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“No Longer in Service,” by Alpha Unit

When I was a kid I loved it when we were riding in the car and had to stop to let freight trains pass. We would lean across the front seat to watch the rail cars go by, chattering about them or just watching and getting that weird sensation that our car was moving…instead of the train. (I kind of liked that.)

I still remember some of the names painted on the sides of the rail cars. COTTON BELT – the St. Louis Southwestern Railway, that is. SOUTHERN. That was the Southern Railway (“Serves the South”). FRISCO. Also known as the St. Louis – San Francisco Railway. But we were also waiting to see the caboose – that gave us something to look forward to, even though I was kind of sad to see it. That meant the show was over!

The caboose is a thing of the past. Cabooses were once used on nearly all freight trains, by law. But advances in technology made the caboose unnecessary and undesirable, according to the railroads.

The caboose was originally just a makeshift shack built over an empty flat car, assigned to the conductor for his exclusive use – a kind of home away from home. Over time it became the quarters for the train crew and took on a utilitarian role. Railroads found that the caboose offered a good vantage point to keep an eye on trains as they got longer; to improve the view they added a cupola, a lookout post on top of the car.

For most of the 19th century and early 20th century, most cabooses carried a conductor, brakeman and a flagman. A second brakeman accompanied the engineer. (The conductor oversaw the safe operation of the train; the engineer oversaw operation of the locomotive.)

Before the era of automatic air brakes, the engineer signaled by whistle when he needed to slow down or stop. This was when the rear-end and head-end brakemen went to work. Each car had its own brake wheel, and the two brakemen, having climbed on top of this moving train, would move from car to car, from opposite ends, applying hand brakes until the train stopped.

Once the train stopped, the flagman would get off the train and walk back a prescribed distance to signal approaching trains that a stopped train was ahead. Once underway again, the caboose crew would sit in the cupola and watch for smoke from overheated axle bearings (this situation was called a hot box and was a serious fire and derailment hazard), smoke from stuck brakes, or other signs of trouble.

In the 1880s the automatic air brake system invented by George Westinghouse eliminated the need for brakemen to set brakes manually. Eventually electric track circuits were implemented to activate signals, eliminating the need for flagmen. Friction bearings were replaced by roller bearings, reducing the likelihood of a hot box.

Today the ends of freight trains are monitored by remote radio devices called End of Train devices, or EOTs. The EOT fits over the rear coupler and is also coupled into the air brake line. The EOT radios information to the engineer regarding the brake pressure at the rear of the train, whether or not the last car is moving and whether or not the flashing red light on the car is working.

The EOT also allows the engineer to set the air brakes from the rear of the train in the event the train breaks in two. In such an emergency the engineer could set the brakes on both halves of the train. With the introduction of these devices, the conductor moved to the front of the train with the engineer.

A lot of the cabooses were sold for their scrap value. But you can still see them in use in and around railyards sometimes. They are brought out for special events, too, such as historical tours. You’ll also find them in railroad museums across the country and in private use by individual owners.

The United Transportation Union is the largest railroad operating union in North America, representing workers on every Class I railroad and many of the workers on regional and shortline railroads. The union initially protested the phasing out of cabooses. It pushed for legislation to require that trains have cabooses if they exceeded a certain length or if they were carrying hazardous materials.

Several states did pass such laws, but as the railroads argued, the federal government no longer requires cabooses on trains. The caboose was obsolete as far as they were concerned.

In 1982 the union signed an agreement with the rail carriers that permitted the elimination of the caboose. A freight train just isn’t what a freight train used to be.


Phillips, J. A. October 1998. A Caboose of Our Own. White River Journal.

TrainWeb. The History of the Caboose.


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The Man Who Thought He Was a Cat

Repost from the old site.

While I was at the university getting my Master’s Degree, I used to read a lot of journals. I really liked this one journal called the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. In one issue I found a case study of a man who suffered from the delusion that he was a cat! As a cat lover, I kind of enjoyed this case. I don’t think I’m a cat or anything like that, but sometimes I wonder if my two female cats make better companions than the women in my life.

He was a 40 year old man who worked as a technician in a laboratory. Considering his delusion, one of the most peculiar things about him was that he actually looked like a cat! He was kind of thick and heavyset and had a big full beard. All of this contributed to a rather strange appearance somewhat like the Lion Man in the Wizard of Oz.

The man stated flat out that he was actually a cat and not a human being. All attempts to disabuse him of this notion were met with airy dismissals. He had believed that he was a cat for a long time, possibly since childhood. He said that as as child and young man, he had spent a lot of time playing with cats, especially in open fields. He got down on all fours and walked around in fields and spent hours socializing with the cats out there. He continued to engage in this behavior to this day.

He said that cats had a special affinity for him, because they realized that he was actually a cat and not a human. Hence, he said that cats accepted him as a fellow cat and treated him as such. He said that cats are actually very intelligent – much more intelligent than people think they are.

Over the years rolling around in fields with cats, he learned that cats actually had a spoken language in their meows. He had finally learned this language over time and could now communicate with cats in their language. He also said that he had had sex with cats on many occasions out in the fields (How does one do this?).

Over time, he had learned that most people did not want to hear about the fact that he was a cat, so he had learned to stop talking about it. He was diagnosed with Delusional Disorder and it was recommended that he take an anti-psychotic. I am not sure of how the case resolved. I believe that he did not see any problem in being a cat and refused treatment.


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Democratic Underground’s Censorship Rules on Debating Israel

Repost from the old site.

I’ve had a lot of requests for the 149-page directory of hate sites that was referenced in my previous post.

The 149-page site is called The Hate Directory, and it is linked below. In general, it lists Holocaust Denial, anti-Semitic, White Supremacist and neo-Nazi sites (A lot of overlap there! Are there any anti-Semites on this Earth who are not also Holocaust Deniers?!)

I didn’t go over The Hate Directory with a fine tooth comb, but there were a few problematic sites on there. One of them is The Jewish Tribal Review.

The JTR is a very problematic site, but their fantastic critique of the Jews, running to 3,000 pages, When Victims Rule, is often well-worth the read and is not really anti-Semitic at all.

In other places, JTR is anti-Semitic. They criticize Jews for various things, but often don’t offer suggestions on what Jews should do instead of the critiqued behaviors. And in the news section, they just seem to go through the news listing any Jew who ever did anything bad and reprinting the article about him. What’s the point of that? Other than sheer bigotry.

Alabaster’s Archive is also linked as a hate site. This is an excellent site and 90% of it is not anti-Semitic at all. The articles are mostly about Jewish fundamentalism and the Israeli Rightwing, and most of them are written by Jews, often Israelis!

The Hamas webpage is also listed. Other than the Hamas charter, what exactly on the Hamas webpage (mostly just a collection of news stories from Palestine about Israeli transgressions and Palestinian resistance actions) is hate propaganda?

Here is a mail I received from the original poster describing the rules in DU about Jews and Israel:

Here’s an excerpted sample of Democratic Underground Israel/Palestine forum rules:

“If you feel great affinity to groups who are promoting hate in the Middle East such as Kahane, or Hamas; feel there is a Jewish conspiracy governing US foreign policy or control of the media; or believe supporters of Islam or Palestinian Nationalism are terrorists, then you are probably likely to be banned.

Do not discuss the truthfulness and/or stupidity of various religions. Do not assume you know what someone believes simply because they practice a certain religion. Do not make over-sweeping or stereotypical generalizations of any group or individual. This includes making statements, either overtly or subtly, which are Anti-Semitic or Anti-Muslim.

Please avoid posting “information” from overtly racist websites. A good, but not exhaustive, guide is Franklin’s Hate Directory. Posting from Whatreallyhappened, Chronwatch or Debka is specifically not allowed.

Please exercise extreme caution and sensitivity when using the words “anti-Semitism” or “Zionism.” There is a wide range of opinion on the meaning of these words. If you must use them, please make sure your intended meaning is clear. Do not use the term “Zionist” to mean “Jew” or “Israeli.”

[RL: This is despicable. I remember this from the Internet forums. Whenever we said anything about Jews, Zionist or Israel the disgusting, belligerent militant Jews on there would jump all over the post and demand that we put qualifiers in front of the nouns.

Jews? How about “some Jews”? Israelis? How about “some Israelis”? Israel? Do you think that Israelis are monolithic? They are not! So you may not “generalize” about them.

At that point, once all “stereotyping” and “generalization” has been banned, all debate on this subject becomes impossible. There’s more crap. Complaining about Israel or Jews? You must be “obsessed” with the Jews or Israel.

Well, Hell, we can focus on whatever we want! Anyway, most Jews are “obsessed” with their tribe and their state, so why can’t others be that way too?

Complaining about Israel but not about all other myriad shitty little countries (and shitty big countries) all over the world? Bigot! What nonsense. We can talk about whatever we want.

We don’t need to juxtapose every anti-Israel comment with a comment slamming Peru, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco or Colombia. Yeah! The world is full of shitty countries! And Israel is one of them!]

Do not use the term “Jew” to mean “Israeli”. Do not call Palestinians “terrorists” unless you are actually talking about people who blow up cafes or buses filled with civilians. Do not compare Middle East regional leaders and parties to Hitler or the Nazis. Use of these terms is considered inflammatory and should be avoided.

Do not call other members of this message board “terror apologist,” “Palestinian apologist,” “Israeli apologist,” “Nazi,” “Fascist,” “Sharonist,” “Likudnik”, etc.”

The DU reporter notes: It’s notable that pro-Israel poster accusations of antisemitism, both overt and thinly-veiled, routinely go untouched. That’s of course fine, but any accusations of pro-Israel bias, blind support for Israel, hyper-sensitivity, or twisting facts to put Israel in the best light, are deleted, and often the author is never heard from again.

No announcements that a poster has been banned are offered. They just disappear. Often the “disappeared” are mentioned on Prosemite Undercover, where they boast of their successful efforts in a behind-the-scenes swarm attack to “tombstone” the Israel-critic. They even have a standard tombstone graphic with the legend “Here lies “insert name”.

[RL: I have spent some time over at Prosemite Undercover getting nauseous while reading about the nasty militant Jews and their deplorable behaviors. That is really a horrible site.]

A sample of the moderator’s (Lithos) views:

“Why these two distinctions are important is that there is a form of anti-Semitism where bigots use a stereotypical form of the term Zionist as a way to attack Jews. Zionism carries at some level a notion of struggle in much the same way as the real definition of jihad which is a word which also is abused and often serving as part of a code word for bigots.”

“The reason why I will disagree with you about equivalencing post 9/11’s bigotry with the multi-millenia of anti-Semitism has to do with the complicated nature of bigotry against Jews versus the highly simplistic one in the mainstream against Muslims.

In contrast, Jews have had several thousand years of officially sponsored bigotry aimed at them.

[RL: Down with the Jewish Pogrom and Persecution Masochism-Fest!]

First there were many official pogroms against the Jewish religion by the Romans, Persians and the Muslims where they were blamed and accused of fomenting rebellion

[RL: The Romans “blamed” the Jews for fomenting rebellion because that is exactly what the Jews were doing – fomenting rebellion!]

and Deicide.

Later with the rise of nation states along ethnic lines, Jews being ubiquitous and for the most part culturally distinct from the host population were accused first of being unpatriotic and seditious to ultimately masterminds of a great cabal a la The International Jew and The Protocols.”

“I totally agree that 9/11 fueled the spread of many tailored answers designed to provide simple easily to digest answers to an extremely complicated reality and that this included a rise in anti-Muslim fear, but I also think that there are many examples out now where it fueled a rise in anti-Semitism.”

“One problem that Israel has always had is a lack of resources, this includes political resources to affect policy and opinion. Given that their limited tool set includes a very strong and efficient military, it is not surprising they tend to rely on it when perhaps they shouldn’t.”

Poster writes:

“If Jews, Zionism, and Israel are coming up in 911 over and over it’s sure not the conspiracy theorists that are looking to make connections where there are not.”

Lithos responds:

“So, if a lie is repeated enough, it becomes true? Isn’t that the issue behind Bush’s claims of WMD? Isn’t this the primary complaint by the 9/11 truth side the government and media are repeating a lie? Your comment is absurd given your basis of assumption.”

“The focus on AIPAC and Israel has always been interesting in that people place such singular focus on AIPAC as being an influential lobbying group, but make no mention of other groups with far more influence on US foreign policy, namely the energy and defense concerns?

Why the focus when the ties, corruption and conspiracies to Iraq, Afghanistan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Bin Ladin have far more to do with these groups than with Israel or AIPAC?

[RL: Chomskian, Western Leftist bullshit. See Jeff Blankfort’s articles on Chomsky and the Israeli Lobby for more. Blankfort is Jewish.]

About all Israel seems to be guaranteed by US policy is existence which results not from Jewish influence, but rather that of the Millennial Dispensationalist crowd.

[RL: This is a typical lie of those who are trying very hard to avoid the anti-Semite label. There is no Jewish Lobby! The Israeli Lobby is…just a bunch of…Christians! Jeff Blankfort has done a good job of tearing apart this nonsense. The Christian Zionists do very little lobbying for Israel, and that is what really counts, not their inner political views.

However, I recently received a mail noting that whenever the US criticizes Israel in the slightest, the White House gets bombarded with mails from the Christian Right telling them to knock it off.

So the Christian Zionists do have some influence, but observation shows that the influence of the Jewish aspect of the Israeli Lobby is greater, in particular the Lobby’s power in the US media, which strikes terror into the hearts of US politicians.]

Also, you find no issue that the original sources claiming Israeli involvement came from sites and operation well known and heavily associated with holocaust denial activities and the proponents of it?”

[RL: Logical fallacy! Holocaust Denier idiots of course blamed Israel for 9-11, therefore…what? Anyone who suggests Israeli 9-11 involvement is a Holocaust Denier? It can’t possibly be true, because the initial purveyors of the theory were a bunch of virulently anti-Semitic White Supremacist morons?]

“As for sources, most of what is not allowed here for these types of biased thinking such as anti-Semitism sites are usually Paleo-Libertarian and generally Far Right in bent.

Of the Libertarian (where most of the anti-Semitic sites seem to be associated), the main reason they’ve garnered any coin among the left is that they are jealous/in competition with the Neocons for control of the Right and leftists are sometimes over-eager to believe “an enemy of my enemy is my ally” without realizing this other group is also an enemy.”

Update: I would like to point out that it is not only the Democratic Underground and the Liberal Underground sites that censor the Israel – Palestine issue. The same sort of pro-Israeli thuggery can be seen at the , or at least in the Arizona section anyway.

It’s actually often an overt conspiracy:

From an old webpage of the disgusting and foul brownshirts at the Jewish Internet Association:

Shut down offensive websites: If you spot an offensive web site — antisemitic, terrorist supporting, anti-Israel, or just hateful — you may be able to shut it down. By following simple procedures, you can determine who owns the site and what web hosting company is giving them access to the Internet.

Often the offensive site is not actually known to the web hosting company and is probably in violation of their rules of conduct. A simple letter of complaint can force the site to move, a considerable inconvenience and possibly the end of them. Haganah B’Internet, an online self-defense force, has prepared a site research How-to/Checklist along with other tools, advice and news on their website.


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Blacks Beat Whites – Film at 11

Repost from the old site.

I see idiots.

I see White Supremacists.

I see White Supremacist idiots (there is no other kind).

It’s fun to stroll over to American Renaissance once in a while. While there is a good understanding of race there and folks are not afraid to broach the subject, there is also a staggering amount of stupidity, mostly in the comments. What is hilarious about all this Dumbness is that this Dumbness is being scribbled by folks who are dedicated to the premise that they are members of the most intelligent race on the planet.

Ho ho ho!

I see this problem with nationalists, especially ethnic nationalists, and ethnic supremacists (of all varieties) all the time, although I confess that Chinese Supremacists are the least stupid of all, and sometimes I think there is no one dumber than an Afrocentrist. Gosh, is there something to the IQ thing after all?

The problem is that once you become an ethnic supremacist, you have to construct a particularly insane and insipid worldview whereby your group did all the great things in the whole history of the world, is superior to all the other groups, and the competing groups all did nothing and are inferiors.

Even if your group was not running around secretly doing all the great stuff, you need to put down all the achievements of the other groups (“The Aztecs and Maya were too stupid to invent wheels!”), while elevating the often meager achievements of your own group. Talk to a Nordicist sometime about the Germanic tribes running around with bearskins and spears and he will convince you that they were far beyond the Egyptians.

This leads to some rather breathtaking displays of brain rot. Only in White Supremacist fora will you still find intelligent humans debating whether or not humans came out of Africa. It’s just so insulting! That the White Man came from niggers! How dare you say that?

But really now, if you recognize that before that we came from frogs, it’s not so insulting.

Only on these fora do you find folks insisting that Whites were the original settlers of the Americas (!) and that Amerindians are interlopers who need to be sent back home (!). Only here do you find serious discussion of whether or not Africans still retain an “ape gene” (!) that all the rest of us have lost, at least when we are not drunk.

Only here do “White Historians” regale rapt listeners with tales of how stealth-Whites (probably disguised as other races) roamed around the world for 1000’s of years, secreting building all of the great civilizations on Earth (!) for only a consultant’s fee, and then slipping silently back to Europe or wherever while the Egyptians, Indians, Khmer, Maya, Inca, Chinese and all the rest of the inferiors got all the credit (!).

Yes, White Nationalism is a fountain of stupidity that never dries up.

Let us look at my latest finding from American Renaissance. It is from an article about fossils. The post has now been deleted by the editors (see here), probably because it makes White people look too stupid.

About the article – I think it had something to with Neandertal. One of these WN guys’ favorite obsessions is with Neandertal. Every sensible human on Earth knows that Neadandertal lived and died in Europe, going extinct 29,000 years. Everyone except…White nationalists!


These slobbering morons still insist, against all scientific evidence, that Neandertal gave rise to Homo Europeanansis Superioris. Now why anyone would want to claim ancestry to this big-browed hulk is beyond me, but WN’s just love it. I suspect it is because they get to claim that they are not descended from niggers!

Anyway, the comments section took off and all the usual WN droolers strolled in from their group homes waving their arms in weird ways and making animal noises. Soon the conversation degenerated as usual.

These guys’ contempt for Blacks knows no bottom floor. In the comments, they insisted, against all evidence, that Blacks had never accomplished anything in Africa before Whites showed up and taught them how to eat with forks and walk standing up.

First of all, let us note that African Blacks discovered iron (went through the Iron Age) before European Whites did. This fact is common knowledge in any anthropology department, but not one massive-brained WN European Supermen has either heard of it or will have anything of it.

I certainly am not arguing that Africa was some cultural pacesetter.

But the facts on the Iron Age are clear. Africa skipped over the Bronze Age (and the Copper Age for that matter) altogether and went straight to the Iron Age. That’s right, straight from Neolithic to Iron, how ’bout that? I dare WN’s can put a “Black ignoramus” spin on that one!

It is true that two groups did beat the Africans to the punch. Iron was developed in Anatolia in the year 2000 BC. It was then independently developed by the Ganges civilization in India in the year 1800 BC. In third place, in the year 1500 BC, are the quite-Black Africans of Nigeria. And Cleotis done it all without Massa’s help!

Iron Age Timeline:

1. Anatolia (Turks, WN’s insist that Turks are not even White) 2000 BC
2. India, Ganges Valley (Indian Caucasians, WN’s say they are not White) 1800 BC
3. Africa, Tok, Nigeria, and Termit, Niger 1500 BC (Dumb niggers!)
4. China 1300 BC
5. Middle East 1100 BC
6. Greeks (WN’s concede these folks are White?) 1100 BC
7, etc. Everyone else (Northern European “superiors”)

The Iron Age in Black Africa, straight from Wikipedia. From the text:

Inhabitants at Termit, in eastern Niger became the first iron smelting people in West Africa and among the first in the world around 1500 BC.

Other sources put the onset of the Iron Age in central Nigeria at the same time, in Tok, Nigeria. The Africans at Tok and Termit could not possibly have learned iron smelting from Arabs, as Arabs did not get it until 1100. No way did Hittites or South Indians teach it to them either. They just figured it out on their own, those big Black dummies.

The painful truth is that Blacks crushed Euro Whites in terms of beating them to the Iron Age. Whites were left pitifully in the dust by Africans. Oh God, how embarrassing.

Along with all Black innovations, WN geniuses insist that this Iron Age thingie must have come by way of Arabs. Now, WN’s always insist that Arabs are non-Whites, but in a race between niggers and A-rabs, the Arabs automagically turn White for a day, if only to beat the Blacks and claim the gold for Whitey.

Another common folly on almost all WN sites is so dumb it’s embarrassing.

Did you know that African Blacks had no agriculture until Whites showed up and taught them how to grow stuff? Neither did I! Neither does anyone in any anthropology department on Earth! But this crap is Gospel on WN sites, where it is common dogma that niggers are so dumb, they can’t even figure out how to grow food!

The truth is that agriculture in Africa goes all the way back to 5000 BC in the Sahel. That’s 7000 years ago, and it’s way before ag came to Europe. Once again, Euro Whites were completely creamed by African Blacks who beat them to agriculture. Agriculture occurred independently in West Africa, Egypt and the Sahel at around the same time. INDEPENDENTLY.

Anthropologists do not agree that West African agriculture was a diffusion from North Africa. It is considered to be an independent development.

Contrary to popular rumor, African Black folks (or niggers, as WN’s refer to these humans) are not too stupid to grow food. They were growing lots of food just fine before White folks even showed up.

Growing food is called agriculture. That’s the word grownups use when they discuss growing food, WN kiddies. Agriculture. Say it slowly and repeat it until you can say it well.

Sahelians today are racially the same as they were 7000 years ago when they independently developed agriculture. They have hardly changed one bit.

The civilizational attributes of the Sahelians came from their own culture. There is no evidence at all that all of their achievements came from some mystery Arabs cruising on through.

North Africa was all Black until 15-18,000 years ago, when some non-European looking Caucasians (minus that lovely White skin) moved down from Europe and pushed the Blacks south. No one knows what these proto-Europeans looked like, but they may have resembled Berbers. The resulting mix of mostly White, part Black in North Africa is the leftovers of this invasion.


UNESCO. 2002. Iron in Africa: Revisiting the History.


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Muslim Polygamy = Woman Shortage?

Repost from the old site.

A rightwing lie about Muslims. Polygamy is not even common in most of the Muslim World anymore, and it’s mostly found in either the Gulf or places like Afghanistan. Even there, I think it is not that common. In the rest of the Muslim World, it is rare to absent. A number of secular Muslim countries have even banned the practice with progressive laws.

This nonsense is part of theory designed to explain why so many young Muslims are blowing themselves up. It’s because of all the polygamy, which means there is a woman shortage, so they can’t get married or laid. The resulting frustration turns them into auto-exploding human devices.

Show me the evidence that there is any woman shortage at all in the Muslim World, much less one due to polygamy.

The only places in the world that have woman shortages are in India and China, and in both places, it is due to abortion of females. No one is blowing themselves up because they can’t get a wife in those places.

Riddle me that.


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Update on National Bolshevism

Repost from the old site.

There is something downright nasty about these guys, and I can’t even put my finger on it. National Bolshevism is some type of Third Positionism.

Third Positionism is one strange beast all right, and I can’t figure out what to make of it. Their Celtic cross symbol gives me the creeps; it reminds me of the Zodiac killer, and it looks fascistic.

It’s supposedly some species of fascism that combines unspecified elements of the Left and Right, in particular, Leftist and socialist economics. As they have never held power anywhere, no one really knows how this plays out IRL.

I’m not necessarily going to oppose anyone that gets lumped into some Third Positionist “fascist” grab bag by political scientists, but so far, I don’t like what I see.

The National Bolshevik Party is Russia is one strange beast. They support the Russian minorities in all of the former SSR’s, which is theoretically a valid cause, but in many cases probably reeks of national chauvinism. But there’s a lot of national chauvinist crap going on in those new states anyway, this time victimizing Russians.

They supported, and apparently still support, the War on the Chechen People in Chechnya and now generalized across much of the Caucasus to Dagestan, Ingushetia, Southern Russia, North Ossetia-Alania (When did they change their name?! Ok, 1994. The history of the Alans, especially as relates to the peopling of Japan and NE Asia, is an interesting one, if you like strange theories), Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria.

Originally, their project was the usual fascist imperialist expansionist crap, envisioning a vast state encompassing all of the former USSR (which would have to be reconquered in some way) and all of Europe (I guess this would have to conquered too), to be ruled by Russians. That’s actually kind of humorous. Well, since then, they have dropped that.

They are also anti-Semites, accusing ultranationalist Zhirinovsky of being a Jew, as if that is a bad thing (he has a bit of Jewish heritage, but I don’t enough to go to Israel). They hate Putin and accuse him of being a fascist.

That’s strange, but if you study fascists for a while, you realize that one of their fascist games is that fascists are always going around calling others fascists as a term of abuse. It doesn’t make sense until you are around them a long time.

Lenin hated the precursors of the National Bolsheviks and said they were a class enemy, but he’s not a God to me.

At the end of the day, I’m sorry, but I just can’t get behind these guys. Ultranationalism pretty much sucks just about everywhere, without many exceptions.

National Bolshevik principles.

Update: R.M. Schultz of the Soviet Overseas Trading Company News blog, author of the principles above, stopped by the comments section and made some interesting points.

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Repost from the old site.

How many White Nationalists are not racists, at least against Black people? 5%? 10%? It can’t possibly be any more than that.

One thing that is weird about WN’s is that their real obsession is with Blacks. It’s Blacks that they hate more than anything else in the whole country. They don’t much care about Hispanics or Muslims all that much.

As commenters on Amren say, “Blacks are our enemy.” I told this to some smart Blacks and they said, “Oh, we know.” They knew it all along.

I guess I am some kind of an idiot. I am dubious, to say the least, about the Hispanicization of the US and I hate illegal immigration. I’d prefer not to live around lots of Hispanics. Here in California, we do not have to deal with Blacks all that much. You can always choose not to live around them.

As such, Blacks have not done a whole lot to me in my life and they just don’t effect me. Hence, arguments about Black evil and perfidy, Black crime and Black crime against Whites just leave me cold. It doesn’t effect me at all.

Further, Blacks are not going anywhere. They are not leaving and they have even more right to be here than most Whites. It’s understandable that they are a bit pissed off. This blog is even officially Black-friendly, just to encourage them to come around.

The Hispanics can take off, at least the illegal ones. Then we can put up some sensible barriers to try to make sure that Hispanic immigrants who come here are likely to be beneficial and not drains or detriments to society.

There is nothing to do with Blacks. They don’t immigrate here and can’t be sent packing. The future shows no significant increase in the Black percentage of the US. They are not a looming problem for the future.

The fact that the WN movement is basically just a Hate Movement against Black people is something that needs to be publicized in a rational, non-name-calling manner. These guys mostly hate Blacks and we can prove it. Let them try to justify their racist bullshit rather than hiding behind fake rationales and subterfuges. Just come out and admit it, White nationalists! You don’t like Blacks!


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Evil Jews Bleed Gentile to Death for Matzos

Repost from the old site.

Take a look at this sordid spectacle here. A pack of vicious, feral, Asiatic Zionist Jews surround a poor Gentile, Lance Thruster, (actually a stand-in for Jesus) in the woods somewhere in the Pale of Russia, torture him to death by crucifixion, and are in the process of draining all of the blood out of his body with thousands of pricks with tiny knives.

The blood is being collected as I write this, and Lance is still alive and typing somehow despite being nailed to the holy cross like our Savior. The blood will be collected and used to prepare matzo balls. The Blood Libel is no libel – it’s actual truth, and you can see it right here on the Internets.

Seriously folks, I happen to know Lance, and I don’t really think he is an anti-Semite at all. I think he’s a college student at USC, my alma mater. He just hates Israel, that’s all. These Zionist Jews are torturing him and roasting him over their fire, calling him racist, fascist, anti-Semite, Nazi, KKK, Jew-hater, bigot, skinhead, on and on.

They are also accusing him of being paranoid. Whenever you shine the light on any aspect of Jewish Power, you get accused by entire football fields of snarling Jews of suffering from a paranoid psychosis. Yeah, a paranoid psychosis called reality.

Jewlicious, I believe, is a liberal to progressive Jewish site who take a relatively soft line, as Jews go, on Zionism. Mostly young, hip, leftwing funny Jewish guys on there with a few of their female counterparts.

This just goes to show you that as far as Zionism goes, US Jewish society is just flat-out morally bankrupt these days.

It’s also an object lesson in how to create anti-Semites. If poor Lance makes it through this session with hating Jews too much, he deserves a medal. Lots of folks are just plain human and don’t have such powers, so anti-Semitism grows while Israel cheers and urges the Diaspora to high-tail to Eretz Israel pronto. It’s not quite conspiracy, but it’s pretty squalid.


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