Bigfoot News May 4, 2012

Blockbuster breaking news for the Bigfoot world! As a world exclusive, I will be publishing the first drawing of the Bigfoots killed in the Sierra Kills in the California Sierra Nevada in October 2010. I will be publishing the rough draft of a drawing of the male Bigfoot, who was about 8 feet tall and weighed about 600 pounds.

The drawing I will be publishing is of the head of the male. As I mentioned in a previous post, I feel that the male looks like an elderly Black man. I have been attacked for this view by people who said I was comparing Black men to apes. But the SK Bigfoot does not look like an ape! He looks like a man! A very, very, very weird lookin’ man, but a man nonetheless.You are invited to look it over yourself and see what you think the SK male Bigfoot looks like.

Taking a note from the page of Melissa Hovey, I am going to copyright this drawing for the time being as a placeholder for the actual copyright owner of the drawing (I am not sure who that person is). I am doing this via watermark only to prevent people from stealing the photo and trying to copyright it themselves, which happens quite a bit in this sleazy Bigfoot world.

If, after publication, the true copyright owner wants to come talk to me about copyright issues, we can do that, and I will just turn copyright back over to him.

I received the drawing from a very prominent person in the Bigfoot world who had been given copies of the drawings. This person may be a major Bigfoot blogger or may host a big Bigfoot radio show, but who knows? Maybe they don’t do either of those things after all?

May only be reprinted with the watermark and with this text at the bottom of the photo. “A drawing of the male Bigfoot killed at the Sierra Kills from an upcoming book by Justin Smeja about the incident which contains many more great photos and drawings like this.”

No new information of Dr. Melba Ketchum DNA study. The various publishing dates for the study have all come and gone for months now with nothing to show. At this point, I am throwing in the towel about future predictions because I have been burned too many times in the past.

We can definitely confirm though that the study was at one journal, possibly Nature, and was rejected for a couple of reasons. We can also confirm that it is now at another major journal and that it is or was definitely in peer review. Is it out of peer review yet? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. It’s apparently due to be published soon, but no one knows what soon means. The Ketchum camp is silent as death itself. With not a single word coming out of there, it’s locked shut solid as steel.

Ketchum paper has all star lineup. Ketchum revealed on her Facebook site that she has a number of PhD’s co-authoring the paper, including many who are employed at universities and others who are university department heads. It’s hard to see so many big names getting on board with a total hoax.

TBRC shooting incident more involved that is let on. Recently, members of the trigger happy and pro kill Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy claim that they shot a Bigfoot at night on some property that they research. Although they have admitted that they got some blood off a rock in a streambed after the shooting, they apparently obtained even more evidence than that, including solid biological evidence. I don’t know any more than that.

Rick Dyer truck fire a hoax. Rick Dyer, hoaxer extraordinaire of the Bigfoot in a freezer in 2008, set off on a publicized journey to go to Canada to hunt Bigfoots. He claimed he had written permission from the Canadian government to go up there, but the letter from the Canadians he showed around was apparently a forgery according to our sources, since the Canadians said they never issued it.

He only got a short ways on his trip though before his truck caught fire. This truck fire was reported all over the news as “Bigfoot hunter’s journey cut short by truck fire.” The fire was generally thought to be accidental.

Sources tell us that Dyer and his buddies set his own truck on fire and then called 9-11 on himself all as part of a gigantic publicity hoax for Dyer and his Bigfoot hunter business. Sound likely to me.


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48 responses to “Bigfoot News May 4, 2012

  1. Joerg Hensiek

    To be honest, I have seen Homo sapiens sapiens people looking even stranger than this guy!
    Very interesting,
    best Joerg

    PS: there are rumours that Ketchum has cancelled her appearance at the Northwest Conference on Primal People in the very last minute…if true: how predictable and unprofessional this woman is!!!!

    • Yes, she does this crap all the time. I just do not get it at all.

      • Peter Pumpkinhead

        Hi Robert – sadly, I think we’ve reached the point where the REAL story regarding Ketchum lies in finding out what she’s really up to here. If we assume for a minute that this report will never get published and she knows darn well it won’t then why the charade? Why is she risking her reputation, her business and her career for this? The only reason I can come up with is lots and lots of money. I’m talking millions – enough cash to set her up life. I’m sure she charged everyone to run the samples they turned in as she collected data for her report but that doesn’t seem like it would generate that sort of profit. (Maybe it did. I don’t know)
        Have you ever done any investigative reporting Robert? If you uncovered this, it would be a pretty big story!
        By the way, thanks for the tip, Joerg. Unfortunately this looks like a repeat of last October when she bailed on that conference at the last minute. At best, it looks like she’ll Skype into this conference rather than appear in person.

        • Shawn

          Even if she got a ton of money, millions of dollars, she would never get to use it if this was a hoax. A lot of people have a lot of money tied up in this, and I am sure they would all be in line to sue. Fraud at this scale would mean a very long prison sentence. I am sure she is aware of this, and I think she believes what she is saying in regard to the paper and its results.

  2. Gertrude

    great scoop! of course, this sketch doesn’t look dead!
    I have to agree with Joerg, If Ketchum is backing out again, I think there is a serious problem and not just about a paper.

    • Thank you very much, Gertrude! Well, she was going to give the talk after the paper was published. The paper’s not published, so there is not much to talk about.

      • Gertrude

        I have to set the record straight. I could get you the quote, but on her facebook page just a few days ago, she said she was going to be there anyway and just talk about DNA in general. Sometimes things happen, but two in a row? She owes everyone there an explanation and it better be good. Was there an in illness in the family of 5 bigfoots she visits? Let’s hear it, Melba….

  3. Joe

    If that is what a Bigfoot really looks like then its eerily human-looking. You can understand why people who see them up-close are so initially dumbfounded. How would your brain know how to process such a human-looking ape-like animal. Nice work, Robert.

  4. Ted

    With regards to the “university department heads” who are working on Ketchum’s paper, do you have any independent confirmation/knowledge of who they are? I have a hard time believing that any serious researcher would be a part of such an amateurish, poorly managed (from a PR standpoint) project.

  5. tim major

    Thanks Robert. This looks quite a bit like one of Todd Standing’s photos. Maybe time to rethink about his reputation as a hoaxer…? Tim, U.K.

  6. In the drawing the nose is too short and the upper lip is too long. What bothers me is that I see this all the time and it is an unreal representation: it does not come from nature, it comes from representations of The Incredible Hulk. Presumably the artist has allowed himself to be swayed by the popular convention. Other than that, the cranium is as high and full as in regular Homo sapiens -not resembling most of the fossil forms, which would have a longer and lower cranium- and the creature tends to resemble the series of reports where the eyes are noted as being especially large. From the general appearance of the head, this would have been one of the ones where the creature in life could lift his head above his shoulders with some sembance of a neck, unlike reports where the neck muscles run up to such a level that the creature appears to be neckless. This looks really good for a very young individual of the type of Bigfoot I am used to dealing with in my own geographic area-except that I’d really like to see that nose go down another inch lower on the face at the very least.

    • nominay

      Actually, the upper lip here is the one feature I’m impressed by really. They are way longer outside the human range. Dale, by what you are used to in your area, do you mean to say you’ve had a sighting?

      • The upper lip will still be way outside the human range if the nose is lengthened a bit more. I am fully cognizant of the general run of Bigfoot depictions from all over the country and I have comparisons of several on my facebook wall: and I can do reconstructions of fossil hominid skulls professionally as part of my work (I am an anthropologist and my specialization is in skulls). And I am fully aware of trends in comic books and media about comic book characters. The nose and upper lip in the drawing are far outside the range of anything natural and they look like they are drawn after The Incredible Hulk. Exactly as I said before. And YYES, I could do a better drawing myself if I had been called upon to do it: I’m also a freelance artist.

        • Excuse me, I have a stuttering Y key on my keyboard

        • tim major

          Hi Dale, I’m a freelance artist too. Never seen a bigfoot, not many in London, but have been working on some sasquatch pics. since last year. Still under wraps, though. Tim, U.K.

        • nominay

          Compared to everything else about the face, I am impressed with the upper lip and the lips themselves are a dead ringer for Patty. I’m still curious Dale if you’ve had a sighting. I haven’t but I’ve tried to. 🙂

        • Hi, I see that the blog has cut me ff from replying to replies further down the list. This is something my own blog does so I know the drill: put the reply in as close inthe string as you can manage, Nominay, I’m not sure what you are looking at, some sort of an enhanced view perhaps. But the face in the Patterson film does not come with sufficient detail for you to make that claim. In particular there are NO lips indicated on the original, only a wide slit mouth, and not enough detail to tell how long the nose is or the length of the upper lip in relation to it. Nor are we necessarily comparing this one to Patty: I surely don’t and I never said I did. In Napier’s Bigfoot, one passage stated that in the PNW area there is evidence for two different sorts of tracks, one more human-like than the other. He did not like the implications of that and so he disavowed there were two kinds. IMHO, this is the head of the type that goes with the more human type of tracks. And once again IMHO, there is a pretty good chance that it classifies out as being uncomfortably close to Homo sapiens, but we will actually need a general ruling on how much genetic difference determines that two species are separated. There is no consensus of opinion on that, but I have a suspicion this one is close enough to be called Homo sapiens. The controversy extends to which fossil humans you would include in our species and many expersts include Neanderthalers and Heidelbergers both as Homo sapiens. If this tests out anywhere near them genetically, we ARE in a pickle. Incidentally, Loren Coleman classifies at least three of his types of creatures as listed in the Field Guide to Bigfoot (etc)-out of a total of nine types-as Homo sapens varieties: smaller than usual, normal-sized, and larger than usual. This one I classify as being in the larger than usual variety and I think it’s Homo sapiens (or a subspecies thereof) Which means killing one is legally murder. And Patty is of a different type, unrelated to these. The shape of the face and cranium, and the relative sizes of either one in proportion to each other, are nothing alike between this drawing and the head of the Patterson-Gimlin film female’s head. Something completely different.

        • BTW, I see my trick worked, my reply has now migrated to the proper position in the string.

        • nominay

          Dale, I was going by Patty enhancements. To me the top lip was barely there rendering it a slit look you referred to. While I’ve always thought Bigfoot was a Sapiens of sorts, I ruled out the double kind for obvious reasons. I am not aware of any evidence which supports it, but I’ll continue to believe that Erectus is their closest ancestor until proven otherwise. At the end of the day, I just think of this drawing as flawed. I think there are more similarities shared between Patty and “Frosty” if you may, the PA white Bigfoot.

  7. nominay

    I was expecting facial features similar to the PA white bigfoot. When I first looked at this I thought of pygmies like from Australia or some tropical region. The facial features are not proportional to that of a giant. The face is round so the eyes, nose and mouth aren’t spread apart like we’ve also seen in close ups of Patty’s face. The nose isn’t as hooded either. People ought to remember that this isn’t as accurate as a photograph but is more suggestive.

  8. Mr.E2ME

    You are the man, man.
    Black dude ? Looks more Australian aboriginal imho.
    RIck Dyer is a monster douchebag. Somewhere in hell , there’s a private cell with an amorous bigfoot waiting for Ms.Dyer.

  9. Very Nice Robert!
    Now about the drawing…One thing that is not consistent with other bigfoot reports is the eyes. It is reported that there is not white pigment in the eyes of bigfoot and this drawing has white in the eyes. This could just be something the artist did but I just wanted to throw that out there for everyone.
    Good Job Robert !

  10. Steve

    May the fourth be with you.

  11. Den

    It just does not look morphologicaly right to me, if that is the right word, the eyes look to low with reference to the brow ridges, looking through some images of supraorbital ridges on wiki and the eyes are positioned just under this feature in all of the examples, so I would suggest this sketch has been made without reference to anything that may exist or existed and the artist has not paid enough attention to common primate head structure.

  12. dave

    As always Robert……..You deliver…thank you I needed my BF fix fed.

  13. charles rippee

    I am more than a little confused. Justin shot this creature at between 80 to 100 yards. The creature ran off and was never found. How go he get so much facial detail at this range. Now I am quite sure he had a scope on this gun and probably a good one that would bring bring up the facial detail.
    He and the other hunter stated it did not look like a bear, but he assumed it had to be. He did not believe in Bigfoot. I would think that every hunter in the western Rockies has heard of a Bigfoot anyway. If he could put this kind of detail into what he saw through a scope at this distance, then he could clearly see a very human face with no muzzle, bear ears, and all the other distinguishing features. This face looks so human there would be no mistaking it for a bear. I have read hundreds of accounts by seasoned hunters and not a one thought they were seeing a bear, yet he shot it anyway. If he thought it was a threat he had plenty of time to get in the vehicle for protection. Just a lot of food for thought. Robert, I don’t know how you got this drawing, good work.

    Charles Rippee

    • vergearuker

      “Not one thought they were seeing a bear.” I’m seeing an old black guy! I’m sorry. Here it comes: ” Why you white folk gotta’ keep the black man down? The damn gorilla thing was goin’ way an now it’s this shit! Oh yeah, Bigfoot exists now cause he looks like us colored folk! You fuckin’ whities are all creeps! Oh shit,now Robby’s goin’ to cast me down amongst the sodomites for calling ya’ll granny molester creeps! There,s just no justice for darkies, there just ain’t!” ps. Good job Robert.And have you seen the demographics for us Bigfooters? 35-50’s, white male single.Creepy! And I do live in my mom’s basement, Melba please save us!

      • Andrew

        Hey if it’s help to your Afrocentrism, it appears that Bigfoots are equal opportunity rapists… brown sugah & white sugah luvin’.

        The forensic face sketches of Indiana Bigfoots look like they were tappin’ the Biker’s daughter outside of her doublewide in the corn sticks.

        Maybe they shouldn’t be messin’ with Trayvon;s pluugger Jew-Hispanic zebra Zimmerman as he had no ill intent.

        But the shoorter of yhe Cigfoot youngin’ playing around him for minutes said he looked just like a Black kid….

        hmmmm, goin’ after the wrong guy(?)

    • Thanks my friend!

      He thought it was a bear at first, but then he figured out that it wasn’t one. He said, “I get to shoot something that isn’t in the Fish and Game regulations! Coo!.” He originally said he thought it was threatening him.

  14. Andrew

    Look at the various sketches of the faces of Russian Almasty & USA Bigfoots made under direction by eyewitnesses, who in some cases were scientists AND artists themselves.

    Robert, we have to take for granted that that sketch, height & body weight ratio represents an above average human featured Bigfoot compared to most sightings on the continuum.

    Suggestive of a new re-infusion of Homo Sapiens DNA in that Bigfoots recent grandparents ancestry. As in 1/8 or Quadroon with kidnapped negro or hispanic Migrant Workers out in the fields.

    Of course Ancient various Bigfoot stock was already a hybrid bipedal ape with Erectus, Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon & others.

  15. Andrew

    Problem is the Patty as in the fellow California sister of the sketch is double or triple the estimated weight & has a gorrila flat face, head peak & ear location when viewed from the side:

  16. mitchw

    Wouldn’t you expect that in our society, which is so scarred by racism, that at least some people would be outraged by a superficial resemblance between a sketch of BF and people of African origin? We love to go all righteous. Just wait until the Bible thumpers can’t see where in their book BF came in. Watch out!!

  17. TB

    What do you know…more delays, more vagueness, more…?

    I won’t believe anything from ANY of these people, until I can see something in black and white, from a reputable source. So far, all I can say for sure is that this story is a self-perpetuating fallacy. If the evidence was that strong, I don’t see how a reputable publication would refuse to print something that had passed peer review. The fact that now I’m hearing that one has, speaks volumes.

  18. PSF

    Thanks for getting the scoop Robert! Good to be back checking for bigfoot news on a weekly basis. For a while there it was dead.

  19. matt

    is ketchems lab the same lab that maury uses on that show trashy stupid hillbillys and hoes 3 women,8 kids,20 guys,and none of them are the daddys, sound simmilar, 50 researchers,200 samples,2,bodys, shocking results, on the next maury ,results although prelim tests showed unknown ,shocking results no bigfeet, and smeja someone heard he was poachin bears so he made up story of bigfeet,just like above 2 hunters,bullits fly,killed bigfeet,no bodys no pics, no video, i dont buy it ,to hunters its about the trophy ,maby the ketchum paper will be revealed on maury .millions spent,thousands of people duped to look like idiots,while 1 company profits from its alleged discovery, ha ha

    • TB

      Interesting points Matt…I think. I think I see what you’re getting at. Although, with all due respect, your points would have much more merit were it not for the fact that your punctuation and grammar suggest the same degree of hillbillyness that you were suggesting in the post. I implore you–please use grammar and punctuation befitting the level of intelligence of the average 8th grader when trying to get your point across. I don’t want to be the “composition police” here (God knows mine isn’t perfect), but I found it very hard to even make it through your post, much less understand your point(s).

  20. not even wrong

    I heard that someone from the group tried to sexually assault the bigfoot thus leading to gunfire and blood.

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