Do Female Pedophiles Exist?

Probably not in the sense that we are talking about.

I spent a long time on Wikisposure (an anti-pedophile site) reading the profiles of the pedophiles in an attempt to learn about the condition. There were a few women on there with a sexual interest in children, but they did not seem to be the sort of fixated and preferential pedophiles with a dominant interest in kids that you see in males.

I don’t believe that merely having some or any sexual interest in children makes you a pedophile. Science seems to back me up on that matter.

The term pedophilia refers to those, nearly or always males, who have a dominant, preferential interest in children as a sexual orientation. They typically have little to no interest in adults. In some cases, they have an interest in adults, but it is less, often much less, than their interest in children. They are best described as fixated. It comes on early in life , and can’t possibly come on past age 14 or so.

Why make the distinction between fixated and preferential pedophiles and ordinary folks who have some degree of attraction to children? From a policy standpoint, the fixated and preferential pedophile unfortunately is much more likely to molest a child.

After all, this is their orientation. It’s the only thing that gets them off. If they want to have sex and get off, they need to do it with a kid. Sure, many can control themselves, but many others cannot, and asking humans to be celibate and not act on their sexual orientation is a tall order.

Studies following true pedophiles for 25 years found that 50% of them had offended. Typically they were not caught.

Adults with some interest in children that is not strong, dominant, preferential or fixated could probably just blow it off or take it or leave it. In most cases, they would probably choose to leave it cue to moral, self-control or legal issues.

If they want to get off sexually, they could masturbate to adult imagery or have sex with an adult. Both would be maximally satisfying. People without preferential or fixated attitudes towards kinks or perversions typically have a “take it or leave it” attitude towards them.

I’ve never seen a single female pedophile according to the definition above on the pedo forums profiled on Wikisposure. There were a very few women on there who had a sexual interest in children, but they also had strong interests in adults too along a million other things. They were best described as female perverts or trysexuals. They were not fixated, preferential pedophiles where kids were their dominant interest.

Pedophilia is all or almost all male, and it comes on no later than age 13 or 14 and often much before. They all prefer or have a dominant interest in kids. They are all fixated and incurable. Some have an interest in adults too that is rarely as strong as the interest in children.

I just don’t believe that female sexuality gets fixated or stuck in the same way that male sexuality does. Even if a female gets into kids, she could probably just work her way out of it on her own. Any females who are into kids probably are choosing to be that way.


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25 responses to “Do Female Pedophiles Exist?

  1. Andrew

    According to evolutionary psychology & mammalian behavior, yes they predict that yes women in general are pedophiles… look at allo grooming behaviour – As someone observed, I’ve never seen a bull lick another bull dick, but cows get up close voyeur & lick & sniff cow & calf pussy. Bonobo chimp females & other female mammals do the same & more licking involving other “orifices” & manual stimulation & humping of voiceless defenseless unguarded young, whether their offspring or not. As some scientists predict male are “rapists” according to evolutionary psychology do it would likewise predict that women are by nature pedophiles. In fact most women under age 50 are closet pedophiles in the West and are chomping at the bits to write a boy seduction story in Penthouse Forum or are totally understanding if not outright sympathetic of Middle School & High School female teachers scoring with their “Lucky” male students.

    Of course this is logical as a matter of course according to all analysis & fields of science, pathology etc. as most Western women under age 50 have swallowed miles of the Middle School & Freshmen High School little boy child cock (even to blowing half their class or most of the little boys in the church youth group) & been sexually arroused & made wet by the little boy immature child-like organ, it is imprinted in their mind & core nature as just about their foremost sexual desire & orientation. Brain synapsis, chemistry, pleasure opiates, endorphins & all…

    Now what is to be done about (most) women as they are ticking time bombs.

    • Andrew

      Probably pretty much on about women being less likely to be exclusive pedophiles.
      Plenty of women out there who are very turned on by the fact they’re a boy’s 1st, or that a boy is more “appreciative” or more docile, or just a sexually liberated trying all things kink, or reliving their fantasies or activities of their childhood.
      A buddy of mine who was a cop down in Florida – came from a cop family where the father was police chief & used to plat golf with Johnny Weismuller of Tarzan fame in their retirement.

      Anyhow when my buddy was around 7 years old, his attracttive 30something red haired teacher phoned his mom that she would like to have him go home with her & help her grade papers. His mom said that’s fine & his 2nd grade teacher drove him to her house, and shortly after arrival she retires to the other end of the house and 10 minutes later calls him by name & he wanders down the hall to find her stark naked spread eagled on her bed with her natural red bush. She points down “there” and says “Start licking”.

      My 7 year old buddy being fairly innocent says “Ohh Sure”… and proceeds to lick her for an hour before “helping her grade papers”…. to be dropped off at home later in the evening or perhaps it was spending the night there, and taking the school bus home the following day… whatever it was.

      Now this was around 1967, so the quite attractive natural red head 35 year old teacher may have been just sexual revoultion experimenting… or since as Elvis told Miss Teen Memphis Cybil Shepard “Me & the boys talk, and well, White boys don’t eat pussy (or real men don’t eat pussy)”…

      Maybe since the odds of a 25 – 40 year old man on a date wanting to eating pussy for an hour or two in the mid sixties was only a minority of White guys, maybe she just thought he was cute & wanted a willing & compliant englessly pussy licking sextoy.

      Years later at High School Graduation time he did run into her playing tennis & said “Hi miss so & so”


  2. Tulio

    I remember reading in the past that you fine pedophiles interesting. What is it that makes you interested in studying them? I’m not making any judgment of you here, but it seems as though you don’t express the primal outrage toward them that most people do. You seem to want to understand them and maybe I’m wrong but almost sympathize with them(?). I know you condemn the act, but you don’t seem angry at them either.

    • Yes, I am interested in them. I realize that the males at least can’t help their orientation, therefore, they deserve to be respected and loved just like any other American. However, 95% of all molesters are not pedophiles. They are non-pedophilic molesters. These folks have no excuse. They are just taking advantage of a kid to get laid.

      There are many pedophiles who have not acted on their orientation and this is to be encouraged and cheered.

      I get tons of OCD folks who are worried they are pedos coming to me every day, so I have some interest in the subject, yes. And I do think we are in the midst of a major bout of PEDO MASS HYSTERIA here.

      Not sure how I feel about the act itself. A woman very close to me was molested as a kid by a sociopathic molester with a knife, and it didn’t do her any good. I knew a women who said she “got molested” but it was by a neighbor boy who was also a minor. I know a woman who was molested by non-pedophilic molester (her father) and she is still fucked in the head over it.

      95% of child molestations are done by non-pedophiles! Adult-teen sexuality is not pedophilia, nor is it normally harmful, so let’s not confuse things here.

    • I do sympathize with them in a sense. True pedophiles anyway. They can’t help their orientation and there is no cure for it. Nor can they act on it without breaking the law and hurting someone. It’s a sad situation all around. If they have not offended, they deserve our love and support and encouragement to not offend.

      No, I am NOT INTO pedo mass hysteria, thank you very much.

    • Andrew

      What are you on the case for? Growing up & going into urban areas I always used to see countless Junior High black girls with big bellies pushin’ strollers – before abortion became as widespread. Half of the dudes tappin’ them were 20somethings & 30somethings. R. Kelly behaviour was par for the course, and according to most Black women R. Kelly is the muzak god & can do no wrong. Even Black activists praised Sweet Sweetbacks Badass Song with a 12 year old kid getting tapped by a middle aged skanky hooker as the Archtype of the care and nurturing strength of the Black woman for the Brothers in the communnity.

      Black Community as whole don’t got a major hangup with this & certainly aren’t too seperated from West Africa whether in the 1500s or a couple generations ago.

      Same could be said for Southern Whites a couple of generations ago.

  3. Andrew

    Have you picked up on this growing intolerance in the USA & UK originating from green envious menopausal & misandryst femnazi machine quarters over middle aged men liking even young adult age 18 thru 23 College/Career Entry women, while at the same time gloriously promoting the Cougar Phenomena of predatory middle aged females getting involved with boytoys aged 18 thru 23? As Female empowered normal rights (Hulk Hogan’s Sig Other who started when the dude was 18)

    The double standard is repulsive.

    If they initiate it, it ain’t “pedophilia” (grin).

    Age of consent in Japan & age of sexual majority Federally is 13 – most Japanese women married at puberty or age 12 before WW2 – NORMAL for Japan.
    They are legal & normal

    • Josh

      Yeah, thats just painfully ignorant. I agree about the double standard for cougars and such, as a 27 year old male I feel that any girl under 23 would be frowned upon. The problem Im having is with your idea that “its not pedophilia if they come onto you”, have you ever seen the short doc “child of rage” abuse often leads to the sexualisation of a child weather you know about that abuse or not. Abused children often make very inappropriate sexual gestures as their development has been perverted. So maybe you meet an attractive seemingly game 15 year old girl, you tell yourself its ok because she seems to know what she’s doing, but unwittingly your enforcing unhealthy behaviour. Children don’t know what they want or whats best for them, they often just want love and have been taught grossly inappropriate and life destroying ways of appropriating that love.

      For anyone thinking of harming or interfering with a child should know that I or someone like me will cause you grievous bodily harm and make sure everyone knows your name if you do so.

  4. realist strikes again

    No, women are not sexually aroused by children, because children are weak! Something . Higher females have higher standers, they are firer and more intelligent than commoners and will only fuck super intelligent, super strongm men, those that can beat those standards get a chick. Those that don’t must settle for something lower. Those that fail even at that fuck children. Why would you spread you legs to something that is weaker than you? It makes no sense!

    • Andrew

      OK Bitch

      Do you need further NOT SAFE FOR WORK proof that women are pedophiles (at an even greater frequency than men?





      We’re (almost all… except for a few hard Gay) pedophiles.

      Just go kill yourself moralfag

  5. Andrew

    Haah hah All women are pedophiles, why they even imprison naked boy babies or even naked female babies in their upper genitals for as long as 9 months or even longer I’m told and have them move around & stimulate their upper genitalia. And if that is not pedo enuf most will after 9 months force the children to go backwards thru their vagina for their own relief – sick sexual amusement… and even moan & have orgasms. It’s even widespread among women to seduce a man into their pedophilia by having him have intercourse with her and bring his thrusting penis head & ejaculation tp within an inch or two of the baby & make the child partake in the sexual vibrations of the pedo female’s activities in thrusting against the male member.

  6. Andrew

    Boys don’t put out oral on girls as feminists writers have observed, but girls DO PUT OUT oral on boys at multiple times the rate much to the umbrage of rad feminists… it is as a matter of course easier for a boy to be unzipped on the fly discretely publicly or privately by a female than for a girl to be undressed for oral publicly or privately or in front of a group. thus females are exposed in an arroused state to child sex organs three times as often as the other way around. Thus leading to triple the propensity ingrained desire for pedophilia..

    Many soccer mom clubs give the best blowjob to their 11 or 12 year old cghren for Straight A’s. Most of the millions of Wiccans, Witches & Satanist women have sex with kids as well as males – and they are as hot looking as Playboy Playmate of the Year. Certainly the ones that live around my area of the country and the ones that I’ve fucked.

    Even radfems publish books on women’s right to the transient beauty of young boys.

    nice try.

  7. Gordon

    Your appalling ignorance about depraved cruel, manipulative female Pedophiles is breathtaking or SAD.
    Either way you are mis-informed. Read up some academic literature on the subject. Speak to specialist Police who work in the Sexual Crimes against Children units. And read some accounts from the and try to inform yourself about the truth.
    Absoutely depraved evil organized female pedophile rings that are 100% all female do exist and have been convicted in the Courts. Yes they are in the minority as most sexual crimes against children are committed by male Pedophiles. And often the crimes are not reported to protect the Child from media attention, not to protect the Pedophiles.
    But never discount the fact that Female Pedophiles account for perhaps as much as 20% of the crimes, though perhaps less than 6% of the resported sexual crimes against childre get convictions as Judges are often ignorant of the reality. The situation destroys the lives of the abused children
    To say otherwise shows abject ignorance.
    Or deliberate manipulation of the facts for what reason?

  8. Joe

    If i was an FBI agent i’d be looking some of u people real close

  9. lol

    So…you are a pedophile who knows zero about human sexuality, believe pedophilia is sexual orientation and also fantasizes on pedophile women…wow.

    No, as you should know for your own condition, it isn’t sexuality what drives pedophiles to target children, neither men or female, what it does is the ”rush” that they get from it, same as a psychopath gets this rush by getting away with crimes, kleptomaniacs from stealing things and so on…

    Male pedophiles, like female pedophiles, can ”pretend” to be normal and engage in relationships with people their own age, why is that if they are ”oh so fixated on their sexuality?” an straight person CAN’T become gay or pretend to be, it is because pedophilia has nothing to do with sexuality and more with a mental health issue, if you can’t distinguish the two of them, change whoever is treating yours.

    Female pedophiles force oral sex by kids on themselves and use strap ons, or other stuff, in Britain recently we found a caretaker who used rose stems with the thorns still on to abuse her female students, cases like this are plenty.

    Science doesn’t support any of the things you said here and what psychologists think is that female cases go by far more unreported or are not taken seriously when they are, because if a guy or a girl comes to report his or her abuse on the hands of their teacher, chances are he or she will find somebody lie you to tell the how ”lucky they are” and that they ”have to man it up”, you are not taking any interest in the case other than just sexualize it and fantasize about it unless it is a he and on growing up starts raping and killing women.

    I will be watching as much as I can, I will await you to indulge on your vices and I will do everything on my hand to see you rot in jail.

  10. This is ridiculous feminist nonsense. You must have missed the hundreds of female teachers that all get caught with underage students. Unless you can read minds most of these pedo’s will not tell you anything.They usually get caught and thats how we know. Female or male pedophile will target a victim giving any chance.

  11. jj

    wow you talk like you know all the people in the world to be so sure they don’t exist, or at least have a PhD in Human Psychology (At least give us that…)

  12. Patty Kelly

    Ya know, I think society is greatly flawed to think this defect has a gender bias. And just think of what female pedophiles are getting away with in our society. I dont think women are any more coherent to “work their way out” of this kind of thought process. And they surely wont with the cover society gives to them. Meanwhile all children–especially males–are their candy store. And no one pays attention to the “motherly” teacher that may cross their childs path. I think it is a far more probable scenario than anyone even realizes. Both genders are just as cabable of abuse & neglect. Why rule out pedophilia just because it isnt recognized? I think you have missed the boat on this one! And you are not alone cuz the rest of society has joined you. I mean how many people could accept the thought of a “mother” doing such a thing? Society couldnt accept iut with alcohol so why accept it with molestation?

  13. Josh

    I have to tell you that I have categorically ZERO sexual interest in children, instantly rending your hypothesis as completely invalid. You should understand that there are two kinds of pedo, the one formed by sexualisation through abuse as a child and according to neurology the other as a possible miss-wiring within the brain between the nurture response and sexual response (although not fully confirmed). This is all very rudimentary stuff, i think a lot of pedophiles tend to try to reassure themselves with this kind of, “everyone feels it and wants to do it deep down” kind of rhetoric. Fortunately this is anything but the truth, there is nothing that I find even remotely arousing about a prepubescent body, nothing, it may as well be a rock or other inanimate object. End of.

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