“Creepy” is Woman Speak for “An Unattractive Man Who Shows Interest In Me”

Steve writes:

Is it creepy if an unattractive girl shows interest in a guy? When you think about it like that, it just seems…unkind.

Calling a guy creepy if he just showed interest but didn’t really do anything wrong – it’s just unkind. It’s sort of nasty. That’s my take on that.

On the other hand, if a guy is really full on, if he acts or speaks inappropriately to a woman to the point where she feels uncomfortable or scared, then calling him creepy is more justifiable.

This is exactly my opinion.

From my point of view, if a woman is not showing any interest in me, disdaining me, ignoring me, etc. (which happens all the time) I certainly won’t approach her! I am not an idiot!

I am extremely conservative about how I approach women in part because I am terrified of being called creepy! So you see, calling men names like that is very inhibiting and results in a puritanical society where people are uptight, inhibited and afraid to express themselves sexually in a free, liberated and uninhibited manner. Seeing how I go to some pretty extreme lengths to not be called creepy, I take this stuff personally.

On the other hand is it creepy for men to whistle at women or blow them kisses or whatever? Maybe not. Black men act aggressive like this to women all the time. You go to Italy, and the men are very forward. I don’t necessarily consider that creepy. Those are simply men who are acting aggressive and forward. I don’t normally do it myself, but I don’t necessarily think it’s evil. Women should just ignore it and move on.

I live with a lot of Hispanics. The less assimilated Hispanics are extremely relaxed about sex. The men are all wild horndogs, and the women are comfortable with that. The women just think that all men are naturally pigs and ignore them most of the time. It’s perfectly normal for the Hispanic males to be pretty aggressive about how they look at or talk to women. If the Hispanic women don’t like it, they just ignore them.

But the Hispanic women look at men a lot too and even flirt with them. There’s a lot of open, healthy sexual expression going on, and to me it’s very normal and uninhibited. Hispanic society is healthy like this because it’s a patriarchy and hasn’t been feminist-wrecked yet.

Less assimilated Hispanic society doesn’t have much use for words like “creepy.” You never really hear the women in that group describing men using a word like that.

As the Hispanic women get more Americanized, they start using such male-shaming words.

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80 responses to ““Creepy” is Woman Speak for “An Unattractive Man Who Shows Interest In Me”

  1. Bay Area Guy

    “Creepy” is also code for “a guy who tries to approach women, but has no game/isn’t an alpha male.”

  2. Bhabiji

    “Creepy” is Woman Speak for “An Unattractive Man Who Shows Interest In Me”

    Deal with it. Its called sexual selection and it propels both men and women toward self-improvement and progress. Otherwise we stagnate.

    • NO! I will not deal with it. Sure, in any normative patriarchal society, men will compete ferociously for the best women. This is proper and normal. The best or most high status men will get the best women. That’s the sexual marketplace in a nutshell. Normal, patriarchal, not sick, evil, feminist societies do not shower shit on low status who attempt to compete for females. All males are allowed to compete for females in any way they want to. There’s no shunning or shaming of low status who attempt to compete for females or realize their sexual desires. The best women simply ignore the low status males and choose the high status ones instead. As things sort out, mid status males get mid status females and low status males get low status females. There’s no shaming of men like these diabolical feminist whores do. There’s no shaming of men period in a proper patriarchy. And in patriarchy, there are no losers or incels either. Every man gets a woman. Some get a better woman, and others get a lesser woman, but it all shakes out in the end.

      It’s not normal sexual competition for females to shame low status males and call them “creeps” for acting like normal males. No tribal society does this, and no historical civilization has ever done such a thing. This is a modern society innovation which is what is typically expected in any matriarchy. Mass female hypergamy and lots of incel type losers hanging around wanking it or whatever. VERY unhealthy.

      Matriarchies are evil and all attempts at female rule end at Hobbesian Hellish nightmare societies. Females are simply not capable of ruling any human society anywhere. Our ancestors knew this and wisely never allowed female rule.

      • Bhabiji

        Bobby, you are sounding like an MRA nutcase now. Please don’t try and say that the Colorado killing spree was because the Feminazi leaders in our Fascist Matriarchy prevented this poor boy from getting laid, like they are. You know damn well US is not a matriarchy. Don’t go off the deep end, you will lose clout.

        Sexual selection means males display and females choose. This is right and good and propels civilization forward. Self improvement is the perogative of every human, unless you believe in “fate” and pre-determinism like the Inshallah wallas.

        In that case there is nothing I can do to help you because resignation to fate results in stagnation and stagnation results in deevolution and demise.

        If you are truly interested in improving, I am flying into California later this summer on route to Indonesia. If you wish, we can meet and I can teach you some things.

        • nominay

          Bhabiji, I’m willing to wager a bet that you’re in your 20’s.

        • Bay Area Guy

          @ Bhabiji

          Just curious, what could YOU possibly teach us?

        • Bhabiji

          “Just curious, what could YOU possibly teach us?”

          Why the YOU instead of “you”? I’m trained in techniques that help ocd, add, and other things. Why? You need help?

        • Bay Area Guy

          Why the YOU instead of “you”?

          Well, since you were proclaiming yourself to be some kind of expert in this regard, well, I just couldn’t help but be a bit curious with regards to what special expertise you in particular could offer.

          Hence the emphasis on “you.”

          And no, I don’t need your help.

      • @ Bhabiji
        “Sexual selection means males display and females choose.”
        Thats a Hindu Swayamvar. not sexual marketplace as it operates in the real world. If men didn’t choose, the multi-billion dollar cosmetic/looks industry wouldn’t have existed. For Indians, add ‘personality development’ classes to the mix.

        • Bhabiji

          Men choose too of course, human courtship and mating rituals are more complex than that of a peacock and peahen. Men display and chase women whom their attracted to and then those women choose from amongst the suitors whom they want. The point I’m getting at is there is open competition and competition is healthy

      • So very little of the collectivistic and dehumanizing crap in the post or article merits response, but I do find it funny that this guys is all butt hurt because women use the “male shaming” word “creepy” but has no problem calling women who reject him or his world view “feminist whores”.

        I’ve seen this time and time again. Guy wants girl; girl doesn’t want guy. Rather than accept than some people aren’t attracted to him and that’s not necessarily a personal attack on his character (or, maybe it is, and he needs to do some self work to be attractive to his desired romantic interests), guy collectivizes all women in this shallow, predictable, narcissistic stereotype and claims it’s impossible for him to get “high status” women (because that logic doesn’t take away from the idea of women as individual human beings) because he has to “compete” with other men. If only women could blame a perpetual inability to get laid on the wrong doings of “Men’s’ Rights douche bags”.

      • Big G

        Let me tell everyone here what the most important thing in dating. “Money ”
        I proved it 5 years apart on dating sites. While 5 guys had 1 nighters with the vast majority . ( I know this becuase there all adjusted thier profiles to read honesty , honesty ,honesty, is the most important thing.if you want sex dont contact.) i stayed on that site for 3 month’s and didn’t get but one single shot. 1 month later with the same pictures ,i said i had a degree and made 150,000 . guess what. i didn’t have enough time for the dates. there is also a preception that people that paid for and education have reached the next level. what a joke. a degree means nothing when the lights go out. a degree doesn’t make you a better father. Those women that chose wrong thier whole life are miserable as they chose money. even in there fifties they will choose the same. they dont make desisions about how good a man is at pleasing them . every women that dates for money is unhappy but will 100 percent of the time go right down that path again. Many never have even 1 good relationship. they just get boob jobs and bitch to thier rich freinds about how horrible the husbands are. While thier husbands are banging the secretary. who is banging the boss for money. Ah america its great.

  3. Dúnedain

    If it weren’t for feminism, women wouldn’t have to be dealing with “creeps”.

    • John R.

      So feminism creates “creeps” — by emasculating men perhaps? Is “creep” a code-word for a feminized man?

      • Bay Area Guy

        No, “creep” is a code word for guys who are not alpha males. In other words, if they’re even slightly awkward when it comes to talking to women, or unattractive.

        For example, I recently saw some crime show on Spike TV that had a brief scene featuring some sexual harassment. The perpetrator was a semi-obese white guy (played by Wayne Knight, the same actor who plays Newman on Seinfeld), who was hitting on this attractive white woman.

        Of course, the implication was unmistakable. If you’re not a good looking guy or an alpha male when it comes to game, you had best not talk to attractive women.

        • Bhabiji

          “Of course, the implication was unmistakable. If you’re not a good looking guy or an alpha male when it comes to game, you had best not talk to attractive women.”

          6 of one half dozen of another. You are shaming women for selecting for attractive men and in the same sentence validating men for selecting for attractive women. You did not write, “had best not talk to women”, you wrote, “had best not talk to ATTRACTIVE women.”

          The bottom line is that humans are attracted to who they are attracted to and will welcome attention from those whom they are attracted to.

          This is natural sexual selection. You’re beef is not with women, its with nature.

        • John R.

          Consider the case of a male from a foreign, less feminized culture who does not meet the attractiveness norm for “alpha” in the US, but who hits on women anyway. Are ugly yet confident Europeans and Latinos “creepy” if they hit on an American woman? I suspect not, or at least not in the same emasculating way.

        • John R.

          PS I think there is probably a lot of correlation between what it takes to be thought of as “creepy” and those likely to engage in hover-hand.

        • Dúnedain

          @ BAG

          If I had a daughter, I wouldn’t want a filthy Jew like Wayne Knight anywhere near her.

        • Bhabiji

          “Consider the case of a male from a foreign, less feminized culture who does not meet the attractiveness norm for “alpha” in the US, but who hits on women anyway. Are ugly yet confident Europeans and Latinos “creepy” if they hit on an American woman? I suspect not, or at least not in the same emasculating way.”

          John R, South Asian males are notoriously known as “creeps” by women world wide.

        • John R.

          But are they the same kind of creep as the self-consciously inadequate & inhibited American omega-man? (Perhaps Charleton Heston made that term too cool…)

        • “John R, South Asian males are notoriously known as “creeps” by women world wide.”
          Put this in the exception. I don’t think that kind of creepiness is what Robert Lindsay here was talking about.
          Hindu cultures and their practice of organised social hierarchy turns men (and women) into oddballs. I mean, what patriarchal culture in the world feminises men the way Hinduism does?

        • Bhabiji

          Atheist Indian, “Hindu cultures and their practice of organised social hierarchy turns men (and women) into oddballs. I mean, what patriarchal culture in the world feminises men the way Hinduism does?”


          John R. yes. There are pages after pages on “yahoo answers” of people asking why Indian men are such creepers.

          They leave India thinking they are going to get paid and get laid and do all kinds of weird things to and around women all over the globe! They are also notorious in the PUA lair scene. Take a stroll through some PUA blogs and forums and see what other men have to say about Indian men. Its not just the women who are complaining.

          I feel for them. They need help.

        • Julie

          So basically you blame women for not being attracted to physically repulsive men…all the while demanding that attractive consider you? How hypocritical is that seriously? If you want to blame someone don’t blame women for preferring good looking guys, blame the culture that has convinced almost every plain or ugly guys that they each deserve their own special beautiful girl that have eyes only for them. You don’t want a woman, you want some kind of robot/android thing that looks like a (beautiful) woman that has been programmed to find you attractive, because that’s the only way an attractive looking woman would be attracted to you. I think you know that deep down so you hate attractive women instead of realizing the blame lies with yourself.


        • M3

          @ Julie > March 26, 2013 at 6:12 AM

          “So basically you blame women for not being attracted to physically repulsive men…all the while demanding that attractive consider you?”

          I think you missed the part where he said he’s fully aware he will be rejected (as he is multiple times) by women he hits on. This isn’t his bone of contention. It’s the blatant use of the word creepy to punish those you reject (in a somewhat nuclear fashion).

          I don’t understand how you appear to miss the whole premise of the post. Blind willful ignorance due to reflexive solipsism? Rejections are inevitable. Having to be branded a label of ‘creep’ simply for acting on human nature of initiating (as men are required to do culturally, socially and biologically in the men chase/women choose paradigm)…

          would be like me calling you a jezzabel whore to your face immediately if you approached me at a bar simply for trying to strike up a conversation with me, and then striking up a conversation with all of my buddies within earshot about ‘did you see how that fucking dirty whore came onto me just now… silly hussy, she should slore around in a dive bar with the rest of her kind’.

          That would hurt wouldn’t it Julie.

          ps. followed into this blog through the RAPIST/ATTEMPTED MURDERING SCUMBAG HUGO I HATE MY GENDER SHWYTZER DICKFACE post link to your blog. You should send that sackless wonder a fruitcake.. he’s brought you some traffic!

          I think everyone should let the world know about Hugo!

      • Dúnedain

        “So feminism creates “creeps” — by emasculating men perhaps? Is “creep” a code-word for a feminized man?”

        I wasn’t thinking of it from that angle but you have a point there.

        Feminism has turned women into whores. Even some of the more modest women out there are more whorish than the average woman 50+ years ago. So women have lost the respect they got from men pre-feminism. In the old days, men would court women and he needed her father’s approval to marry her. People didn’t date. Nowadays there are people who date and date for years or even decades and never get married. That’s part of the reason why Western birthrates are so low.

        • Matt

          The problem is not women preferring attractive, confident, and/or successful men. It’s the note of false superiority and moral judgment implied in deciding that unattractive men are “creepy” merely because they dare to try.

  4. Steve

    Wow the day has arrived when I get quoted at the start of a post and he agrees with me! And it tastes sweet lol

    • Beatrix

      Hi Steve-
      This is interesting (from etymonline)-
      O.E. creopan “to creep” (class II strong verb; past tense creap, pp. cropen), from P.Gmc. *kreupanan, from PIE base *greug-. Noun use for “despicable person” is 1935, Amer.Eng. slang, perhaps from earlier sense of “sneak thief” (1914). Creeper “a gilded rascal” is recorded from c.1600, and the word also was used of certain classes of thieves, esp. those who robbed customers in brothels. The creeps first attested 1849, in Dickens.

  5. Bhabiji

    If “creepy” is woman speak for “unnattractive man who shows interest in me” its a much more benign and benevolent word than what men call aging, fat, unattractive women who show interest in them.

    You should be grateful that “creepy” is all we’re calling you. We could hurl you with the insults reserved for unattractive women.

    • rdor

      There’s nothing benevolent about “creep”. It’s a condemnation that goes way further simply implying disinterest on the women’s part.

  6. Loki

    I would recommend a “make-over” in your case, but it probably wouldn’t work because you seem to lack self-confidence, e.g., “no game”. Just watch this video about men like you:

  7. Alex

    How come I get called ugly, creep, stalker, faggot within 5 seconds of connecting to someone on Chatroulette based on nothing but my appearance (which I actually put a lot of effort into)? Can’t say hello to anyone and I’m not even allowed to show myself in a public place because my face is deformed, got it. I didn’t chose to be born with fetal alcohol syndrome but continue justifying the bullying you fucking faggots. Being born with an ugly ass face makes other people feel “unsafe” or “uncomfortable” meanwhile the real sickos who masturbate on camera get a pat on the back. Guess I have to lock myself in a basement and never bother anyone. I don’t have interest in anybody, I just want these insults to stop. :(

    • I am extremely sorry for your predicament, my dear friend.

    • Brengunn

      I’ll second that and hope you find a person who will love you no matter what you look like on the outside. I know it’s a cliche but it is true that there is someone for everyone out there, you just have to keep looking. Can I suggest that you give the chat roulette up, if it’s causing you such pain, and find a more specialised space or club or site that will welcome you as an equal human being. I just know there will be somewhere for you.

      Stories like this make me so sad at our collective shallowness, spite and wickedness. We really are a bunch of bastards.

  8. This whole idea of being called “Creepy”, just because a man shows interest in a woman is just plain nuts. I could very well understand it if the guy was being a pervert, yes, but just trying to be friends or co-workers with a woman, and you’re called “Creepy”? Why bother to even be friends or co-workers if you cannot even get along as people. From now on, just come in, do your job as best you can, and don’t even bother to speak to a woman who is a co-worker if this is the way you get treated.

  9. The word “creep” is just modern vernacular but it means nothing special. Women have always had a sense of “creep” but the difference is they are now empowered to speak loudly and shrilly about it. Women’s Lib was a putative gesture to make more money and to depend less on men, but one of the hidden aims was to be able to whine without getting slapped in the face.

    Bemoaning the “creep” ploy is a proxy for intolerance to women’s whining as protected by the stricture of modern feminized culture.

  10. mootie

    i agree. Being honest can be seems unkind but its better to be straight forward rather being manipulated after, then that will be too late to correct the problem. I think men should draw the line and maintain their boundaries as well to be ‘attractive’ although they are not. same thing with women. Never try force your way in to be with someone, that is sort of ‘creepy’ and freaked them out. There are millions men and women out there. You never have to worried about not finding someone that will complete your life. Quality of characters, how they behaving themself, and so on. women are not interested in guys that messy and being disrespectful to women. plain and simple.

  11. Joyce Gustus

    Sometimes it’s just the way a man approaches a woman; if he’s observant of her first, and draws on that awareness to tailor his behaviour, he stands a better chance of connecting socially.
    Often when I reject a male’s advances it’s because he simply is not presenting himself as a potential companion: rather, he’s seeking immediate sexuality and that’s not what I want.
    Also, once I’ve politely declined, I don’t expect further attempts so if he keeps trying, I’m definitely turned off.
    It has nothing to do with his status, money, car, etc .. tho’ frankly yes I do have a physical preference. However, even a spot-on Adonis will get nowhere if he pushes for sex and ignores my feelings.

    Now: take a so-called non-Alpha male; not much money, a beater car, short, bald, fat, ..etc etc .. and picture this: he slowly wanders over to me, gives me a shy, faltering grin, and asks to buy me a coffee. I’d say yes.
    How do I know he’s going to like ME? I don’t.

    We all take chances.

  12. Tyler S.

    I’d also like to add the pervert, pig, dog, etc to go along with creep. Shy, introverted and even loner guys get called some name for approaching. I don’t believe anyone make or female should be called any name for just approaching somebody. Some guys may not know how attractive they look and other guys may seem more attractive once you get to know them better also. Yeah I get that both men and women will get rejected, though I’ve scene certain guys ruined for just trying to get into a relationship. It does make dating sort of off putting to some guys. Though as a heads up I and I’m sure many guys would avoid a woman no matter how attractive if she started insulting a guy for just trying to approach. I’d expect women to do the same to a man.

  13. Urza Wolf

    I think you are misunderstanding the term creep when a woman uses it to describe a man.

    A creep is a guy who continues to “court” a woman after she says “No” or “I am not interested”.

    A creep is a guy who treats women like sex objects and cannot act friendly to a woman without the expectation of sexual gratification.

    A creep is quite simply, a guy acting creepy.

    Men have much more power in relation to a woman (1 in 4 women are raped). When a guy is persistent despite being told no, than they are likely “creeping” women out. If a guy’s behavior creeps someone out, is he not a creep?

    • I do not do any of those things – in fact, I am very careful not to do them – but I have still been called that quite a bit.

    • The “creep” is actually considered to be a creep – you see,I noticed one girl in the gym more then a year ago,and in the beggining things looked fine.But once I founded myself close to her,she left immediately and I thought “Ok,she doesn’t like me”.But what the problem was,is that she was leaving EVERY time I founded around her,she was acting like I’m some kind of sexual maniac or something.And I was never stalking her,just doing my regular workout.You know,such things hurts a lot,killing our self-confidence in no time.I was never looking for some special,beautiful girl but what I’ve heard behind my back devasted me in past 2 years…

  14. Angelo

    When you’re ugly everything is “creepy”.

  15. someoneunimportant

    Angelo hit the nail on the head. I do not know what it is like in your country, but here, an ugly guy will say “hi” to a woman and she will be “ewww creepy! Get lost creep.” or “I have a boyfriend”..but if a “hot” guy is nearby the woman will suddenly “become available” and think he is sweet *sigh*

    A girl online was stating she needed a PC to go online. I offered her one as I build them as a hobby/work. “Nah, I’m good” she says…two days later some thug badboy gets her a crapbox pc from the flea market, and she is “oh he is so sweer, he got me a pc”. Hmm..

  16. someoneunimportant

    PS: (she was using her friend’s pc)

  17. Gabriel

    America is sick and full of idiots and sluts. Let’s leave it at that generalization.

  18. Mike

    Man, I always stumble across these threads too late. Pity. This one is interesting. Bhabiji, virtually all men I know personally wouldn’t deny it’s a person’s prerogative to choose who they want. I’m also very much aware that there are indeed biological reasons why women feel creeped out by the advances of a man who they don’t like. However, what I take exception to is when men and women can’t maintain a civil tongue when and after they’ve rejected someone, including when they talk with other people. Women seem to be far more vocal about calling a physically unattractive man a creep than they would a good looking man who they rejected for whatever reason (and that does happen). Men are similarly nasty about rejecting a physically unattractive woman than when they have to reject a good looking woman (and that does happen from time to time). This message is to both men and women. There may be very sound biology as to why you react creeped out or repulsed. By all means go ahead and *feel* creeped out or *feel* repulsed. I don’t care so much about how people feel one one thousandth as much as I care how they *act*. Men and women should maintain a civil tongue and act politely about rejecting someone. Moreover, I would say they should do so long after that person has left the room. Don’t gossip. Don’t vent how creeped out or repulsed you were or how he or she made your skin crawl. If you’re approached again, repeat. Not every unattractive person knows they’re unattractive.
    By the way, the reason why some men approach women again (and let’s be honest, men are largely expected to do the approaching) is because my brother approached his wife and asked her out…and she said “Sorry, no. Not interested.” He repeated this and the answer was eventually changed to “yes” and then “I do.” Same thing happened with my friend’s father and his mother (who said “no” multiple times and stipulated she was not attracted to him). I know there’s a breaking point and being asked out multiple times can be creepy and irritating at some point, but perhaps it’s worth considering having some patience. By the way, I know a woman who is disfigured by osteogenesis imperfecta. Alas, she is very physically unattractive as a result. She’s never known the loving touch of a man and is very unlikely to. She’s never been asked out in her life. Knowing her, I find it a challenge to sympathize with people who lament being asked out too many times. Would you rather trade places with her?

  19. Socalled Misogynist

    “Creepy” is something only WOMEN are allowed to label men…then use the old

    “Would you go for someone you aren’t attracted to”..blah blah

    Now, if a man said the same thing, the woman would be. “Oh you’re shallow sexist misogynist pig, just cos I am BBW, you gotta love me as I am yah yah”


  20. Athen

    When women talk about Creepy guys, we usually are talking about the guy who sexually harasses us out on the street. It’s the guy who approaches us aggressively in public with rude, stupid, demeaning, or just generally annoying pick up lines. Creepy guys are the kind of guys that approach us like they think we are trash and have zero respect for us. They are really creepy when they get aggressive and angry when we ignore them. Creepy guys are also the kind of guy that leers at us. Gross. Doesn’t matter how good looking the guy is. If he behaves like that…..he’s creepy and he makes me throw up in my mouth when he demonstrates what a creep he is.
    EVERY time I’ve been sexually harassed in public, it’s been by a black creep. (And yes I dress conservatively and mind my own business. I just want to be left alone. Apparently that is too much to ask.) Creepy guys are why I carry a knife and some mace now.

    • Women nowadays use that term for any guy who they think is coming onto them who they don’t like. That’s all there is to it.

      I agree with you that there are the real creeps of course, but nowadays women are abusing this term to mean any guy who shows sexual interest in a guy that they don’t like. Guys have a right to come onto women. Guys have a right to pick up on women. I know lots of guys who have been called creepy just for showing some sexual interest in a woman and now they are afraid to go after any woman for fear of being called a creep.

      What’s wrong with leering? Women have been leering at me most of my life.

    • Lesley

      It’s usually the nice harmless guys that get the ‘creep’ label imo, arseholes seem to fare much better… ;)

  21. Lesley

    It’s very often ugly women who should be grateful anyone’s approaching them in the first place that say that too. If no one ever approached anyone ever then nothing would ever happen and these women’s opinion’s aren’t the be all and end all – they’d soon change their tune if all men started ignoring them completely…

  22. Athen

    Here’s the thing…for me anyway. When I’m walking down the street and a guy is polite and says something like “Hello, how are you doing?”….that is not creepy and I will respond briefly with a hello or something. The creepy fuckers are those that are really loud and uncouth and say some stupid shit like “hey mama. lookin’ goood. why don’t you look over here”. Without fail, in my experience, it’s always been a black guy. One got in my face because I wouldn’t waste a breath responding to his inane, simian blather. I guess it pissed him off that I didn’t want to be bothered. I denied him his “right” to hit up on me.
    If someone approaches me in an annoying or stupid way to exercise this “right” , I reserve the right to ignore them or tell them to fuck off. If that pisses you off and you get in my face, get ready for a blast of some interocular chemical romance and perhaps my patella or something sharper in your abdomen. I don’t need to meet men out on the street. If guys want to get laid go to a bar, gym, church, or the appropriate street corner.

    • I would agree that all of that is creepy I suppose.

      But nowadays a lot of women are calling guys who do this:

      When I’m walking down the street and a guy is polite and says something like “Hello, how are you doing?”

      as creepy. That is just wrong!

  23. SHI

    It seems Europe and Latin America is a lot more progressive about sexual expression than America, UK and English-speaking Western world. I have visited bars and tourist hangout spots to score with Western women – the Anglo Western women wouldn’t hesitate calling the cops on you if you so much as made a pass at them. Culturally, I find that very similar to how Indian women react to passes you get labeled “creepy” for even trying. It’s just not considered appropriate or something especially if the girl considers herself above you.

    However, attractive Women from Asian countries like Thailand, China, Uzbekistan or other Western countries like Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Israel and Brazil, Argentina etc. are a lot more encouraging and men are supposed to act like men and be aggressive. At least scoring a date is never difficult.

  24. Athen

    I think part of the misunderstanding about this revolves around how men and women tend to define confidence. Alot guys seem to think that being confident means acting like a rude ass. Not true. A guy can be very self-confident and still approach a woman with some manners and class. Most of the women I know are turned off, even by hot guys, that come on like jerks.
    As far as bars, approach a woman with “Hi. How are you. Can I buy you a drink?” I’ve never been in a bar anywhere in the world where that will go wrong. She’ll either say yes, or no thanks. It’s not rocket science. If she says yes, use some charm and show some conversational skills–if you are not too socially awkward for that. If you’re too cheap to at least offer a woman a drink and you just try to jump straight into her pants, you risk the creep label and you deserve it.
    As far as Indian women, they are freaked out by men because they come from a 3rd world shithole where men basically own them like chattel and can do whatever the fuck they want with them–from rape to murder with little or no sanction. Think about it.

  25. Dave

    Dear women, take the stupid word “creepy” and shove it !

    • Yo Dave! There is nothing wrong with trying to get laid! Any guy who uses the word “creepy” for a guy who is trying to get laid is nothing but a mangina! No real man would ever use that word that way! Men! You have a right to try to have sex with any woman you want to, anytime you want to! There is nothing wrong with trying to have sex! Men who use the word creepy for guys who are just trying to get laid are either queers, wimps, pussies, little bitches, feminists or manginas! Same thing really!

      Bros before hos! Down with the creepy word. That word is hate speech against men!

  26. Dave

    I find most women today to be creepy. To the few decent ones left who can simply respectfully decline a guy’s invitation to dinner, etc…. cheers !

  27. MikeO

    Bhabiji, I am appalled at your shallowness. Creepy is a condemnation. You can just say “I’m not interested” and walk away. Since I myself am still a bit immature and can’t help but fight back I will tell you that I dated a very attractive indian girl in college junior/senior year and took her virginity. I am white and average looking. Please take all that in.

  28. kjhkjhkhkhkhjf

    You’re not entitled to behave in a sexually uninhibited manner. You know why? Because many people are not interested in you sexually. If the threat of being called creepy is preventing you from harassing women who aren’t interested in you then that’s a good thing.

  29. kjauhdkaoifeea

    If you think being subjected to sexually aggressive behavior from strange males isn’t a big deal, you should spend some time in a maximum security prison where you’ll get plenty of insight into what it’s like to be the target of that.

  30. JERK

    Wow filthy dog. It is filth like you who make women’s life miserable. Why should women be subject to whistling and street harassment? So filthy looking pigs like you want attractive women? Guess what women don’t like going out with father fucking, ugly looking, loser of assholes like yourself who get pissed if the woman say no. Good looking women like good looking men. I’m sure you are the type who doesn’t go out with average looking women because you believe just because you have a penis you have the right to go out with the most attractive women on the block. Is that what your mommy told you while she was fucking you?Asshole. By the way, women go out with less than average looking NORMAL guys, who think street harassment is despicable or who understand that not all attractive women will be attracted to them and are okay with them. You, self entitled pervert who is a complete loser is life. Yes you are ugly, you are a loser and you don’t deserve to live. Go jump of a cliff, ASSHOLE!

    • D

      What a shallow cunt. You’re the one who should jump off a cliff and make the world a better place.

      As for women liking “good looking men”, lots of the men who are considered good looking are ugly as fuck. For example Cristiano Ronaldo.

    • All right cunt, you’re banned. Go back to Cunt City or wherever you come from.

      If I got pissed off every time a woman blows me off sexually these days, I’d have a heart attack in less than a day because that’s all they do anymore.

      Most women I date are attractive. That’s pretty much the only kind I like. I have been like that my whole life, and I have always been able to get women who were anywhere from attractive, to knock-down drag out stone cold fashion model beautiful. Nowadays the pretty women are limited to around my age, but it’s always sort of like that.


  31. desiree

    Creepy is a word to discribe an unattractive guy hitting on you who cant take a hint of social cues abd then watches you like a creep for the rest of the night defeated.

  32. Mr Reason

    ok, ok… Time for reason.

    I, like other’s on here respect and understand women will (and have a right to) reject. I reject: I sometimes have (what I consider) to be an unattractive women trying to catch my eye.. again and again… and again. All that happens is I get a bit of a confidence boost, but then I will withdraw a bit. If they are really mega persistent (some have been) I will then shut them out and they may receive negative body language at that point. I will feel the desire to avoid them (sure)… but that’s something I HAVE to deal with, because they are doing something natural and I am the one who feels that way! At what point would I actually feel the need to tell other people? That would be if they started following me around. I would never try to crush them like that, just for showing interest! So, you see ladies, I have a right to reject women based on your criteria… I manage it just fine thank you… and I do it without calling them names and putting them down in front other other people like a lot of women do to men.

    Some women call guys creeps who don’t even approach them.. blatantly!… they’ll just say “I saw a creepy looking guy standing there”. It’s gone too far!

    I accept there is fine line a guy has to walk between being creep and persistent. I respect that with the women I’m not into as well so I give them some grace. They’re not mind readers… and they’re just looking for mr right (which isn’t me). You women, if you call guys creeps just for showing interest need to grow-up. And if you do it just because his face offended you despite the fact he didn’t approach then you’re one of the worst kinds of people on this Earth!

  33. Corey

    I’m a creep. Ladies, I’m not offended by your quickened pace or your thinly veiled looks of disgust and fright when we accidentally make eye contact. Some men are worse than creeps. I understand.

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