Daily Archives: July 2, 2012

This Is So Not Right


I realize that this kid is severe bad news all the way around, but no way in Hell can I see giving a kid an 85 year prison term for a crime he committed when he 13 years old. No way, no way, no way, no way. Put him in the youth authority until he is 25 years old. If he’s too dangerous to be in youth authority, put him in adult prison in some special wing. No way on Earth can you give someone life for a crime they committed when they were a 13 year old boy. Forget it.

By the way, I also do not believe in preventive detention, which is possibly what’s going on here. You can’t lock someone up just for being dangerous. It’s not illegal to be dangerous or even to be dangerous as Hell. That’s the price you pay for living in a free society. You have to live with dangerous people and take your chances with them.


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