and monkeys as it has been proven that the neanderthal male/ female originated from apes. So far they cannot tell where black people come from, for there hair is like no other jungle creature “STRAIGHT”. The black pharaohs of Egypt have been told to the world they are white but with the help of science, it has been proven beyond a doubt that these people were black, using the hair follicles which defines black people because of its cross section they mapped out different races hair thickness ect, surprisingly enough to all the white people the hair only matched up with black ancient African, so they repeated this test many times hoping to get another answer but it came out the same. The bible refers to a people who was made by a “creator” (some one who white people are dieng to find out who or what he/her/it is) whose hair was like wool. The only people on this planet who’s hair is close to wool is black people. Needless to say white people are really a separate species who have fornicated with a lot of other nations along the way to seem like they are a part of the mass when in fact The numbers make you a minority to every other race. Have a nice day stop being racist, and get along with your fellow man.

        • Sam

          david white,”…Just for you white people. The Neanderthal gene only found in white people not Chinese or Indian or native American…”

          Not so. Also found in Chinese.

      • kenneth

        No negro have fat lips big cheeks and kinky hair its just becaues the ape is black

        • Dr Jason Lispi again. please take three or four cups of plain water. dye each different. yellow, red, blue and oh green.
          now start pouring a bit of each into another and so on for fifty thousand years. what is the resulting color of the liquids now?
          it is totally cannot add or subtract the color properties because of the homogenous state. (all small grey skinned beings?)
          interracial sexual activity is the same. in fifty thousand years, we will all look A LOT alike. Do you all understand how immature humans are as a species. just drop the subject until we accomplish fusion.

        • Correct. The issue is blackness. Gorillas are black. This is the main thing.

        • Especially for David but not just for ‘you people’ I realize that a lot of assertions are made by people to enhance pride in their race. Beauty is subjective to some extent and influenced by the people we are used to seeing or associations we make. Some Negroid features such as projecting lower face people may associate with apes. on the other hand fat lips are the opposite of apes, as they have no external lips..

          All the races of humans are classed as homo sapiens. In very early hominid times there was inter-mixture between various hominids all over the world. Neanderthals were most likely wiped out by being unable to compete with the newcomers. Neanderthal brains were as big or bigger than modern humans but probably organized quite differently.

          The hominids were only one of a number of archaic types of humans around the world who for a time shared space with more modern homo sapiens, so some of their genes would have possibly survived in a small proportion in interbreeding. The male Neanderthal gene apparently did not. All humans are descended from apes in any case, and before that, various other types of mammals, and before that reptiles, amphibians etc.

          As for the controversy over the pharaohs, the Egyptians are most commonly depicted in ancient art as having red brown skin, but in a number of cases they are shown as lily white. Others are very dark and may or may not be part of the Egyptian dynasties or, alternatively the Nubian. Most recent research shows that there were white pharaohs with red hair. Scientific testing shows that the hair was of natural color and not dyed, and DNA testing shows a Northern Caucasian origin. So those old old movies about ancient Egypt showing very white Egyptians were not necessarily inaccurate.

          It is very easy for people, in their haste to elevate their own races achievements, to make gross and inaccurate generalizations. Certain black consciousness or even supremacist sites are no different.

        • @Jason D. Lispi.

          Let’s rather do everything in our power to prevent large scale interracial fornication from happening. We don’t really want a future with no gorgeous, pale blondes and redheads with pointy noses and light eyes, do we?

    • nominay

      Sorry all for my typo above. I am bad w/ typos.
      Richard, we understand that once you procure a gorilla you will name him Miles.

      • Richard hall

        I don’t know if your kidding or serious

        • nominay

          I thought I was responding to Smothers Richard. But in your case Miles Hall has a nice ring to it. My mother’s maiden name is Hall, maybe we’re related.

        • apes are better looking than ugly kneegrows….


    • tulio

      I feel bad saying this but I actually laughed. That’s fucked up though. And I love Miles Davis. No Gorilla can make music like that.

      Btw, monkeys and gorillas have thin lips, actually they’d really have lips at all, just a slit for a mouth. Lips seem to be a purely human thing.

      • Yes, the lips thing is one that they use to say that Blacks = apes. However, Blacks have very full lips, and apes have no lips at all. So Blacks are very unlike apes in that regard. Thin lipped Whites are much more apelike than Blacks in that regard.

        • Truth

          Blacks have very full lips, and apes have no lips at all. So Blacks are very unlike apes in that regard. Thin lipped Whites are much more apelike than Blacks in that regard.

          Touché. Lol at the stormfronters.

          Ditto for hair. Monkeys and apes have straight hair, not curly much less kinky.

          Under the hair most monkeys are light skinned. Gorillas and apes are the exception. There are albino apes though.

          As for flat faces and broad noses, many, if not most mongoloids have that as well.

        • Nominay

          Not their mouths … big mouths, like them bruthas!

        • Nini Prom

          “Thin lipped Whites are much more apelike than Blacks in that regard”


      • Luke

        Ain’t many humans can make music like that!

      • Nini Prom

        So true!! Thanks for attaching this picture so that we can all see them “thin lips”. The hair does not look like black ppl hair either ….. Plus it’s very hairy as human we all know which grow is hairy. The black face on it is super helpful for the sun.

    • Coons will kneel before Whitey

      The only thing missing is the tail!

    • Joshua Lane

      I feel certain that it would be very easy to answer this question (and i am sure the study was done), all that is needed is DNA and a computer comparative analysis. Deffinitive numbers would be spit out showing the % of similarity with ape DNA.

      • Joshua Lane

        And to go further, you cannot have a more simliar physical appearance to an ape without having a more similar DNA to an ape. It’s simply scientifically impossible. But to what degree would the greater similarity in DNA look like? Only the DNA researchers could tell us…and they won’t. Political suicide.


    • Matt

      “I am uncertain of the evidence he presents that Blacks are more ape-like (he does present a lot of evidence for this case)”
      Your damn eyeballs you moron!

        • Albinoidese

          OK, just look at a black, and look at an ape. Any objective observer should be able to tell that compared to a white or Asian, blacks look just like apes. Bqody hair doesn’t mean shit, body hair does not affect behaviour nearly as much as craniofacium does. Also, haplogroups A and B are much closer to apes than CT, A and B are 60-150,000 years closer to apes than CT. It should be obvious to anyone that your average Negroe is a humanoid ape.

    • Emerika

      I can’t believe you people! we probably all came from apes just different breeds of ape depending on the area they were from and what the weather is like. We are not necessarily different species just like a Dalmatian could breed with a border collie (some ugly ass puppies). People will think I’m racist but African Americans have a huge advantage athletic wise we bred all the weak out. unfortunately we didn’t teach them a damn thing about any thing and when they finally got there freedom they didn’t know what the hell to do creating a whole society of uneducated people witch over the years turned into gang filled ghettos. I probably should not post things end up getting off subject lol

      • Jon

        It’s interesting you speak of black people not being intelligent and yet you don’t know the difference between “there” and “their” and “witch” and “which” you stupid, ignorant, inbred trash whore.

        • Truth4A

          If it’s sicence provin that blacks are smarter than whites, then we need to get rid of affirmative action!!! Not fair blacks are smarter and they get extra points for the color of his/her skin. So we don’t have to see ppl being pick for a job not because of what he knows but because what skin color he is. I’ve seen my fair share of fucktard whites and fucktard blacks, so dumb they have to have a reminder to breath or they would die. But if I was a betting man I would bet all my money that Asians have a higher ratio of smart vs dumb. Not saying that the smartest man alive was Asian just they have less dumbasses. But what really constitutes who is smart and who is not? I’ve seen these so call genius with their four doctorate degrees and yet they have no clue how to fill a car up with gas.

      • Nominay

        I love watching blacks with their “huge advantage athletic wise”. They physically perform with such grace it can only be described as animalistic.

        • Coolstory

          Nominay, it’s pretty obvious your IQ isn’t so high. Just preying ona race to make yourself feel more relevant. You are just human garbage at the end of they day no matter how much you try to look down on people.

        • Andy Kaufmann’s IQ wasn’t high either.

        • TRASH

          Blacks are not that strong. Fast, coordinated, muscular, But brute strength belongs to whites.

        • To Trash,

          True. Due to evolving in warm areas, they have an advantage in mesomorphic build but due to relatively longer limbs as well as muscle fiber typing, brute strength isn’t an asset.

          The strongest though from what I’ve read from european records of slaves were though In the Nigerian region, because the blacks thei have shorter limbs.

      • Why did they not evolve as everyone else?

    • Dr. Jason Ganiali Lispi Ves Pucci. I would not go as far as to say that there are genetic connections though due to the fact that life did originate in Africa, migration occurred however, due to a vast majority of native African playing a static, non-migrational role, were subject to continued climatic properties. This is what nature does. Fact is, we all share a distinct trait of several various animals. It is here physiology=(n+c)(t)/d+m.
      simply put yes. Africans native to climates suitable for apes will always result in the bio-necessity of such climate, physiologically.
      My team studied native Arabs in 2003 and concluded that the pigmentation research proved my formula. we stumbled on to a MASSIVE find I am unable to disclose due to a court ordered mandate. I would love to share it however, people (humans) are not ready.
      Malformed RBC, flared nostrils, deep pigmentation. yes. Darwin VS God. Huh.

    • Your correct and read the bible quote God’s curse upon the Hammites caused them to look like apes as a study by a black woman has proven. Being an uppity negress, she naturally comes to the wrong conclusions as to why. She claims it was the white man’s dehumanization of blacks and not that it’s because they do look like apes.
      Also Apes can at least learn sign language, while Negros can’t even master their first language! Science proves that black people look like apes.
      I’m sure they would appreciate that. I hear that watermelon and chicken are also popular. I don’t think monkeys eat KFC, but that’s probably because it doesn’t grow wild, so to speak.
      I am grateful to God that I am white and that I can speak my English
      language most of the time correct (referring to spelling)
      One more thing I would say 90% of the violence in our United States
      is because of African Americans and most of our Prisons are
      over crowded because of African Americans, Now tell me isn’t
      this Animal like? Yep it is

      • Kan

        You know what else is animal like? Killing, raping, and pillaging everyone on the entire North American and South American continent to the point where they make up only a small fraction of the modern population. Oh and don’t forget you did the same thing to the Australian aborigines too. Let’s also not forget that you attempted to do the same thing to the BLACK AFRICANS but failed miserably for hundreds of years until the advent of modern weapons in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Oh and this still wasn’t enough… you continued the raping and abusing these people after you enslaved them for over 300 years. Historically whites have overwhelmingly been the most violent people in history. They even killed off entire civilizations that treated them like Gods! Oh lastly I definitely think whites look more like monkeys. It is scientifically proven that whites on average have larger brow ridges (like monkeys) than blacks, more body hair, STRAIGHT HAIR (like monkeys) and thin lips (like monkeys). What similarities do blacks have to monkeys? Wide nostrils? Like the majority of humans also have? Other than that I see no other similarities.

        • malbuff

          “You?” Whom are you addressing? I think most of those who did those things have been dead for several decades, at least.

          Let’s make one thing clear. Advocating “white guilt” or “race guilt” or “collective guilt” associated with race is, in itself, virulently and unmistakably racist. That’s not opinion. That’s fact. Not to mention, it also calls into question not necessarily the intelligence, but certainly the comprehension level, of the advocate.

        • Tyler

          Asians have been the most violent in history actually.
          mao Zedong killed 75 million people
          sino Japanese war 22 million
          mongol conquest 40 million
          qing dynasty 25 million
          taiping rebellion 100 million
          an lushan rebellion 36 million
          dungan revolt 12 million
          timure lang conquest 20 million
          yellow turban rebellion 7 million

          all caused by Asians

        • Scientifically a Niger is Caucasian not black. Caucasians come from the result of a science experiment using a male Troglodytes Niger (chimpanzee) and a Black female which created the Neanderthal man.The Gorilla came from the result of the descendants of the Neanderthal man the Caucasians trying to reverse the process and become Human or Black again. Black people don’t have Gorilla DNA Gorilla’s have Human (Black People’s) DNA. The Black man existed long before the Gorilla the Neanderthal man or the Caucasian man.

        • dianne

          In addition, let’s not forget that only the white race many of them are born with tails like monkeys.

        • Lukas

          I know…Whites are so terrible. We have created such a horrible society and culture. That’s why you see all the Blacks who are descendants of slaves fleeing to return back to their homeland in Africa. Hell, I heard you even get double points on your EBT card if you move back 😉

      • Whitey makes me laugh, arent white people aliens. DNA can attest to that. Since your arrival on this planet earth, the white race has damaged this planet. You brought your alien diseases, how many people died in Europe? over 100 million died during the 2nd world war, killing each other for what?

        Black people are Gods children, that is why our DNA is the blueprint, your DNA and your race very soon will exit this planet earth.

        White people = 5% nenderthal plus 40% RH Negative Blood (monkey DNA), this rheus monkey is only found in Europe and Asia. We dont mind you calling us monkeys. The truth hurts, black people have no trace of any monkey.

        here is a scripture about your race from the bible and I quote: “all the souls addicted to dalliance, and the offspring of the watchers, for they have tyrannized over mankind, be will destroyed”…now ask yourself who has done this to “mankind”, u see your race is not considered “mankind” because you are of an alien race, #aliens. Dont bother replying.

        • If whites exit the planet where dat free shits gona be.yo. I can’t even imagine an entire world of only niggers. Any place on earth they are is filled with misery suffering, violence, filth, and squalor. Nothing good has or ever will come from or be produced by a nigger. I challenge anyone to give proof of or an example of a successful black community or country. Blacks are not true humans, they are perhaps the earth most advanced animal, able to mimic human behavior to a degree but they can not escape their animals drive to kill rape destroy burn loot riot home invade murder, and an endless list of other offenses against humanity. I would imagine we would have a better than 90% drop in the crime rate instantly if, by some wonderful magic, niggers could be banished from the earth.


      LOL LMFAO!

    • Herbert Marone

      Whites have thin lips by nature. Monkeys have thin lips. Whites have animal hair or 6th ether hair, the same as the dog and monkeys. Original people have kingly hair, or 9th ether hair, the same hair as Jesus and the Anunnaqi., who were the beings who incarnated on planet earth. Whites by nature have little melanin to protect them from the Sun. Whites need negro blood to prevent them from bleeding to death when cut by a sword. These are facts beyond a shadow of a doubt.

      • Nominay

        What is your point?

      • BraveAtheistGirl

        Nominay could you post your Photo?

      • Dave Mowers

        Annunaki means literally, “Heaven and Earth,” and relates the anthropomorphic joining of the two in creation. In myths the things you think are names are actually the foundational myth. Language has evolved over time so the stories evolve with the language. There is no such a thing as a race of Annunaki.

        It is misunderstood early scientific cosmology.

        Sagigi does not mean “black-headed,” for Sah is found in early Egyptian and means “black,” while Gigi is found in late Cyrillic and means “Sight,” therefore the “eyes or sight in the black,” is a euphemism for “stars,” at night. Gyges is the “sea of eyes,” or stars surrounding the earth at night in the Greek. Ogyges as in the “Ring of Ogyges,” is the blackness of space surrounding the stars(behind them) which if one viewed from the outside that “blackness” would render anything inside it “invisible,” hence the myth. These are cosmogonical relations being described in early language systems that do not properly(linearly) translate into the modern so that in order to understand these myths you must have context.

        A “hero,” that wears the ring periodically is clearly the Greek form of the Sun as a Hero whom at night disappears from sight wearing his ring of darkness.

      • david hayslip

        negro blood? isnt it full of sickle cell anemia? the only race that carries this genetic disease. i wish you would all go back to africa and live by eating termites and living in mud and dung huts. without the white race the world would not have progressed past the 10th century bc. all the mud races are degenerate,stupid animals .long live the aryan races the savioure of mankind.[whites]. good day and long live the superior race

    • (((@))) JOY-NO SHIT !!!


    • mark

      Whites can reproduce with blacks, but whites can’t reproduce with bonobos or any other great ape. There’s the answer.


      Is it me or do apes/monkeys have lips like whites. Google it. Have you have seen a monkey shaved? They’re pale. Lol!

    • Its amazing white folks call black people monkeys when in reality the only race that has monkey DNA is the white race. 5% neanderthal (alien DNA) plus 40 to 60% RH Negative Blood (moneky DNA) …damn, guess who is a monkey and is not from this planet? Whitey is destroying this planet cause he knows he doesnt belong to the human race.


      U guys are so short minded what skin color is the President of the US? black bitch so don’t go round spreading this nonsense bullshit

  2. brengunn

    Some blacks do look like monkeys but so do some whites. Where I grew up, there a few people who looked like monkeys and they were all white. There was a whole family called the Monkey Douglas’. Another chap on my road was called the Gibbon.

    I think some Chinese look a bit down syndrome but that does’nt mean the Chinese are closer to retards than we are. Apparently, they’re the smartest race.

  3. Pepperoncini

    Lots of North East Asians have flat noses, low nose bridge and borad nostrils.

    “Are Blacks Closer to Apes Than Other Humans?
    Justin writes:
    Since Khosians lie at the root of modern humanity, are they more closely related to apes than the races that followed? I’m serious. ”

    Black = Negroid. Khoisan = Capoid.
    Khoisan also have epicanthic eye fold, the only people apart from East Asians and Amerindians.

  4. Srikanta

    I read somewhere all our physical features are envirnomental adaptations.

    As long as a species “let and let other live” peacefully one must accept and tolerate them atleast in their own country.

    Lot of Tamilians I have seen have sharp facial features, but dark, yet I have seen Tamilians admixture of Negroid and Australoid Features.

    What is perplexing is the cultural evolution ladder. You would find more Disciplined, hardworking, sincere, thrifthy, honest, less criminal, self-less people amongst Indian Brahmins as opposed to Dalits.

    “You can take a villager out of teh Village, Cannot take Village out of him” They were even ostracized in Villages. There is a limit to reform.

    • Pepperoncini

      You must be a Brahmin. Brahmins are the biggest con-men, charlatans, thieves and rapists in Indian history. Their wickedness and callousness knows no bound. They are also anything but hard working, preferring to have others do all the hard work.
      Brahmins forced lower caste children into prostitution in temples, that right there says all one needs to know about Brahmin culture. Robert had a Blog post about it some months back.

      • Srikanta

        Just dont spew some hatred towards Brahmins, you brain-washed Idiot. Brahmins are all otherwise.

        • Pepperoncini

          Your sentence makes no sense, specifically ” Brahmins are all otherwise” ; otherwise what?
          In anycase, you are descended from rapist ancestors, and very likely your maternal dna originates from concubines , rape or otherwise exploited women.

      • Truth

        Bravo pepperoncini! That’s how to put these lying Brahmin bastards in their place.

        • TamBrahmAbraham

          Brahmins are superior to your monkeys asses @ Truth [what a lie!] and Pepperoncini [dalit maggot].

          Without Tamil Brahmins the sole inheritance of the Tamil people would be NOTHING! Go back to your sticks and mud-huts and reservation quota’s.

    • kenneth

      Physical change does not affect mentality its a culture or a trait people choose if alot of people practise something in their group some people within the group will follow but some wont..

    • Dave Mowers

      That is not true. By limiting access to education and culture you purposefully impede the social development of people regardless of what color they are or were they grow up. That was the foundation of American Jim Crow laws and it was well understood by the people who created and enforced those laws that they would hinder African-Americans by doing it.

      We need a merit-based economy with free higher education and identical education standards for everyone. Then we’ll see who cuts mustard and who gets tossed aside when money and birthright has no bearing on success.

  5. James Schipper

    Dear Robert
    To say that normal blacks are simian is the most insulting nonsense imaginable. Blacks are capable of speech, can learn arthmetic and drive a car. No monkey can ever learn to do that. It is one thing to be race realist, but to disqualify blacks from the human species is grossly unfair and completely unfounded.

    If blacks are simian, does that include Kofi Annan and Thomas Sowell?

    • Thank you very much for this, James.

      • Em


    • Justin

      Thomas Sowell, definitely. Kofi Annan, we’ll give him a pass. Look, black people hang out in trees and shout “booga booga”. They’re tree jumpers and branch swinging banana eaters. Don’t leave a watermelon out unprotected in your yard – a darkie might descend on top of it from out of nowhere, and devour it in 90 seconds flat. They have a dream all right – to monkey it on the white man’s porch, down his brew, smoke his herb, and lay his women. But as long as we keep clear cutting the forests, we whiteys hold the strategic advantage. They are relegated to competing with us on the economic front, selling us on their jungle boogie music and agility skills on the basketball court.

    • Sam

      I used to read Thomas Sowell’s stuff then he wrote a book saying the reason Blacks were violent was they learned it from White Southerners. So he’s not as smart as they tell you he is as Blacks seem to be violent where ever they are.

  6. Em

    Robert Lindsay you are HILARIOUS!

    Ive never laughed so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Em

    I have to admit, I have seen a lot of negros eating bananas……

  8. i’ll have to say this, that your article actually borders racism in some or the other way. if the Blacks would have been closer to the apes, then their DNA sequence would have been a bit different than us Caucasians. and as James has said, their abilities to do things that other races can, makes them no different than us.

  9. tulio

    I’m at the point where all this blacks=apes talk is curiously amusing than insulting. The fact is, ALL humans are apes. Chimpanzees, bonobos gorillas, humans, and orangutans are taxonomically classified as members of the Hominidae family. We’re all apes. We’re just cooler than the other apes who are still running around naked. Whites and Asians, don’t look down on those gorillas in the zoo, they are your relatives of a sort.

  10. Leslie Anne

    James Schipper, on what basis are you placing your findings on? Do you have any proof of your findings?

  11. What in the past had been defined as “races”—whites, blacks, or Asians—are now defined as “ethnic groups” or “populations”, in correlation with the field (sociology, anthropology, genetics) in which they are considered.

  12. Oval

    I think climate has more to do with it , most cold climate primates tend to look more white than blacks, and apes and gorilla are from the tropics where black features evolved, the khoi don’t look like apes or gorilla’s this is how a khoi looks

  13. Matt

    White people have thin lips, straight hair, and abundant body hair. I think comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory pointed this out to a Southern cop who called him a monkey. Anyway, this is a ridiculous line of thought and there are more reasons than “political correctness” to avoid it. If being part would make me into Miles Davis or Neil DeGrasse Tyson, bring on the monkey blood!

  14. Matt

    Another thing: The Khoisan are what physical anthropologists call “gracile.” They are less physically robust than other modern humans, who are generally less physically robust than the apes. So maybe they are your superiors.

  15. David

    Mission KingKong accomplished; Long Live G_D!

  16. Tulio

    I dunno, King Kong liked white girls too:

  17. WmarkW

    Of course we’re all apes of a sort.
    The ones who lived in Africa, where non-human apes do, experienced little pressure to select for genes suitable to live in any other environment. As mankind left Africa for different regions, the genes governing his hair, nose, and disease resistance experienced a survival of the fittest for suitability to his new homes. His mental faculties also, were selected for having the skill set to adapt to different environments.

  18. Aaron

    There was an interesting discussion of this in the preface to the latest edition of Rushton’s Race, Evolution and Behavior. Basically, he said that while the concept of evolutionary “progress” had been considered totally bogus for decades, some evolutionary scientists are trying to rehabilitate the concept. Rushton gave some data about jaw and skull structure and other stuff that supported his usual ordering, black < white < East Asian, but also including early Homo sapiens, Homo erectus, and Australopithecus. The ordering from earliest to latest fit, with early Homo sapiens < black < white < East Asian.

    So maybe you could say that blacks are closer to apes than whites are, and whites are closer to apes than East Asians are.

    • Pepperoncini

      I haven’t read Rushton but have heard him bandied about on WNist forums.
      All what you said is just his opinion , an opinion based on pseudo science . What is the evidence for Blacks being closer to Apes than other races?

      • nominay

        We became modern where the blacks are from, and the other races branched out from them. Therefore blacks are a more direct link to the archaic homo sapiens who became the blacks. The whole haplotype A thing. So if blacks are more closely related to their haplotype pre-A ancestors than us whiteys, spicks, chinks and heebees, then by some degrees of separation they are most closely related to that Miles Davis gorilla that Richard Smothers saw.

        • Pepperoncini

          Why would homo sapien sapiens leaving Africa make them more ‘modern’ than the homo sapien sapiens who stayed behind?

        • Steve

          The problem with that (I think) is that the humans who stayed in Africa have been evolving the whole time the ones who left have. The only difference is where they are.

        • Steve

          modern Bantus might be just as genetically distant from our last common ancestor as us!

        • Tulio

          This discussion is becoming idiotic and full of pseudo-science by people who likely possess little to no knowledge about genetics in the first place making a priori assumptions.

          Blacks never stopped evolving just because they didn’t leave Africa. Genetic drift and mutations occur regardless. If your argument is that evolution stopped in Africa then how did man evolve from more primitive ape species in Africa in the first place? Why would you then assume that homo sapiens sapiens would cease evolving just because they are located in Africa? So apes evolved for millions of years in Africa but as soon as the apes turned into Negroids that was where evolution ended, right?

          Don’t forget also that African DNA is the most genetically diverse.

        • Do you mean that Blacks have a higher rate of the original or first haplotypes?

        • This is all correct. Blacks have been evolving just as long as the rest of the races have. That’s not good evidence. And there is no evidence that Blacks are any more closely related to our pre-Sapiens ancestors than the rest of us. Now archaic DNA may be enough to tip the charts though, but all non-Africans have Neandertal DNA and some Australoids have Denisova DNA.

        • kenneth

          Dumbass everyone knows blacks are haplogroup E khoisan are not black because they are A.

  19. Steve

    We are all aware of this perception of blacks and I do think 50 cent looks a bit like a gorilla. However, not when you look at the lips! I want to point out in defence of blacks that apes have thin lips. Big lips is a very human phenotype!

    Also, curiously, chimps seem to be white faced when they are young and then they gradually turn black.

    • Tulio

      Sorry, I don’t see the 50-cent/gorilla connection:

      • You have to be Caucasian to see it.

        The blackness.

        The lack of fine features with regards to the ape like nose.

        Coarse black hair

        The lips add to the coarse appearance.

        He has a classic thug negroid appearance. That is why the movie

        Look who is coming to dinner

        Was hit.

        The Caucasian princess brings a ape type humanoid looking guy home to meet her parents

        • EPGAH

          Don’t forget Ashton Kutcher’s race-reversed remake of it!
          A black girl bringing home an idiot among whites to meet her Dad who hates whites, despite making a lotta money off us.

  20. Steve

    Upon closer inspection, I don’t think 50 cent even looks much like a gorilla. Its the skin colour mostly. If you examine the features and face shape, they are totally different. Gorillas have thin lips and though blacks have flatter noses and bigger nostrils, they are way way different to gorilla noses. They are human noses. So, I’m gonna express solidarity with my black human brothers here.

    • Steve

      gorillas kind of don’t have noses, just nostrils. It weird

    • Tulio

      That’s all it is, just the skin color. And maybe the prognostic skull. But prognostic facial features aren’t even universal amongst blacks. Other than that, it’s a stretch of the imagination. When I hear racists talk about blacks having lips like monkeys, I wonder if they’ve ever even closely observed a monkey’s face.

      • brengunn

        It’s not just skin colour, it’s also the fact that black culture is deemed low culture, primitive, by some people.

        • Yes, “they run around like a bunch of monkeys oohing, aahing and eehing.” That’s how Whites see Blacks at their worst. Like out of control apes running around a zoo enclosure playing, fighting, swinging and screeching.

        • Tulio

          Uhh…what are you defining as “black culture?” Do blacks in America, Botswana, France, Brazil, Namibia, Ghana, Sudan, Cuba, Barbados, Mali, Colombia and Rwanda all have a common culture? Please explain…

        • Tulio, the commonality, by and large, is poverty. Why are 90% and upwards of all the blacks in these countries poor? Why do they continue to be suppressed by whites? And even gifted blacks like Neil Degrasse Tyson are the product of a white created society. Why did the whites of Europe create all the modern technology from the bronze age to the 20th century? Why is it that until just a few hundred years ago blacks were still just hanging out in jungles, the bush land, and not getting past agriculture? And don’t tell me their environment didn’t allow for that because that’s nonsense. It’s questions like these that made me wonder about the mental evolution of whites correlating with a change in their appearance verses blacks. I mean, we’re having this discussion right now, but if whitey had left your ancestors be, would you still be shooting darts in Africa today?

        • Tulio

          Nominay said:

          “Tulio, the commonality, by and large, is poverty. Why are 90% and upwards of all the blacks in these countries poor?

          Poverty is not a culture, it’s an economic state, which in itself is entirely relative and can widely fluctuate. Amerindians are poor in every place they live in the Americas. Does that mean it’s because of their genes? They obviously produced enough food to survive for many thousands of years independently of the white man as did the blacks in Africa. I guess it couldn’t have anything to do with their subjugation and colonization and the racial caste system that ensued.

          Nominay said:

          “Why do they continue to be suppressed by whites?”

          Ask your racist brethren.

          Nominay said:

          “Why is it that until just a few hundred years ago blacks were still just hanging out in jungles, the bush land, and not getting past agriculture? ”

          I’m sorry to see you are so poorly versed in African history and think blacks were just “hanging out” in jungles. Yeah, hanging out, lol. I’ll tell you what, buy this book or rent it from a library:

          When you are done, then come back and we can have an informed discussion on the topic.


          “And even gifted blacks like Neil Degrasse Tyson are the product of a white created society.”

          And so was Hitler. What’s your point?

          Nominay said:

          “Why did the whites of Europe create all the modern technology from the bronze age to the 20th century? ”

          If extraterrestrials had landed on earth in 1200, they’d be wondering why Europe has been a backwater for hundreds of years while the Islamic civilizations were at the forefront. At other times it’s been the Chinese, or Indians or Sumerians. It’s just happens to be whitey’s turn at the top now. That may not last forever, especially with your imploding fertility rates.

          Nominay said:

          “I mean, we’re having this discussion right now, but if whitey had left your ancestors be, would you still be shooting darts in Africa today?”

          Yes. I hope you know there are computers in Africa.

      • The word is prognathous. And the dark skin color must have something to do with it! After all, chimps and gorillas do have dark skin.

        Other than that, I think the Black-ape thing is almost a sort of hallucination. At first glance you think they look like the highest apes, but it’s really sort of an optical illusion because when you get right down to it, they don’t look much like them at all, and in many respects, say Whites look more chimp-like than Blacks.

        Many other races are prognathous, and US Blacks are much less prognathous than they were 300 years ago.

    • I agree. 50 Cent looks nothing like a gorilla at all.

      I think maybe it is the large, wide and rather flattened nose that gives off that impression. But the Black nose is raised very high off the face and the nostrils are small. The ape nose is almost a feature of the face. It is huge, barely raises off the face and seems to consist of little more than huge nostrils.

      • Steve

        Good description of the gorilla ‘nose’. On google images there is a split screen comparing 50 cent to a gorilla. That’s where I got the idea.

        oh and young chimps have pale faces, similar to white people.

  21. Car Guy

    Tulio is right. This is a silly topic.

    This Justin guy says Africans are closer to apes and then uses the fact that they have “flatter faces and noses, flared nostrils, big lips, etc” as evidence. As a poster already mentioned above, many East Asians have those features, including relatively thick lips (not that apes have thick lips), so what does that make them?

    If East Asians don’t look like Apes, then neither do the Khoisan, supposedly the earliest humans on earth, who happen to look rather East Asian.

    He says,

    “You can pick any black out of a crowd in America, strip ‘em of his clothes and place him in a jungle and he’d look right at home. Just give him a spear and wish him good luck.”

    The guy clearly has an agenda, so why would you even entertain his comment, Robert?

    • nominay

      LOL. What agenda? To make you laugh or for him to laugh at you not laughing?

    • Naruto Uzumaki

      as a caucasian i don’t feel that my lips are different from asian lips, reading this is shocking to me, it must be a small detail, people say that asians have smaller eyelashes, but i don’t notice it because is a small detail

  22. Mike Barnes

    Africans are probably more evolved than non Africans.

    Think about it:

    There were more humans people in Africa than anywhere else over much of the last 150 thousand years of human history.

    After the most recent common ancester Africans accumulated the most more genetic mutations because the African population was much larger than the EuroAsian population.

    Europeans and Asian possess a sub set of genes that existed and continued to exist in Africa 50,000 years ago. The brothers and sisters of the EuroAsian Common Ancestor remained in Africa.

    Africa has the widest gene pool even today. In Africa you should find the tallest and the shortest genes, genes for high speed sprinting and genes for endurance running, the most intelligent and the most stupid.

    Africans have more copies of lots of different genes. Diversity among Africans is greater than in Europe Africans have developed more mutations and are probably more evolved.

    Europeans and Australian Aborigines are closely connected. They are descendants of a small group of Africans that left Africa 50,000 years ago. The Aborogines and the Negrito of the Andaman islands may indicate what the first humans to leave Africa looked like. Europeans and Asians would have descended from someone who looked more like an Aborigine than a present day African

    Khoisan bushmen and Pygmy people in Africa have the widest gene pools. They have the genes of the descendants of the brothers and sisters of the most recent common ancestor. These genes are rare outside Africa.

    Because they have such a broad range of human genes (much wider than any other population) it is possible that the Khoisan and Pygmy have not changed as much as smaller founder populations.

    • WMarkW

      Africans have the widest array of mutations; i.e. the most genetic variation.
      But those mutations were not subject to selectivity for different environments. So they vary the most, but are the least advanced.

      • I am not sure if it is correct to say that they are the least advanced race. That’s a tough determination to make.

        • kenneth

          Lets say disadvantaged.

        • kenneth

          Not all african climates are the same and afrocan climate changes over time which give rise to genes sorry i did reseacrh i take the disadavatage back its a big advantage.

        • I wanted to send this comment to someone else but couldn’t reply. Its about their saying that the Bible claims that Jesus is black because in the book of Revelations it says that his hair is like wool, therefore he’s black. This is another case of selective reading and other peoples lack of understanding. The fact is that the Book of Revelation does not state that his hair is like wool but actually says that his hair was WHITE as wool. How is it that people don’t seem to understand that it’s not comparing texture but only explaining the color as being WHITE AS WOOL.

          At the end of the day, who cares what color He is. I agree that many Egyptian pharaohs were black but that could be a bad thing since many believe that these leaders and many others were actually hybrids or fallen angels offspring the Nephilim. Just a thought, maybe black people came from genetic manipulation from apes and humans. There is also a disease where black people end up turning white, and I never heard of a white person turning black.

          That makes me wonder if these black people have be genetically altered, since they have the white genes which the disease causes it to reappear where sometimes there is a minor change, and sometimes the black person actually looks white. I also noticed those whose skin turns white usually have features that usually are found on white people. At the end of the day, we are all here together, and until the dividing stops, racism will always be an issue. I think it’s a lot less of an issue than many on the left in America make it out to be.

      • Mike Barnes

        “were not subject to selection for different environments” – nonsense, think about the different environments in Africa.

        Also consider the sexual selection for attractiveness and intelligence which exist in all environments both within and outside of Africa.

        Finally consider that within the homo sapiens genepool 50,000 years ago Africa contained the entire deck. Those who left took a small sub set of genes.

        The full expression of humanity can be found within the diverse African gene pool not within the limited sub set of Europeans or Asians.

        Finally consider that the African environment is the harshest and most challenging – the African population has always faced high natural selection pressures.

        Consider the Nigerian phone scams frequently delude Europeans, or the Nok carvings, Benin bronzes and the Ife sculptures of West African cultures. Consider it took the full might of the British army to defeat these African peoples in the 1900s (Ashanti wars? – there were three of them etc)

        Clearly these people are fully human and represent the diverse human population – the full deck. To claim they are less evolved is absurd.

        Humans had an easy time after leaving Africa – for example in Australia and America were all the large animals were rapidly eliminated.

        Finally consider that Europoeans as a group have only been around for 15,000 years – most of that spent living in cities or on farms as peasants and labourers – requiring very low intelligence to survive compared to the preceding hunter gatherer populations – .

        • brengunn

          I would respect your argument had you not tried to elevate Africans to a higher plain than everyone else. Towards the end there, you sound completely nonsensical. You should have left it at we’re all the same.

          A few corrections: Just because Africa has the highest degree of genetic diversity, it does’nt mean Africa has the smartest and the most stupid, etc. although they do have fast runners. This idea only works if humanity was static and remained as we were when we left, but the challenges of environment has naturally selected certain genes for those who left.

          Is the African environment the most challenging? The diversity of life of all kinds in Africa would lead me to believe, no. The truth is it would be much easier to live a hunter gatherer life style in sub-Saharan Africa than any where else, without the need for provision for long winter months.

          Nigerian phone Scammers? I nearly fell off my chair! You know they scam middle-aged, quite often newly widowed or divorced, lonely white women. And as much as I hate to use this argument, I could equally point to the punitive interest rates Western banks take from African countries, the disorganised conflicts raging all over the continent happily supplied with arms by dealers from the former Soviet states and the Chinese expansion all over Africa. I could use all these and more as a symbol of European and Asian dominance of their African brothers.

          All the might of the British Army? The British owned the world at that time, meaning their troops were spread out through all the colonies. So, it’s a little hubristic to say it took all the might of the British army to defeat African tribes. The truth is, the Africans may have been great fighters but faced with the technological advantage of the British they had no chance. The most dangerous thing the British found in Africa was the mosquito.

          It could be argued that humans have had an easy time since leaving Africa. They’ve certainly made life easier for themselves through idea’s like cultivation, livestock farming, industrialisation and technologies but not as you imply, that Europe is a an easy place to live. Come spend some winters here, live off the land and sleep in a tent, you’ll be dreaming of Nigeria before a weeks out.

          Finally, your argument that agriculture has bred stupidity compared to the sharp witted hunter gatherers. This has to be the most stupid thing you have ever said. Everything we have in the modern world is owed to those people who first raised a crop and tilled the land. It was these people who allowed us to have free time to think, make advancements in social structures, technologies, art and culture rather than the mere subsistence living of a hunter gatherer, which many Africans are still living.

          Basically, almost everything you say is half baked, no, it has’nt even been defrosted yet.

        • Mike Barnes

          Thanks for your reply – I always like to see the weak points in any proposition pointed out and you have done a good job on this.

          A) One small dissenting point to what your wrote is where you compare farming to hunter gathering.

          Farming causes social stratification which leads to “civiilisation” – technological development – particularly amongst the aristocracy. However, farming in itself does not lead to natural selective pressures for high intelligence.

          Sharecroppers and peasants were renowned for their stupidity and poor health – yet they still managed to reproduce.

          In contrast , hunter gatherers are forced to develop and maintain encyclopedic knowledge of their natural environment.

          Civilisation are less meritocratic for evolution. There is a lower correlation between genes and reproduction due to the effects of social stratification than among hunter gatherers.

          Hunter gather cultures may prevent technological development. However this is ubjective – if Isaac Newton had been born among hunter gatherers he may have been the person who identified that – 1) a specific plant is not poisonouis at certain times of the year 2) identified the movements and behaviour of animal species 3) identified navigational methods.

          B) The point you make about how easy it is too live as a hunter gather in the desert surprises me.

          You would not survive more than a two days.

          To understand the situation of the hunter gatherer imagine a huge natural disaster leaving you with no technology other than what you could make. No metal, not even any stone tools other than what you can make. Additionally, all technical knowledge was eliminated – everything we have learned in the last 10,000 years.

          Now imagine you are in the middle of the desert 120 degrees in the shade – you are naked with your family (gramdparents, wife., parents, children, babies – there are 15 of you. What is the first thing you do?

          I will do the same test here in the plush forests and woodlands of Europe – we will see who last longest with no equipment, maps or knowledge of the natural environment.

          I do not see how you could claim it would be easy to live in the desert. 20,000 years ago.

          C) It has been seen that homo species evolves in Africa and then spreads out accross the globe (Homo erectus, Neanderthal and Dev).

          Likewise homo sapiens – the most intelligent homo evolved in Africa was due to the harsh nature of the environment. It has been noted that African environment is peculiarly harsh – for example the African Elephant is untameable compared to the Indian, the Zebra is untameable. the predators are faster and more aggressive.

          It is a harsh environment and the birthplace of man – to claim Africa would be the land of the least evolved has not basis in fact or history.

        • Mike Barnes

          We assume hunter gatherers are inferior to farmers only because of comparatively recent technological and social developments (in the last 5,000 years.

          However, compare the knowledge of a peasant farmer in 1,000 BC to that of an australian aborigine the outcome is not a foregone conclusion.

          Hunter gatherer people generally had greater knowledge of a larger geographic area than a peasant, they had more interactions with different tribes and peoples – peasants were restricted to their village. Hunter gathers were renowned hunters – extensive obsessive knowledge of animal and plant behaviour.

          Hunter gathers have extensive knowledge of plants, when and how to eat, seasons, medicines etc.

          The Cave Art of the Paleolithic – these guys were “nerds” obsessed with their hobby – hunting. Given the opportunity to produce a painting they produce pictures of the creatures they hunted.

          Interestingly human brain size has actually reduced since we begin farming.

          Sure the farmers easily dominate hunter gathers once they achieve critical mass “civilisation”. But that does not mean that farmers are “more evolved than hunter gatherers”.

          I would contend that the evolutionary pressures facing hunter gatherers cover the full gamut of human genotype – whereas those of the farmer are more specific and artificial.

          It is well known that wild animals are far more intelligent that domesticates. We humans effectively domesticated ourselves when we started farming,

          The technological leaps of the past 2,000 years are not genetic in origin – they are the result of achieving critical mass and sharing knowledge and information between EuroAsian landmass cultures (i.e. from the fertile crescent, to China, to Britain).

        • Mike Barnes

          Finally, I will just correct your point below here.

          “A few corrections: Just because Africa has the highest degree of genetic diversity, it does’nt mean Africa has the smartest and the most stupid, etc. although they do have fast runners. This idea only works if humanity was static and remained as we were when we left, but the challenges of environment has naturally selected certain genes for those who left.”

          You say the challenges of the environment “naturally selected certain genes for those who left”. Two points:

          1) Genes arise through random mutations – the environment does not cause mutation x; the environment only controls how fast mutation x spreads through a population. Therefore the African population will have had more of these random mutations x,y,z than the smaller European population

          2) If the beneficial genes of those who left Africa were pre-existing genes already present in Africa there is no reason to assume they would have been lost subsequently

          Africans are grouped together not because they are a race -but because they have black skin. This is absurd. “Nordic” people cannot be compared to “Africans” have the full range of genes.

          Nordics could perhaps be compared to a small tribe within Africa with limited genetic diversity all of which can be found within the wider African gene pool.

          An example of diversity – in indiginous African populations with ages of 150,000 to 100,000 years (well before we left Africa) we find the full gamut of genes.

          There are people both tall (Masai, and short Pygmies), people with tight thick curled hair (San and those with straighter hair (Ethiopians). Light skin – San bushmen and very dark skin (South Sudan). Farmers, and hunters. There are great civilisations – Ancient Egypt. Then there is Ancient Kerma (sub saharan Africa) in the same period as Ancient Egypt. There are sculptures and carvines from Nok and Benin, Countless Kingdoms, religion, empires, culture and languages.

          Of note there are those of very high IQ – see African immigrants to the US for example – within indigineous Africans.

          We do not see the same range of diverse genes in Europe. Neither do we see a homogenous group with very similar genes in Europe. Rather we see a random sample of a small set of African genes – and some recently evolved superciall genes for hair and eye colour.

          Talk of the Ape like nature of Africans is a matter of politics rather than fact and science.

        • kenneth

          Ha blacks are farmers its in bantu culture listen to what the little giirl is reading to you.

        • Jon

          Great response, but of course, this will go over the heads of racist, inbreeds.

  23. Bernardo Carpio

    The newly discovered monkey specie in the Congo looks like a white man with an aquiline nose, light skinned face, and thin lips.

    • brengunn

      It sort of looks like a pre-renaissance religious portrait. As monkey’s go, it’s pretty good looking.

    • Steve

      That does look more like a white person than it does like a black person. A gorilla does look more like a black person than it does a white person too, on account of the black skin and more flat, rounded features. The thing is, if you look closely and compare features directly, it just looks very different to a black person.

    • Truth

      That monkey looks a lot like Tim Tebow. 🙂

  24. der

    where can i create my own blog

  25. Mike Barnes

    The reason I suspect Africans are more evolved – or at least equally evolved is this.

    Following the bottleneck and the evolution of our species 200,000 years ago up to around 10,000 years ago the the vast majority of humans lived in Africa.

    During this period there may have been

    a) more beneficial randam mutations in Africa because there was more people there and

    b) more opportunity for beneficial mutations to spread – as again people have been there for 200,000 years

    c) ongoing mutations in response to existing evolutionary pressures in Africa that led to the evolution of habilis, erectus, ergaster and us – these mutations may not all have spread out of Africa.

    The European population was small and relatively recent (last 10,000 years). There was less time for random mutations, less people producing them, and less time for them to spread through the population.

    In terms of general intelligence of humans, review the phenotype and achievements of the peoples of Kerma (Sudan) – 2,000 BC; Southern Egypt and Nubia, also the kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, Zulu and others.

    These were civilisations were all peopled by Africans containing the so called archaic haplotypes (L1, and X Chromosome A). Agriculture arose in the middle east before spreading to Europe. As did writing and mathematics.

    The people of Northern Europe showed no evidence of superiority until at least 1,500 AD. Europe was a technological backwater.

    If it were the case that Africans were least evolved – I would not expect the first human civilisations, farming, writing and maths to all first appear evolve either within Africa (Egypyt) or nearby (Sumer).

    We are all one species – we are recently evolved. One must only look at all our shared practices, behaviours and emotions to understand this.

    Funerals, weddings, annual gatherings, religions, languages, taboos, social beliefs, dancing, art and music – the similarities. These things are what make us human and you will find no deficit in “humanity” in Africa.

    Finally note that the first sign of human “creativity” came 90,000 years ago from the Southern coast of Africa – research the Blombos caves – carvings, advanced tools and red ochre.

    Evolution of homo species appears to be fastest within Africa – and this has been seen even within our own species.

    • brengunn

      “However, farming in itself does not lead to natural selective pressures for high intelligence.”

      Maybe not directly but if we assume that the upper echelons of these new societies will have had an average higher intelligence than the lower echelons, they will have reaped the greater benefits of these new communities, like more food provision, better shelter and clothing and possibly even better hygiene. All of these will have allowed for a greater reproductive rate and an extended period of reproduction due to a longer life span. These benefits will have selected for intelligence rather than who can outwit a wild boar.

      Share croppers and peasants have been renowned for their stupidity but lets not forget, so have Africans. It’s important to take into account the prejudices of the people who make these statements.

      “In contrast , hunter gatherers are forced to develop and maintain encyclopedic knowledge of their natural environment.”

      You seem to be apportioning great intellect to hunter gatherers while belittling the skills a farmer would have to possess. A farmer would have to plan for the future, select crops suitable for his land, refine that selection to make the crop better, possibly divert water sources, create and use increased amount of tools as he specified his tasks and much more. Already the primitive farmer would be thinking more scientifically about the land than the HG.

      Although advances are somewhat subjective, to equate Newton to an especially good hunter is nonsense. Yes, the hunter will benefit his tribe, maybe 30 individuals, Newton benefited the whole of mankind.

      I never said it would be easier to survive in the desert, I specifically said sub-Saharan Africa, which barring Namibia is tropical forest and grass plains. Yes, it would be much easier to survive there than in Europe.

      I have never said Africans are less evolved, I don’t think there is such a thing as less evolved, merely different characteristics have been selected for in different areas. You say, Africans are faster, stronger and have more endurance because of their genes, yet reduce Western civilisation down to nothing more than coincidence, in no way to do with the skills (genes) of the people who started it. You see, if Africans can be faster then its quite reasonable to assume that Europeans and Asians can be smarter.

      You mention the high IQ Africans in American universities, of course there are, but as smart as their white and Asian peers? I don’t know.
      The African ghettos all over Europe, where crime, lack of education and fatherless babies reign, is a damning counter point to the minority of black university grads.

      Finally, while I imagine natural selection in the west will have slowed down due to our advances, we are now on the threshold of human designed genetic advances, which is all down to us dumb farmers.

      • Mike Barnes

        A) Only a few farmers would have to be innovaters. To claim farming is more difficult is to claim that raising one or two crops and a goat and some chickens is harder than living off of “bush tucker” in the Australian outback and does not make sense.

        On a scale of difficulty, it easiest to buy a steak from a shop, it is a little harder to raise an already domesticated animal, and far even harder to track and hunt a large mammal in the wild using primitive equipment.

        Remember European peasants and serfs did not invent farming or domesticate animals. Neither did the aristocrats. It was transferred in from the middle East as “farming package”.

        Peasant life was certainly not intellectually challenging, once established systems of farming established in the middle east were merely copied by other cultures. Peasants were illeterate and uneducated often starving and malnourished they allowed the aristocracy to spend time on poetry arts and latin.

        It is easier to learn the patterns of one or two crops – barley and corn than it is to continually survive on a range of 300 different food sources and animals (this is a typical number for hunter gatherers)

        B) Farming and civilisation tend towards the development of a ruling elite, inherited status, land and privilege. As such it hinders the process of natural selection at work in a egalitarian and meritocratic hunter gather society.

        90% of the population were oppressed peasants during the feudal period. The ruling elite was not genetically superior – their genes were imposed with the support of military force. This hinders true evolution as seen in true hunter gatherer cultures.

        C) The IQ of African immigrants was found to be higher than Americans of European descent.

        This does not make sense if Europeans are a differentiated species with advanced intelligence. If that were the case there would be no overlap in the bell curves and no African would be smarter than the average European.

        For example, in nature we do not find that sometimes monkey is smarter than human and sometimes the other way round. No, humans are always smarter.

        We do not find that sometimes dolphin is smarter than goldfish and sometimes vice versa – no it is always dolphin is smarter.

        You cannot make this type of assumptions regarding groups of humans using average iq scores – there is more difference within the group than between groups.

      • Mike Barnes

        Thanks for your reply and comments.

        I don’t agree with your statement that ” You see, if Africans can be faster then its quite reasonable to assume that Europeans and Asians can be smarter.”

        I don’t propose that each individual African is faster. My point is that the African gene pool contains more diversity and the smartest individuals in the world are likely to be found within this diverse population.

        For example if we look at running and sports, East Africa contains huge genetic diversity and is the birth place of man. Some small populations within East Africa are better long distance runners than any in the world.

        Likewise a small population in Jamaica holds genes for some of the fastest sprinters in the world – all of whom are from a small area of West African.

        Similarly in West Africa the Nigerian scammers clearly have full insight into the physchology of the Europeans they fool.

        Your claim that because “Africans are faster then Europeans”could be smarter” misses the point entirely. Firstly Africans are all faster – like a different species. In fact, only a few Africans are fast, and only at specific events not all events – this reflects the “diversity of the African gene pool” not “the speed of the African”.

        If you remove economics and look at accessible sports such as football and boxing and which require speed of thinking, conceptual understanding, strategy and tactics; Africans dominate. This would not occur if they were lacking in intelligence as both sports rely on tactics, skill and strategy in addition to physical fitness.

        Ancient Egypt is worth mentioning – primarily because certain technical features are well known as being exceptional and unprecedented in human history.

        Ancient Egypt was of course located within Africa. The Sub Saharan kingdom of Kerma was located in sub saharan Africa in 2,500 BC. The Kerma people were unambiguously dark skinned Africans and yet they built pyramids while Europeans were working on Stonehenge – at one point they governed Ancient Egypt.

        Perhaps such early intellectual achivements in Africa are the result of genetic superiority. No, I do not suggest this – is more rational to note Egypt’s proximity to the Nile and the fertile crescent as factors leading to its development rather than the genes of the Egyptians.

        Suffice it to say that African genes were clearly not deficient in intellect in the time period from 5,000 BC to 1,500 AD.

        It is not reasonable to assume that due to African diversity Europeans and Asians are smarter. Certainly it is not the case that “Africans are faster runners” – I do not think a pygmy would be very fast!

        • Mike Barnes

          The validity of an argument should not depend on the colour of the speakers skin.

          Try wikipedia – logial fallacies may be a good starting point. I believe the term you are looking for is argumentum ad hominem

        • brengunn

          Mike, you seem to think that I’m saying blacks are a different species. I’m not. The blacks I’ve been acquainted with have been no smarter or dumber than anyone else I know.

          What gets my goat about your comments is that you’ve taken an equally offensive position by saying Africans are more evolved than Europeans, without even having had a major civilisation technological advances to back it up(Egypt does’nt count).

          Basically, what it boils down to is: certain groups of Africans are evolved to run fast, run longer, rule the boxing ring and football field etc. Now if you agree with this statement, as you said you do, then it is reasonable to say certain groups of Asians and Whites are evolved to be better at maths and science, as they dominate both fields. Simply put, if Africans could, they would.

          This is not to denigrate either group, as a diverse range of skills are surely necessary for any society.

        • Mike Barnes

          1) You imply that Africa is technologically inferior and by implication that this technological inferiority is a reflection of the genes of African people.

          Egypt is within Africa as was Ethopia.

          You state there was no major technological developments in Africa. How about Kerma (Sudan) – farming in 7,500 BC.

          How about the independent domestication of indigenous plants and animals within Africa? Have you thought that through?

          2) Many African Empires and Kingdoms existed – how much do you really know? history is complex – you need to study the details. The problem these days is a lot people like to generalise without putting the effort into reading around a topic.

          may be a starting point – but I struggle to believe you have not read up on this areas before commenting on the lack of technology in Africa.

          Do you know anything about the art and sculptures of West Africa? Have you heard of the Nok? hmmm

          Development is not only about building “empires”. Regardless of that, in terms of kingdoms, large territories and empires Africa compares favourably to North West Europe between 10,000 BC and 1,500 AD in terms of technical development.

          3) The vast majority of genetic polymorphs are found solely in African populations. Non Africans lack the full range of polymorphs found in African populations This is fact – not opinion.

          Africans are too diverse to be regarded as a “race” – it is a sociological construct. Within a single African village one may find more diversity than between a Swede and a person from China.

          4) I do not suggest Africans are superior – I merely point out the African gene pool is wider. Thus there is more variety of genes than among non Africans – this is not my opinion it is a fact.

          5) Technological achievement is no measure of genetic superiority. Egypt’s main asset was primarily geographic.

          European technological development after 1500 AD was facilitated by discoveries in China, the Middle East, Rome, Greece and Egypt. Even agriculture was imported into Europe. I refer to this only because you appear to use “civilisation ” and military conquest as a basis for measuring genetic superiority – a somewhat flawed concept.

          6) All populations are equally evolved. I think you may misundestand the genetics. The African population was larger for most of human history so it experienced more mutations.

          Again, try wikipedia for this – it is common knowledge.

        • Mike Barnes

          I m not making this up:

          If you have not yet read and understood the basics:

          Distribution of variation

          The distribution of genetic variants within and among human populations are impossible to describe succinctly because of the difficulty of defining a “population,” the clinal nature of variation, and heterogeneity across the genome (Long and Kittles 2003). In general, however, an average of 85% of genetic variation exists within local populations, ~7% is between local populations within the same continent, and ~8% of variation occurs between large groups living on different continents,. (Lewontin 1972; Jorde et al. 2000a; Hinds et al. 2005).

          The recent African origin theory for humans would predict that in Africa there exists a great deal more diversity than elsewhere, and that diversity should decrease the further from Africa a population is sampled. Long and Kittles show that indeed, African populations contain about 100% of human genetic diversity, whereas in populations outside of Africa diversity is much reduced, for example in their population from New Guinea only about 70% of human variation is captured.

          Phenotypic variation

          Sub-Saharan Africa has the most human genetic diversity and the same has been shown to hold true for phenotypic diversity.[25] Phenotype is connected to genotype through gene expression. Genetic diversity decreases smoothly with migratory distance from that region, which many scientists believe to be the origin of modern humans, and that decrease is mirrored by a decrease in phenotypic variation. Skull measurements are an example of a physical attribute whose within-population variation decreases with distance from Africa.

          The distribution of many physical traits resembles the distribution of genetic variation within and between human populations (American Association of Physical Anthropologists 1996; Keita and Kittles 1997). For example, ~90% of the variation in human head shapes occurs within continental groups, and ~10% separates groups, with a greater variability of head shape among individuals with recent African ancestors (Relethford 2002).

          A prominent exception to the common distribution of physical characteristics within and among groups is skin color. Approximately 10% of the variance in skin color occurs within groups, and ~90% occurs between groups (Relethford 2002). This distribution of skin color and its geographic patterning — with people whose ancestors lived predominantly near the equator having darker skin than those with ancestors who lived predominantly in higher latitudes — indicate that this attribute has been under strong selective pressure. Darker skin appears to be strongly selected for in equatorial regions to prevent sunburn, skin cancer, the photolysis of folate, and damage to sweat glands (Sturm et al. 2001; Rees 2003).

          A study published in 2007 found that 25% of genes showed different levels of gene expression between populations of European and Asian descent.[28][29][30][31][32] The primary cause of this difference in gene expression was thought to be SNPs in gene regulatory regions of DNA. Another study published in 2007 found that approximately 83% of genes were expressed at different levels among individuals and about 17% between populations of European and African descent.[33][34]

          So it is not absurd for me to point to Africans dominating both sprinting and endurance running as an indication of deep diversity within the population. Hope we can agree this.

  26. Mike Barnes

    One further point – it is absurd to say African evolved less merely because some Africans expanded out of Africa 40,000 years ago.

    The direction of human evolution has always been towards greater brain size and sophistication – from austrolopithecus, to habilis erectus, ergaster then homo sapiens.

    African evolution occurred over a period 4 million years and culminated in modern humans.

    The pressures of living in Africa are what caused humans to evolve. The arrival of modern humans in Europe and Australia 40,000 years ago did not stop or reverse this process of African evolution.

    To claim that humans in Africa somehow de-evolved to become less human than humans in Europe goes against the experience of the previous homo species to enter Europe (the Neanderthals and Homo Erectus) 0.5 to 1.5million years before.

    The Neanderthal expanded from Africa to Europe much like the European. There he and evolved and differentiated over a much longer period – 500,000 years than the 15,000 years of present Europeans. As we all know Nenderthal was not successful in the end. The latest model of human, basically us, (version homo sapien. 002) expanded from Africa and was more succesful than the cold-adapted Neanderthal.

    The most successful genes in the evolution of homo sapiens have arose in Africa among hunter gatherer populations. This has been seen repeatedly over the course of human evolution.

    • Kiwiguy

      The thing is there were probably ongoing changes in response to new cultural environments.

    • msteel

      Another Negro with his “We built the pyramids bullshit” Are you also going to tell me like most Afro-centrists would that Negroes also built Stonehenge, the Parthenon, the Coliseum, even the Great Wall of China?
      Yes, of course, the White man stole the Black mans technology then chased him into the jungles where he forgot how to build pyramids and instead learned to build mud huts. If it looks like an ape, acts like an ape, and reasons like an ape what else could it be?

      • TK

        So you are saying whites built it. Please read up on history before commenting. Greeks, persians, Romans were a mixed race. The first settlers were blacks before been invaded by the alibinos . The albinos were cave dewellers who were very skilled in warfare and less skilled in civilization.You keep saying apes when DNA reasearch proves you alibinos came from Africa. This just makes you a mutated black man who could stand the effect of the sun . Who had to travel to the cold regions to survive. You dear say ape . Shows how ignorant you are.

  27. Mike Barnes

    “For example, ~90% of the variation in human head shapes occurs within continental groups, and ~10% separates groups, with a greater variability of head shape among individuals with recent African ancestors ”

    Note that the largest and the smallest homo sapien brains would be found within Africa

    However brain size has a low correlation with intelligence (within humans) and this area of science is now largely discredited.

    • Objectivity

      Actually the largest brains are found among the new and improved genetically superior race: Mongoloids. It’s a myth that Sub-sahara is the land of genetic variation. There’s far more FUNCTIONAL genetic variation outside sub-sahara than within.

      • Not really true at all.

        The largest brains are found among the Eskimos. The Eskimo IQ is not extremely low, but it is only 91. The world average IQ is 89. However, the Eskimo IQ is higher than the Amerindian IQ which is ~87. Eskimos are one of the higher IQ races.

        • Objectivity

          Eskimos are part of the genetically superior new and improved race: Mongoloids.

          But their IQ’s are not as high as one might expect from such big brained members of the superior race.

          This is because although they were severely selected for high intelligence by their cold climate, they lacked genetic variation because of their small population. Small populations isolated from the rest of humanity have few mutations so the intense natural selection had nothing to work with except brain size and that was not enough to negate missing out on major mutations that probably raised the IQ’s of mainstream humanity by 15 points probably giving rise to agriculture, some 10,000 years ago.

          That’s why they are 15 points lower than other Mongoloids. Bushmen, pygmies, and australoids also missed out on the 15 point mutation (too isolated) which is why they too are 15 points below other members of the primitive old race: Negroids

          Native Americans missed out on the mutation too, but still developed agriculture independently because Mongoloids are so superior, even without the 15 point mutation, they’re smart enough to discover agriculture

      • richard

        Are you asian?

      • kenneth

        To have a city people need to be farmers pre european or colonial congo:
        Black bantu agricultre spread blacks have the extra 15 point genee yay in squidward voice which sounds really sepressing.

  28. brengunn

    Fair enough Mike, when a black man wins a marathon, it’s genetic. When a white man discovers general relativity, it’s all because of knowledge we’ve nicked from other cultures.

  29. John Maynards

    Pretty simple really….
    You can take the black man out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the black man.
    Apes and blacks share one large common trait as well, they both mainly reside behind bars in the USA.
    And as for Michelle Obama, just look at that mug. She could star in Planet of the Apes without any makeup…

    • Other than the racism, I would have to say re: this comment:

      Apes and blacks share one large common trait as well, they both mainly reside behind bars in the USA.

      Oh well, LOL then.

      +1 for humor, we will give you that much at least.

    • honyok

      I will say this,considering all the Soul Brothers I have known & know – and believe me I know quite a few. They are absolutely Totally terrified of F**king snakes.
      Having said that I recently saw a show on Animal Planet and it had all these Howler monkeys up in the treetops in the jungle and they were all going completely (excuse the pun) Ape Shit (howling, hooting, throwing things) because a large python had just entered their territory.
      Does that tell you anything?

    • Truth

      Michelle Obama looks a helluva lot like Queen Tye of Ancient Egypt. Google it, you will be astonished.

      • She looks a lot like a man too. This is why Joan Rivers forbade Michelle Obama to show up at her funeral, because in her words, she was a “tranny”. Not that Obama would want to show up at her funeral.

  30. Objectivity

    The difference between liberals and conservatives:

    Conservatives deny that humans evolved from monkeys.

    Liberals deny that some humans are STILL monkeys.

  31. Objectivity

    In terms of chronological genetic distance, blacks are no closer to monkeys than any other human because all the races diverged millions of years after humans split from chimps, but in terms of functional genetic distance, blacks (including bushmen, pygmies and australoids) are closer to non-human primates because they evolved in the same ancestral climate as our monkey ancestors and thus preserved much of our monkey heritage (smaller brain, lower intelligence, more prognathous face, more promiscuity and athleticism).

    One of the defining differences between humans and apes is that apes are limited to tropical environments, so one could define the tropical races as apes. One could also define “human” as any primate population capable of creating a civilization and that would also exclude certain races.

    • Thanks for validating my argument. I knew there was somethin’ to my argument for when they do front flips into slam dunks. Dribble dribble dribble that ball baby!

  32. Kiwiguy

    This paper apparently caused some controversy for implying that (according to Jim’s blog?).

    ‘The root of the phylogenetic tree of human populations.’

  33. msteel

    Not one Black man has ever been awarded a Nobel prize in any field of science… ever. In fact, the overwhelming number of Nobels have been awarded to White Europeans. Virtually every single major invention in the past 500 years has been from the mind of the White European. Asians may have a few points in IQ but when it comes to creative intelligence the European rules supreme. Negroes the world over cannot even grow their own food to feed themselves. Where ever they go it’s chaos, mayhem, and destruction on a grand scale. Everything they touch turns to sh-t and that my friends in an empirical fact.

  34. kenneth

    No human is more evolved its just the genes rearranged to suit enviroment.

    • Bollywood Star

      Toilet Shitter Supremacists are now popping up all over the place.

      Mike Barnes made some interesting comments about genetic diversity and the history of genetics with Brengunn, who also applied good intelligence to the conversation. Give yourselves a pat on the back boys. That is the level of debate we need.

      Now, however, we have got back to sniggering and silliness.

  35. Rebel Girl

    Hunter-gatherer my butt! Maybe back in the day, but now 70%of the impoverished black community is “gathering” food stamps, welfare, free healthcare and college all paid for by everyone else’s taxes. Not sayin whites aren’t doing that too, but it’s harder to get assistance if you are white. It’s all about race for black people, but god forbid a white person says they are proud of being white… everyone automatically says they are racist. It’s such a double standard and yet it just keeps getting worse. What is our world coming to?

    By the way, blacks have big lips because they are meant for suckin down watermelon and grape drink! Haha couldn’t resist adding that last part 🙂

  36. kenneth

    Although blacks are haplogroup E the race is only 50,000 yrs old and ironically african americans and west african genes E1B1 is only around 2500 yrs old thats quite younger than whites which is 45,000 yrs old besides nothing is more evolved its just rearranged dna to suit its enviroment if any thing was to be more evolved it would be the banana its more genetically more complex than humans and recently evolved its an asian fruit and recently came to africa so its good africans food a new crop to farm alomg with cattle fishing and poultry ironically chicken is asian to thats why its always in their curries lol.

  37. boam

    so theres a 5 thousand year difference between blacks and whites??

  38. boam

    are blacks more evolved than native Americans?? you killed them off more and they got hurt more..

    • Environmental resources were lacking in pre-colonized America for the advancement intechnology.

    • EPGAH

      They attacked Americans more WHEN AMERICANS WERE READY FOR THEM! It’s not like South Africa, where savages got guns&bombs from an outside source and slaughtered the civilians while avoiding the police/military!

  39. boam

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    • sebber

      Yes, but it sounds like you have human (white DNA) in you – so you would be more human than an organic African primate.

  51. Swedish shit

    Man the title of this is so racist. It almost defies belief it is so racist.

  52. Jordanes

    What have Africans ever done to benefit modern society?

  53. sebber

    Its a known fact that blacks have miniscule IQs, about 65 – 85 — I’d say they are probably animals as oppossed to humans. It would explain why they cause all the crime and live off the welfare we give them. Sadly in PC times we can’t talk about this properly — but to anybody with a brain, to look at the negro, it is an obvious ape.

  54. Seth

    Let’s see:

    Hairy bodies: whites (whites also have the same hair type as apes and monkeys and dogs and rats and horses and pigs, etc.)

    Long torsos/short legs: whites

    Flat asses: whites

    Thin lips: whites

    Pink gums: whites:

    Deep brow ridge: whites

    Underneath the hair most monkeys and apes are WHITE. Need I go on? Obviously whites have a lot more in common with monkeys and apes than blacks do.

    • Since you’re too lazy (black) to read all the posts here, and contribute nothing by being a smart ass (black), here’s a serious critique of you people that goes unanswered.
      September 15, 2012 at 11:22 AM
      Tulio, the commonality, by and large, is poverty. Why are 90% and upwards of all the blacks in these countries poor? Why do they continue to be suppressed by whites? And even gifted blacks like Neil Degrasse Tyson are the product of a white created society. Why did the whites of Europe create all the modern technology from the bronze age to the 20th century? Why is it that until just a few hundred years ago blacks were still just hanging out in jungles, the bush land, and not getting past agriculture? And don’t tell me their environment didn’t allow for that because that’s nonsense. It’s questions like these that made me wonder about the mental evolution of whites correlating with a change in their appearance verses blacks. I mean, we’re having this discussion right now, but if whitey had left your ancestors be, would you still be shooting darts in Africa today?

      • Pepperoncini

        The Bantu expasion was facilitated by agriculture, the start of which was around 5000 years B.P.

        ” Judging from a number of recent publications, the long-running debate over the origins of iron smelting in sub-Saharan Africa has been resolved… in favor of those advocating independent invention. ”

        “Africa south of the Sahara, it now seems, was home to a separate and independent invention of iron metallurgy . . . To sum up the available evidence, iron technology across much of sub-Saharan Africa has an African origin dating to before 1000 BCE. ”

        So you are quite a bit off with your timeline on SSA development.

      • Seth

        You’re asking a bunch of questions premised on myth and lies. Who can answer questions predicated on such nonsense? Dude, you are on the Internet. Google African kingdoms and civilizations. You have no excuse other that a desire to remain ignorant and stupid.

        Why were your ancestors barbarian savages for thousands of years contemporaneous with great civilizations elsewhere, some of them black? After Rome conquered your ancestors and attempted to bring them into civilization, whey did they revert back to barbarism in the Middle Ages, yet again falling hundreds of years behind contemporary cultures?

        Just 200 years ago Europeans were burning “witches” and “heretics” alive. Their “medicine” consisted basically humors, bleedings and other such garbage. Meanwhile Africans were conducting sophisticated brain surgery and cesarean sections.

        Europeans were the only people on the planet that thought that filth and dirt were actually good for you, and cleanliness and hygiene should be avoided. So they lived in the most disgusting type of filthy conditions and they went entire lifetimes without a bath. Even their royalty did.

        If your people did not interact with other more advanced cultures, you would likely be in a cave right now, wearing animal skins. Your most advanced tech would be a wooden club or a stone axe.

        • How did those grand African kingdoms work out for you? The truth is, for centuries, the blacks have been great at one thing – bitching about the white man. That, and basketball.
          Yeah guys, you got me on the agriculture thing. Robert corrected me on that months ago, I just didn’t remember to change it. Not that it matters. Ah, where would blacks be today without all that smelting? Or, where would they be today without the white man?

        • Seth

          How did the grand African kingdoms work out for me? Just fine.

          Provide evidence that blacks have been bitching abut the white man for centuries. You’re actually a caricature of a racist clown. You’re just making shit up or regurgitating shit you read on stormfront.

          Basketball? LOL. My parents are African immigrants. They play soccer in most of Africa, not basketball. Big hint, genius: black Americans are not the only blacks in the world.

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          a simple way to see who is more intelligent, is just by looking who made the world around us, i see stuff made by whites and asians, and none by blacks, that is the best way to know if some group is more intelligent than other, stuff made by whites that i have include: a Dell laptop, stuff made by asians that i have are: a Hyundai car,a Panasonic tv and a LG cell phone
          in my computer i like to use Youtube, a page created by 1 asian and 2 white caucasians,,,that is the evidence
          PS: there is nothing to be ashamed about being less intelligent, women are weaker than men so they have their different standards and most of them are happy

        • coward

           DRD4 (“dopamine receptor D4”), Chromosome 11, controls sex drive. (Zion, 2006
          ). Some studies found that an allele is associated with novelty-seeking personality traits in two European populations (Benjamin, 1996
          ), but other studies did not confirm this.
           ACTN3 (“alpha-actinin-3”), Chromosome 11, codes for fast twitch muscle fibers. The R allele encodes a functional copy of the protein but the X allele does not produce the protein; 25% of Asian populations are deficient, 18% of Europeans, but less than 1% of the African Bantu population. (Yang, 2003
           AVPR1a (arginine vasopressin 1a receptor), Chromosome 12, influences social bonding and altruism in humans and some animals. People with a long promoter of the RS3 allele are more altruistic than persons with a short promoter. (Knafo, 2007
           ACE (“angiotensin I-converting enzyme”), Chromosome 17. It converts angiotensin I to angiotensin II, but is also involved in athletic ability. Racial differences are not yet known.
           MAOA (“monoamine oxidase A”), X Chromosome. This gene codes for an enzyme which sits on mitochondrial membranes in neurons and degrades several important neurotransmitters, including several believed to be important in the regulation of aggression and impulsivity. (Moran, 2006
          ). People with the short version of MAOA were found to be more violent and generally more antisocial than those with the long version. Also, people with low levels of the enzyme who were mistreated as children have significantly higher crime rates. (Moffitt, 2005
          ; Meyer-Lindenberg, 2006
          ). Different ethnic groups have different alleles. (Wikipedia, “Monoamine Oxidase

           Skin, Hair,& Eyes
           EDAR (“ectodysplasin A receptor”), Chromosome 2, controls hair thickness. East Asians have two copies of an allele that gives them thick hair. (Am. Soc. of Human Gen., Annual Meeting, Oct. 23-27, 2007).
           MATP (“melanoma antigen transporter protein”), Chromosome 5, affects skin color. “The L374F mutation was present at an allele frequency as high as 0.96 in the German population, whereas it was completely absent in the Japanese population.” (Yuasa, 2004
          ). There are at least 118 genes associated with skin pigmentation (Lao, 2007
           AIM1 (“absent in melanoma 1”), Chromosome 6, influences skin color. The 272K allele is common in Asian populations, such as Chinese (43.4%), Sinhalese (20.4%), and Tamils (12.1%), but is rare in Europeans (2.5%), Xhosans (Bushmen, 3.4%), and Ghanaians (4.1%). The 374F allele is exclusively found in Europeans (91.6%), but not in the other five populations (0%–1.9%). (Soejima, 2006
           TYR (“Tyrosinase”), Chromosome 11. This gene and the MATP gene have a predominant role in the evolution of light skin in Europeans but not in East Asians, who evolved light skin independently. (Norton, 2006
           KITLG (“KIT legand”), Chromosome 12. About 20% of the differences in pigmentation between people of African and northern European descent is due to different alleles of this gene. (Miller, 2007
           OCA2 (“oculocutaneous albinism II”), Chromosome 15. This gene can cause albinism, but the genetics are different in Caucasians and African Americans. (Lee, 1994
          ). It also affects eye color. (Duffy, 2007
           HERC2, (“HECT domain and RCC1-like domain-containing protein 2”), Chromosome 15, can reduce the production of dark pigment (melanin) by adjacent gene OCA2, resulting in blue eyes, blond hair, and light skin; 97% of blue-eyed people have the same allele. The high frequency of the blue-eyed allele in Scandinavia implies that allele significantly increased reproductive success. (Eiberg, 2008
           SLC24A5 (“solute carrier family 24, member 5,” aka the “golden pigmentation gene”), Chromosome 15. An allele of this gene that changes a single amino acid in a protein plays a major role in giving Eurasians lighter skin than Africans. (Lamason, 2005
          ). The European allele is not the same as the Asian allele. (Norton, 2006
          ). This gene is also expressed in the brain. 4

           MC1R (“melanocortin-1 receptor”), Chromosome 16. There are over thirty alleles for this gene. The gene helps determine hair and skin color, but not eye color. (Mueller, 2006
          ). Africans (and tropical indigenous people in general) have an ancestral allele for this gene and only synonymous alleles (i.e., alleles that code for the same amino acids) of this gene; the alleles are ancient and code for eumelanin, which results in black skin and hair. (Harding, 2000
          ). Europeans have alleles for blond, red, brown, and black hair.
           KRT41P, aka KRTHAP1 (“keratin 41 pseudogene”), 5
           Chromosome 17. This gene is present in chimpanzees, gorillas, and man, and codes for body hair. It was turned off in man about 240,000 ya. (Klein, 2002
          , p. 203).
           EYCL1 (“eye color 1” aka “gey”), Chromosome 19, codes for green and blue eye color; EYCL2 (“bey1”), Chromosome 15, codes for brown eyes, and EYC3 (“bey2”), Chromosome 15, codes for brown and blue eyes. (Wikipedia, “Eye Color
          “). Five to ten genes may be involved in eye color.
           ASIP (“agouti signaling protein”), Chromosome 20. The 8818G allele is associated with darker skin color in Africans and African Americans; since the allele also is found in African apes, it is “ancestral” in Africans. (Norton, 2006,

           Health & Disease
           LCT (“lactase gene”), Chromosome 2, codes for lactase, an enzyme that catalyzes the digestion of lactose, milk sugar. An allele that enables adults to digest milk sugar arose in northern Europe only recently, between 5480 BC and 5000 BC. The allele was strongly selected and its possession by over 90% of northern Europeans may help explain how Indo-Europeans were able to spread so suddenly about 4000 ya. The vast majority of Asians and Africans do not have it, but the Tutsis more recently independently evolved a lactose-tolerant allele. (Burger, 2007
          ). Since all children are lactose-tolerant and most adults are not, “lactose tolerance may be considered a form of neoteny.” (Wikipedia, “Lactose Intolerance
           CCR5 (“chemokine (C-C motif) receptor 5”), Chromosome 3. The delta 32 deletion of this gene appeared more than 5,000 ya in southern Finland and may have provided some protection against smallpox. Today, only a small percentage of Europeans have this deletion (1%, though 10% of European Jews have it), but it protects them from the AIDS virus (Zimmer, 2001
          , p. 222-225), though it increases their risk of illness from flaviviruses, such as West Nile virus; it is not found in Asians or Africans. (Smith, 1997
          ;Stephens, 1998
           PDE4 (“pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy”), Chromosome 5. An allele of this gene is involved in cardiovascular disease and lung cancer susceptibility. Blacks who smoke up to a pack a day are far more likely to develop lung cancer than whites who smoke similar amounts. Blacks may have less protection against lung cancer because they were subjected to less smoke, as fire is not needed as much in the tropics. (Garte, 2001
           CYP3A5 (“cytochrome”), Chromosome 7, acts to retain salt in the kidneys. It is common in Africans, who live in a hot climate where salt is lost through sweat and is not easily available. The CYP3A5*3 allele, which is non-functional, is far more common in Eurasians (96% for the Basques in the Pyrenees Mountains) than in Africans (6% in Nigeria). Thus, Africans who live in white civilizations retain too much salt, leading to cardiovascular problems. Another gene, AGT M235, which is also involved in salt retention, has a similar distribution. (Thompson, 2004
          ; Roy, 2005
           CASP12 (“cysteinyl aspartate proteinase”), Chromosome 9. Having the non-functional version of this gene better prevents sepsis (infection of the blood and tissues by bacteria). The loss of function occurred 51,000 to 74,000 ya. (Wang, X., 2006
          ). This gene HBB (“hemoglobin beta chain”) on Chromosome 11, codes for the beta strand of hemoglobin. A single copy of an allele of this gene protects against malaria, but two copies cause sickle cell anemia; 6
           it is found mostly in people living in malar

        • Seth


          You’re obviously a white racist trolling as black. You even have all their ridiculous talking points down to a tee.

          If there’s all this great evidence that races differ in intelligence why do white bigots like you exhaust so much energy trying to convince yourselves and others of that? Shouldn’t it be so obvious such that it would be clearly apparent so that you clowns wouldn’t have to mount such extensive diatribes trying to prove it?

          Prove it. Prove that races differ in intelligence on a genetic level. Citing IQ means doesn’t prove shit and I will tear that “evidence” apart if you’re dumb enough to introduce it. The proof has to be genetic. Cite one credible, mainstream, peer-reviewed document that confirms your postulate on a genetic level. Either that or shut up.

          African immigrants are cream of the crop? You just made that up. Where’s your proof? A dumb African is just as likely to immigrate as a smart one. I know this from first hand experience.

          The rest of your drivel is comic fodder as far as I’m concerned.

        • Seth

          @Naruto Uzumaki:

          You see what you want to see. The personal computer, invented by a black man. Video game consoles, invented by a black man. Don’t believe me? Google it. While you’re at it, Google African-American inventors so you’ll stop making a fool of yourself on Internet forums.

          Black Americans alone have invented more groundbreaking and useful modern technology than all of Asia combined. Asia has copied and adapted technology, but they haven’t innovated much of it. And I hate to speak ill of Asians but you appear to be an Asian with an unwarranted racist and supremacist world view.

          All that being said, races and cultures can be more technologically advanced, but they cannot be more intelligent. If you go back to the time of the great Egyptian and Nubian civilizations both the Japanese and than Europeans weren’t much more than savage cavemen. So you just can’t freeze time and say “aha! these people are more technologically developed, therefore they’re more intelligent.” That’s just stupid.

          There’s absolutely no evidence that human intelligence is unequally distributed among large population groups or races.

        • Seth


          I assure you no one’s reading your long, meandering, unsourced, unreferenced pseudoscientific copy/paste junk. If you think that’s what constitutes proof, then I would question your own intelligence.

          I’ve told you how to prove your thesis. It is the international standard among smart, rational, scientifically literate human beings. Now do it or shut up.

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          but Egypt had a river (assuming that egyptians were black), every of the first civilizations had more benign climate, when you develop civilization in harder climates, that is a sign of intelligence, i didn’t said that blacks don’t have a bit of intelligence, just less, the amount of white and asians inventions are bigger than blacks, if intelligence vary between children of a class, why the average of certain races not? being inteliigence or something else, blacks lack something that let them create as much stuff as other races, the thing of non innovative asians is old, true to an extent, but common…, remenber the chinese gunpowder and paper, or the japanese Nintendo Wii or Toyota Prious.., if i were black i would accept the truth and embrace my positive traits, i as a person am bad at mathematics, but i won’t argue pointlesly that i could have the same capacity, instead i ignore it,don’t care about it and focus in drawing or singing, you as a black can be good at sports or rap

        • Seth

          @Naruto Uzumaki:

          Egypt had a river? LOL. There weren’t any rivers or bodies of water anywhere else, eh? Maybe this discussion is out of your depth. Take your own advise, acknowledge your intellectual inferiority and move on. No one is going to put you in a camp for dumb people. And, yes, the Ancient Egyptians were black. While they were designing and erecting grand structures and monuments your ancestors were living, eating and defecating in the same caves.

          You mentioned inventions. I told you that black Americans have been vastly more inventive in terms of modern technology than all of Asia combined. Instead of acknowledging you were wrong or at least trying to defend your original thesis, you double down on repeating the same inane bullshit like some robot. This means you’re an ideologue and cultist. You have your head stuck firmly in the sand with respect to anything that doesn’t comport with your delusional ideology.

          Not only have blacks been much more inventive than Asians in terms of modern technology, the pop music and culture that Asians consume is primarily of black origin. Do you think that the people who created soul, the blues, jazz, rock and roll, funk, hip-hop, etc. are less inventive and less intelligent than a moronic piece of shit like you? Why couldn’t Asians create their own pop culture?

        • Seth

          @Naruto Uzumaki:

          There is a proven correlation between intelligence and one’s ability to absorb different languages. The black people whose intelligence you are impugning in broken English are able to converse in impeccable English. I know, English isn’t your first language, but it isn’t theirs either. Africans typically will have a mastery of 4, 5, 6 or more languages, including English. Go to any website frequented by Africans or even African Americans and you will never see the type of English language butchery you are exhibiting here. That means they’re smarter than you are. Much smarter.

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          being 1 of those that say that egyptians were black, i am even almost considering u a troll, that is such a huge descredit to someone, i did study a bit of psychology and my analisis of ur behaviour is that u show pride, which is natural in humans, ur black pride blind u, however i will give u a tip, show ur pride in things that u are good at, don’t claim that u are in the same level in everything, i do recognize my inferiority in mathematics but i cultive myself in drawings and music, also, the pop entertaiment culture of graphic novels that blacks consume is primarily of asian origin, do you think that the people who created Ukiyoe,Gongbi and Manga, have the same talent as black people?i don’t think so, blacks couldn’t create their graphic novels

        • Seth

          @Naruto Uzumaki:

          You must be out of your fucking mind if you believe Asians invented graphic novels, TV’s, cell phones, automobiles or hybrid automobiles. Asians never invent anything, they copy.

          Since your English is so crude, let me repeat: ASIANS DO NOT INVENT, THEY COPY. So if you’re using inventiveness or lack thereof to gauge intelligence, then Asians are stunningly less intelligent than blacks given that just a few million black Americans invented vastly more modern technology than all 2 billion Asians combined. You even tried to attribute the invention of the Wii to Asians when in fact a black man invented the video game console and Asians simply did what they always do — copy it.

          With respect to the Ancient Egyptians we can either believe the Egyptians themselves who left copious amounts of evidence as to their black African heritage. Or we can believe some anonymous broken English spewing Asian troll like yourself. Google Ancient Egyptians. Now what color are those people? They are varying shades of brown like black people are today and have always been. Google Kemsit. The very first pic will be of this regal black Egyptian queen with two of her ladies who are grooming her Afro.

          You’re a joke.

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          u are more stubborn than feminist denier of gender differences, i don’t have to complicate things for me, this time i will do a little effort: stop believing ur own lies and accept it, be brave

        • Seth

          @Naruto Uzumaki:

          Trying to equate gender differences to racial differences in intelligence is further proof of your stupidity. Gender differences exist, racial differences in intelligence do not exist. Fact.

          It’s not enough to hope and wish that black people are less intelligent, you have to prove it. You haven’t done so, and neither has anyone else here. I can post links to videos of black people who are more intelligent than any white or Asian person you have ever known or will ever know. Let me repeat, there are black people who are in the top 0.1% of human intelligence. How the fuck would an intellectually inferior race produce such people?

          You’re never going to go beyond wishfully hoping for a racial hierarchy in intelligence because the science, the facts, the history and the reality clearly confirm that whites and Asians ARE NOT innately more intelligent than blacks. You believe otherwise? Show me. Prove it. Inventions? I’ve already established that black people are more inventive than Asians.

      • So you’re a genius who two weeks ago was spamming this page like a troll, ranting about how all Jews ought to be put to death and that Hitler was awesome. That’s great, really great.

      • TK

        Hanging in the jungle where did you get that . Am sure ur mama told you. You whites came to trade with people or you think you just pluckd the people from trees . It pains me to see how people are still ignorant in the 21st century. So cos for 500years you are the most technologically advanced what were you doing before that dwelling in caves and mating with horses. There’s a word that the ancient romans used to describe you its called a barbarian.

  55. coward

    Hey Robert that book Erectus Among Us was written by Richard D. Fuerle, not Richard Hoste. Fuerle also has a website called Erectus Walks Among Us.

    • RunswithScissors

      Blacks are not Homo Erectus. They are Homo Sapiens, like you and me. There is compelling evidence that they have a lower IQ than most other races, but they are very much human. The rest of humanity emerged from Africa. They stayed behind. Eurasians gained higher IQs for what are currently speculative reasons while Blacks, it seems, did not progress as much in that regard.

      • Seth

        There is also compelling evidence that black Africans and their U.S. and UK born children dramatically outperform whites in terms of scholastic and occupational attainment. I’d rather rely on real world direct evidence over IQ tests. IQ tests measure acculturation and test taking acumen more than intelligence.

        • Mott

          That’s because the black Africans that emigrate to the U.S. and U.K. are the elite- the upper 1% of African society. The smartest ones, YOU DUMBSHIT!

          (sorry for the ad hominem- but you deserve it)

        • Seth

          Bullshit. Prove it. That happens to be my background. So I know infinitely more about it than you do. You think all the smartest Africans just happened to depart for America and the UK? LMAO.

          Let me give you a case study. You have two Africans, one brilliant, the other not so bright. The brilliant one has no friends or family in the U.S., but the dumb one does. Now who the fuck do you think is more likely of the two to immigrate?

          Another case study. A genius African is penniless. But the dumbest African in town comes from a wealthy family. Once again, dummy, which one is going to immigrate? Don’t think so hard now. I know you don’t have a surplus of brain cells to work with.

          Intelligence is the last thing the immigration process selects for. Far more important are desire, funding and family connections in the target country. People who are already in country bring family members over. It makes no difference to them whether those family members are smart, dumb or inbetween.

        • Mott

          That’s your background? Oh, then you’re right- only the stupid ones are here. BTW- your “compelling evidence” sounds more like a hallucination. There are smart blacks. Some very smart ones. But their numbers are fewer as a percentage of the whole- in the U.S. and in Africa. Look at an IQ chart. Oh, I forgot- you can’t read- just talk insane nonsense. Egyptians were all blacks, made the pyramids…looney tunes!

          You are destroying your argument and doing your race a disservice.


        • Seth


          Prove that only smart Africans immigrate here. Don’t just run your mouth, prove it. Cite immigration data, do something. Commonsense and my own experiences and the case studies I gave you should cause you to realize that a dumb immigrant is just as likely to come here as a smart one. That was true of European immigration to the U.S. and it’s true of African immigration as well.

          As you have admitted that there are smart as well as very smart blacks, what exactly is your point then? Case closed per your own admission. That means that black people also have whatever it is that makes people smart. Or you think there are smart blacks but fewer of them? How is that even possible genetically? Nature somehow decreed that there should be a smaller percentage of smart blacks? Really? That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. Nature most definitely doesn’t behave that way. That’s why there isn’t a single chimpanzee than can do calculus or rocket science or brain surgery. Either a “race” has human intelligence or they don’t. There’s no wiggle room scientifically.

          The African IQ data you are citing is fraudulent. No credible IQ study has been done on Africans. Consequently, let’s rely on tangible, real, direct evidence. When Africans and whites are in the same United States environment, Africans dramatically outperform whites in terms of academics and occupation. Google **Africans, the smartest Americans**.
          The U.S. born children of those Africans (who are not immigrants) do even better than their parents. So should we rely on this hard evidence or the “studies” conducted by various quacks and scientific racists? Your answer will tell me how smart YOU are.

  56. Mark

    Personally, I think blacks act like apes more than they physically appear like apes.

  57. Mark

    The irony, I think, is that during the slavery era in the United States blacks walked around the fields picking up cotton for the whites, now blacks walk around the mall picking up cotton clothing owned by the whites. Black culture is all about materialism and appearances, and young blacks especially just eat all of this up feverishly: cars, clothes, jewelry… all owned by whites. Even rappers work for record labels owned by whites. It’s all carefully packaged and sold under the guise of black empowerment but they’re all still slaves, except now they’re slaves to their own desires. Who’s the real sucker here? There’s a vast psychological difference between being free and being freed.

  58. Seth


    You’re just spamming the shit out of the board with laughable pseudoscience. You even cited Rushton as an authority. LOL. What black person would cite a clown like Rushton? You’re a white racist, which sort of explains your lack of smarts.

  59. Thanks for dolling out all that fiction on black exceptionalism, Seth. It literally made me laugh out loud; it’s been an entertaining evening on here. As far as things getting personal, I’ve formed two opinions so far – Seth is definitely black, and coward is nice but insane.

    • Seth

      The difference between you and me is that I can support everything I’ve written here with hard, verifiable evidence. So-called white nationalists like yourself can never make that statement. Your debating tactic is to introduce lies, delusions and fraudulent or out of context “statistics.” You’re a fanatic and a cultist, therefore the truth and reality are anathema to you. Anything that doesn’t comport with your delusional alternative reality is shunned or ignored.

      We have this white racist Coward trying to troll as a black guy. He’s quoting all kinds of nonsensical pseudoscience, including Erectus Walks Among Us, which is a laughable racist screed unfit even for toilet paper. Of course that instantly makes him “nice” in your estimation.

      • As far as I’m concerned, you’ve giving me a good song and dance, and will get off the stage. Next you will tell me that a black man discovered America.

      • Brengunn


        There really is no evidence to back up your claims of Africans having equal, much less greater intelligence than Europeans and Asians. Even conceding the point that IQ tests have no intrinsic value there is still a wealth of evidence for an intellectual hierarchy among the various races, with Africans coming a distant third to Europeans and Asians.

        Where are these great African intellectuals you speak of? And why, if they have added so much to the sum of human knowledge, have they failed to capitalize on these inventions like whites and Asians have?

        All the leading universities of the world are, for the most part, populated by Europeans and Asians, are they discriminating against people of African heritage? Certainly not, the truth is these universities are bending over backwards to accept black students but there simply aren’t enough with the required aptitude.

        You keep saying you’ve proved that Africans are more inventive than Asians but give no evidence to back your claims. This is certainly true when it comes to music but in an academic sense it’s completely preposterous.

        I have no idea about the remarkable educational attainments of African immigrants in America but I can tell you that in Europe the reverse is true. Here in the UK the pattern is the familiar one of black educational under-performance when compared to their white contemporaries.

        PS, I checked your statement about a black guy inventing the first games console and it turns out to be bogus. The real inventer was a German Jew by the name of Ralph Baer. I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised.

        • Seth


          You’re the one who needs to prove your theory. Your theory is rejected by mainstream science and mainstream academia. It’s considered quackery if not outright stupidity. On the other hand, my position enjoys mainstream consensus even among ordinary people who are exposed to people of different races. Nobody who works with blacks, whites and Asians comes away thinking “oh gee those blacks are less intelligent than the whites and Asians.”

          So you have the burden of proof, not me. The claim that there is a genetics-based racial hierarchy in intelligence is an extraordinary one. Yet you make the claim without one shred of evidence and despite unimaginably vast amounts of contradictory evidence that demonstrate CONCLUSIVELY that there is no such racial hierarchy.

          This kid is likely smarter than any white person you have ever known, know currently and will ever know:

          I know you’re going to say he’s an exception blah blah. Bullshit. You want more? I’ll give you more.

          Do you know anyone as smart as these kids?

          There’s much, much, much more.

          Don’t be silly with your talk of history and inventions and so on. Northern Europe was a barbaric wasteland for most of recorded history. Civilization was brought to them, they didn’t develop it organically. They didn’t invent anything, they didn’t build or engineer anything for thousands of years while others did. Why was the so-called intelligence gene you claim Europeans have in greater abundance evidently turned off for most of human history? Human intelligence doesn’t even work the way you think it does. Some hunter-gatherer San tribesman in South Africa could be innately more intelligent than a white executive sitting in an office tower in Johannesburg.

          Racists tend to be deeply delusional. No piece of reality will penetrate the bubble. Here’s an article eulogizing the inventor of the modern video game console. It’s written by a white guy:

          Here’s another:

        • Brengunn


          Your theory is rejected by mainstream science and mainstream academia.

          Yes, you’re right, it certainly is rejected by academia. But in word only, in deed, far from being rejected it really is quite blatantly accepted judging by the paltry numbers of black academics amongst the ranks of highly respected academics. The mouth says one thing while the hands do another.

          Again, I’m sorry but there is no vast amount of evidence supporting an intellectual equivalence among the races. From IQ tests, high school graduation rates and sat scores to attendance numbers at elite universities, employment levels in cutting edge science and tech companies and peer reviewed science publications, Africans lag behind Europeans and Asians by quite a distance in all of these and surely many more not mentioned. This pattern is consistent and long standing, I have yet to read a satisfactory explanation other than an innate difference in intelligence and/or aptitude.

          Your video examples are meaningless. I have not said that blacks are stupid, I don’t believe that for a second. I’m sure there are many black geniuses but there are just far fewer of them when compared to Europeans and Asians. This is, I’m sure, why SS Africa never built an intellectual culture that could compare to Asia or Europe, there simply was never that critical mass of geniuses to spread revolutionary ideas.

          Your claims about Northern Europe are relative, and only relative to Southern Europe. Yes, civilisation started first in the south but they had significant advantages over the Northerners, foremost among them being climate and geography. The balmy weather of the Med enabled culture to flourish because less time had to be set aside for crop growing and physical labour. The calm med sea was small enough that ideas from several distinct cultures could travel quickly and be improved upon, which drove innovation. In the North the seas were wild and cold and far more dangerous, communities were more isolated so there was never that quick exchange of ideas. Still, compared to other areas of the world Northern Europe was far ahead. We had accurate astronomy thousands of years before Christ. We had some of the finest gold and metal work in the world. And far from having culture only thrust upon us, Vikings, independently of Greece, set up their own democracy in Iceland.

          Some hunter-gatherer San tribesman in South Africa could be innately more intelligent than a white executive sitting in an office tower in Johannesburg.

          Really? The chances of that being true are so small as to be laughable. Even the most cursory thoughts about the nature of breeding will convince you of this.

          Well, I’ll give it to you that Jerry Lawson was clearly important in the history of video games but he didn’t create the first video console, he created the first one to accept cartridges. And if I were to judge him, in the way you do the Japanese in your conversations with Ken, then he merely improved it and so, deserves no credit!

          Oh, and by the way, I’m not a racist.

        • Seth


          Yes, you’re right, it certainly is rejected by academia. But in word only, in deed, far from being rejected it really is quite blatantly accepted judging by the paltry numbers of black academics amongst the ranks of highly respected academics. The mouth says one thing while the hands do another.

          That’s very cute. We all have our anecdotes. But thanks for admitting that your bullshit theory has faced universal rejection in academia. Don’t forget the scientific community, where it has also been universally rejected.

          So if there’s a relatively small number of black academics to you that means intellectual inferiority? You’ve eliminated all other causes, huh? You see, this is the difference between you and those academics you’ve admitted have roundly rejected your theories. You need intellectual capital beyond a certain minimum threshold in order to be able to consider these questions thoughtfully. But these debates invariably draw people who themselves are not very smart, ironically and laughably trying to argue for their own superiority.

          Again, I’m sorry but there is no vast amount of evidence supporting an intellectual equivalence among the races. From IQ tests, high school graduation rates and sat scores to attendance numbers at elite universities, employment levels in cutting edge science and tech companies and peer reviewed science publications, Africans lag behind Europeans and Asians by quite a distance in all of these and surely many more not mentioned. This pattern is consistent and long standing, I have yet to read a satisfactory explanation other than an innate difference in intelligence and/or aptitude.

          Actually, no. If you believe that academic outcomes correlate to intelligence then blacks are more intelligent than whites. Because the blackest people in the world, black Africans, when in the same United States environment, overwhelmingly outperform whites academically.

          Africans also grossly outperform whites in terms of occupational success.

          Your video examples are meaningless. I have not said that blacks are stupid, I don’t believe that for a second. I’m sure there are many black geniuses but there are just far fewer of them when compared to Europeans and Asians

          Use your head. My examples demonstrate that there’s nothing that whites and Asians have genetically that activates high intelligence that blacks don’t also have. Whether or not you believe that there are sufficient numbers of blacks who are academics or scientists or whatever is completely and totally irrelevant. Blacks have the exact same capabilities, period.

          This is, I’m sure, why SS Africa never built an intellectual culture that could compare to Asia or Europe, there simply was never that critical mass of geniuses to spread revolutionary ideas.

          Wrong. You’re speaking out of total ignorance. You know absolutely nothing about African history and culture. You are engaged in wishful thinking. And I must again remind you that Europe itself was a barbaric backwater for most of human history. Europe’s rise began with the Enlightenment, which itself was instigated by the Muslim world and China. Absent those influences it’s unlikely that the “geniuses” you are attributing to Europe would have ever emerged.

          Just because genius doesn’t emerge to your satisfaction doesn’t mean it isn’t there. There have always been geniuses in Europe but their societies and cultures were organized in ways that didn’t allow their genius to emerge in ways someone like you would find commendable. So while the black Egyptians and black Nubians were designing grand buildings and monuments that are still standing today, those Europeans, many of them geniuses, were in caves and mud huts.

          You need to think of other cultures the same way. That teenage South African rocket scientist could not have emerged under Apartheid. He would still be a genius but he wouldn’t have emerged. Get it?

          Ignorance about Africa is your problem not theirs. People in the West are just beginning to scratch the surface of highly refined African civilizations, cultures and kingdoms, many of whom lived much better than Europeans at the same point in history. Black Africa had superb engineering, architecture, science, medicine, astronomy and art comparable to anything ever done in Europe according to European art historians and curators.

          Yes, civilisation started first in the south but they had significant advantages over the Northerners

          So you’re making excuses for Europe, but there are no excuses for Africa, eh? This is hypocrisy at its worst.

          The calm med sea was small enough that ideas from several distinct cultures could travel quickly and be improved upon, which drove innovation.

          Oh, so you’re not so dumb after all. You know how this stuff works. You know that human development is a continuum and that cultures share, steal and borrow from each other and that contact and exchange of ideas are critical. So tell me, how much of that knowledge base radiated down to sub-Saharan Africa? Not much, correct? So one can argue plausibly that Africans are more intelligent than Northern Europeans simply by virtue of the fact that they were cut off and still were able to thrive and invent and build and develop functioning civilizations.

          Africans didn’t invent computers or the Internet or mobile technology. But because they’re no longer cut off, they’re doing amazing things now based on these technologies. In the future they will be the innovators. In fact they’re already innovating.

          Still, compared to other areas of the world Northern Europe was far ahead. We had accurate astronomy thousands of years before Christ.

          You’re deeply delusional. Frankly, I don’t think there was anything wrong with Northern Europe. But based on the average white racist’s standard of measurement, they were little more than wild animals.

          Really? The chances of that being true are so small as to be laughable. Even the most cursory thoughts about the nature of breeding will convince you of this.

          They’re no different than your own ancestors who you say were noble and great, blah blah blah, even though they were little more than savage cavemen contemporaneous with highly refined, technologically advanced cultures elsewhere.

          Well, I’ll give it to you that Jerry Lawson was clearly important in the history of video games but he didn’t create the first video console, he created the first one to accept cartridges

          People more knowledgeable and more authoritative than you consider Lawson the inventor of the modern video game console. He is also recognized as such throughout the gaming industry. That’s all that matters. People like you will always dismiss the accomplishments of black people. I believe you’re all wracked by profound feelings of inferiority and insecurity. In fact that pretty much is the definition of a bigot. That’s why you people are obsessed with this stuff. And it’s why you will never embrace reality.

          Oh, and by the way, I’m not a racist.

          I don’t give a shit. But I will commend you for at least trying to debate intelligently. That is highly unusual for people of your ilk. Usually you’re mindless robotic trolls like Coward, who do nothing but spew the same discredited lies and talking points over and over.

        • Matt

          Seth: Those kids are very impressive. But I’m wondering why those kids are not growing up to win (for example) Fields Medals. Any thoughts?

        • Matt

          Seth: Those kids are very impressive. But I’m wondering why those kids are not growing up to win (for example) Fields Medals. Any thoughts?

  60. Ken

    You are completely wrong about Asians not being innovative. According to The Economist Japan is ranked 1st in the Innovation Index – it’s been that way since it was founded in 2002:

    Checkout some these videos:

    • Ken

      A couple more :

      • Seth

        I was responding to an Asian racist. Nevertheless, it’s not a big mystery that Japan’s entire society is based upon copying the West.

        Japan is essentially a creation of the United states. And, yes, they co-opt and adapt technology, sometimes improving it. But nothing seems to emerge from scratch in Japan or China or anywhere else in Asia for that matter.

        My thesis that black Americans have invented more groundbreaking modern technology than all of Asia combined is eminently supportable.

        • Seth


          Yeah, dumb white racists will put up all kinds of websites. Is the US Patent office also a myth?

          These black inventors accomplished what they did despite withering racism. They were truly remarkable people. They were the true superior people, not jokers like you with your misplaced delusions of grandeur.

          Good thing you finally gave up the pretense of being black. You were making a complete fool of yourself.

        • Ken

          Did you even read that report?
          The data proves that Japan invents and patents more ideas than the rest of the world. Here is a more recently report from 2011:

          Patents by company, (Data from the USPTO 2012):

      • Seth


        I am not disputing that Japan is a technologically advanced society. I’m not even disputing that Asians (particularly Chinese) have been very creative and inventive in the past. China was a superpower and major center of invention and innovation when Europe was a barbaric and superstitious backwater. This why I’m careful to couch my statements in terms of modern technology. It also demonstrates that it’s the culture that changes, not the genetics. And that all humans have the same intellectual capacity, but their cultures and ways of life will take them in different directions. After all, that’s why empires rise and fall even while their genetics remain constant.

        My point with Japan is that the foundational technologies that they are adapting, refining and improving emerged elsewhere That’s why no matter what happens in rocketry, no matter how many patents are awarded, ultimately you have to credit China with the invention of the rocket. Everybody else has been tinkering with China’s original invention ever since.

        • Ken

          The Japanese patented the bullet train and is the world’s first high speed railway, it’s completely different from a normal train, you don’t just simply add a more powerful locomotive infact it’s a totally different design. That’s what patents are used for, to protect new designs.
          The British pioneered the Steam locomotive 200 years ago but the Japanese brought a new type of train into the 21st century. Currently the Japanese are exporting bullet train technology all over the world – even back to Britain.
          By your logic the British should take credit for bullet train technology, when it was the Japanese that invented it.

        • Seth


          Your points have merit, no doubt.


  61. Ken

    What? You mean we’re not all born the same?!!

  62. Seth

    Jesus,man, what exactly is your level of intelligence? You have the onus, not me. You are the one making the extraordinary claim that is inconsistent with mountains of evidence to the contrary. YOU prove that intelligence is unevenly distributed among “races” on a genetic level. YOU prove that the infinitesimal, barely perceptible sliver of genetic variability between humans is somehow responsible for discreet differentiation in group intelligence. And, please, no more copying and pasting idiotic pseudoscience junk. I mean real scientific proof that enjoys mainstream scientific support and consensus and that has been peer reviewed, tested and verified.

    In fact I have already proved my thesis. I’ve posted evidence of black people who are smarter than you, all your friends and family and every white person you know, have known and will ever know. Now, explain to me how an allegedly intellectually inferior race is able to produce such people.

    You have the burden of proof. Why can’t you clowns figure that out? Low intelligence indeed.

  63. Seth


    Is this drivel from the fantasy section of Stormfront? Respond to my posts directly and point by point if you want to debate. No one’s interested in the uninformed and uneducated ramblings of white racist zealot.

  64. Seth

    Why are my comments suddenly awaiting moderation?

  65. The world of nature created the races of mankind.
    Political Correctness, Liberalism & the using of people (ALL) as a resource on a global scale, alongside a rapid transportation system is destroying natures creation.
    Here in Britain mainstream politicians say they look forward to the day when ALL of Britain is of mixed race ( in about 30 years). Its happening all over Europe to.
    There will come a time when the white race ( Europeans ) will die out completely, but Asians Blacks Chinese etc. will still be around.
    When that happens free speech will return to the race issue, and political correctness will have served its purpose.
    Sad, but I assure you true.

      • Supposedly from the Revolutionary War era til now, Whites are much less prognathous and a lot more progressive and less archaic in a lot of ways. I think it is amazing that modern Blacks and Whites look more like each other than either looks like their own ancestors. IOW, modern Whites look more like modern Blacks than they look like George Washington! Incredible. We are all converging into some sort of a “modern race” I think.

        • Robert, that is because 80% of blacks have 20% European ancestry in America now, and the immigrants from north Africa are so European from thousands of years ago admixture that they have been called black Europeans.
          You can see from their high selection in Africa and all over the world, that everyone loves European genes, which are those with high IQ. Without that, which is recessive in even mixed backs, as they have an IQ right in between black and white average, 86.

          Sadly, a mixed and brown country is not a modern race, it is a dumbed down one. Every brown country is both stupid and violent. . .genes that come straight from Africa. Whites are a special and seperate species than the older primitive and earthly ones. . .starting with the Neanderthals, who originated the gene for brain growth. Africans who are pure have no modern gene in them.

  66. The first, modern humans were black and came from Africa. That is why I’m the progenitor of this post.

    • MP

      Smarter ones leave and seek for opportunities, the rest is lagging behind. Care to explain why the magdalenian lithic culture developed in the european continent, while lithic industries of the african continent stuck with the Acheulean biface type ?
      Hint : where life is easy, you don’t have to refine your skills, you can stay forever with outdated methods…and minds. This is exactly what Africa is all about and had always been.

      • Seth


        Like others on this board you’re spouting pseudoscience and fake history.

        I know the cold weather hypothesis is a key talking point among dumb white racists, but life was actually much easier in Europe than in Africa. It was precisely the challenging African environment that gave rise to modern humans in the first place. There were also pre-human precursors in Eurasia, but we didn’t evolve there.

        Here’s a passage from “The African Wars,” written by eminent historian and scholar Chris Peers:

        ***No other inhabited continent appears so hostile to human life. Most of the interior is vast, elevated plateau cut off from the narrow coastal plain by mountains and escarpments. To the North, access from Europe is cut off by the Sahara Desert, an obstacle as formidable as any ocean. South of the Sahara the coast has few useful harbours. and formidable rapids make most of the rivers unnavigable. Deserts and jungles cover huge areas while elsewhere the soil is often too poor to support a dense agricultural population, or alternating droughts and floods make farming a precarious business. Malaria and a host of other endemic diseases affect people and their livestock, and in places make life impossible for newcomers without the benefit of natural immunity or modern medicines.***

        Europe was a paradise by comparison. Europe was literally covered in fresh water, which is even more important than food to our survival. Even today, animals still die of thirst in Africa. And since life was easy for all European animals game was abundant and ubiquitous, fat, lazy and unwary, making them easy to hunt and kill. The cold also enabled “refrigeration” and preserved dead animals where they fell, ideal for scavenging. Conversely, Africans had to hunt and find food daily, meaning only the fittest, strongest and smartest would survive.

        • Big G

          Don’t forget the smartest left Africa. And the strongest where 7.5 ft Vikings. Now the fittest yea. Like my father said” if your gonna be stupid you gotta be tough.”

      • Seth

        That’s like saying that the smartest lions left Africa. Total stupidity. Early humans had no plans, they just wandered for thousands of years until they settled somewhere. Some wandered within Africa, some out of Africa. Going south or west from the rift valley was no different than going north. There were no borders. Or do you actually believe they had maps with the names of different continents and countries on them?

        Smarter ones leave? LOL. The stupidity here is stunning.

        • Nominay

          Yes, but the Asian lions didn’t improve technology and innovation over the African lions. Whites got to where they were by adapting and growing from various environments. It’s called evolution. You can see this in all the art asthetic too. The blacks that stayed behind in Africa were stunted in comparison. The whites came and mistakingly thought blacks were glorified apes, in part because they were about as easy to conquer and domesticate as animals. And in America, they’ve been dependent on whites ever since. We continue to live in a white controlled and white structured society. Your relatives in Africa have reacted to modern life by barbarism on each other, from the Congo to Liberia, and they largely remain in squalor. Whites were the masters of their destinies, while blacks survive to this day on handouts.

  67. blitzkrieg

    In general, I don’t know of any of the other races singularly or accumulative that really like black people: they are different. Their culture, behavior, color all inherent primitivism. If they are human, their not in the same sense as other races of the world!

  68. Miville

    Blacks seem to be more happy about themselves with a lower IQ as measured by mathematic and verbal tests, but one reason it is a pity is generally not mentioned in this kind of discussion, is the Black Man’s superior endowment as regards charismatic, spiritual and paranormal powers to influence people, and also as regards musical ear and sense of rythm which is closely related to them. Most of them are endowed at birth with subtle energy manipulation and perception powers of the kind only a few mystics and yogis can achieve after a strenuous life of exercises, and once you get that kind of powers, the joys and material advantages of intellectualism seem rather pale in comparison. Most of those who are endowed with such powers, without being more wicked than White intellectuals who are too proud of their intellect, don’t have the super high moral standards one should first have before being mighty in spirit so as to avoid a spiritual downfall, and this explains the moral corruption of African states.

  69. ugu chita

    fucking niggers

  70. Nigger Jamal

    Anytime blacks mange to takeover a neighborhood they turn it into a ghetto. Executing random niggers would do much to raise the average IQ of society as well as remove the majority of violence and drug dealers.

    • Tej doesn't


    • I’m not a black hater, but I do hate what low IQ and high testosterone as well as low Oxytocin do to a society. . .and they all happen to be in the blacks. If you realize that the pure blacks are all “niggers” and the smart ones are proven genetically to come from places that are all ancient or otherwise mixed, you will see that every exception of black brilliance is only due to the fact that the color black is dominant over white, and many mixed people are even darker than the pure ones sometimes!

  71. John

    Blacks are closer to one type of humanoid, the homosapien, while Asians & Caucasians are part neanderthal & homosapien, they’re made up of a more diverse mixing of humanoids. That along with geographical locations, diet, natural selection, etc has certainly given Asians and whites an advantage in attractiveness. Neanderthals were light skinned humanoids, it’s certainly possible this light skin gene came from them which makes Asians and Caucasians lighter skinned. Whereas this gene doesn’t exist in blacks who only came from homosapien humanoids.

  72. Tej doesn't


  73. @Coward
    You posted an excerpt from “Erectus” above that has me questioning the reasoning abilities of both you and the author of the book. In an effort to prove that blacks are deficient in intelligence for genetic reasons, the author cites studies that do the exact opposite.
    For instance:
    “FADS2 (“fatty acid desaturase 2″), Chromosome 11, is involved in processing omega 3 fatty acids to produce nutrients for the brain. An allele of this gene raises the IQ of children by about 6 to 10 IQ points if they are breast-fed. (Caspi, 2007”

    This study is a superb example of how highly polygenic, complex traits like intelligence are moderated by environmental factors. The results of this study definitively show that gene/environment interaction alone can affect IQ scores by 7 points in children with at least one C allele for FADS2 but ONLY if they were breastfed. 10% of the population carry the GG allele and receive no (IQ score)benefit from breast milk as they are unable to metabolize the fatty acids that promote neuron growth. In fact the name of the study is, “Moderation of breastfeeding effects on the IQ by genetic variation in fatty acid metabolism”.
    It can be read here:

    How the author came to the conclusion that this study supports his argument is a mystery to me. I will include the abstract below as well so there are no comebacks.

    “Children’s intellectual development is influenced by both genetic inheritance and environmental experiences. Breastfeeding is one of the earliest such postnatal experiences. Breastfed children attain higher IQ scores than children not fed breast milk, presumably because of the fatty acids uniquely available in breast milk. Here we show that the association between breastfeeding and IQ is moderated by a genetic variant in FADS2, a gene involved in the genetic control of fatty acid pathways. We confirmed this gene–environment interaction in two birth cohorts, and we ruled out alternative explanations of the finding involving gene–exposure correlation, intrauterine growth, social class, and maternal cognitive ability, as well as maternal genotype effects on breastfeeding and breast milk. The finding shows that environmental exposures can be used to uncover novel candidate genes in complex phenotypes. It also shows that genes may work via the environment to shape the IQ, helping to close the nature versus nurture debate.”

  74. not even wrong

    I don’t have a link but recently read an article that all humans are tracked back to 200 individuals from the middle east/north africa so race is really only a label. I am white by the way.

    • That is true. The location is the middle east, and the evidence points strongly to a creation story as is told in every civilized culture of the world. . .but they did not test pure blacks. The people in the middle east were created by the gods/aliens and were genetically spliced with the mitochondria of the homo erectus, to make the Neanderthal I believe. They are a hybrid, and the Denisovan is a hybrid of the hybrid. They are not actually related in a single characteristic to the homo erectus, that I am aware of, they simply got the powerhouse of the cell. The mother and father of the children of the gods were white. It’s called a three parent baby. We have duplicated it.
      The location, first blue eyed woman, Y chromosome, mythology, archaeology, bloodtype, RH- and much more all point conclusively to the black homo erectus and the white Neanderthal being two species, and homo sapiens only being a term to include us all and be politically correct. Whites are not a mix. . .except 5% of passing whites. . .who we call rednecks.

  75. Seth


    However, a fair # of Congoids to bear phenotypical similarities to Apes, possibly through micro-convergent evolution.

    That’s entirely subjective and in the eye of the beholder. There are apes and monkeys that can more easily pass for white men than black men. And in terms of sheer phenotypical characteristics in common, black people are the least ape and monkey like of all humans. Caucasian hair is, in fact, monkey hair. And while black people are relatively hairless, some whites are nearly as hairy as the average ape.

    • nominay

      The first modern peeps evolved in Africa, not Europe. Hello? Who do you think looks more like a monkey – Liam Neeson or Dijmon Hounsou? Tell me Dijmon Hounsou does not look like an APE with a straight face.

  76. nominay

    You see! Phenotypical similarities. I was right! They are closer to apes than me!

  77. nominay

    This sounds incredibly incorrect. Site your sources please.

  78. Seth


    You’re spouting nonsense. Reduced cranial capacity? LOL. I dare you to prove that stupidity. And since blacks can exhibit all the cranio-facial characteristics common to whites and Asians where are you getting the idea than certain features are exclusive to blacks? There are Africans for whom pointy noses is the norm and there are Asians for who broad flat noses is the norm. If you’re suggesting that blacks are less intelligent, go up thread and see my posts and you’ll be disabused of that ignorance.

    Whites have Neanderthal lineage and Neanderthal was essentially an apeman. Whites have more features in common with monkeys and apes and no amount of delusional white supremacist stupidity can change that.

    Rioting blacks? LOL. Whites invented rioting. And you rioted over stupid shit too. Do you know that whites rioted when a black man defeated a white man for the heavyweight title in boxing? They murdered and burned alive innocent black women and children over a boxing match.

    • Nominay

      Neandethals were not less evolved than us, per se. They drifted off from Homo Erectus in their own direction; we don’t come from Neanderthals. Neanderthals also had hooded noses, not apish ones. Neanderthals were white, and they died out because they lost out to a another species of whites.

  79. Seth


    So the first people evolved in Africa. So what? And, yes, I think Liam Neeson looks more like an ape than Dijmon Hounsou. If you see both of them naked and unshaven, it will be obvious to the rational person that Neeson is more apelike.


    You are describing the “true Negroid” archetype of white supremacist fantasies. There’s no evidence, for example, that Kenyans or Tanzanians have more robust skeletons than Germans or Norwegians. Either you’re remarkably ignorant or you’re just pulling fake pseudoscience out of your ass. References to prognathism, cephalic indexes and all the other hallmarks of scientific racism were refuted and debunked ions ago.
    I dare you to provide credible mainstream evidence that any of these traits are more common to blacks than they are to anyone else.

    You are an amateur pseudoscientific quack trying to give laughably inept ideas an air of scientism and authority. I’m sure that works on Stormfront, given the stupidity of white nationalists.

    • Manny

      I don’t believe blacks are closer to Apes.. I believe christians (white blacks and browni Ganga Dins) are closer to apes and lower forms of primates

      Now is that so wrong for me to think like that?

      • Most of what we wish was science in this argument is opinion. This being said we are vastly more alike than most people realize down to the molecular level even. That is why we can choose any paramour from the species we like and multiply. When we compare intelligence it helps to take more into consideration than color. This is an exaggeration but would you compare African doctors IQ to say rural whites from a poor community? This goes vise versa and for other examples. Besides intelligence is not something that can be tested that straight forward all the time. What can be considered intelligence varies enormously with the context,rarely is there a Mcguyver who has the ability to outshine others no matter where you put him and besides beauty and intelligence is in the eye of the beholder, so we should consider ourselves blessed to be among so much of both while wary of the ugliness that also exists in the souls of mankkkind.

      • Your a nigger so who cares what you think

    • Black people have harder, different shaped and smaller sculls, tire less quickly and have different twitch muscles then whites, which is why Kenyans win all the Olympic sports that have to do with running and jumping.

      They also have prognathism (which is far from debunked, but obvious!), smaller prefontal cortex, longer arms, shorter legs, and studies show subconscious connection in the minds of everyone with blacks and monkeys! Oh, and there’s much more too, which I’m blogging on right now, to do with IQ. Check out my last posts though and you will see the idiocy of what you spout, even before I get to the genetics part, which proves the genes for intelligence and a bigger prefrontal cortex come from the Neanderthal. (Who was as intelligent as any European, but slaughtered by jealous mixed black homo sapiens, a politically correct term to include all people.)

  80. Manny

    Koreans are closer to Apes than Africans the way I look at things

    S. korean christians praying for Buddhist temple to collapse

    Korean Christians Vandalize and Burn Buddhist Temple

  81. Manny

    Its a big issue for christians who read the “inerrant” word of god in the babel which condones slavery by prescribing to christians that it is is ok have slaves as long as its from abroad.

  82. Big G

    That is probably more modern than what I read. Probably 10 years ago they said at one time the homo was list as bottlenecked and only 30 breeding pairs exsisted. But I defure to a later claim as dna is an ongoing science .

  83. Big G

    Race doesn’t exsist

  84. Big G

    Because you can’t dna assumputions by someones looks. its a dead argument. looks and dna do run the same. period

  85. Mark

    Yet, nobody seems to want to look at the average IQ difference between blacks & whites, which is approximately 15 points…we can’t address this in public of course, because then the white population is being “sick & racist”…this has been PROVEN by science, and before you go telling me that the Asians have higher average IQs than Caucasians, my reply is: Yes, you are CORRECT…Asians on average have a higher IQ than Caucasians…I admit this, so WHY do people jump all over those who can prove that blacks are inferior (overall)???

  86. Andres Andrade

    Mark: be exact before you tell someone they are correct or not. There is no evidence to reasonably say anything on the Cauciasian IQ versus Asian IQ. There is debated yet solid evidence to conclude that the Whites IN THE U.S. score slightly lower than the East Asians IN THE U.S. (103 and 106 respectively) (Hermstein&Murray, 1994, Bell Curve). Once again: IN THE U.S. You must have noticed that unlike the African-Americans, the East Asians are immigrants in the U.S. which kills any generalization on East Asians as such, not to mention ‘Asians’ as you claim. Besides, the Jews in the U.S. have notably higher IQ than East Asians or Whites (113).

    Otherwise, there are no consistent IQ data in global scale. The Flynn and Vanhannen estimates are laughably forged to support the main thesis and in many cases not rooted in anything. Talking of global picture in IQ distribution by nations is – unfortunately – cheap shit as of now. I’d love to have the mind-stirring data on that, but I can’t pretend I don’t see the big shit hole nothingness in the assumptions that led to the figures other than standardized normalized global survey.

    Which – surprise – never happened to date.

  87. There may be a skull/bone structural link between Afros and apes, but you forget that blacks are not as hairy as other skull types, especially Caucasians. Afros do not exhibit cases of body hair as much as say Middle Easterners or Europeans, particularly southern Europeans. Probably every human race preserves one trait or another from the common human-ape ancestor.

  88. ANN


  89. chris

    OK, question—why then is the Negroid prognatic? Another story is the one of Nimrod from the bible and the Gilgamesh epic. The sons of Nimrod had sex with the animals(apes)and were driven out into Africa.Shame the poor black–they have/had no Einstein, Newton and no handwriting.They stole what they have–the Zulu tribe of south Africa even stole the Koi and San languages.

    • Dave Mowers

      That Nimrod was from Cush showing he was from the African region identified historically as Cush cannot be proven to be correct since a Kush existed in Persia-Afghanistan long before the African. In fact in ancient Hindu mythology these “Kushites” created the game of chess and their namesake was said to account for the term used when taking the king, “sacking” as they were Sacae-Celts from Central Asia.

      In fact the Chaldees say Nimrod was from the east and Kush in Afghanistan is geologically east of Babylon. The only connection of Nimrod to black people beyond that confusion is his epithet of the “Black God” which does not necessarily mean he was “black” but that he was morally corrupt and a servant of darkness.

      His name is untranslatable in Hebrew or any other Semitic language but ancient Persian language shares similarities with High-German and in Norse and High-German you can translate Nimrod from the two roots, “Nemen” and “Rud” literally becoming the “Taker of the Red” which symbolically compares to “Taker of Blood” or one could say spiller of blood or conqueror which his stories clearly show he was.

      His connection to Gilgamesh, which means “Great (Giant) Hero” in Sumerian only lies in the placement of Nimrod in Orion’s position for mythological tale remembered on the Zodiacal wheel as a fable.

      I say to you Nimrod was Aryan and was probably a large Denisovan-type Teuton and that his Persian name was Sargon but to the Greeks he is known as “Acmon” which in the Egypto-Sumerian is “Akha-Man” the “Eagle Man” synonymous with “Zeus” and “Akha” renders later into the Greek “Aga” which itself is Sumerian for “Crown” and Nimrod was said to be the first-crowned king of the world specifically the designated titular assignment of “King of the Four-Quarters” which his great grandson-descendant (1,000 years later) Naram-Sin gave himself when he reconquered his Patriarchal realm; Egypt, Turkey, Sumer, India.

      Nimrod was Agamemnon. Nimrod was the founder of Egypt and his son was known as Menes, Manis-Tusu, Asa-Manja.

  90. Maurice Cloud

    Really Robert, I have never understood your interest in this particular line of, erm, thought. Whether we like it or not we are all ‘close’ to our common ancestor(s), and clearly — judging by even the limited sampling of opinion expressed here-in — many people are depressingly content to embrace ignorance rather than the demonstrable reality of the alternative . . . Such a fallacy for anyone to confuse socio-acculturative fears and biases for, what’s the word I”m looking for . . ?, oh, yes, reality. But an understandable reaction I suppose, after all, name a single race, or culture, that does not possess in popular perception (if such perceptions are even quantifiable) traits or attributes that irritate the rest of everyone. Now a much more fascinating, and testable, thread to follow might be how race has become a weapon in the hands of people who otherwise consider themselves quite rationale even praise-worthy citizens of a supposedly enlightened society, coupled with institutional willingness to wink at such hideous behaviour . . . Cheers!

  91. Apparently nobody here understands genetics? The evolutionary distance of Homo sapiens from other apes is exactly the same. The theory that one group of people are “closer to apes” was debunked long ago.

  92. gg

    It’s not polite or helpful to say that another group of people is more apelike. And this topic seems to bring out the worst in us humans- all of us.

    • boyer

      White guys keep bringing up this Black Man Ape theory cause they have Cock envy… I mean, look at that big shlong inside their white women.

      It goes back to the southern Christian slave history

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  94. HeilGrizzler

    First of, humans are animals. This is not an opinion, its not a suggestion, its not anything. We’re all animals. We are a part of the kingdom Animalia, and eat organic materials in order to sustain our life.

    What you believe is of no concern, as this is true, and indisputable.

    Blacks are hominidae, genus homo, species sapiens, subspecies sapien, race negroid.

    What the political is term do not interest me. What does is matter if I call a person handicapped, or handicapable? He’s still physicly challenged, get the picture?

    In nature, things have a way of making sense. Not like opinions. Nature makes alot of sense.

    Blacks are overall stronger than humans, they are generally faster, and they have bodies designed for long time hunting, as lets say running down a antilope.

    About 30-35000 years ago, the neanderthals became extinct due to our species: Homo Sapiens. Apparantly they were sentient beings, and Homo Sapiens raped and killed them. And adapted to the northern enviroment, much harsher than the african enviroment, where you can breed crops, and hunt and not worry about a cold winter, thus making complicated clothing was not much of an issue.

    In egypt most of the scientific achievements were to get the river nile to do what humans wanted. The Pyramids are great, sure. But really, did not teach the general population today, anything. I am not disputing that until Alexander the Great of Macedon came into Egypt approximately 332 b.c
    Egyptions were probably the most technologically advanced.

    Farther down south in Africa, no. Their technology never reached the bronze age. And to this very day, there are parts of Africa were they have not invented the wheel. So many posters and ads with women carrying water over their heads. If you or me had been forced to carry water, I can bet we had crafted a wheel. Southern Africans as Homo Sapiens, are capabable of mimic, what they are tought in school. A few, to the extreme few, become something, it must be noted that african-americans are on general 20% smarter than africans in Africa, due to interracial breeding.

    Middle-easterns are intelligent, nearly as intelligent as Europians if given the right education. But I must distress, they have never been able to be very. Umm.. The right word would be socially intelligent. Which is why Islam is still such a great force in the middle eastern region. Whilst in Europe, religion is dwindling. But unlike the africans who are several thousands of years behind our technological evolution, middle-easterns are merely a few centuries.

    Asians are great at everything. They might have the most extreme immagionation, they have inguinity in creating new things, and they have mercantisme, which is not a racial achievement as it were first done by britain, but still. They are a huge force, and extremely intelligent, I would never begin to think that I am any more intelligent than an Asian, as Asian test the highest scores all over europe and the states, it is indisputible.
    Whites scores slightly less, middle easterns behind, and africans the lowest.

    Africans are not apes, they are from the genus Homo.
    But the race is inferior in sorts of intelligence, and is hopelessly dependant on interracial breeding if it is to have a place in this world.
    The muscular body they have, are not of any use to us anymore. So breeding for white people, will have negative effects on our intelligence and thus our race.

    I am actually unsure about latin. the spaniards have never been a super, super power like rome, or england or france, germany. etc.
    But they are probably along the line with middle easterns.

    As it states to summary:
    There is no superior race, all races are adapted to their edge of the world, and it is wrong to say that our races are merely a color. It doesnt make sense, the polar bear is another race of bears, but it is not as adapted as the brown bear, and is almost completely different from the panda.

    As stated, humans are animals. Animalia, and those who keep saying race is just a color of your skin, congratulations, you have been successfully brainwashed by political correctness.

  95. hate-a-nigger

    anybody that has anything good to say about a motherfuckin Nigger, either hasnt had to be around them, or is one. PERIOD.

    • I have been surrounded by negroes (mostly deep black, hyper-sexual, riotous Haitians) during the happiest periods of my life, and I happen to be whiter than white. It all started with a love affair. We were so much in love one with another, we so nearly missed dying of love one for another that we could not perform the whole sexual act. My love I loved died of sickle cell disease, the love I felt for her and her like that like me more than ever is alive and well. When those people asked whether I was racist, I answered “Of course, yes, but…” and they all laughed, because they were so used to the very converse. If you are racist, be glad she died before she begot my child. If you are anti-racist, be glad I have provided that mother-fucking hate-a-nigger one glorious devastating counter-example.

  96. hate-a-nigger

    There are black people, they however only comprise .01% of the population.

  97. Blacks are definitely more animalistic and sexual than others and it is what I like about them when I happen to be the friend of some. They themselves had no qualms about being so as I met them. But being more animalistic does not make you necessarily less human. In the same way developing the feminine and receptive aspect of your personality doesn’t make you less male to the point of being a sissy or a gay, quite the contrary a stronger anima as Jung puts it will nurture the male part in you even more, lil an inner mistress loving you as a warrior or a creator. In the very same manner developing the animal within you can give a better and stronger horse to your human soul, provided you undergo the necessary training to tame that horse and ride it.

    The animals the very Black are closest to are not especially apes or monkeys, though : they are nearer big cats and also constrictor snakes. They are more animalistic but being human are not specialized in the function of one animal. In Africa, some Blacks I happened to be acquainted with practised as a game or as some sort of magical or spiritual initiation behaving as various animals. I remember one guy who through meditation and rituals could behave like a buffalo, and live all day long like a buffalo, living outside in the fields, carrying tremendous weights, and eating only raw termed grain. He could also behave like a grass snake in the perpetual process of cuddling and fondling you. He could also be a leopard and pounce on big animals (and human enemies) with a simple knife, and take pleasure in eating the raw flesh of dead animals and drink water and soup like a cat.

    Many Africans I happened to be friend with entertained as a dream to be achieved one day the ideal of living naked or quasi naked in the forest or the bush (even quite close to modern cities) sleeping on the ground and eating only raw food. But that did not make them less interesting as humans. Quite the contrary they could discuss more subjects in a profound way the rich yahoos of our hotels cannot conceive. All African animals, including humans, are of the wild variety, less fit than others for industrial discipline except very physical labour and related artistry like dance. I think their role is wherever they happen to be to destroy the over-build and over-artificial environment produced by other races and bring it back to wilderness, but it might be as human to do so as building civilisations.

    It is also true that Blacks are closer to their sexual instincts and more delicious to be cuddled and loved by if they happen to be good persons, which is something only divine grace, not race can decide : in the contrary case they have a greater chance of being cruel and sadistic. As for the eternal question of the penis length, I made the observation it is longer for Blacks when flaccid but longer and also more vertical and tense for Whites when erect. Thinking always about sex and speaking of everything in terms of sexual pleasure is not an animal trait though, only humans may do that.


  99. Joe

    I suppose it is possible they are one step closer to primates in their evolutionary Development generally they Can jump higher run faster tend to be well endowed gey have closer facial facial features they are genetically different having an extra cromosome but so what everyone came from primates and it can be an advantage

  100. Big G

    its simple. African blacks have the most mito mutations. this means there are further evolved that any other gene type on the planet. All humans on the planet share 99.9 percent of their genes with every single human. with mass migrations and little isolation it is well establish that there are no clear races when looking at dna. all race criteria before dna was done by bone and skin color. in the next 50 years what little diversity that now exsists in the genome will be nearly gone. And hopefully racism with it. then we can harass people on an individual basis as there will be 100,000,000,000,000 people on the planet and no resources.

  101. Tojo

    All you have to do is look is take a good look a Jay Z, or Kanye west to see that the Negro looks more like the Bonobo than other homo sapiens. It’s that simple.

  102. Actually, primates have thin lips, like white people. I challenge you to provide a picture of any primate with full, thick lips.

    • White people look like apes! Eek! Ook!

    • Tulio

      It’s funny how many white people reflexively think monkeys have big lips. That actually don’t have lips at all, just a slit for a mouth. It’s also a misconception that apes have noses like black people. When I looked carefully at photos of ape noses what struck me is that they really don’t even have noses in the human sense. There’s just two holes above their mouth where a nose would be on a human.

  103. Since Nazi Germany has been defeated, unfortunately research on race has mostly been nullified along with things such as Eugenics, anthropology, etc.
    This is bad because surely further research could have been good and no research is ever evil. Its what humans do with it that can be good or evil.

    I think it would be of serious interest to humanity about
    – Not only if Blacks are closer to homo erectus or earlier humans than other racial types.
    – The real differences between racial types.
    To be honest even from a medical point of view, racial research could be benefitial to sort specific racial problems. For example Whites have certain skin problems more then Africans and so on. Africans often have deficiency (vitamin D) while living in cold climates.

    Surely the differences must be deep.
    But because of political correctness, the RESEARCH itself even for good purpose is too controversial.

    In my opinion this has retarded human evolution.
    Sooner or later we will discover more and more about ourselves. We need to stop shackling ourselves with political dogma.

  104. Ehud Avni

    Patrick Ewing looks like a gorilla.

    • Tulio

      He looks like a human being to me.

      • The teeth that are so protruding do it for me. The huge nose. He just looks somewhat coarse and ape like. But if he looks human to you he does too me as well. He looks half way there but not completely humanoid. I would feel somewhat strange in his presence. He just looks so different. Maybe that is what it boils down to. Caucasians are so used to seeing Caucasians it has that impact on us.

        Once while walking I Saw a black woman as dark as the night with unkempt hair and broad features and the shock hit me and sadly she noticed. I felt bad but that was my natural reaction. It happened with a black guy who lives in the next town as well. The difference is so stark sometimes it just makes you look. You have to be Caucasian to notice it like that.

  105. kelly

    Have to admit that when blacks start being the majority in a neighborhood the neighborhood simply turns to shit! This is an undeniable….Of all the oppressed and tormented races and nationalities of past and present only the negro seems to perpetuate that injustice and use it for some kind of excuse to be some of the most nasty and racist people on this planet..Even though the injustice shown to the negro in the past pales in comparison to those that some other people have faced..

    • pepperoncini

      I have watched videos of Black neighbourhoods from turn of the century. They had successfull businesses , merchants, newspapers,church attendance , clean streets etc..
      I think it is more a case of breakdown of the Black family than abything else. Whites to have seen higher divorce rates but the impact on Blacks is far more severe .

      • pepperoncini

        Meant to movie shorts from the early part of the 20th century , plus newspaper stills and commentary from the narrator of the documentary featuring said history of Black America.

      • Jason Y

        I agree strongly.

      • Nominay

        Well, I guess the moral of the story is don’t give blacks any civil rights.

        • Jason Y

          QUOTE”Well, I guess the moral of the story is don’t give blacks any civil rights.”

          Is that sarcasm?

        • Nominay

          It was I who posed the “Are blacks closer to apes?” question. You can read that and all my other carefully researched comments about watermelons and swinging from trees, at that link, and decide for yourself.

  106. Bob

    They sure do act like monkeys

  107. the fact is blacks are like homo erectus in that there fore head leans back as it leaves the brow and the brow itself in black protrudes more and the teeth and nose mouth part protrudes more this is like homo erectus people just don’t like the truth

    • Nominay

      I am not a fan of the black race, but I disagree with your scientific assessment. They have skulls just like ours. Their noses are wider to adapt to hot climates in Africa, but I don’t know why their mouths are bigger. I’m not sure if eskimos, by contrast, have small mouths or not. In any event, blacks are not a latter day Homo Erectus. They are clearly Homo Sapien. Anyone who doubts that has no better sensibility than the characters in Deliverance. The issue is whether blacks retain a vestigial primitivity; they are the first of our species. It’s like the saying, “We are all apes”. We are all blacks. Every racist white ingrate has black ancestors.

      • Dave Mowers

        “Tribe of Dan” and “Phoenicians” said to have red-hair and red-haired mummies have been found in Egypt, The Canary Islands, Libya and England. The “tribe” was expelled from Carthage in 46 B.C. by the Romans and known then as “Numidians” while in Irish mythology the “Nemedians” traveled from an unknown location in the South to the Norse lands in Sweden and Holland and taught the Norse ship-building in exchange for habitation and once their numbers were replenished invaded Ireland becoming modern-day Irish.

        These are archaeological and historical facts.

        Enter Science;

        “An earlier analysis of ancient DNA in 40,000 and 50,000-year-old Neanderthal bones, respectively from Spain and Italy, suggested that our extinct cousins had light-coloured skin and reddish hair in their European heartland.”


        “New tests on human bones hidden in a Spanish cave for some 400,000 years set a new record for the oldest human DNA sequence ever decoded”

        Now tell exactly when “white people” were “black-skinned?”

  108. Ricardo

    fucking assole without us you would have not buildd any european countries your moron \what gframmer pedo? whats it with grammer bastrd u should be ashamed to have a monicker like fuckniggers u racist prick. Your girls are chasing you and spitting on ur ugly faces you u fucktard. zthey are ;loving us we are more masculine than you but we never flaunt it like you guys suffer from inferirority complex thats why a;l; the hatred. Look at the blogger robert lindsay goat spectacled pchild enthusiast he encourages shitheads like you post these garbages. Robert lindsay withr ur attitude and misogyny Ur never gonna get any girls you like a old grandpa full of hatred keep your filth and dirtiness within your white racist ass. don’t lie about your sexiness nor the girls you have you are 60 year old virgin who got rejected by multiple girls because of your squirmy, nauseating racist ass attitude,

    • Don’t have any misogyny. I don’t encourage racist commenters. I got more women than most guys would in 10 lifetimes. Lost my virginity at age 16.

      Now nigga, please go back to your project. Don’t you have some babymommas and some crack customers on the corner waiting for you?

    • Nominay

      Robert, you should leave a post asking what language this is.

  109. Lesley

    Re: “You can pick any black out of a crowd in America, strip ‘em of his clothes and place him in a jungle and he’d look right at home. Just give him a spear and wish him good luck”

    This means they look like human beings that live in the jungle, not apes.

    That said, apes are very intelligent and capable creatures themselves…

  110. Jason Y

    The comparison of any racial group to monkeys, though funny, is completely idiotic and unscientific. Anyhow, blacks with all their jive, drumming and dancing, are not copying monkeys. Monkeys don’t dance or play drums, as far as I know. As far as appearance goes, each racial group, in their own way resembles monkeys to an extent.

    • Historia Nerd

      Kind of agree with you. The Middle Easterners and Southern Europeans have the hairy body of Apes, Mongoloid (South East and East) have the flat and large nose, blacks have the skull shape and North Europeans have the thin lips of the Apes.Each race has a feature or two of the Ape. But, the reason many pick on Blacks is because of their dark skin and not so sharp features. (full lips, rather than thin, curly hair rather than straight, large nose instead of sharp, etc) Just my $0.02

      • Jason Y

        In regards to your comment about blacks, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”. Blacks are tired of being told their stupid looking, that’s why all this “Black Power” stuff came about.

      • Lesley

        The chimpanzee is a light skinned man with dark excessive body hair (you get a lot of those).

        The orangutan is an overweight ginger man with a fair bit of body hair (I know a guy who looks a bit like one).

        And the Gorilla, with its black skin and wide nostrils is a black man… 😉

        • Historia Nerd

          Lol exactly 🙂 Doesn’t matter how we look; in the end, we’re all just some ape looking thing 🙂

        • Pkr

          Since we all are considered to be evolved from apes, brown skin so-called blacks are the most evolved since they have been on earth longer. someone needs to pick up a dictionary and find out what is the definition of like.

          Africans and Africans in the diaspora have longer lower limbs, sparse body hair, all size lips, but not small lips. So-called blacks have long fingers, apes don’t. Many Africans are among the tallest people in the world, apes are short. So-called African noses come in all shapes and sizes, ape noses don’t, so-called blacks have round occiputs, apes for the most part have flat occiputs.

          This seems to me to be one of the many attempts on this site to denigrate and dehumanize so-called blacks. It is ironic that people with the least amounts hue do the most dehumanizing.

    • Lesley

      @Jason Y

      Black people have the ability to speak, feet and stand upright properly – other apes (assuming what David Attenborough said is true and human beings are considered ‘apes’ too) don’t…

      Though some chimps are apparently better than some humans at certain types of maths puzzles… 😉

  111. Joe Schmoe

    Blacks were never apes. There are apes and the blacks but there is no half ape half blacks anywhere today or in the past. Blacks are what the bible call “The Beast of the Field” in Jonah 3:8 and other places in the bible. Adamites were white people. Google ” Strongs #119 “. See the utube video called ” the beast of the field alex cambell ” for the scriptures and identity of Negros.

    • Nominay

      Oh yeah? I bet a black and a bigfoot could mate and produce viable offspring. What would you call that?

      • It’s called a Nigger just like any one with black blood. I give you a glass of fresh water with 1 drop of Poop ( Shit) in It would you drink it?? NO!!!! because the whole glass of one pure water has been destroyed by the SHIT! That’s the Black = Shit!! Crime destruction rape welfair jail and there happy ” keeping it real”” well good as long as they don’t live around me!!!

  112. Obviously….

    It’s already been shown in major scientific journals that they are a different species a few years back.

    /enter a plethora of blacks looking for a reason to become violent so they get offended at this and call it a lie made up by the racist white man.

    /enter a few years later when they use solidarity within their species as a source of pride and reason to be violent as well lol.

  113. Jason Y

    Genetics is not enough to explain crime, and other shortcomings. In addition, the environment, often provides no explanation. So perhaps it’s due to bad personal choices. That would be true for any race.

    • Jason Y

      Of course, we have to add in bad family upbringing, and a bad culture. Those two things are far more powerful, than genetics, or some kind of racial and/or economic oppression.

  114. Lee

    My belief is NO. But I do believe the Negroes are the descendants of Cain- as mentioned in the Bible. It said he would be marked. I believe that the reason why the Negroes face such ostracization has to do with that mainly. There are many Africans who have more refined noses and facial features.The Aboriginies do look more primative, but I have seen some that are not. But African Negroes seem to vary greatly in appearance. I hate to say this, but I believe the less intelligent Negroes were brought as slaves, whereas the smarter ones stayed over in Africa. That is why a majority of the ones in America are so lazy and crime oriented. I’m not being racist. You have to face facts: 9 times out of 10 “rough” or “bad” neighborhoods equal coloreds. And that’s just how it is.

  115. We all can see how Black ” People” Act and Live like Animals. Any place they live they destroy drugs trash crime. It’s not hard to see they can’t conform to civilized socity. They only understand jungle law. Reaction not thinking then acting. This is a human trate they can’t do. I want nothing to do with any of them not worth me trying because any time you help a Black ” Person” you get screwed over by them. They have no sence of honor or thanks. All ways looking to ” Get Over” but never do! That’s why jails are full of blacks

  116. Jason Y

    People turn themselves into apes by choice. They don’t even need a Halloween costume, LOL

  117. Google her. She looks like an ape

  118. Dee

    Had someone tell me the other day , that he would feel safer mingling in the jungle amongst apes or gorillas rather than living in the ghetto mingling amongst blacks. Interesting analogy

    • Nominay

      Well, in all fairness, gorillas are relatively gentle and benign. You have to go out of your way to get hurt/killed by one. If you enter their space, the alpha male will give you plenty of warning and just bluff charge you.
      Now chimps on the other hand. Those things are fucking evil. They are one of the only animals that I don’t like. I’d fight a black anyday over a chimp.

  119. Obviously. Was it the appearance or the behavior that gave it away.

    While I respect the Africans that can act human, if your becoming offended – you just lost that respect. If you don’t loathe “niggers” as much as our species does, and aren’t in denial that statistically your the most uncivilized and violent species on the planet…

    Well – denial is what it is I guess.

  120. Chris

    It’s obvious only whites are fully human. Niggers are subhumans. So are Indians (I mean American Indians and Latin American mestizos, not Indians from India, some of whom are very fine noble people, regardless of skin color!). Even Asians are subhuman, except the Japanese who are very advanced, although they seem to be from a different planet! I respect the Japanese intelligence, but I do not recognize them as humans from the same family as my Aryan European brothers. The main point is that Niggers, Mestizos, Australian Aborigines, and most non-Japanese Asians are not fully human. Sorry, but that is the truth. Denying it is foolish, just as denying the law of gravity is foolish.

  121. Croat Man

    Humans are “Bipedal Apes” with speaking and writing (language) ability. There is nothing such as “subhuman” or “perfect human” or “pure human”. All humans are just a evolved version of Ape and have same origin/ancestor. We are same species (homo sapiens) with a lot of genetic varieties.

    If any human ethnic group/race choose isolation, there is a chance of mutation, devolution or evolution. Blacks have the the largest genetic distance to other humans, because they didn’t migrate from Africa.

    The most diverse human groups are Caucasoids or any ethnic group who mixed with Caucasoid sub-races. To survive, Blacks and Asians (Mongoloids) should mix with Caucasoid and choose the interracial marriage.

    I must mention that the Asians are the newest variety of humans. But they lack DNA diversity. Caucasoids are old but have DNA diversity and Blacks (Negroid) are the oldest type with almost untouched/un-evolved DNA. So we should mix together to survive.

    • Dave Mowers,0,2778949.story

      At sites in the Levant, wherever they dug up Phoenician remains they also found prehistoric skeletons of tigers, apes, bears and other giant-sized animals along with human skeletons showing that humans co-existed with these creatures verily so did Neanderthal, Cromagnon and Denisovan. The Phoenician sites show ancestry in caves back to prehistoric times.

      • Croat Man

        “Out of Africa” is the most accepted theory about modern human origin, but some scientists don’t accept it and maybe with new researches it will be debunked someday.

        It’s similar to “Origin of Indo-European” theories. Currently, Kurgan theory (Black Sea region as the homeland of IEs) is the strongest. But Anatolian theory has its own supporters too. Both Kurgan and Anatolian hypothesis have their own unsolved questions.

        If we consider modern humans as different species, but same genus (Homo), there will be a lot of problem with that theory. Currently all humans are considered as “Homo sapiens sapiens” subspecies of “Homo sapiens”. The only living subspecies of H.sapiens.

        To evolve into a different subspecies or species, you need a lot of time plus isolation or separation from the other humans. Also, it may turn into a devolution instead of evolution.

        Black Africans or any non-mixed Black in any country (people who have no non-black ancestry) need new genes or their genetic distance from other humans will increase and there will be obvious changes in their “human form” in the future.

    • pakicetus

      “The most diverse human groups are Caucasoids or any ethnic group who mixed with Caucasoid sub-races”

      LOL. This is not true at all. Look at any gene map by Cavalli-Sforza. Caucasoids are very close to each other.

    • This picture does illustrate why Caucasians feel blacks look like Apes. The whole Darwinian movement is against blacks as the evolving phenotype is moving away from Apes. Caucasians in Finland appear to have moved the furthest while Africans have moved the least. Blame Darwin Tulio.

      On the Miles Davis thing music is not the strong point of Gorillas. Their strong point is strength. No Miles Davis can move with the strength and grace of a Gorilla.

      On the beauty pageant thing why do the negro race have black beauty pageants with the high yellah crowd usually winning. They instinct know the truth that they are in a world of unique beauty that applies to their race and even then the high yelleh crowd always wins. A win for Caucasian beauty standards.

      At least be true to yourselves in the black beauty contests! Give the prize to the more negroid contestants not the least negroid contestants!

  122. George White

    proof that blacks are exactly likes apes.

  123. David Mann

    you are a deadset fuckhead

  124. David Mann

    moderate this racist fuck

  125. Jason Y

    If I’m a monkey, I can shit on the floor 😆 It doesn’t matter. That’s only normal.

  126. And the rhesus monkey looks exactly like Charlie Durante. The chimpanzee looks like Pat Reilly. See how stupid all of this sounds?

  127. I think it’s worth looking into but not by people clearly having emotional bias towards it. which this day in age is impossible, people seem to be either extremely hateful towards blacks or are totally politically correct and ignore any difference. science can’t move forward when people can’t be impartial about it.

    • Emotions are at play. But emotion are at play when it comes to individual people. Let us take two women one Greek and one Fiinish. Both are attractive. But stereotypically one has dark hair and one has blonde hair. The Greek woman will dye her hair to look like the Fiinish woman.

      So if this happens between Europeans why not with entire different groups such as blacks? The tendency to compare and contrast is on steroids, You are right it is emotion;but it can not be any other way.

      Still hope you do not mind me saying God has chosen the Finnns to be the least monkey like race and the most Devine being closer to the LORD.

      Sorry about that Jews! Sorry blacks! Sorry everyone else!

    • GeneAlchemist

      Well the only way to be impartial, is to go by Science, and of course, Genetics, coupled, why not, with palpable, personal experienced in dealing with Blacks.. yes there will be some desire to incline ourselves to Hate, after all, we have been attacked and hurt by these Homo Ergester creatures, most of the time, for unprovoked reasons. They have not really targeted me, because I am kinda big perhaps?, but I have seen the very inhumane things they do to others and I add that to my well of information and of ideas about them, and then after this comes the desire to learn the inner reasons, the Genetics and such… so yeah, we are a part of this, and we cannot be completely impartial… and perhaps we should not, given the Horror filled facts about their attacks upon Whites, as I have mentioned.

  128. Homo sapien sapien

    Modern white people are descendants of theNeanderthal . That’s where they get their Evil nature. The entire world has been destroyed by the Neo Neanderthal . All the mathematics, architecture and engineering that they learned from humans in Africa they have used for evil. They are not wholistic, that’s why their Y chromosome became extinct. Nature tried her best to eliminate this beast in the form of the white man, or the Neanderthal Y chromosome and she almost succeeded! What Mother Nature didn’t expect was that the Neanderthal male would try and reconstitute himself through his mothers mitochondria dna. Well unfortunately for humanity and nature he has. The reason that white women and other non black women are so attracted to black men is because we have the human seed that they so desperately need for survival. The white male gene has a recessive Neanderthal chromosome that will eventually be diluted out of humanity, if he doesn’t destroy the world first. The sad thing is that every white man has a human african Y chromosome, everything they cherish and exalt, a tall muscular lean physique, broad shoulders, naturally smooth hairless skin, well endowed man hood. Folk like Arnold Swartznigger owe their physiques to their ancient black african human ancestors. Even his name Swartznegger means BLACK MAN. Neanderthals have short fat hairy dumpy bodies to stay warm in the freezing desolate ice caves they lived in. And of course they have small penis’s , we all get a little shrinkage when it gets cold outside! Lol! but imagine what 40,000 years of freezing cold will do to a mans penile evolution… Well let’s just say elongated clitoris syndrome ECS or LDS or SDS. ( contact me if you need clarification on the last two ). Again, this is sad, sad because the white man does come from us, but he has forgotten who his father is. LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER.

    • You are completely wrong! Neanderthal gave modern man a larger frontal cortex, responsible for higher thinking, s well as a better immunity, and white skin. Homo erectus, the original primitive black man gave us. . .the mitocondria, the powerhouse of the cell. That is all. . .unless you are part black. Black blood (RH+), sculls, genes, skin, muscles, bones and looks are distinctly different than white man’s, and there is no chance of them being related naturally.

      Yet they are through the mitochondria. . .so, if we actually read the ancient Sumerian texts, and understand they were speaking of the nordic god aliens when they speak of the gods creating man in their image (this being the original creation story the rest evolved from), we can see that it was genetic manipulation and a three parent baby.

      No characteristics were thus taken from the primitive homo erectus, and they were allowed to stay in Africa, or as slaves to “the children of God” wherever they went in the world, a pattern we can trace through genetics.

      Sadly, the black homo erectus’s (spoken of as “beasts of the field” in the Bible) raped white woman and were taken as concubines by some desperate males. We see all sorts of cases of this in the Bible. Mainly with half breeds though. Eventually enough of these half breeds leading the pure ones, we have rovolts and white flight, and the consequent destruction of any society with violence and a lowered IQ. This has happened in every ancient civilization, and right under our noses now in America! (A black Detroit is a third world country, just as any black or brown place ends up when they reject white rule. Look at South Africa, where there is now a white genocide going on, and the smarter blacks even admitting they had it better when the whites ruled them!)

  129. jonath

    ((((((((no one knows nothing))))))
    including i

  130. Helix

    Monkey heads are gonna monkey…look how pissed they get when it is laid out in plain site….

    Monkey head go away….please

  131. Jason

    Stanford University did 6 studies showing that 90% of the population can’t tell the difference between sub Sahara blacks and monkeys. Humans can impregnate apes however the uterus in the ape is too acidic. it was done in south America and Russia in a lab however not brought to term. AIDS likely came from sex with monkeys. Apes have the most diverse genetic diversity of all apes. Sub Saharan blacks have the most genetic diversity of all humans. we are all related if you go back far enough and have been intermixing the whole time…

    • Not one single sane researcher believes that humans acquired AIDS by having sex with monkeys.

      • GeneAlchemist

        I believe that there was a predisposition by Negroids to acquire and produce, or alter the disease of AIDS, from Apes to Homo Ergester, aka, Negroids and then of course, it got transmitted to Humanity

        AIDS and Ebola both came from Sub Saharan Africa, from Negroids.

  132. Curious

    “Please note that racist people are actually said to have low intelligence, as they cannot accept nor understand information that is contrary to their own incorrect beliefs.”

    Are you referring to Blacks, which holler “racism” when they about their daily routine of stealing and murder and what not?

  133. GeneAlchemist

    Well, it has been already proven by the Neanderthal Genome Project, and others, and by palpable Axiomatic experience by all of us when dealing with these Sub Saharan, Negroid, “Hominids”, that they indeed, are not part of Civilization creating Humanity, for only Caucasians, Mongoloids (Asians and Native Amerindians) created all of the Civilizations known to Man, and only those three Races out of Sub Saharan Africa, have Neanderthal DNA and as we all know, Sub Saharans, aka, Negroids, DO NOT, have Neanderthal DNA and have not ever, had a Civilization, or were simply not able to create one due to a lack of those precious Genes Neanderthal Genes, which it seems, has a very significant role to play in cognitive and Social skills.

    Let’s face it, Negroids are indeed completely unevolved creatures that we are expected to live along wide with and interbreed with, to our total/complete self destruction.

    I believe that Negroids are indeed, Homo Ergester, practically unchanged, unevolved, the same Hominid Creature: Homo Ergester.

    Both Homo Ergester and Negroids are of the same place:.. Sub Saharan Africa.

  134. GeneAlchemist

    Apart from all that I have said, Negroids also posses Craniums, teeth and bodies, which are almost identical to those of Gorillas, Chimps and of course, Hominids such as Homo Ergester… and did I mention, that Negroids have no Neanderthal DNA, like all Civilization creating Humans do: Caucasians, Asians and American Indians?… Oh yeah, I think I did. 🙂

    Let’s face it, Negroids are outside the Family of Humanity, and the alarmingly frequent Rapes of White Women and other Human Races in North America, their Simian faces, craniums, bodies and bone structures and savage and destructive behavior all indicates what they are, without the aid of Genetics research… We all knew that they were not Humans when the first Caucasians saw them.

    It’s pretty obvious what Negroids are.

    • Kinwar

      Why shouldn’t Robert ban you for such a racist comment?

      • I do not ban people for making racist comments.

        • GeneAlchemist

          Thank you for not succumbing to Political correctness and Obscurantism Mr Lindsay, it’s not my intention to be “Racist”, if anything, I am a Realist, lol.. I am simply quoting from the Neanderthal Genome Project, and other Sources, Historical and Archaeological and making my case, about why I do not believe that Negroids are Human, and why I believe that they are indeed, living, breathing, Homo Ergester creatures that changed either very little, or not at all by living in relative Isolation in Sub Saharan Africa for all of this time until certain Europeans made the blunder of the Ages, and took them out of Sub Saharan Africa to spread this completely Unevolved and unfit creature to live in Western Civilization, out and among fully Evolved, Neanderthal DNA Civilization creating Humans in Europe and the Americas…

          Needless to say 4 to 3 hundred years later we are paying a Terrible price, not unlike what the South Africans have paid (It is getting to level it seems) the bloody price of Caucasians being attacked ever so viciously by these Negroids and raping Caucasian Woman by the Horrific rate of a 100 Women being killed or Rapes.. a DAY.. in the South and the Eastern states, and also in California…. and that is not counting the other Non Negroid Women and children which also fall prey to these Negroids, for example, an 11 year old Mexican girl was brutally raped by 28 fully grown Negroids in Texas a couple of years ago, and showing a complete lack of a Human conscience, the Negroids of that almost total Negroid community attacked the family of the girl, and the girl/child, herself saying that she had it coming, and she had “asked for it” and that the 28 Blacks should be let go… They almost rioted like they did in Furguson!.. that shows that at a cognitive level, as a whole, as a community, they are not evolved to the same level of feeling Shame or remorse for their acts… that indicates a lack of basic Humanity, basic.. Evolved Humanity.

          And there are other incidents of Blacks attacking Children, there was a similar case in which Blacks killed a White girl of only 12.. for her bike.

          but the average situation, is the Raping of White Women averaging, a 100 a day…

          Thank you.

  135. Jason

    Dude this isn’t even based on science. Apes don’t have fatter lips. They have thin lips like us white people. They also have hair simmilar to a Caucasian, pink whitish skin, and eye brow ridges. Whites have thicker ridges than blacks. And for the record flatter faces make you less apelike, as they had protruding jaws. And blacks actually have the least flattest face of the races. They have one simmilaritycto apes, which whites lack and you even got that wrong. The one thing that might have made your argument less stupid and you got it wrong. We all descended from apes, so quit pretending your feces don’T stink.

    Racism and judging people, animals, breeds, or races based on how simmillar they are to you is a primal instinct. Based on all available data and common sense, the racists with their primitive instincts and their chimp brain are the most ape like. Maybe it’s time you evolved a little!

    • Did you even read the article, you idiot? The article says that Blacks are NOT closer to apes than other humans, and they don’t even look particularly apelike!

      Obviously you didn’t even read the article, you moron.

      And just for being a jackass, I am going to ban your PC ass.


    • Caucasians have all kinds of hair. Never saw an ape with light blonde hair.
      Negroid have black hair. Apes also. Caucasians have the full range of hair colours. No ape has this.

      Blacks have black hair like apes and large noses and quote different skull types to Caucasians. The skull type of some of the blacks is the closest match among humans to an ape skull. Not all blacks but some certainly.

      The evidence is overwhelming. As for the lips Caucasians do have some narrow lips but lots of Caucasians have fuller lips but never the huge negroid lips.

      If human biological forms are a continuum from the ape it us natural
      That there are going to be some blacks who match up very closely. Notice I said some blacks. As there is a continuum among blacks whereupon you find they are starting to look Caucasian. In India you see the continuum to black Caucasians to white ones as in my own family. In Finland you see the end of the road. This race has travelled so far as to be completely diffferent from a black at the start of the continuum.

  136. chris

    Everyone wants to say white people are the racist ones. Blacks:Negro College Fund, Hispanics:Hispanics college fund. what do you think would happen if we had a white only college fund we would be racist. that’s okay for blacks to say black power, it’s Ok for the Browns to have brown pride, but a white person says white power and you’re racist. Everytime something goes wrong that a black person doesn’t like they pull the race card. It is not because of your skin color you can’t get ahead it’s because of your inability to make and educated decision that prevents that from happening. Now I’m not saying there are no smart black people, there are few just like there are a few smart chimpanzees. But even a chimpanzee is smart enough not to kill their own kind by the thousands over a street boundary in a BIG FUCKING CITY with thousands of other streets and to quit doing the same stupid shit over and over and over and over and over. now don’t get me wrong there is a difference between a black person and a nigger and that is a black person follows the white person’s lead, a nigger well thats the rest of you.

  137. GeneAlchemist

    Notice that all of the Politically Correct retards and their Hominid, Sub Saharan, Homo Ergestar pets, are the ones with no factual data, or any date at all… they have the worst trouble in attempting to formulate any Historically, Archaeologically, Genetic or Scientifically based comments in response to us Racial conservatives, who bring to the table the most recent and informative reports on Genetics, Ancestry and History.

    • pakicetus

      Homo ergastar is extinct dude.

    • The homo ergestar is now believed to be the same as the homo erectus. The variations found in a cave all together recently. Thus, read the book erectus among us, and it describes blacks perfectly, just as Neanderthal describes whites pretty well, and now we have found 20% of their genome in Europeans. (They say 40% is likely if they test 1,000 more people.)

      Homo sapiens is a PC term to include everyone, but while the pure homo erectus is nearly extinct, the pure Neanderthal is still around I believe.

  138. Lucien

    Yes, we all evolved from lower-level hominids. But any objective person can look at sub-Saharan Africans and see that they look far more “apelike” than any Asian or Caucasian. I don’t know the full significance of the differences, because it’s an area that modern science is too cowed by PC to study. But reason tells me that as the rest of humanity evolved physically and behaviorally to adapt to new environments, sub-Suharans didn’t. They didn’t have to because they didn’t take the initiative to migrate.

    The unpopular truth is that their are physiological differences among races. Blacks have a different hormone profile including higher levels of testosterone. They are way more prone to heart disease and diabetes. They evolved a tendency toward sickle cell anemia as protection against malaria. Asians tend to have fewer sweat glands. Cranial capacity is lowest among blacks and highest among Asians.

    There are differences that go further than skin deep.

  139. Tulio

    This chics looking nothing like gorillas to me.

    • Messi

      It’s the alveolar prognathism that makes people (of any race) look “ape-like.” Minus that no one’s more ape-looking than anyone else.

      • Tulio

        I think a lot of people forget that prognathism isn’t even a universal feature amongst blacks. Black facial features vary quite widely. For example just from a quick image search of African head profiles:

        • Ken

          There is a horizontal axis or plane that cuts through the bottom of the ear to the bottom of the nose. In all those photos the models seems to be tilting their heads forwards, thus creating an illusion of a straight profile. In actuality their maxillas protrude past the planes of the foreheads -so their skulls are more ant-like. You can see for yourself by rotating the x axis at one of the landmarks (@1/3) located in the diagram below.

          It isn’t such a bad thing, as a lot of models and actors have this feature, i suppose a receded maxilla is an unattractive trait.

        • Prognathism is my point. You have chosen pics that do not show it. Plenty of blacks do. But it isa continuum. So these blacks are intermediate. The blacks you first posted are closer to Caucasians but differences remain until you get to Somalis. From Somalis we get the high yellah crowd like Obama. Finally we get to his mother Ann Dunham.

          My point us the continuum of human biological firms. Choosing the pics you chose in fact illustrate this. I hope you can post some with the Prognathism to complete the continuum, along with some Somalis types and finally round off things with the favourite IslamoMullato the POTUS himself, Obama. Inshallah, he will succeed in all does.

  140. These women are westernised women with hair straightened. They are not wearing plates in their lips as do some black women. A negro woman back in Africa would not think these women are attractive.

    So we are not talking about these women. We are talking authentic negroid women in their natural African state.

    • Tulio

      The last one does not have straightened hair. And I’m not talking about their hair, I’m talking about their FACIAL features, stupid ass. And as mentioned before in this thread, apes don’t have kinky hair like black people. So even if their hair was natural and kinky in these photos, it would be absolutely irrelevant. And what the fuck does wearing plates in their lips have to do with this topic? When is the last time you’ve seen an ape with a plate in its lip? Are you being this stupid on purpose?

      I’m only talking about the facial features. I found pics of what seems to be dark, women of West African descent. They look nothing like monkeys to me.

      • West African Woman are highly European. Just look at the features! High cheek bones, small noses, thin face, small lips, etc. these are all only from European faces. Genetics says that most west and North Africans are anciently mixed from thousands of years ago, and some have gone so far as to state that they are the equivalent of a black European. I would not go that far as the average IQ of those areas is 83-91 in the most mixed country, Nigeria. (Making them in the range of average white IQ by the skin of their teeth.)

        • Really? West African are like Miss Finland! I suppose they just go and blend in without a hitch!Even their skulls are different.

          The skin is black.
          The lips are huge.
          The nose is huge.
          The hair is kinky.

          If you refuse to see the differences good then the words of the Koran will help

          I made them black like space.
          Their teeth shone in the darkness
          Like pearls till everlasting
          Their smile lighted the darkness

          The Finnish Koran

  141. One of the women is in fact wearing a weave. Why?

    These women are saying loud and clear if only I looked like Miss Finland. As you know some do not mind popping on the blonde weaves to try yo emulate Finnish women but alas it is hopeless!

  142. Jason Y

    A lot of black chicks are hot including really dark ones. It’s not about the skin color, but facial structure. That whole thing that some people promote, including light colored blacks who think they’re superior and more beautiful, is wrong.

  143. The hotness of blacks women is not denied. It is the very gorrilaesque appearance that they espouse that makes them hot for me. I love black women. I love them because they look like gorillas.

    Now blackness is a feature of gorillas. Straitened black hair which keeps it coarse nature due to being straightened certainly does give an appearance of the coarseness we find our gorilla cousins in the jungle. So the essential idea behind the black hair appearing Coarse whether somewhat straightened or in its natural state gives a certain coarse gorrilaesque beauty.

    The ideal of Caucasian beauty is a fineness of feature. Indeed a delicate fineness which you see all the way from Finland to India.

    My sister worked in a nursery and one of the children, a black child who was too young to understand, plus this happened back in a non PC era, was eating a banana and so my sister quipped it suits him. The other Caucasian teachers just laughed. This could not happen today. Even though I am indian my sister is a white Caucasian though she has gone darker in early middle age. This happened way back in her much younger years.

    So it is a feeling amongst Caucasians especially white Caucasians that their is a gorrilaesque appearance due to darkness. When I see some dark negroid Indians I get the same feeling but it goes into overdrive when I see full fledged negroids. So it is part of the humanoid monkey beauty. It is category of beauty that indians have but the natural winners are black Africans.

    I certainly hope the Miss Gorrilla beauty pageant idea takes off. That would be hot and we could see some fine examples of this ape like beauty. It would make the Wannabe white black pageants we see with all the blonde weaves and high yellow participants.

    When I see a black baby. I naturally love not a human baby but a cheeky monkey baby. I love the child nonetheless and praise The Lord for his goodness. This is a fine fine negroid gorrilaesque child and it deserves all the love in the world. Many indian children fit this effect it has the more on the robustly looking Caucasian types in the world where ever they are and their eyes move in this direction of ape like beauty.

    So I am saying it is the effect that coarse black hair has plus the general non Caucasian appearance which produces this for Caucasian eyes. In a Miss Finland or a big screen indian actress we see the fine lines, the gentle hues and a clearly human appearance. Dig deeper by going into deepest India and then go into deepest Africa and the coarse gorrilaesque effects begin.

    What Tulio is doing is of course taking individual elements and saying that is not ape like without defining what being ape like appears as an effect due to a number of factors coming together and producing an effect on the Caucasian eye.

    Now I did not mention Plates in the lips as a jest. This adds to a coarse savage appearance. It is the aggregate of different features which create the ape like feeling when in the mind of a Caucasian when the eye alights upon the said negroid.

    Apes are savage, course and black. Negroids in Africa due to a combination of factors including the jaw line which had been discussed give this appearance to the Caucasian sensibility when it comes to beauty so naturally black women wear weaves or straighten their hair to get away from this psychological effect they have on Caucasian eyes. When they see Caucasian lips they tell their daughters not to worry themselves about plate beauty anymore as no woman wants lips like that. They want at a certain robust full Caucasian lip structure like Ashwaria Rai.

    Women who through Botox get really thick lips look ridiculous but praise The Lord blacks with these lips look ridiculous naturally. The savage, coarse ape like black appearance vs the delicate hues and fine lines of the Caucasian beauty ideals. It is the aggregate appearance on caucasian eyes that gives this feeling and not the individual components.

    See the whole appearance. See the savage coarse black appearance. See the monkeyesque beauty. It is not a Caucasian beauty which is the standard of human beauty. It has its own hot category in the spectrum of human beauty. It exists at the far end where the apes add in their special touches of savagery, coarseness and blackness.

    • Tulio

      Uhh…can someone translate what the hell this guy just said?

    • Messi

      Is black women being inherently excluded from white beauty norms a universal thing? In Europe, where beauty standards are even more Eurocentric than America’s, black women are held in fairly high regard. It’s only in the New World where black women are considered intrinsically ugly.

      • No not ugly. Just Gorilla like. That is not ugly. Gorillas are very beautiful.

        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Negro beauty is unique when not compromised by westerners. Negro beauty back in Africa is a fine thing. It is a different type of beauty.

        The beauty of negroid women in America is western beauty with weaves and high yellah women winning the plaudits.

        Women is Africa who live uncompromised by western standards think putting plates in their lips is fine beauty treatment for example.

  144. Sam

    There’s a great deal of talk here about where different races come from. I myself ,
    “…I came up from the ground, I came down from the sky,
    And I’m grabbing her knees like a worm with a mission,
    Cause I’m made out of salt and I’m made out of coal,…”

  145. Tulio

    There are some individuals who look like apes. I was just scrolling through facebook and saw something about a concert and this guy’s picture:

    At first glance I was like, “this is weird, why is this dude wearing a gorilla mask”. I then took a second closer look and it dawned on me that was no mask. I truly did for about 2 seconds wonder if some musician plays a concert wearing an ape mask as some sort of gimmick. This is Australian Aboriginal singer named Gurrumul.

    At least he has an incredible vocal talent.

  146. Jason Y

    Gorillas poop on the floor. If blacks are apes, then why don’t they do that? Why not? I mean, wouldn’t be cool to have that freedom? If anyone says anything about it, just say “It’s in my nature, so fuck off.”. 😆

    Just being a smart-ass 😆

    • Jason Y

      I mean if your a sub-human animal anyway, then why not be a jack-ass about it ? 😆 That’s what I SAY. 😆

    • Humans poop on the floor all the time.

      Where else can you poop you are on planet earth?

      Unless you are in space poop usually goes down towards the earth due to gravity.

      So the whole population of the earth poops on the ground and only in space people poop in a different way as their poop floats around due to lack of gravity in the space ship.

  147. Jason Y

    What’s funny is that your typical alpha male white racist dickhead will call a black person an ape, but then when the black person whines or mocks the situation, then he call him a pussy 😆

    Kind of like he (the white dickhead) sees the black man as entertainment, an object for sport. He cheers him on, but only as a monkey for amusement. He has no compassion mocking the black man’s attempt at humanity and effeminate and pussy 😆

    So that, I tell you all, is why a lot of blacks are into “BLACK POWER” and “Black is Beautiful”. Because white racists are dickheads. They aren’t “Larry the Cable Guy” people. Many progressive blacks hate them, and NO WONDER. 😆

  148. Jason Y

    Meant to say “He has no compassion mocking the black man’s attempt at humanity AS effeminate and pussy 😆

    • Jason Y

      Seen it too much in my own hometown. Alpha male redneck cracker = “dickhead” 😆 Blacks? Only good to play football for their amusement.

      You think this is a joke? No, I’m DEAD SERIOUS.

  149. Paul Vann

    Another area where we have more Neanderthal DNA is parts of genetic codes that have to do with certain immune system functions, Sankararaman said. Again, scientists can’t say more than that these Neanderthal genes seem connected to certain diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and Crohn’s disease and lupus, but they are there.
    Tiskhoff and Akey said one of the most interesting parts in comparing human and Neanderthal genomes is where we don’t see any caveman influence. That, Tiskhoff said, is “what makes us uniquely human” and those regions of genetic code “you just can’t mess with.”

    One of those areas has been heavily connected to genes that determine speech and communication and there’s nothing Neanderthal there, Akey said. This fits with theories that lack of communication skills hurt Neanderthal and speech ability was a distinctly human advantage, he said.

    And the study in Nature found something that may help explain why the brutish and virile cavemen haven’t influenced humans much: They may have made babies, but the male hybrids of Neanderthals and humans weren’t very fertile. Scientists figured that out because the genes associated with the testicles in humans and the X chromosome were unusually empty of Neanderthal influence.
    Hmmmm, genes for certain deseases, lack of genes that facilitate communication, and no balls, (a little joke)
    no wonder they are extinct, you idiot white racist will also be extinct soon.

    • I made the Neanderthal to love.
      His smiling nature pleased me.
      His ways were full of ease
      As he thought not of the morrow
      He loved The Lord in his simple way
      And enjoyed the days of his life the
      Lord had had given.
      He talked of his days
      And his plans among his brethren
      The snow Queen flew among them when she visited
      The great green expanse of Land
      Wherein they dwelt
      She had flown from her mighty seat of Majesty in Finland
      They shook with wonder.
      They dropped their spears and fell
      In adoration.
      Form that day they looked unceasingly at the heaven
      In wonder
      at the forever changed world.

      The Finnish Koran

      Chapter Five. The Visitation.

      So from this section of the Koran we learn that the Neanderthals had a rudimentary communication system and enough sense of wonderment as to start thinking religiously.

      And since there was so much interbreeding who can conclusively say what came from where.

      Read The Koran from Finland to learn the truth.

  150. Kaleel El Bey

    Have you are anybody you know studied Ethomology, if not the word BLACK is originally used to identify the so called white people of Europe. And if you would like know who are the real WHITE PEOPLE, take a look in the Black’s Law dictionary 4th edtion. And I quote Apply to aliens being being free white person is of African nativity or descent.

  151. Graham

    Yaphet Koto

  152. Truth

    Blacks didn’t evolve from apes, blacks are still apes to this day. Scientific fact.

    • Islamo-Homo-Negro-Mullato-Beardo Phobia

      Now we know gorillas are not happy being compared to blacks, so I do not think this true.

      Gorillas will show a huge love for documentary film makers makers as will blacks. My mother used to be shocked when as a child the family were innocently watching some documentary about Africa and some naked tribal blacks would show up butt naked. In those days no nudity was allowed before nine PM, so that was solid rule; but for Africa documentary film makers, well,they flouted it much to the annoyance of the nation’s parents.

      Older people from the UK will know exactly what I am talking about.

    • Tulio

      You’re actually right. Because ALL humans are apes, technically.

  153. Falcon

    How do we know that blacks can’t interbreed with bonobos? I bet it is possible.

  154. Dave Mowers

    This topic is ridiculous.

  155. Ehud Avni

    Breeding, burning, looting, stealing, killing, robbing, getting shot. That’s the negro life style. They believe they are impervious to justice, then riot when justice hits them over the head. Riots work in big cities where honest citizens have been stripped of the right to defend themselves. Go out to any-town-usa & try that shit & see what happens.

    • david

      sure, havent visited any african country like botswana,namibia, and tanzania, shit only happens where a white man is present….

    • lotsoslfluv

      Google slavery and systematic oppression of black people in America and then think about why there is so much anger and poverty in the Black community. Better yet, TALK to any black person about their experience in America. Then again, maybe slavery/Jim Crow and the “negro lifestyle” you speak of aren’t related. Maybe the holocaust didn’t happen either.

      • Angela

        You are parroting an old liberal rhetoric, and apparently actually believe it, but sadly, there has never been more then a bit of a cause to think that. The mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, does seem to be traceable to the primate line in all of us, but that is a separate DNA from the nucleus. . .

        The nucleus or Y chromosome show a much different story. You would be wise to look into the new science, not debunked stuff. This book is a good start.

  156. david

    if its evolution,…blacks came from the black monkeys,…and whites from the proboscis monkeys,,..with all the genes similarity and behaviours

  157. Eugenia Lieu

    Black People looks like a baboon baby. Baboons have a dog like muzzle. Kind of like how Black Women have pouty lips. They even have baboons in Arabia. Whereas French People do not accept Arabs to their country nowadays, but only Arabs would welcome baboons in their country.

  158. Obadara

    Well, I will appreciate an African looking like Apes even though they are never. But I will want everyone here to prove to me that modern researchers that prove all human races to be descendants of Africans are wrong. For if we admit this it will simply means we are all Apes or from a specie of Apes.

  159. You'd Like to Know

    Scientific Racism should never be taken seriously because it is biased research infected with a desire to prove a point w/o little actual creditable evidence. It’s pure conjecture at best. It’s not about it being politically correct or not. sigh I’m starting to become convinced there’s no hope in you people.

    Segregation doesn’t sound like a bad thing right about now since laws are more regulated than they were before and there is a semblance of equity. Many racial communities are segregated already any ways. I don’t want to raise my kids in a world where people think the way you do. It’s inhumane. Is being evil hereditary? Now that’s a study that should override political correctness. I’m truly curious as to result of which race is most likely to be malevolent.

    • Excuse me? You are Black and you wish to segregate yourself away from my people? Well I cannot say I would necessarily oppose that. If you don’t like us, you’re welcome to live and mingle with your own kind.

    • EPGAH

      Well, start with which race makes the most peaceful countries, then look up which race overthrows them serially, then look up how the country is under New Management.
      Start with South Africa, compare under segregation to now, and look at Orania, the whites getting put on a Reservation by savages.

      Or what metrics do you take as “malevolence”?

      As to scientific racism, you forget, there’s also the “science” that tries to twist it so we’re all the same.

    • EPGAH

      PS, if “you people” hate “us people” so much, why do you keep invading our countries in “record” numbers?

        • Beheading is painless

          Look Angela it is easy to move to an all white area.


          lIve your white life as a white woman surrounded by whites.

          But you should realise it is white women with a their femenist project who back blacks, gays, transsexuals, Jews, muslims, Hindus, Buddhist or any other non white ideology/race. The technical name is intersectionality. It is class two of feminists studies. Class one is the patriarchy.

          You would be better off as a white woman trying to educate white women who will want to simply dismiss your views as internalised misogyny against your fellow afghan, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Somali and Nigerian women. But you know better right?

          Write to femenist gender studies departments in university and ask to speak on raising white racial consciousness among the white feminists students. As a white woman you will be warmly welcomed and given a platform.

          So my contention is that powerful femenists well versed in patriarchy theory and intersectionality theory such as Hilary Clinton etc are some of the prime movers for the negrofying and browning of America.

          You seem to think it is some brand of politics but white woman now into the third ideological phase of femenism with Hilary at the helm and flooding each and every university with their theories are in the forefront of this new America you fear so much.

          It these these white women who all the time who back this project to the hilt. This is where your true work as a white woman lies.

          No doubt you are aware of fading light and a few other white women posting on stormfront. What these white woman refuse to see is just how responsible white women are for the current state of America. They back it to the hilt.

          Do not believe me? Try taking your theories to any university campus, political party, media outlet and watch your fellow white women chew you out!

  160. qsdqsdqsdqsd

    racism at its finest, you people should be ashamed of your selves people are the same regardless of their color and race, there are extremly disturbed sick bastards like you in every race . fix yourselves , i’d rather die than think the way you do i seriously got sick to my stomach reading some of the things here,

  161. lotsoslfluv

    You people are ridiculous. Race is not real. It is a social construct invented by Europeans to justify oppression and violence and dominance. If differences in race ACTUALLY mattered, we would not be able to procreate. But we can. We are vastly more similar than we are different. We are all the same damn species. Get over yourselves. The more you speak to people outside of your comfort zone, the more you learn how similar you actually are. The more you learn, the more you understand. The more you understand, the less you hate. Racists are a dying breed. Natural selection is taking yall out!

  162. LaMelvin

    Where the white women at ?

  163. UUUU

    Projection, psychological term for when an individual or group creates an image or idea of another person or group been what they really are. They called Africans uncivilized in order to treat them uncivilized, with no proof of the claim even from hundreds of years of equal trade. They call African criminals in order to treat them criminal, crack disparity laws, fraudulent African gene=criminal scientific studies, police brutality on ordinary African civilians. They call the African stupid, in order to teach at the ‘integrated schools’ and give them stupid education at ‘failed schools’ which never existed before Brown vs Board or black migration to Europe or Canada. They call the African subhuman when scientific studies prove Africans are the only 100%, full blooded Homo Sapiens and everybody else is partially some subhuman species that was so inferior it died out, where are Neanderthals or the Peking Man, not on earth any more, this was done in order for white to enslave, abuse, violate and steal from Africans as they were ‘subhuman’. This is what projection is all about.

    White people have done this virulently in their history, particularly towards Africans, destroying African civilization during the New Imperialism age in the late 1800’s Scramble for Africa, constantly treating Afro Americans like pets, Liberals are the latest extension, won’t live in black neighborhoods, most segregated areas are Liberal, not just in America, check white flight in London, Paris, Marseilles ect. despite this they constantly speak for Africans and make decisions for the ‘what should we do with their failing schools’ (which coincidently they teach in at a higher rate than even African teachers), ‘how do we reduce crime rates’ (for neighborhoods they want to gentrify, don’t care about the rest), ‘Africans are homophobic, how to do we reduce their homophobia’, why not ask the Africans themselves, why not let them speak, because Liberals think they are extremely uncivilized, more so than even Conservatives, many Conservatives are bigoted but don’t believe that they should take away Africans right to talk for themselves, or govern their own affairs. They put Africans in America on welfare, put crack disparity laws knowing the US government (themselves) is moving the cocaine in African neighborhoods, they are the ones teaching in failed inner city schools since Brown vs Board, they are the ones who take funds and bank investment out of the inner city as they fled in the 1950’s and 60’s, they displace African Americans as they gentrify and they refuse to live around them, look how segregated L.A. and the Northeast are compared to Republican Texas or Florida, Liberals created these ghettos not rednecks, not ‘rebel flag wearers’, they are ones who in the 1920’s literally killed hundreds if not thousands of African for moving into Northern cities and created minimum wages and racist white only unions to block Africans from job access, but unlike the old segregationist whites, they are still have political and moral clout causing havoc. Whites have used Africans extensively as slaves but deny them any reparations, meanwhile they used the fall of African and enslavement of it descendants to propel themselves to the top of the world, ahead of East Asian civilization. All this in meanwhile they have paid, Guam, Japan, Native Americans, white Ashkenazi Jews and many dictatorships around the world. For some reason America has used it’s own money to rebuild Europe including the just fallen Nazi Germany (Marshall plan), gave equally 13 billion to rebuild ‘war enemies’ Japan and even taught the Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Chinese and other Asians manufacturing, the basis of an industrialized economy but never taught not one African nation or funded their development of powerful non government private organisations. America even bankrolled Russia who took over the mantle fro the dead USSR but never for Africa, only bought land, took primary resources and refused to fund the infrastructure of such nations, no wonder bias China is getting more and more play as they do more infrastruce building and teach to Africans than Europeans. African immigrants send back to Africa more money than all Western Aid, so what is aid even for, funding wars, majority of American and European aid is not food or even economic but military, not just to African but every nations, they have refused to economically and politically stabilize African nations but have done for ‘enemies’ such as Russia, Vietnam and Japan. Creating the African and Africa we now see, projection at it’s finest.

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  166. brentmckaskell

    This article makes me want to re-read my favorite novel: “Hold Back This Day”. Thanks!

  167. Pharohx

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  173. Gina

    What has happened is that early European humans bred with Neanderthals while early African humans bred with bonobos or whatever. Thus the major differences.

  174. Here’s a thought: race realists shouldn’t use the word “racist,” because it technically applies to all of us. Fuerle had an anti black bias, and his conclusions are unsupported, sure. But anybody willing to be honest about HBD is also a virulent “racist,” not in terms of the bias or vitriol, but in that we literally believe that some races are more capable than others at different tasks.

    And to address the question of whether blacks are closer to apes than we are, we can think of things in terms of cladistics. To use an extreme example: crocodiles are more closely related to birds than they are to lizards, but they are more similar to lizards than birds are to lizards.

    Just as crocodiles are the less derived extant members of the Archosaur, Khoisans are the less derived extant members of the Homo genus, and it would therefore accord that they likely had less changes like a fancy new Microcephalin gene to separate them from their apelike ancestors (ex. Homo naledi?).

  175. objectively looking at phenotype traits. Most minority groups in different countries in the world often get compared to monkeys because they differ from the majority of the population…and the next best thing is monkeys/apes….I call this the MINORITY EFFECT…only it is ironic when white people call blacks monkeys…

    “..many Americans subconsciously associate blacks with apes.” Go to another place in the world where there are economically marginalized and dehumanized minority, and duplicate this test and you will find the same thing!!!….Whether that majority is using other creatures as the insulting comparison (such as cockroach used by Hutus to describe Tutsis). …again, the minority effect at play here also.


    1) Monkeys/apes come in pink/white to black skin…by species and colour is out.

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    6) Need to go on? I think you get the point, what about about DNA research? Africans carry 0% of Neanderthal Ape DNA, and that is just the beginning.

    7) Don’t forget that white population represent a minute fraction of human genome diversity…it was a short period of ideological progression (European Renaissance), perfecting systems developed by other populations, combined with cynicism that they have massacred and replaced native populations around the world….

    9) Just watch a boxing match to see how overly inbred whites are, one jab and they start bleeding, weak skin and genetics from excess inbreeding…and more monkey like.


  176. Steve

    All humans other than African have between 1.8% to 2.2% Neanderthal DNA. I have noticed that many blacks have different body hair, straight like chimpanzee fur more so than curly like other races. I never put that together to come to the conclusion that they may be a different species, but combined with their lack of verbal communitcive ability, as they, much like other apes have difficulties pronouncing or properly forming human words has opened my mind to the possibility that they may indeed be a different species of human as opposed to just a different race. I wouldn’t call them apes, per se, but this discussion is fascinating. Perhaps as time goes on and DNA sequencing becomes more advanced we will find that what we now think of as different races of humans are actually different sub species, like the difference between a cougar and a leopard. Both are panthers, but different species. We are also animals and are certainly not above the laws of nature. Thank you for the interesting perspective. I now wonder what species I am…

    • How is it that their body hair is straighter than that of other races when nearly all others have straighter hair in comparison?

      Also, Apes can’t speak human words period. What you call “Human words” I think you mean Non-African Languages which many Blacks speak. People on their end also have trouble pronouncing languages of Blacks as well so exactly what does that prove?

      If you actually read about African Linguistic they do communicate verbally like other humans. I can definitely accept that it different from other people but it has language properties nonetheless.

      While they do have a general archaic features that make them appear to be distinct from other races, Australoids in the Eastern Hemisphere have it to a degree where they were thought to be closer to Africans but genetics shown them to be closer to Eurasians.

    • Talsadoum

      I have noticed that many blacks have different body hair, straight like chimpanzee fur more so than curly like other races.

      That is actually the opposite. Blacks have curlier hair and body hair than member of other races. Btw, Black have less important body hair than Caucasoids.

  177. Science beats PC

    ” The p- and q-arm breakpoints of the inversions in PTR XVI and GGO XVI were found to occur at slightly different locations, consistent with their independent origin. Further, FISH studies of the homologous chromosomal regions in macaque and orangutan revealed that the region represented by HSA BAC RP11-696P19, which spans the inversion breakpoint on HSA 16q11-12, was derived from the ancestral primate chromosome homologous to HSA 1.”

    And if you know that africans are the early step in evolution
    And we all originate from apes
    You know africans are in fact closer to apes as is , it is very logical.

    • While this may ring true, it should be kept in mind that this is in terms of relativity and context

      Technically this closer translates to Africans being closer to older versions humans who in turn are closer to the ancestors of us and modern apes.

  178. I am half Spanish half White. I was surprised when I saw a guy in Giant with 2 bottles of beer. looked almost the same as Gorillas. I have also seen a tall white old guy who looked like a Wolf with out hair. I know it’s scary. 🙂 I believe we are all human for sure. We understand and that’s the proof. No Matter what you do to raise a monkey they won’t be able to speak.

  179. Gerhard

    All you people talking good about black Africans, just come to South Africa and/or Zimbabwe and see for yourself how much devil there is in these black beings. Just take a look at all the missionaries that gave their lives trying to make life better for them. Many of the missionaries adopted black beings just to be murdered and raped and butchered by the same beings when they’ve grown up. Come and look at the genocide that is happening in South Africa, blacks killing white. Statistics and most of all the truth does not lie.

    • Jason Y

      Misleading info. Blacks brought up by missionaries would more than likely be goody two shoes. It’s the ones brought up outside the church, in one parent homes etc.. that come out evil. Unfortunately the church cannot save all South African blacks from growing up wild, so you see the situation there.

      • And you would know this… From what I’ve read, while occasional breakthrough were made, most blacks under missionaries failed.

        • Jason Y

          OK, then what’s the point? (sarcasm) A lot of good endeavors in the world fail, that didn’t mean the intention wasn’t good. OK so they helped some, but the ones in which they never came into physical contact were not helped at all.

        • “Misleading info. Blacks brought up by missionaries would more than likely be goody two shoes. It’s the ones brought up outside the church, in one parent homes etc.. that come out evil. Unfortunately the church cannot save all South African blacks from growing up wild, so you see the situation there.”

          My point is that you claimed that the “evil ones” were descendant of those without missionary contact, yet even in most missionary reports success was limited and I said nothing about the value of the intention itself.

          Second, you have really no idea how acculturation occurred in Africa do you?-“OK so they helped some, but the ones in which they never came into physical contact were not helped at all.”

          Most Africans of modern times ARE descendants of those who had some form of cultural replacement. Those who practice native religion are the minority. So you’re model alone in unrealistic. As for “never helped at all”, tell me, why do you think that was?

          In cases like that it would’ve been that the tribe didn’t WANT THEM and held resistance.

  180. branderboy

    Blacks or Africans are the only real -100% percent human beings on the earth ( that have no relationship to apes at all.

    caucasoids and mongloids have 96-97 percent human DNA and 3-4 percent neanderthal DNA ( Which suggest a more ape like relationship.

    • Jm8

      The percentage estimate of neanderthal dna in Eurasians (Asians, Caucasoids, Australian Aborigines, Papuans, etc) has been revised, down from 1-4% to 1.5-2.1%.

      “In 2013, the same team of researchers revised the proportion to an estimated 1.5–2.1%”

      A few small African groups (mostly Pygmy and some Khoisan groups, but not so much other Africans—in which indeed levels are usually low to more or less nonexistent/nonexistant, as far as we know) have about 2% of their ancestry from an archaic group (possibly similar to Neanderthals).

      • Jm8

        I’ve been investigating the matter of the Yoruba very recently of John Hawks Findings and I couldn’t make heads nor tales of it aside from Mechtoid admixture.

        I figured that since the Yoruba founded were from Ibadan they would have some admxiture from Fulani/Hausa explaining it but the Kikuyu were 7% eurasian and the Ibadan Yoruba would be less.

        How they came up with it I had no idea. As I said they were from Ibadan and not a place that had coastal people with signficant european DNA from trade.

        Looking at that link they don;t differ in African archaic level with the Luhya of Kenya.

        Any thought? BTW, I remember your point of MTDNA U being low but what about autosomal differences?

        Technically no eurasians carry such of Neanderthals yet they still vary.

      • Jm8

        I’m not sure what you mean by coming from Ibadan. The city is relatively new, and in the south of Yorubaland rather than the North of it ( the proto-Yoruba more likely coming from more toward the Benue river)

        And the Fulani could not be a cause of putative early admixture since their presence only dates to about the early 19th century(if they added a bit of Eurasian dna at that time, it would likely be restricted to a few Northern Yoruba groups, and then likely be insignificantly-negligibly small—especially since it would likely be quickly be disbursed thereafter , since they did not conquer but only raided a few towns.)

        The Yoruba/proto-Yoruba as an ethno-linguistic cluster most likely date from a few millennia bc or so in the area (,from archaeological, and historical-linguistic evidence). Mechtoid admixture is not likely either. If uni-parental markers (mtdna like U or Ydna) are low, the autosomal fraction is likely to be about as low or even lower (and autosomal studies show this in the case of the Yoruba, showing an average admixture of .3% or less, in one measure .06%).

      • Jm8

        The cause (or a factor) could be a small fraction of archaic admixture with some Neanderthal affinity. It (of at least a fraction of it) could also be error. It would help to test/have data from a wider range of African populations to get a better perspective.

        • Jm8

          “It (of at least a fraction of it—and the putative/proposed amount is extremely small). …”
          “…It would help to test/have data from a wider range of African populations to get a better perspective.”

          The anthromadness blogger (Awale)—I now notice—expresses a similar opinion in the “Mehris” link’s comments.

        • Jm8

          edit:“…It would help to test/have data from a wider range of African populations (ancient samples would especially help) to get a better perspective.”

        • In this case I’m going with error, there’s just no way based on current evidence to explain aside from archaic ancestry.

          However…the Iwo Eleru site could be a clue if anything. I t was described as being different from a type of hominid that would be 2% in pygmies based o geological placement yet could show up in different scores of admixture detection such as in Nigerians.

          “Our analysis indicates that Iwo Eleru possesses neurocranial
          morphology intermediate in shape between archaic hominins
          (Neanderthals and Homo erectus) and modern humans. This
          morphology is outside the range of modern human variability in
          the PCA and CVA analyses, and is most similar to that shown by
          LPA individuals from Africa and the early anatomically modern
          specimens from Skhul and Qafzeh. Iwo Eleru is distinct from the
          recent African samples used here (although the range of recent
          modern human variation encompasses relatively low and elongated
          cranial shapes approaching this condition). Past work has suggested
          that neurocranial shape reflects population history relatively reliably
          among modern human populations [14,15]. Although we did not
          find unambiguous strong affinities between Iwo Eleru and the
          samples used here, its overall morphological similarities with early
          modern humans suggest a link to these early populations and
          possibly a late Middle-early Late Pleistocene chronology. Nonetheless,
          the archaeological setting, stratigraphy, previous radiocarbon
          [see 4] and our new U-series dating indicate a much younger,
          terminal Pleistocene age for this cranium. Such a late chronology for
          the Iwo Eleru cranium implies that the transition to anatomical
          modernity in Africa was more complicated than previously thought,
          with late survival of ‘‘archaic’’ features and possibly deep population
          substructure in Africa during this time.”

          This sounds a lot like the 13% average found in that Peter Frost Article.

          While described as Early modern, I’m in suspicion that this would still likely confound the data of Neanderthal Admixture in Yoruba.

        • Actually, looking at the Paper the site of Iwo Eleru is actually incredibly CLOSE to Ibadan.

          The matter is likely closed at this point.

        • Jm8

          I think Chris Stringer’s belief was/is that the early Iwo-Ileru specimen was (just) within the general modern range, but idiosyncratic enough to suggest some degree of hybridization/admixture.

          “I t was described as being different from a type of hominid that would be 2% in pygmies”

          I don’t think they have dna from it (or remains from the latter), so I would think it could be the same, or at least related (or maybe more likely, one having admixture from the other)

          “This sounds a lot like the 13% average found in that Peter Frost Article.”

          This figure seems unrealistically high even for Pygmies, or the possibly Pygmy-like populations that may have preceded (and were absorbed by) early Niger-Congo speakers in Southern Nigeria—but may not be too far off for these early indigenous groups. Frost claimed the figure for Sub-Saharans overall, which is even more unlikely (and frankly a bit outlandish, by the current evidence).

          The proto-Yoruba/West Benue Congo, it might be remembered, were not even the first Niger-Congo speaking group to settle South Nigeria. They were preceded by earlier branches(some of whose languages—or their relatives—may still be spoken in parts of the south east; e.g.: Ejagham, Ibibio, Ijaw, etc.), who would have been the ones to absorb earlier hunter gatherers.

          Pockets of Neanderthals survived in Europe relatively late as well (Gibralter in the 28,000’s) and left little genetic material in modern groups. There is also some evidence of archaic survival in Asia in to the mesolithic ieca 11,000 bc (will look for citation) in places that show little archaic dna influence (I believe a part of China).

          Of the hunter-gatherers and their ancestry: There is evidence (from archaeological tool industries like the Sangoan/Lupemban and Shum Laka in Cameroon) that the majority of the area (that is West and Central Africa) was probably modern human/mostly so, by the upper paleolithic (ca 20,000-30,000 bc, in some areas earlier), but perhaps with a few relict groups of others or hybrids remaining until then or later (such as into the mesolithic period of early Iwo Ileru, ca. 16-12,000 bc) .

          Also some have questioned that the Iwo Ileru specimen is archaic or hybrid (It could be. I am not entirely certain and am of course open to the idea that it is archaic/hybrid.) More than one specimen (since they only have one) or dna, would of course help in identifying its true affinity

        • Jm8

          edit: “—but may not be too far off for these early indigenous groups—-ie the possible proto-Pygmy like peoples…. “

        • Jm8

          editL: “…by the upper paleolithic (ca 20,000-30,000 bc, in some areas perhaps significantly/much earlier)”

        • Jm8

          Edit: “…by the upper paleolithic (ca 20,000-30,000 bc, in some areas of West and Central Africa perhaps significantly/much earlier in some areas of West and Central Africa—even earlier in parts of Southern and Eastern Africa, where modern human cultures date back to ca 200-170,000 bc)”

        • I agree with your opinion of questioning the intensity of the detection of Early Modern DNA in Africans as well as the unlikelyhood of late surviving archaics in other parts of the Globe,

          What I meant was that I found it interesting how the craniometric studies found this specimen to be precisely the same type of hominid believed to have been absorbed in Sub Saharans. With that noted, due to the ambiguity of how to classify it, it is likely that a creature like this may’ve confounded the Neanderthal studies.


          I’ve read this again and it appears that it does include support towards ancient admixture with Eurasian in the Yoruba….the problem is it doesn’t tell us exactly how high (I’ve missed something and you could check the link if anything can indicate the measure). In other words, they could’ve been reading those low yet present percentages found in Yoruba based on those Anthromadness results.

          This is different from Mota, in which It’s measures were based on the theory of a Neolithic invasion throughout Africa, whereas this goes with a slightly more ambiguous source (I suppose likely Mechtoids in mind since Neolithic proto berbers likely wouldn’t have given Neanderthal readings as high as the John Hawks study). Given a date of 7,500-10,000, Mechtoids theoretically would be going down into the Savannah.

          In this case it could be open that Iwo Eleru were mechtoids that adapted to SSA, yet the study that Peter Frost gave on that 13% (as you said it may not be that high) connects with the craniological studies on the fossils which doesn’t makes much sense to go with the Mechtoid classification (at least at present time).

          Any ideas?

        • Jm8

          To Phil:
          Iwo Ileru has no Mechoid Affinities (there is no such evidence/basis for this.) They are quite unrelated

          If it (Iwo Ileru) is not a hybrid, or minimally one, its closest afinities would most likely be to proto-Pygmies or some other, now lost/extinct, indingenous (and likely quite basal) sapiens variant. Also, otherwise, a significant Mechtoid admixed (let alone mostly so ie “Mechtoid adapted to SSA”) very unlikely and really not plausible, from what we know, at that date and region—Nigeria/South Nigeria—(or even later). The tool kits (and many other very ancient one in various parts of West Africa, both north and south of there) associated with the site are also of indigenous origin, having their affinities to older ones of the general region (ultimately going back well before the holocene).

          Your cited nature aricle does not seem to show admixture Yoruba and their is no direct claim or evidence to that effect (none shown on the map and none is attributed to the Igbo or other nearly Weast African groups.) The authors’ attriubution of the “non-zero” Neanderthal signals in them to mixture is speculative and has other possible causes—which of course have been mentioned/specuated upon in this thread). They also speak of course of substantial admixture nearer to the horn of Africa (long known).

          They seem to make some indication in one image of small fractions of Admixture in two groups in the Sahel. One, the Fulani, are show in the visual to have a small ammount seeming close th the the about 10% indicated in some other studies. The Other, the Wolof, have significantly less (a smaller sliver). The small pie charts representing the Mandinka, Jola, and other West African groups are shown with no admixture, or less than was thought representin there

          The (I believe more recent) study(s) at Anthromadness give Eurasian mixture in the Wolof at about 2.26%-4.04%, which may likely be consistent with the ammount indicated in your cited study for them (in the visual described above).

        • Jm8

          Edit: “The tool kits (and many other very ancient ones/cultures in various parts of West Africa, ranging both north and south of there) associated with the site are also of indigenous…”

        • Jm8

          “they could’ve been reading those low yet present percentages found in Yoruba based on those Anthromadness results.”

          The Yoruba percent given (at Anthromadness) is about 1.5. The effects of such percentages could also be an additional possible factor (sometimes/in some instances, varyingly).

        • “Specifically, ancient Eurasian admixture was observed in central West African populations (Yoruba; ~7,500–10,500 years ago), old admixture among Ethiopian populations (~2,400–3,200 years ago) consistent with previous reports10, 12, and more recent complex admixture in some East African populations (~150–1,500 years ago) (Fig. 2, Extended Data Fig. 7 and Supplementary Note 5). Our finding of ancient Eurasian admixture corroborates findings of non-zero Neanderthal ancestry in Yoruba, which is likely to have been introduced through Eurasian admixture and back migration, possibly facilitated by greening of the Sahara desert during this period13, 14.”

          Here is where they claimed such, however aside from dates they didn’t really give solid info. The say it supports neanderthal detection, not that it’s based of such. Basically, I’m confused on how that’s possible. None of their charts even shows it clearly.

          I know Iwo eleru couldn’t be Mechtoids, for as I’ve said they show little affiliation with them based of that craniomorphology study i gave.

          Mechtoid adapted to the Sub Sahara were known, so it was a possibility but as you said there was no support.

          Basically what I’m asking is what exactly was it that they found in the Yoruba? While it often boasted it’s not really well discussed.

        • Jm8

          “Here is where they claimed such,…”

          My mistake. I must have missed that. It could be based on an old, erroneosly high/inflated estimate. Or it could more refer to a number close to the 1.5 percent found ( or corroborated) in recent studies (which is about the same as the Mandinka score; but higher than the Igbo scores, which are 0%, .48%, and .02; South Ghanaian Ga-Adangme, at .15 and .70,….)
          Some such low numbers could possibly be influenced by noise (the lowest numbers more likely that is, if at all), so they are maybe a little tentative/imprecise (but still informative) .

        • So, here’s my guess.

          That 1.5%, if actually eurasian, was either residue of mechtoids going further south due to neolithic displacement or Neolithic expanders going south due to the drying of the green sahara.

          At that percentage, it’s comparable to other tribes of the Sahel, though from what I read from this study

          The small percentages in northern tribes were referred to as recent rather than ancient like the Yoruba results. BTW, yeah, the study is flawed in regards to the Yoruba since it uses the Mota study which was over estimated.

          Now, what is more speculative, is whether this would validate the Yoruba having higher Neanderthal affinity than the Luhya (again, though it was Kikuyu but I was wrong). On one hand, an older eurasion genome would have a higher Neanderthal contribution, so that could compensate for it not being overall as high as the 7% in the Luhya (likely from Easy Africans) Though I’m not sure How much are in East Africans from which that percentage likely comes from.

          In that case it would be settled then, and overall the effects would be minute.

  181. Samuel

    It’s only the appearance but inside we are all the same I guess ..

  182. Jason Y

    Spank my monkey 😆

  183. Jason Y

    Pretty much to xenophobic people all other races appear as monkeys. Often whites are considered monkeys, and in some cases they actually are just that.

  184. Truth

    It is no secret that blacks are closely compared to apes. It is also no secret as to why. Blacks simply did not go through any type of evolutionary process. They are a dead end, evolutionarily speaking. Once the human DNA genome was cracked, any scientist can easily tell you that blacks are not fully evolved, fully functioning human beings.
    Not quite sure why this is still even up to discussion, when everyone clearly knows the truth, without even having to research it. Blacks are not human.

  185. Mark Staples

    We should look more how people relate to each other than physical features. I’ve seen people with porcine features. Are they then closer to pigs? Black people are more progressive in a human way than whites. It’s us that suffered under the hands of white man slavery. Yet it is white who hate US for being different. We are a threat to the success of their species! Monkey talk lol. Logically we have a reasonable cause to hate. The lesser creatures hate different. Watch wildlife programmes.
    Look beyond the physical traits to see the true nature of the beast
    You can’t always take the scientists seriously. I’ve heard that they are saying that whites actually don’t come from homoerectus, but Neanderthal. How quickly that would be refuted!

  186. Gay State Girl


    Maybe this is a ridiculously stupid question, but why do the hairiest people originate near the equator? One would expect that Northern Europeans would have evolved to be hairier so as to adapt to arctic winters.

    • Well based on my reading, they don’t. Equatorial Black for example have been often recorded to lack Body hair. Perhaps some South Asians may have a tendencies towards beards but that’s the best I could possibly know of.

      Actually, whites do have a higher tendency towards Body Hair sue to living in a historically warmer Climate, hell I think it’s even thicker to but I believe Asians have the thickest. What gave you the impression of otherwise? I mean, just for the sake of being stereotypical, does the image of an ancient Celt give you the idea of a BALD figure?

      • Gay State Girl

        At the salon I go to, most of the people receiving facial or bodily waxes are Black or Mediteranean in appearance. It’s rare you’ll see a blond getting a facial wax, often times they request to have their brows thickened.

        • Well that depend on the demographics of you’re area. Body hair isn’t unlikely, but on average less than compared to Northern Europeans. That or they may have other methods of removing hair.

  187. Anastasia Williams

    Blacks look like mighty Joe young?? He might have been walking around with his eyes closed all his life.

  188. Graham Ragless

    He is 100 percent correct. How can a black person be the same species. They have sculls twice as thick, bent arms, thick hair and large noses. All this is scientific evidence they have not long ago become ground dwellers. We should be conducting experiments as this is evolution before our eyes. Years to come gorilla.

    • Bone density differences are not “twice as thick” despite being higher.

      “Trotter et al (28) extensively examined racial differences in bone. In 1958, they reported that the densities of the humerus and femur were significantly greater in blacks than in whites, with the racial effect on bone density being more pronounced in the humerus (P < 0.01) than in the femur (P < 0.05). Bone densities in the humerus were as follows: black males, 0.718 ± 0.102 g/cm3; white males, 0.642 ± 0.133 g/cm3; black females, 0.640 ± 0.139 g/cm3; and white females, 0.566 ± 0.114 g/cm3. The femoral data were collected as part of an earlier study from Trotter et al’s laboratory and only the means for the femur were given in this review: black males, 0.700 g/cm3; white males, 0.628 g/cm3; black females, 0.652 g/cm3; and white females, 0.589 g/cm3. Trotter et al also noted a parallel decrease in the densities of the humerus among the 4 groups with increasing age, but no age-related racial differences.”

      Hair is actually less dense in blacks, and that makes sense considering whites lived in colder areas.

      “bent arms” I think you mean longer forearms.
      Overall, the differences only means that blacks have different environmental adaptations being a different “race”, not a different species.

  189. TRASH


    Jewish men and women are quite hairy and they are neither Northern European nor Equatorial. All Mediterranean people seem to be quite hairy including Italians (Sort of joke).

  190. Nini Prom

    Does that mean whites are from the Rhesus monkey aka Asian monkeys( RH factory). Primary example we can take former president Bush Jr and place him with them Asian monkeys and he will fit in just right. Also have you been everywhere in African to see us all?! Or is your uneducated theory based on racist findings. Do you even know that the people in wet land African have different features I.e thin nose, curly hair & skin color and that there are 6 face(s) of Africans that looks different from one another based on features equatorial & Ocean plays a part. How about we as humans study why some white people are the way they are…. lies aka discovered, killer aka settlers, lack of empathy/sympathy that makes a human….” Human”, sociopath, histrionic cover up, the skin that reject’s the sun, wrinkles, skin color that changes like the rainbow, the smell of wet dog which is not a human diet at all, etc..etc.. We have to know which unknown species whites are really from.Your Great swimmer Michael P looks just like an Ape himself but happen to be white tho. So If we are the apes you all are the monkeys and some are Monkey-apes case close. This piece is for the racist whites 😃 from an Africa person ✌

    • Look Nini, I am going to have to ban your Black ass.

      You insulted me, and that is not allowed on here. Go read the Comments Rules. If you still wish to post, you may petition the ban in an email to me.

    • D Walker

      Well stated Nini. Its just the truth. They want except it my sister but It is what it is? Oneday soon they want have any other choice!

  191. D Walker

    David White summed it up! So, happy to see someone gave a more factual understanding of what has been whitewashed out for ages. That’s why they have so many health problems, they use to mix genes with anything that moved!!! White people meet your cousins the apes/Neanderthals. Black Africans in Africa, U.S., and other places has next to no mixture of ape or neanderthal genes. Go READ!! READ TRUTH!

  192. Matthew

    Old studies on the matter aren’t wrong… The controversial nature of the subject has led to abandonment of newer studies.
    Even fairly recently, the US government set out to prove that there was no intellectual difference between blacks and white… it’s hard to find the results because it turned out they were wrong.
    From a simple common sense perspective, it is obvious that people from Africa are less evolved than anyone else, as they stayed in our ancestral homeland… they had no biological reason to change. The rest of the races had to adapt to harsh climates, learn agriculture, home building, etc…
    This is not a reason to judge any individual black person, as they never had any say in the matter… it is merely food for thought.