The East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker

Voice recording from the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker. His known criminal career ranged from 1976-1986, though he was also probably the Visalia Ransacker active in Visalia in 1974. The Ransacker also committed some homicides.

The EAR mostly just raped, but he did kill one couple who were out for a walk in the Sacramento area. The crimes began with a rape spree in the Sacramento area in 1976-78. Then he moved around to Modesto, Davis and the Bay Area for more attacks in 1978-79.

During his wild spree in the Sacramento area, community meetings were held. He apparently went to at least one of these community meetings and sat in the audience. We know this because a man spoke at the meeting and said, “What kind of man would sit back and let his wife get raped like that without doing something about it?”

Three weeks later, this man and his wife were attacked in their home. The man was tied up, and the woman was bound and raped. EAR was at the meeting and somehow he knew who the man was or he followed him home from the meeting. Creepy as Hell!

He left the Sacramento area after two composites were released of possible attackers in the killing of the couple out for a walk, so those composites are probably good. He was 18-29 years old when he started.

His career as EAR ended when he moved to Southern California in 1979 where he turned into the Original Night Stalker and escalated to homicides of both males and females in the Santa Barbara and Irvine/Laguna Niguel area from 1979-1986. In a number of these cases, via prowling, he noticed a couple having sex. Then he quickly broke in and blitzed them while they were fucking. In these later homicides, he tied people with ligatures, but removed the ligatures before he left to remove evidence. During this phase, he was about 21-38 years old.

He was still on the loose as of 1990-1991, when the extremely creepy voice recording recording above was made. The recording is thought to be the suspect making a taunting call to one of his original EAR rape victims who survived. He made these calls to several of his previous victims, but this is the only one that was left on an answering machine. The drawing on the page is how he looked in his attacks. The gritted teeth are correct because he typically spoke through gritted teeth. At the time of the phone call, he was probably about 28-45 years old.

The EAR MO was to stalk and maybe even burglarize in the area and gain a great deal of intelligence about the victims through break-ins and prowling. He often targeted areas that had homes for sale. He probably looked at a couple of homes for sale, posing as a prospective buyer and/or a fake real estate agent. He may have been in the military at the time of the original rapes. He drove a dark colored VW.

He would later return to the area, sometimes by vehicle, sometimes on a bicycle and sometimes on foot. Attacks were typically made next to an open area from which he could make his escape. Telephone lines were usually cut before entering. The woman was bound with special knots and raped over a period ranging over up to three hours.

During this period, she would be raped, sodomized and forced to have oral sex. He also wandered the house, eating and drinking items from the fridge. He wandered in and out of the house, eating and drinking, apparently looking for people to come home. He ransacked through the house, only taking a few items of value.

If a male was in the house, he was bound and gagged and placed on the bed face down with a plate on his back and told that if he moved, he would die. At some point, he left, but the victim often could not tell when he left because he was wandering around so much. It often took the woman half an hour or so to get free of her bonds and get help, and by that time, he was long gone.

In some cases, he was seen fleeing and pursued, but he always got away sometime. One time police saw him on a bicycle with a ski mask and pursued him, but he escaped once again.

Several composites were made, but unfortunately, they do not look much alike. The original attacks were by a young White male aged 18-25, sandy blond hair and blue eyes, 5’11 tall, muscled but thin body like a swimmer. He favored military green clothing, but had a wide variety of clothes that he wore. He always wore tennis shoes with herringbone pattern. He used a new ski mask in every crime and sometimes made his own masks. He had a wide variety of handguns and knives which he used in his attacks.

No one has any idea if he is alive or dead as he has not been heard from since 1991. If alive, he would in his mid-50’s to ~60. Up until now though, he has definitely gotten away with an incredible crime spree – countless break-ins and burglaries, over 50 rapes and a good 12 homicides.

He was very, very good. Good at what he did that is, one of the best. One of the best at getting away with his evil crimes. He’s one sick fuck all right though.

He was never caught.

This site is an excellent resource on this master criminal.


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20 responses to “The East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker

  1. Jake

    Why didn’t they take roll calls of every person that would attend the meetings or some sort of verification/record/clipboard/list?

    • Jake

      That is when the meetings took place, i’m sure midway they would have picked up on some of his patterns, why didn’t the police or some group stage a couple buying a real estate house or pretend to be a potential victim, house some cops or armed guys in a hidden area, and then catch the guy doing the deed in the process?

    • J

      They did there over 500 people there, they have photos

  2. Monkey

    I had never heard of this case, or series of cases before, very interesting. I live in Washington and we had the “Green River Killer” active up here while I was growing up, a very sick fella who was eventually caught. Stories like these make wonder about the “sheepole” sometimes, bad stuff happens to good people all the time. However so few do anything to prevent it, I see smoking hot girls jogging alone in secluded wooded areas daily with ipod on, no cell phone, no rape whistle, no pepper spray, no firearm ect, and completely unaware of there back trail or surroundings.

    I geuss my point is maybe this guy in Ca. was among the elite of stalkers and rapists, or maybe he just knew how to pick a victim.

    Thanks for posting this Mr. Lindsay, seems like alot of research on your end.


    • YW sir. I like researching these cases. Especially this one as it’s a mystery. Women can’t be careful enough unfortunately.

      This guy was definitely a master fuckin criminal. That’s all there is to it. He was the best there is at this sort of thing. Many felt he had either law enforcement or military training because of his expertise with stalking, surveillance, etc.

  3. I was at the taco bell on Folsom today..I saw a man eating his lunch on right side of the restaurant as we walked in. He got up to order something else and I notice he had very thick legs, wore white cargo camouflage shorts and black suede tennis shoes. He wore glasses and was about 6’2″. He had spider web tats on his elbows. After a while, he bagged up his extra food items and threw away his trash in a container in the restaurant–and exited to the front of the restaurant and rode away on his bike. I was intrigued enough to look into the trash can for his straw but could not see any. He looked to be about 48, maybe 50, of muscular built–and, again, with very heavy looking legs. Could the EAR be back in Sacramento? Intriguing…

  4. Meta

    Message left in 1991? The killer must have been in his late 20’s or early 30’s at this point… So why does he sound like a 13 year old punk? Is that his mommy talking in the background? LoL, obviously a juvenile prank call.

  5. Brengunn

    We know this because a man spoke at the meeting and said, “What kind of man would sit back and let his wife get raped like that without doing something about it?Three weeks later, this man and his wife were attacked in their home.

    That is one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever read. The voice is scary,too. I wonder what it would be like to have a mind like that?

    • Oh fuck yeah! That is scary as fucking Hell LOL! Damn this case is scary man. Wait until you read about it. Not only is he diabolical, but he’s one of the greatest criminal masterminds that ever lived. He is uncatchable for all intents and purposes.

  6. Brengunn

    Fuck! I’ve just delved a little into this case. The guy must be an anti-christ. Absolutely horrific stuff. I generally don’t scare easy when it comes to this kind of thing but this…. this is truly terrifying.

    • LOL, there is a lot of stuff I did not even write about! Wait until you delve into this case. It is simply unbelievable.

      • Brengunn

        Last night, I was watching videos on youtube about him. Every creak in the house was magnified, every sound was suspicious. I was a little freaked. At around four in the morning the police helicopter came and hovered over my house. Loud, whompwhompwhompwhomp. You know how eery that is. They were searching for someone in the back yards, I think.

        • There should be a link to a forum about that guy. It’s a great forum and I spent a lot of time there reading about the guy.

          Same thing happened when I was reading about him. I was afraid to be in my apartment.

        • Brengunn

          Yeah, the link was on your previous post, I think. I went there last night and read a few threads. It was scary for me but you live in California!!!! Shit, I wouldn’t be able to sleep, my bedroom door would always be locked and I’d carry a blade with me everywhere.

          This guy didn’t want easy victims. Why would he choose couples over single women? He wanted a challenge.

        • This guy didn’t want easy victims. Why would he choose couples over single women? He wanted a challenge.

          He was one ballsy sonofabitch.

          If you read a lot in that forum, some former victims will come on there. One was a woman from Visalia, a real estate agent well-known in town, who was victimized by him when he was the Visalia Ransacker. Some victims of the Ransacker were victimized by the guy repeatedly. He was absolutely amazing. And he would come back just to fuck with them. Break into their house, totally destroy a room, tear it to pieces, show up on Halloween wearing a mask, “Hi, it’s me,” call them up over and over, 50 times, with harassing phone calls. All this in a fairly small town (Visalia) too! A lot of people say that they saw him or someone they swore was him in various places around Visalia.

          They have had many excellent unsubs over time. NOT ONE of them has checked out. Now they have his DNA, but they STILL cannot catch him.

          He’s the slipperiest fish alive. Sometimes I think he’s not even human. Maybe he’s fuckin supernatural.

      • Dan

        The best website I have seen so have been the Quested files east area rapist. The article goes from rape by rape in detail to the murders in detail. It tells you how he behaved, how he dressed, what weapons he had and they give an analysis and their senario on who he is

  7. K

    This person used to live in Santa maria ca.

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