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USraeli Terrorists Murdered Yasser Arafat

I don’t usually use bullshit words like terrorists and murder for political assassinations, but as our Judeo-controlled and Judeo-aligned US media routinely utilizes the propaganda of Israel, the 51st state of the United States, as its own, I will simply reverse the role here and use the language of “USrael” when describing the Israeli assassins who killed Arafat via poisoning him with polonium in 2004.

Israel had a right to assassinate Arafat the same as the Palestinians had a right to assassinate Israeli leaders like Rehavam Ze’evi (shot down by the PFLP in 2001). Fair is fair in war after all. As usual, those who killed the outrageously nicknamed Gandhi” are in Israeli prisons for life while those who killed Arafat are walking free or dead of natural causes. The Israelis always win and always get their way, every time.

This was apparently the hand of Ariel Sharon and the head of the Mossad, Meir Dagan.

At the time, Ghada Karmi, a PFLP allied Palestinian activist and physician, said that Arafat had been poisoned via his cook, who was hired by the Mossad. There were all sorts of BS rumors that he died of AIDS. His Palestinian enemies outrageously refused to do an autopsy, and his crooked widow, Suha, who along with Arafat stole many millions of dollars from the Palestinian people, went along. At the time, I opined on my site that Arafat had been assassinated via poison by Israel.

Only Israel had the motive and means to assassinate Arafat, so they did it. Israel has a huge nuclear weapon and up to 200-400 nuclear weapons, which it has never acknowledged. Outrageously, the US Jewsmedia also refuses to acknowledge this nuclear stockpile, obeying the orders or their Jewish masters and allies.

Traces of polonium up to 10X the normal were found in Arafat’s personal effects, strongly hinting at poisoning. The Palestinians will have him exhumed to determine once and for all whether he was poisoned or not, which an examination will be able to determine for certain.

Arafat deteriorated markedly and rapidly over 1 month with a bizarre and unexplained illness that doctors were never able to diagnose, though some French doctors thought he may have been poisoned. His deterioration was so rapid and strange that people felt it either had to be AIDS or poisoning.

Excellent work via an 9-month investigation by Al Jazeera to scoop the story.

Addendum: It looks like Ariel Sharon asked for permission from George Bush to kill Arafat. Bush granted it to him. So it looks like instead of the Israel killing Arafat on its own, it was in some way a sort of dual killing by the fused-state known as USrael or sometimes as Jewmerica.


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