The Proper Way to Address a Man

There was a woman I was talking to about a year or so ago. She had heard a bit about my sexual history, and she was actually impressed. In fact, she nearly fell out of her chair.

I didn’t see her for a while. Then she saw me again.

“Hey stud. How are you?”

Now that’s the proper way to address a man!

Boy that felt nice. After she said that, I thought, “Man, my life is fulfilled. Now I can go home, lie down, never wake up and die happy. I don’t need to do anything more in life.”


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25 responses to “The Proper Way to Address a Man

  1. Aakash


    You aint a stud until you seal the deal. Nothing like making love to a chick and then having her in awe of you. Thats the epitome of being a stud: women accepting your studness and willing to give up the poon on demand with no strings attached. I’ve never achieved that but am constantly striving. Chicks find boyfriends too easy after they give it up to me and find out that things are getting nowhere. I completely understand too as they want relationships that I have no intention of providing that. Not that my success rate is high either. Last year I dated 5 different girls. Thats about it.

    • An Unmarried Man

      Basically, you fuck the chick, and she is willing to make another date and she actually shows up

      • Aakash

        How long can it go though? Sooner or later, the chick would want some sort of commitment. I did give a couple of them one last bang and boot but I don’t prefer that as it is not a very manly thing to do (though very effective in losing her). Then what is the next step to take? Is she going to give it up on demand for eternity with no strings attached? Possibly not. I’ve got brown skin and look very Indian (which I am). Now, Indian guys I know are pussies and are ready to jump into marriage when it comes to dating white chicks (after the white chicks have stretched their vaginas with every available cock in the vicinity and are ready to settle down). The chicks I’m dating also probably have some kind of expectation like that. But I can’t provide them with any meaningful relationship. Not yet at least as I’m not into relationships yet. So it has to be an incredibly delicate maneuver that I have to perform to keep the status quo of casual dates + good sex going. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the balance yet. I know a couple of white guys who have. Please let me know if you have some advice.

        • An Unmarried Man

          oh my god aakash.

          you are ‘overthinking.’

          are you in the sciences?

          women actually require much less finesse than you fear. they just want to get fucked really hard. make sure your boner is solid (and if you’re in your early 20’s, there is no reason that shouldn’t happen). women love it when the guy gets hard, that’s half the battle. eat her up. feel it. kiss her tits, lick her pussy. aakash, this is a physical threat. you are physical threat to her femininity. act like it. they will act like they are offended. fuck that. men should not be afraid of fucking women now, and if they make you feel that way, tough shit. fuck them anyways!!!

    • LOL, what makes you think I didn’t screw this chick?

      Dude, studliness, like so many things in life, is all about appearance and perception. If people think you’re a stud, then you’re a stud. Many things are defined by others’ perceptions and not the facts on the ground.

      • aakash

        If you screwed that chick AND she called you a stud, then yes, you are both based on fact and perception.

        Agree with you on perception in general. Women have a certain set of rules and behavior patterns ALL of which are based on perception. I’ve cracked the code a few times but not with high frequency. Each woman has her own set of “truths” if you will. For example, this blonde chick last weekend at the local bar, she wouldn’t talk to me no matter what. A southern white woman having her own set of rules to go by. I gave up on her after a few attempts.

        One thing I’m immensely curious about is the role of a female friend (or even sibling) in raising your percentage of getting laid. I’d think that having one (and having access to her friends) would increase your chance manyfold. You ever know of any studies done on this Robert? This point struck me because I had a female friend who said that she couldn’t be fuck buddies anymore and wanted a relationship. We decided to stop dating but are on amicable terms. One day, we hang out at this restaurant and I tried to get the waitress’ number. Got it easy just like that. Now, I got nowhere with that waitress (she had her own issues) but was amazed at how effortless it was.

        • Women like a guy who likes women. Women like a guy who gets women. Gets women to go out with him, gets women to hang out with him, anything like that.

          I would say that female cousins come in VERY helpful. Haven’t had much luck as far as female siblings are concerned. Even my Mom has helped me out though. Some of her female friends, much younger than her, liked me, and my Mom conveyed to me that they wanted to go out with me. So it even helps to have a good relationship with your mother. Female friends, yes, can be excellent for helping you to get women. They are odd, strange and coy about it, but if you crack the code, you can figure it all out.

          They will deny that their friend is into you when she obviously is. Then when you point out she’s into you, a light comes on and she says go for it. The girlfriends and wives of your friends are great too. They’re all trying to fuck you by proxy, that what all this fixing up stuff is all about. Your female friends, cousins, sisters, SO’s of your male friends, none of them can really fuck you themselves, but they want to in a way, so they fuck you by proxy by fixing you up with their friends.

  2. Aakash


    I’m 27 and i’ve done all that. There was this chick who loved me going down on her and giving it to her hard. However, the frequency of our meetings was not great and one day, she texts me that she has found a boyfriend. Then she broke up with him and we were at it again for a few weeks. Now shes found another boyfriend and hasn’t replied to my texts for a month. See? Women want to get fucked but they have an end game which is a relationship (possibly leading to marriage). I like that but I can’t provide them with one yet. Also, I dated an eastern European woman once and they are great to have a relationship with as it would be more stable than one with an American woman. But we lost touch and she moved back to Chicago.

    • An Unmarried Man

      LOL women in your age group have no endgame because they don’t need one. They just want to have a good time. At this point, if you don’t want a relationship, why not just have a good time? Think like the bitch.

      • Aakash

        With interracial dating, it is different man. Also, I seem to attract a certain standard of women such as professionals.. The category of women who are into their careers and ultimately would like to settle down. Sure we have great sex but it barely lasts three or four times before there are attempts to escalate the “relationship”. Thats when I cool down considerably. I have to open the door to enter the realm of “studness”. Haven’t figured it out yet.

        Also, I’ve never been to a bar, picked up a woman and gone the full distance. Usually, I get numbers, set up dates and then do what I have to do. See? Thats another sign of a stud that I don’t have yet but will get with experience.

  3. @ Aakash
    AUM is right. You are over-analysing the situation. No offence, but a lot of Indian guys from engineering/science background tend to understand women using logic, which comes in their way of scoring, since attraction doesn’t follow a logical pattern. As AUM said, women want a man. A man who loves women and makes them feel like a woman. He summed it up better than I can explain.

    I agree with you on the Indian guys trying to jump into marriage thing. I think it because of the cultural shaming and conditioning that makes them the most beta provider men around. They are taught that the only way to get laid is get an education, get a job and then marry a girl (preferably chosen by the parents) to create a family. Even Desi films (of whatever language), which leaves room for choice/love relationships followed the same formula till very recently. A ‘hero’ would go to the end of the world to get a girl, only to end up marrying her. Marriage is shown as the only culturally acceptable way to get laid. It creates Desi women unwilling to put out and desi guys only to desperate to get married because they think it is the only nirvana out of their sex starvation. A nightmare, that Desis romanticise as ‘innocence’ and think it is a hallmark of their great culture. Gagworthy.

    It has made women (of all races) ‘expect’ commitment from Indians guys before they give it up, an expectation that they don’t hold for white/black guys. Don’t fall into that trap. Never. If a girl starts pushing you for a relationship, cut off the strings. Don’t be shamed by her and her peers into a LTR, if thats not what you want. Let her know that YOU decide whether to escalate it into an LTR or not.

    • Aakash


      If you read my posts correctly, my problem is not that women don’t give it up. Out of 5 I dated last year, I had great sex with three of them for a few weeks and I went to third base with the other two. The problem is because I am Indian, they expect a relationship soon. I.e., dating for a month or so. For me, I want sustained sex with no strings attached. I want to go to the “next level”, be a stud. Also, I live in the south. No southern woman is gonna give it up. All the chicks I was with were from up north as they are definitely more gregarious compared to the more traditional southern women. I got no problems getting numbers as southern women are good giving me that. I got a(nother) number yesterday and have to see where that goes. See? Success rate is always gonna be low. Well I could go to a cougar bar and get a 40 yr old divorcee but man that’s gonna be desperate. I did do it with a 38 year old once just for the heck of it. Not bad :D.

      Ultimately, you HAVE to analyze the situation. Thats the only way you improve. Just don’t do the analytical thing in front of the chick as it is a turn off. But, between guys, you have to analyze it to death and then play the game subtly man. Thats the way to get high quality chicks.

    • @ Aakash
      It is probably a subset of the women you are dating or maybe, you give vibes that makes them want to look for commitment. Or maybe its cultural thing. I have encountered the latter types, among Punjabi/Desi women. They expect a date to eventually lead to marriage, even if they are in the airline/media. By the way, if they aren’t pushing for marriage, what is so wrong about a relationship? The fuck buddy equation is not easy to find, unless women rule you out as a provider (but want you as a lover).
      I didn’t say not to analyse. I said you don’t have to over-analyse. The latter opens you up to mental shortcuts, like cognitive biases and heuristics.

      • Bay Area Guy

        Ah, the fuck buddy.

        Every single man’s wet dream. All fun, sex, and affection, with none of the emotional fuss that comes with being in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

        If only!

  4. AlanJ

    I was reading on NYTImes; Possible Cancer cause is Kissing over a very long period.

  5. AlanJ

    Simply Most food obviously edible is fiber and organic; even possibley not healthy is way better than filtrate of Kidneys and sweat with Harmful Chemicals from Cosmetics, Food, and Medicine.

  6. Aakash

    “They’re all trying to fuck you by proxy, that what all this fixing up stuff is all about. Your female friends, cousins, sisters, SO’s of your male friends, none of them can really fuck you themselves, but they want to in a way, so they fuck you by proxy by fixing you up with their friends.”

    Robert, I can’t believe in female siblings and cousins living their fantasies with you vicariously. Maybe they have the desire to “fix you up” ?. I can’t say. Either way, with friends, especially with ones with whom you’ve already done it, definitely. They want to relive the moment without crossing boundaries. I got the same feeling too.

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