Bigfoot News April 25, 2012

Dr. Melba Ketchum DNA study to be released tomorrow? There is an embargoed article with the sole keyword genetics which was embargoed on April 23. The embargo will lift tomorrow at 12 PM EST. A lot of people think this might be the Ketchum paper, but no one knows for sure. We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

Ketchum study will be released before May 18, but probably before May 4. On March 8, Ketchum said the paper would be out in 6-8 weeks. 8 weeks will be up on May 3. However, I was told that there was some sort of delay in the interim, and that the paper could be released after May 3 up until May 18. The chatter now is that it will be released before May 18, but my sources think it will be before May 4. That is, they believe it will be released some time in the next nine days.

Ketchum does have a publication date for her paper. She definitely has a publication date for her paper, contrary to what she said on her Facebook page. She just doesn’t want to tell anyone about it. There are probably only about six people in her inner circle who know the date, and it is a closely guarded secret. I don’t have access to her close inner circle.

Ketchum camp preparing for article release. The Ketchum camp is working feverishly behind the scenes making preparations for the release of the study. This also implies to me that the release is coming sooner rather than later.

Ketchum will speak on Bigfoot DNA at a conference on May 5 – paper will probably be released before then. Ketchum will speak between the hours of 2-3 PM on Saturday, May 5, at the Pacific Northwest Conference on Primal People (Sasquatch) in Richland, Washington. Many other Bigfoot luminaries will also be there.

If she is going to say much of anything at all about Bigfoot DNA at this conference, she could only be talking after her paper was already published, otherwise she would be breaking the Ingelfinger Rule and jeopardizing the paper. Assuming she is actually going to discuss the content of the paper at this talk, the paper would have to have been published before May 5. So it’s a good guess that the paper will be published before May 5.

This list  of speakers includes Thom Cantrall (kook), Bob Gimlin, Paul Graves, Ketchum, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Ron Morehead, R. Scott Nelson, Derek Randles, Thom Powell and Arla Williams (kook). As you can see, the speakers’ list ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous.

The conference is apparently being organized by first class kook Thom Cantrall, so I will definitely not be there, as I can’t stand the man.

Ketchum has Bigfoot video that will be released after her study is published. She just revealed this on her Facebook page. This video was apparently shot by her. She also has photos of purported Bigfoot stick structures that she took and has also posted those on her Facebook page. These photos have stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy.

Justin Smeja Bigfoot shooting story a subject of Coast to Coast radio yesterday, April 24. This is very interesting.

Olympic Project responds to criticism. In response to criticism from some in the scene about new directions being taken by the Olympic Project, Derek Randles, head of the Olympic Project, responded:

I don’t hate the BFRO. I still have a lot of friends there. Now Moneymaker, that’s another story. Can’t stand him. Lost all respect for him a long time ago.

The Olympic Project is not trying to become like the BFRO, quite the opposite. We have added these researchers and biologists so we can better our research plain and simple. We gather and collect a lot of evidence every year, and now we have the right people to analyze it and help us learn as much as we can.

I always give any pleasant and cooperative person or group the chance to respond to any accusations or rumors reported on this site. As far as uncooperative or unpleasant people, they get no such chances.


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36 responses to “Bigfoot News April 25, 2012

  1. TB

    Tomorrow might be a very interesting day indeed…

  2. vergearuker

    Go Derek! Melba, stand and deliver! Robert, I will allow you to keep me informed as I was slipping into a coma, I hold you responsible for my Sasquatch needs and entertainment.Do not let me down! I know that you will not my little bundle of joy! Lord Vergearuker

  3. Blue Funk

    Don’t know if it means anything, but Dr. Ketchum is scheduled to speak at the Pacific Northwest Conference on Primal People on May 5 about Sasquatch DNA – which she can’t discuss until her paper’s published.

  4. Natalie

    Remember the “OLD” days ( not so long ago really ) when we didn’t expect new bigfoot news every day, maybe just a blobsquatch photo to argue over ad nauseum twice a year?

  5. Natalie

    Wow, Blue Funk, that IS very interesting and probably not a random coincidence.

  6. Jack Colby

    Thanks for keeping us informed, Robert. I think the server for that site you linked is going to get hammered around the time that embargo lifts!

  7. buckhunter1969

    I saw the defense fund request myself on Cryptomundo. I wasn’t really interested in helping them out financially, so I didn’t read why they needed the help. I am, as many of you are, excited about the release of the Ketchum DNA paper. If what I have read is correct, the EP video (or movie) will be released shortly after the release DNA paper. A double whammy for all of those “naysayers”! Maybe one day I will be able to vocalize my belief in BF to my friends without fear of being labeled “a nut”. Exciting times indeed!

  8. nominay

    For how long has there been a website for her co.? …. .. I’m not aware of there being one until today.

    • buckhunter1969

      I clicked the tab on the left labeled “PRESS RELEASE” and it sates that it is under construction. I find it interesting that she has that tab there. She is preparing for the release of the DNA evidence, if you ask me! Hopefully we are not being duped and this DNA analysis actually proves the existance of BF and not someting vague or inconclusive. I fear that since there is not other proved evidence of BF, it will only state “unknown mammal” or something like that. My lack of knowledge on the DNA testing is porbably evident right now. LOL

      • Diggs

        I think the exact same thing will happen. “Unknown” DNA (which we already have and look where we are with the whole debate) will be the answer and I think the Erickson footage is basically going to be inconclusive/blurry footage we’ve already seen. I also think the “Matilda footage” and the supposed video of an 8-9 foot tall Sasquatch in Kentucky will be “blurry or inconclusive “. Basically, I don’t think this paper and Erickson project is going to end the debate once and for all and if tis happens, I am done with this crap forever.

  9. apehuman

    No news, and yet anticipation! It will be refreshing (or chaotic) to hear from the many waiting to speak for themselves.

    How do you feel about the need for Sasquatch protection RL? It is important to me to know they are out there, free and wild, and that we will allow them to remain so. No capture, no kill, no torture…just let them be?

    Also, what is the “new direction” BFRO is taking to cause OP to respond so? I wish they would take all those thousands of reports and put in a software program that is searchable and can be used to look at various variables by search of keywords/etc…..Okay maybe too big a job now, but for future reports?

    anyway..thanks for the update…and when Goerge Noory begins to air this stuff I feel like it is close. It was about a year ago you began to report on the Sierra Kill…to an astounding silence, for several entries…until August 2011 or so….I still am floored by the 320 or so responses on that one, it will be worth re-reading down the road I am sure!

    I did not respond on the blog dealing with “how BFs look” because it is my personal feeling one of the reasons they remain unproven is our too close relationship, that modern humans needed a way to “elevate” themselves (as we still do) by insulting features they possess, like hair, heavy brows and so on.. We humans are pretty obsessed with our own superiority, even among our selves…poor Bigfoots!

  10. mitchw

    Have the clocks slowed down on your side of the continent too, Robert?

  11. James P.

    Well, it is now “Tomorrow”…..and the embargoed article that everyone was waiting for with with baited breath turns out to be…..NOT on sasquatch, and NOT by Ketchum.

    Caveat Emptor.

    With the constant moving of the goalposts of when the alleged publication date is happening, I no longer have any expectations that it will appear in the near future, if at all.

    Just because Ms. Ketchum is appearing at a conference doesn’t mean that publication is imminent. I don’t read the “tea leaves” that way.

    Smeja better get that sample he is allegedly holding into a DNA testing lab now….

    • Jack Colby

      To be fair, the goal posts were not set by Ketchum. The idea this embargoed article was hers was pure speculation.

  12. TB

    Yes, I too saw that the article has nothing whatsoever to do with Sasquatch. However there is now yet *another* article embargoed until 5pm 4/30 (EDT), but just got released to reporters at 1:25pm (EDT) today.

    “Geez…maybe this one will be on Big Foot?!”

  13. They are huge yes, and complicated on several fronts. When this started, I just wanted to go into the forest for a break from Law and Society! And then the impossible happened, ( Chris Noel so poetically titled his book, Impossible Visits) the most unbelievable, deeply moving expereinces ensued. Bigfoots aren’t only real, but quite like us…and not. That path has led me full circle to facing the reality of Law and Society….and considering it on so many levels……..I am waiting for the DNA, it will matter immensely, as will the acceptance of the paper, and then I guess it will be hot topic and I plan to join in the discussions…somewhere!

    • Personally, I think we need real anthropologists out there and more info, but lacking that I am for “right to life” legislation specifically for the Sasquatch (hunting regs not really appropriate) which would give them the right to live without capture, torture, harrassment or killing. That said how that is worded will decide what legal rights flow, such as being represented by advocates in court, or limited to prosecutor discretion through agencies? As for damages to us? A more difficult problem in many ways isn’t it? For property damage, animal or human, I bet the insuarnce companies write in exclusions (or say “prove”) and actually hunting down a BF for suspected personal harm tough, but concievable. Even so, will we know we have the right Sas, etc…and so that right “to life” and the advocacy of someon to make sure we dont just roll over them….I doubt any kind of reservation system would work…what penalty if they leave? Shoot them? It is a Big Problem, official recognition of Sasquatch more many..perhaps why they are unproven.

      • you might peruse the non-human rights groups, or great ape projects for some deeper legal and moral and historic discussion, as these groups represent for me the “lowest bar’ I would set for sasquatch rights… will be a very interesting future if this news ever gets serious traction….it hasn’t in 50 years, maybe 2012 will be differnt.

  14. yep, I wanted to come back and delete my comments, because they do no justice to the deep issues, oh well you responded already! i agree a real Paradigm Shift, i personally love knowing they are out there, but many may not….hopefully we will all behave better than we have historically.

  15. Derek Randles is head of the BFRO? Mmmm hmmm.

  16. Andrew

    Sasquatch are not Homo, Nor are they just another taxa of Gorrila, Chimp, Orang…

    Most are more or less FREAKS

    As in Apemen as in Science Fiction, Hollywood, Horror Movies… even Planet of the Apes (to a somewhat degree)…. with in most cases the emphasis being on APE…. more rarely “Half & half”.

    Facebook Bigfoot noted that that chimp style length & form of the upper lip alone is not clearly reproduceable from a forensic clay sculp of Homo Erectus or Neanderthal skulls – not a Homo feature.

    Nor is long canines, pronounced saggital skull crests, over 10 feet tall & weighing a ton & 5′ wide shoulders.

    • nominay

      No one has ever studied them to confirm that they indeed have saggital crests or if the upper lip is out of the range of what we know about Homo Erectus. AND that’ll be the case until we have something better than “Patty”.

  17. Robert, Could you please illuminate to the masses as to what is the purpose going forward, of capturing new trail cam photos since the subject matter will already have been proven by the the Ketchum DNA results and the Adrian Erickson movie. Please also offer up some suggestions of the direction of future research, since proving the existence of the subject matter will no longer be an open box on the official punch list of fun things to do.

    • I do not think the Ketchum Report or Erickson movie will prove BF. It will just unleash a firestorm of criticism. We don’t have a lot of good photos or video of this creature, so new photos are always nice.

      • Maurice Cloud

        Spot on Robert. While any pending DNA study(s) will move the discussion forward it/they will not be enough in and of themselves to ‘prove’ much of anything. Erickson’s videos should be considered in a similar light, and if, as rumor has it, the critters seen there-in resemble Chewbacca from Star Wars they’ll only add to the muddle. Amusing no doubt to a culture increasingly defined by and obsessed with celebrity, but apart perhaps from Bigfootery’s resident copper(I won’t mention names but his initials are David Paulides) is there anyone out there who seriously thinks Chewbacca and Han Solo are, erm, real? And if the juveniles resemble Ewoks, well, can you say major cock-up . . . If what we are discussing was a rumored variant of deer, or owl, or otherwise known existent member of the book of life, a DNA study would be a significant factor in its substantiation, but with a critter considered as ‘fringe’ as bigfoot is by mainstream science, nothing will be even close to resolution until a body is at hand . . . a reality that I fear will eventually lead to murder, if it’s not already. Cheers!

  18. James P.

    I have a question about recent BF stuff. This is about David Paulides’ new
    two-book set entitled “Missing 411.” I haven’t been able to get time to snag copies, so I thought I would ask if anyone has been able to read the books. If you have, what kind of reactions do you have to the books? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

    I bring this up because over at the Big Foot Forums a poster (who apparently read them) said the following (I am going to quote directly, for the poster, “Wisconsin Wolfman” puts it better than I could):

    “…David Paulides in Missing 411, seems to think that if the squatches are kidnapping humans and feasting on the them the scent would be there. But when the bloodhounds come out to search with SAR or USFS, after a certain amount of distance the smelling senses go cold and there is no lead. They just don’t know where the smell goes. So he thinks that when they grab the child or adults they disappear through a portal and end up a certain distance away. 1,2, 5 miles away, or even 12 miles away which was listed in the book!…”

    What do you think of this theory by Paulides? Apparently he is attempting to say that sasquatches can manipulate space and time, and jump through temporal “portholes” and tesseract to other places (allusion to “A Wrinkle in Time” by L’Engle).

    I haven’t read the books, so I can comment further. But can anyone talk to this? How realistic does this sound? Sasquatches as semi-physical beings?

  19. I haven’t read it either, and that is news to me! Many in the field make such claims, well maybe not that exactly, but claims of paranormal activity of some kind. As good a “theory” as any I suppose with no uncontested data! The data that is widely accepted among BFer is more mundane and points to a biological being, much like ourselves, but wild, right brain perhaps, with supersenses…and if psychic ability is a part of our makeup (and debated, but allowed some small nod from science now) then it could be part of theirs and more highly developed, as the stories of “pressed on thoughts” are many from close encounters. Why more highly developed? Perhaps evolutionary pressure, part of remaining hidden? I can’t say, but if they are jumping trhough portals, I want to try it!

  20. James P.

    I don’t wish to traverse or ramble too far from the BF topic, but what I will post here now is semi-tangentially related…time portals, tesseracting, et. al….

    I will tell you that I am wholly skeptical about this, but this article just appeared today on the Huffington Post…it’s an article about a Seattle-based attorney named Andrew Basiago…

    You tell me what you think. There is also two video embeds with the article.

  21. DDP

    I’ve read the first edition (Western States) of Paulides book duo and I can say that I don’t recall him positing a theory of anything like that. He more or less went on about how mysterious some of the curcumstances were, but didn’t offer any explanations.

    I have to say that is was a well-written, intriguing book.

  22. Diggs


    I feel like when Ketchum’s paper and the Erickson project footage is released, rational thinking people will still be left with “doubt” in regards to the existence of Sasquatch . Do you feel like there will be indisputable evidence footage existence when we “finally” get to read the paper and watch the Erickson footage? Will mainstream science accept it as “real”? What do you think? Personally, I feel like we are going to be left without mainstream sciences acceptance.

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