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Who Hates the European Christians More – Hindus or Muslims?

Mohit writes:

“RL: If Whites were so horrible and evil for India, then why don’t Indian Muslims and Sikhs hate the West too? They don’t; it’s a Hindu thing. By the same token, if Indian Muslims are so evil, then why don’t Sikhs hate Muslims too? ”

So you need a proof that Indian Muslims hate the West? OK.. Here it is..

“Mumbai: Although the US has withdrawn the military course that was instigating anti-Islamic sentiments among military officers, anger among Muslims over the issue is growing in India. Raza Academy, an organization of Barelevi Muslims, conducted a protest demonstration against the US for the idea of bombing Mecca and Madina, the holy cities of Muslim world.

The protestors also expressed concern at the silence of Saudi Government over the issue.”

Yes, Muslims do hate the “war on Islam” crowd, but as I am not part of that crowd, it’s no big deal.

Well, we have Dota on here. He’s very pro-Christian and pro-West, and he’s an Indian Muslim. Also we have some Pakistani Muslims in my town, and they are the friendliest South Asians around here. Every encounter I have had with South Asian Muslims and Muslims in general has been quite positive.

I also have or had some Pakistani Muslim friends, including one female. She didn’t really hate the West at all, except she felt the US was attacking Islam. She had no general beef against infidels, the West or Christians.

I have also made friends with some Afghani, American, Yemeni, Egyptian, Moroccan, Indonesian, Thai, Turkish and Palestinian Muslims. Pretty much nothing but good times and good vibes all around.

Although some of the Pallies did throw me out of their friendship circle accusing me of being an Israeli spy LOL. They were extremely radical and to be honest, they were not even Muslims at all. They were ultraradical Palestinian Communists.

Also, I fought it out a bit with a South African White guy, an anti-Semite and convert to Islam. He was a Salafist, and he accused me of hating Muslims or something.

I have never known any Al Qaeda or radical Islamist types who hated Christians, infidels or the West. I’m sure they exist. Just never met any.

However, I should edit to say that after I published the Mohammed cartoons, I got a couple of phone calls from Muslims that could have been seen as death threats. I did not worry too much about them.

Generally, with Muslims, if you don’t hate them, are kind and good to them are not on board with the war on Islam crowd, they are very friendly to you. Like most people, they don’t take too kindly to being attacked. I always make it clear that I am not down with the war on Islam crowd, and they are generally quite friendly to me.

Your average Muslim always struck me as a fairly moderate type, males and females included.

Indian Hindus have far more hatred for the West, Europeans and Christianity than all the Muslims I have known put together. Really there is no comparison.


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Bigfoot News July 18, 2012

Original Justin Smeja post on Taxidermy.net is available again. The original post has resurfaced after being archived for some reason for a very long time. After getting archived, it was almost impossible to get ahold of a copy. I knew a couple of folks who had copies, but they could not give them to me for the longest time. Finally someone gave me a copy, but it was formatted very strangely and was quite hard to read.

Now the original post that shook the world is back online at the site. Why this happened, no one knows. You need to join the site to be able to read it though. It isn’t really as interesting as everyone thinks it is, but it does have historical and research interest.

First major news article on the Sierra Kills. There will be more! The first major news article on the Sierra Kills has appeared in a Yakima, Washington newspaper, the Yakima Herald Republic, in the sports section of all places. The author, Scott Sandsberry, is apparently an outdoorsman.

Like a good journalist, he did a lot of research into the Kills and related subjects. He spoke to many of the higher ups in the Bigfoot field, and they all swore to him that the Sierra Kills story was true.

One fascinating new tidbit we learn is that Smeja and the driver apparently took a “Bigfoot researcher” with them when they went back and recovered whatever it is they recovered. All previous accounts said that Smeja and the driver went back alone. One of my sources has long insisted that someone from the Olympic Project must have gone to that site soon after the Kills occurred with or without Smeja and the driver.

In addition, the article reveals for the first time that there was an argument between Justin and the driver after the shooting of the baby. One person, possibly Justin, insisted that they had to take the baby’s body with them as proof that they shot it. The other person, possibly the driver, insisted that “Whatever that is you shot, it’s not a Bigfoot, and it’s not a bear. It’s some sort of a prehistoric man, and you’re going to jail for murder if you take it back with you.” Hence it was left where it was.

Sandsberry did an excellent job of investigative reporting on this story.

Exact site of Sierra Kills determined. I have learned that the exact coordinates are 39°39’18.20″ N 120°34’10.56″ W. That puts the site just southwest (1.2 miles SW) of Haskell Peak, California. Google Maps locale here.

Would be nice if someone could go up there and shoot some photos or video of the area. I think there are already some photos of the area online, but they are not identified specifically as the Kills site, so I am not sure that that’s what they are. It looks steep and very heavily wooded: spectacular.

Once again, Dr. Melba Ketchum reported that she received two steaks, one from the baby and one from the adult. This is what I reported last week, and I have just confirmed this once again. Who did she tell, and what was the nature of the communication? I can’t tell you, but it one of the highest up people in Bigfootery.

Why did Ketchum tell this person she had two steaks, one from each creature, if that was not true? At any rate, subsequently, all talk of any samples from the killed baby Bigfoot vanished off the face of the Earth. Why have references to the samples from the baby vanished? Why were they made in the first place? Does or did the Ketchum team have sample(s) from the baby Bigfoot from the Kills?

Ketchum apparently confirms that her original paper, possibly at Nature Magazine, was “handed back without review from an unknown publication.” This from a source who said that Ketchum told him this in an email. This information was originally reported by Matt Moneymaker. He said it was handed back due to “no testable hypothesis.”

Is Ketchum’s paper soon to be published by Nature Magazine? The source above said that he felt that the paper was handed back without review by some unknown journal and that he thought it had been resubmitted to the same journal later and that they were working with that journal ever since.

Assuming this is correct, and Moneymaker’s story about the paper being handed back by Nature is correct, the paper may indeed have passed peer review at Henry Gee’s Nature Magazine, and may be published by them soon.

Gee stopped by my website briefly some months ago to comment on my reporting on this story, only to say that someone had written him to ask if the paper was with him, and he answered that it was not with Nature “at this time.” I later asked him if if the paper was with Nature now, and he said he was allowed to discuss that. His attitude was best described as “coy.”

Whence the name Sierra Kills? People keep asking where the name came from. I broke the story simply as “Bear Hunter’s Tale,” with, it is true, some initial misinformation which was later cleared up. I then posted it as a thread online at the Bigfoot Forums when I was still a member. It quickly became clear that I had dropped an incredible bombshell on the forum.

There was no name for the incident for a while, but soon some clever poster at BFF named the incident “The Sierra Kills.” There was something thrilling, shocking, exciting, frightening and even perversely humorous in a shock/tabloid journalism way about that name, and it still sends chills down my spine to see those words, but at the same time, it gives me a thrilled smile. It’s a creepy name for the incident, but it was a pretty creepy incident after all.

Ketchum paper was finished at end of May, but the peer review team still wanted photos and video to back up the paper. Apparently they wanted photos and video of the specimens that can be tied to Bigfoot by DNA. It looks like there was some time involved rounding up legal rights to this material and whatnot.

Ketchum paper may have passed peer review around July 10, or maybe sooner, but no sooner than early June. If it passed around July 10, and that date does look good to me, then there will be 6-8 weeks following acceptance until the paper is published in the journal. We know it will take 6-8 weeks because that is how long Ketchum said it would take this one particular journal.

Hence it follows that the article will publish around August 21-September 4, 2012. Announcement will probably be on a Thursday.

Smeja sent Bigfoot steak sample in for replication testing via a non-Ketchum lab. According to the interview below, Smeja wanted to get his sample tested at another lab outside the purview of Dr. Ketchum. He sent it in some time around the beginning of June. It is not known whether the lab did it for free or whether he had to pay a fee to have it tested. According to Smeja, the initial results are “very interesting.”

Blockbuster interview with Justin Smeja by Ro Sahebi. Ro Sahebi is a documentary filmmaker based in Redondo Beach, California. In this interview, what I call the interview of the century, Ro interviews Smeja for an entire hour in Ro’s home over a few beers.

The interview was so shocking that Derek Randles threw Smeja out of the Olympic Project as he felt that the interview made Justin look like a trigger happy redneck idiot, and this was bringing it down on the OP. Randles threw him out in public on an online forum, which wasn’t very classy.

Smeja says many things in that interview that shocked people. He said that at first he thought it was a man in a bear suit or a monkey suit, and he was looking around for the film crew and what he assumed must be a movie shoot.

At that time, he thought, “If this is a man in a suit, too bad. I am going to shoot him anyway.” That’s an unfortunate thought, but Justin didn’t kill a man in a suit. We can’t sentence people to prison based on their thoughts. Justin hasn’t killed any humans yet, and I doubt if he ever will.

Justin also says he shot it because “This thing does not belong here. It has no right to be here.” A lot of people were shocked at that statement too, but that’s not an illegal thought either.

He also had an opportunity to shoot a fatal shot into the adult, but it went over a hill and he didn’t take the shot for some reason, possibly because the driver was still yelling at him not to shoot.

Justin also admitted that he shot the baby to get evidence to take back with them. After he shot the baby, he cradled it in his arms for a couple of minutes as it died, and it appears that Justin had some sort of epiphany or emotional experience in which he looked into its eyes and saw something human. Disgusted by the whole situation, he threw the dead and bloody body of the baby back at the driver. A lot of folks were shocked by that behavior too and described it as callous.

Smeja tossed out of Olympic Project by Derek Randles. On Bigfoot Forums, Randles made a post that publicly threw Smeja out of the OP after Justin’s interview, which Randles said made Justin look like a trigger happy redneck idiot.

Discrepancy in size estimates of Bigfoot steak sent in to Dr. Melba Ketchum DNA project. In the interview, Justin says they cut out a piece about as big around as a quarter and sent it in to Ketchum. However, when Ketchum received the steak, she got on the phone to Richard Stubstad and described the dimensions to him as 4″ X 3″ X 2″ or as he now puts it, 8″ X 3″ X 2″.

Stubstad and I based our estimate of a 2 pounds weight on these size dimensions. Whichever cube dimensions are correct above, that’s a Hell of a lot bigger than a quarter. Someone is not being completely forthright here.

Bobo Fay reiterates that Ketchum concluded that the Sierra Kills Bigfoot steak is from a relict hominid. This is what we have been reporting all along, and it’s nice to hear it from one of the most colorful and connected folks in the Bigfoot World.

Bobo also reveals that part of the reason why the peer review of Ketchum’s paper is taking so long is because Ketchum apparently invented some novel methods of DNA extraction, analysis, primers used, or something along those lines. The peer review team had to replicate her methods a couple of times on their own to make sure that she was using valid tools for analysis, and this what is taking so long.

Bobo gave a 2 1/2 hour interview to Joe Rogan, who is a TV game show celebrity announcer.

Matt Moneymaker may have good Bigfoot evidence. The rumor is that Matt, head of the Bigfoot Researchers Organization, has good “biological evidence” of Bigfoot, apparently given to him by a hunter. It will be revealed when the time is right, possibly when Ketchum’s paper is published. It is not known how or why they think this is from a Bigfoot. Looks like it is flesh, bone, blood tooth or nail, something along those lines. I figure flesh or bone.

Whatever we think of Matt’s personality (he can be a tool at times), his past history of corruption or other foibles, it is important to acknowledge the great work that Matt and the BFRO have done for this field. They will go down in history as a great research organization. Even after discovery, hopefully they will continue to do good work. Hats off to the BFRO.


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