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Matriarchy (Feminist Rule) Destroys Every Society That Implements It

You know, women never used this word “creepy” or “creep” back in the old days. All this shit is new. Shy, nerdy, dorky, weird guys (harmless) were never seen as creepy or creeps.

This is what happens when you let women rule. You end up with millions of ballbreaking feminist cunt types, rape hysteria, sexual harassment hysteria, mass calling men creeps (shaming, emasculation and humiliation of men for the crime of being low status), millions of enraged and increasingly dysfunctional Incels, mass movements towards female hypergamy, Alphas cleaning up like crazy.

It’s all just shit. Women need to be ruled, and they need to be controlled. Men must rule women. When women get power, you get the Hobbesian Hell that I just described. It’s Hell on Earth. There’s a reason why we never let these bitches rule us. They’re too crazy to run society, and any society they run turns to Hell very quickly.

You see, if these cunts had their way, they would make rules that only high status men could look at them or approach them. That’s the Female Utopia. In the Female Utopia, the hotties never have to bothered by low status males looking at them, much less talking to them. All of their attention would be reserved for the Alphas they craved. Any low status man looking at them, much less talking to them, would be virtually arrested or at least shamed to Hell.

Calling men creeps is a way of saying, “No low status man may show sexual interest in me. Only high status men may show interest in me.”

Yes, women are that evil. They’re a bunch of cunts, but only if we let them run wild.

That’s why we have always ruled them in the past and why we ought to rule them now.


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“Sexual Marxism” Has Always Been the Norm for Human Society

Bhabiji writes:

Bob, you are confusing feminism, which is a social construct, with nature. Sexual selection is natural. Arranged marriage system or sexual Marxism is a social construct that thwarts the natural developmental progress of humanity. Just look at all the cultures that practice arranged marriage today. Look at the type of children they are breeding and churning out, particularly the males.

Wrong. If you study primitive or tribal cultures and then you study more civilized societies of various types historically, which I have, at length, you realize that marriage was more or less mandated for all persons, often at an early age. The sexual selection was in favor of the more high status males, who women competed for probably.Or males competed with each other to get the best females.

Only a few women got the high status males. The rest had to settled for mid status to low status males, and they did. There were no winners or losers because everyone got married. This is really the only way to run things. So human society has always been run on some sort of a Sexual Marxist basis.

The alternative is some Hobbesian Sexual Nightmare state where you have all these millions of Incels running around. Doing what? I don’t know?

Shooting up theaters?


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“Creepy” is Woman Speak for “An Unattractive Man Who Shows Interest In Me”

Steve writes:

Is it creepy if an unattractive girl shows interest in a guy? When you think about it like that, it just seems…unkind.

Calling a guy creepy if he just showed interest but didn’t really do anything wrong – it’s just unkind. It’s sort of nasty. That’s my take on that.

On the other hand, if a guy is really full on, if he acts or speaks inappropriately to a woman to the point where she feels uncomfortable or scared, then calling him creepy is more justifiable.

This is exactly my opinion.

From my point of view, if a woman is not showing any interest in me, disdaining me, ignoring me, etc. (which happens all the time) I certainly won’t approach her! I am not an idiot!

I am extremely conservative about how I approach women in part because I am terrified of being called creepy! So you see, calling men names like that is very inhibiting and results in a puritanical society where people are uptight, inhibited and afraid to express themselves sexually in a free, liberated and uninhibited manner. Seeing how I go to some pretty extreme lengths to not be called creepy, I take this stuff personally.

On the other hand is it creepy for men to whistle at women or blow them kisses or whatever? Maybe not. Black men act aggressive like this to women all the time. You go to Italy, and the men are very forward. I don’t necessarily consider that creepy. Those are simply men who are acting aggressive and forward. I don’t normally do it myself, but I don’t necessarily think it’s evil. Women should just ignore it and move on.

I live with a lot of Hispanics. The less assimilated Hispanics are extremely relaxed about sex. The men are all wild horndogs, and the women are comfortable with that. The women just think that all men are naturally pigs and ignore them most of the time. It’s perfectly normal for the Hispanic males to be pretty aggressive about how they look at or talk to women. If the Hispanic women don’t like it, they just ignore them.

But the Hispanic women look at men a lot too and even flirt with them. There’s a lot of open, healthy sexual expression going on, and to me it’s very normal and uninhibited. Hispanic society is healthy like this because it’s a patriarchy and hasn’t been feminist-wrecked yet.

Less assimilated Hispanic society doesn’t have much use for words like “creepy.” You never really hear the women in that group describing men using a word like that.

As the Hispanic women get more Americanized, they start using such male-shaming words.

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