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Is This Man Gay or Not?

I regularly get women writing in here asking if a man that they are involved with is gay or bisexual or not. In the latest case, Jenny asks:

Ok everyone, There’s a guy I know 29 yrs old, has a Mohawk haircut, loves to workout, used to play football but doesn’t anymore, works at a gym, seems womanizing, has female traits. He loves anal with women, makes weird faces like batting eyes, can make his voice sound feminine at times, he always notices my clothing earrings and shoes and when he likes them he says, “Those shoes are mean!”

He poses for pics laying on his stomach with his hands under his chin and his feet up in the air crossed..looks gay for sure.. He dresses t-shirt jeans and vans or converse shoes, he’s black by the way. Everyone I know thinks he’s gay even his co workers.. He also is friends w a gay guy who is still in the closet…

He denies being gay and says he doesn’t care that people question his sexuality…He is also extremely arrogant and talks about how hot he is constantly…He also wanted me to rate him in bed on a scale form 1-10…Help

Ok, well, first of all. This is one faggoty guy! On the other hand, don’t let that fool you. I live in California. This is the place where the gay guys act gay and the straight guys act gay too. Lots and lots of guys act gay or sort of gay here, regardless of whether they are gay or not. Around here, people often ask, “Is so and so gay?!” Then someone who knows him just laughs and says, “No! He’s just a Northern California male, that’s all! Don’t worry about it!”

In this part of California, acting more or less faggoty, metrosexual, engaging in manscaping or various other androgynous traits are simply “the thing to do.”

First of all, these guy seems like a womanizing or lady’s man type. I’ve known quite a few of these types. I think I just talked to one at the gas station today.

The curious thing about many serious womanizers and lady’s men is that they are often quite androgynous. I mean that in a good way – in many cases, they have both a strong masculine and strong feminine side going at the same time. I’m not sure why that is.

From personal experience, I would say that a man with a strong feminine side simply feels closer to females to than to males. He’d rather hang around chicks than guys. It’s his feminine side that makes women seem so special and interesting to him.

I’ve recently noted that there are two kinds of guys who hang around women all the time: players and queers. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.

Both have a feminine nature that makes them feel close to women in some way. When women go on and on about their feminine stuff which bores the crap out of most guys, both the player and the queer are apt listeners. Both players and queers take a stronger interest in a woman’s makeup and clothing than most guys do. Most guys simply think that’s stupid or annoying.

The player really has the best of the both worlds. His feminine side makes him feel very close to females, and it probably makes them feel close to him. Females fascinate him, even when they are acting nutty. Unlike the queer, he’s also completely turned on by women!

He has the sex drive of your average Army platoon all rolled into one mortal coil. He likes to be around women just because, and at the same time, females are the high octane fuel he needs to fill his insatiable tank. So he’s around all sorts of females all the time, and he’s probably messing around with more than one of them. He’s in paradise! No matter his age, he can die happy tomorrow.

On the other hand, most players that I have known were not as faggoty as this guy. Players typically have a strong masculine side, and they identify as masculine men. They don’t like to be seen as obviously gay.

To a guy like me, batting my eyelashes like a woman seems like a horrible thing to do. So does posing on my bed on my stomach like a queer. If photos of me are to be taken, I want to act masculine in them. I would feel weird acting feminine in a photo. I would also feel strange making my voice go all feminine. Why would I do that? A masculine guy might admire a woman’s shoes, but does he say, “Those shoes are mean!”? I would not say that! That’s a faggoty thing to say.

It’s a bit odd that he doesn’t mind that everyone thinks he’s a queer. Many straight men are angry if people think they are gay – it’s a real insult.

It’s also quite strange that he’s best friends with a closeted gay guy. I’ve never been able to have any close friendships at all with gay guys, nor have my friends. They simply don’t work because the queers simply won’t stop trying to have sex with us. So my friends and I have pretty much given up on any kind of friendships with gay and bi men and I advise all other straight men to do the same.

Nevertheless, you can go around the web and see that some of these superhip young straight men are able to have friendships with gay and bi men. Don’t ask me how they do it. So things may be different with the younger crowd.

Yes, many gay and bisexual men love anal sex when they have sex with women. This is a common observation. On the other hand, there are now straight men who love this type of sex too.

I really do not think this guy is gay. The vast majority of gay men simply do not run around womanizing with females. On the other hand, he could be bisexual. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough information here to make a positive judgement in this case.

All we know is:

He’s faggoty.
He really likes women.
There’s no evidence that he likes men too.
He’s narcissistic.

The last is probably the most important of all for Jenny to be concerned with. His narcissism seems pretty off the charts. She ought to think about how she feels about this young man’s intense narcissism.


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Dan and Dan on The Daily Mail

Funny little skit.

I still can’t figure this out. Is it one guy, two, or three?


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Lenin on Anti-Semitism

Excellent video from Lenin on anti-Semitism.

This is an excellent analysis of the phenomenon, though I do know some true leftwing, liberal and Leftist anti-Semites, they are not common. Actually, they are pretty rare.

However, on the Arab Left, there is a tremendous amount of overt anti-Semitism. I used to associate with some folks who were linked to the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine). Basically Arab Commies. They and their friends were very anti-Semitic, not just anti-Zionist. They were also very anti-Iranian, which is typical of Arab nationalists.

Eventually they accused me of being a “Zionist spy” and threw me out of their little circle (I was doing some media work with them). Pretty paranoid group of people, not that I blame them.

However, anti-Semitism is basically at its heart a rightwing movement. You can see that in that the various anti-Semites who have shown up on this site are by and large rightwingers of one type or another. In particular, they are social conservatives. After all, the Jew is the bearer of modernity in all of its depravity and moral dissolution, no?

Anti-Semites also tend to be anti-Communist, as the Jews brought us Communism, eh? Especially in China. After all, that fellow Mao was a Jew, right?

Those of us on the Left who are not opposed to progress and all of the various social and political revolutions of the last 200 years would error in making enemies of the Jews. Anyway, we on the Left owe a vast debt to the Jews, as they were very important to our movement. And sympathizers with various progressive revolutions from Napoleon’s time on must sympathize with the Jews, as the Jews were typically in the forefront of social progress for one reason or another.

Yes, Jews can be silly, crazy and obnoxious, but even most Jews are well aware of that.

At the end of the day, there really is not much in anti-Semitism for those of us on the Left. There is nothing in it for us, and it’s fundamentally reactionary anyway.

But we can always be critical of the Jews in a good way. After all, nobody does this better than the Jews themselves.

There is a trend on the Right, especially the Jewish Right, to say that Communism was anti-Jewish. Well, the Jewish Right thinks everything is anti-Jewish. As you can see in this video, it is not really so. Yitzak Shamir was correct when we called the Soviet Union an “anti-anti-Semitic state,” perhaps the first that had ever been created. Stalin signed a bill making anti-Semitism a crime punishable by death. Stalin was an anti-Semite? Come on now.


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Interview with Timoleon Jimenez, Leader of the FARC


Great interview with the leader of the FARC, Timoleon Jimenez, by Voz Magazine, the mouthpiece of the Colombian Communist Party. The FARC split from the PCC a long time ago and formed their own party, the PCCC, Clandestine Communist Party of Colombia. That’s basically the above ground organization of the FARC, however, the PCCC is still nevertheless very underground due to extreme repression. Even the PCC and Voz experience extreme repression though they have no FARC links.

Massive US military assistance, in particular in the area of aviation, have helped to turn the tide against the FARC. In addition, the US has helped with intelligence operations, including the use of drones.

However, FARC attacks have been rising dramatically for several years now, as have Colombian military casualties. There are battles nearly every day in Colombia, often more than one action a day. The FARC probably has 50,000 fighters, and lately they have shifted more to urban militia operations. These fighters operate out of their homes in urban areas and wear no uniforms. There are probably 30,000 FARC militia members.

In some towns, the FARC simply rules. Pretty much everyone in town is with them (up to 20,000 people) and to go against them is to risk your life. This is particularly true in areas of the southwest coast.

Kudos to Voz for getting this great interview.


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My Site on Youtube

Well, this is nice. It shows you how to find one of the sickest videos on the Internet. It’s not on this site. It’s on my other site, the sicko video site. This is the Russian neo-Nazi beheading video. If you want to go watch out, be careful as a lot of bad reactions have been reported from watching it. One guy was at work, watched it, put his head down for five minutes, went outside to have a cigarette because he was shaking too much, and fainted. He knocked out a couple of teeth.

At least one bad reaction involving depression and anxiety lasted for months.

This is really nasty stuff featuring a real on-camera murder of an innocent man, so extreme discretion is advised to say the least.

However, the music is really great!


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Is There a Third Way Between Judeophilia and Antisemitism?

jameson7 said:

It’s kind of difficult to toe the line between being antisemitic and jew worshiping wouldn’t you say?

Actually you can be. Just act like a Jew! Most Jews have a very complex relationship with their own people, and they are not all overwhelming Judeophiles themselves. If you read the Israeli press (even better yet in Hebrew) you will see that the Jews go at their own kind with a ferocity that must be seen to be believed.

But that’s only an option for them. For the rest of us, our only option is groveling slavery and kissing the feet of our Jewish masters. Anyone who rebels against this nonsense is simply labeled a Nazi and that’s that.

You can walk the line between Judeophilic moron and Nazi of course. No, you just have to be brave, that’s all. Jews demand that all Gentiles be Judeophilic fools. If you’re not, then you’re an antisemite, and you’re just like those people who threw them in the gas chambers. That’s insane, but that’s how Jews think.

The truth is that Jews are crazy. We don’t have to choose between being Judeophilic morons and genocidal Nazis. There’s a third way. It’s called sanity. If the Jews object or call you names, just tell them to piss off.

One more thing: if you’re not an antisemite, don’t debate Jews on the question of whether or not you are one. If you criticize Jews in any way, Jews usually flip out and start yelling at you and calling you antisemite. Most decent nonracist people who don’t hate the Jews get really hurt by this accusation and start defending themselves.

Hurt nonracist Gentile: No, I am not an antisemite, honest. (List of reasons why you’re not one.)

Gleeful, cavorting, malicious, malevolent Jew or Jews: Yes you are! Yes you are! You’re a bigot! You’re a racist! You hate Jews! You hate them! Admit it! You are an antisemite! Blablablablablablablabla.

Most Jews are very skillful at this sadistic game as they have been practicing since childhood. I don’t like Nazis or hardcore antisemites too much, but at least they don’t take shit from sadistic, tormenting Jews. A Nazi will just say, “Yeah I’m an antisemite. What about it kike LOL?”

That’s awful, but for some reason it’s better than some supplicating nonracist Gentile in tears groveling around and desperately trying to kiss Jews’ feet to get back in good graces while the Jews cruelly keep pulling their feet away and beating the person up.

I used to hang out in Jewish and Israeli groups a lot on Usenet, and the Jews played this cruel game with everyone who said boo about them. Really the only way to deal it is simply to not answer the question and to not debate the Jew about it. If you have to say anything, say, “I’m not an antisemite,” assuming that is true, and then don’t play the game anymore.

Truth is that real antisemites generally just up front and come right out and admit it. The types who get their feelings hurt and almost start crying protesting that they are not Nazis are usually just innocent people. This is just a sick game the Jews play where they beat up on innocent people because Jews love to have enemies and can’t take one word of criticism.


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Do Left Guys Need to Be Down with Feminism?

jameson7 writes:

Don’t left leaning white guys pretty much have to be in bed with the feminists? I grew up in a feminist family. It leaves very little for a man to identify with. WN isn’t an option my family is as wannabe Jewish as it gets.

Well, I am down with equity feminism but not with radical feminism. I would say it’s necessary to be down with equity feminism, and I always have been. If you’re a Left guy who’s not down with equity feminism, I don’t know how it will work out. First, there are not many guys like that anyway, as such men are social conservatives. I would assume that your fellows on the Left would consider you a Neandertal.

It’s nice to be feminist-friendly, as in equity feminist friendly. It shows women that you are an ally without being a complete pussy. Women like allies. Anything that allies you with women helps you get women. Women are not complete masochists, and I assume that normal females prefer allies to enemies. I’m not sure how much Left women like a man who is in the enemy camp.

Also, being down with equity feminism is great as it helps you get women! It tells women, “I am on your side, I am one of your allies, I am for you and against the evil pigs.”

I used to be active in a lot of Left groups. There are not many guys in those groups, and the guys who are there are often older and typically married. A number of the guys are a bit wimpy or soft. Some are gay. A lot are just regular guys. And the women always outnumber the men by a lot. Truth is, if you are a dashing, charismatic “Alpha” type masculine guy, you can literally go wild in leftwing groups.

Left groups are a prime place to get women. If you act like a normal, virile type male, you can totally clean up in those groups, and I do mean clean up. It’s like a kid in a candy store. A lot of those feminist fools have a very mixed, love/hate type feeling about men, and you can definitely get them. A lot of them just want a hard cock and a good hard fucking from a masculine guy!

Thing about feminist women is at least back in the day, most of them were not lesbians at all. They just had a lot of fear/anger at men (mostly fear I would say).

However, one good thing about feminism is that it has liberated women. Feminist women don’t have a lot of sex hangups, and they really like to fuck (they love sex, masturbate a lot, etc.). They aren’t prudes at all. And if they are not lesbians, all there is to screw are men. This is where, you, leftwing male, come in.

I am on the Left, and I am openly critical of gender feminism. I meet gender fems from time to time. One woman I met recently told me she was a “feminazi.” I laughed and said, “I think all feminazis should be killed.” Instead of flipping out, she started laughing her head off.Then I said, “This is great! I love it! We can fight!” She got really enthusiastic and said, “Yes! We can fight! It will be fun!”

Sure, you get some problems on the Left, but it’s no big deal. There are a lot of feminuts on the Internet who hate my guts, but that’s ok. I have family members who I can barely talk to about this stuff as they are too deep into gender feminism. They throw wild screaming fits if I say my stuff. A lot of feminuts insist that I am a “woman-hating misogynist.” That’s the standard feminazi line to anyone who goes against them. Its not true, but it still hurts a bit directed at a guy who loves women.


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Sweden’s Gender War (Könskriget)

An excellent video titled Könskriget in Swedish or Sweden’s Gender War in English. It’s very long (2 hours), as long as a full-length movie, but it is well worth the watch. The movie is about the women’s shelters that are funded by the Swedish government and how they got taken over by radical feminists.

Young girls were abused by males in their household and were taken in to the shelters. They were brainwashed and told that they had abused by part of a vast Swedish pedophile ring of Satanist rapists and abusers who rape, molest and murder Swedish girls and women. Some of the girls were so upset by the brainwashing that they ran away from the shelters. One girl took off for Norway.

To this date, no evidence at all for this network has emerged. Nevertheless, Sweden’s feminist mafia continues to believe in this nonsense.

The shelters are part of a network of houses that takes it’s name from the heroine of a feminist tract written in Swedish. This heroine goes on a rampage and slaughters many men out of revenge similar to what is advocated in another canonical feminist classic, Valerie Solanas’ SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) Manifesto.

Solanas, a paranoid schizophrenic, tried to murder Andy Warhol and was sentenced to prison. Warhol suffered ill effects from this attempted homicide for the rest of his life. Solanas is still a huge hero in feminist circles and her tract is still widely read and praised among gender feminists.

Much disturbing and chilling footage is in this video. A woman tells how she went to a rally of gender feminists in Sweden where they started chanting, “Hang the men! Kill the men!” She was so upset that the she left the whole movement and never went to another rally.

These rallies are similar to the idiotic radical feminist “Take Back the Night” rallies staged in the US. I attended one of these rallies, which featured an extremely propagandistic anti-pornography video followed by a stupid march. I was one of the few men there. I got a lot of hostile stares from some of the Stepford Drones.

Many of these Swedish feminists cut their hair short in feminist style. More than a few are apparently lesbians. The short hair style is typical among US feminists also and is apparently designed either to say, “I’m a lesbian” or “I hate men.” It seems to be a deliberate effort to deny the woman’s femininity, make her look unattractive and make her look like a man. Radical feminists are odd in that they hate us men, yet they try to look and act like us!

There is footage of brainwashed young women, now apparently or possibly lesbians, with short, dykey feminist hair styles.

One of the main themes of the movie is that Swedish batterers do not need treatment for their woman-beating, since that would say it is pathological and instead it is simply men being normal everyday men.

The Swedish feminist argument against treatment approaches incoherence, but they seem to be saying that as long as patriarchy exists and men hold all the power in society, there is no point treating male batterers. Apparently as long as women labor under patriarchy, men will always batter.

So men get jail or prison instead of treatment. The Swedish feminazis have opposed all efforts at treatment for male batterers and there is still little or no treatment to this day. Norway next door has instead offered a treatment program which has worked very well. Many studies have shown that treatment works for offenders, but feminist lobbying has prevented the proper analysis of these studies in Swedish academia and politics, both of which are overrun with feminazi idiots.

Radical feminism is the official program of Swedish government which has been run by the Left wing Social Democrats for a long time. Radical feminism was adopted as an official part of the platform about 25 years ago, and it’s only gotten worse since. Swedish feminism has been called “state-sponsored feminism,” and Sweden is thought to be the most advanced feminist state on Earth. Nevertheless, Swedish feminists are angrier than ever.

There was a large split in the Social Democrats recently with many female SD members leaving to form an even more insane feminist political party.

Although early polls showed many Swedish lemmings would vote for the party, the party soon many some proposals that were so radical that they sunk the party.

One of them was for a “man tax” in which all males would be taxed to make up for thousands of years of patriarchy. They also advocated abolishing marriage and getting rid of male and female specific names for babies as inherently oppressive. All of these proposals went over like a lead balloon, and the party sunk in the polls from over 20% to a final tally of ~3%.

However, they did push through the most radical anti-rape laws on Earth. These are the nutty laws under which Julian Assange is being accused by the Swedish state of “raping” two Swedish women. Assange’s behavior was ungentlemanly, but those women would never get a US district attorney to even file their cases in the US, and no US jury would convict him anyway.

This video was shot by a young Kurdish-Swedish woman who has since reportedly received thousands of threats, including death threats, from Swedish feminazis. It is even said that she had to go into hiding due to the threats.

I always thought that the “Nazi” in the word “feminazi” was an overwrought misnomer, but the more I study radical feminists, the more totalitarian they look. Interestingly, other Identity Politics such as gay rights radicals also seem like “Nazis” or totalitarians. PC in general seems to be a fascist-like or totalitarian movement in the constant use of threats and censorship.

What this implies that is Identity Politics is like a substitute for nationalism, which is simply egotism writ large. People identify with their gender, orientation or race in the same way that residents identify with their nation or state. Identity Politics is also egotism-based. You attack my gender, race or orientation, you attack me.

The wild responses of the Identity Politics crowd resemble the fascist-like behavior of the ultranationalists, which at the end of the day, is all down to tribalism anyway. In this sense, Identity Politics has set up new tribes for us based on gender, orientation, race etc. Now one can be a member of the Woman Nation, the Gay Nation, the Black Nation, etc.

Gender feminists, gay militants, etc. are simply the ultranationalist vanguards of the Female and Gay Nations respectively. The same problems and critiques of nationalism and ultranationalism that the Left has long brought up and fleshed out would seem to apply here. An ultranationalist of the Gay Nation or the Female Nation is not so dissimilar to a German, Japanese, Indian, Turkish, Arab, Chinese or other ultranationalist.

The bottom line is that these bitches are simply our enemies. If you’re a man, they’re your enemy. If you’re a man who sides with gender feminism, you’re not only a pussy and a man who won’t fight for himself, but you’re also a traitor to your brothers in lining up with our enemies.

It’s no surprise that male feminists are often the most pussified or unmasculine men out there. Many are gay. Others have renounced masculinity as some sort of oppressive ideology. Truth is that no self respecting man should ever identify with these bitches. Do you think that men are evil and women are the font of all goodness in mankind? If you don’t agree, don’t line up with these shrill shrews.


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High Rates of Racism Among Young Swedish Females


The article is in Finnish, but if you can read Finnish, it says that recent surveys show very high numbers of Swedish girls and young women (25% of females aged 13-25) are racist against Arabs, especially Arab males.

Well, sometimes it pays to generalize. A very high percentage of rapes of Swedish young females are committed by Arab males. Comparatively speaking, Swedish males commit relatively few rapes against these same females. So consequently, young Swedish females have negative views of young Arab males, whom they see as a bunch of rapists.

Sweden is an officially antiracist country, and the Left, which has been in power for a long time now, has had an official policy of importing as many non-Europeans as possible into Sweden. The result has been a catastrophe as Arabs and other Middle Easterners formed ghettos that erupt regularly and have become more or less no-go zones for public safety personnel.


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Palestinians Leaving Israel Due to Racism


Very nice article. Israeli propaganda often says that Israeli Arabs have it better than any Arabs in the Arab World. That’s a dubious proposition to say the least. Furthermore, they experience a lot of overt and not so overt forms of discrimination of the sort that would be illegal or even unheard of in the US.

For instance, in many towns and cities, Arabs are forbidden from expanding their municipalities. In addition, Arabs are often forbidden from adding to existing homes. It’s either legal or very common to discriminate against Arabs in housing, schooling, employment, accommodations and many other areas.

Many jobs require one to have served in the Israeli armed forces, and most Arabs don’t serve. Also many companies do business with the IDF, and those companies usually don’t want any Arabs working with them on sensitive issues.

There has been an ongoing Israeli project called the “Judaization of the Galilee.” This involves deliberately building all-Jewish towns and cities throughout this Arab part of Israel. In addition, it involves surrounding Arab municipalities with these Jewish towns.This project is completely uncontroversial in Israel and even liberal publications like Ha’aretz write about it unapologetically.

Can you imagine if the US government was involved in a project called “The Whitening of Mississippi,” which involved surrounding Black towns with White towns, building up all White towns to weaken Black influence and forbidding Blacks from expanding the size of their towns and from expanding the size of already existing dwellings?

Many Israeli military bases were deliberately constructed very close to Arab locales for the reason that during a war, attacks on the bases that missed would hit neighboring Arabs and kill and hurt them instead of killing or hurting nearby Jews.

Can you imagine if the US government deliberately built military bases near Black communities on the grounds that if the enemy attacked them, misses would hurt and kill nearby Blacks and at least White folks would be spared?

So it is that Israel is so lousy for Arabs that many are leaving to head for the Palestinian territories, especially the West Bank. There, the Arabs experience no prejudice, and they say that there are many more opportunities for them than there are in Israel. Many of the Arabs leaving are the best and the brightest. That’s Israel’s loss I suppose.

We really need to cast aside the Hasbara line that says, “You ever seen any Israeli Arabs leaving to go live in the Territories, or in the Arab World?” Well, now you do. More Hasbara bites  the dust.


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