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Men and Women, Love and Sex

Men give love to get sex.

Women give sex to get love.

Author: The smartest woman I know (my own mother).

It’s a bit trite, but there’s a lot of truth to it, no? We bash the older generation as primitives, but the more I talk to them, the more they seem to understand the realities of race and gender that so many of us in the “progressive and liberated” generations that followed have obfuscated with censorious PC confusion, denial and nonsense straight into well meaning falsehood.

Each generation creates its own set of ideological revolutionaries. Some of this is sheer rebellion, but a lot of it is just the spirit of the dialectic. Time honored wisdom is tossed out as old wives’ tales, and the New Science rewrites all laws and calls it progress. By the time we reach middle age, we realize with chagrin that the old fuddy-duddies were right more often than wrong. And on the cusp of that painful admission, we finally understand the nature of wisdom, as old and basic as man himself.

The American Indians revere their elders (elderly). All over the world and all down through time, cultures have taught us that wisdom lies with the eldest generation, the living stores of wisdom.

Since when in our ultra-technological, fission-busting, speed of sound breaking, just in time, up to the minute, metrosexual neon world village did that oldest of human maxims cease to be true?


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The Jews of Germany, 1918-1933

Gay Area Girl writes:

What exactly happened between 1918-1933 in Germany? To what extent were ordinary Jews involved or sympathetic to the European Jewish elite?

By 1932, Jews were 1% of the population, and they controlled 32% of the economy. It would be very nice if human beings would just sit back and say, “Oh, that’s just fine,” but the truth is that there are not that many majority groups around that will sit back and allow a tiny minority to get that much power without doing something about it.

After WW1, many Germans attacked German patriotism and nationalism as sort of a toxic element that had led the nation into the ruins of war. Many of those doing were Jewish intellectuals, comedians, show biz types, etc. They were basically correct, but your average German was not in a mood for careful self-reflection.

It probably is not true that the German Jews “stabbed the nation in the back.” It is true that American Jews led a huge media propaganda campaign to get the US into the war, probably in return for getting the British to agree to give the Jews Palestine via the Balfour Amendment in 1917. So the US Jews really did drag the US into the war. However, many US Jews were German Jews and they actually supported Germany in WW1. In Germany, most German Jews were patriots during the war.

During the 1920’s, the German economy collapsed, but at the same time, Berlin became very decadent, a sort of a playground for the rich and famous all over Europe. There was a lot of decadent and depraved behavior going on with regard to sex, drugs, boozing, etc. There was also a lot of homosexuality and bisexuality in the scene.

There were all sorts of folks involved in what was basically just a decadent artsy scene, but a number of them were Jewish. This whole decadent scene got tagged as “Jewish.” Your average German was a cultural conservative and thought the Berlin scene was sick and depraved.

Around 1920, German Communists attempted to seize power via a violent revolution. A number of people were killed in this endeavor, which led to a short lived Bavarian Socialist Republic. The Communists basically failed in their revolution, and history is not kind to losers.

Many of the leaders of the German Communists were Jews, including Rosa Luxembourg. Your average middle class German was horrified by the specter of Communism and blamed the German Jews for it. But many German Jews were very rich and did not support Communism at all.

There was a lot of class war going on the 1920’s. A trade union would try to shut down a factory via a strike. The leadership of the trade union would be Jewish. The factory owner himself, a Jew, would fight the trade union in an often bloody street fight to keep the factory open.

Hitler looked at this and instead of seeing what was logically intra-Jewish class war instead saw a conspiracy in which the Jewish factory owner and the Jewish trade union leadership conspired in a fake battle in order to create chaos and tear the nation asunder.

The German workers never supported the Nazis. They always supported the Socialists (Social Democrats) and Communists. Nazism was basically a middle class movement of the petit bourgeois, as most fascism tends to be.

The German industrialists went along with Nazism simply as a way to crush the Left. They didn’t like the racism very much, but they thought Hitler was all talk, and it would never get out of hand. In short, they didn’t think he would do what he said.

In this way, they were similar to the US rich, who go along with far right populist extremism on social and other issues in order to get the Right Populists votes on pro-rich economics. But these same US rich don’t think that the rightwing social issue crazies are going to implement their project. Your average rich American doesn’t give a damn about abortion or gay marriage or any of that stuff.

In this way, the rich always play with fire when they attempt to manipulate rightwing populism to their advantage.

The German Left split and would not work together. The German Communists called the Social Democrats “Social Fascists” and condemned them. The two often had street fights and would not unite against the Right.

There was a lot of sheer fanaticism in Germany. Eric Hoffer, in his book The True Believer, wrote how many Germans would support the Communists one week and then the Nazis another. They would go back and forth between the two, even though they were supposedly at the opposite ends of the spectrum and hated each other. In this sense, the political spectrum may be seen as more circular than linear, and the Far Left and Far Right almost seem to meet at the bottom of a circle.


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The Jews and the Banks: History as Parable

Creeders writes:

Can experts of Jewish history share some ideas on what actually happened in Germany and Europe from 1914-1945? I need further pointers. I did some detailed research on this topic. The outcome of my studies found a conclusion quite different from that found in any history book.

Other extremely interesting topics would be:

1) Jewish role in Bolshevik Revolution and their roles in taking down USSR. (The Russian billionaire mobs are almost 100% Jews).

2) Jewish bankers and their wealth. Rothschild is suspiciously absent from Forbes’ list of the rich. They are now being portrayed as a dead dynasty. But if you look at many deals, you could find shadows of Rothschild.

I am a Christian. I do not hate Jews. But I have the feeling from what I have gathered that a true look history will inevitably stir up resentment towards the Jews. However, I think truth is more important, never mind it might cause anti-Semitism.

Jews did play a prominent role in the Bolshevik Revolution, and this was a source of much anti-Semitism among those who hated Communism and associated the Jews with it. However, the Bolsheviks also had mass support among the exploited Orthodox workers and peasants of the USSR.

The Jews used to control much of the banking of the world, and this was the cause of much anti-Semitism. However, they never got control over US banking, thought they made a run on it from 1900-1920.

There was a concerted conspiracy on the part of wealthy Jews to grab control of the US banks so the Jews could have the banks. US bankers were mostly anti-Semitic Christians in those days. US publications were also often ran by Christians who were not afraid to criticize the Jews.

The conspiracy worked like this. The Jews would buy Christian banks. Once the Jews had a bank, they would sell it, but only to another Jew, never to a Christian.

Bankers caught wind of this conspiracy and blew the whistle on the Jews, stopping them in their tracks. So they did not succeed at all in this effort.

However, the whistle was blown much later in a similar Jewish conspiracy to control US investment banking. The result was that the Jews made inroads into US investment banking which they retain to this day. The Jews did not get control over US investment banking, but they ended up with a significant share.

Around the same time, similar Jewish conspiracies were hatched to control both Hollywood and the US mass media. These were initialized by wealthy Jews were were getting nervous about racist US Hollywood and newspapers. In particular, Jews were very worried about such films as Birth of a Nation. Jews didn’t really care about Blacks that much, but they worried that this sort of White Christian racism (sort of nascent White nationalism) could end up being directed at the Jews.

Numerous papers were in the hand of overtly White Christian racists. The Jews also were worried that this press racism could be directed at the Jews at some time.

So runs were made on US papers and Hollywood. Hollywood was grabbed for the Jews, and they retain it to this day. The papers were also grabbed, and Jews continue to dominate the US papers. From their controlling position in the US papers, Jews then grabbed control over US broadcasting, which they controlled for many years. Jews continue to  have a probable dominant position in US radio and particularly television.

The fact that the Jewish runs on US banking and investment banking were halted (a similar run Jewish conspiracy to control Wall Street was also stopped dead) shows that a certain amount of protective anti-Semitism is necessary in order to retain majority control over a nation where a feverish Jewish minority works as a tribe to gain control over a nation’s institutions. It’s not right for a 2% minority to conspire as a tribe to grab the commanding heights of a nation’s economy.

This also shows that a nation that completely loses its potential for protective anti-Semitism like in a sense like a body that has shut down it’s immune system. It can easily be invaded and conquered by foreign bacteria and viruses (Sorry for the inadvertent Nazi analogy!). White blood cells, both figuratively in nations and actually in corporeal bodies, are there for a reason.

The Jews used to run the banks of Europe. Well, a thing call the Holocaust ended all of that. The Holocaust was a horrible thing, but it’s an ill wind that blows no good. Jewish domination of European banks wasn’t really good for European Jews or Gentiles in the long run, and in fact it was one of the spurs of the deadly Holocaust. If grabbing the banks of Europe ended up getting countless Jews killed, that power grab simply was not worth it for the Jewish people.

Presently, Jews just don’t run the banks anymore anywhere, except in Israel. Banks are generally monochromatic corporate multinational institutions, as parasitic as ever but devoid of any particular dominant ethnic grouping. They are simply run by the 1% of the world who are locked into permanent war with the reeling 99% of the world.

It’s a class thing, not an ethnic thing anymore.


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Do the Jews Deserve All This Attention?

Gay Are Girl writes:

Kevin MacDonald is too obsessed with Jews for his own good. Jews just don’t deserve that kind of attention.

Ah the Hell with the Jews. The Jews are boring. Yawn.

The only people who think Jews are all that are Jews themselves and anti-Semites. I really don’t think the Jews deserve all this importance.

Simone Weil, the great French writer and Jew converted heroically to Christianity, described Judaism as like a stage where the stage is darkened except for a single spotlight that focuses on a main actor, who is moving about or giving a speech. All the audience is focused on that actor in the spotlight. Everything else is dark, the rest of the stage, even the audience.

In Judaism, the actor in the spotlight is simply the Jews. The rest of the world is there, but it is in darkness, so in a sense it is as if fact the entire Gentile World simply does not even exist. All that exists is the Jews, their trials and tribulations, their books and whatnot.

That is why some Medieval Jews even built their own ghettos, and a Medieval Jew would not even drink tea or break bread with a Gentile. This was done to create walls, figurative and real, between the Jews and the rest of the world. If you refuse to eat or have tea with 99% of humanity, it is as if they are not there. You can never know them and will never know them, but it’s ok because you don’t want to. They are to you in a sense in darkness, but that’s good because that’s where you want them to be.

It’s often said that Jews hate non-Jews. There is some truth to this of course, but Weil’s analogy is better. More properly, to the religious Jew, the rest of us simply do not even exist at all! How can you hate a black hole, a cipher, a phantom, something that is not even there? In order to hate something, first of all it must exist. An object not even created into existence cannot exist long enough to be hated.

Of course, if something does not exist, you can’t really care about it either, but that’s another matter.

On a Usenet board, a wise fellow who was also, it is true, an anti-Semite, said that Jews saw non-Jews as like that pet lizard you have in your terrarium or like those deer out in your yard wandering around and grazing on your plants. Even if you are an animal lover, your lizard or your yard deer are just not on the same level as your fellow humans. They are something else, and yes, they are also something on a lower plane.

There is truth to this too, but I still like the spotlight analogy better.

The Jew sees himself and his kin as not just the center of the world but as the center of the universe. It’s a fallacy, but we give credence to this unpleasant fantasy by going on and on about the Jews and, as the anti-Semite does, placing them in a central position in our universe as some sort of focal point of omnipotent and omnipresent evil that must be combated.

The philo-Semite in mirroring Jewish solipsism and narcissism and the anti-Semite in also imitating the Jew by placing him a central place (but in contrast to the Jew, as evil and not as good) both flatter the Jews and fuel-inject their obnoxious and silly chauvinism.

Don’t fall for it.


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India – Republic of Hunger


I am getting bashed in the comments by “cultural equivalence” White liberals and Leftists for bashing India. The implication is that I hate everything about it and everyone there. It’s not so. Just to look at this video.

The physician, prominently featured, who quit to set up his own NGO’s to fight hunger in India, a fine man. So are the resolute, determined and passionate altruistic young Indian men, university educated, who went to the countryside to fight hunger. So are the filmmakers. So is the woman in the Sari who works for the Indian Development Ministry.

I have much less passion for the female economist interviewed in the Western like food court. She’s clearly a neoliberal. “What we need is economic growth! That gets first priority! Not making sure humans have enough to eat so they don’t starve and die! That will all trickle down later!”

This is her crap mindset, and it’s the mindset of all of the Indian educated “liberal” upper, upper middle and middle classes. “Sure, feed the poor! But don’t tax me or hinder my middle class lifestyle to do it!” What a shit attitude that is!

I am not sure if the poorer masses are good people or not. I think most of them are, but a lot of them have a crap attitude too. In the video, they said that if you give grain straight to the masses, a lot of the poor and starving masses will simply sell the subsidized grain for profit and use the money for things other than food. It’s downright insane for poor and starving people to do that, but maybe that’s just the crap Indian mindset:

Money, status stuff > food, health and life.

That’s obviously the mindset of your typical middle to upper classes in the 3rd World toward their own poor, but it’s a pitiful culture where the poor adopt that bourgeois mindset directed as a weapon against them and turn that weapon suicidally on themselves.

The state distributes subsidized grain to merchants at the local level. The interview with the lying criminal who ran the government grain store was instructive. He said he was open every day, all day long.

They went back the next day and he was closed. A crowd of pitiful poor gathered (How could you not feel for them?) and said the man was a liar. Instead of being open every day all day long, instead he was open only one day a month, and he often made it hard to get grain. Apparently he was selling the subsidized grain on the open market for double or triple the price (he could easily get this since his own grain was marked down so badly).

And much of the state grain sent to feed the poor simply spoils instead of being distributed. This sort of failure is typically seen in Communist regimes, where crops often spoiled before they went to market (particularly the case in the USSR).

There is a lack of motivation for the local merchant to care about his grain crops. Apparently they were given to him for free, so he doesn’t care about them. Instead he collects a salary from the state, apparently for showing up every day, all day long. He collects that salary, but then only shows up one day a month (3% of the time). He takes the free grain and sells it on the open market for double or triple its worth.

One wonders if a more free market approach might work better. Almost no one is getting the grain this way. Perhaps the local merchants could buy the grain at the low price and then sell it at say a 20% markup, instead of the 100-200% markup he could get on the free market. It’s a lousy approach, but if it fed more poor locals it could be worth it more than the present approach.

The state distributes food to local schoolchildren as a free meal. But the children often refuse to eat the meal since it has bugs and worms in it. If they complain about the bugs and worms, the teacher yells at them, so they don’t complain. Instead they simply do not eat it. This is a program that is failing in a bad way. The food being served is contaminated with insects.

Cuba also feeds its people every day, but the food they get is not full of bugs. It’s obvious that the state can feed people food that’s not contaminated with insects. The Indian state simply doesn’t care enough to get the bugs out of its food.

One particularly glaring fact was that we are told that India produces enough food to feed its own people, yet it has the worst starvation figures on Earth (India’s figures are 150% worse than even North Korea’s).

Cuba has to import 67% of its food, but they still manage to feed their whole population with an average intake of around 3,000 calories per day and a rate of malnutrition of ~2% (effectively zero). So it can be done. If a state that imports the vast majority of its food can feed its people, surely a state that grows enough to feed itself can do so.

Looking at the scenes at the Indian middle classes, one wonders just how callous they are. I have dealt with many middle class Indians, and I was stunned at their callousness. They are worse even than the middle classes and elites of Latin America, and I thought they were bad.


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I Made the Composite List Anti India Hate and Propaganda Websites



Though I must say, I am not in the same boat as most of those sites. Most of the real hate sites are coming out Pakistan and Kashmir. When it comes to bashing, India, Pakistanis should talk.

Kashmiris have more of a beef with India, but most of that ranting is just hate. It’s not really constructive criticism.

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Pakistanis Shouldn’t Bash India So Much

…As they are not much better at any rate.

Pakistanis are nothing but Indian Hindus with an overlay of Islam, so Pakistan is hardly any better than India.

1/3 of Pakistanis shit outdoors, whereas 55% of Indians do. Pakistanis gather cow pies and dry them for fuel, the same as Indians do. They also cover their houses with cow pies like Indians. The country is about as sickeningly corrupt as India, or possibly even worse. The upper class are callous, cruel and evil in a way that’s not typical of a Muslim state. The lower classes have a slave mentality. Both of these class mindsets were imported from India.

Pakistan is unbelievably filthy country, though perhaps not quite as filthy as India. An un-Islamic feudal system continues in Pakistan’s countryside, the same as India’s feudal rural culture. Pakistanis even have non-Islamic (or even anti-Islamic) caste. Caste is abhorrent in any culture, but it’s particularly outrageous in an Islamic one.

The Pakistani rich pay almost no taxes at all, similar to the Indian rich. As a consequence, as in India, the state is starved and nearly nonexistent except for an oppressive security apparatus. In the rural areas, the rich and upper castes abuse the lower castes with impunity, raping them, beating them, stealing from them, on and on, all with the help of the local security forces which are allied with the upper classes.

India’s education system is grotesquely underfunded. Many schools are just shells, never even partly used because the teachers collect their pay but then never show up for work.

Pakistan is possibly worse. The state has no money because the rich pay no taxes, so there is no money to build schools. Because there are no schools for the masses, the mullahs set up madrassas where boys alone are ill-educated and come out knowing little more than how to recite the Koran. At worst, these madrassas are virtually Terrorist Academies that churn out fundamentalist crazies by the busload with each new graduating class.

Pakistan’s electrical system is as bad as India’s if not worse with continuous blackouts, power failures and load shedding.

Pakistan is really just a Muslim version of Hindu India, minus everything good about Islam and plus everything bad about Hinduism. At its worst, it’s like Hindu India plus fundamentalist Islam, which is possibly the worst combination on Earth.

Pakistanis have nothing to crow about as Pakistan’s as bad as India. Indian Pakistan-bashing doesn’t make a lot of sense since one is just a version of the other, however, Indian concerns about fundamentalist violence in Pakistan are well-placed since there is much less sheer terrorist violence in India. It’s interesting that two nations so much alike would hate each other so much, but that’s often the way it goes with humans.


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Why I Keep Bashing India

Steve asks:

what are you worried about anyway? That the little bit of Australia that crashed into Asia will start exporting its people to the west (even more than it has done)? Or you just don’t like the Indians suffering with their ‘crap culture’?

I am outraged at India the same way I am outraged at Republicans. What bothers me even more is that I am certain that Indians don’t even want to change.

And India really is a threat to the rest of the world. If you look at that China Smack post of all the filth in India, this is where the worst and deadliest, most crazy and insane new bacteria and viruses come from. That threatens not only India but much of the rest of the world too. I am told that there are already bugs coming out of India that are resistant to almost all antibiotics. Some of the worst superbugs on Earth are coming out of India.

As long as these idiots refuse to get their shit together or especially as long as they don’t even think they need to get their shit together, I will keep on bashing them. And their problem is almost exclusively due to their culture, which they could change, well, yesterday. I don’t believe in bashing people on essentialist grounds on things that they cannot change.

I honestly think that Africans are better than (superior to) Indians. Indians are worse than Africans! Now is that pitiful or what? Of all of the horrors of Africa, at least there is no caste system. Instead of caste, there is tribalism. Now the question is which culture is worse?

In addition, there is a human element. If you look at India, what you see is a culture that promotes an unbelievable amount of suffering in its people. Look at those people wallowing in filth, diseased, starving, abused, cheated, beaten, raped, tortured, murdered, jailed and continuously stolen from by the rich, the judiciary, the security forces, and you see a people whose suffering looks like a well with no bottom.

Now the lower classes may have adopted a slave mentality, but they still suffer nonetheless. There may be well more compound human suffering (assuming you can quality such a thing) in India than anyplace else on Earth.

That cries out for the outrage of any humanist. And we on the Left always fight against injustice. And if anyplace on Earth symbolizes injustice and suffering, it is India.


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Excellent News! Bigfoot Hoaxer Killed!


Good! Thank God! I am generally not happy to see people die, but I have so much hatred in me for these scum that I practically won’t be happy until we are knocking off about one hoaxer a day. I’m surprised one of them hasn’t been shot yet, and I fully expect one of these clowns to get shot sooner rather than later. When that happens, I definitely hope the hoaxer dies and the hunter gets off scot free. Sometimes deaths are the only thing that puts a stop to dangerous nonsense.

This is both God and Darwin here, working in tandem. Oh, the glorious ways of the Universal Spirit!

Moar dead hoaxers! Moar! Moar! Moar!


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Another View of Singapore

Excellent commenter Creaders writes about Singapore, begging to differ that Lee Kuan Yew is some sort of a Marxist.

Hi Robert, I am a Singaporean. I think the world needs to study this Lee Kuan Yew carefully. He is being championed by the capitalists not without good reasons. Singaporean workers are being exploited. Singapore is the only first world country without any forms of social security and government medical insurance.

Our public housing system is not due to any charity from Lee Kuan Yew. The subsidy came from the political enemies of PAP government as well as subsistence farmers. The land was expropriated from those landlords.

After PAP government took all our land, the sold to the highest bidder. The PAP government is extremely rent seeking. It jacks up property prices crazily such that our fertility rate is now about 1.1 kids per woman, the lowest in the whole world. Our property prices are one of the highest in the world now, just 20% behind Hong Kong.

Lee Kuan Yew’s greed knows no bounds. Despite of all these social ills, he has continued till this day to import foreigners massively, further pushing up our property prices and reducing our birthrate.

Lee Kuan Yew succeeded in Singapore not because he is smart but more because Singaporeans, the majority of whom are Chinese, are able to take his abuse and turn bad things into good.

Today, Lee Kuan Yew has run out of ideas. Singapore being the first to industrialize in the third world has seen all our industries hollow out due to high property prices. Lee now pursues the financialization of our economy. Singapore is now a money laundering and tax-evasion haven, that allows the rich all over the world to avoid paying taxes and hoard all their wealth in Singapore.

Tax havens like Singapore, Luxembourg, Switzerland need to be destroyed. The western countries already achieved 100% employment and utopia in 1960s. Their problem now is due to parasitic tax haven states as well as capitalists shipping jobs to India and China.

This is an excellent analysis. My view as a socialist is that we should support pro-worker states. The states that do the greatest good for the greatest number of workers are the best states on Earth. By this argument, North Korea is failing badly because they are not creating a good society for the working people of North Korea.

As a pro-workerist, I really don’t care whether a state is good for business. Who cares! Good for business tends to be in direct opposition to good for workers. The more a state is good for business, the less it is good for workers. Though many pro-worker states try to accommodate business, it is true that they do tend to limit them and hamper them in various ways, which I feel is proper.

As a pro-workerist, why should I care which nations are best for the rich? If a nation is ruled only by the rich and exists and only to benefit the rich (as is true of many nations) why should working people support this? What’s in it for them?

The ideal state is pro-worker, allows the rich to nevertheless keep a lot of their cash and puts reasonable limits on business in terms of regulation and taxation while nevertheless using the market as a tool to create wealth which can then be rationally distributed to society as a whole.

There is nothing whatsoever good about a wealthy state that won’t even provide national health care or Social Security for its people. And as the commenter points out, the state housing was created in a very sleazy way, by stealing the land of the rivals of Lee’s party. In addition, the lands of subsistence farmers were also confiscated.

I had a discussion about Singapore with a friend of mine. The Right likes to claim that the rightwing more or less neoliberal society of Singapore can be repeated elsewhere on a global scale as some sort of a model.

My friend pointed out that Singapore is a very rich country that exists simply due to the very low wages paid to the workers from surrounding lands who commute into Singapore every day to work. It’s based on exploitation of the poor. How can the whole world become “rich” like Singapore? It’s not possible, and it cannot be duplicated.

Presently the housing prices are so insanely high that most Singaporeans cannot even afford a home. This results in children living at home far into their 20’s and 30’s and not marrying and starting families. Because housing and the cost of living is so expensive, most of the young have decided that it makes no sense at all to have kids.

Lee has created a rich people’s paradise in Singapore, a nearly feudal state where the workers are so priced out of the economy that they are refusing to breed and have no roofs over their heads.

Lee has apparently adopted the traditional neoliberal model of continuous importation of cheap labor from abroad to be exploited by rich Singaporeans. Well, that is quite progressive.

Now that the productive economy is hollowing out because property prices are so high that few businesses even want to pay the rent necessary to do business there, Singapore is turning to a financialized and parasitic economy like New York City’s. Singapore will become a giant casino and tax haven for the rich. Some model!


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