In Praise of Small Business

Andyboy writes:

You references to capitalism concentrate on the high profile large corporations or organisations. But capitalism is not only that.

Do you have your own business? Do you employ staff? Do you have to cope, on a daily basis, with the myriad problems of making a living via your own business?

This is also capitalism, and is not to be maligned.

Not all capitalists are rich bankers.

Small business is not a problem, but the small businessmen are always reactionaries and support the corporations, who are often their worst enemies. 83% of small businessmen vote Republican in a recent survey. If small businesses can be limited and controlled by the state and kept from getting too large, they can be a real benefit to an economy.

Vietnam has a family based system in place. Most businesses are run by families – frankly, small businesses.

Cuba is opening up a lot to small businesses.

It’s a great thing, but you need to control it to keep them from getting too big to where you have gigantic business interests that control society.

The whole Marxist notion that small businesses are some sort of enemy class is just crazy. They hardly exploit anyone, and they are an excellent engine of growth.

Further, competition is ferocious among small businesses. Hence, small businesses compete to be good to customers. After all, if they are crappy to customers, people will just go somewhere else. They often try to give you good deals, free work, the personal touch and all that.

In addition, small businesses often treat labor pretty well for some reason, possibly also due to competition. Small businesses often compete on how well they treat their employees.

When businesses get large, severe abuse of employees, customers and society sets in, especially in the case of monopolies. There’s no need for huge corporations or monopolies to treat customers well. Why bother? And there’s no need to treat employees well. They are competing with other corporations who are competing to see who can treat employees worse.


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31 responses to “In Praise of Small Business

  1. Just for curiosity, what is your definition of large or small?

    In relation to businesses, of course.

  2. Dota

    For once I agree with Andyboy. A capitalist is any individual with initiative who uses capital to engage in meaningful economic activities to generate profit. An attack against ”capitalists” is an attack against you and me. Access to capital should be a right and not a privilege (how much capital is another issue). It isn’t ‘capitalism’ that is to blame for the failings of big business, but human nature, and ultimately society for suffering its existence. Capitalism didn’t invent the abuse of labour as this existed in Caste ridden India, Feudal Europe, and eventually during the Merchant/exploration era as well, long before capitalism. The function of the state should be to ensure that the common good is paramount while allowing individuals to pursue their self interest. I’m not convinced that big governments cause the Fiscal problems neoconservatives claim they do.

  3. Pepperoncini

    Growing up, I ofted heard that the GOP is the party of the very rich . Now there are cultural conservatives who go with the GOP based primarily on non economic issues but this blog entry is specifically addressing the economic angle.

  4. Hindu Work Ethic

    What cracks me up is South Asian Marxists. Ever heard of Gayatri Spivak? “Can the Sub-altern Speak”? Appearantly not if she’s around. In India she supposedly fights for the underdog while here in the US she’s the guest speaker at events in Arizona dissing American blue collar labor class in favor of illegal immigration, and telling illegal immigrants that the American sub-altern are racist and want them out of their country, based on race. Uh no, its about JOBS.

    We shouldn’t be granting citizenship to types like her. Let her go create havoc in her original homeland. Why do people like her come here in the first place?

    • Bay Area Guy

      @ Hindu Work Ethic

      Just goes to show that being a “progressive” in the West nowadays has little to do with economic/working class issues. How promoting mass unskilled immigration/accelerating the acquisition of cheap labor by the corporatocracy became “progressive” is beyond me.

      Oh wait, it actually isn’t beyond me. The reason is blatantly obvious. Since illegals are brown-skinned “people of color,” then it’s more important to support them than American born white workers (and black workers, for that matter).

      To be a leftist in the U.S. has everything to do with identity/status/lifestyle issues.

      As someone commented on this blog before, the party of the factory worker has become the party of the diversity consultant.

    • Pepperoncini

      The illegals are blue collar and Marxists (atleast cultural Marxists) are generally identified with supporting underdogs, indegenous peoples, working class etc.. So there isn’t anything counterintuitive about Marxists supporting illegals.

      It isn’t purely about jobs, it is about jobs and ethnicity. Conservative America is nervous about accepting in soo many phenotypically different people who they believe demographically and culturally pose a threat to traditional America. Prior to WW2, there was anxiety between Anglo Americans and non Germanic Europeans but as White Nationalists will say today, the later were still the same race and from the same region.

      • Hindu Work Ethic

        BAG and Pepper, the irony is that PoCs (people of color, I’ve noticed that this newfangled term is used by the cultural Marxists to unite everyone on this planet against PoPs or people of palor), anyway, American people of color – that is African Americans, at one time comprised a large bulk of the blue collar labor class and were able to make decent livings for themselves and their families.

        How is it that Gayatri Spivak is against this? Why does she seek to undermine our American minorities and what the hell is she doing here posing as a spokesperson for us in the first place?

        • Pepperoncini

          I have no idea who this woman is, so who is she supposed to be posing as a spokeswoman for? Americans, Blue Collar Americans or Indians?

        • Xera

          Since when did White Collars accept Asians? They are also in the POC category and the White collars use them hence the bamboo ceiling; they also have trouble assimilating or fitting in and aren’t really accepted in upper class circles not to mention they have trouble getting higher caliber women of other races, especially American women.

        • Xera

          Yes Hacienda the small dick god would have eventually come back and haunt you guys one day I said it and no Genghis Khan won’t help Asians here in the U.S, sorry buddy and you are also not a Mongol but that’s another identity issue you have to solve for yourself.

        • Hindu Work Ethic

          Xera, actually in the US its the opposite. East Asians are accepted amongst the upper middle class but the lower class thinks they are dorks. Different value systems.

        • Hacienda


          You’re my favorite Mamluk. I’ve learned something from you. If an Egyptian insults ayou, it’s actually a backhanded compliment. (The wisdom of the Sphinx).

        • Hacienda

          The American lower class is cool with flips and Vietnamese fishermen. Even Hmong, I think.

        • Xera

          Halucienda, let’s face it you are not an actual Mongolian national so you can have no claim to any credit, now that I just burned your ass which I was going to in this blog post anyway and Athiest Indian too in the other but then I didn’t have time; now I’m afraid the real life sphinx that exists in my country is not of the Harry Potter kind, so when I am burning you right now it’s not really a backhanded compliment, it’s really a, “hey I just threw something horrible at you and you just got burned and owned, better luck next time!!”.

          BTW again I have never seen in real life, higher tier, hot Middle Eastern women (including Persian), ever express interest or even think of going out with an East Asian guy in their lifespans. Infact I don’t think such a girl of this caliber and demographic has ever gone out with one Asian guy in even ONE date; so this pairing has never actually ever happened in real life up to this century, now that is saying alot Halucienda good man!!

        • Hacienda


          What’s your IQ? 80?

      • Bay Area Guy

        Conservative America is nervous about accepting in soo many phenotypically different people who they believe demographically and culturally pose a threat to traditional America. Prior to WW2, there was anxiety between Anglo Americans and non Germanic Europeans but as White Nationalists will say today, the later were still the same race and from the same region.

        Indeed, and open borders advocates today use that fact to advocate for, well, more open borders!

        “Oh, what they say about the Mexicans today is no different from what they said about the Irish and Italians back in the 19th century! Those anti-immigration restrictionists were wrong and paranoid then, and they are today!”

        Only one problem…

        There is a HUGE difference between ethnic minorities, and visible racial minorities.

        The former can be easily assimilated in a generation or two, as the history of 20th century white America clearly illustrates. Take me, for instance. I’m half Nordic, and half Med, and in the traditional U.S, Meds were despised. However, today, your average white American of Med descent is virtually indistinguishable from a WASP.

        Visible racial minorities, on the other hand, are a completely different story. No matter how much cultural transformation they undergo, they will always be distinguishable from the majority.

        • Pepperoncini

          Yes visible minorities will be seen as ‘the other’ but there is a nuanced view in the matter of East Asians. Traditional America accepts them because the former has become successfull . Although I am not soo sure that majority of working class Whites accept Asians in the manner that White collar and college educated Americans do.

      • Xera

        Hacienda NONE of the girls in that video are even moderately attractive or are that hot, they all look like they went for the money, were friends or had a lack of options where they lowered their standards.

        Jesus wtf did I just watch, but thanks again for again proving my point dumbass, notice how I said top quality or model-caliber which again doesn’t happen and as never happened in this century as this video indirectly just proved.

  5. Shawn

    I worked for a small business–12 employees. The owner never showed up but made about $70-120k a year just for owning the thing. Just to play devil’s advocate for a bit, it could be argued that companies like Walmart do the poor a favor by allowing them to get stuff at a very cheap price as they are able to take advantage of econonomies of scale. Small ma and pa shops generally charge more because they order in small quantities, but as you point out the service is much much better.

    • Pepperoncini

      The problem with Walmart is that while working class people benefit in the short term (from the cheap goods), in the long term they are screwed because their neighbourhood now has only Walmart minimum wage jobs, as Walmart drove away the independent retailers.
      Incidentally Walmart failed in Germany, they closed up shop and left.
      India recently backtracked and said they won’t allow Walmart in, a good decision as small stores is the heart of Indian society.

      • Hindu Work Ethic

        Pepper, Gayatri Spivak is a leftist academic (aren’t they all leftist these days?) from West Bengal. She’s the godmother of sub-altern studies. A Bengali memsahab if there ever was one, posing as a liberal marxist feminist. You can watch her videos on youtube. She disgusts me, like most arrogant Indian aunties do.

      • Hacienda

        “India recently backtracked and said they won’t allow Walmart in, a good decision as small stores is the heart of Indian society.”

        Walmart is Confucian/Taoist based retail business. It can only succeed in America and China.

        It’s actually too high end for India. And too cozy for Germans.

        • Pepperoncini

          That is said tongue firmly planted in cheek, I take it?

        • Dota


          Someday I’m going to ask you to sit down and explain clearly to me your definition of Confucianism and Taoism. You had explained Confucian values to me a while ago, and I had forwarded your response to Ask a Korean to get his input as well. He was confused and didn’t know what you were talking about. Since this is a subject I’m genuinely interested in, I’d like to do this sometime.

        • Hacienda

          “That is said tongue firmly planted in cheek, I take it?”

          There’s a lot of truth it. Walmart goes were the water/price is lowest, and makes no pretense. in fact makes it a strength like the Tao advises. It takes advantage of the many over the few. It has a patrician/matrician culture.

          It’s too expensive for India. Germans prefer upmarket products with core German content and will through legal and other mechanisms lock out mass discount retailing.

        • Hacienda

          “Someday I’m going to ask you to sit down and explain clearly to me your definition of Confucianism and Taoism.”

          My definition is what’s in The Analects and the Tao Te Ching.

  6. Shawn

    I feel a little dirty defending Walmart, but keep in mind that the ma and pa shops typically pay employees minimum wage too. If people don’t like a Walmart in their neighborhood, fine, they should not go to it; then it will go out of business like the ones in Germany. But obviously a lot of poor people are willing to sacrifice service for a cheap price though, otherwise Walmart would not be so popular with low-income people. Think about those ma and pa small business convenience stores that charge $6 for a pizza. I can get the same product at Walmart for $3

    I personally rarely go to Walmart; I go to Target, a slight step upwards.

    • Gay State Girl

      $3 for a pizza? or just a slice? What planet do you live on? $13.99 is the cheapest around here.

      • Hacienda


        That’s too expensive for pizza. That can get you a very good pizza in Los Angeles, which is an average pizza in Chicago, a bad one in New York.

  7. Isn’t it great to own your small business – see headline:

    Woman injured during sex on company time gets workers’ comp

    Read more:

    • mott 69

      The woman was entitled to worker’s comp due to being injured on the job in the course of what sounds like a normal business transaction. Once again you belie your ignorance with your J00-capitalist crap. You are one real asshole, AndyBoy.

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