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Gender Feminism Is About Female Rule Over Men

I am an equity feminist. I am not a gender feminist.

The problem with gender feminism is you end up with millions of psycho, ballbreaking bitches like the ones you see in my comments threads. You want that?

Also, feminism was a puritanical movement at its inception and it still is. It always will be. This is because the female view of sexuality is puritanical. Feminism is about empowering the female view of sexuality, supplanting it with the traditional male view of sexuality and imposing the female view of sexuality on the public space. The only way society can function is if you have the male view of sexuality holding sway over public space.

Also, feminism has been anti-men and pro-lesbian from the very start. It’s basically a hate movement against men and male sexuality. It’s not about equality, it’s about women lording it over men.

Anyway, in the realm of the sexes, equality doesn’t even work. Someone has to wear the pants. One has to dominate and the other has to be submissive. It’s nature. With feminism, you get masculinized women and feminized men. You also get insane sexual harassment epidemics (mostly crap and lies), the worst rape laws on the planet (look at Sweden for an example of the madness that ensues when you let women write rape law) Slut Walks, Women Hall Back movements, and other lunacy.

It’s shit.

In areas where the radical Left holds sway such as revolutionary movements around the world, women are empowered over men. In these places, the first thing they do is outlaw booze, gambling and pornography, not to mention prostitution. The three things that keep most guys from shooting up theaters. In Peru, when the Shining Path took over, they outlawed adultery. They had public executions of adulterers. That’s what women want. That’s the Feminist Utopia.

Let me give you an example. Here in my town we have many Hispanics. It’s basically a patriarchal culture, but here in the US, things have loosened up, and now the women have a lot of freedom, which they relish and love. Now down in Mexico, it’s way too patriarchal, and it’s oppressive. But here, it’s the right balance.

The men are masculine and dominant and the women are feminine and submissive. The male view of sexuality dominates the public sphere, and the female view of sexuality is sidelined. Women view men as pigs and horndogs and they just ride with it. Men are openly sexual and aggressively pursue women. If women are not interested, they just ignore them.

Both sexes talk and flirt to various degrees constantly. Men and women are constantly and openly checking each other out. It’s a great, sexually open and free environment.

Women are allowed to work, and many of them do. They even have good jobs and wear nice clothes and drive good cars. They can walk the streets, even at night, with little fear. This is good.

There is also a lot of divorce, because women now have the freedom to do that, and they do take advantage of that. They can move in with a man they are not married to. They can have sex before or outside of marriage, though many don’t really want to. The women don’t sleep around that much because they think that’s slutty.

The women don’t try to be men. Instead they are very feminine. The men are extremely masculine, and there is little wimpiness or homosexuality. Traditional sex roles! The men are in charge, but the women like it that way. Both sexes are extremely happy. This society works because it’s not feminist-wrecked yet.

This is in stark contrast to White society which is more or less feminist ruined. In that society, people don’t seem to be very happy. That’s because in White society, you pretty much have female rule and matriarchy. Women have been given way too much power, and they’ve abused it.

Female hypergamy is normal, but not in my Mom’s day. That’s why everyone got married. Judging from the Game Sphere, it’s epidemic now. I hear that in China there is an epidemic of hypergamy too, along with tens of millions of Incels, many of whom are going postal on a regular basis.

Female rule is oppression and control of men. That’s the end result of feminism. Feminism is the desire for female rule over men. It’s not about equality. It’s about supplanting their view of sexuality with ours and imposing it on the public space.


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Casteism in India – A Disaster

This video shows that contrary to the continuous lies of Hindutvas and Indian nationalists that casteism does not exist anymore in India and that caste itself is almost completely disappearing, India is still shot through and through with the very worst casteism, from the top of society to the very bottom, from the wealthiest universities and cities to the poorest villages.

It spans across all religions in equal virulence – Christian, Muslim and Sikh communities all practice caste despite the continuous lies that they don’t (for instance, in my town, most Sikhs here lie and say that there is no caste whatsoever in Sikkhism – but look at the video and see what a sick lie that is).

If you are a Dalit, there is little hope. One wonders why Dalits even bother to convert out of Hinduism and into Islam or Christianity if they are going to be subject to the very same casteism in the new religions. One wonders if there is any way out for the Dalit at all. One Dalit says he considers Buddhism – would that have given him an out?

Even in Communist ruled Kerala with its progressive society, caste still rules the day. In fact, the ruling Communist party cadres themselves practice the worst upper caste violence against Dalits who try to seek power in local affairs. So even Marxism doesn’t seem to lead a way out of caste. There doesn’t seem to be any hope at all.

Particularly poignant were the segments showing how virtually any caste, even Dalits, has some caste below them to shit on. In this way, almost everyone gets to rule someone else and shit on someone below them, so nearly everyone is a bit of a tyrant with slaves to abuse below him.

The casteism is obviously worse in the rural areas, but it’s very bad in the urban areas. Even if you get an MD or a PhD, Dalits still have to deal with it. No matter how high you climb up the educational or occupational ladder, there’s no way out.

The government has made casteism illegal, but prosecutions are rare. In particular, at the local level, the state and its police enforce casteism as the local cops are the armed face of the upper castes.

Sikkhism, which was specifically created to be anti-caste 500 years ago, is now rife with the sickest casteism.

Christianity, the very tenets of which would obviously seem to obviate any caste system, is full of casteism in India.

The brotherhood of the ummah, decreed by Mohammad himself, is amended in India in favor of casteism. In a sick show of cynicism, Indian mullahs have written books and issues various fatwas claiming that somehow caste in Indian Islam is Quranic, but it can’t possibly be so.

Over and over, the movie quotes Hindu scriptures and interviews lying, slimy Brahmin priests. The priests are clear as they reiterate numbingly that caste is an integral part of Hinduism. Much is made of the Laws of Manu, which are quoted liberally in the video (lying Hindutvas on this site claim that no Hindu follows the Manusmriti anymore.)

But watching the video, the opposite seems clear – that the Laws of Manu, strictly enforced, are the living and beating heart of casteism across the land. The Manusmriti are as alive now as when they were penned 2100 years ago.

The near-naked Brahmin priest of the Indian holy city on the Ganges who is interviewed repeatedly throughout the movie is a particularly sick joke of a man. All of the Hindu holy men in the movie seem like idiotic caricatures.

Yes, they have perfected the art of staring at one’s navel, slowing down one’s heartbeat and meditating for hours at a time. But at the same time they rule over of a barbaric cultural-religious system that is not only utterly devoid of morality but that promotes the most grotesque and pitiful blatant immorality. But that’s fine because all that is important is navel gazing, music and perfecting one’s yogic discipline. The solipsism of this religion seems directly tied to its amorality.

One ends the video with little hope for India. On the caste front, all seems hopeless. Indians are ferociously religious, and divorcing caste from Hinduism seems virtually impossible without neutering the religion to such an extent that it can barely exist anymore.

One walks away from this viewing convinced that Indian society is sick at its very essence, terminally ill with no hope of cure in our lifetimes.


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