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Someone is *Going* to Rule – Either Men or Women, Take Your Pick

Beatrix writes:

I’m still wondering why it has to be either ‘men rule’ or ‘women rule’? Seems the best of both would be a better idea.

Steve doesn’t seem to understand. It’s not a matter of what is better or worse, or what moral or not. One sex or the other is going to rule the other. Either men rule women, or, if they don’t, women will rule men. There is no and will never be equality in the sexual realm. One must dominate, and the other must be submissive.

I reached that conclusion painfully. I long felt, as a feminist and one who came of age in the various Liberation movements, that the world would be better if ruled by women than by men. I now realize that that is wrong.

Male rule is natural and normal and produces functional societies. It is unfortunate that women are often treated poorly in these societies, but at least they work on some level.

And my observation is that in patriarchal societies, both males and females are very happy in their respective roles. This is because men want to be masculine and women want to be feminine.

This is the natural order, and people are happiest when obeying the dictates of nature as their bodies and minds are cognitively, culturally and evolutionarily evolved to be happiest in the natural order. Violations of the natural order will feel unnatural to most humans on some level and will result in mass unhappiness.

Further, violations of nature cause chaos. Commenter Justin said that male rule is natural and female rule only causes chaos. This is my position. Female rule, whatever it’s moral or theoretical benefits, simply doesn’t work. The end result is some sort of chaos.

It is this chaos that people are talking about so much in the Manosphere and on the MRA and PUA blogs. The PUA are attempting to make lemonade out of the sour lemons of this chaos. The others are bitching and complaining, probably to no avail in the long run.

What do I mean by Female Rule and Male Rule? I mean the views, ways of thinking, world view and sexual philosophy of each group will come to dominate society. In Female Rule, those views and philosophies are the female way of thinking. In Male Rule, those thinking modes and opinions are the male way of thinking.

A commenter named Richard Smothers wrote a long piece about a crazy woman, a girlfriend he was living with. She threw him out of the home without giving him 30 days or even 30 seconds to get his stuff. When he tried to get back in to retrieve his stuff, she said he had hit her. He had not, and he had never hit her the whole time he had been with her. Then she got a restraining order against him.

The cops told him that if he went back in the house, they would have to arrest him as she said he had hit her. Those were the rules. The cops also that they were dealing with a tidal wave of women abusing the new rules about domestic violence with false claims of men hitting them.

The case went to court and the judge forced them into arbitration. Once again, the court was dealing with extreme abuse by women of restraining orders against men who had never harmed them in any way.

We are also seeing a tidal wave or false reports of child molestation filed by women against ex-husbands and ex-lovers. The women say that the men abused their children. In a huge percentage of the cases, the charges are simply false.

The problem here is that I have heard stories like Richard’s so many times that I can’t even count all of them.

Women bait men into hitting them. Women invite two men they are involved with over at the same time to try to bait them into a physical altercation, in which case she will call the police. Women wrestle with their sons of the floor, all for the purpose of getting little bruises all over them, then when the man comes over, try to bait him into hitting her (and using the bruises as evidence of the attack) or claim he was the one who caused the bruises.

All of this is an example of female thinking ruling society.

As I said before, men make rules and women break them. To women rules are tools to be bent in wichever way they want to bend them towards whatever ends she needs to use them for, morality be damned. Men think that rules are hard and fast and not to be violated. To women, rules are potential tools and even weapons in their arsenals, to be possibly used if the day arises.

In a recent case, a man had falsely paid child support for years for a child that was not his. He finally went to court and got a lab to prove it was not his. The court argued that the man had to keep paying child support for the child until the child was 18 because this was “in the best interest of the child.” The real father had to pay nothing. This is an example of female thinking ruling society.

We are also dealing with epidemics of false sexual harassment charges, mostly against men who women feel are undesirable or “creepy.” Creepy just means that the guy is omega or maybe even beta in some way. If an undesirable guy shows interest in a woman, that’s “creepy.” I know guys who have been accused of this for merely checking out young women. If you’re a “creepy” omega or even beta, you don’t even have a right to look at women anymore.

I know another guy who got accused of sexual harassment for asking out a woman at work. That’s all he did. He asked her out. She didn’t really respond, and he dropped the matter.

This is also female thinking. The notion that undesirable guys have no right to have sex or even attempt to have sex or even look at a woman is a female notion. That millions of males, otherwise harmless, are “creeps” simply because females don’t like them is female thinking.

There is more to write on this subject but I will save it for another post.


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