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Double Standards for Men and Women?

Beatrix asks:

I am curious, you’ve openly bragged on this blog about having had sex with over a hundred women, yet when women choose a similar lifestyle you refer to them as ‘cavewomen’? What’s up with that?

I haven’t openly bragged about that. I’ve been rather discreet about it. I only bring it up when idiots suggest that I am a virgin.

There are always a few men who don’t marry or are players and whatnot. There have always been those types. But society won’t work if most guys act like I do or did. Most men need to become betas, settle down, marry and lead somewhat stable lives not like my own.

I don’t particularly care how women choose to live their lives, and anyway, I am not complaining; after all, I have had it pretty good under this system.

I could care less about whores and sluts. After all, I have had some of my most fun with them. That said, men seem to screw around a lot better than women do. Promiscuity in women so many times seems to damage the woman at some base core. It seems to almost damage their souls. I don’t know why that is, but maybe women were just not meant to live that way.

I am just sitting back and looking at what’s going on in society. The MRA and PUA sites are noting that there is a situation where female hypergamy exists to an extreme degree (guys like me benefited from this in the old days, but it was not as extreme), a few “Alphas” are monopolizing most of the best women, there mass shaming and shunning of beta males, and omegas are simply left out of the equation altogether.

There are millions of guys complaining that they are not getting any. Some are picking up guns and shooting people. After women have their fun with bad boys all through their 20’s, they try to settle down with a beta whom they secretly despise. The marriage or relationship is often not very happy.

Women don’t seem to be particularly happy. There is a tidal wave of very amoral female behavior vis a vis men that I have described. Tens of millions of women are “acting crazy,” acting out in ways my Mom’s generation would describe as “being a crazy woman.” There seems to be an epidemic of borderline personality disorder.

Women assault men, often physically, threaten them, threaten to kill them. Attacks on men’s masculinity seem to be so routine they are taken for granted. The “creeper” epidemic seems to be driven by the notion that female society feels that there are millions of men who simply should not have sex or even attempt to have sex at all. Men are attacked in public for so much as looking at women, not to mention asking them out.

Women are frankly completely out of control, and I don’t see what good has come of all this shit.

It strikes me that there is something wrong with this picture. I am just sitting back and commenting on the state of affairs. I am echoing Roissy and others that I don’t think this state of affairs is sustainable in the long run.



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